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Friday, August 3, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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BB Time 12:26am

camera 3


Tyler and JC in the geometry toom.


JC is whispering, Tyler is giggling. They are talking about Sam's offer at the house meeting. JC is laughing at himself for trying to get people to vote. Their whispers are very low, so it is hard to catch what they are saying.


They are whispering about a hole in the glass door to the geometry room that someone was peeking through. They are talking about what they were doing to Baleigh during her HOH, Tyler is telling about passing information to Baleigh. Tyler went to Baleigh a few minutes before the vote and told Baleigh that Rachel told him about her power and he wanted to keep Baleigh safe by telling her ahead of the vote. JC wants to know what to tell Scottie, it sounds like Tyler said 'I don't want Scottie that close to me' They are counting people they need, I hear JC says Rock Star's name, they are talking about having 8 votes this week, but one will be taken away. JC says if there are 8 votes, they take away one of ours, we still have 4 so we need 5 votes. JC is plotting votes and stories, it is impossible to understand him. Tyler leaves the room.


Scottie, Haliegh, Rock Star and Faysal are in the sky walk, it looks like they are waiting for their one on ones with Angela. Scottie wants to know the order established, he will be after Faysal.



Camera 1

hoh room




Angela and Haleigh are having their one on one, they are talking about Angela's new nail polish. Angela calls her HOH luck, she originally wrote 3600 and changed it. Haleigh wants to win a comp, and Angela encourages her. Haleigh says she will support Angela this week, she knows a strange week is coming. Haleigh says anyone up is a risk to go home, and Angela says Rachel went home this week and we were seen as a duo. Haleigh is glad Brett is still here, and Angela calls him a huge shield. Angela worries that Brett is a target for the hacker. Haleigh thinks Rock Star would put Brett up. Angela says she has two people in mind, and she has to justify it. Haleigh says she hopes it is not her, and Angela tells her that someone mentioned her going up and she has to address that. Angela tells Haleigh about the final two deal Rachel made with Kaycee on the same day she made a final two offer to Angela. Haleigh says that Swaggy and Rachel had a deal too, from day two. Haleigh says that Rachel went to Kaitlyn with information. They are talking about Rachel's behavior. Angela says Rachel will watch this back and hate her. Haleigh says the votes are private for a reason, and is not concerned with the flip votes in the house. Haleigh is telling Angela about her verbal altercations with Kaitlyn, and people are still asking her who she voted for.


Angela: calm down this week, you are good, unless the hacker hates you.

Haleigh: Thank you.


Haleigh says the hacker is anonymous, and may make a move because of something they have never said out loud. Haleigh says she would not change the nominations if she wins the hacker competition.


They hug and Haleigh leaves the room.


Faysal takes his turn on the one on one with Angela.


Angela: I am drunk

Angela: Everyone is bitter

Faysal: Because they thought they would win.


Faysal tells her he plays the game straightforward, and Angela tells him she does not perceive dishonesty from him. Faysal mentions the flipped votes, he knows someone is not telling the truth. He tells her he has never had her name in his mouth, and if she does not put him up this week she will not be an option to go up for the next couple of weeks. He says the game is full of lies and manipulation, but he thinks he is easy to be read. He offers to be useful to her this week, and if he wins the hacker comp he will not use it. He knows they are in jury now, he is willing to benefit her game.


Angela tells him it is good he is honest, and the people she wants out are people who have gone back on promises. He says there are not really sides anymore, he doesn't not think he will win, but he wants to play the game straightforward and do competitions, and if he gets out that is okay. Angela says to be honest and play hard without meticulous plans. Angela thinks they play similar games. Conversation goes to Rachel's final two deals after the veto ceremony.


