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Thursday, August 9, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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8:04 pm BBT- WA Camera 1- Fessy and Rock Star. Think Hayleigh may put Sam up, but think it would be better to put up Angela and Kaycee. Rock Star said Brett and I have been on block 2 times and other are walking around here way too comfortable. They hope Hayleigh listens to their advice. They talk about Bayleigh being "ready to go". Fessy heads to shower. Rock Star said "taking your 36th shower of the day.. what do you do in there?" 

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7:09 PM BBT Kaycee and Tyler are in the SR talking. Kaycee is saying she is over it. Rockstar, Hayleigh, JC, and Faysal are in the KT. Faysal says they did what they had to do. Sam is hiding and Angela is changing. Angela is telling Sam no one is mad at her and what she did made everyone happy. Angela says no one wanted Bayleigh to go with a unanimous vote. Sam says no one would tell her definitively how they were voting and she didn’t feel it was right for her to leave on a unanimous vote. Angela says if you thought that was what was right, then it’s 100% right. Angela says Bayleigh was going to make sure Angela was on the block this week and Angela knew she had to go. She doesn’t know why the other side voted for her. Sam says she doesn’t feel like there are sides anymore. Angela says Sam did the right thing and she doesn’t need to second guess it. Sam says the crazy thing is she is the only one who loves Rockstar other than Bayleigh. Angela says who says she’s the only one who loves Rockstar. Angela says the last two weeks she had two people she loved very much up and she had to do what was best for her game. She says you can’t start thinking about personal sides and you have to keep it strictly game so your feelings don’t get involved. Sam says she’s doing the exact opposite. Sam says the only consolation she has is she’ll go to bed tonight and tomorrow will be a new day with new problems until she leaves. Sam says she might get to go home, or she might get to go to the little house. She’s pretty sure Haleigh will put her up and that’s ok. She says it makes the most sense.


7:15 PM BBT Sam says she’s not going to suck Haleigh’s D just because she’s HOH. Sam goes into the LR and plops down on the couch. Angela comes into the KT and offers everyone some candy. JC says he doesn’t want candy because Haleigh stole his HOH. JC says when he wins HOH he’s going to put a sign on the door that says no Haleigh allowed because she stole it from him once. Tyler joins everyone in the KT. Faysal congratulates everyone on making top ten and Tyler says and Julie said we’re all in jury. Rockstar wants to know what kind of alcohol Haleigh requested. Tyler is hoping she got Jaeger. Faysal asks Sam if she wants to talk and she says no. JC comes in and asks if she wants some time for herself. Sam says she’s going to take a shower. Sam says she refused to let Bayleigh walk out on a unanimous vote when Bayleigh already felt alone. JC says it’s a game. Brett and Scottie are playing foosball.


7:20 PM BBT Brett says everyone kept swearing during the HOH comp. Haleigh, Kaycee, Angela, Tyler, Rockstar, JC and Faysal are in the KT talking about the HOH comp. Haleigh wants to play winner of foosball and she heads upstairs. Sam is talking to Rockstar in the LR and Sam is repeating herself about why she voted for Bayleigh. Sam tells Rockstar she thinks they are closer than anyone in the house. Sam wanted both of them to stay. Rockstar says she refused to campaign against her. Sam says her and Bayleigh were the only two who made her feel comfortable there and she was sad to see either one of them go. She says she wasn’t voting against Rockstar, she was voting for Bayleigh. Rockstar says she was glad Sam did that.


7:25 PM BBT Rockstar says she was going to make a crazy speech but Bayleigh talked her out of it. Sam says it kind of makes her mad and she hugs Rockstar. Faysal comes in with Sam and Rockstar. Faysal says he heard the crowd in the background cheering when he cast his vote. Rockstar says and the crowd was supportive when Bayleigh went out. Sam says she’s been on the right side of the house every time, but she doesn’t F’ing care anymore. Sam says this is stupid and everything in here is stupid. Faysal says it is stupid and things in here will get the best of you. Sam says not me. Sam says nothing in here is real, it’s a game on a tv show. Faysal says it’s such a fake game, but the people are real and they are really playing. Sam says she knows but Bayleigh made her life in there so much better. She really loves Bayleigh and she was wonderful. Faysal is hugging Sam and rubbing her shoulder. Rockstar promises Sam she’s not mad and she doesn’t think Bayleigh did anything to deserve a unanimous vote. Sam is softly crying and says it’s so F’ing stupid and Faysal is comforting her. Faysal says it’s going to only get harder and when it’s their turn they need to chill out and be stress free and put it behind them.

