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I love Big Brother! In case you haven’t realized this over the last six weeks, there are so many lies and rumors floating around I just want to clear the air and solidify my love for this game. What I don’t love this season is Foute. Well, let me clarify I don’t love their awful game play but I do love the lengths to which they go to lock in the fact they are in fact the worst team we’ve seen in many many years if not the worst ever! 


Before I begin the deep dive into the ridiculousness that was Tuesday. Here’s a clip of Bayleigh from last night. She’s trash talking Tyler and Angela. One of many many times she does so. Keep this in your mind. 




Tuesday began like most other morning. People begin to slowly roll out of bed. Brett makes breakfast. Tyler is up early and seems ready to start the day. Bayleigh passes through the kitchen and you will never believe what Tyler did? It infuriates Bayleigh to the point to runs to Sam to express her anger and frustration because Tyler said, “Good morning”. 


The nerve of him to acknowledge her and be nice enough to greet her in the new day and say GM to her! I mean what could she do? The only reply she could think of was to say, “Good morning,” back to him! The nerve of this privilege spoiled white kid. 


LOL. Of course I’m being completely sarcastic! Bayleigh does what Bay does and lies (badly). She makes all of her usual victim noises and tries to poison Sam against Tyler. All Tyler did was say good morning, I watched it. That’s it. She replied Good Morning back without looking at him. 


Bayleigh however works Sam. She’s trying to paint this monstrous picture of Tyler saying he’s being so mean and nasty to her. He’s yelling at her. She didn’t do anything to deserve that. Wherever Bayleigh is from just know Good Morning are fighting words! 


This actually becomes the go to plan for the day. Angie will later sit on the couches outside a good part of the day listening to Sam’s slow and lengthy theories and stories. This is her in attempt to soften Sam up. Then, maybe just maybe they can turn her against Tyler and earn her sympathy to garner a vote for Bayleigh. 


Yep, Angie is actively campaigning for Bayleigh. Yet another moment her BF slays in his Twitter game and pleads for Jesse to make her workout and cook. Pleading for the punishment call of duty to prevent her from campaigning against herself any longer.


Indeed ladies and gentlemen that’s how ludicrous things have become! Bayleigh has a conversation with Sam where she expressed how angry and frustrated she is. She lies to Sam accusing Tyler of being so rude, yelling at her, and being aggressive (saying good morning). 


Bayleigh sucks at this game! In her mind she’s always the victim. Everyone else sucks. She doesn’t seem to comprehend you in fact need people to like you especially before you are in danger to begin with. Especially once you are in danger. If there was a prize for alienating people and making the most enemies she would win hands down.


After this Bayleigh and Angie have a pity party. They agree Brett must be the hacker. Horrible Brett the master mind who is always messing up their games must be the hacker! They want to know why their team is always picked on? 


Why are all these privileged white people so mean as to ruin their terrible game play by WINNING week after week? Angie says their one consolation is that Twitter will be filled with fury! She’s certain that Twitter nation will rise with fury that one of their queens is being robbed! I’m being entirely serious about this convo. It legitimately happened. 


You will see I keep saying this. Why? Well, so many things that should NEVER happen in this game happened yesterday. The level of stupidity is shocking to the point it’s unbelievable.


While I make jokes and share my thoughts with the readers as we rehash this wonderful season I don’t want you to be confused. While things sound like they are made up and attempts at being funny it’s important to note that’s not the case! Tuesday may go down as the worst game play by any team in BB history! 


Angie and Bayleigh spend a good part of both their day bashing everyone on the other side of the house. Paying particular attention to their theory that everyone on the L6 side are rich, spoiled, entitled white kids with no sole that get everything they want just handed to them. 


From there Angie begins to suggest and hint that she may have a way to stick it to these privileged young kids who always get their way! She is now having the idea that it may be the best moral decision in the interests of social justice to bow to the Queen, throw away her own game, for the greater good, and Bayleigh could stay! 


Now let me say Angie is delusional in her assessments of why they keep losing and that THOSE PEOPLE always win because they’re white, privileged, and spoiled. Foute loses week after week after week because they spend 98% of their time talking either about how disgusting it is that people like Brett always win or about everything they want to say or do only to not do hardly anything. 


Putting that to the side, Angie feels she would be ‘winning’ if she helped Bayleigh to stay because she’s been wronged but has a shot to win. Whereas Angie does in fact know she will be their perpetual pawn and she can’t win anything against those people. 


As if this isn’t appalling enough Bayleigh’s response is calculated and selfish. She says in as many words...No you can’t do that, that’s absurd, it’s ok to be selfish (because staying over Bayleigh would be selfish of Angie). Yeah she says all

Of that just before she says, “if you were to do it this is what you should say?” It’s basically no no no don’t do that then YES DO THAT! 