Faysal says it upset when Kaitlyn told both him and Tyler that she had feelings for them, but he was reluctant to blow it up on television. They both agree that Kaitlyn and Rachel played a devious game. Faysal says even though they haven't talked game, he would not put her up if she keeps him safe this week. He says that they share a friend in Baleigh. He also told her that when he met her, he thought she was his kind of girl. Angela lets it pass, deflects to subject of Swaggy (she amazes me with her ability to do that).


She asks him if Scottie has talked about her, and he says not really, but they don't talk much about game moves. He isn't sure where Scottie's head is at as far as she is concerned. Faysal has no idea who is flipping the votes, he thinks he knows who is not. Angela says if she knew she would not say it because it is an excuse to get put up.


Faysal says that she needs to set herself up for the next week, and all angles are covered. He starts to tell her something about Rachel and the camera leaves the room for a few minutes. When it comes back, the conversation has moved to Scottie. Faysal thinks one of the votes was Scottie trying to frame Tyler. He has no idea who flipped this week, he says it is stressful because they lie to your face. He wonders what the motivation is for the flipped votes.


Angela wonders if there are even sides anymore. Faysal says he has not asked for a final two because it gets out and puts a target on your back. He says maybe at a final 5 or 6 it could be. Angela says that is what caught Rachel. Faysal says he hopes they are cool, and Angela nods.



They are going over scenarios for nominations and vetoes in general.

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BB Time 1:04pm


Scottie comes into the HOH room for his one on one.


Angela offers him food, then apologizes because he is on slop


Scottie tells her that when he was HOH he didn't put her up. Angela tells him that she heard he had mentioned her name about eviction. He admits it, but says he found out that Rachel had made a final two with Kaycee and that changed his mind. He says he found that out a little less than a week ago. He says that he was hearing Rachel and Rock Star had targeting him. He is going after Rock Star at this point.


Angela says that no one knew that there was a final two until today, she is wondering how he knew.


Scottie asks how he knew then, and Rachel says she has not idea, asks him if Kaycee told him, but he refuses to sell out his source.


Angela asks him if he would change her nominations, he says he will not, only himself. He wants Rock Star gone.


Angela says he doesn't like to ask questions that throw other people under the bus, but she wants to know if Tyler really said that he would use the veto only if Angela went up. She wonders if Scottie and Tyler are working together since the two of them seem to have the same goal.


Scottie says he talks to Tyler, and he knows that Tyler did not like Rachel. Scottie says everyone told him they were voting Brett out, and Brett did not go. He says that Tyler told him Rachel was his target.


Angela says ever since Baleigh was HOH nothing adds up, nothing makes sense. I can't ever trace back where it came from.


Scottie says he can't figure it out as far back as Steve, and now he does not tell anyone anything now, he has been grasping at straws ever since. He says it is aggravating, he feels like no one knows where his head is at because when they ask and he tells, they dont believe him. All he has competitions, and he would not have gone with Sam's idea.


Angela says she will be honest with him, but if she does put him up, she does not home this week. Her target is Rock Star, since day one, she really does not want him to go home. She needs justification for putting anyone up, and because people have told her that Scottie has targeted her and he is a good excuse.


Scottie says if he wins hacker app, he will do what she wants, but if he is on the block, he will take himself off.


Angela says everyone is mad at Rock Star this week, and she is easy to put up. She knows that no one is targeting Scottie, unless it is a stray boy thing. The girls all love him. She wants him to know that he is not her target.


He says he is free falling, trying to find someone to connect to.


Angela says she is thinking about putting up someone she wants to stay because of the hacks. Angela thinks Rock Star will just sit there all week, no one will pull her down, she won't win. Because she is a lone wolf it is easy, and she knows Scottie will go after it. She says if she wins veto she will possibly pull him down and put up someone else. She tells him she has no one in mind to back door (She is after Baleigh).


Angela tells Scottie she loves him, and Scottie says same to her. He says he understands how she chose her words, and he thinks she should do what seems to be easy. He says he would love that.


Scottie says he was shocked when Rock Star asked if Haleigh flipped her vote, he thought those girls were close.