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7:30 PM BBT Faysal says Bayleigh went out classy and Rockstar agrees. Sam says she is classy. Sam says she was beautiful too, so gorgeous. Rockstar agreed. Sam says she looked gorgeous and they should have all looked like crap except for her. JC comes in and says this hacker thing F’ing sucks. Angela and Kaycee are whispering in the WA. Angela is eating popcorn or chips. Angela is hoping Haleigh will put up Sam as a pawn, but she thinks she will backdoor one of them. Rockstar comes in and says she lives to see another day. Kaycee says it’s going to be a busy weekend. They talk about the comps that will happen the next couple of days. Sam is crying and she says she feels like she is going crazy and she’s making stuff up in her head and it’s not real. Rockstar and Kaycee are ready for their punishments to be over. Rockstar says she didn’t want to have give a speech in her costume and Angela says it could have been worse.


7:35 PM BBT Angela and Kaycee are still whispering. Angela thinks Faysal will tell Haleigh what move she should make. They are hoping Sam will go this week. Angela thinks Haleigh will put up Sam and Brett and try and backdoor Angela. Angela wants to go find more snacks and we get FotH. Rockstar and Haleigh are in the bedroom and Rockstar asks Haleigh not to put her back on the block and she says tell me why I shouldn’t nominate you. Scottie is going to work out with Brett. Tyler is eating a salad in the KT. Rockstar thinks Haleigh should put Angela and Kaycee up. Haleigh is getting her stuff ready to move upstairs. Haleigh says she’s not putting Brett up and Rockstar says there’s no reason to put him up.


7:40 PM BBT Faysal and JC go into the SR. Faysal says he’ll talk to Haleigh, but she does what she wants. Faysal tells JC to not stress out. They are safe for now. Faysal says he just had to vote out his best friend, they need to just relax for now. JC wants to know what Faysal is thinking so JC can think about it. Faysal asks who JC would have put up and he says people who wouldn’t win veto. Faysal says like who? JC evades the question and Faysal says then I don’t know either. Brett is talking to Rockstar and Haleigh in the bedroom and Rockstar is promising Brett he will not go up. Brett says if either of them want to join him and Scottie for their workout they can join, maybe Faysal. Rockstar says she might walk by and cheer them on. Haleigh asks Angela if she thinks it’s worth it to move all her stuff in the HOH room and Angela says yes so you don’t have to come down with the peasants. Tyler joins Kaycee in the WA and he is saying as long as he’s not put up right away. Haleigh is called to the DR and everyone says that quick? Tyler says maybe we won’t have to stay up until four.


7:45 PM BBT Brett and Scottie are working out upstairs. Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler are in the WA. Tyler leaves and Kaycee tells Angela Tyler said it was ok to tell Haleigh that Tyler will win the veto. Angela doesn’t think Haleigh would put him up like that. Kaycee and Angela go into the lounge. JC, Faysal, and Rockstar are in the bedroom talking about the comp. Kaycee says if Haleigh asks her who her next target is she’ll says she doesn’t know. Angela is obstructing her microphone. Angela says she’ll have to make her move because of the hacker. Angela thinks Haleigh will listen to her and take her advice. Angela says she’ll tell Haleigh she has to be careful who she makes mad at her. Kaycee thinks she’ll pick Faysal and Angela says she won’t put up her own person. Kaycee says no she’ll pick him for veto. Angela says she’ll advise Haleigh not to put up her targets because they won’t go home. Tyler wants to know if they should separate? The girls say no and they think Faysal will be on a power trip.


7:50 PM BBT Angela wants to know if Tyler thinks Faysal will run HOH or Haleigh. Tyler doesn’t know but Kaycee thinks Haleigh. Kaycee is F’ing irritated with Sam it’s stupid. It’s a F’ing game and they all loved Bayleigh. Angela tells Tyler what her advice to Haleigh will be about not putting up her targets. Kaycee says even if Haleigh puts two of them up they can win hacker and take one down and then they can win veto. Sam is washing dishes. Tyler says tell Angela to tell Haleigh that he’s going to win veto. Kaycee says Sam was slamming crap like she didn’t know what the MF was going on. Tyler says it’s so annoying. Kaycee says it might be worth it to get rid of Sam and if she wins hacker maybe put her up and then get the votes at the end of the week. Tyler tells Angela not to say names to Haleigh. JC joins the lounge. JC starts complaining about Sam.


7:55 PM BBT Tyler tells JC they need to convince Haleigh not to put him up right away. Angela says to JC to tell Haleigh it will be less blood on her hands. Kaycee says this is going to be a long F’ing week. Angela says it’s another week of fighting to keep ourselves safe. Talk in the lounge continues about Sam and her reaction to the vote.

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8:00 PM BBT Angela says they need to get the hacker and put up Rockstar. Rockstar and Faysal are in the WA talking about they can’t believe Haleigh won HOH. Angela is told again to not obstruct her microphone. Rockstar tells Faysal no black person has ever won the show. Faysal says last year was the first time a Latino person won. JC says in BB Canada you can’t whisper. Angela is told not to obstruct her microphone again. FotH.


8:05 PM BBT Scottie and Brett are upstairs working out still. They are whispering. Angela, JC, and Kaycee are all in the lounge. Brett tells Scottie he thought for sure Rockstar or Bayleigh would throw him under the bus in their speech. Scottie and Brett are now talking about Sam. Scottie says all he knows is he’s going to be in HOH a lot this week.


