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Marshmallow Queen hits the Block


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Yesterday’s events in the house wasn’t  a win for #teamgoodfeeds. It was certainly a L6 win! At the ceremony Angela did use the veto on Tyler and replace him with Bayleigh! I went to bed last night feeling like it was a pretty calm day for Bayleigh. When I went through my notes this morning I realized just how bad she was. She didn’t go full Chimma (as I saw some fans speculate she may be) but there are signs it could be on the horizon.


We should see a remarkable blindside with this series of events on be broadcast episode Wednesday. Tyler did call out Bayleigh for trying to BD him the last two weeks. Angela did not deliver some harshly vicious speech. This will be the 6th blindside of the season and I believe that sets a record.


The house was eerily quiet when the feeds returned post veto. Bayleigh spends a lot of time stomping around and cleaning her things. She tells Haleigh she doesn’t want to stay in this house with ya’ll crazy white people!


Haleigh is the first person she barks at and insults but I can assure you not the last. Bayleigh goes on to effectively blame Angie to Angie for her nomination. Bayleigh exclaims she wouldn’t be OTB if she hadn’t tried to save Angie and get Scottie up on the block! 


Don’t you mean keep Tyler OTB Bayleigh? This is one of the first times I’ve felt bad for Angie. Angie has been so down for her team even at her own expense in this game. Early on I can remember being impressed by her read of people and observations in the game. 


After this incident something struck me that had not before. Angie is BB20’s Jason from last season. Jason didn’t know the game but he had a great READ on the players week after week. Jason saw things more clearly than most in the game and repeatedly suggested the right moves he and Alex should be making. 


Alex in turn spent the summer of #BB19 calling him dummy. Telling him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Being mean, rude. and constantly belittling him so he dismissed his own gut instincts and cowered to Alex and Paul. Sound familiar?


Bayleigh and Haleigh to a lesser degree have been treating Angie like an unwanted step child. Bayleigh tells her to shut up. She says all the time, “you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tells Angie she’s selfish despite Angie being the one OTB the last 2 weeks. 


Angie is 100% the Jason of this season and honestly Bayleigh leaving is the best thing possible for her game. Angie will almost definitely float right to F6 once that happens. I want her to stop wandering around again all day today defending Bayleigh and blaming herself for Bayleigh’s treacherous game play.  Monday all Angie did was limp around defending Bayleigh and performing her punishment. As if all of that isn’t bad enough the poor thing is in serious pain from all of the workout tasks Jesse calls upon her to do all day and all night! 


1:21 pm Tyler and Kaycee chat in geo room. He asserts even if Bay isn’t the hacker she has a power app that could really mess us up. She kept that a secret from all of us. Kaycee wonders if Scottie has really flipped? Tyler points out there will be a buyback for jury so she could win her way back. 


Good job Tyler. Keep that in mind all week long. She’s a potential returnee and/or jury member. They both agree that they will have to see what Scottie does. Kaycee asks who his next target is? Tyler says Angie/Haleigh go up next. He says he feels like Scottie won’t want the next HOH. He’s still good with them and us if he wins he has to pick a side so...


This is the opposite of what Bayleigh did when she found Kaycee alone in be geo room just prior. No, Bayleigh scolded her like what do you have to be crying about. You have no right to be sad I’m the one on the block. How dare you walk away from me in the KIT just now to come have a private cry! I won’t be ignored! Yeah that’s Bayleigh’s strategy for gaining votes. Treat her friends like crap! 


Angie enters the geo room with a salad, interrupting Kaycee/Tyler strategy session. Once Angie enters  Kaycee lingers a few minutes then heads out to check on Angela. 


Tyler breaks out his ‘mist-er’ and goes to work on Angie. Tells her how he really likes Bayleigh as a person. Explaining he saw all the signs she was coming for him. Outlines how he voted Rachel out to protect Bayleigh. Even if she isn’t the hacker she has a power. 


Angie denies knowing anything about the power. Not sure if Angie knows or not. Tyler explains Rachel told him he went to Bayleigh before Rachel’s eviction and warned her. Then after that Bayleigh told him her power allows her to change nom’s. Tyler again says she didn’t tell you guys? You? Faysal? 


