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Sunday, August 5, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:04 AM BBT Haleigh is outside playing corn hole while Fessy watches. She tells him that Angela has promised that she and Fessy are not going up. Basically, Haleigh told her that Fessy promised Angela safety if he gets HoH for safety this week. Fessy isn't convinced. Haleigh "Fessy, just trust me." Fessy "And Monday, I'm on the block." Fessy says this doesn't make sense because she would be taking a shot for us. Why would she do that? GTFO of here. Haleigh "What do you think she would do if she had two comp beasts up there?" Fessy "Taking down Rockstar and putting up Scottie, after promising both Tyler and Scottie safety, and them having the chance to use the veto, would be the biggest BB move in 20 years of BB. That would take the biggest balls ever. Is she really thinking about that?" Haleigh "Yes. But she has to know she is going to be protected." 


12:15 AM BBT Fessy is still in shock that Angela is considering putting up both Scottie and Tyler (after promising both of them safety and both of them choosing not to get/use the veto). He wants to go and talk to Angela about it to let her know that this is the biggest BB move ever. Haleigh and Bayleigh tell him to hold off. They are being watched by everybody. 

Surprised Fessy.jpg


12:25 AM BBT Scottie, Brett, and Tyler are sitting around the KT table and eating dinner. Haleigh and Fessy are in the hammock. Fessy is still giddy about the idea of Angela's "big move". Haleigh tells him not to say anything because Angela had told her not to tell anyone yet. It is not a guaranteed thing. 


12:28 AM BBT Fessy "OMG she pinky promised both of them. I cannot believe that this is even an option." 

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12:40 AM BBT Fessy and Haleigh are sitting out on the hammock. They are trying to figure out how to approach Angela and what to say to her in order to get her to make this big move.  They are going to use Fessy's loyalty as a selling point that if he says he will protect her after this move, he means it.


12:50 AM BBT Haleigh is justifying to Fessy about sitting in the hammock with Brett the other day. She explains that he is on an island by himself. He has been on the block multiple times. His best friend went home. She felt sorry for him. Fessy really thinks that he likes him and maybe needs to give him a chance.


12:53 AM BBT Fessy tells Haleigh that what Angela is considering by putting Scottie up next to Tyler, is huge. Both Tyler and Scottie fell for a pinky promise and chose not to take the veto. Now they are both possibly going to be on the block side by side. There may have been 1 person on the block who voluntarily gave up a veto before, but never in 2o years has there been 2. 



1:01 AM BBT Haleigh goes inside leaving Fessy alone in the hammock. Fessy looks up at the cameras and talks to us. "One was on the block, one is on the block. Both of them taking a pinky promise instead of guaranteed safety. If Angela pulls this off this is epic. She would go down as the biggest player in BB history. 


1:10 AM BBT Sam is in the shower and Tyler is talking to her over the door. He lets her in on the backdoor Bayleigh plan and the need to keep it quiet because of Bayleigh's power. Sam admits the girls are making her nervous when they start talking about girl alliances and not saying a thing to Sam about it. 


 1:18 AM BBT Rockstar is putting away the food processor. Brett is brushing his teeth. Tyler is popping zits. And Sam is teasing him that America is out to get him because of his luscious hair. 


1:20 AM BBT Rockstar joins Haleigh and Fessy in the hammock. She tells them "I was just in the DR talking about" BB interrupts "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HGs" Rockstar "Nothing. I was talking about nothing." They laugh. They then talk about Sam and how she feels alone and uncomfortable. Haleigh says that she did approach them earlier and the girls got quiet. That would make you uncomfortable. 


1:25 AM BBT Kaycee goes to lay down in the BBR in her peanut costume. Tyler walks by and giggles. Sam sees him "Don't you laugh at my peanut." Tyler "That's my peanut." Sam "I will fight you for it." Kaycee covers her face with an emoji pillow. 

My peanut.jpg

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12:04AM Fessy & Haleigh in the BY
H: All you need to know is everything is fine as of right now, and as of right now you and I are not going up
F: She said that?
H: Yes.

He wants Haleigh to come over and talk to him but she says no, she doesn’t want to be suspicious and he asks if talking to him is suspicious, and she says yes, Sam is getting suspicious. He asks who is going up and Haleigh says she doesn’t know. Fessy still thinks he’s going on the block and Haleigh says he isn’t and that he should trust her.