8:10 PM BBT Scottie is telling Brett he thinks JC has been the one throwing rogue votes. He thinks maybe JC is doing it to arrange votes so he can pin them on someone. He wonders if JC does it every week. Scottie says he’s ready to eat. Tyler and Haleigh are in the KT talking and Scottie is going downstairs to check out the food situation. All is quiet in the house.


8:15 PM BBT All is still quiet and Angela is called to the DR. Haleigh says she’s not sure if she’s more excited about pictures or her letter. JC and Kaycee are in the lounge and JC says he wants to go to bed early. Tyler is talking to Rockstar and he has nothing bad to say about Bayleigh. He just wishes things hadn’t gone like that. Rockstar says Bayleigh will enjoy having the jury house to herself. Tyler says he’s sure there will be a battle back.


8:20 PM BBT Scottie, Brett, and Haleigh are in the KT. They are talking about shotgunning beers. Tyler joins them. Scottie wonders if they’ll still get Vegan food. Talk has turned to the pictures from the HOH comp. Rockstar and joined the KT. Haleigh and Tyler are tossing something, a ball maybe, back and forth.


8:25 PM BBT Rockstar wants to take Scottie to get his ears pierced. Rockstar says he needs to go to a piercing place and not a mall. Talk has turned to tattoos and bad ideas for tattoos. Rockstar would get a BB20 tattoo, but she’d have to think about where she’d put it. They are talking in the KT about coffee and they tell Haleigh to ask for some. Sam is hiding again by herself. Sam says they need coffee while looking at the camera and says she’s going to come tell them. She goes to the DR door and it doesn’t open and she says I was coming.

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8:30 PM BBT HG must be awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm! Kaycee was the one who was asleep. Tyler is juggling in the KT. JC says Brett looks ok and Brett says he was sick of being second to Tyler in JC’s book. Kaycee says she’s going to sleep in Haleigh’s bed.


8:35 PM BBT Talk has returned to the pictures in the HOH comp. Rockstar is sitting quietly in the WA. JC and Faysal are in the bedroom. Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Brett, and Scottie are in the KT. Sam and JC are defining the word vain to Faysal. Faysal says he knows what it means, but he wants to know the actual definition. Faysal and Sam start singing and we get FotH. We get feeds back on the KT and we hear please stop singing again. And then immediately a third time. Rockstar, Sam, and Faysal are in the BR now talking. Sam is saying she feels sad. Sam says she’s going to take a 2 ½ hour shower and then go to bed. Rockstar says they’ll have noms early then the hacker comp. Rockstar is called to the DR.


8:40 PM BBT Brett and Haleigh are in the WA. Brett tells her to let him know when she wants a massage. Brett also wants to do when she wants to do 1 on 1’s and she says she’ll start them soon. Brett doesn’t understand why she can’t have HOH right away and Haleigh says because they have to prepare. FotH. Sam says what did we get ourselves into? Faysal says a rat race. Sam says she doesn’t feel good about what just happened. Brett says he lost in the HOH comp to the guy who’s first language isn’t English. Sam goes to the WA and grabs the trash. Angela is changing the trash in the KT. Brett and Haleigh are talking about the comp. Haleigh says JC is mad because she beat him. Haleigh says she thought Faysal knocked her out.


8:45 PM BBT All cameras are on the KT with Angela, Kaycee, Haleigh, and Scottie. Brett is in the shower. Tyler tells Brett to pitch to Haleigh about backdooring him and not putting him up at nominations. Sam and Haleigh are in the HNR and Sam says congratulations on your HOH. Sam says she’ll be there for her all week and do something for her to make her feel princess. She can’t wait to see her pictures and she’s sorry she’s not more excited, she’s just sad Bayleigh left. She’s sorry Haleigh has to have a HOH that follows a sad thing. Sam says she’ll be there to help her out any way she can and if she’s in her room and needs anything Sam will get it for her. Sam says she put Haleigh up on the block and she understands if she gets put up in return. Sam says we have the hacker thing and Haleigh says whatever I decide won’t matter. Sam says if Haleigh wants to call a house meeting and something specific to happen she will have her back. Sam says she wasn’t going to vote with the house because F that.


8:50 PM BBT Sam is still pitching to Haleigh. She says she will not go against Haleigh this week and she can’t wait to see her cat. Haleigh says thank you and they hug. Angela comes in. Angela says how weird is it do one on ones? Haleigh says she hasn’t done many of them. Haleigh says she’s never had anything out for Angela and she knows Angela was the only one talking to her while she was on the block. Angela says she didn’t realize that but she really cares about her. Haleigh says she has no idea what she’s doing. Angela wants to know what happened last night, why Haleigh was sad. Haleigh says she got some information that she didn’t know how to process and she just need to think about it. Haleigh says it’s just processing that everyone is friendly, but they all have the same goal and they are going to do what they have to do to get there. Angela is explaining why she didn’t trust Bayleigh.


