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Episode 17-Eviction and HOH

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Previously, on Big Brother, with the flight attendant flying high, she wanted to hack the hacker and needed Rachel to be her pawn. So to build trust, Bay told Ray about her secret power. After nominations went as planned, Rachel started to spiral. With the POV on the line, Tyler paved the path to victory. With two allies on the block, Tyler was conflicted. When discussing options with Bay, Tyler thought Angela might be a replacement nominee. Bayleigh then told Rachel, causing her to blow a gasket. With the Vegas girl on tilt, her alliance turned against her. After Rachel spilled Bay’s secret power to Angela, the pole vaulter told Tyler making him re-think the veto. At the veto meeting, Tyler sacrificed a Level Six member, leaving Queen Bay happy.


It’s day 44 inside the BB house, and Bayleigh has taken the HOH role by storm. But Tyler and Level 6 may have other plans tonight. Another week, and another blindside in the works. The question is, which side will get hit?


Tyler says he didn’t use the veto but he didn’t think it was worth to make Bayleigh and the house mad. Bayleigh thinks this has been the HOH so far and she will just tell people Brett needs to go and he will be gone. Brett is not thrilled Tyler decided not to use the veto, but he’s not freaking out because he’s assured he has the votes. He feels confident he’s going to stay. Rachel is crying and she doesn’t want to send Brett home. She’s not ok with it.


Bayleigh is in the HOH room and Tyler comes in and says I told you. Bayleigh says her stomach was in her gut during the ceremony. She has no doubts or questions in her mind. Bayleigh says he has proven to her that he has her back and going forward she will have his as well. Tyler says he has trust with Bayleigh…check. But he’d put her up so fast because he doesn’t trust her. He just wants her power to be gone.


Angela says to Kaycee she feels bad because she’s been so loyal to her. Kaycee says it sucks, but we have to move forward game wise. Kaycee tells us Level 6 can’t have an ally that freaks out moving forward so they have to do what’s best for Level 6. Tyler comes in and they talk about getting rid of Rachel and Angela says but we have to win HOH next week.


Brett and Tyler are talking and Brett says there are only five guys and if you lose me, then there will only be four and they’ll be coming after you. JC comes out and Brett says the same thing to him. Brett says if he leaves it’s seven girls and four guys. JC says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do yet with his vote. Tyler tells us he needs Rachel out because she’s messing up his game, but Brett is making some valid points. So now he just needs to go make sure it happens.


Tyler asks who Sam would vote out and she says whoever you tell me. Tyler says he wants to keep Brett. Sam says she is very committed to him and she’s his number one. Tyler feels it’s best for his game and best for Level 6 that they keep Brett. Tyler says if that means there’s a surprise for Bayleigh come eviction night, he’ll just have to cover his tracks.


Scottie is in the HOH with Haleigh, Bayleigh, Faysal, and Rockstar. They are counting the votes and Scottie is sure they have Tyler. Scottie tells us their side has the votes. They tried to get him out before and failed, but he’s pretty sure this time they can succeed.


Tyler and Brett are in the HNR and they are talking. Tyler tells Angela told him about Bayleigh’s power. They are discussing what they think Bayleigh’s power is. Brett says this is interesting information and if Bayleigh has the power app, then he has to figure out how to use his advantage.


Haleigh is in the hammock and Faysal is playing pool and Brett comes out and lays in the hammock. Faysal says he doesn’t know how he feels about Haleigh right now. He says she’s laying around with Brett and they are getting ready to vote him out…it’s really weird. Faysal goes inside and Brett says is he mad and Haleigh says he’ll get over it. Brett tells us no wonder Faysal is against him. He’s flirting with his girl in the game and soon they’ll pick Brett over Faysal.


We see Faysal lay down in the HNR and he kept walking to the WA and back and looking out to see Haleigh and Brett talking. Faysal says the last thing he wants to worry about is where Haleigh’s out vote wise. Up next, Swaggy may have left the Big Brother, but wait until you see what happens when he shows up at Bayleigh’s family’s house.


He came to the game for money, but left the game with love. It’s time for Swaggy C to meet the parents. We see Bayleigh in the house talking about her father. We meet Robin, Queen Bayleigh’s mother. Her daughter is amazing and she has so many skills. She’s very intelligent and she has a photographic memory. She was tested and was one point away from being a genius. Michael is Bayleigh’s father and he says he’s an old-fashioned dad. Today he’s going to meet Swaggy C.