F: If she keeps Scottie and Tyler safe and then she doesn’t put me up, why would she take someone else’s shot for them? Meaning if me Scottie and Tyler are comp beasts why is she going to take someone their shot for them?
H: What if two comp beats are sitting next to each other, what then?
F: You thinks he would pull Rockstar off and put up Scottie?! Get the F*** outta here. That would be the biggest move in Big Brother history after she promised both of them safety when they could have gotten the veto. That’s gonna be the biggest move ever done in 20 seasons. One would be gunning for her but she would be protected by everyone else in the house. You know how huge your balls have to be to do that? There’s no way she would do that.
H: I’m just saying, what if.
F: Does she have that idea?
H: Maybe.
F: You can talk to me.
H: Yes, she has the idea but she needs to feel protected to do it.

Fessy talks about how that would be the biggest move ever and Haleigh says to tell her that, stroke her ego.

Kaycee comes out, her and Haleigh do laundry stuff and Fessy goes back inside.

3:12AM Sam, Haleigh & Bayleigh talking about Mr. Pectacular’s vegan cupcakes being yummy.

3:16AM Fessy, Bayleigh & Haleigh in the bathroom talking about if Angela will put up Scottie & Tyler, how it will be a big move and what they have to say to make it happen.

3:25AM Scottie, Brett & Tyler feasting at the table, also talking about how good Jessie’s cupcakes were.

[Everyone kept talking about them so I went back in the feeds to 11pm 4AUG18 in the kitchen where JC hilariously (Saying floor instead of flour, APE-el instead of apple etc.) read the recipe out loud -SCRTsqrl]

Cupcake Recipe (Dozen cupcakes)
1.5 cups of flour
½ TBS baking soda
¾ TBS salt
2 TBS Cinnamon
½ Cup Sugar
½ Cup Raisins
½ Cup Applesauce
1/3 Cup Oil
2 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar
2 TBS Vanilla extract
2 Cup shredded carrots
Cream Cheese Icing

Heat oven to 350 F
Mix flour, baking soda , salt, cinnamon, and raisins
Separately mix apple cider, oil, applesauce, vanilla extract and carrots
Mix both altogether.
Bake 20 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

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1:35 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Brett, Tyler and Kaycee in bed in the BBR. Feeds 3 and 4 show Haleigh, Rockstar and Fessy in the hammock. Rockstar says they had a very controversial veto comp. 2 out it the open pinky promises? Fessy "You can take your pinky promise and stick it."


1:44 AM BBT Haleigh thinks Sam may be former military, or a cop, or a game warden. Rockstar asks what a game warden is. Haleigh says a game warden is the cop of all cops. They can literally just walk in your house. If they are looking for evidence of poaching, they can just walk in. No warrant or anything. And if they find someone else in there, like drugs, you are f*ed. But, their intentions are to find illegal poaching and stuff. Deer without a tag or animals out of season. 


1:52 AM BBT Sam and Rockstar are sitting on the patio. They discuss Brett's granny. Sam hopes she doesn't show up in the middle of the night. However, she does hope it really is a little older woman and not just an actress dressed like a granny. 


2:00 AM BBT Sam and Rockstar are still sitting on the patio. Sam says that in telling everyone that she doesn't need to know everything, she now finds herself not knowing anything. Rockstar "Are you not ever going to align with anyone?" Sam "I am aligned with everyone. That's what I do." Sam hopes that with her helping Rockstar with this punishment, they make have a moment that repairs Sam putting her on the block. Sam's goal is to have a moment with every single HG.


2:10 AM BBT On the patio, Sam is telling Rockstar that Tyler is the same age of her brother. Her brother found himself on a campus with a bunch of Bretts. Maybe that's why she sees it. He gets self conscious with his nerd card. Meanwhile Haleigh and Fessy are on the hammock. Haleigh "Sam is talking about me right now." Fessy tells Haleigh that Sam is wanting to talk household stuff all day long. "That's fine but we are trying to play a game here. You can count on doing these things around the house, that we appreciate, to keep you here for a while but at some point that won't work anymore." 


2:24 AM BBT Rockstar is telling Sam about the rules of her costume. Sam "Well, you could have ended up in a giant foam peanut." They talk about how everyone in costumes has been such a good sport about it. Sam says that whatever dumb sh*t they have to do, she is going to do it right there with them. 