Angela says the hacker could cause as many as four people on and off the block this week. She says she feels like everyone was mad when she won HOH. Rock Star was crying because she didn't win, (she was crying because Brett stayed). Angela says she guessed on three of the questions.


Scottie says he evicted Winston because Rachel lied, he has realized that people in the house are throwing a bone around and he cannot catch it. He has felt that way since Steve went home.


Rachel said she spent 42 days with someone she really didn't know.


They are talking about people who go haywire when nominated and how that ruins their game.


Scottie gives Angela a hug. Scottie tells her she is good next week if his is HOH. As he leaves he says “I love you.”


Angela stops to look at her family photos, she has a very sweet smile when she looks at her parents.

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1:50AM BBT: Tyler is in the havenot room, JC immediately comes in and starts whispering with Tyler. JC is upset with Rockstar. Faysal walks in and scares JC. 

1:53AM BBT: Faysal's blanket cape is obstructing his microphone, so we can't hear what he's saying, but Tyler tells him that he doesn't think there's any reason for him to be put up this week. Faysal asks if they've been to the DR. 

1:55AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds when they start talking about the DR. When the feeds are back, Scottie and Tyler are talking in the havenot room. BB tells Scottie to put his mic on, Brett walks in. 

1:56AM BBT: Kaycee jokingly sneaks up to the HOHR, she and Angela do a happy dance in the HOHR. 



1:57AM BBT: Faysal and JC are in the lounge. JC wants Rockstar out of the house. Faysal tells JC he offered to go up so he could win the hack and keep everything the same. JC is frustrated that Angela is going to put up Scottie.  

2:01AM BBT: Haliegh and Rockstar are whispering in the KT. Haliegh says she's not "trying to throw Bayleigh under the bus." Haliegh tells Rockstar to meet her in the lounge, but wait thirty seconds before walking in. 

2:02AM BBT: Haliegh joins JC and Faysal in the lounge. Haliegh tells JC that Rockstar might come in with them, JC says, "I don't care." 

2:03AM BBT: Faysal says, "If I go up on the block...I don't know," just as Rockstar walks in. Rockstar says Bayleigh is in the DR. JC says he's stressed. 

2:05AM BBT: Rockstar says she's stressed because Brett is still here. She says she's going to go up on the block, JC tells her they "all have chances" to go up on the block this week. Rockstar says she doesn't have a good vibe. 

2:09AM BBT: Angela and Kaycee are talking about Bayleigh's power app. They say she could use it this week or next week. Angela says she doesn't trust Bayleigh and she's planning on putting up Scottie and Rockstar tomorrow. 

2:10AM BBT: Angela says Faysal's "game is so bad." Angela says everyone except for Rockstar told her they would tell her if they win the hacker competition. 

2:12AM BBT: Angela tells Kaycee she acts dumb with JC, because JC treats her like she's dumb. They want to call Brett and Tyler up to the HOHR. 

2:15AM BBT: Rockstar, JC, Haliegh, and Faysal are talking about potential nominations this week and who Angela likes and doesn't like. Haliegh leaves the lounge. They start talking about money. 

2:19AM BBT: Haliegh and Faysal are in the storage room. They're talking game, but also flirting. "What if someone comes in here?" Haliegh asks before hitting her head on the upper cabinets, she says she's tired of this house. 






2:20AM BBT: Scottie, Tyler, and Brett are in the havenot room, joking around with Scottie about how he wore a Swaggy t-shirt and sent him home. 

2:21AM BBT: Faysal says he's going to win Veto this week. Haliegh says she doesn't think Faysal flipped on the vote, so he shouldn't think she did either. Haliegh says she didn't flip, but she's happy Brett is here still. 

2:22AM BBT: Faysal doesn't like that Brett gives Haliegh massages, he says he wants to be the only person giving her attention. Haliegh says, "you don't give me attention."

