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America's Got Talent Episode 9-Judge Cuts 3

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18 more acts battle for 7 spots in the live shows. Who will survive? Tonight’s special guest judge is Martina McBride and she says it’s so exciting to be there and Tyra tells her about her golden buzzer.


The first act to take the stage is The Savitsky Cats. They hope the cats will perform, but nobody knows. Simon greets them and he asks how they stepped it up and they have brought new cats and new tracks. Simon says they have to up the game.


They begin their performance with a cat crossing some posts. We then see a cat jumping up and over ladder rungs. We have another cat hanging on it’s front two legs and going across some bars. Then another cat crawls across the bars pushing a ball with its head. We then have a cat who doesn’t want to perform, but finally stands and twirls. We then have a cat who walks backwards and then one who hops across the stage.


Simon says just to be clear, those are real cats? Howie says they did what they needed to do and that was step it up. Howie says one cat didn’t want to dance and it was almost a CAT-astrophe. Martina says it was thrilling to watch. Heidi thinks it’s incredible they can do this with cats and it’s a real show. Mel B says she really liked it.


The next act takes the stage and it’s Blue Tokyo. They perform and the judges seem wowed, except Simon. The audience was into it. Heidi says they were good and Simon didn’t like it. Howie disagrees with Simon and he says he’s going to fight for them. Simon didn’t see it as a step up.


Next, we have OC Music & Dance. They sing and play and they sing Praying by Ke$ha. They get a standing ovation. Mel B says when they sang as a group it worked. Howie disagrees because he doesn’t think it was a step up. Simon says they are very serious.


Next we have a high school dance troupe. They are from Walden Grove High School and they are called The PAC Dance Team. Simon greets them and says he liked them a lot and he hopes it will go well for them. They have an Alice in Wonderland themed dance. Heidi and Simon seem to be enjoying them. Howie X’s their act. The audience seemed to enjoy it.


Simon asks Howie why the X and he says this is the biggest stage for talent and this show is so much more than just a high school dance team. Heidi thinks Howie was wrong and definitely not buzz worthy. She says AGT is for everyone. Martina says she loved it, they were having fun. Simon does think they are good and the show needs an act like this, but he doesn’t think the music tracks matched the theme and he blames their teacher. They promise if they come back they have things they can do to step it up even more.


Next we see Jeffrey Li and Angel Garcia and they are both 12-year old boys who are singers. Jeffrey says he wishes he could be as confident as Angel. Angel takes the stage first and he’s going to be singing Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars and he sings it in Spanish. He gets an ovation from the audience, Heidi, and Martina.


Howie says Angel did step it up and this was better and he needs to enjoy the moment. Martina loved the passion and she thought the choice of music was perfect. Jeffrey is very nervous and he is ready to perform next. Jeffrey is going to sing One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston. The audience is on their feet as he sings his last note.


Martina thought Jeffrey seemed kind of nervous, but she loved his voice. She thinks he’s incredible. Simon says on paper this should not have worked, but he did really well. Heidi says he was so nervous. We see both Angel and Jeffrey talking and they wish each other good luck.


Next Ms. Trysh takes the stage and sings If You Don’t Know Me by Now by Teddy Pendergrass. She forgets some of the lyrics and the judges note nerves may have gotten in the way.


Kazi is next and performs a song and Simon tells her he doesn’t think the song is as strong as the one she auditioned with.


Bone Hampton steps up to the stage and he’s a comedian. Mel B doesn’t think it went as well as he thought it should have.


The next act is Quin and Misha and they are a dance act. They perform to Sax by Fleur East. Quin is 71 and they do some tricks during their routine. They get an ovation from the audience and Heidi and Martina. Heidi says they have definitely inspired her and she loves what they do and she loves watching them. Simon says the best part of them is their personality. It’s great and what they’re looking for. Martina said wow and Quin says she wants to inspire people of a certain age, but she inspires people of all ages. Martina says it was just incredible and she hits her golden buzzer.


The next act up Noah Guthrie and she’s a singer/songwriter. Simon asks about his part on Glee and what happened when it got cancelled and he says it was a transition for him. His father helped him get his head back into music. Simon wishes him luck. Noah begins to sing but Simon stops him and says he wouldn’t have chosen that song. He asks Noah if he has a second song and Noah says Whipping Post by The Allman Brothers Band. Simon wants to hear that. The audience is on their feet and Simon is smiling. He gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges.


Mel B says she loved the first songs lyrics, but the second song was so much more Noah. Howie says when he sang The Allman Brothers was out of the park for him and he thinks he has it. Heidi says she loves the tone of his voice. Martina says careers change and things change and he said he was trying to get back to that. She says she thinks he his well on his way. Simon says he thinks going forward he needs to surprise them because he shouldn’t need a second chance. But he doesn’t think they are close to what Noah could be.


Next is Jules and Jerome and they are a danger act. They have a see saw they jump and flip on and perform. Simon says they are talented but he wants to see them step it up, something that might be a bit more dangerous.