Angie says not that she’s aware of.  Angie says it doesn’t do her any good now. Tyler says exactly. Tyler tells Angie he is a vote to keep her this week. He wants her to stay, he doesn’t have any issues with her. He doesn’t feel threatened even though people tell him she’s talking about him, those a false facts. 


Angie heads to BA. Sam is changing in the shower. JC brushing his teeth. Kaycee is upstairs with Angela taking about how much work it is to keep Sam calm. It’s so much work. Kaycee says Sam reminds her a lot of her mom. Always worrying overthinking. That’s Sam’s problem she just overthinks everything. 


JC arrives at the HOH door 1:30 pm (ish) and Kaycee has some fun with him. Once JC gains access to the HOH he tells Angela she did a great job he’s here for an update. He says here’s here to give an update. LOL.


JC goes on to tell them that Angie is the worst player and has no game. We’re in the BY and she says, “I really don’t think Bayleigh is the hacker.” JC is like girl you are OTB and you’re defending Bay? What are you doing? That girl is so stupid. If I were her I would be like YAS! Bayleigh is the hacker! 


JC announces that Bayleigh is not crying anymore. She is in the corner of the yard plotting. Angela says she won’t talk to her today. When she does talk to her tomorrow she doesn’t want to talk 1-1. Someone else will always be in the room because I don’t want her twisting things and making sh*t up. JC and Kaycee both agree that’s a good idea. I don’t blame her either. Angela can not compete next week. She needs to ensure someone bares witness to prevent another ‘Rachel’ type incident with Bayleigh.


Look, there is a lot here in this trio’s interaction in the HOH where JC just makes me LOL! I suggest if you have feeds and you laugh at JC and all his dramatics. I laughed a lot. 


Speaking of JC, remember the chip incident with Bayleigh earlier in the week? Bayleigh was eating some chips from Angela’s HOH basket and when JC dares to try and take one chip she snarls and yells, “ASK FIRST!” And snatches the bag away from him. The bag that wasn’t even her chips! 


Well, JC planned to bring a bag of chips to the veto meeting. He wanted to snack loudly while Bay is being BD. This would be HILARIOUS! As they prepare to head to the LR he does in fact go to get a bag of chips to take with him...production suddenly says NO FOOD at the veto meeting! 


WHAT!? Why?! This was TV gold after her repeated nonsensical behaviors! I seriously would like for JC to not even leave a GB message to Bayleigh this week. Instead he should lie across the chair and just eat chips. Thankfully JC does say he will take chips in the DR for his GB message so watch for this. They had better let him! 


I’ve said over and over the smallest things in the house can turn people against you. JC all season has seriously wanted to make it to the end with Bayleigh. When she did this to him she basically became dead to him! He’s really irritated by her OTT behavior. Late Monday night the enter L6 plus JC were in the HOH talking about Rachel and Bayleigh. One topic was the fact Bayleigh always wants to eat everyone else’s food but never shares anything! 


When he was in the HOH with Kaycee and Angela, Angela opens a bag of chips to eat them and like a normal polite human being she offers him a chip. JC says no at first and then says yeah I will take one. Angela hands him the entire bag. 


This is a great metaphor for Angela’s HOH v. Bayleigh’s. While the chip incident happens this week it’s still the perfect way to distinguish how the two behave completely differently during their HOH reigns. Bayleigh had the worst case of HOH-itis this season. That’s say by a lot since her HOH followed Sam’s! LOL. 


Bayleigh has completely adopted her theory for why she’s being targeted. She is absolute in her conviction that she’s OTB because she tried to save Angie by working to try and get Scottie back OTB. 


Right? It’s not because you leaked your power to Rachel. It’s not because you treat everyone including your own teammates like your handmaids. It’s not because you repeatedly lied over and over and over about stupid little things. I lost count how many times people told Bay they saw something only for her to then turn around get in people’s faces and accuse them saying “I SAW YOU!”


