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Biases, Blindsides, and Bayleigh


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The last couple of days in the house have seemed like a reel that just keeps being played over and over. For the most part it’s been Rachel going to Bayleigh and Angela having her meltdowns. Tyler and Brett pushing the Scottie is our BFF and we’re like a F3 to sew distrust by Bayleigh.  A couple HG creating some controversy but no real shifts in the weeks targets and victims. Bayleigh has set herself up for a blindside for the fourth week this summer.


Rachel is checking in frequently about the vote but with all the wrong people. JC planting seeds to easily pin the upcoming flip vote on Scottie. Faysal being jealous.


Bayleigh’s implosion of her own game talking too much and being both culturally insensitive and revealing her tendencies to be mean and intentionally messy. JC raising some eyebrows with his persistent OTT behaviors. This is basically on a reel that plays the same scenes over and over for the last 3 days.


JC’s singing and perpetual need to identify various HG as gay, lesbian. Or most recently trans is causing a buzz inside and outside of the house. He is going get him nominated for breaking the rules all the time if Sam wins HOH. Not only for his defiance in following rules of the game but for repeatedly suggesting she’s a lesbian. She’s had enough of that nonsense.


For Sam that’s just disrespectful in her mind. I see it coming. He’s ALWAYS getting called out for singing and 75% of the fish we get is because he’s always singing! In my best BB voice: STOP THAT! 


Last night he was irritating Rachel. He told her he’s been hearing she’s Trans. When asked who said that he replied, I did! Hahahaha” then told her she has an Adam’s apple and kept poking at her throat. She told him to stop and was dead serious. He being JC thought it was ok to keep doing it. The LF’s had a field day with this. 


People don’t embrace players that snub the rules of the game. Especially when we are the ones enduring all of the down feeds because he can’t follow the no singing rule!! Fans don’t appreciate people that mock the game. 


JC is definitely wearing out his welcome work HG and fans. People will begin to look around and decide okay 5 weeks is long enough. I don’t want to spend 2 more months with them. This is the stage of the game where people are quick to anger and slow to forgive. Sounds a lot like Foutte doesn’t It? 


This week they finally won power. Power by the one person in their alliance who appeared to have a brain and some common sense. Scottie technically gave them the power week 3 by taking out one of their targets in the bro’s but he’s never really been a part of their crew. Just an asset. 


Kaitlin was part of their crew and flipped when they thought they had power week 2. They thought Tyler was their crew week one and he didn’t do their dirty work. Let’s recap their stats.


A Foutte ally has won 3/5 HOH’s

A Foutte ally has been 3:5 evictees


Blindside count: 4 (includes this week)

Week 1 Steve evicted not Sam

Week 2 Soggy BD’d and evicted wearing Soggy t-shirts 

week 3: Winston is evicted not Brett

Week 5: Rachel is evicted not Brett 


How many blindsides does it take before you consider it might be time to find a new

Squad? Identify the rat? Exterminate the problem. Oh wait they thought Kaitlin was the problem not their inability to control anything in the game. 


Bayleigh is about to be blindsided as both the outgoing HOH and a member of Foute. It’s looking pretty certain Brett will be staying Thursday night. She kept complaining for weeks how Chris stuck her with these people. She saw the problem but never looked for a solution. 


The reaming Foute players finally brought Scottie in on a new alliance. Scottie named in the Hive. Queen Bayleigh of

course immediately says its her Bay hive. As for me the only hive I see is the ones I get all over my arms. I’m allergic to stupid so Foutte has been carrying my epi pen on the regular these days.


Scottie is the only one of any of them that has actually accomplished anything successfully! He is responsible for separating the Bro’s. Not the Bro he wanted but still a win in the end. Scottie’s short lived success is about to come to a screeching halt this week.


Scottie’s asinine attempt to make himself trend by wearing Soggy tee while voting him out is stuck to him like a wad of gum to a shoe. This is what will make pinning yet another vote flip on him when eviction night comes. Scottie definitely chose the wrong side of the house to ride hard for. 