8:55 PM BBT Angela says she had her snapchat glasses on and Bayleigh ran into the room and said she was going to use her power on her and they are going to be in an alliance and it’s going to be called the Amazon alliance. Angela says Bayleigh was crazy during her HOH and it was annoying. Haleigh says she never had an malicious intent for anyone in the game.

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9:00 PM BBT Haleigh says Bayleigh was loyal to a fault, but she was just involved in too much. Angela says she stayed out of the drama. Haleigh says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do tomorrow, she doesn’t have a plan or a strategy. Angela advises her to put up a pawn and someone she was ok with going home. JC, Faysal, and Sam are talking in the BR about the HOH comp and the order everyone was eliminated. Angela says Haleigh should have target A, B, and C and she should put up target C, and then if they come down she has B, and if they come down then target A. Haleigh says this week is going to be hard and very tough. Haleigh says Angela is going to be the only one to know what it feels like. Angela says if I were you, then I would put up people you know you aren’t great with you. Brett and Kaycee are whispering in the WA about Sam.


9:05 PM BBT Angela tells Haleigh that whoever leaves this week is going to leave through the backdoor is what it comes down to. Haleigh thanks Angela for talking to her and she thinks she’ll be asking her for advice all week. Angela says if she does get the hacker she’ll come to Haleigh and work it out with her. Angela says she still doesn’t know if she’s the hacker or not because she wants to believe what she wants to believe and she’ll figure it out a few months. Angela says Haleigh should just hang out in her room this week. She says she thought she’d have sleepovers but she only wanted her space. Angela says she’s so done with this hacker BS. Haleigh says it’s over next week but she wonders if there will be another twist next week and she won’t be able to compete. Angela says she had people telling her all kinds of stuff and she just had to sit back and figure out if they were saying that for their game and think about what was best for her game.


9:10 PM BBT Sam is in the BR with Rockstar, JC, and Faysal. Sam says she’s over this and she wants to leave. She’s ready to leave or evict herself or whatever it’s called. She then says she’s going to take a shower until it’s time to see HOH and then she’s going to bed. Angela is talking about Sam and how unhinged she has become. Haleigh and Angela talk about Sam volunteering to be the hacker and everyone throw it to her. Kaycee has joined the bedroom crew. Haleigh says she doesn’t want to do all the one on one’s tonight and Angela says just crank them out.


9:15 PM BBT Angela and Haleigh have finished their one-on-one and they hug and leave. JC goes into the HNR. JC wants to have a two-on-one with Faysal. JC says he was so close to being royalty. JC says he doesn’t have any private information that Faysal doesn’t know. JC says he wouldn’t put up the people she wants right now. Angela goes to tell Brett about the conversation she had with Haleigh. JC says they don’t know the hacker yet so she needs to make the move with the least amount of blood on her hands. JC suggests Sam because she put Haleigh up and then someone else. JC tells Haleigh not to throw out names.


9:20 PM BBT JC says to make sure she puts up someone who won’t win the veto. JC doesn’t want to throw names. JC says he didn’t know Haleigh wanted Tyler out. JC says he does like Tyler, but he can see it’s a game. Haleigh says if the three of them had voted to keep Bayleigh, then she’d still be there and still have her power for next week. Haleigh says going forward they all need to be on the same page. Tyler, Angela, and Brett are all in the WA and they are talking about Angela’s conversation with Haleigh.


9:25 PM BBT Faysal tells JC if he doesn’t toss out names on who to nominate then this conversation is going to go nowhere. JC says he doesn’t want to toss out names so they can be used against him later. JC tells Haleigh that Sam is such an easy nomination for her because she put Haleigh up. Haleigh says she’s not putting Tyler up, that would be the dumbest thing she could do. JC asks Haleigh what she thinks. Does she think she’ll put up Sam? Haleigh doesn’t answer. JC says right now they have to play safe and then if they get the hacker, then they can make a move.

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9:30 PM BBT JC and Haleigh are wrapping up their conversation. JC asks Haleigh not to tell anyone what they talked about. Haleigh says she would never tell anyone their conversation and she hopes he wouldn’t either. JC leaves and Faysal says he wishes there wasn’t a hacker tomorrow. Faysal says tomorrow will either be a good day or a bad day. Haleigh says Faysal is guaranteed to play veto. JC goes to tell Tyler about his conversation with Haleigh. Haleigh tells Faysal that Angela never wanted to come after her and she still doesn’t think Haleigh was the hacker. Faysal asks if Haleigh would backdoor Tyler if she had the opportunity and she says yes. Faysal says if they win hacker they will cancel his vote or Rockstar’s vote. Faysal asks if Bayleigh, Angela, and Haleigh made a three person alliance and Haleigh says no.