Sure Bayleigh its not because you did say over and over you were going to target Tyler. It’s not because you nearly took JC’s hand off over a chip. It’s because you were actually a sweet nice marshmallow with all these people. Yep, her words, she’s been too nice. 


1:31 pm Bayleigh says, she came into this game and played really nice and graceful (rarely). She says she hasn’t been crazy. She goes on to say she hasn’t lied (yes she has) and she’s been a big marshmallow. She then said if she’s goes out of the house because of it that’s fine. She won’t change her character. Bayleigh may be describing the game she planned to play but that’s NOT what the RealiTea is! 


Bayleigh was nice and made some strides between the weeks Chris was voted out and she won her HOH. Prior to his exit she was just as snarky, rude, and mean as she is now she just only showed it to Foute. Once he left she had to. She stepped up her social game and worked hard at it. What all of this tells me is that the Bayleigh we see now is in fact the real Bayleigh. 


That Bayleigh week 3 and 4 was the facade. She was willing to completely shatter what she created when she won HOH and the real Bayleigh returned to the game. It’s not hormones. It’s not stress. It’s not worrying. She’s always this way. 


As I shared, Bayleigh has repeatedly talked on the feeds about possibly being pregnant. She told Haleigh she wanted to wait another week or two before finding out. Well, the production leak tweeted last night that production has spoken to Bayleigh about this. They have scheduled a nurse practitioner appt for her and will be talking again with production soon. 


What struck me about the tweet, that made me go ahead and share it is that Soggy C also saw the same tweet and RE-TWEETED it. Yep. That’s how he stands up for his girl he retweet’s personal information. He’s so thirsty to drag out his 15 min of fame he has zero issues perpetuating controversy surrounding her. 


I’ve seen a few fans balk about the production leaker putting out facts that are so personal. My two cents? I would agree that crosses a line if it weren’t for the fact Chris talked on the live feeds multiple times about his and Bay’s sexual encounters. Including not having used protection! I may agree had Bayleigh not been heard multiple times saying she’s late and she’s concerned she may be pregnant! 


I don’t think the leak was malicious. I don’t think the information was too personal when it was Bay/Chris themselves putting the intimate details out there! THEY are well AWARE they are being recorded 24/7. Now they shouldn’t confirm any results. If Bayleigh doesn’t mention it on the feeds that would be inappropriate. However, in all honesty I won’t be shocked if Bay is on the feeds talking to Haleigh about it at some point. Then it’s fair game. 


Let’s get back to the game! Bayleigh has made Angie feel so bad that she spent most of the day defending Bayleigh. Angie has persistently asserted she doesn’t think Bayleigh is the Hacker. Bayleigh stomping around being horrifically mean to Angie ALL THE TIME doesn’t dissuade her from being loyal and faithful to Bay. 


Bay spends her day attempting to repeatedly make others feel bad. Snapping and scolding one HG after another right after her pompous a$$ hits the block. She tells Kaycee she doesn’t have a right to be crying that Bayleigh went on the block.


Bayleigh verbally attacks Sam in the BY. She got nose to nose with Tyler in the KIT. Her approach is shocking at best. You can read about the full Sam/Bayleigh tongue lashing here below they did an excellent job of detailing it:



Angie says it to JC early after the ceremony and he is just dumbfounded. He tells her to stop that! He talks about how bad she is at this game to Angela and Kaycee. Around 1:30 pm we see JC tell Angie all she needs to do is keep her mouth shut. That’s it. 


JC is right here. Why is she defending Bayleigh when she is OTB next to her? JC says if I was Angie I would be like YAS! Bayleigh is the HACKER! Even if he knew she wasn’t he would go all in on blaming her to save his own skin. But this is Angie and Bayleigh has repeatedly said over and over she’s OTB because she was trying to save someone else.


This of course isn’t true. In fact Bayleigh really didn’t care about saving her she is still clinging to the idea all of her game woes are the fault of her allies and not her own game. 


Don’t worry, while Bayleigh was in shock immediately following the ceremony, she slowly builds up her anger throughout the day. By last night (9-9:30pm) she’s heard on the feeds calling Tyler a d*#& and a p@&&%. She is aggressively ranting and gets pretty foul in her expression of frustration which is what we had all cleared our afternoons to be witness to. 


