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Friday, August 10, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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 4:01PM BBT Angela and Kaycee talking. Kayee is asking if she should say "thank you" when she is taken off of the block like she doesn't know why. She says she told Hayleigh that she doesn't have the hacker.


4:06PM BBT In the KT, Hayleigh is pacing and telling Rockstar and Scottie that she they have to win POV.


4:14PM BBT Most of the HG in the BBR - discussing the hacker comp. They talk about someone is lying since the person will not admit they are the hacker.


4:22PM BBT All of the HG are in the BR. They are being called into the DR one by one for a few minutes.


4:35PM BBT Hayleigh and Tyler make a pinky promise that they are not the hacker.

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4:38PM BBT Hayleigh and Kaycee talk. They both swear they didn't win the Slacker comp. Kaycee asks why she was put up. Hayleigh says that Scottie told her that Kaycee talked about who to put up. Kaycee says she was in the room but she didn't say it. Hayleigh tells her that she isn't the target.


 4:48PM BBT We currently have reels.

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5:07PM BBT Hayleigh says that they need to win the Veto and she will put back the original nominees.


5:11PM BBT Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela are in the WCA discussing who Hayleigh thinks is the Hacker. They are counting votes.


5:18PM BBT Fessy walks into HOH and asks Hayleigh her thoughts. She has headphones on but sees him. She ignores him until he walks out of HOH. She is unhappy.


5:23PM BBT Brett and Hayleigh talk in the HOH BR. Brett tells her it wasn't him. He says he wonders if it was trying to frame him. Hayleigh says she has three options and one of them is going up.

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5:45 - 6:10 BBT - Tyler is giving Sam a pep talk because she's been crying that she doesn't want to look stupid in the game, etc.  He patiently listened to her and then took her into the Have_Not Room and grabbed her shoulders and told her to stop crying and that she's doing everything great!  Sam told him that she wasn't doing anything and he agreed that was awesome--she's made the top 10 and millions of people would want to do that.  He told her that she's one of the best people that he knows and that he doesn't want to see her sad anymore.  They hug and she tells him that she's worried about him.  He says that he's fine and will only use the app if he needs to and that she's the only one who knows that he has it.

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6:15 PM BBT - Brett and Scottie are in the kitchen about Thursday's vote and how they didn't know who Sam was going to vote and Scottie said how it might have gone the other way if they had known.  Scottie is saying that JC told both sides what they wanted to hear about his vote.  He told Fessy and Scottie that he freaked out and voted the other way.  Scotties says that it's very curious stuff about JC and how JC seemed to be freaking out after the hacker competition.

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BB Time 8:07pm


In the HOH Scottie and Haleigh are whispering, Scottie says it was good for Sam to hear what was really going on.


Haleigh::we have to win the veto, there is no way you or Fessy aren't playing. I have to pick one of you.

Scottie: I think if it is players choice, if it's the first pick...


Few seconds of FISH interrupts


Scottie: I had a talk with him (??) today, I hope he doesn't....

Haleigh: He won't I have told JC stuff about him.

Scottie: He said “i just gotta make sure.”

Haleigh: of what

Scottie: I don't know


Haleigh: She is making us too big of a f***ng target


The shower was on, now off. It is Rock Star.


Haleigh: we were just talking about if we can trust JC or not.

Rock Star: I used your lavender stuff.


Haleigh explains to Scottie what it is, then she mentions that Angela goes barefoot all the time.

Haleigh: That grosses me out.


Fish interrupts again and when the feeds come back on Scottie is complementing Rock Star.



Scottie: You look good in red. Every color is your color

Rock Star: thanks


They are talking about the house guests and which of them they would hang out with after the show. Angela gets the most votes of not being selected as a hang out partner.


Scottie starts repeating old sayings: “Thick thighs make d**ks rise, “

Rock Star says : “a hair up your a**”

few others are mumbled, then they are quiet.


Scottie thinks about going downstairs, but has no massive motivation, he wonders why he chooses to lay on the plywood part of the HOH bed, Haliegh asks if it is uncomfortable.


They start naming bones when Sam comes into the room.


Haleigh: We are talking about bones

Sam: that's exciting


She asks to listen to the mp3 player, looks at camera and says sternly. “Stop following me.”


Camera moves to bathroom area,


Tyler is showering,


camera moves to kitchen


Brett is peeling apples, Angela is cooking, and JC is asking her if she needs help.

He is getting her cooking utensils and equipment


JC: this thing like you used before?

Angela: yeah that is okay. Thanks


She is cooking something in a skillet.


