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Saturday, August 4, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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7:15 AM BBT It appears that BB is waking them up early this morning. We have our BB wake up call. 


7:20 AM BBT Sam has made coffee and gone into the SR. BB tells Angela that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. 


7:26 AM BBT Several of the HGs have gotten up and gone to change their battery and then return to bed. All of the house lights are on. 


7:32 AM BBT Angela has joined Sam in the KT. Angels pours herself some tea. Sam says she is going to cut up a watermelon this morning so that the others may not be as tempted to eat the chocolate covered bacon for breakfast. 


7:37 AM BBT Angela and Sam think something is happening early this morning. Being awake at this time of day means something. Sam "Unless we just haven't been getting up early enough." 


7:40 AM BBT BB calls out to Scottie, Tyler and Faysal that they need to change their batteries. Meanwhile someone has taken about $150 worth of fish out of the freezer to thaw out in the fridge and it has been there for days. They are not sure if it is even good anymore. 


7:47 AM BBT BB calls to Scottie, Tyler and Faysal again to get up and change their batteries. Angela is eating rice with peanut butter for breakfast.

Rice Peanut Butter.jpg


7:53 AM BBT BB "Rise and shine house guests." Sam says that BB did DR calls late last night and it took some coercing to get JC up and out of bed for it. He had a fit. 


7:57 AM BBT BB "Wakey Wakey House Guests.

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8:07 AM BBT More of the HGs are starting to stir. Sam has hidden some bananas because she wants to make banana bread later.  


8:15 AM BBT Sam is making Puppy Chow (Chex Mix Recipe) and says this is how you wake everyone up. She starts shaking the container and beating the side of the container to mix the cereal, powdered sugar and other ingredients together. She says "Wakey wakey HGs." 


8:23 AM BBT Sam is teasing Tyler this morning. She jokes that Kaitlyn took a power with her. And the only he can stay in the house is to marry Kaitlyn. Tyler says in salutation "It was a good game guys, good game." 


8:26 AM BBT Sam is trying to get Tyler to eat something before the comp. He says no, he is fine. They question whether or not one aspect of the veto might be punishments like having to eat slop for the rest of the comp. Scottie says he will play then and he will lose. WBRB.


8:28 AM BBT The feeds return. Kaycee tells Brett, who is still in bed, that the hacker has to pick the veto this morning so BB needs everyone in there. 

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8:32 AM BBT Sam and Kaycee discuss the POV. There is not going to be a HG choice this morning. Kaycee and Sam both hope that they get to play. Tyler is looking high and low for his black bandanna. He is wearing black pants and a black shirt. He has said that he wants to go incognito or Incogveto.


8:37 AM BBT Sam is in the HoH with Angela. Angela tells her that no one knows who the target is. She wants the house to think that she wants the noms to stay the same. So, she is intentionally going to be insensitive to Tyler today. He knows this too. She still loves him. She just doesn't want the house to know that she really does want him to come down. She wants to make sure Sam understands this. Sam says she does. 


8:40 AM BBT In the HoH Sam asks Angela if this was all some big plan. Angela "No plan." Sam "Then who did this?" Sam asks what the worst case scenario is. Angela "Someone gets picked to play and the noms stay the same." Angela wants everything to think she wants the noms to stay the same so they won't try to win it. Sam says okay. 


8:43 AM BBT In the HoH Angela gives Sam the bullet points. She wants to give Tyler or Rockstar the chance to win the veto by making the house think she wants to keep the noms the same. Maybe the others won't play as hard. Sam has been vocal that she wants to win the veto and pull Tyler off. Angela says that works and to just keep going with that. No one will be upset with Sam stating what she is going to do and sticking to it. Because that's just Sam. 


8:46 AM BBT Angela tells Sam that this is being done by either Bayleigh, Haleigh or Scottie. And it doesn't really matter which one because they are in this together. Sam asks if it might be JC. Angela says no because he has a definite target and she can't say who it is, but he is genuinely pi**ed. Sam "Who is JC's target?" Angela says it is one of two people, either Bayleigh or Scottie. If Sam keeps her eyes open then she will see it. 


8:51 AM BBT Sam tells Angela that she worries that the ways the girls treated all the boys, she doesn't want the boys to treat her the same way. Angela tells her not to worry because she doesn't like Brett like that way. Sam says that if she has to choose between Angela and Brett then she will always pick Angela. Brett says some things that bother her.


Sam and Angela.jpg



8:54 AM BBT Kaycee has joined Sam and Angela. Angela informs Kaycee about her bullet points too. The bullet points are that Angela is going to be super insensitive, like she doesn't care what is going on, and that Angela is going to act pi**ed if Sam wins the veto. She explains all this because she doesn't want anyone to get genuinely mad at her over it. 