She’s already said. “I don’t want to be in this house with you crazy white people.” to Haleigh. She also said the Angie the other day that Angie hates average white people as much as she (Bayleigh) does.  Now she’s moved on to complaining if she leaves this house she can’t even go home she has to be here the whole frikin’ time (jury house). Guess what fans, we may actually get a double eviction this week if Bayleigh is in fact with child. LOL. 


Speaking of jury. I’ve heard the rumbling of many fans talking about how Angela’s words and actions are counterproductive to jury management. This is true except Rachel left before jury. Her brutal GB message last week doesn’t apply to jury. Angela did tame her veto speech. But really my reply to you all thinking about Angela not realizing the importance of jury management is mute. Angela is never making it to F2. So relax it’s not an issue for her. 


Tyler on the other hand is heard early in the day, post veto ceremony, considering there will be a jury buy back and Bayleigh could return to the game. He also vocalizes that whether she returns or not she will be on the jury. I don’t expect Tyler to do or say anything that’s going to completely alienate Bayleigh in the long run. He did call her out for trying to BD him two weeks in a row at the veto meeting. That’s not bad. He’s actually vocalizing why she is being targeted from his point of view. 


Along these same lines I’ve heard some talk of whether Tyler would be successful at the end in a F2 situation where he can convince people he is not the lamb, he isn’t malleable, he’s in fact been calling the shots since week 1. I would remind you that most if not all of the remaining L6 players will be in jury. 


Tyler has done a marvelous job of selling that week 2 (Soggy BD) was all Kaitlin’s idea. That Kaitlin was manipulating Tyler therefore he won’t ever get credit in the end it would be more likely these people deny any claims he makes to being the one masterminding everything. Consider that Brett, Angela, JC, Sam, and/or Kaycee will all be in jury. They will share that Tyler had a hand in everything and they know the influence he’s had all along. So when he makes this claim they will believe it. 


My biggest takeaway from the day’s events is that despite L6 outing themselves by nominating Bay and saving Tyler...Foute is still oblivious. How is this possible you ask? Well, my only explanation is they are really just THAT BAD! Last night around 9pm Haleigh tells Faysal if Sam wins HOH she would nominate Haleigh. No surprise there. 


What is a surprise is here is she then goes on to say she doesn’t think anyone else would put her OTB. Beyond Sam she’s safe. She is blind to the fact that she and Faysal are actually the next targets. In fact Faysal says he hopes she does so he can win veto and take her off the block again. Haleigh’s response to that is no you can’t do that because then (only then) they would know to nominate them together. Me: LOL


The RealiTea is Haleigh is second in line on Tyler’s hit list. Tyler told Kaycee that he wants Haleigh and Angie OTB next so Faysal can be BD. While Haleigh is Tyler’s blind spot at the moment, I think if this scenario happens next week Haleigh will expose herself to Tyler. 


I’d also venture to guess that Haleigh will also tell Scottie she wants Tyler’s head on a platter. We know then Scottie will run back and tell Tyler. Haleigh and Faysal are the greatest threats of those left from Foute. The only way Angie doesn’t make F8 is if some veto accidentally sends her out over the actual target. She will continue to be the season’s pawn. Haleigh better pray and wins fine hacker comp again next week. 


Haleigh and Faysal decide that their best chance at saving Bayleigh this week is to secure JC and Scottie’s votes. This would actually be true if Scottie and JC weren’t playing so well. 


JC and Scottie have clearly done a good job keeping Foute believing they are floaters and not coasters. Scottie is in fact doing a great job of making both sides feeling like he’s on their sides. However, he will not spend game capital to save Bayleigh. JC may have actually leaned towards keeping Bayleigh and worked on her behalf had she not gone and lost her mind the week of her HOH. Now he’s more than willing to send her out while holding a bag of chips. 


I still see Scottie playing the middle. He’s back to week 2 Scottie. I don’t think he’s blindly loyal to Foute anymore. That’s great for his game. I don’t think he’s actually gone fully to L6. He is leaning L6 way this week. Haleigh and Faysal have a convo about this very thing. Faysal sees Scottie and asks Haleigh if he is really riding for Foute or just seeking cover from a 5 person voting block? 