Camera moves back to HOH room and then we get FISH for a few seconds, camera returns to kitchen.


JC: how many is in there? (the skillet)

Angela: two

JC: that is definitely not enough, where is the ones you had before?


JC starts humming, camera moves back to HOH and returns to kitchen a few seconds later


Angela asks if she should cut it up, JC says not until you are ready to eat it. Angela is worried it might not be done.


JC: we having sushi chicken? Chicken shushimi. (his word) Brett, have you ever had chicken shushimi?

Brett do you mean sachima?

JC: Yes


Angela tells JC to make sure it is done, no pink pieces. (He is cutting up the hot chicken on a board), He hums intermittently.


JC: how long have you been single?

Angela: long time

JC: two years?

Angela: more than two years. It was more like a three month fling.



Camera moves back to the HOH


They are talking about the hacker competition, Scottie says he imploded and is the bane of his own existence (at least he is aware).


Rock Star is laying on the HOH bed fooling with her feet, Haleigh wants to know what Faysal is doing, Scottie tells her he told Faysal to go socialize.


Haleigh: let's make a bet on the time, and whoever is closest....

Sam: I miss Baleigh

Rock Star: sames

Sam is going to check the time, she asks Haleigh if she made the nest thing behind the bed.


Haleigh: yes, last night I was there for about an hour, when someone came in to check....FISH interrupted again.


Haleigh says she is putting eye drops in the coffee pot tomorrow so Sam should not drink it.

Haleigh: that way we can get ever......FISH


House guests in the HOH room are naming different kinds of cheese, conversation is all over the place, now they are talking about the taste of dimetap and amoxicillin. Sam mentions Haleigh's mom starting to work out right before Haleigh left for the show. Sam says she says she would like to run and lift weights....


camera changes back to kitchen where the food is still cooking, JC is still humming....


(the camera man is bouncing between the two rooms, making it difficult to hear complete thoughts or conversation.)


Rock Star gets called for cupcakes and curls.


Angela has finally finished the chicken and is getting the pan ready for the next round. (She washes after handling the raw chicken, grannysue says “good girl)


JC is cleaning up the counter for Rock Star.


A few seconds later Rock Star, Kaycee and Scottie come into the kitchen, Rock Star goes to storage to get the baskets for cupcakes, Scottie offers to help her.


Scottie sees the apples Brett is peeling, asks what he is making, I don't hear an answer.


Camera 3 8:44


Sam says at home eating is a joy, they don't say things are not healthy, things have sugar. She adds that they are living in LA culture where things are different. She says it is rude that people don't eat what others cook for them. Sam doesn't want to go downstairs, Haleigh tells her to stay up here. Sam told her to take the key and lock the door, to tell them that she needs to be alone. Sam goes downstairs with Haleigh.


Several people are in the kitchen, either cooking, or sitting at the counter and table. Conversation is not consistent, Angela claims to not be hungry, Scottie tells her to eat one thing, she will be hungry then.


Scottie: at least that's how my body operates.




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BB Time 8:55pm


Most of the house guests are in the kitchen, Sam is asking if JC ate anything, he says yes.


Sam: I took a piece of pizza upstairs and snuck and ate it so I would not be ostracized.

JC: ostracized.


Sam spells it for him.


Kaycee the peanut song comes on, Kaycee and JC dance, everyone sings.


Sam notices the apples Brett had been chopping, someone says he is making a dessert.


Sam: trying top my crisp, huh

JC: yup


Some house guests are humming, BB doesn't say anything this time.


Just general talk, all cameras are showing the kitchen area.


The house guests have made a woman with banana peel legs on the round table. Not sure what they found for the body and hair, looks like spaghetti. They call her Kaitlyn. Fessy lays on the table and strokes her hair, BB says FAYSAL PLEASE DON'T CLIMB ON THE FURNITURE. Faysal sadly leaves the side of his true love. JC sings a little sad song for a few seconds .PLEEEEASSSSEEE STOP SINGING.


JC is trying to catch food in his mouth. He consistently misses because he closes his eyes. After several tries he catches a toss.


JC is playing a she said, I said, she said game. The topic is Kaitlyn told me that....followed by a confusing list of who said what. We end with


JC: I loved her the whole time.


JC is taking a poll, he asks the boys, which titty did you play with, right or left. Tyler says I did neither, you will see. (talking about Kaitlyn's romantic interaction. JC is telling that Tyler told him all about it while Tyler says no no no.


Tyler: There are 10 million people watching this, so shut the f**k up!

JC does not shut up, he just keeps teasing while the others giggle.