Bayleigh has spent the majority of her week as HOH either purposefully stirring the pot between people for her own entertainment or constantly making both racial and culturally insensitive comments making her the most offensive HG in the game.


Foute has always been a hot mess but Foute fans have always STAN’d hard for Queen Bay. They all were riding hard for the one member who they believed was smart and had the killer instinct to elicit undying loyalty to her fandom. 


That is until she won HOH and showed all of us exactly who she is. Bayleigh has shown herself to be one of the most controversial HG of the season. I mean that should tell you a lot considering Kaitlin was there for four weeks.


Faysal wins when he shouldn’t and can’t win when he should. You know not winning an HOH when 3/5 HOH’s have been females doesn’t drive him insane. He’s

competitive by nature but vastly overrated his ability to beast comps. He’s also still obsessing over Haleigh so we also know he really wants that room to himself to spend some 1-1 alone with Haleigh. 


Haleigh is well good at talking. The problem is after flexing some lip muscles last week she’s put back on the Foute blinders this week. She’s alienating herself from Faysal for his boorish tendencies. She’s spread her wings and is back to fluttering around with Brett and some degree Tyler and that’s not a good look as far as both Bay and Faysal are concerned. 


We’ve heard Bayleigh make numerous negative comments about Haleigh stepping up her flirt game again. Which is confusing since Bayleigh told her to work her flirt game? Why are you now trash talking her for executing the marching orders you gave her? 


What I’ve come to realize about Bayleigh is she is a messy messy gal. This week it seems her priority is to drive a wedge between players on her own side. She’s spent the majority of her time talking crap to Haleigh about Faysal and to Faysal about Haleigh. I don’t see where she benefits from this but she did the same thing week one and that didn’t turn out well for her. 


If that’s not bad enough she spilled all the tea on her power to Rachel. What’s sad is that isn’t even the worst of her actions this week. Bayleigh has managed to make at least 2-3 culturally sensitive or out right racially/ethnically insensitive comments a day since winning HOH. Here’s just a short list of some of the worst comments. These are on top of the myriad of little person insults that have been overflowing out of her mouth in reference to JC. Sunday’s episode barely scratched the surface.


Things Bayleigh says: 


To Faysal: “I don’t think Haleigh understood the magnitude of doing that (using veto). This stays between me and you. Haleigh is kind of back to her old little ways. She was being all over Tyler today. I need you to focus. I need her to stick to the plan.”


“The last thing I need is her (Haleigh) getting closer to Tyler and making our 6 person alliance a five person alliance.”


To Haleigh: re: Faysal being displeased with drinking alcohol and her twerking in the jacuzzi...

“That’s because he has a crush on you. He wants his ‘girl’ to be a good girl, he wants his girl to be a ‘wife’. He doesn’t want his girl to be running around doing anything. So Fessy can suck it! Because that’s unrealistic. Unless you want to go find a virgin. He probably does. Go to Pakistan and get you one. That’s what they do.” 


Re: convo w/Rachel to Sam: “you’re not the only one playing this game. Yeah your (Rachel) life is in jeopardy but...(if I have to name a replacement) You’re not worried about me! You’re just worried about taking yourself down. You want me to throw a comp to you? No! I’m just really annoyed she would even be doing that.” 


Yeah I mean how dare Rachel do everything possible to try and save herself? Even more shocking is why would she ever want you to actually keep your word when you told her that it’s ok if someone takes her off the block with the veto! I mean the nerve of people. 


To Rachel about possibly having to name a replacement nominee if Rachel comes down...Bayleigh says Rachel is backing her into a corner “you are by acting the way you’re acting. I want you to play your game. You know too much about my game (power) and all you’re thinking about is YOU! You’re not thinking about me!”....”this was a waste to tell you because now you’re panicking.”


Rachel says she’s not freaking out now.

Bay says, “well now I am because of the negative energy you brought in...” 


Well Bayleigh is half right. It was the worst possible move to tell Rachel about your power! Now all of L6 knows about it. The ONLY real advantage to it was it being anonymous nominations. Not anonymous anymore! 