2:25AM BBT: Faysal tells Haliegh what he and Angela talked about in the HOHR. 

2:26AM BBT: Brett and Tyler leave the havenot room, leaving JC and Scottie. Scottie says he thinks he's going to be a pawn this week. JC says if he goes up, he gets to try for the veto and he also has the votes to not go home. 

2:31AM BBT: Faysal asks Haliegh in the SR if she trusts Rockstar, Haliegh says, "No, not 100%." Faysal hugs Haliegh before bringing up Brett again. They circle back to that disagreement again. 

2:33AM BBT: Tyler, Brett, Kaycee, and Angela are in the HOHR. They're talking about Bayleigh and Faysal, Brett thinks Bayleigh will do whatever Faysal tells her. Kaycee thinks its the other way around. 



2:34AM BBT: Angela says she'll be able to get someone else in the house to backdoor someone this week since everyone told her they would tell her if they won the hacker competition. Angela then does a bad impression of Sam's accent. 

2:35AM BBT: Angela tells them they have two people to backdoor this week, Bayleigh and Faysal. "It's perfect," She says.

2:36AM BBT: The group in the HOHR joke around about how everyone on the other side of the house think each other flipped. Brett says Haliegh told him she voted for him to stay. "They have no clue what's going on in this house," Angela says.

2:37AM BBT: Angela says they can blame everything on Rachel now, since she's gone and not coming back. Everyone agrees. 

2:42AM BBT: The group in the HOHR is still joking around and laughing about the votes. Kaycee says she knows America is loving it because everyone's reactions after a flipped vote are the best. Brett says Rockstar is going to lose it if she goes up on the block again. 

2:44AM BBT: Tyler tells them about how Rockstar cornered JC in the bathroom. 

2:50AM BBT: The group in the HOHR try to figure out how Bayleigh's power app works. Tyler says Bayleigh told him it lasts until there's eight people left in the house. Angela doesn't believe it because eight people is "so random."

2:58AM BBT: Angela tells the group in the HOHR what she said to Rachel in her good bye message. Tyler says, "savage." They talk about how upset Rachel was. "Back to Vegas," Angela says, before saying Rachel wasn't smart enough to understand what happened. 

3:04AM BBT: The group in the HOHR talk about Brett's speech. Brett talks about how it feels to give that kind of speech. Brett says he just kept thinking about the "6 million people," watching. 

3:05AM BBT: Angela says Rachel's speech was terrible. Brett says the best part is that Rachel thinks it was because of his speech that she went home. Tyler says Julie probably told her that they all voted her out.

3:06AM BBT: Kaycee, Tyler, Angela, and Brett talk about Julie's reaction to his speech. Brett says he reherased it all evening. 

3:07AM BBT: Faysal and Haliegh are still in the SR talking about the vote. Haliegh says she wants to go to sleep. Faysal asks Haliegh if she was jealous of him and Kaitlyn. Haliegh says, "Kind of."





3:11AM BBT: The group in the HOHR think that Sam is getting closer to snapping on Haliegh, because Haliegh doesn't make a lot of effort in the house. Tyler says even Scottie figured out that Haliegh's game is to just go around to all the guys and make them like her. 

3:13AM BBT: Tyler says Scottie said he would vote Haliegh out, but he has a crush on her. Brett says that's why Sam doesn't like her, because Haliegh reminds her of the kind of girl that broke her brother's heart, and she's protective of Scottie. 

3:14AM BBT: Brett wonder's who the "head" of the other group is. "I think it's Bayleigh, because Fessy's dumb," Angela says before telling them how bad his game is. 

3:20AM BBT: The group in the HOHR are talking about the hacker competition and what might happen depending on who wins. Brett says he's planning on Faysal putting him up if he wins. 

3:29AM BBT: Brett, Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee are talking about the power app in the HOHR. Brett says Faysal thinks he's "so f*****g smooth."