2:32 AM BBT Haleigh goes to bed. It is now just Sam, Rockstar and Fessy in the BY. He picks up the bean bags for the corn hole game and tries to get them in the hole by throwing them over his head. Sam and Rockstar tease him that this is now how the game is supposed to be played and to be careful not to hit the cameras. He tells them he went to state for Shot put.


2:37 AM BBT Sam and Fessy are in the KT. Fessy is asking her what he needs to leave alone and if she is saving anything. She tells him that the homemade bread is for French toast but the rest is fair game. Sam jokes that he is going to eat everything since "Fessy is unsloppable now" meaning he is no longer on slop. She tells him to take it easy. His belly is full of pickles, slop and protein powder. He will give himself a belly ache. 


2:40 AM BBT In the KT, Fessy tells Sam that she is a very interesting and impressive person. He gives her 5 things that he finds interesting. 1. You can sit there and listen to a conversation for hours and actually retain information. 2. I don't even know where to start with all this crafting stuff. It's ridiculous. 3. You whooped everybody's a$$ in the wall comp, which we will talk about later because I don't know where that comes from. 4. You remembers my mom's name when I have told people more than once and they don't remember it. He doesn't list the 5th one. 


 2:50 AM BBT Fessy and Sam are the only ones up. He asks her if she could go and order any entree now, what would it be. Sam "BBQ sauce". Fessy "That's not an entree. Give the girl a BBQ chicken sandwich and hold the bun and hold the chicken. Just the BBQ sauce." 


2:57 AM BBT Fessy and Sam are talking about movies. When they go to quote movies, the feeds switch to sleeping HGs in dark rooms. 


3:08 AM BBT Fessy tells Sam about a time when he was a new server. He scooted a couple cute girls past the 45 minute wait. At the end, they left their phone number on the receipt but no tip. He jokes "I am not about to call a girl who stiffs me on the tip." 


3:12 AM BBT Sam says that bartenders and servers often enjoy gambling type experiences. You never know if you going to work like a psycho for 3 hours and make $600 bucks. Or you could work for 12 hours and make $120. You never know. That mystery of not knowing taps into that.


3:15 AM BBT Fess and Sam are still alone on the patio. He tells her that he got 6 friends hired at Margaritaville. Which is very hard to get hired there. But he was that close with this managers. He continues to talk about it but the cameras change to all sleeping HGs. 


3:20 AM While Fessy and Sam continue to chat on the patio, the Space Pecs work out music plays. Sam and Fessy rush inside to get Kaycee. Kaycee get up but doesn't go any farther that the end of her bed so Fessy and Sam work out with her in the dark bedroom. Kaycee immediately goes back to bed after. 

space pecs.jpg


3:30 AM BBT Fessy collects some laundry and takes it out. He plays with the corn hole alone. Sam was last seen heading towards the KT. 


3:42 AM BBT Fessy goes to the WA, uses the WC and washes his hands. He turns on the water in the shower, lets it run for a while, and then turns it back off again. All 4 feeds then switch to sleeping HGs. 


4:10 AM BBT We finally see Fessy again since he was last seen in the WA. He comes into the BR and crawls into bed. 


4:21 AM BBT Fessy appears to be restless as he keeps moving around in bed. He has not stopped moving since he crawled in the bed. He is either rubbing his hair, popping his knuckles, etc. 


4:30 AM BBT All the HGs are in bed and all is quiet. 

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8:20 AM BBT Wake up call. 


9:00 AM BBT Still no feeds yet. It has either been a particularly long wake up call or something else is going on. Could it be Brett's Granny?


9:05 AM BBT The feeds return. Brett is seen coming out of the WC. Rockstar, JC and Sam are in the KT. Granny showed up. Rockstar jokes quoting granny "You are so skinny, eat some more. Just eat another bite."  Brett "I knew she was going to make me eat all of it." 


9:15 AM BBT Apparently Brett's Granny has come and gone while we got WBRB. Rockstar, Sam and JC are doing ADLs which includes Sam making coffee while they discuss their own grandmothers. Brett has crawled back into bed. All 4 feeds show HGs asleep in the BBR. The lights are on but BB is not instructing them to get up. 