Clearly Bayleigh doesn’t know how to play well with others. She’s spent too much time on the pageant circuit because she’s constantly stirring the pot to get people arguing so she can just sit back and watch. I don’t know how she ever won Miss Congeniality! That’s for damn sure. 


I used to think Bayleigh was the only sane one on Foute. I used to feel kinda bad she’s lumped in with people who don’t trust each other, argue constantly, and can’t follow through on anything. Now I’m beginning to wonder if maybe she wasn’t a key part of their problem. 


Tuesday afternoon Faysal and Rachel were having a conversation in the HOH and Bayleigh enters the room and says:


“Are you two having a meeting in my room?”

Faysal responds, “ I’m giving her advice.” 


This is MY ROOM! You can’t have a meeting in MY ROOM! 


We’re not having a meeting? She’s perplexed 


Then Bayleigh hands her room over to Faysal and Haleigh Tuesday night to hash out their differences.

I honestly feel as though much of her aggression about being in her room stems from her DR’s. Let’s not forget how pissed she was when they asked her who’s HOH this is...hers or Faysal’s. Since then she’s been riding him like a jockey at the Kentucky derby! 


As the week as played on Rachel campaigns with Foute a lot Monday. Tyler didn’t use the veto so Rachel and Brett remain OTB. She’s repeatedly trying to make sure she has the votes which would be great. It would be great if she realizes it’s her own team she needs to be working on. Foute are all voting to keep her and like Rachel believe L6 will be too. 


Angela is Rachel’s ride or die and she’s doing almost as much  leg work to get her out as Tyler and Brett are. You could see on her face post veto meeting that she’s feeling it. She has a rational fear that Brett is going to stay over her. She’s sitting in the HOH looking sad and disheveled with an occasional tear escaping from the corner of her eye as Bayleigh revels in Tyler not using the veto. 


Rachel seriously could have prevented this week’s vote from going against her. All

of the signs were there. She

should have realized she was legitimately in danger and gone to work to save herself. She hasn’t thus far and I don’t see any signs of that changing. 


Meanwhile Angela went to Sam and explained Rachel threw them all UTB trying to get them OTB. She explained that Rachel was acting erratically and that’s not the kind of player she wants to align with. Too much drama. Sam agrees. This is the first week we’ve seen some of L6 finally crack. Fortunately for them they quickly identify the problem and plan to eradicate it this Thursday by voting Rachel out. Level six really is a cohesive unit that makes a plan and just never looks back. It’s why they are so effective.


Angela and Kaycee check in frequently over the weekend. Repeatedly confirming they are in fact voting Rachel out.


They also are working a plan to explain the flip to Bayleigh after the eviction to cover their tails with her. The plan is to tell Bayleigh she was throwing them UTB. Rachel made F2 with each of them and they found out. Then to top it off she told them about Bayleigh’s power. 


Angela pulled Tyler aside Monday and told him all the details she learned from Rachel. The only information he may not have a complete understanding of at this point is when it actually expires. 


Tyler then told Brett and Kaycee. Rachel casually mentioned she needed to talk to Tyler after she made ammends with him on Monday. It hasn’t happened yet but I fully expect Tyler to circle back around and find a time to talk to her so he can ensure he has all the pertinent details. This is important to do before she can figure out that she’s going home! 


That will be key! Brett and Angela has decided Brett will reveal that Rachel told him about the AGA during his eviction speech. They’ve decided to use that opportunity to set up a staged scenario that will justify why they vote to keep Brett to Bayleigh. Again well oiled machines. 


We have arrived at Wednesday morning and it’s still looking Brett is most likely going to be the one staying. The only real news is Bayleigh has stepped up her mean girl game to match her bigotry but against her own people. 


Haleigh is heard telling Angie early this morning she’s over Faysal. F$#*% him. Why is he not spending time with me? He hasn’t spoken one word to me in 24 hrs and can’t figure out why but says she’s not sure she can work with someone like that anymore.


This comes on the heels of Bayleigh’s racist Muslim comments yesterday. Not only that but all of this has been created by Bayleigh to begin with. She is the one that told Haleigh bourse after she won Veto during their 1-1 that she needs to step up her flirt game again and get to work hustling the guys again. 


