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Saturday, August 11, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:03 AM BBT Brett, Scottie, Kaycee, Tyler and Angela are laughing and carrying on in the HN room. Brett said that BB told him his beard was making him look much older and implied he was looking fatter. Angela joked and said it was probably more his hair than the beard. Brett "Wow, thanks Angela." 


12:11 AM BBT In the HN room, they are talking about movies they watched as kids. Scottie and Brett discuss how the biblical story of Jonah and the whale was inputted into the story of Pinocchio. Geppetto was eaten by a whale. Scottie has to explain that Pinocchio was a puppet turned into a real boy. Tyler admits that he didn't have the first clue who Pinocchio was before the Shrek movie. Brett admits he was freaked out by Dumbo because of the pink elephants on parade. 


12:20 AM BBT Rockstar is making Nachos. Kaycee tells her that she should be getting the good news soon (that her punishment is over). Fessy gives her a hug and says he is going to bed. He offers to help her but she knows he can't so she tells him thanks but to just go to bed. 


12:26 AM BBT Brett and Scottie are now alone in the HoH. They think that at this point, they need to just try to stay impartial. Brett agrees and says that's why he has been staying in the KT cooking and cleaning. Scottie says that only 2 out of the 6 of them are going to get picked for veto so the odds are, they won't be playing. Neither of them are likely to be chosen as HG choice. 

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12:30 AM BBT Brett tells Scottie that he is surprised Haleigh didn't put Tyler up. She was the hacker and he was the one she put up. Scottie says that Haleigh is afraid to be exposed next week and they have been thinking about an upcoming double eviction too. 


12:35 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Rockstar and JC in the WA. JC is getting out of the shower. Rockstar is joking with him about Jessie's fitness and food program while she uses the nunchucks and waits on the nachos to bake. She tells him that with the program he gets a calendar full of Jessie and a picture of him in the veto speedo. 


12:38 AM BBT Rockstar looks in the WA mirror and says "Big shout out to my 5 new social media followers. I know you are blessing me. I know you are super excited that I am still here. I know that you are real sad that these bit**es keep putting me up. But you know what, we gonna get em, don't you worry. I'm gonna come right back down. I'm gonna ride this block like a....like a..." JC "Like a rock star." 


12:40 AM BBT From the WA we hear JC yell F**K!. Rockstar goes in there. JC tells her that his towel fell off of him. "What's worse than your towel falling off of you on national TV?" The feeds were not on JC during the towel dropping incident. 


12:48 AM BBT Jessie "Rockstar, the house is craving some healthy nachos and some sweet nunchuck action." Rockstar "Already did that Jessie, already did it. You're welcome." Jessie " Rockstar, I want 7 layer nachos and nunchuckies." Rockstar "They are in the KT." In the BBR the others are wondering why BB is repeating the nacho punishment she just finished. JC "Probably pushed the wrong button."


12:52 AM Rockstar is laying down in the PBR. Jessie "Good job Rockstar. Your punishment is over." JC calls out a big yeah and claps his hands. Kaycee "Good job Rockstar." Rockstar gets up to find some pajamas. 

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1:01 AM BBT JC and Tyler are whispering in the HN room. JC tells Tyler his (JC's) days of playing with both sides are over. Tyler says it is dangerous to get caught playing both sides. JC says that he has always gravitated towards Angela's side. JC tells Tyler that he (Tyler) has to win that veto tomorrow. Tyler "I know." 


1:03 AM BBT JC tells Tyler that the reason Haleigh is targeting him is because they were sort of close but then that "Kaitlyn stuff happened." She felt left out. So, she wants you out of the house now. 


1:05 AM BBT Tyler tells JC that if he wins the veto, he will take Angela down. JC says Haleigh will probably put Kaycee back up. Tyler says that is the least of their worries. Tyler assures JC that if Haleigh has to pick a replacement nom, there is no way she is going to pick JC. 


1:17 AM BBT Tyler tells JC that everything is okay. He just wins vetoes. He doesn't win hackers. Tyler tells JC that he is going to win the veto tomorrow. It's going to happen. 


1:19 AM BBT Sam tells Rockstar that she has a wall up and would never develop a serious relationship in a place like this. Because she is a hopeless romantic and would be mortified to be taken advantage of when in that kind of state. Rockstar asks Sam if she has a crush on Brett. Sam "What is not to like, but I am 100% against any kind of romance on TV." She says that nothing in there is real. She doesn't know the real Brett. She doesn't know or believe anything anymore. 


1:21 AM BBT Rockstar tells Sam that Haleigh really likes her. She thinks Sam is a strong woman and likes that Sam is opening up to her. Rockstar tells Sam that she has no feelings for Brett so she doesn't have to worry about her being against her over Brett. Sam says that she feels like she is being set up to be jealous. But, that's not her. She won't do that. 


1:24 AM BBT Sam "What a bi**h if Brett is trying to be genuinely nice to me and I act like this." She admits that she feels Brett has an ulterior motive and she won't subject herself to that.