We then see The Rossi Brothers and they are a danger/acrobatic act. They talk about the mistake they made in their audition and they know they have to step it up and not make any mistakes. They take the stage and Howie greets them and says they are doing something that could be very dangerous and they say yes and they didn’t practice because it could be very dangerous.


They begin their performance and the one brother lies on his back and flips the other brother. He then does a trick where he flips and lands on his brother’s feet. They then ask Martina to come to the stage and verify the mask he will be wearing can’t be seen through and she verifies it and ties it on. They do a double flip this time and they nail it.


Howie says no practice makes perfect! Martina says she was so nervous for them, it was very dramatic. Heidi loves to watch them and it’s scary at the same time and she loved that they stepped it up. Simon says he loves they are interesting. Howie believes they stepped it up and he likes the drama they created.


We see a short clip of Bensax International and he is a saxophone player who plays current music.


We have Oliver Graves on the stage now and he’s a darker kind of comedian. Mel B greets him and turns the stage over to him. The audience seems to be enjoying the act and Howie loves it. Howie gives an ovation as does some of the audience. Howie says this guy is so unique and so different, and he’s one of the most new original young comics he’s seen. He loves him. Martina thinks comedy is subjective but she loved his timing, he was great. Simon says he is someone they are going to remember and Oliver has found the right balance.


The next act is from Russia and they met at a school for poor children. They created their own dance group and they are called UDI Dance. They are the glow in the dark dance group. The audience seems to like it and the judges seem impressed. They get an ovation from the audience.


Mel B says they blow her mind every time she sees them. She thinks their creativity is out of this world. Martina says she’s never seen anything like that before and she loved it. Simon thought it was terrific and this is why they made the show so acts like them could have an opportunity to perform.


The next act is We Three and they are a sibling band. They discuss their audition and their original song that was about their mom who passed away of cancer. Howie greets them and We Three are going to perform another original, this one is called Lifeline. The audience is on their feet midway through the performance. They get an ovation from the audience and all five judges.


Mel B says she loves, loves, loves, everything about We Three and she wants them there in the live shows. Martina says she has had a really good career with songs that affect people and that first line is one of the best first lines she’s heard. Heidi loves them and they seem so humble and down to earth. Howie says that was beautiful and he loves them and he thinks they are on their way to greatness. Simon says the great thing about those guys is they need nothing from AGT but a platform.


The final act is The Sacred Riana and she takes the stage and she is greeted by Martina. She walks towards the judges and around the table and touches Mel B’s shoulder and then gives her doll to Mel B. She goes to the stage and says her imaginary friend likes to play and she also likes fear. She has a doll house on the stage and she places a candle in the house with a bell and the candle lights itself.


Mel B hands the doll to Howie. Riana shows us a book of blank pages and she writes on the cover of the book Do You Want to Play? And she puts it in the house. She then closes the doors to the house and there is a bell ringing. She opens the doors and pulls out the book and it’s filled with drawings and bloody finger prints and a page says I want to play with Mel B. Howie throws the doll back to Mel B.


Riana comes to the judges table and puts the book down and takes her doll back and puts her in the house and closes the doors. She walks around the house and we hear come on, let’s play and the house explodes and another girl who looks like Riana appears. Simon wants this to end right now and Howie says go away now. Mel B says that is too much for her and we see the second girl following Mel B around backstage.


The judges are now deliberating over who to put through and then the judges thank Martina.


Oliver Graves and Bone Hampton step on stage first and Heidi tells them they will not be going through to the live shows.


The Savitsky Cats take the stage and Howie informs they are going through.


Ms. Trysh, Kazi, Bensax, and OC Music and Dance are informed by Mel B they will not be going through to the next round.


The PAC Dance Team step up and Simon says they will have a lot more rehearsals and they want to see a whole different ball game, but they are moving on.


The Sacred Riana steps up and Simon says a demon has never won America’s Got Talent, but they were going to decide if the public would like to see them in the next round and they decided they would.


Blue Tokyo, The Rossi Brothers, and Jules and Jerome come out and Heidi tells them they aren’t going through.


UDI Dance is greeted by Howie and he informs they are going through.


Jeffrey and Angel step out next and Mel B says neither of them are going through.


We Three and Noah Guthrie step out and Simon says they only have 6 spots and they are going to be seeing both of them in the live shows.

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The acts that are through to the lives and the golden buzzers:


Singers: (11)

Michael-Simon's Golden Buzzer

Courtney-Howie's Golden Buzzer

Amanda-Mel B's Golden Buzzer

Makayla-Heidi's Golden Buzzer

Voices of Hope-Ken's Golden Buzzer

Angel City Chorale-Olivia's Golden Buzzer

Us the Duo

Christina Wells

Joseph O'Brien

We Three

Noah Guthrie


Danger: (2)

Aaron Crow

Duo Transcend


Dance: (6)

Zucaroh-Tyra's Golden Buzzer

Quin and Misha-Martina’s Golden Buzzer

Junior New System

The Future Kingz

UDI Dance

The PAC Dance Team


Variety: (3)



The Savitsky Cats


Magicians: (3)

Shin Lim

Rob Lake

The Sacred Riana


Comedians: (1)

Vicki Barbolak

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