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Sunday, August 5, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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7:05PM BBT Rockstar is slicing veggies in the kitchen whil Kaycee makes chicken.  JC is playing with the nunchucks and Angela is wearing the HOH Snapchat sunglasses.




Kaycee feeds JC a bite of chicken.






7:45PM BBT Feeds go to fish with the WBRB message.

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8:07PM BBT Brett is up in the HOHR with Kaycee and Angela, where he is telling them that Fessy is paranoid that he's going home this week.   He's worried that Fessy will cling to him once Bay is gone.


8:09PM BBT Bay and Fessy are keeping Rockstar company in the KT while she plays with her nunchucks.


8:12PM BBT RS's nachos are done so Bay brought some upstairs to the HOHR.  Scottie and Haleigh were swinging in the hammock, but she went inside to shower.




8:19PM BBT Brett tells Scottie in the WA that Granny gave him a bath in the HOHR.  He then tells him that the cookies gave him gas.  (Scottie is talking from the toilet)


8:21PM BBT Bay, Tyler, Kaycee, Haleigh, Rockstar, Fessy and Angela are up in the HOHR.  Scottie heads upstairs to try the nachos.


8:25PM BBT Fessy went out to do laundry and twists his knee.  JC is back there talking with him and says that he thinks Angela's target is Rockstar.  Fessy says they'll be quiet until tomorrow and the POV ceremony.

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8:27PM BBT Brett, Fessy, and JC are lifting weights in the BY.


8:30PM BBT The girls compare their belly buttons up in the HOHR.  They seem to think that the doctor cutting the cord is what causes them to be inny vs. outie.


8:36PM BBT Bayleigh is telling the girls how she'll be wearing her hair for the next comp and requests rubber bands from production so she can be cute.


8:39PM BBT Angela is running sprints in the BY while Fessy Brett and JC continue to work out.  Kaycee comes out to the BY and says she wants to play pool later.  Rockstar is rocking in the hammock.


8:54PM BBT Sam and Rockstar on the hammock talking about previous houseguest and how much Nicole looks like Haleigh.


9:02PM BBT Hay and Bay are in the PBR whispering about how they need to keep Fessy and Rockstar safe this week.  


9:06PM BBT Haleigh leaves the PBR where Bayleigh is reading her bible to go take a shower, do laundry, and then they'll meet back up for yoga.

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