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America's Got Talent Episode-10 Judge Cuts 4

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Tonight is the last round of judge cuts! 18 more acts and only 7 will make it through to the live shows. Tonight’s guest judge is Chris Hardwick and he gets the final golden buzzer of the season.


The first act is Brian King Joseph and he plays the violin. Simon greets him as he takes the stage and he wishes him luck. He played the song Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Mel B says he’s in so much pain, but he’s happy and fighting through. Chris says he is in true defiance of his condition and he’s happy to experience this moment. Heidi says the way he plays the violin is so fresh and she’d love to see him in the live shows. Simon says the reason some people have had success doing what he’s doing is because they are technically perfect and they love what they’re doing. Howie says he did step it up but only 7 acts can go through.


The judges are talking about food and the next act is Yumbo Dump. They take the stage and are greeted by Chris Hardwick. He says he’s in the mood to listen to body sounds and turns the stage over to them. Their first card says whale crying while giving birth to baby calf. They put a balloon between them and the audience laughs. Next is an owl crying in a silent forest. Chris laughs.


Next for Yumbo Dump is the sound of a fish splashing around on a boat. The audience and Chris are laughing and Mel B looks grosed out. Howie loves it too. Next is Guest Judge, please join us on stage and Mel B slaps her X. They have Chris do the sound of the fish splashing around on a boat and they are done. The audience seemed to love it and they get an ovation from Howie, Chris, and Heidi.


Chris says it really did feel so good and he would tour with Yumbo Dump any time. Heidi says they make her laugh every time, she thinks they’re hilarious. Simon says he loves these guys, but he doesn’t think the whale sounded correct and he wants them to do it again. Simon says that was better. Mel B says they are sweet guys but she just asks herself, why? Howie says why? Because it feels so good! Howie says it makes him laugh and it feels good in the tummy. He promises one of the hardest fights he’ll make tonight is for them.  


The next act is Academy of Villains and they are a dance group. We also see another dance group called Da Republik and they are from the Dominican Republic. Academy of Villains takes the stage first and they are greeted by Mel B and she wishes them luck. They get buzzed by Simon. Mel B gave them an ovation and she loved that and would take her kids to go watch a show like that. Simon thinks it’s an audition he won’t remember in ten minutes.


Da Republik take the stage next and they are very nervous. They are greeted by Chris and asks them to give a little background before performing and he wishes them luck. They perform and get an ovation from the audience and all five judges. Chris says that was incredible. Howie says the moves, the strength, the passion, they are the real deal. Chris says he can tell they are strong and a sense of community and trust each other. Simon says with them he felt and saw their personality and he thinks they are terrific.


We see a quick clip of Berlin, who is a 12-year old singer who plays piano while she performs. Simon says she made it her own but still stayed true to the song.


Then we see Sergey and Sasha and they are greeted by Simon. They say there is more danger this time and Simon notes they are nervous. He wishes them luck. Mel B looks nervous as Sergey puts Sasha on his head. Chris looks afraid. Sergey climbs a ladder, cross a beam while Sasha is spinning hoops and then climbs down the ladder before setting her back on the floor. Chris says he was on the edge of his seat. Mel B says even though everything they did was amazing, it was too amazing. They are incredible. Simon says if the worst thing someone can say to you is you’re too amazing, then you’re having a good day.


The next act is Flau’jae and she’s a 14-year old rapper. Simon asks her to tell the audience what she told them when they first met and she talks about her father being murdered before she was born. She’s going to perform an original called I Can’t Lose. The audience is clapping along and the judges are listening solemnly. She gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges.


Simon says well done Flau’jae. Mel B says the way she rhymes comes with the heart and she likes it and loves her. Brilliant. Howie says she is a wow and she is a star. Simon says the good news is they provide the platform and the hard work and he thinks she, the lyrics, the tracks, they feel real. Chris says he was blown away and he has goosebumps and he’s shaking a little bit. He says at 14 she has the authenticity that some people never achieve. He says she never got a chance to meet her father, but he’s going to make sure she has a chance now and he hits his golden buzzer. Flau’jae is through to the live shows!


Next, we have Elijah and Tyler and they do a trampoline act together. Since they’re audition they have been practicing like crazy and they are ready to blow America’s minds. Mel B greets them and wishes them luck. He gets an ovation from the audience and three of the judges.


Heidi says Elijah improved and she loved it today. Simon says where else are you going to find a guy with a zebra doing this act! Simon says Tyler was kneeling down because he was tired.


Next we have the quick change act of Sixto and Lucia and they are greeted by Simon. They perform to I Like It by Enrique Iglesias. Mel B says it’s so fast. They get an ovation from the audience and four of the judges. Chris says muy Bueno, that was amazing. He says it was fantastic. Mel B says she was surprised the first time, but this time she was like wow. Simon says he thinks it’s a bit corny at time, but he thinks it’s a big improvement over their audition.


Next up is Brody and he is going to sing an original song. Simon says they like him, but he doesn’t think Brody has nailed the song that tells them who he is an artist yet.