JC: The only thing I know is that I played with the right titty and Tyler played with the left one.

Faysal: Tyler you look like a left titty guy.

Tyler: shut up.


Conversation disintegrates.



camera 3


Kaycee is in the blue bedroom checking herself in the mirror, other house guests are talking from the kitchen area, she is collecting her things for a shower.

She goes to the shower, sees Angela.


Kaycee: Did Sam lock herself in the HOH room?

Angela: mumbles

Kaycee: what is going on?

Angela: mumbles again, even Kaycee didn't hear her.



Kaycee: Scottie is like, all over her.

Angela: I know


Kaycee steps into the shower. Angela continues to mumble. BB ANGELA, PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE.

Angela mumbles again, but goes to get it out of the stall. Brett comes in, tells Kaycee they have been taking shots of apple cider vinegar, so they are wasted. He tells Kaycee if she wants to take advantage of him now is the time. Kaycee doesn't answer. Brett, Faysal and Tyler are brushing their teeth, they must have really done it.


Tyler: do you know how close I was to spitting that s**t out everywhere? I mean everywhere.

Brett says Tyler had a mouthful of mouth wash and he (Brett) made move as if to punch him in the abdomen, he is laughing because Tyler almost spit out the mouthwash.


Brett and Faysal are thinking about working out, maybe push ups, or ten sets, Brett suggests stretches to limber him up.


Brett: how does your stomach feel after that?

Faysal: well I ate an apple so my stomach was already rumbling

Both boys are teasing Angela, but after a few seconds they leave to start trouble somewhere else in the house. (just kidding, I am sure they would never start trouble in the house (granny checks for lightening))


Tyler and Haleigh go to the HOH.


:Tyler: how was your day?

Haleigh: it could have gone better, but its early in the week.

Tyler: who is it?

Haleigh: probably Kaycee, she will take herself down/

Tyler: JC thinks it's me

Haleigh: If Rock Star goes home on my HOH I will …..I just hope I win the veto and put it back the way it was.


They are talking about what might happen with the hacker, who will go up, who has it, they say the person is not telling. (Kaycee already told Haleigh, but she is not telling Tyler). Haleigh says Rock Star was probably put up because it would cause the least controversy. Halieigh says it is a bad time to win HOH, at a normal time it would not matter who won the veto. She also thinks the hacker would have put her up this week. Haleigh asks if he would take Rock Star down, he says if you think that's what best (after he said I dunno). Tyler says you want the nominations to go back? Haleigh says she does. Haleigh is thinking of who will play in the veto. Tyler wants to know why Haleigh put up Rock Star, and she tells him that she just thought it was easier. She tells Tyler that she voted out Baleigh because she was worried that if she voted for Baleigh to say Rock Star would be upset with her if she stays.


Haleigh insists that the plan is not to back door Tyler, that she wants the nominations the original.


They are talking about the hacker competition, they mention, have not room, and pool table as answers.


Tyler wonders if Baleigh had a power, or if Kaitlyn had it and took it with her. Haleigh says she hopes the second power has expired, she thinks the third expires next week, and that the second one expires this week. Tyler is telling her she is probably right, he tells her that he believed Kaitlyn when she said she had it. Haleigh says Kaitlyn would mess them all up, and would have won all the powers and put them up.


Tyler: Sorry Kaitlyn, I love you, I had nothing to do with olive brown eyes down there.


Tyler is looking at Haleigh's photos and is asking her questions about them. Haleigh says her mother probably got them scanned and sent to her.



Camera moves to the kitchen.



Sam and JC are talking, Sam is encouraging JC to do something to turn the wall around


JC: we are all stressed just in different ways. You are being selfish.

Sam: why

JC: because opening the floor willl help you, I don't want to do that....all we can do is wait.

Sam: what helps me is to talk, I have no one here to talk to. Everyone here thinks it is something else,...I have nobody..

JC: we need to find a way to help ourselves but not bother anyone else.


JC says he wants no more sadness on him, he says he didn't tell anyone when he was stressed, because he didn't want to bother the house with his thing.

Sam: I am sorry I ran around the house, I came from the DR and came right here.

JC: it is impossible to....all the people,...it is like this, I have lived with room mates since I have been on my own. I look for something to clean my mind.


He tells Sam people treat her well, he has never heard anyone say anything behind her back about her. Sam says she has nothing negative to say about anybody. Scotty comes up and tells her he is here if she needs to talk.


JC: I know it is hard,

Sam: I am not in a place to cheer anybody up anymore. That's gone, I can't even make myself feel better.