3:35AM BBT: "No way is Fes the f*****g brains," Brett says in the HOHR. "Fes is an idiot," Angela tells them. Kaycee says, "Haleigh and Rockstar kiss Bayleigh's feet," Kaycee also says they're scared of Bayleigh. 

3:40AM BBT: The group in the HOHR is watching Faysal make food in the kitchen. 

3:53AM BBT: Faysal is just lounging in the WA. The group in the HOHR are still talking, Tyler says he's tired of hanging out with the other side of the house. 

4:00AM BBT: Brett says he can't wait to make Rockstar cry. Angela says she hopes Rockstar and Haliegh are havenots this week. 

4:02AM BBT: Brett thinks there's a secret room that they can get to from the havenot room. He thinks there's some kind of clue or way to get in. 

4:11AM BBT: Brett and Angela are the only two in the HOHR now, they're watching people move around on the feeds in the room. 

4:18AM BBT: Brett and Angela say good night, Brett leaves the HOHR. 

4:30AM BBT: Lights are off, everyone is either asleep or in bed. 


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8:03am BBT We have WBRB. BB getting them up early this morning.


8:15am BBT Sam is awake and waves, pours some milk in her coffee. Rockstar changes her batteries. Looks like no one else is awake.



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8:25am BBT Sam tells Rockstar that she understands that the comp (hackers comp) isn't supposed to be easy for ppl to win. Angela gathers her laundry and comes downstairs. Rockstar tells Sam she is not a crier. Sam says its ok to cry, she has been pushed to the limit. Rockstar says you cant be alone, cant take a walk in nature, cant hit someone (not that she would she says). 


8:35am BBT Haleigh and Bayleigh were up for a few min then went back to bed, JC wonders to the WC. Angela says she is going to get ready. Fessy called to DR. Sam squirts Rockstar with water from a carafe, they laugh about it. 


 8:45am BBT Rockstar primps and says she hopes she looks good for her guy. Sam says she does. Rockstar says she doesn't think she has done anything to make him not care for her anymore. Sam says she has a 6th grade math ability, Rockstar says she had special math classes. She was told that she had to learn math...they wouldn't be carrying around calculators in the palm of their hands. She lols and says yeah we do, in our cell phones.

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9:00 am BBT  Rockstar is in the WA, having a talk with herself in the mirror about how she has never cried this much, ever. Kaycee comes in, she says good morning.  Brett comes in, as does Fessy.  Brett is brushing his teeth and gets called to the DR.  Kaycee is at the sinks, Fessy is on the couch with Rockstar, no game talk.  Bayleigh comes in, Rockstar says she thinks she has zits, does Bayleigh want to look at them.  She says no, not right now.  Fessy goes into the WC.  Just ADL's going on, water running, no game talk.

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8:58 am BBT.  Rockstar alone in the WA.  She is getting ready and talking to the camera.  She says she doesn’t knkw if being a mom has made her soft or being older bit she has never cried this much, ever!  She says she’ll lrobably cry more later.  She thought she was tougher than this.  She says yeah I was a part of it the whole time, whatever.  Brett and Kaycee walk in, she says she was just talking to herself.  


In the HOHR, Angela is curling her hair.  


Faysal comes into the WA.  Rockstar tells him she was having a conversation with herself.  Brett gets called to the DR.  Bayleigh is uo and heads into the WA.  Bayleigh says Faysal looks like a peacock or a toucan (his hair is all sticking up).