Then on the stage is Ronnie and he sings If I Can Dream by Elvis and Simon and Mel B think it was the wrong song and karaoke. Chris thought he was fantastic.


The next singer is Glennis and she is going to sing Nothing Compares 2 U by Prince. She begins a capella. She gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges. Chris says she honored the song, yet made it her own. He’s floored. Mel B says she was not only amazing, she just gave her everything and her all. Simon says maybe the time is right for her now. Simon thanks her son for letting his mom come and do the show.


Next we see Diabolowalker who performs with rope and balls of some sort. Mel B says it’s spectacular and they are great. Simon thinks parts were great and some was a bit boring. He didn’t see a progression from before.


Then we see Troy James and he’s a contortionist. Mel B asks what has changed since they last saw him and he says some of his co-workers are avoiding him. He has Chris come up on stage with him and he performs with him. He gets an ovation from the audience and Mel B and Heidi.


Chris says what Troy does is legitimately amazing. Simon says he loved the music and the spookiness and he has a great personality. Howie thinks it’s amazing and he loves him.     


Next we see Street Drum Corps and they are a band and Simon buzzes them. He says they need a band to perform at a ten and they aren’t there.


Then we see Nunnaboye. Simon says they did listen to advice before, but they need to have more fun while they perform.


Then we have an escape artist, Lord Nil, who is going to have alligators in his act. The incorporation of alligators was Simon’s idea. His fiancé puts him in a straight jacket and then puts his feet in a device that lifts him up and they light the ropes on fire. He is lifted over the alligator enclosure. He’s working frantically to get loose and the judges look terrified. One rope has burned through and everyone is terrified. Mel B hits her X. Lord Nil is now almost out of the straight jacket, but the second rope has burned through and we go to commercial break.


We’re back and Lord Nil is out of his straight jacket, but two ropes have burned through and he is not completely free yet and he is still hanging over the alligator enclosure. He gets completely free and pulls a cord that frees him from the ropes that are almost completely burned through. Simon says he thought the alligators were amazing. He was actually nervous and this was a big step up and an incredible act. Heidi is so happy he made it out in time, he had her on the edge of his seat. Chris feels ok at the moment, but this was insane and he doesn’t know where he goes from here. Mel B says she had to buzz him because she couldn’t watch it. She doesn’t want to be a part of anyone’s death and she doesn’t think he should be taking this risk in life.


Our final act is a comedian named Samuel and he has Tourette Syndrome. He is greeted by Howie and Samuel says he’s excited to be here. Howie says for the audience that didn’t see you, you have…Samuel says swagger. Simon tells him not to be too good. Samuel begins his set and it’s about his marriage. The judges seemed to love it. He gets an ovation from the audience and four of the judges, minus Simon.


Chris says Samuel had a fantastic set. He says he took a disability that could overtake him and make it funny. Heidi thinks he’s very, very likeable and she thinks he’ll go far. Simon agrees with Heidi. Howie says he’s a great guy and shows people what they should be doing if barriers are in their way.


The judges are deliberating over which 6 acts to go through. They thank Chris for his help and they are ready to deliver the news.


Academy of Villains, Troy James and Diabolowalker take the stage and Mel B says they didn’t all agree and none of the have made the live shows.


Da Republik takes the stage and Simon tells them it’s not good news, it’s fantastic news. They are through to the live shows!


Next are the bands and the violinist. Heidi says the good news is America saw them today, but the bad news is they all won’t make the live shows. Brian King Joseph makes it through.


Next out is Berlin, Brody, Elijah and Tyler, Sixto and Lucia, and Ronnie and Simon breaks the news they have not made it through to the next round.


Then we have the danger acts Lord Nil and Sergey and Sasha. Howie says they only have room for one of them and that is…Lord Nil.


Glennis is next out and Simon says they’ve made a decision and they are thrilled to be telling her she made it through to the live shows.


Next is Samuel and Yumbo Dump are next out and Mel B and she doesn’t know how else to tell them this, but they are both going through to the live shows.

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The acts that are through to the lives and the golden buzzers:


Singers: (13)

Michael-Simon's Golden Buzzer

Courtney-Howie's Golden Buzzer

Amanda-Mel B's Golden Buzzer

Makayla-Heidi's Golden Buzzer

Voices of Hope-Ken's Golden Buzzer

Angel City Chorale-Olivia's Golden Buzzer

Flau’jae-Chris’s Golden Buzzer

Us the Duo

Christina Wells

Joseph O'Brien

We Three

Noah Guthrie

Glennis Grace


Danger: (3)

Aaron Crow

Duo Transcend

Lord Nil


Dance: (7)

Zucaroh-Tyra's Golden Buzzer

Quin and Misha-Martina’s Golden Buzzer

Junior New System

The Future Kingz

UDI Dance

The PAC Dance Team

Da Republik


Variety: (5)



The Savitsky Cats

Yumbo Dump

Brian King Joseph


Magicians: (3)

Shin Lim

Rob Lake

The Sacred Riana


Comedians: (2)

Vicki Barbolak

Samuel J. Comroe

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