JC: Ride on the train, f**k it, you know...


JC says I joke around on here, I feel sad, I don't tell anyone I am sad. On my job, how many time I want to cry, I don't want to be there. Here we deal with it 24/7, it is worse.


Sam: what's bothering me right now is this tension.

JC: of course there is tension. This is a social experiment.


JC says the levels of tension are different for all of them. He knows he complains, but he is here and he has to stick it out.


Camera moves to pink bedroom


Faysal and Rock Star


Faysal says Haleigh wants to back door Tyler and he is okay with it. Rock Star thinks Kaycee put me up because...whisper...


Rock Star: they want to be sure they have a shot at Tyler.

Faysal:.....I hope so. I didn't come here for 52 days...

Rock Star: I have been telling her how to stay in this game.


Rock Star tells Faysal that Sam never watched the show, that “they” approached her, none of the other people have told Sam s**t, she knows nothing about the competitions, and Sam was livid about something. She thinks it is possible that Baleigh told her something because she was close to her in the game.


Faysal wants Sam to work with them, and if she trusts Sam he is with her. Rock Star says she has always trusted Sam, she was just waiting for her to play the game.


Rock Star says she is sure Sam is not going after Faysal, Haleigh, or her, that Sam talked to Brett about something, (unclear what it was).


Rock Star: Sam called Tyler shady.


They are plotting to get Rock Star off the block and put Kaycee back up. Tyler will be their target next week.



Faysal shows some concern over “this JC thing”, he knows if they can win another HOH the numbers on the other side will dwindle,


Rock Star ; I trust Sam, Scottie (Faysal says Haleigh trusts Scottie a lot).


Faysal :Scottie told someone in the bathroom that if he won veto he would take Tyler down, then realized what he had said.


Rock Star it is understandable that Kaycee took herself off, but it was bulls**t to put me up there.


Faysal looks at a scenario of Baleigh against Tyler and wonders why Angela did not put him up.



Camera 3 10:04pm


Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are in the geometry room.


They are talking about Sam, Angela says that Sam has been treating her differently, and Brett told her he needed to discuss Sam with Angela. Angela tells them that Sam told Haleigh to put her on the block.


Kaycee tells them that Scottie told Haleigh to put up...


Tyler interrupts and says that Haleigh told him that she did not want Kaycee to know that Tyler is not her target, he adds that he told her he would do what she wants if he wins veto. They are talking about Scottie being sent home, Angela thinks Baleigh was the right thing last week.


They are sharing the different reasons (excuses) Haleigh has given them for her vote against Baleigh.


The room gets quiet while Tyler stacks the jenga blocks.


Tyler says Haleigh is lying when she says she wants the noms the same.


Brett comes into the room, he complaining that JC won't shut up. He tells Angela that when he had his one on one Rock Star barged in. Angela says Sam said “put me up”, and Brett says it is a game she is playing. He leaves the room when Haleigh comes to the door.


More whispering about Sam, but I can't hear. I do know they are trying to figure out why Sam's feelings were hurt in some way. A few minutes later they decide it is what it is, and it will pass.


Tyler says he will talk to her and try to appease her in some way. (Tyler knows why Sam is upset). He says don't give up on her yet, see how she votes this week.

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BB Time 10:27pm


camera 1


Sam, JC and Scottie are in the kitchen.


Sam: If Scottie ever needed anything, I think. ..I hope he would ask me. But I would probably already know.


JC says if something is bothering him he keeps it to himself, Scottie says he has cried in this house (once), Sam says she is gonna take a hot shower.


JC: I will help you.

Sam laughs.


Sam says she is just stressed and is fine. Faysal comes in to get a snack.


Scottie: one of them is safe to eat, we are not telling you which one.

Sam: Fessy we are talking about a whole bunch of stuff. I am taking a hot shower.

JC: do you want me to help you?

Sam: no, (laughs) I got it. (as in I heard you the first time and didn't answer.)


Sam says she is sad for lots of reasons, but she finds joy in the house, (she has not examples..)


Sam: when you are happy eat. (my philosophy exactly)


JC tells Faysal: If we got into a fight you would knock me down, but I would do some damage.

Sam says all the things that make her feel better and bring her happiness can't happen there (dancing, singing, music, her family). She says she just walks up to Fessy and asks for hugs.


JC: did you check his armpits first? He smells Faysal.....'ohhhh yuck


JC tells Sam she is stuck with there, Welcome to BB house.


JC: we will just be big boys and play the game.


The camera shows the Kaitlyn doll on the table, she has onion hair, olive eyes, a denim skirt and banana legs. Earlier Faysal laid on the table beside her and stroked her hair. BB made him get down.