8:57 AM BBT Sam leaves Angela and Kaycee alone in the HOH. Angela talks about Bayleigh coming into the HoH last night. She left super comfortable that Angela wants to keep the noms the same. It fell into place perfectly. They suspect that Bayleigh would have chosen either Fessy or Scottie to play so that the noms will stay the same. 

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9:02 AM BBT The house is getting ready to pick players for veto. Bayleigh and Fessy are both standing in front of the mirror getting ready and they start dancing. It almost appears choreographed because Bayleigh is wearing a bright yellow bandanna and Fessy is wearing a bright yellow towel around his head. 


Bathroom Dance.jpg


9:10 AM BBT Angela and Kaycee decide on Abe Lincoln as their code phrase for the hacker. Kaycee had no clue that "Four score and seven years ago...." was a quote from Abe Lincoln from the Gettysburg address. Angela says that she had to memorize it as a kid and has no idea why or how it could ever benefit her life. And here she is using it for BB. 


9:17 AM BBT Angela is called to the DR. The HGs see this is a cue that they are about to pick veto players. 


9:21 AM BBT Fessy and Haleigh are taking advantage of some last minute cuddle time in the PBR. He whispers to her that she is very cute in the mornings. 

Cuddle Time.jpg


9:23 AM BBT Rockstar and JC are now in front of the WA mirror. She tells him it would be cool if this veto was one of the vetoes with lots of prizes. Then those greedy S.O.B.s could take the prizes and she can walk away with the veto. 


9:28 AM BBT The feeds switch to reruns. Must be time to pick veto players.

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9:46 AM BBT Feeds return. Scottie and Haleigh are hugging in the KT. In the PBR, Rockstar says no one was picked that would consider taking her down. She is upset that they "Put me against Brett, Tyler, Scottie, Angela." Meanwhile in the WA Tyler says to Haleigh that it "Freaks me out that Kaycee got picked." It seems that at first guess we have Tyler, Rockstar, Angela, Brett, Scottie and Kaycee playing in the veto. 


9:50 AM BBT Bayleigh comes into the PBR and tells Rockstar that she was way too obvious when they picked players that she didn't want up there. Bayleigh tells her to get her attitude in check because she needs to be all focus right now. 


9:51 AM BBT Rockstar heads towards the WA. She says to someone off camera "You get to be hostie host." They acknowledge that they are the host. It sounded like Haleigh and she was just in the WA with Tyler a moment. Haleigh is likely hosting the veto. 


9:53 AM BBT Kaycee and Scottie are sitting at the island in the KT. Scottie doesn't exactly sneeze, but snot falls onto the island. Kaycee "There's a boogie on the table." Kaycee runs away. The HGs laugh hysterically as Scottie cleans it up with a disinfectant wipe. Scottie then chases Kaycee into the WA. Kaycee said it was huge, wet, and it was a clean shot. 

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10:00 AM BBT The main topic of conversation is now Scottie's boogers. Sam heads to the shower. Haleigh, Bayleigh and Rockstar head to the PBR where they sit quietly. 


10:09 AM BBT Haleigh joins Angela in the HoH. Haleigh tells her "This went very well for you." Angela tells her that she hopes the veto is some kind of luxury style. That's all she is thinking about at this point. Angela is doing exactly what she told Sam and Kaycee she would do, play off that she is indifferent about the veto comp. 


10:10 AM BBT In the HoH, Haleigh is doing Angela's hair. Haleigh tells her that Rockstar is not doing well. They say that if Kaycee wins it, she is going to be talking about it all week. Angela says that she hopes they get cute costumes for the veto. Haleigh "I hope so too. I am excited to host. I always wanted to host." 


10:15 AM BBT Haleigh is braiding Angela's hair. She tells Angela that she thought she would have done better on the hacker comp than she did. She plays Words With Friends with her mom. She thought it would be easy. It was not easy. 


10:16 AM BBT Haleigh tells Angela that she doesn't think the hacker is Rockstar. Angela says that Rockstar would not be able to hide her happiness and would have taken herself down. While braiding Angela's hair, Haleigh said that she thought for sure that the hacker would have picked Fessy or Scottie and that would have given them away. "F*ing Kaycee. At least she is fun though." Angela "I am glad she got picked."





10:25 AM BBT Kaycee, Tyler and Sam are joking in the WA. Sam is wrapped in a towel because she just got out of the shower. They joke that since they are in California, it is probably a pot themed POV. Sam says "It's probably about who can eat the most pot brownies. You two better make me proud." Tyler says it may be a reward veto. Sam "If it is, I am going to be pi**ed." 