9:23 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 finally return to HGs that are awake. Sam and Rockstar appear to be the only ones up. Sam is telling her about how she was not a good college student. Rockstar enjoys taking classes as long as they are interesting. 


9:25 AM BBT Sam to Rockstar in the KT. "Fessy is good at math. He showed me that last night. I am not. I can't even long divide." 


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9:11 am BBT  Sam and Rockstar are in the KT.  Rockstar keeps looking at herself in the mirror.  Sam asks if Rockstar's mother or grammy called her several names before getting to the right one.  Rockstar said she does that with her kids now. Just general chit chat.  Rockstar asks if Sam had a high school sweetheart.  Sam said you could say that.  They were together from age 17-21.  All feeds switch to sleeping house guests with the lights on. Kaycee is sleeping on top of the blankets in her peanut costume with her dumbbells next to her.  Can hear Rockstar's voice and Sam clinking her spoon in her cup, but all feeds on BBR.

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9:30 AM BBT BB calls out for Rockstar to make Flax Jacks for the HGs and Jumping Jacks for her. She has to cook 12 flax jacks and every time they are on the skillet she must do continuous jumping jacks. 


9:35 AM BBT Sam goes outside to smoke while Rockstar makes her flax jacks. We can hear Sam whisper to herself some of the things that she misses but she is very quiet when she says it. 


9:40 AM BBT Rockstar takes her coffee outside to the patio with Sam. She tells Sam that she needs her measuring spoons so she has to wait. 2 minutes later BB calls her to the SR. 


9:46 AM BBT BB announces that Rockstar needs to not forget to do those jumping jacks. Rockstar "I won't forget Jessie" She is supposed to do jumping jacks while the flax jacks are on the skillet but she is still making the mix. 


Flax Jacks.jpg


9:52 AM BBT While Rockstar is making her flax jacks, BB plays the Pecs Flex theme song. Kaycee gets up and does her exercise next to the bed and immediately falls back in it.




9:55 AM BBT The flaxjacks are taking forever to cook on the skillet and Rockstar is supposed to do jumping jacks the entire time. In addition, the flaxjacks are brown and look terrible. Sam "These don't look like regular pancakes." Rockstar "Because they are flaxjacks. 

jumping jacks.jpg

Brown Pancake.jpg


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9:32 am BBT  Feeds are mostly on sleeping HG's, probably because in the KT Rockstar and Sam are talking about people that didn't sign releases.  Mr Pectacular (Jessie) voice comes over the speaker, tells Rockstar to start the day by making flax jacks and doing jumping jacks.  She goes to the SR to get the instructions and ingredients.

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9:35 am BBT  Sam goes outside to have a cigarette on the couches, leaves Rockstar to make the flax jacks.  Sam told her the skillet is clean and ready to use before she left (she got into trouble for helping last night).  It appears Rockstar can't find something she needs, so she goes to the DR.  Feeds switch to the PBR where everyone is sleeping with the lights on.

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9:39 am BBT  Rockstar is out of the DR, not carrying anything.  She goes into the KT, talks out loud so we know what is going on.  She put her apron and hat away so it would stay clean.  She continues to admire her butt in the singlet she has to wear as she puts her apron on.  She then says the whisk is dirty, so she will use a spoon (can't wash a whisk?) She is then talking about her measuring spoons.  Sam comes back into the KT as Rockstar gets called to the SR.  She goes in and gets her measuring spoons, thanks Jessie and BB.  She reads the recipe aloud as she makes the flax jacks.

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10:00 AM BBT Rockstar is still cooking her flaxjacks. She tells Sam that Granny said it was filthy in here. Sam "She did?" 


10:05 AM BBT Rockstar and Sam are still in the KT. Rockstar is averaging about 80 jumping jacks per side as the flaxjacks cook on the skillet. "We need to make them smaller. Jessie, you out yer da*n mind." Rockstar no longer cares how little the flaxjacks are because she is doing way too many jumping jacks. "Jessie, is this even for real?" Jessie calls out to her that he needs to see those jumping jacks. Rockstar "Jessie, you are killing me up in here." 


10:10 AM BBT The Pecs Flex Theme Song comes on again and Kaycee doesn't even get out of bed. She does her work out right there in the bed.



kaycee 1.jpg


10:18 AM BBT Jessie "Rockstar, give me some flax, give me some jacks, and give me some jumping jacks." Rockstar "Boy, what do you think I have been doing? Rockstar has made 13 of the world's worst looking flaxjacks. Jessie "Is that all you got?" Rockstar "You better stop, yes." Jessie "Delicious." Rockstar "Yes, and my legs are gonna fall off. Legs falling off everywhere." 