1:28 AM BBT Sam and Rockstar are alone in the lounge. Sam says that this is the big cry that she said she wasn't going to have on national TV. Sam says that this is just a stressful situation. And she doesn't have anyone to talk to but the DR. She just doesn't see how a guy like Brett could like someone like her. "So, it's a game thing and I am going to end up hurting." Rockstar agrees that it would not be wise to explore that inside this game. 

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1:35 AM Rockstar says that Sam is amazing but there is an ugly monster that makes her think bad on herself. It is counterproductive. Squash the ugly monster. You need to forgive Sam. Sam "I am going to love you forever." Sam tells Rockstar that she is the only person that could make her feel better right now. Sam grabs Rockstar's hand and says she knows she has Haleigh in the game, but she just really loves her and hopes they can be inseparable for the rest of the game. Rockstar tells her yes and they hug. 


1:38 AM BBT Sam goes and hugs Scottie and then hugs JC. She apologizes for being so emotional the past few days. She thanks Scottie for doing the dishes. She feels that after one ten minute conversation with Rockstar, she feels like a new person.


1:46 AM BBT Scottie and Sam are in the KT. Scottie says he is in a loop regarding the hacker comp. He got 3 right last time and he got 3 right this time. They come back in here after and everyone says they got 1 or 2 right. "I got 3 right and lost, one you MF'ers got at least 4." 


1:50 AM BBT Scottie tells Sam that he doesn't like it when Sam says she doesn't deserve to be here. Because he genuinely enjoys her being here. And it irks him a bit. She shows genuine interest in him and that makes him feel good. He just wants her happy. Sam says that she never felt the need to fit in. And being here not having someone in her corner is hard. 


1:57 AM BBT Brett has joined Scottie and Sam in the KT. Brett is taking the 7 layers nachos and trying to put them in a container for later. They talk about Lord of the Rings and Sam says that her manager at the bar she worked at used to call her Samwise Gamgee. 

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2:05 AM BBT Brett tells Sam and Scottie that most great things in life are accidents. He thinks the creation of the rubber band was an accident. Sam thinks that white out was intended to be something else. 


2:08 AM BBT Brett, Scottie and Sam are in the KT. Everyone wears Carhartt where Sam is from. Scottie says that no one wears them where he is from. Brett says that Carhartt isn't worn in the city because it is not about comfort it is about fashion. Brett loves his Carhartt. 


2:20 AM BBT Brett, Sam and Scottie are still just chit chatting in the KT. Brett says that he has gotten to take trips for work to try to snag some pretty big accounts. Sam said her ex used to do that. He's taken her on a few trips that way. 


Lots of WBRB as they continue to discuss people outside the house.


2:25 AM BBT Brett is talking to Scottie and Sam in the KT. He is talking about a loved one who is involved in the theater. She loves acting in the theater but would never want to act in movies. He tries to come up with a word that describes her. "Official word for those who act in the theater." He can't come up with the word. (Thespian).

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2:30 AM BBT Brett and Sam have wandered away from the KT to head to bed. Scottie visits the WC and then heads towards the BR as well.


2:35 AM BBT Everyone downstairs is in bed and the BR lights are off. Rockstar is seeing in the HoH bed with the lights on. She looks like she is just staring into space. Haleigh comes out of the DR and heads up to the HoH. 


2:49 AM BBT Haleigh and Rockstar are talking in the HoH. Haleigh says that they have to win that veto tomorrow. She says that Tyler came up there earlier. He tried to figure out what would happen if he would use the veto. She told him she would put the noms back to the way they were or leave them same. Tyler brought up the power to her and she found that suspicious. She said it is probably because that second power expires this week. 


2:56 AM BBT Haleigh locks the HoH door, turns out the lights, and crawls into bed. In the dark they discuss Tyler as a puppy looking for the next person to hang on to. 


3:00 AM All is quiet in the BB house. 

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7:00 AM BBT Wake up call!


7:15 AM BBT The feeds return but no one is budging. Even Sam is still in yawning in bed. 


7:16 AM BBT Sam is in bed and sees that the camera is zooming in on her. She smiles and plays a quick game of peek a boo with us. BB calls for everyone to change their batteries. 



7:25 AM BBT Sam is getting up and BB calls her to the DR. She comes out and starts doing her ADL's in the KT. 

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7:30 AM BBT BB again attempts to get the HGs to get up and change their batteries. BB also says please stop singing but the feeds are not showing anyone singing. 


7:35 AM BBT Several of the HGs have gotten up and changed their batteries, but everyone but Sam has gone straight back to bed afterwards. 


7:40 AM BBT BB calls out again for Tyler, Scottie, Faysal, and Brett to change their batteries. Sam cleans the mirror over the sink in the WA and then moves the hallway between the KT and WA. 


7:45 AM Sam is straightening up the WA. She will occasionally mumble to herself. She sees the camera following her around. "Annoying. Why don't you see what is going on upstairs?"


7:50 AM BBT Sam is talking to herself. She wonders if she would be able to request a Bible. She really wants to read John 3:16 and Corinthians. 