Then Bayleigh complains to Fessy that she’s spending too much time with Tyler. She’s constantly saying and doing things to feed the green eyed monster in him where Haleigh is concerned. I’ve seen her tell Faysal over and over he needs to keep her in check. He needs to essentially manipulate her into being what he wants. 


Now as recent at 3 pm she’s back in the HOH complaining to Faysal how Haleigh is tripping. They can’t afford to lose her. She’s worried about how much she is hanging with both Tyler and Brett. It’s

Very reminiscent of what she’s done over and over.


She talked crap and stoked the flame when the love triangle drama happened week 1. She and Soggy fueled that small spark turning it into a wild fire. Which inevitably sent Soggy Home. As soon as Bayleigh and Faysal compare notes Bayleigh is going to be without anyone. 


Rachel is the worst off this week of course. Don’t feel too bad for her. She volunteered to go up as a pawn. She then proceeded to wig out and question her own team that’s been united and consistent all season. Sorry not sorry girl! You choreographed your own eviction. 


Bayleigh could have actually used this HOH to get a more accurate read on the house. Instead she elected to expose her power and never shut up! She talked more than anyone during her 1–1’s.


She persistently has spilled gallons more tea than she’s been served. Listen she was infected with a severe case of HOH-itis and has voluntarily quarantined herself to the HOH room much of the week. 


How are you ever supposed to know who is talking to whom and where people are if your locked away in your princess tower. Listen if ANYONE from L6 side wins this next HOH Bayleigh will be the target.


They all know about her power. If it were me I would reveal I know about it. I would agree to nominate two people if she doesn’t use her power and promise her safety. Then I would make sure Veto is used and BD her! Problem solved and there goes another power put in play by production without ever being used. Worse case she does use it to change an L6 HOH nominees and can still be BD’d.


 Burning her power will be critical since she’d hoped to use it during a DE when everything happens at a pace and people won’t have time to speculate who invoked their power! That’s out the door since all of L6 knows already. What could make that more interesting? Let others from Foute discover she told Rachel and not them! Lol. Fortunately for her, for now, L6 I trying to hide the fact they know about it.


Even if she did use it. I would team up with the nominees she puts up and still BD her! She can’t be trusted. She has zero value as an ally. She creates a lot of the drama. Bayleigh has made herself into a huge target with her big mouth and like Rachel has no one to blame but herself. 


The only other loser this week is Scottie. Brett is likely to stay. JC, Brett, and Tyler have spent the week setting him up to fall and fall hard. That stupid plan to trend was a move that set himself up to be the fall guy of BB20. 


Tyler hatched the plan to paint Scottie as his BF to try and persuade Bayleigh to make him the re-nom with veto. While that didn’t work the time he and Brett both have invested in hanging out with him has reaped rewards. Bayleigh sees them and doesn’t like it. She’s already sketched out by him so this makes her even more suspicious. 


That’s great for them! Tyler got JC to promise he would vote out Brett if Tyler didn’t use the veto. Remember JC was on her short list. No pun intended. JC agreed but ends up piggy backing Tyler’s plans and wants to pin his vote that will be the swing vote onto Scottie. 


JC has done a magnificent job of planting small seeds and watering them the last few days. Small comments here and there sowing doubt in Bayleigh and Faysal’s minds should do just that! Scottie is sure to be blamed! 


If I’m in the game and someone who never talks to me suddenly wants to be my shadow...that’s cause for pause. What’s the motive? Why all of a sudden do you want to kick it with me? This would have my alarm bells ringing but Scottie seems oblivious. 


As we head into Wednesday there are Just a few more details worth mentioning. 

Bayleigh feels as though she’s gained soooo much information being HOH. She told Scottie Tuesday that, “it’s amazing how things become so clear when you’re HOH and can see what’s going on.” 


Well that would be true if she was actually paying attention. Based on what she believes plans are being made. The problem is they are still making plans based on bad information. She genuinely believes she’s pulled Rachel to her side.


She genuinely believes Tyler is a sweetheart and isn’t coming for her. She genuinely believes she did some great work this week and has made Rachel/Angela everyone’s targets heading into next week.