Worlds Ugliest Pancakes.jpg


10:28 AM BBT WBRB. Another visit from Brett's Granny maybe?

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9:45 am BBT  Rockstar is continuing to make the batter, and says aloud everything she is doing. 

sic goes off, Kaycee has to get up and do her weights while singing.  It finishes and she lays back down in the bed.  2 minutes later the music goes off again....repeat.  Rockstar sings to the music.  Jessie's voice said he wants flax jacks and jumping jacks.  Once she starts one in the pan, she and Sam do jumping jacks.  They say that is a lot of jumping jacks.  Rockstar has to make 12 pancakes.  Rockstar finishes the first one, Sam tries it, she isn't sure if it is done inside.   Rockstar starts her second flax jack.    They are counting the jumping jacks.  You can hear her breathing hard. Rockstar turns to the side to check out her butt again.  She complains that Jessie is trying to kill her.  She is going to drink some water.  Only 10 more to go.  They laughed that the rest of the HG's have to eat these. 

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10:04 am BBT  Rockstar and Sam determine it takes about 50 jumping jacks per side.  They have to do 50 to the flip, but only do about 30 more and take it out.  Rockstar is having a real problem as she goes along.  Sam is keeping up with her, even though she doesn't have to.  Rockstar puts the next one in, and makes it smaller.  She says smaller is definitely the way to go.  They only do 30 jumping jacks per side that time.  Rockstar then chugs some water when she is supposed to be jumping.  Jessie's voice comes across reminding her to do her jumping jacks.  She said she is...he is trying to kill her.  This is very difficult for her.  Sam doesn't seem to be breathing hard at all.

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10:10 am BBt  Sam calls her Rockstar on the block.  Rockstar said she IS on the block.  Sam apologizes, said she didn't mean it that way, they both laugh, Rockstar knows she was referring to Jenny on the block.  The music starts for Kaycee to do her singing and weights while Rockstar and Sam are doing jumping jacks.  Sam said she can't be in 2 places at once.  Feeds show Kaycee lifting the dumbbells, while still in bed.  Rockstar decides to make 2 at a time.  Rockstar said Sam said people get the one they need.  Sam wants to know why they didn't get sweat bands.  They are sweating, and Kaycee got the sweat bands.    Rockstar said it averages about 60 jumping jacks per pancake, times 12 pancakes, but she can't math that.  Sam said she can't either (720, I learned old school math!) Since she is now doing 2 at a time, it will be less.  Sam leaves, Rockstar is jumping by herself. 

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10:18 am BBt  Rockstar has Sam count the pancakes.  Sam counted 11.  Rockstar said she is going to make 2 more so she doesn't waste the batter.  She puts 2 in the skillet, and said the rest of the batter is done.  She isn't making any more.  Rockstar said her legs are about to fall off.  She finishes, and Jessie's voice comes across again.  She said she even made an extra one.  There is one for everyone, and an extra for the boys since they are always hungry.    Rockstar said no more cigarettes.  She said that was a visit back to nicotine, but she isn't going to do that anymore.  She keeps complaining about her calves.  Sam keeps encouraging her, telling her she did it.  Rockstar puts her apron and hat away, so they don't get dirty. 

Sam asks if they are going to do stretching later, Rockstar said of course.  Sam wants to do some bike before everyone gets up.  Sam asks if they have vinegar, she wanted to make a rocket volcano.  They say BB would probably tell them to shut it down. 

Rockstar says she is definitely losing weigh this week.  She is glad she did the sprints first, this one was really hard.  Sam keeps encouraging her.  Sam said she knows when she goes out on the bike they are going to tell her to put the shades down (awnings).  She tells Rockstar not to come out for a few minutes.

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10:31 AM BBT The feeds switch to reruns.


10:55 AM BBT The feeds return. Rockstar is talking about her calves burning. Kaycee is walking around with her dumbbells. Brett is in the KT now as well. Rockstar explains that it took her 30 jumping jacks per flaxjack side so 60 jumping jacks each and she cooked 12 of them. So 60 times 12 equals 720 jumping jacks. Kaycee tells Brett that her Granny is something else. Rockstar says that his Granny is cute. Kaycee got up out of bed just to see Brett's Granny. 