Now, in this game sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive. I can respect Bayleigh not laying down or going full blanket in a state of defeat but to allow someone you’ve Bros beaten and ridiculed week after week after week sacrifice their chance at $500k is a new low for even her. The fact that Angie has even has this thought genuinely makes her the worst player of the season! 


Angie is playing the martyr here. She talks to Sam in BY later about her morals here and making a social statement. She is hinting to Sam she is thinking about sacrificing herself for Bay to stay and kick butt. 


I feel like the other part of Angie’s ridiculous motives for making such an asinine move is she is exhausted. She’s so tired of losing week after week. She knows she will be the revolving pawn. Side note: Angie will in fact be the pawn! L6 will of course plan to use Angie as a pawn until her usefulness expires. Angie does have this correct. 


That’s the game! You are terrible at competitions! You’re easy to make upset and react dramatically. For Angie lounging 6-7 weeks in a big house relaxing probably sounds really tempting right about now. For Angie’s BF on the other hand the idea of her throwing away her chance after leaving him and the kids for 3 months especially for someone who has dragged her down week after week is infuriating! 


Angie’s BF had something to say about it on Twitter as well! If you don’t follow him, I recommend you do. He’s really funny and such a great attitude considering the crazy BB fandom he was thrust in to. I won’t repeat word for word what he said but...if I were Angie I wouldn’t quit the game. LOL. At one point he tweets the production leaked and says hey can you make sure Angie knows she’s grounded! LOL. 


Feel free to search his twitter feed. For someone she kept saying was so against her coming into BB20 he really has a better social game than she does. He loathes the fact she’s staying loyal to people who give zero F’s about her! @datingAngie is not playing around and will be PISSED if she folds her hand in the game for someone who has been so atrociously mean to his lady! 


When Angie is talking about it we get a rare nice comment from Bayleigh (in front of Sam). She was trying to be empathetic and told her she has to play for herself. Funny that’s not what she was saying a little while earlier when she and Angie were alone? 


That said, Bayleigh 100% encourages Angie to blow up in her eviction speech and attempt to flip the vote onto herself. It would never work but no doubt Bayleigh would love that plan. 


Angie tells Sam she thinks her purpose in the game is to make a social statement. She believes blowing up on all of these self entitled spoiled rich kids and being able to tell them exactly what she thinks of them is the ‘right’ thing to do. Sam however doesn’t buy what Angie is selling. Sam does her typical rah rah stuff and tries to put this game in to perspective for Angie. 


Foute sees Sam as the weak link. They think they can emotionally manipulate her into feeling bad for Bayleigh and how she’s been wrongly accused. If I’m in Sam’s head during this convo I’m say by something like girl don’t give up your power for anyone! You stay in this game and fight! The one thing I was impressed by is Bayleigh and Angie’s attempts at being patient listening to Sam talk circles around them with her plethora of random knowledge. 


Scottie goes to L6 and lets them know Faysal came to him talking about the AGA. How Faysal was saying we have to stick together. These girls are going to pick us off one by one...


Wait wasn’t Faysal the one last week saying the AGA isn’t a real thing? That 7 girls could never unite on one thing and make it happen because they’re girls? Yeah he was. It’s obvious Faysal is using this as a strategy to pull Scottie in. No one is buying what he’s selling but hey Faysal at least did something, right? I mean I would rather watch someone trying no matter how awful what their doing is. Hats far better than a player who does NOTHING. 


Faysal also takes this same idea to Brett last night. He is kinda but not really suggesting the guys need to band together. We will circle back around to this as the day progresses. 


Bayleigh confronts Kaycee again today. Kaycee fills Tyler, Sam, Brett, and Angela in on the convo. Bayleigh confronts her demanding to know why Kaycee didn’t warn her she was going OTB. They are supposed to be friends. How dare you not saying anything to me, you knew it was going to happen all along. 


What’s so infuriating to me about this exchange is Kaycee is the ONE person in the house who actually literally feels bad for Bayleigh. Kaycee sat in the geo room crying because she felt so badly for her as her friend! That was the first time Bayleigh steps to Kaycee scolding her and telling her she has no right to be crying over Bayleigh being BD it’s not about her it’s about Bayleigh, therefore Bay should be the only one crying. 


Kaycee handles the inquiry very well. I was impressed with how she retained her composure and gives very rational logical explanations. Kaycee says she genuinely feels bad that Bayleigh is hurt. She cares about her. Kaycee lies and says she didn’t know for sure that Bay was going to be BD.


Kaycee explained she couldn’t come to Bayleigh and say anything she’s not only close to Bayleigh. She’s close to others and this is a game after-all. That’s why they are ALL here is to play a game. 