Tyler comes in and sits by Sam while she twirls on the stool at the counter. He is eating a cupcake, Sam gets up and checks out the doll on the table. JC says he is leaving it until tomorrow. They are talking about the little cakes they were given (decorated with their wall photos),


Faysal: who messed up the face on mine?

JC: Not me!

Faysal: yeah, right


(JC and Rock Star did it together last night, I saw it!!)


Faysal tries to give JC a bite of his food, JC did not want it.


JC: I don't want it!!


Faysal laughs and continues teasing him until he manages to get onion on his lip (JC has just eaten cake). He is laughing while JC runs off.


Camera moves to bathroom area, Tyler asks Scottie where Sam is. (she wandered off from the kitchen a few seconds after Tyler came in)



camera 3


Sam and Kaycee are in the geometry room.


Sam tells Kaycee that whatever she has ever told her is locked up or forgotten. Sam she is not mad at anyone, she is mad at everything, that she is having trouble because she doesn't have her normal stress relievers, and she misses Baleigh. They agree that Baleigh is a nice person.


Kaycee says Haleigh accused her of voting out someone she cared about, and Kaycee responded by telling her “so did you.” Kaycee says it was a game move. She says Haleigh told her other stuff, when Kaycee wanted to go talk to the person, Haleigh said “oh no” Kaycee says none of the conversation was about Sam.


Sam says she is talking to her now like a different person.


Kaycee says someone has been telling Haleigh stuff, and it is coming back to her so she knows it is happening.


Sam says everyone is putting so much pressure on her about who's side she is on, and she feels like the sides have dissolved and now it is about who you care about. She says that Rock Star is a huge target and is not playing, that even Angela is acting different with her. Sam says she will vote for who means the most to her until she leaves, she is not voting sides of the house.


Kaycee says she is trying to keep her cool in the house, that if someone gets pulled off she will go right back up there, she is not guaranteed to play in the veto (because of the hacker), so she is not safe. She can play if her name is pulled.


Sam tells Kaycee if she is put back up against Rock Star, Kaycee will stay.


Kaycee starts to tell her something about Scottie and the camera moves back to kitchen


Faysal and JC are talking, JC is telling Faysal to watch how much time he spends in HOH.


JC: play your own game, you don't need that right now.


Faysal leaves


cameras return to geometry room


Kaycee has told Sam why he thinks Angela is on the block, but we missed it because the cameras changed . It has something to do with the “Scottie thing” What I can get out of this is that Scottie has told a lie of some kind, and also that he “came crying”.


Sam starts giggling, JC is stomping and yelling all over the house, just being JC.


Angela comes in, and the topic changes to “people in the house we love.”


Sam tells Angela that anything she hears from Angela stays with her, she will not repeat it. Sam says if she gets to play in the veto they can talk about it. She believes the hacker will cancel her vote because they won't know what she will do. She tells Angela that Baleigh meant so much to her for time she spent with her. Sam says that is why she voted for her, and she thought a unanimous vote was wrong to do to her. Sam says she is not a threat, that she is honest, and that's all she has going forward, she will keep her promises and ignore the rest of this.


Sam says JC puts it in perspective for her, that she has not had a menstrual cycle since she came here (more than likely stress), and that normally she is very healthy in that way.


Angela feels that she is not “herself” here too.


Sam she has no comfortable place in the house, she is used to moving, and here she is not able to move around. She feels like her body is locked. She says every time she opens her mouth people think she is a bitch.


Angela says people ask why she is so calm, she says it doesn't matter what she does, she might as well act totally F'n nuts!


Sam is laughing, she says she is not mad at anyone, she just hates the whole thing. She says she told the DR that they sent a lamb to slaughter. Sam wants it to be a place to grow and get centered, she didn't realize it would be person against person so much, that it would be competitions and hanging out. She had no idea that part of it was pulling each other apart. She would prefer it if America voted.


Sam to BB: We need a restart, bring everyone back.


Kaycee: we will make it out alive guys

Sam: I know. I am the perfect jury member, I am honest. And people will try to use it in here.

Angela: I was upset because I thought you were mad at me. I never said a single thing about you.

Sam: no, this whole thing has caused a lot of tension, there is nothing anyone can do to make it better, everyone doesn't want a hug.

Angela: some people like things like this.....some people enjoy that mentality, maybe some of the people in this house..it exists...i have a feeling some of that is in this house.

Kaycee: sooo stressful

Sam: I am going to take a hot shower...I might really take a hot shower....

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