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Wednesday, August 1, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:28 pm BBT.  Angela says she is going to try to convince to give her 1 more massage.  Rockstar so we’re still on the same page.  They say if there is a battle back or vote back it’ll be tomorrow.  Angela says if Kaitlyn comes back can we all agree we all would put her on the block?  They say yes!  Angela asks Bayleigh if Tyler threw her name out?  Bayleigh says no not really.  Angela says she’s trying to figure out who’s working with Tyler.  Haleigh just walks into the HOHR and Bayleigh yells “KNOCK!”   Haleigh goes back out & knocks, then comes back in.  

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12:40 pm BBT.  Tyler, Scottie and Faysal sitting on the couch in LR.  General talk.  In the WA Sam and Rachel.  Rachel says she wants Sam to vote for her personal game and she wants Sam’s vote.  Rachel says she has built trust with her.   Rachel says I voted to keep u over Steve.   Rachel says I’m working for u, not against u.  Sam asks if that’s how she’s always felt or feels now.  Rachel says always.  Sam says after this people go to jury and will help decide the winner.  Rachel says she considers Sam an with her.  Bayleigh comes in and summons Rachel to the lounge.  She yells at Rachel for telling Angela what she said about Tyler and Angela.  She says that didn’t need to get around.  Rachel goes back to the WA.  Sam asks what was that all about?  Rachel says she was asking about something I said.   Sam says she appreciates Rachel.  Sam says we can talk more.  They hug.  Sam says don’t walk on oins and needles it doesn’t help.  Rachel leaves.  

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12:52 pm BBT.  Haleigh and Rockstar in the HOHR.  Rachel comes in to get Bayleigh’s bible and asks if she has their vote.  They says yes.  Rockstar says it was hard bcuz Brett is my best friend.  Rachel leaves.  Haleigh and Rockstar are discussing comps.  Rockstar says we have to backdoor Tyler.  She also thinks JC needs to go up bcuz he’s too comfortable. She doesn’t want to do it though bcuz she is supposed to be an advocate for the gays.  Haleigh says that’s a stupid reason, u can be an advocate and get him out bcuz he’ll beat us.  Haleigh says name 1 person who would try to get JC out?  They can’t think of one.  Haleigh says final 2 would be perfect for me and you.  Haleigh says she doesn’t like Rachel.  


JC, Angela, Bayleigh and Kaycee in the KT making food and eating.  


In the HOHR, Rockstar says she is done with her “nicotining”, she wasn’t addicted just bored.  Haleigh says Kaycee is the biggest floater.  Rockstar asks if ahe could put her up?  Haleigh says she wouldn’t want to but who else will?  They want Fessy to win and do it.  Then, the next week Rockstar could put up JC and Sam and then backdoor Tyler.  Haleigh says they need to be prepared for somebody to come back.  Haleigj says her whole week will be ruined if Kaitlyn came back.  Rockstar says she would have to be different.  Haleigh says Tyler would fall back into it.  She says Kaitln is a witch and casts spells.  She says it wouldn’t be Tyler’s fault, he is easy to manipulate.  She wonders what Fes would do?  Rockstar asks about their talk.  Haleigh says she told him they should solely be friends, her feelings were hurt, he ignored her for over 24 hours.  

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1:10 pm BBT.  Bayleigh is in the HOHR with Haleigh.  HAleigh says they need to win.  Bayleigh says the only thing that would better is if Swaggy comes back.  She says she would literally jump on him.  Haleigh had a dream he came back.


Most HGs in the KT eating & making food.


In the HOHR, they think the HOH comp will be something easy bcuz it was easy to set up, maybe booths.   


1:19 pm BBT.  In the PBR is Scottie and Rachel.  Rachel says Bayleigh asked people to vote a certain way.  She says since Scottie was already gunning for Brett it would be beneficial for him to vote him out.  Scottie says she is still good with him.  Scottie says to be prepared bcuz Brett threw Rockstar under the bus in the last speech so to be prepared.   Rachel is reading bible verses outloud to Scottie.  

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1:23 pm BBT.  Rockstar, Haleigh and Bayleigh in the HOHR.  They are saying Sam has made it clear she is playing personally.  Rockstar says she can’t get Sam to talk game about working together. Again, discussing backdooring Tyler if it becomes an option.  Rockstar will put up Sam and JC and she won’t tell Fessy.  They say JC is too comfortable yelling at production and slapping people in their faces.  Rockstar says people need to squirm that have been safe.  Bayleigh says there are a few (funny bcuz Bayleigh has not been on the block either).  They say Scottie will put up Angela and Rachel.  They don’t think JC would put up anybody that Fessy wouldn’t want up.  


Tyler and Faysal playing foosball.  