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11:09 AM BBT Sam is out on the patio smoking. Rockstar, Kaycee, Scottie and Brett and trying to figure out the difference between jelly and jam. Rockstar goes to ask Sam. Sam says that she thinks jam has the fruit and seeds left in and jelly does not. When Rockstar walks away, she smiles and says, I think. Google it. She then quietly asks BB if the next competition could involve welding something. 


11:14 AM BBT Brett joins Sam on the patio. She asks him about the Man Eater Alliance. Is it real? Brett says that he doesn't think it was real, but it was discussed and talked about. Sam "About excluding me?" Brett "No, more like you just weren't there at the time it was brought up. Not excluding you." 


11:27 AM BBT Several of the HGs are still in bed. Scottie is cooking in the KT. Sam, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Kaycee and Brett are talking about the cars that they own. 

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10:56 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Rockstar, Fessy, Brett and Kaycee are in the KT.  They say that Brett has a lot of patience putting up with that granny.  Rockstar said people went back to bed, they need to get up and eat her flax jacks. She asks Fessy how many jumping jacks?  He said 720.  She said they need to eat her flax jacks that cost 720 jumping jacks  She didn't tell him she she was doing 2 at a time the final 4-6 flax jacks.  Sam comes in from the BY, where she was on the bike.  They are talking about granny.  Kaycee said she was in the WA when Kaycee had to do her song and dance.  They say they can see this granny with trolls set up when she is playing Bingo.  They joke about granny a bit longer, then switch to the food Rockstar has to make.  Kaycee said the flax jacks are good.  She said no butter or syrup?  Sam said she tried it plain.  Kaycee said she doesn't need the extra sugar.  They wonder if Jessie has a cookbook out.  Rockstar said the soup she had last night was pretty good. 

Sam talks about a movie, she gets told by BB to stop quoting dialog.  Kaycee said she is an alien from the planet SpacePecs.  Rockstar has to go to the WC.  She complains about her calves as she walks.  Sam goes outside.  Brett asks Kaycee if she has eaten yet.  She said just one of those pancakes.  Brett said he ate breakfast with granny.  He made her eggs and cereal.  She complained about the salt, but he didn't use any.  He had to eat every bite of what he made.  Rockstar comes back.  They say granny is fun for 24 hours.  Brett said he didn't realize it was only 24 hours.  He thought it was a whole week like Rockstar and Kaycee.  Scottie comes in, Rockstar offers him a flax jack.  He said he is going to put jam on it.  Kaycee asks the difference between jam and jelly.  No one knows.  Scottie says he has been told 500 times in his life, but it is nothing his brain wants to remember.  Rockstar opens the back door and asks Sam.  She tells them. 

JC is up now, they offer him a 720 jumping jack flax jack.  Scottie is eating his flax cake.  Rockstar asks how he likes it.  He said it is good.  Scottie said the cupcakes last night were really good.  Probably the best cupcake he has ever had.  He asks how Bayleigh liked it, Rockstar said she left off the cream cheese, and Bayleigh really liked it.  They are wondering if there is a cookbook with all of these recipes.  They are sure they are available somewhere.

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11:11 am BBT  Rockstar and Kaycee still in the KT.  They say no laying in the sun for them.  Kaycee said she would be a roasted peanut.  Going over the agenda for the day. Scottie says if there are any left, he wants another one.  Rockstar said she is supposed to offer them to everyone, but she didn't want to wake everyone up. 

Rockstar goes outside to sit with Sam and Brett,  Scottie is looking for something in the SR.  He was going to make eggs.  Whatever he was looking for, he can't find.  Said it has to be here somewhere. 

Outside, Rockstar said she wants to get HOH so she can have pictures.  Sam said she hopes so, Brett agrees.  Sam said Isaac could have hair, and a tooth!  Rockstar said she has no idea.  They wonder if they would have Chris take a recent picture.  Sam now going into a story about her birth.


(I am out for a while if someone can take over)

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11:35 AM BBT Kaycee goes inside to redo her hair. Just as her hair was down and all over the place, BB hits her with the pecs theme song. She has to work out with her flying around. Afterwards "You got me. You got me BB." 