Bayleigh now goes full exorcist on Kaycee in a flash! She accuse Kaycee of laughing. Why are you laughing at me? Look, I see you smiling! Don’t laugh at me. Yes, you are! 


Great work Bayleigh! Completely alienate the one player on the other side of the house who genuinely feels bad for you in this situation. That’s how to campaign for people to keep you in the game. Insult and terrorize them. Then just storm off. 


My goodness these Foute players are SO BAD! First Angie seriously considers sacrificing herself for Bay. Now Bay is turning friends into enemies. Not only did you turn her against you but Bayleigh also manages to turn Kaycee against Haleigh and Angie in this one train wreck of a conversation. It should come as no surprise to any of us what happens later with Haleigh after all of this. 


Kaycee explains to L6 that she ends up mad. Bayleigh told Kaycee that Haleigh and Angie were talking crap about her for crying when Bay went OTB yesterday. How Bayleigh has to stick up for Kaycee in that moment. If Bayleigh’s goal was to completely sabotage Haleigh and Angie then she was successful! Now Kaycee is genuinely annoyed with Haleigh and Angie. 


Much of the afternoon is calm. They decide to have a Taco Tuesday pool party. Most people floating in or lounging around the pool all afternoon. Angie spent most of her afternoon campaigning to say for Bayleigh.


4:44 p (approx) Haleigh and Bayleigh have a cry fest. Bayleigh told Haleigh the DR told her the LF are ‘on to her’. She said in the same convo she has ‘A LOT A LOT’ going on. Then she said she’s not allowed to talk about production any more. “So I’m not going to get in trouble for talking about production (pause) yeah I have A LOT going on. It’s a very interesting time OTB. In the Big Brother house. But I’m ok.” 


Clearly production let her know the LF are on to the pregnancy scare. I’m not sure if as the convo progresses ‘production’ is actually referring to production since she was talking so much trash about them and the DR last night. Or were the later references code for ‘baby bump’. 


After the way she was trash talking production yesterday it wouldn’t surprise me if she got a warning. A reminder of her contractual obligations was certainly warranted. What’s so funny to me is Bayleigh talking about not portraying herself in a negative way and all the efforts she’s put in to be nice and calm, never lie, etc...she wouldn’t ever

Want to tarnish her reputation for a reality show. 


If Bayleigh was in fact talking Angela it production in that conversation she should heed the warning. Plenty of HG have tried to sabotage production in their falls from grace and it never ends well for the HG. If she were to continue those deplorable antics the next DR chat would potentially deliver a penalty vote. How funny would it be if she got herself a penalty vote the week she’s OTB and the hacker could eliminate a vote to try and help save her? 


OMG! That would be the perfect ending to her horrible game play. A penalty vote causes a tie. Angie breaks the tie and still sends her to jury! The way this season has played out this isn’t as big of a pipe dream as it would be for previous seasons! #teamgoodfeeds for the 6th consecutive win! 


Let’s get back to the H/B pity party. Haleigh tells Bay she’s the hacker. Yep! She did! She tells the person who is OTB because she revealed she had power that she in fact had the hacker power. 


Haleigh says she feels awful Bayleigh is being wrongly accused. Talks about how unfair It is and how sorry Haleigh is. Haleigh says she NEVER intended for any of that to happen. She just wanted to take the shot at Tyler. She took Scottie off instead of Angie to attempt to make Foute less suspicious of having the hacker power. 


Haleigh what are you doing!? Do you all remember me saying just yesterday that Haleigh is Tyler’s blindspot? Well Haleigh ends of bawling and revealing this to Bay because Bayleigh was saying how much she HATES the hacker. 


Bay was telling Haleigh she has to be so so careful campaigning in regards to what she says to people in case she is talking to the Hacker. Haleigh has been feeling guilty that Bayleigh is being wrongly accused. 


AWFUL! These people are AWFUL gamers. In fact they aren’t gamers they are nothing more than HG. As if all of this wasn’t BAD enough wait until I tell you what Haleigh says next! 


Every time you believe they can’t get any worse they are adamant in their efforts to prove me wrong! Haleigh now tells Bayleigh she wants to call a house meeting! Haleigh wants to clear her conscience and make Angela feel like an idiot for wrongly accusing Bay! She wants to sit everyone down and prove to them just how stupid they are and vindicate her friend Bayleigh because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do. 


Wow! Just wow. How does Bayleigh react? Oh she’s quick to forgive. Tells Haleigh it’s ok. She knows Haleigh never intended for all of this to happen. You can’t do that. She hugs her as they both were crying, there, there and then says essentially...so this house meeting what would you say exactly? 