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9:05 am BBT  Sam and Kaycee in the BBR.  Sam said she wants to change before nominations.  Sam isn't sure what they will wear for the Hacker comp, since they don't know what it will be.  Sam said she will at least put on a bra.  Kaycee is yawning, Sam asked what time she went to bed, Kaycee said 4:00.  Sam asks why, Kaycee said she didn't realize what time it was.  Bayleigh and Fessy come in.  Sam is sitting in her locker.  They ask her why.  She said she doesn't have anywhere to sit, it is better than sitting in the SR, which looks weird.  Fessy said it is hard when the BY isn't open.  She said she doesn't want to sit in the WA with people getting ready in there, the seats in the KT aren't comfortable.  Fessy asks to change the yellow board.  They say sure.  He said he didn't want to without asking.  He leaves to put something new on the pins.  Bayleigh is talking about her sisters, and selling real estate.

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9:05 am BBT.  HGs doing ADLs.   Sam and Kaycee in the BBR.  Nominations are supposed to be at 10:00 am BBT.  They aren’t sure what to wear bcuz of the Hacker Comp.  Kaycee stayed up til 4:00.  



9:07 am BBT.  Bayleigh and Faysal go into the lounge.  They are whispering.  Bayleigh tells him Angela said neither of them are going up.  She says she told Angela she didn't care about anybody but her and Faysal.  He asks if she believes him, she says yes, Angela hasn’t ever lied to her.  

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9:11 am BBT  Fessy is changing the greeting on the yellow board.  He left he happy birthday, just is changing the name.  In the BBR, they are talking about a money wind tunnel.  Sam said that would be fun, they could make a money tornado, put them all out there, they would be killing each other, that would make good TV.



(got an appt, gotta go)

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9:09 am BBT.  Rockstar, Sam, Kaycee, Bayleigh and Faysal in the BBR.  Sam keeps yawning.  Bayleigh says her sister is probably engaged & she missed it.  She says they are planning a wedding and not even engaged.  She says it’s the sister who was the whole lesbian and now has a boyfriend.  

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9:15 am BBT.  Bayleigh reading her bible in the PBR.  Faysal is also in there laying in bed and is doing sign language.  Rockstar is there too and telling him what it means. She says she doesn’t want to be back on the f***ing block.  We get WBRB.  

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9:17 am BBT.  Faysal, Bayleigh and Rockstar talking in the PBR about past HGs and somebody not using a veto.  They give shout outs to Swaggy.  JC has just appeared, he was under the covers.  Rockstar says she can’t believe he (Brett) keeps f***ing staying.  

Kaycee and Sam in the KT.  Sam is getting coffee.  Tyler comes in.  Scottie as well.  Tyler gets called to the DR.  

In the PBR, doing sign language and whispering is saying that she thinks Tyler is working with Brett.  She says when Kaitlyn created her kwn alliance in her head it was Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Faysal, Haleigh, Tyler and Brett.  JC tells Rockstar to go into Rockstar’s bed.  BB says wakey wakey HGs.  JC says he wants to sleep a little more before nominations, he is tired and there is a comp today.  

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10:00 AM BBT We are still on WBRB.


10:30 AM BBT We still have WBRB. It has been just short of an hour.


11:00 AM BBT Still no feeds. We have been on WBRB for about an hour and a half.


11:30 AM BBT Our view for the past 2 hours.


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11:54 AM BBT The feeds return. JC and Rachel are in the HoH. Scottie and Angela are in the KT. 


11:57 AM BBT JC and Angela are talking in the HoH. They are discussing that Kaycee is easy to work with. They agree that they need to just leave Sam in the dark for as long as possible. Meanwhile Bayleigh, Brett and Kaycee are in the lounge. Brett "I am curious when this hacker comp is happening." Bayleigh "They said it will be today." No hacker comp yet. 

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11:52 am BBT  Feeds are back.  JC is in the HOHR with Angela.  He is telling her not to say who her replacement will be.  She said she doesn't care if Rockstar goes home, or if Scottie goes home.  She is not going to say who her target is, she doesn't really have one.

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12:02PM BBT IN the lounge, Brett, Kaycee and Bayleigh discuss the comp and how the hacker will work. in the KT, Scottie has confirmed he is a pawn.


12:05PM BBT Rockstar and Scottie are the two nominees.



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