9:35 PM BBT Haleigh says it’s going to be a long week. She needed safety. Faysal says next week might be physical since this week wasn’t and that could be good. General chatter in the BR about evicted HG and the HOH competition. Faysal and Haleigh are talking about their alliance with Bayleigh and they had to separate from her. JC is singing and humming.


9:40 PM BBT Faysal and Haleigh are whispering in the HNR. The rest of the HG are in the bedrooms and general chat is going on. Haleigh asks Faysal if he laughs about the girls alliance and he confirms he said that. Haleigh asks did you say you want all the girls out? Faysal says it’s funny they have an all-girl alliance and three girls have left the last three evictions. Haleigh is asking if Faysal is flipping his votes. Faysal says someone is F’ing with Haleigh. Haleigh says Faysal can go work with the other side. She’ll give him a head start and they can go at it next week.


9:45 PM BBT Haleigh is telling Faysal that’s why she was so upset last night. Haleigh says it stinks Bayleigh and Faysal were working separate from her trying to secure alliances. Faysal says she has a problem if she believes that. Faysal wants to know who’s telling her all this? Faysal says Haleigh is going to have to make the decision whether she trusts him and go with it or if she trusts whoever is feeding her information. Faysal keeps asking who told her that and she says it doesn’t matter. Faysal says it does. Haleigh says she’s getting information. If she tells him and he confronts them, then they are going to stop talking. Faysal asks if Scottie told her and Haleigh denies it. Faysal says he would not do this without her. Faysal tells Haleigh that Bayleigh didn’t do one wrong thing to him this game. He would not exclude her and make an alliance with Bayleigh. He says that’s something Kaitlyn would do. Haleigh says it doesn’t matter and Faysal says it matters to him.


9:50 PM BBT Faysal says it doesn’t even make sense that I’d make a final three with Bayleigh without you. Haleigh says Faysal doesn’t have to explain or defend himself, she was just asking. Faysal says this house sucks and for them to be there 51 days and think he’d betray her? Haleigh says she was just asking and she hopes he would ask if something was true if he was getting information about her. Faysal says he heard Haleigh tried to make a deal with Angela and she asks who told him that and he won’t say. Haleigh says Scottie is the one who talked to her. Faysal says he won’t confront Scottie for lying and Haleigh says but he’s not lying, because you just said you said that.


9:55 PM BBT Haleigh tells Faysal to leave. He says he’s not sleeping upstairs tonight. Haleigh says she’s drinking a bottle of wine tomorrow. Faysal says he’ll sleep up there then and she says no. Faysal gets a hug and Haleigh tells him not to tell Scottie. Faysal asks Haleigh who she’s putting up and she says she doesn’t know yet and she can’t tell him anyway. Faysal says if I win you know I’m going to put up. Haleigh says no! Faysal says I’m putting him up because he tried to pit them against each other. Haleigh says no, there are too many other people we have to get out. Faysal says Scottie is pitting them against each other though. Haleigh says if you win hacker and put Scottie up and Faysal says he’s not talking about hacker. Haleigh says no, there are other people that have to go first! Faysal finally leaves and Haleigh tells him to calm down.

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10:00 PM BBT Rockstar is next in to talk to Haleigh. Haleigh then recounts her conversation with Angela and says that she still doesn’t think she’s the hacker, but that she was just trying to save Bayleigh. Haleigh says Sam is a liability. Haleigh says Angela and Kaycee are both physical threats and Kaycee has been talking crap about her. Haleigh tell Rockstar that Scottie started spilling the tea. Haleigh says Scottie told her that Bayleigh told Faysal to flip the Brett vote and that’s why Brett got to stay. Haleigh says Scottie also told her Bayleigh and Faysal wanted to make a three person alliance that no one would suspect. Haleigh says she doesn’t believe it, but it does raise some questions. Haleigh says Scottie is trying to get Haleigh to work with him and Brett and maybe Tyler because no one would expect that. Haleigh says that’s why she was upset last night because they are working with people who are going rogue. We get FotH. Rockstar wants to know why Bayleigh yelled at her then?


10:05 PM BBT Rockstar tells Haleigh that Bayleigh yelled at her that she couldn’t trust anyone. Brett and JC are whispering in the BR. Rockstar says she told Bayleigh she thought they were in an alliance with Haleigh and she thought it was real. Haleigh thinks Swaggy told Faysal to protect Bayleigh. Haleigh says Faysal wanted to know what she was going to do and she didn’t want to say anything because she didn’t want him to say anything to Bayleigh. JC starts singing and we get FotH. Haleigh says she thinks Faysal was loyal to the group, but maybe more loyal to Bayleigh. Haleigh says JC is going to be a problem because he just came in and was telling her what to do. Rockstar feels like Sam put Haleigh up because there was a chance she’d stay. She doesn’t think Sam wanted Haleigh gone. Tyler and Scottie are playing foosball. Rockstar and Haleigh are running scenarios. Haleigh is trying to figure out if she wants to put Sam up next to Kaycee or Sam next to Angela. Rockstar thinks Haleigh should put Angela next to Kaycee. Haleigh says Sam is a threat too, but Rockstar doesn’t agree. Rockstar doesn’t think Sam is a threat to Haleigh and maybe they should talk again.