11:41 AM BBT BB asks for the awnings to be lowered in the BY. Meanwhile Kaycee tells Scottie about Brett's granny. She followed him around with a walker. 


11:52 AM BBT Bayleigh, Kaycee, Scottie, Brett, Tyler and Haleigh are sitting around the KT table. They talk about Winston. Haleigh said that he was only 7 years older than her and referred to her as kid. They felt that it was condescending. They discuss that if it were to come from Sam, it would be different because she is an old soul. 

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2:20PM Kaycee, Rockstar and Bayleigh in the kitchen. Rockstar cooking beet balls? Kaycee lifting and talking about eating low to no carb since she isn’t working out outside where it’s too hot for that in her peanut costume. No game talk. Bayleigh goes outside.

2:25 Angela & Fessy in HOH Angelas wonders when they will do the have not stuff, Fessy says probably in the next hour or two. Angela says no one has slept up in the HOH with her even though they could. She said she told Haleigh and Bayleigh they could stay. Fessy says he’s never stayed up in the HOH and then talks about how long it’s been since they have been in the house. Oh JC is in the HOH bathroom. They says it’s too hot to be outside.

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2:43 Taylor, Haleigh and Bayleigh in the backyard
B: For now we’re looking at it like ok, what happens next, who goes up now, nobody’s safe
H: That’s why everyone is so paranoid and nervous and sketchy right now
T: Yeah, like before I said I’m taking that veto no matter what but I don’t know, just that look in Angela’s eyes, I was like you know what, nobody’s really given me the opportunity to trust them and if I go home because I trust someone who said to my face they would save me and they don’t, then whatever. Then I’m stupid enough to do that, whatever I have to build something sometime.
B: I don’t think that’s going to happen
H: No, I really don’t.
B: That’s what this game is about, getting people to trust you and if they do then you can build relationships.


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2:55PM Fessy & Angela in the HOH room
Fessy telling Angela she has the opportunity to make one of the biggest moves in big brother history. He rehashes the veto where Scottie and Tyler passed up the veto. Angela says she’s done so good with keeping her word though and she would have to break it but Bayleigh brought up a good point asking how many times both those guys have lied to her. Fessy says doing this will set her up for weeks to come, the entire house would back her up. They talk about Taylor and Scottie being super close in the house. Angela says she has a hard time talking to Tyler, that it’s awkward. She said she can’t figure Scottie out or what his strategy is. She said she doesn’t know if she wants to make a big move or play it safe. She said she’s going to make the decision strategically, what’s best for her game, not about emotions or friendships. Angela says what if she puts up someone who has a really good social game and they figure out how to stay and Rockstar goes home. [somehow Fessy doesn’t pick up what she just dropped -SCRTsqrl] and then Tyler walks in and tells Fessy is he has Sam’s mic and his is downstairs so Fessy leaves. As soon as he’s gone Angela is spilling everything Fessy just told her, mocking him for saying she will be a big brother legend. Angela talks about how oblivious they all are, especially Bayleigh. They discuss what her speech will be fore the veto ceremony. Angela says the other side of the house is acting so safe, she said it’s disrespectful to her how safe they are acting, like they don’t care she’s HOH.

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3:44PM Angela, Bayleigh & Rockstar in HOH
Talking about yummy beat balls, and how Rockstar used the left overs to make beat loaf. They don’t think there is going to be have nots this week because it would have happened by now. They said they already have a lot of punishments this week. Angela says Scottie and Tyler made out well with 5k and a trip to Hawaii. Angela says they worked really hard though. They rehash the veto and talk about how athletic the houseguests are this year.

They talk about the 24 hour granny punishment wreaking havoc for everyone. Messing up beds, messing up the storage closet, having Brett throw things everywhere and had him jump in the pool. They talk about enjoying Rockstar’s punishment, how they hope they can keep the food processor but they probably can’t because of the blade being removable.

Bayleigh talks about how well she knows everyone by now in the house, when they are in a good mood or bad, or when Rockstar wants to be babied. Angela says she wears her emotions on her sleeve, like how she is upset with Brett right now, she can’t hide it, it’s totally obvious. She said she can’t not like someone and pretend to be their friend, she just can’t, maybe for an hour but when you’re in a house with someone 24/7 you just can’t. [obviously she can -SCRTsqrl].

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