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The Season That Keeps on Giving


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It’s Sunday morning and it feels like we’ve already had an entire week of BB in the last two days since eviction night! I took one day off and BOOM! The entire game took a hit! So let’s just have a quick rundown until I can come back a deliver the full plate of action. 


Thursday night Brett did in fact deliver another spectacular speech! Rachel was evicted by a vote of 5-4 and she was SHOOK! She sprinted to the door snatching up her bag and bolted out of the door! No hugs, no goodbyes, no game bombs dropped! She practically stampeded her way to Julie. 


HOH was a question competition based on season .gifs. This came down to a tie breaker between Angela and Angie! Yes I said Angie! You could feel the anticipation of both teams on the sidelines through your tv. In the end Angela won the tie breaker and became the week 6 HOH. Everyone has officially made jury. 


There was tons of action throughout the house when the LF return. Most significantly was the rumble after hearing about the new Hacker twist. Remember both Bayleigh and Tyler still have their apps but this new twists diminishes their value significantly. Like the road kill competition a third comp will happen the next two weeks. The winner of this comp will be able to ‘hack’ the game between the nominations ceremony (happens first) and the veto (happens last). 


From what we understand the hacker will earn the ability to:

1. Replace one nominee post nominations ceremony and choose the replacement nominee. (Veto will be played after this so the nominations can change yet again after this). 


2. Hacker may choose one person to play in the veto competition. (Remember if hackers are sniffed out they CAN be the replacement nominee during veto ceremony).


3. The Hacker is allowed to eliminate one vote on eviction night! This is what I see as the most dangerous part of the twist. Even if one side manages to actually get their target OTB this vote elimination can seriously prevent someone from ultimately falling victim on eviction night. 


WOW! That’s some serious power! This is more powerful than any of the apps at this point. Sam realizes this and calls a house meeting to discuss her proposal on how to navigate the new twist. It’s pretty funny to watch so here’s the clip! This should help tide you over until I post the full details of happenings in the house! 



Nominations occurred and Angela chose to nominate Angie and Scottie. I think this was a decent plan for L6. They put Scottie up originally not as a target but as a veto player who could pull himself off and open the BD for someone else. Angela has been keeping Bayleigh very close to her. Bayleigh is also all up in Angela’s grill for similar reasons. Both want the other to feel comfortable and it seems at least for Angela it’s working because Bayleigh DID NOT use her power. L6 is pushing hard for Angela to BD Bayleigh. I’m not 100% Angela would do it but she’s talking a good game. She says and does things that definitely leave her in a spot where she can actually target Bayleigh so this could be very interesting once Veto plays out because of what happens next! 


The Hacker Comp happened Friday and we have it on good authority that Haleigh won the Hacker power. Seems to fit considerably she’s only one of two people that may target Tyler! Yep, she took Scottie off the block and replaced him with TYLER! BOOM! The house is rocked again! While we know Haleigh won, the house is mistakenly laser focused on a Bayleigh being the #1 suspect. I feel like that’s because it fits their narrative of why Bayleigh needs to go. If they were really paying attention strictly to evidence they should be side eyeing Haleigh. She hasn’t told anyone but her behavior is questionable. Plus Haleigh is the closest person to Scottie! 


Now all of a sudden Bayleigh is on board with voting Tyler out. So much for I love Tyler right? Honestly I think this is worse possible scenario for Bayleigh and Haleigh. Haleigh can not afford to lose Bayleigh and everyone is blaming Bayleigh! If the veto is played today and Tyler comes down...Haleigh is screwed she will likely lose either Scottie or Bayleigh regardless of the vote cancelling. At best it would come to a tie and Angela breaks the tie. If Veto doesn’t remove Tyler from the block then things get sticky! 


Just to recap:


Nominees: Angie and Scottie


Replacement nom-removes Scottie and Tyler hits the BLOCK! 


Tyler was absolutely blindsided! Finally Foute was the force behind a blindside and by Foute I mean Haleigh because the rest of them are still a hot mess even in this perfect spot! 


Veto will happen today and that will determine the trajectory of the rest of the week! This could keep the excitement of one of the best seasons of BB rolling for at least two more weeks and then we are at F9, if Bayleigh is still there her power will still be in play. If Tyler is still there his will have expired. That’s the current RealiTea of this glorious season! Tyler is finally in trouble so let’s see what he can do! His feet are finally being held to the fire and this may be the most important veto of the season so far! 






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