Angela and Kaycee in the lounge.  Kaycee says Rachel said she can’t go thru this again.  Kaycee says she ran her mouth and got herself in trouble.  She says Rachel is losing faith in their group.  Angela says she hasn't even talked to her bcuz Rachel knows she’s irritated.  

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1:37 pm BBT.  Kaycee and Angela still talking in the lounge.  They are discussing what to say to Bayleigh about changing their vote.  They are going to say theu didn’t tell her bcuz they didn’t want Rachel running sround losing her mind.  Brett is supposed to say Rachel told about Bayleigh’s power and the all girl alliance.  They discuss whoever is HOH next week they won’t have to get blood on their hands bcuz Bayleigh will with her power.  Angela says we have to win, this is the perfect week to win.  They wonder what JC’s power is (he doesn’t have one).  They need to make sure they pin the vote on Scottie.  Kaycee thinks Brett may have done the rogue vote.  They contrmplate a possible battle back.  Angela wants Scottie out next, he is annoying her.  Kaycee says he thinks he’s funny.  Angela thinks JC has a plan up his sleeve, a sneaky plan.  


Tyler and Faysal have now joined the girls in the HOHR, general talk.  

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2:07PM BBT In the HOH room, Angela, Kaycee, Bayleigh, Scottie and Tyler are chatting. Fessy is listening to music.


2:16PM BBT Angela and Rachel are whispering about Bayleigh and her power. Just chatting about who said what to who. Just rehashing.


2:25PM BBT Brett is in the KT peeling garlic. In the BBR, Rahel is telling Rachel to brush up on her comps in order.



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2:36PM BBT In the HOH room, talk of day parties and how Bayleigh talking about how she gets lit at them and would definitely do one in Los Angeles.


2:43PM BBT No game talk. Random chatting in the HOH. Food prep in the KT.


2:54PM BBT KT prep continues. General chatting.

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3:05 PM BBT BB reminds the HGs that there is no napping allowed during the day. Then BB wishes them all Buenos Dias. Scottie is in the HoH with Bayleigh. She asks him if Rachel and Brett have spoken to him today. Scottie says he spoke to Rachel and asked for his vote. He hasn't spoken to Brett today about it.


3:12 PM BBT Tyler and JC are whispering in the lounge. JC says that it is all calm and quiet now but things are going to explode tomorrow. 


3:15 PM BBT Tyler and JC continue to whisper in the lounge. Tyler says that Bayleigh is working with Haleigh, that's obvious. He continues to say that Haleigh is the least relevant person in the house. Tyler also tells JC not to be throwing any comps and that Scottie is playing both sides of the house. 


3:19 PM BBT Tyler and JC are discussing that Bayleigh's power might be coming to an end. Either way, they need to draw it out of her next week. Tyler "This is going to be crazy. I can't wait." 


3:24 PM BBT Tyler and JC are talking about how everyone is noticing Scottie spending a lot more time with Brett. Even Fessy has noticed. Brett is probably trying to draw him in. They discuss what they can do if Rockstar wins HoH that may draw out Bayleigh's power. Tyler explains to JC how he has been inflating his relationship with Scottie. If he ever gets put on the block, he wants them to think Scottie is a vote for him so they put Scottie up next to him.


3:29 PM BBT Tyler to JC in the lounge "Brett is going to be do f*ing back flips tomorrow." 

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3:35 PM BBT Tyler and JC are still whispering in the lounge. JC tells him that he feels like he is playing on the dark side. 


3:38 PM BBT JC has gone to talk to Fessy. Angela takes his place next to Tyler in the lounge. Angela tells Tyler that if Bayleigh doesn't change the nominees this Thursday or next Thursday then the power goes away. So, it is in play for the next 2 HoH's. It goes away after that. Tyler asks if she can change it after the veto ceremony. Angela tells him no. It has to be at the nomination ceremony. 


3:41 PM BBT Angela tells Tyler that Bayleigh is the biggest idiot for telling her about her power. It puts a huge target on her back. 


3:46 PM BBT JC has gone upstairs to talk to Bayleigh. Bayleigh tells JC that Rachel offered herself up as a pawn. JC said that he had not clue. 


3:55 PM BBT Tyler and Angela are in the lounge. They are laughing about tomorrow. Rachel has gone to Angela for her vote. Angela is letting her think that she has it. 


3:58 PM BBT Angela leaves and Rockstar takes her place next to Tyler in the lounge. Tyler tells Rockstar that it looks like it is going to be unanimous tomorrow. He says that annoys him too because Rachel has been starting stuff with Bayleigh that he doesn't like. 

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4:05 PM BBT The feeds go to reruns.


4:30 PM BBT We are still watching reruns. No idea why.


4:39 PM BBT Feeds return.


4:45 PM BBT It is hard to tell, but it appears the HGs were shown something like pictures or videos during the rerun. Haleigh says that now that the evicted HGs have done this, that must mean no one is coming back. 