7:58 AM BBT Sam wants to make a wager with BB. In the WA she sees where the yellow sign that reads "Please do not climb the rock wall" had been left. Sam says that she bets BB that if she puts that sign at the KT table then that is all that they will want to do. She bets BB 3 songs that JC will be the first to notice the sign there and Fessy will be the first one to climb the wall. If Sam wins the bet she wants 3 songs and she gets to pick them.

Sam 1.jpg

Sam 2.jpg

Sam 3.jpg

Sam 4.jpg

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8:10 AM BBT Sam remains the only HG up and awake. She continues with ADL's on feeds 1 and 2 while feeds 3 and 4 show the HGs sleeping in the PBR. 


8:13 AM BBT While Sam is in the KT she whistles and catches herself. She anticipates an admonishment from BB. BB "Please stop singing." Sam "I know! God f*ing sh*t. How do you even hear me?" 


8:15 AM BBT Sam is now straightening up the KT and takes the trash to the SR. 


8:23 AM BBT Sam takes some cleaner to the WA. She uses the cleaner to clean the WC and the shower. 


8:30 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 continue to show Sam cleaning the bathroom. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the PBR where the HGs are still in bed.

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8:39 AM BBT Feeds switch to reruns. 


9:00 AM BBT The feeds are still on reruns. They are likely picking the players for the veto competition. 


9:35 AM BBT We are still watching reruns while the HGs pick the players for the veto competition.


9:47 AM BBT the feeds return.


9:49 AM BBT Sam says that only she, JC and Scottie will be watching. That means we know who isn't playing or hosting the veto competition. Kaycee to Tyler who is brushing his teeth "The hacker picked you, huh?" Tyler "Yeah." 


9:54 AM BBT Haleigh and Rockstar are talking in the HoH. Haleigh" We got Fessy to play at least versus Angela, Tyler and Kaycee." The players are Haleigh, Angela, Rockstar, Faysal, Tyler and Kaycee. Brett is hosting. Haleigh says that she thinks Kaycee is the hacker. She anticipates that Kaycee will be canceling one of their votes. 


9:58 AM BBT Haleigh "I can't believe I pulled her f*ing chip." Rockstar "We got to take these pretentious bit**es down." Haleigh "First we got to get you off the block." 




9:59 AM BBT Kaycee and Angela whisper in the lounge. They expect that if Fessy wins the veto, he will take Rockstar down. They are trying to figure out how they can talk him out of that if he wins.



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10:00 am BBT.  Haleigh and Rockstar in the HOHR.  Haleigh says we have to stop hanging out so much bcuz people see us as a pair.  She says that’s why u were put up, to hurt me.  She doesn't want one of them to get in power and put us up next to each other.   Rockstar says she doesn’t like Angela or Kaycee, Brett has always made her somewhat uncomfortable, and Tyler is a little bitch and she’s never trusted him.  Haleigh says we gotta get u down Rock.  She says I know.  Haleigh thinks Faysal can beat them all athletically.  

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10:03 am BBT.  In the HOHR, Haleigh asks how their conversation went.  We get WBRB for a few seconds.  Rockstar saying she (Kaycee) is sick and tired of people accusing her of being the hacker.   Haleigh says if it’s not Kaycee, it’s Scottie.  Haleigh says we have got to win today.  She says the good thing is I have one of them to put up if one comes down, I just have to think who to put up next to u to ensure she stays.  Haleigh says all the cameras were on Kaycee after the hacker comp. 


In the geometry room is Angela and Kaycee sitting silently. 

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10:07 am BBT.  In the HOHR, Rockstar says did u tell scottie who the target is?  Haleigh says no.  She thinks he assumes it’s Tyler.  Rockstar says she should tell him it’s Angela in casual conversation bcuz then if Tyler wins he may be likely to ise the veto on Rockstar.  Haleigh says Tyler pinky promised that if he won he would do what Haleigh wants but that doesn’t mean s**t to her.  Rockstar thinks if Scottie and Tyler are working together they would wanna keep her over Angela bcuz Angela is a bigger threat.  

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10:48 am BBT.  Rockstar, Faysal and JC laying in the PBR.  Sam comes in. Roxkstar says her stomach hurts and asks Sam to get her some Tums. Sam goes and gets them and brings them to Rockstar.  Rockstar reads the back of the bottle.  

In the KT, Tyler, Scottie, Kaycee and Angela.  They are eating. 

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11:20 am BBT.  Brett goes into the HOHR with Haleigh.  He asks if she is stressed.  He says nobody rocks a robe like she does.  Brett says he hopes he gets to wear a tux to host the veto.  Haleigh says if Rockstar goes home on her HOH she will self evict.  Then says she is kidding but... She says what are the odds all 3 of them are in the veto.  Brett says he’s not sure where Tyler lies.  Haleigh says Tyler pinky promised her that if he won he would do what she wanted and that is a big deal in this house.  But she is not sure if he’s just saying that.  Brett is telling Haleigh how Sam was totally freaking out last night.  


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