We see Swaggy getting dressed and with flowers and he’s looking in a mirror practicing meeting them. He says he’s going to be nervous and he’s has to make sure he brings Chris out. We see him knock on the door and he’s greeted by the family and gives the flowers to Bayleigh’s mother. Michael says her first question is what are Swaggy’s intentions. Swaggy says when he entered the house he thought Bayleigh was beautiful and he actually loves Bayleigh. Michael wants to know about Swaggy C and he talks about where he grew up and he has two brothers. They watch BB together and they cheer when Bayleigh won HOH.


Swaggy says Bayleigh shouldn’t trust Tyler or anyone in the house because they are all expendable. Robin says Bayleigh shouldn’t trust Tyler because he was the reason Swaggy was backdoored and she’s ready for Bayleigh to go after Tyler. Swaggy says he loves Bayleigh and he’s cheering for her to win.


It’s now time for the live vote and eviction. Will this be the Vegas entertainer’s last dance or will it be time for the bro to finally go? Rachel does thanks and shoutouts. She’s hated being on the block next to Brett and if she can benefit their game going forward please keep her. She has a lot of fight left in her.


Brett wants to call out the elephant in the room. He says he knows he was Bayleigh’s target and Rachel was a pawn. He then explains what the power does. He also says Rachel is the leader of an all woman’s alliance called the man eaters. Four men have left and the fifth target is a man. So when they cast their votes, keep that in mind.


Time to vote!

Rockstar votes to evict Brett.

Angela votes to evict Rachel.

Kaycee sadly votes to evict her girl, Rachel.

Scottie votes to evict Brett.

The vote is 2-2. The rest of the votes and live eviction are next.


Let’s get the rest of the votes!

Tyler votes to evict Rachel.

Sam votes to evict Rachel.

Faysal votes to evict Brett.

JC votes to evict Rachel.

Haleigh votes to evict Brett.

By a vote of 5-4, Rachel has been evicted from the Big Brother House.


Rachel gets up and walks straight out the door and says wow. JC and Angela run to catch the door so they can wave and see the audience. It’s very quiet inside the house.


Julie is with Rachel and asks if she can speak. She wants to know what Rachel is thinking? Rachel says I don’t know. She guesses the guys and a girl. Julie wants a name and what she thought of Brett’s speech. Rachel says she doesn’t even know what just happened. She is dumbfounded. Julie says what were you told? Rachel says Bayleigh told her she was a pawn and they all made her feel safe.


Julie wants to know who Rachel thinks voted for her. Rachel nails all the people who voted for her. Julie asks if Brett’s lies gave her a clue? Rachel says yeah or she thought he was just trying to mess up her game. Julie asks about Bayleigh’s power and telling Angela. Rachel says Angela was her final two and she double crossed her.


Haleigh says Rachel, if you are watching this, I’m very confused and I wish you luck and fortune. Kaycee says she’s so sorry and she needs people on her team that are all in and not extra. JC says Rachel has no idea how sad he is right now and he will miss her so much. Angela, says Rachel, Rachel, just a few points to go over. Angela says she talked herself on the block, her lies blew up, and their final two is as irrelevant as Rachel was week 2. Rachel says she hopes Level 6 doesn’t win.


We see the Gif That Keeps on Giving on the house memory wall and the HG all run in to see the gifs. Kaycee says omg, the memory wall changes. Scottie is super stoked to see Steve again.


It’s time for the HOH competition! Julie will ask a series of true/false questions about the gifs they seen. Get it right and they stay in the game. Get it wrong and they are eliminated.


True or False: IN the Whaaat gif, Bayleigh is wearing a yellow top. Everyone answers true except Kaycee. Kaycee has been eliminated.


True or False in the Shock Hop gif, there is an exclamation point after the word Hop! Everyone answers false and they are correct.


True or false the awkward gif was displayed above the gravity gif. JC answers false everyone says true. JC is eliminated.


True or False: In the drummer B like gif, Steve is wearing sunglasses. Sam answers true and everyone else answers false. Sam is eliminated.


True or False: In the too much wine gift, when Winston falls both hands touch the ground. Rockstar, Haleigh, and Angela answer true and everyone else is out.


True or False: In the fuggle gif, there is a water bottle on the steps. Haleigh says true and Rockstar and Angela say false. Haleigh is eliminated.


True or False: In the I’m out gif, Bayleigh is holding a deletion dot in her left hand. Both answer true. Time for a tie breaker.


Tie Breaker: In seconds, what was the total time of the out on a limb endurance competition, from the official start until Tyler hit the ground? Angela answers 3000 and Rockstar answer 1200. Angela wins HOH!


Starting on Sunday, there is a new twist! The HG will compete in a competition that will the power to “Hack” the game. Find out how the new twist will affect the game!

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