Pot Power.jpg


10:29 AM BBT Tyler to Kaycee in the WA "You are excited" Kaycee "I Know. I was so excited the hacker picked me. I did not expect that." Rockstar "Are you the hacker?" Kaycee jokes "Yes, and I picked myself." Sam "You look pretty hackerly. You were born to hack." Rockstar says it was actually her and she kept herself on the block so that no one would know. 

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10:37 AM BBT Bayleigh is in the lounge with Brett and Rockstar. They are talking about TV shows like "Last Man Standing" and "Corporate". In the WA Tyler, Angela, Kaycee and Sam are giving ridiculous ways the comp could go today such as wiener themed where they eat hot dogs or grape stomping with wine tasting. 


10:42 AM BBT Brett tells Bayleigh and Rockstar that if he could pass on any advice it would be to live close to where you work. Don't live close to the party and have to commute to work. Live close to work and Uber to the party once a week. There are few perks to living downtown near all the bars and clubs. It is not all it is cracked up to be.


10:48 AM BBT Kaycee has joined Angela in the HoH. They are happy that all 4 of them are up there for the veto and that Tyler has a good shot of coming down. They also think that Scottie can be manipulated to do what they want him to do. Especially if they pretend the replacement nominee will be someone that he wants up there. Kaycee "Like Brett." Angela "He would never believe that I would put up Brett. He wouldn't buy that." Kaycee "Oh yeah, okay." 


10:51 AM BBT Kaycee and Angela pull Tyler into the HoH. The girls tell him to try to get Scottie to throw the comp. Play on his sensitivities that he just really wants to be here and he feels like they are going to keep it the same. Tyler tells them that Scottie said he would use it on him. However, he doesn't really believe it. 


10:54 AM BBT Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela discuss who Scottie might want on the block to try to steer him if he wins the veto or is willing to throw it. They first think it would be Brett. However Angela picked Brett to play in the veto. Scottie would never believe that she would put him. They next consider JC. Scottie might be willing to play ball if he thinks JC might be the one going up. 


10:58 AM Tyler tells Angela and Kaycee that Plan C to get everyone to think the noms will stay the same is to stage an argument between him and Brett. Brett is going to pretend he found out that Tyler had a final 2 with Winston and then didn't use the veto on him. That will justify to the house why Brett no longer trusts Tyler. 

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11:00 AM BBT Angela and Kaycee tell Tyler about their conversation with Bayleigh last night in the HoH. They let Bayleigh believe that Kaycee and Angela would both keep the noms the same if they won and are going to try to convince the others to do the same. Kaycee "Then the hacker picked me." Angela and Kaycee truly believe that Bayleigh is the hacker and that conversation engineered why Kaycee was chosen today. 


11:05 AM BBT Kaycee, Angela and Tyler are still alone in the HoH. Kaycee "It is 4 against 2 today." Tyler "4 against 1 and a half." Kaycee "Yeah, because I am going to F with his head." 


11:07 AM BBT Tyler tells Kaycee and Angela that if he wins the veto he is going to do back flips off the couch. He is going to be jacked and scream towards the Hacker "You are going next." 



Happy Tyler.jpg


11:15 AM BBT Bayleigh has joined Kaycee and Angela in the HoH. Bayleigh tells them about former seasons when they won perks like being able to talk to family over the intercom. 


11:20 AM BBT Bayleigh is telling Kaycee and Angela that she just can't feel sorry for Rockstar right now. She was blindsided 3 times and lost Swaggy. Angela says that Rockstar can't be surprised Angela put her up. Bayleigh said she wasn't surprised at all. Kaycee says she is about to beast this comp. She says that she has been talking smack to Scottie all day. When she wins she is going to go to Scottie and say "Who's your daddy?" 

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11:37 AM BBT The HGs are waiting around for the veto to start. Tyler and Rockstar wonder if it is a What Are You Willing To Do To Win The Veto comp. Both Rockstar and Tyler would be willing to shave their hair off for it. They expect that the hacker winner probably would have gotten like 6 rights really quick. 


11:42 AM BBT Brett is explaining to Tyler and Rockstar the Blanket Theory of Gravity in the BBR. His favorite class in school was physics because it applies to everything. 


11:52 AM BBT The HGs are just laying and sitting around in anticipation. General chit chat. 

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12:15 PM BBT JC tells Sam and Bayleigh that he would be in bed right now, but he thinks BB will be bringing a surprise guest to the house for the competition. He doesn't want to be in bed or in the bathroom when they get a ding dong on the door. 