10:10 PM BBT JC and Faysal are talking in the KT. Haleigh says Angela was throwing Sam right under the bus, she was talking mad crap about Sam. Haleigh says Angela said Sam is mad, like witchy mad because Haleigh is in power. Rockstar says the good thing about Sam is she will not lie in this game and you can’t say that about anyone else. Rockstar asks if while Haleigh is having those conversations if she’s asking for names and Haleigh says yeah, but no one is throwing out names. Faysal brings Haleigh and Rockstar some coffee.


10:15 PM BBT Rockstar says hopefully they can win the hacker comp. Rockstar tells Haleigh to talk to Sam again and Haleigh says Sam was talking to her and Angela came in and she let Angela sit there and then after Sam left Angela started talking crap about Sam. All cams are on JC and Faysal in the WA while Sam is in the shower. Faysal and JC have gone to the lounge. Haleigh says Tyler will be on her all week because he thinks she’s going to backdoor him.


10:20 PM BBT Faysal is talking to JC about what he and Haleigh talked about. Haleigh and Rockstar are still going over scenarios and the information Scottie gave Haleigh.


10:25 PM BBT Haleigh tells Rockstar that Faysal doesn’t want her to put JC up because he’s his person. The same conversations are going on while we’re waiting for Haleigh to get her HOH room.

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10:30 PM BBT Haleigh and Rockstar are talking about JC and how he is loved by everyone and no one wants to put him up. Haleigh says and he’s so smart. Rockstar is sharing things that Bayleigh told her. Rockstar says Bayleigh said as she was leaving to burn this house down and she loved her. Faysal and JC are in the lounge and they are talking about Sam.


10:35 PM BBT Faysal asks JC if Tyler has his back and JC says he thinks he does, but maybe not Brett. Brett comes in to talk to Haleigh and he says he thinks it’s pretty obvious who to put up so she doesn’t get blood on her hands. Haleigh rehashes Angela’s strategy and Brett says that’s a great idea! Brett mentions Sam as an easy nomination. Brett says if it were a regular HOH then she should do what she wants, but with this hacker she needs to do what will get her the least amount of backlash.


10:40 PM BBT Rockstar is talking to Sam and she tells Sam to stop being a bitch. Sam goes into the HNR and Haleigh asks Brett to come back in ten minutes. Haleigh asks Sam if she were to win HOH next week, would she go up again? Sam says no, is that what you want me to say? Haleigh wants to know where her head is. Sam says she feels like everyone is making fun of her and she’s a big joke. She was close with Rockstar and Bayleigh and she doesn’t know what happened and she feels like she’s being made fun of. She says she really would have let Rockstar or Bayleigh stay and her go. Sam says if you don’t want me to put you up next week, I won’t put you up. You have my word. Deal and they shake hands. Haleigh says that was simple. Sam says anything else? Haleigh says that was pretty much it. Sam says simple. Sam wants to know if she wants someone else in and Haleigh says Brett please. Sam goes back to the bedroom with Rockstar and Rockstar says quit being such an angry bunny. Sam tells Rockstar what Haleigh asked her. Sam says she has no idea who she’d put up. Rockstar says please don’t put me up. Sam says ok. Haleigh thinks JC might have the power. Sam doesn’t understand what’s going on and she feels like a big joke. She says everything is happening over her head.


10:45 PM BBT Rockstar tells Sam you can’t trust anyone in this house. Sam doesn’t understand why she’s required at this point, she didn’t think it would last this long. Rockstar says Haleigh knows that Sam is her person. Rockstar tells Sam she hasn’t heard anyone making fun of her. Sam is crying and Rockstar says F them, F them all. Rockstar tells Sam Haleigh is going to do what she needs to do but Sam is safe. Faysal comes in with Rockstar and Sam. Sam says she feels like she’s always sad. Haleigh says Brett needs to talk to her and give her info and Brett says he hasn’t had any info. Brett says it’s his biggest pet peeve when people go and kiss the HOH’s behind. Rockstar says crying isn’t a sign of weakness, Faysal cries too and he’s a big strapping man.


10:50 PM BBT Rockstar reassures Sam that no one has been making fun of her. Sam is still crying and says she feels so stupid and Rockstar is comforting her. Sam wishes she weren’t there, she F’ing hates this place. Sam would trade places with Bayleigh in a snap. Sam says she just wants to stay with Rockstar. Rockstar says that’s ok. Haleigh says Scottie pitched an alliance with Brett but she thought Brett didn’t want to talk game with her. Brett says no it wasn’t that. Sam is reminiscing blowing bubbles with Rockstar and she wanted to cheer her up so much and it was all her fault. Rockstar says it sucked at the time, but it’s ok. FotH.