4:47 PM BBT Fessy and JC are talking in the HoH. JC asks him how the votes are going and who he has spoken to about it. Fessy told him that based on his count, there are at least 8 votes for Brett to go. So, for the others, it doesn't matter. 


4:52 PM BBT Fessy tells JC that he thinks the vote will be unanimous tomorrow for Brett to go. JC "I hope so." Bayleigh comes in to the HoH and tells the boys that they need to leave the room for a bit. She is going to the bathroom. 


4:55 PM BBT Fessy and Rachel are in the lounge. Fessy tells her to stay calm. All she go as planned tomorrow. Rachel thinks that the pictures shown are probably part of a true/false HoH tomorrow. She focused more on the group pictures than anything else. Fessy tells her that it should be unanimous tomorrow. 

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BB Time 8:56pm

camera 3


The house guests in the bathroom area have been called out for singing several times, so Haleigh and Rock Star are dancing to silent music.


In the have not room Brett and Faysal are talking about the whole girl/guy thing. Faysal tells Brett if feels like he has nowhere to go, Brett should try to see what he can do to advance his stay in the game. Brett says he has extended the olive branch to several people, and he thinks Scottie believes that Rachel is the biggest campaigner against him (Scottie). Faysal wonders who Scottie is close to, and Brett says he thought Brett and Scottie were close, other than that Scottie is a wild card. Faysal thinks he has an okay relationship with Scottie and Tyler, at least if they win next week,,,,,,(interrupted by FISH)



Faysal asked if Brett has pitched to Tyler, Brett says it was a partial pitch, regarding keeping peace in the house. Scottie thought Brett had valid thoughts, and Scottie mentioned he did not want to be in the jury house with Rachel. Brett says Rachel is sloppy, cannot cook, except eggs, she is a liability.


Brett: All she gives you is a complete liability, she freaks out all the time. She stirs sh*t up,


They are talking about the need to be mentally healthy in the game. Brett says he is willing to work with anyone in the house, but he thinks that will not work with Rock Star


Brett: She probably wants to rip my n*t s*ck off, (he chuckles and shrugs)


Both of them feel like they deserve to be in jury, the agree that Rachel has done nothing to deserve that.


Rachel walks into the room with a snack. Brett thanks her. She leaves and Brett checks to make sure door is closed.


Brett is bothered that the guys got put in this position in the house. He hears people complain that it is not worth it and they want to leave, he thinks they should leave. Faysal wasn't sure how he would play when he came in the house, so he just plays how he knows and compete. Brett says he thinks he was a physical threat. Faysal says he wants to compete, not throw anything, and if he gets picked off he will know he played the game. Brett says Rachel has made multiple final two deals in the house, Faysal say he did not know about that. Brett thinks Angela and Kaycee will vote with Rachel, Sam is tough to read, I never know if she is being kind or if she is trying to tell you something, but I think she leans more toward Rachel. Brett asks about Haleigh, Faysal says that Haleigh believes Brett to stay. Brett says Rachel campaigned hard for Haleigh to leave over Kaitlyn. Brett believes he is Baleigh's target, but hopes that has changed. He thinks Haleigh will do what Baleigh wants. Brett wonders if at this point Baleigh has the “whoever goes, goes,” attitude.


They continue to dissect possible votes that will keep Brett.


9:12pm camera 2


Rachel, Kaycee, Tyler JC are going over the statistics in the house. JC is asking the questions, They are talking about the evicted people's clothing colors, they don't think current house guests will be questions. Angela comes into the bathroom area with them, (It sounds like these were videos, because some of the questions involved movement (number of times he sipped the cup)).


JC is telling Rachel to flash America, she tells him no, then tells him to do it.


JC: I already did it.


In the back ground someone is confirming.


Kaycee: New Rule, everyone is on the block every week. Isn't that the way it is on Survivor.

JC: Why are you making a face?

Rachel: What face?

JC: That face.

Rachel: I am not making a face.

JC: You are making a face.

Rachel: Get off me.


Haleigh comes in, she just did her goodbye message. Kaycee is shouting to BB that she should go next.


Camera 3

Brett is in kitchen with Haleigh, he gives her a hug. He tells her his drink is good, there is some on his lips if she wants to taste it, she mumbles and leaves the room.


Camera moves to have not room

Scottie and Faysal are talking about Brett's pitch to stay.