12:20 PM BBT Feeds switch to reruns. It is time for the veto competition. 


1:45 PM BBT We are still watching watching reruns.

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2:30 PM BBT Feeds return. In the LR JC says that comp was designed for someone who does cardio everyday. Angela goes to the HoH with Kaycee. Angela has the veto in her right hand and a golden handkerchief in her left. Angela says she gave up $5000 to get this (veto in her hand) and keep Tyler safe. 


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2:35 PM BBT Kaycee asks Angela why she didn't let have Tyler have it. She said that it wasn't guaranteed that Scottie wouldn't get it. She says that she is mad at herself because had she let it be, she would have $5000 and Tyler would have the veto.


2:37 PM BBT JC joins Kaycee and Angela in the HoH. Angela asks him if this is okay. He tells her that he can't fault for anything she does in a competition, but he didn't want her to grab it. Angela says she was afraid Scottie would go after it. 


2:41 PM BBT Angela says that she was suspicious of Scottie because he offered her the veto for $5000. Meanwhile Tyler and Rockstar are talking in the WA. Tyler tells Rockstar that Angela said she would use the veto on him. She will put up a bigger target than Rockstar. Tyler says he didn't want to take that $5000 from him or Rockstar's prize from her. He trusts Angela. 


2:44 PM BBT In the HoH JC is explaining to Angela why Scottie is nervous now. Since he didn't win the veto, he can go back up again. Meanwhile Fessy and Brett are talking in the Have Not Room. Brett can't figure out why Scottie didn't try harder for the veto. He said he would try and take Tyler down. Why didn't he try. 


2:47 PM BBT Angela, Kaycee and JC are talking about granny panties. Tyler got granny panties and either kept them because he didn't want to take stuff away from the others or swapped with Brett. Angela feels awful because she kept the veto hoping he would get something good. 


2:49 PM BBT Rockstar apologizes to Bayleigh and Haleigh in the PBR. Bayleigh scolds her for apologizing. Rockstar says she wanted to win it for them. Bayleigh says no one is blaming her and she has no reason to apologize. 


2:58 PM BBT JC has joined Brett in the Have Not Room. Brett fusses at him. "Why don't you just hold up a big fat sign that says we are working together?" 

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2:36 pm BBt  Feeds are back.  It looks like this was a luxury/punishment comp.  Scottie was trying to take the veto, Angela got it.  In the HOH room, Kaycee, Angela and JC are talking.  They don't know why Scottie was going so hard for the veto.  They said Brett is freaking out, don't know why.  JC said Bayleigh was sitting next to him, and she couldn't figure out what was going on.  Angela was offered $5000 for the veto from Scottie, but she held onto the veto.  They don't know why Scottie would give up $5000 for a veto, when he wasn't on the block.  Angela said. in the moment that Scottie was safe, she wasn't going to put him back on the block. Everyone heard it. 

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2:45 pm BBT  Fessy and Brett are in the Have not room.  They don't know what is going on what Scottie was trying to do.  Fessy said Scottie promised to take Tyler down so they both would be safe. Brett got an Instagram punishment.  They aren't sure how long that will be.  Brett feels people went out of their way to screw with him, he doesn't feel safe.  Earlier, Sam was saying that Kaycee will be in a costume again. 

Haleigh, Bayleigh and Rockstar are in the PBR.   Rockstar is apologizing for dropping her ball.  She kept going in case someone else dropped.  Haleigh said we will just see what will happen next.

Tyler and Scottie go upstairs to HOH to talk with Angela.  Jaycee and JC leave.  Angela said Brett is pissed because he got the bad app.  Scottie is very upset.  Angela said Tyler is coming down and Scottie is not going up.  Scottie said he trusts her.  They tell Angela that they are making him swear on a bible about what he has done in the game.  Tyler tells him he was always the pawn.  He was not going home.  Angela said she didn't want either to go home, but because of the hacker app, she couldn't put up her real target.  Tyler and Angela both know that the hacker is trying to place the blame on Scottie.  Tyler tells him going forward, he has both of them.  Scottie said he never should have trusted "them".  Tyler said they will get what they deserve.  Scottie is still rattled.