Foute+ Scottie genuinely believes Brett will be voted out. That’s not going to happen. Bayleigh/Haleigh said tonight that it seems everyone in the house will be targeting Rachel & Angela next week. They all agree the next three they need

to eliminate are Rachel/Angela/Kaycee! Boy they are really going to be surprised come Thursday! LOL 


Well considering all three ladies are L6 and Rachel will be going home this week that’s also wrong. Bayleigh genuinely believes Angela and Kaycee are on their own with Brett out. She’s now loving Tyler and every plan discussed doesn’t include targeting him. That’s great for him! Especially is she does end up blaming the flip on Scottie.


Haleigh and Faysal dominate the day Tuesday. Again thanks to Bayleigh. This morning Haleigh woke up mad. She’s annoyed Faysal hasn’t spoken to her.

Faysal is annoyed with the twerking, alcohol, staying up with Brett until 5 am in the hammock.


He’s obsessing over the fact Brett was rubbing Haleigh’s leg. He’s pissed at Tyler for hanging with her as well and Bayleigh spends the day stoking the fire. He’s really isolated himself away from her this week. The positive is he’s spending more time with Brett and Brett will be there next week. The guys are looking primed to form a side alliance to combat the growing concerns over an AGA.


By Tuesday night Haleigh and Faysal have it out in the HOH room. He’s saying he has no interest in her inside or outside at this point. She agrees but is also annoyed he feels that way when she has been telling him they can see what happens outside the house.


Now he says he doesn’t want to look at her but he can play the game with her. She says knowing he feels that way she doesn’t want to play with him in the game. 


Bayleigh continues to create the drama between her teammates. Then proceeds to complain about being stuck listening to the drama. However she continued to talk to one then runs right to the other and plays telephone game. 


I have not empathy for her. That and she physically threatens everyone when interrogating them. Tonight it was Brett. She has a chat with him about the votes and if he were to stay, pretending she hasn’t decided which she prefers goes. 


She told him “Going forward we need to have better communication. If it doesn’t then I will literally kill you.” When he laughs it off she’s says, “no in all sincerity.” 


Later Bayleigh shares with Scottie that she’s convinced Brett and Sam

are aligned. When Sam was questioned about her vote Bayleigh asserts that Sam

Is likely to vote personally. If that’s the case she does realize Sam is more likely to want Brett to stay. Finally she did get something right! 


Let’s see she’s threatened to gut Scottie and spread out his intestines. She’s physically  threatened Tyler. Threatened JC. Threatened Brett. So yeah that’s her great social game.


Tyler is not trusting Bayleigh. He sees her. We here him explain to JC that Bayleigh is always complaining about Faysal to him. Tyler feels like she’s trying to get him to say something so she can run to Faysal. So yeah Tyler has Bayleigh all figured out! 


This week’s winners are Brett if he does in fact stay. Tyler for navigating the Kaitlin exit as well as the Bayleigh HOH. JC for getting away with last week’s hinky vote and very methodically maneuvering Scottie to be set up to take the fall for this week’s vote. Right into Tuesday evening he was still planting seeds with Bayleigh and Faysal. 


The one I think doesn’t see the likely danger she’s created for herself is Angela. Angela was a key player in flipping their own alliance against her ride or die Rachel. Brett isn’t much of an ally since he’s really not strongly linked to anyone since Winston left. She’s helped set up Tyler to be good on all sides. Angela may be thinking Rachel is easily replaced by Kaycee but she has no idea that Tyler and Kaycee are a F2 Bun-mance. 


There you have it! The RealiTea is Bayleigh may get one of her future targets out with a Rachel exit but she’s going to be on the wrong side of the vote for the 4th week. 


There’s still time for something unexpected to derail Rachel’s eviction. I mean this is BB and nothing is a sure thing until the final votes are tallied. Either way I think Bayleigh’s HOH was a complete failure due to her own actions and behaviors and I wholeheartedly expect yet another gaping mouth reaction to this week’s outcome! I will let you know how this all shakes out with the pre-eviction blog on Thursday. 



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