Scottie told Angela yesterday that Haleigh had already gone to work on him for a vote for Bay. Angela told Scottie the best thing to do is say he’s not telling anyone about his vote he’s keeping it a secret. Haleigh and Faysal agree their best shot at keeping Bay is to sway JC and Scottie to vote Angie out. So Angela’s advice here is solid. 


Bayleigh doesn’t have a shot here. I mean she does have the sense to try and come up with a plan to save herself. Don’t get me wrong, she won’t go out without a fight. The problem is Bayleigh has awful instincts! When she lands on something that is in fact true she is quick to dismiss it. Whereas when she musters up a ridiculous assessment she clings to that. 


Haleigh seems more angry at Angela than anyone. Don’t get me wrong Haleigh does have an accurate read on Tyler. However she is heard just land blasting Angela for taking the shot at Bayleigh and I think it’s more likely she targets Angela if she has the chance. People still aren’t laying blame on Tyler which is great for him. 


Haleigh could have a great shot at lasting for a while if she just fades into the background. Tyler doesn’t see her as a direct threat. He’s said to Kaycee and others that he’s not worried about Haleigh. She’s useless. If she keeps up her current pace and strategy she will become a front runner. For now her only danger is her connection to Faysal. If she goes up as a pawn there’s a chance she could go home. She is aware of this part. Although she’s a fool to think anyone in the house would believe she’s not a pair with Faysal. 


Bayleigh has taken a page from Chimma’s play book. As she told Haleigh/Angie last night that production hate her.  She says when she goes into the DR she tells them their f’ing questions are stupid. 


Production makes an announcement to her when she says this and Bay says, “well if you didn’t suck so bad I wouldn’t have to talk about you!” Sounding more and more like Chimma by the second. Does Bayleigh not realize that production has control over how she’s portrayed? 


Annoying production should be the last thing you want to do. It’s s horrible move. My kid played basketball competitively and she ALWAYS befriended one of the ref’s in every game. She would make them laugh and it always worked to her advantage. 


I work at a school. I make the administrative assistants and the custodians my besties! I know these are the people you need in your team. They can make life easier or harder. Shoot I was 18 working on school sites for the YMCA and I was smart enough to know making the school custodian my Buddy was how to ensure when I did need a favor he was happy to oblige. 


Bayleigh worked in in customer service as a flight attendant. I can’t imagine being stuck in a plane with her as my only resource! For everyone’s sake I hope she has a serious attitude adjustment on Tuesday. 


My final notes for Monday regard Sam. Sam has been marching to her own drum her whole life. While this doesn’t necessarily make her the best BB player she is honest and loyal.


After the ‘Bayleigh blindside’ at the veto meeting Bayleigh, Haleigh, and Angie discussed future targets and throw Sam’s name in the pile. They do still talk about Brett being the leader of the other side. However, then they speculate that perhaps Sam

is playing everyone and she’s actually the head of the snake!


Really? Sam? Just when I think Foute can’t be any worse they prove me wrong! Every time! I feel like they do every eviction night and this point. LOL 


All of this going on and they still don’t see that Tyler is the one masterminding everything. They are even buying Brett’s plan to appear like he’s alone in the game now.  They know Tyler’s dangerous because he’s well liked and a competitive danger. They DON’T see the real threat in Tyler. They are all heard saying “he’s weak,

easily manipulated, is just taking orders.” How they don’t see that an entire house just rallied around him and saved him from the hacker is mind blowing to me! 


Welcome to Big Brother! This week should still be interesting. I don’t think L6 needs to continue to go to the lengths they are to hide Bay’s eviction votes. I mean they can all hold hands and vote in unison and Foute will still argue that Tyler, JC, and Scottie are just floaters being sucked in by Brett or Sam.  That’s the RealiTea of week 6 in the BB 20 house. Bayleigh and Angie are OTB and as of now I don’t see any chance Bayleigh stays come eviction night. 













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