10:55 PM BBT All cameras are on Sam crying. Rockstar is unpacking. Brett and Haleigh have finished their conversation. Haleigh says Brett can tell anyone she’s in there if they want to talk. Brett says he’ll send Scottie in. Haleigh says Rockstar can come in until Scottie gets there and Rockstar goes to get Sam. They say nevermind because Scottie is already there. Haleigh says to Scottie convince me why I shouldn’t put you up and he says I can’t and he gets up to leave. Rockstar is telling Sam she can’t trust any person in this game. Rockstar says Haleigh will keep her commitment to Sam and Sam says she didn’t make one and she couldn’t ask her for one. Sam is called to the DR and she says thank you. Rockstar tells her to come back and she’ll be here. Scottie says JC told him who to vote out.

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11:00 PM BBT Haleigh asks Scottie who he thinks she should put up. Haleigh says they have to be careful with the hacker competition. Scottie tells Haleigh that Sam wants to go home. Haleigh and Scottie are both thinking. Scottie pitches Angela and Sam. Haleigh says she still doesn’t know what she’s doing. She asks Scottie if she should tell people or just blindside them. Scottie says he likes this a lot more because normally he’s getting told people are throwing his name around like crazy. Scottie says Sam is an easy option to put up there. Scottie says if he or Haleigh wins, then this week is easy. Haleigh says Brett picked her and Faysal against each other and then her and Rockstar.


11:05 PM BBT Scottie says keep in mind if you put up Sam and Angela and Tyler wins veto and he takes Angela off and he’s safe. Haleigh says maybe she should put up Angela and Kaycee and Scottie is pitching JC as an option.


11:10 PM BBT Scottie says Brett was hoping to fly under the radar this week. Haleigh tells Scottie that she told Brett that he needed to talk more game with her. Haleigh says she hasn’t talked to Tyler or Kaycee yet. Scottie says they weren’t happy when she won. Sam is out of DR and she’s still upset and Rockstar comforts her.


11:15 PM BBT JC, Tyler, Kaycee, Angela, and Brett are in the KT and they are eating. Scottie and Haleigh are still talking. Scottie called Haleigh a doofus and he says he’s the same and a nitwit and a dweeb. Rockstar comes in and asks Haleigh if she wants her to make a pot of coffee and Haleigh says no. She doesn’t want to drink coffee because she’ll be up. Tyler in the KT says it’s crazy this is half the house.


11:20 PM BBT Haleigh says her speech will probably be horrible. She says she’ll just say I did this because I wanted to. Scottie says that’s good. Scottie says remember Cody’s speech from last year? Just say I don’t like you. Done. Haleigh asks if she can have her room yet? Haleigh can’t wait to see her pictures. Haleigh says she thinks next week is a D/E and she needs one of them to win. Rockstar is updating Haleigh and Scottie on Sam’s status. Rockstar says she’s upset and confused and done. JC, Kaycee, and Angela are in the bedroom talking about Sam again. FotH.


11:25 PM BBT We still have FotH. Haleigh says if she won hacker and veto people would be so shocked. JC comes in and Haleigh says she’s talked to everyone now except Kaycee and Tyler. Sam comes in and asks everyone else to leave. Sam wants to know who was making fun of her? And she wants the truth. Haleigh says she doesn’t think anyone was making fun of her, but they are taking advantage of a genuine person. Haleigh says people Sam put her trust in may not have her best interest at heart. Sam wants to know who said that? Haleigh says no one has said anything directly and Sam says she thinks people are making fun of her and she needs to know who. Haleigh says I promise people aren’t making fun of you. Brett and Tyler are in the lounge room and Brett says they just lost Sam so he has to go do damage control.

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11:30 PM BBT Sam is still convinced someone is making fun of her, she’s not coming up with this crap in her head. She’s going to start going around being crappy if someone doesn’t tell her what’s going on. Sam says nothing in here is real and no one is going to tell her the truth. Haleigh is trying to calm her down and says screw the game, I’m worried about you right now. Sam says it’s all in her head, it’s all a bunch of stuff she made up. Haleigh says let’s talk about it and work it out. Sam says she doesn’t have any facts, it’s probably nothing. She thought Haleigh could tell her who in specific things. Haleigh says I’ve never heard anyone make fun of you and Sam says then it’s all in her head and she’ll let it go. Haleigh asks are you ok. And Sam says she’s fine. Haleigh says it’s not making fun of you, it’s game talk. Haleigh says Angela did bring Sam up and it wasn’t really bad, but she was annoyed at something that happened today and she reminded Haleigh that Sam put her up. Haleigh says that’s the only thing that was said. Haleigh says she would not sit there and listen to someone make fun of her or anyone else. Sam hugs Haleigh and Sam says she feels stupid.