Bayleigh again proving she’s just as cut throat as Angela. All of her loyal subjects should in fact be joyfully willing to lay down their BB lives for her. I mean after all she’s stuck with these awful people and horrible team because of her man. At one point Haleigh says let’s do it! Then she says wait, not right now, let’s do it tomorrow. I seriously think Haleigh although wanting to come clean to Bay full expected Bayleigh to say you can’t do that. I love you but that will blow up your game. 


Nope. Not what Bay does. Eventually Haleigh says she’s not sure she can do it. 


This house meeting topic becomes a frequent guest appearance all day long. Haleigh has to first tell Angie and Faysal she is the hacker. Phase one complete. Next she will converse with Faysal talk about the possible outcomes if she does call the house meeting. Faysal flat out tells her that revealing herself as the hacker will only hurt her game and it won’t save Bayleigh. They want Bay out regardless. 


Haleigh insists that she’s good with everyone in the house except Tyler. 


9:45 pm Tyler/Angela/Scottie/Kaycee in the HOH. They are all talking about the other side. How the veto played out. The actual ceremony. Tyler mentions how happy he is to finally be able to socialize and chill with them. This is the first time I’ve observed Tyler appearing a little cocky. My hope is he was just blowing off some steam after weeks and weeks of playing a role with people. It is something that made my radar sound though so I will be monitoring him closely through the week.


I know he’s happy the power isn’t a looming threat. They only have 3 more Foute people to eliminate. My impression is part of his excitement and willingness to talk some smack here is because he NEVER gets to hang out with his actual team. 


Think about it. It’s week 6 and this is the first week he was free to chill with his own people. He’s able to laugh, joke around, talk crap, and just generally hang with his team. They’ve been hiding his associations to them for 5 weeks! He was attached to Foute week 1 and they were ALWAYS in his HOH room. From week 2 during Kaitlin’s HOH he was attached at the hip managing her. Last week he spent all of his time with Scottie and Bayleigh. This is literally the first time it’s not just quick check ins. 


9:51 pm

JC entered the HOH. If you have the feeds you want to FB. JC and the HOH crew had LF laughing for over an hour! JC is so FUNNY in this situation. He’s imitating Sam’s southern accent with his own accent repeatedly saying “over yonder” “I reckon”. This had me in tears laughing. 


Tyler hid when JC entered and when he finally jumps out to scare him m. It’s executed so well Tyler actually scares the crap out of both Angela/Kaycee despite the fact they knew he was hiding! After this JC puts on Angela’s gold Veto bikini bottoms and as soon as he emerged from the BA production cue’s Kaycee’s peanut song and they all Jump up and dance.


So many funny conversations and antics. If you enjoy the entertainment JC brings you really should go back and watch. Laughter makes all this crazy nonsense in the game bearable.


Late last night Brett/Faysal together in BY. Brett is suggesting they work together. Faysal seems like he’s trying to solicit some kind of deal but Brett doesn’t offer one. He just keeps saying with Winston and Soggy gone now they need each other. If they can work together and take out floaters then they can just beast their way through.


Eventually Faysal proposes that Brett/Faysal team up. In his Faysal round about way. He then hints that Brett/Faysal can then link up with Tyler/Scottie and just win every comp to get them all to F4. He says it without actually using those words.


You can see Faysal being cautious. It’s like he knows he shouldn’t fall for this. 


Then there’s side of him that’s sick of losing week after week. Faysal just wants to win. He and Foute have been convinced Brett was some master mind so you know Faysal really wants this to be real. He was questioning Brett’s intentions to Haleigh earlier. 


My thoughts? Always go with your gut in this house. We have instincts for a reason.

So much of this game is filtering what you know and what you think. At the end of the day always follow your gut. Brett is playing Faysal here. We will see if Faysal

takes the bait. 


HOH 11:44 pm Angela/Kaycee/Tyler 

They discuss how they (Foute) are latching on to people now. Faysal to Brett. Haleigh to Scottie. Kaycee says she needs

to make inroads with Angie. 


They discuss being a solid 6 from day 3. Tyler laughs at Soggy trying to pull him into an 8 person alliance. Hell no! I’m not trying to be #9 on an 8 person alliance. 


That would have been so stupid! File that because his comment here combined with what happens Wednesday morning between Angela and Bayleigh may have finally solved a question we’ve all been asking all season. What happened before feeds went live that made Foute despise Angela and Winston so much? 


That is the last sip of RealiTea for Tuesday. Lots of bad moves by Foute. Tons of relaxed celebrations by L6. Brett still working his angle to replace Tyler’s

Role as the undercover player from L6 infiltrating Foute. Scottie consistently running any and all details back to L6. This makes me nervous because we’ve seen what Scottie is capable of. I won’t be certain he’s voting Bay out until the votes are cast. We should expect a house meeting at some point tomorrow. If it doesn’t happen I would wager Haleigh being the hacker gets leaked. All of Foute knows now and two of them are OTB. 


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