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2:57pm BBT.  Tyler and Scottie are talking about how they both have cuts.  Scottie said every time something happened, it was always pinned on him.  Angela asks if anyone said he was going to be backdoored.    He said someone said it was an option.  She said then you can't trust that person.  He said Angela and Tyler will look him in the eyes, no one else would.  That is why he knew he can trust them, no one else.  Scottie said they tried to get him to put up Angela, Kaycee and Rachel.  They know it was that organized group going against them.  Tyler keeps telling Scottie they are good.  Scottie said he wasted his HOH on Winston. Scottie asked if Steve was in that group.  Tyler said they tried to get Steve, but he wasn't part of it.  They fed info to Steve to spread crap on the four (Rachel, Angela, Winston and Brett)   Angela and Tyler said there was never a four, Tyler says at least as far as he is concerned.  Angela confirms it.  (no, it was 6)  Angela is rubbing Scottie's back.  Scottie is crying, they tell him to let it out.  They said Kaycee is good,  Scottie asks what about JC.  They say they don't know, he is feeding both parts of the house, he is in the middle.  Angela explains Bayleigh's power and how it works.  Scottie asks if Brett knew.  They say yes.  Scottie said he owes Brett an apology.  Scottie asks how he should act .  They say however he feels.  Angela said the only people safe are the 3 in the room.  Scottie apologizes sweating all over her room, she said don't worry about it.  They are bashing the hacker.  Tyler said they put him up, and thought he wouldn't go for it??? Angela said they tried to hijack her HOH.  She said when she figures out who it is, her hacker alarm will go off. beep, beep beep....  Angela said they need to make them feel the pressure.  Angela offered for the 3 of them to  decide the replacement.

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3:11 pm BBT  Tyler said he has a blister.  Angela said she was worried about a hole on her side, she didn't want to twist her ankle.  They all agree this was the most athletic comp so far.  Scottie said he would have used it on Tyler.  Scottie got $5000, Tyler got a trip to Hawaii, and he is going to take Kaycee, screw his home friends.  They complain the HOH TV is still broken.  Haleigh and Kaycee are outside the HOH room, Haleigh said it was a big FU to Tyler for being put up.  Tyler comes out, they asks how he is doing.  Tyler is taking her to Hawaii.  Kaycee has to be in a peanut mascot suit for a week.  She said first she was in a rainbow suit, the gay girl in rainbow, now the girl that eats peanut butter has to wear a peanut suit.  Kaycee said she should go get a shower before she is called. 

Sam and Tyler in the SR.  Sam said she feels bad for Scottie. Tyler asks why?  She said she feels bad for everyone.  Kaycee goes into the HOH room, going to take a shower.  Haleigh comes in to congratulate Angela.  They are talking about Brett. Angela says she is going to hide in the room for a while.  Kaycee leaves, and Haleigh stays (intel??)   Haleigh says people are tripping out downstairs, she doesn't even want to even be down there.  Angela said she is there for the game, not some small prize.  Haleigh said this is a big FU to whoever took her power.  Haleigh said she will keep an eye out for whoever is down, so they can figure out who the hacker is.

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3:22 pm BBT  Scottie is in the Have Not room talking with Brett.  Brett explained why he took the prize instead of the veto.  He knew Scottie or Tyler would take it.  He took Hawaii, which Tyler got.  Scottie said he was promised safety, he now just has to trust the ride.  Brett said he is probably good. 

Tyler and Kaycee in the SR, congratulating each other.   Tyler now goes to the HNR, and Scottie is talking about how everyone keeps trying to pin everything on him.  Tyler apologizes for taking the trip.  Brett asks to speak with Tyler alone.  Brett and Tyler hug and smile.  Brett says he is acting like that, now Tyler has to believe him.  He is acting mad, so no one knows they are working together.  He said he doesn't want JC to know.  Only Kaycee, Angela and Tyler.    Brett said now they won't listen to Tyler, since Angela will use the veto on him.  Tyler tells Brett about Scottie in the HOH room.  Brett said he is going to continue to act pissed, so they won't know what is going on.  They don't want Scottie or JC to know the truth.  Brett said he wanted Tyler to win it.  Brett is going to play it up, he just did it with Scottie and Fessy and even JC.  Brett said at the end of the day, JC isn't level 6.  He loves him, but he doesn't completely trust him, since he tells Fessy and Haleigh a lot of what is going on.  Brett says Sam is driving him crazy.  She was telling him not to give Kaycee the suit, she has already worn one.  Brett said this is Big Brother, not a charity event!

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3:33 pm BBT  They are talking about Bayleigh going up.  They said it is going to be awkward when she goes up.  Tyler said he will be doing back flips.  Brett said Tyler needs to go out, so no one will suspect they are working together.  He said they are good, he just has to keep up the facade.  Tyler leaves, and Sam asks if Tyler is going to take a have not shower.  He said yes, she said at least it is his last one.  JC corners Tyler in the SR.  JC said they have the numbers, and Tyler isn't going home.  Tyler said he is still going to be worried until she either uses it on him, or she doesn't.  JC said "she" is freaking out.  Tyler isn't sure what Angela is going to do.

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