11:35 PM BBT Sam says it’s nothing it’s all stupid crap and Haleigh asks Sam to please come back. Sam says she’ll just erase it from her memory and let it go and she’ll be here as long as she has to F’ing stay here with all these F’ing people. She feels like she’s the only real person with all these F’ing psychos and she’s about to snap and lose her crap. She doesn’t want that to happen. She says she only thinks about her family and the little girls that look up to her and she’s not going to lose her F’ing crap over a house full of fake computer parts and fake F’ing people. Sam says the knowledge she has would fill a thimble and would be of no use to Haleigh. Sam says she’s taking things personally and whatever is happening to her she feels like she is losing her mind. Haleigh is comforting her. Haleigh says Sam has a room she can hang out in the rest of the week and Sam says she won’t do that. Haleigh says but you can if you get away, she says she is here for a reason and she might as well go all the way and win the game. Sam says she doesn’t want to win the game. Haleigh says you worked so hard to get here and Sam says she didn’t do anything! Haleigh says do you know how many people would love to be here? Sam says she’s trying to think of that and be grateful, but she didn’t think they’d be here this long. Sam says now she’s stuck here and she doesn’t want to be here with people who are talking crap about her or taking advantage of her or making her look stupid. And let her find out one time when someone is making her look stupid or making her look dumb and she will rip them limb from limb and pull their bottom lip up over their head and make them F’ing regret the day they were born. And she does not want to do that. She says tomorrow is her brother’s birthday.


11:40 PM BBT Haleigh says when she thinks of who she wants to be, it is her. Sam says ok. Haleigh tells her to take the compliment. Haleigh says every quality about her is good and she asks why she’s so hard on herself. Haleigh says Sam reminds her so much of home. Sam says don’t cry and she thinks Haleigh is doing great at this game. Brett is drinking out of a jug of water in the KT. Sam says she’s the only one who uses the shower curtain. She’s just going to rip it down and wear it as a dress. Haleigh says well, you’ll have officially lost it. Sam says she’ll do that next Thursday. Haleigh is called to DR and everyone cheers. Kaycee wants the first one-on-one in the room. Sam tells Rockstar Haleigh wouldn’t tell her who was making fun of her. Rockstar says no one was making fun of you. Sam says if you want me to trust you, then you have to tell me something. Rockstar says no one was making fun of you, they were just throwing you under the bus. Sam feels like there is a whole bunch of things where people are making fun of her. Rockstar wants to know why she thinks that? Angela appears on the other side and Sam says she’s fine. Angela says the pillow smells someone else. Sam says it’s Tyler’s or Scottie’s. Angela says she can’t sleep if someone else’s smell is on the pillow.


11:45 PM BBT Sam asks Angela who’s making fun of her and Angela says no one. She says the only thing is when JC runs around and says over yonder. Rockstar asks again why she thinks people are making fun of her? Sam doesn’t know. Rockstar says the only thing is people are telling Haleigh to put Sam up. Sam says she doesn’t care about that, say it to her face. She asks if the conversations Rockstar was having earlier with JC were making fun of her. Rockstar says JC was just making fun of HER (he was talking about her cameltoe in her outfit from eviction speech). Rockstar tells Sam to feel free to tell JC to leave her alone, lol. Rockstar says it wasn’t about her, but how tight her outfit is, which she can’t control. Sam felt like she could trust Rockstar and Bayleigh and now Bayleigh is gone. Sam says Tyler isn’t talking to her anymore. Rockstar says less than he used to? Sam says he’s a shady F’er.


11:50 PM BBT Sam says she just doesn’t have anyone she can talk with or snuggle with or talk to. Rockstar gives her a hug and her words are now muffled. The other HG keep getting warnings to stop singing. Sam says peeing in her yard isn’t going to make her own grass any greener. We hear JC please stop singing. Sam asks Rockstar if she’ll pinky swear not to say anything. Rockstar says yes. Sam says she wants Angela and Tyler out of here. Sam says she is trying to remember everything she said to Bayleigh about staying calm and not losing her crap. We hear JC Stop! Faysal is lifting weights and we still hear JC humming and singing.


11:55 PM BBT Rockstar says she’s going to win one of these things so Sam can see her family. Or maybe she’ll just meet them. Sam says this is a big F’ing fake craphole. Rockstar says she must have missed that part of the brochure. Sam says she had no idea what she was signing up for, but at least she has Rockstar. Sam says her mom is thanking everyone, God, and Rockstar. Sam says she re-read her letter yesterday and she wrote any mother would say thank you. Sam asks Rockstar if Faysal makes fun of her and she says no. Sam tells Rockstar to look at her and Rockstar says no. Sam says something tells her that Faysal could quite possibly be gay. Maybe she’ll cut down on the cuddling and Rockstar says Faysal is very cuddly, but not gay. Sam says whatever. She’ll believe her for now and Rockstar says at least as far as she knows. All cameras are on the LR where Faysal, Kaycee, Scottie, Angela, and JC are. Angela is asking how JC has his place decorated. Angela says when they were filming there they asked if she had anything with color and she said no. FotH.

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