Faysal is rehashing Brett's opinion about why Rachel should go, but he says they are personal reasons about cooking and cleaning and who deserves to stay. He tells Scottie he (Brett) believes Scottie's vote is possible. Faysal does believe a jury vote from Brett would be more stable than one from Rachel, but he might not get there. Faysal says Brett is looking for definite answers, and that Brett thinks Scottie wants Rachel out. Scottie mumbles, he said who he wanted out, but audio didn't pick it up. Faysal said Brett pitched him for 40 minutes or so and was repetitive. Scottie says let him think he has a chance, we can do that for him. Scottie says Tyler thinks Rachel is gunning for him, Scottie had a talk with him about safety with them since he lost Kaitlyn. Faysal says if they make it to the top 5, it has to be solid with Scottie, Tyler and him.


Scottie:next week you win, you want to get rid of one of the three girls”

Faysal: yeah

Scottie: which one?

Faysal: doesn't' matter


Scottie: No matter what you hear, no matter what I say, I am voting Brett out tomorrow. I will just try to make him feel there is hope.


Faysal wants Scottie to talk to Haleigh about what she is doing, he says she (Haleigh) gets upset when he says too much to her. Faysal says he has no idea how to talk to Angela, she thinks he is flirting with her. They think Brett's speech will hurt Rachel even if she stays and she will go next week. They think even if Sam goes up she will put up Haleigh and Rock Star, but Fessy says it could be him (Faysal) too.
















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BB Time 9:43pm


Sam and Baleigh in the HOH talking about the stress in the house.


Sam: do they want to see me cry once in while, or should I hold it in an go downstairs and break every window in the building.


Baleigh laughs.


Sam wants her boundaries, a bubble or a hula hoop, she tells Baleigh she did a great job, that she handled HOH beautifully. Sam is worried about being sore on Thursday since she she did the workouts. She says memorization is kinda thing, she says Scottie is the same as she is. Baleigh says she has a photographic memory and wishes she could play this week. (usually photographic memories are found in small children, adults with photographic memory are INCREDIBLY rare—Grannysue)


Sam says she likes being in her environment to make decisions but in the bb house there is no driving to the grocery store. She says we are all playing for the same whatever, so you have to do what is best for you. She tells Baleigh that the floaters are not a thing, that they whole house is a team since everyone in the house has a hand in what happens to you. Having relationships and plans is one thing, but we all live together and take part in the plans now. Baleigh agrees they all have a hand in it. Sam tells her that if she has questions she should take care of it now. Baleigh does not know who to trust, she sees people as who they are, just like Sam. Baleigh loves everyone and gets along well, but who wonders who the users are. Sam says it is unfair for people to put other people in players heads, she would rather play alone, she is not going to change being true to herself, being honest or doing her best. Sam gives a list of things she will not do, and if she is sent out, fine, she does not care. She will help anyone who asks for help with the competition, she will not lie to them to confuse them. Baleigh repeats Proverbs, ( a verse that instructs us to help our neighbors when they ask) Baleigh and Sam say they like each other, Baleigh says she has done nothing to hurt anybody, so if they feel that way, it is their own insecurity (referring to JC as a little man, dwarf, Tasmanian devil—nope not hurtful-Granny)

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10:00 PM BBT Sam and Bayleigh are in the HOH room talking. Hayleigh, Rockstar, JC, and Faysal are in the WA. Haleigh just got out of the shower. Tyler is in the KT eating. FotH. Sam and Bayleigh are talking about Swaggy and Sam is talking about him and Bayleigh cleaning the kitchen. She says there was one time Bayleigh was asking to borrow a t-shirt and she said of course and she felt bad for her because everyone was making Bayleigh feel alone. Sam hates this place and everything that’s happening here because you can’t get away from it. Sam says it’s an emotional assault. Bayleigh says people are being judgy and they don’t see it. Sam says they are finding ways to pick on people’s insecurities without being direct. Sam says people think it’s going over her head, but she sees it and she don’t like it. Bayleigh says someone told her there could be a verbal attack tomorrow and she hopes not. She says she was told Brett was going to try and get Rachel to snap and she hopes he doesn’t do it because hopefully he wouldn’t do that to a friend. Sam asks if Bayleigh has asked Sam not to do that and Bayleigh says she didn’t hear it from him, she’s hoping it isn’t true. Haleigh and Faysal are in the pink bedroom.


10:05 PM BBT Sam says everyone making plans is ridiculous. She says everybody is making plans all the time and it turns into a big mess. Sam says people are going crazy and just making it worse. Sam says everything will change and it’ll be a whole new week with an F’d up plan and things will just get weirder. Bayleigh is telling Sam how to use conditioning lotion on her feet and then put a bootie on. FotH. Faysal, Rockstar, and Haleigh are studying from the pictures they seen earlier.


10:10 PM BBT Sam and Bayleigh are talking about previous competitions. Faysal, Haleigh, and Rockstar are still studying.


10:16 PM BBT Bayleigh and Sam head downstairs. Brett and JC are in the WA talking and Bayleigh comes in and they start talking about conversion therapy for homosexuals and Bayleigh says it’s so sad and Brett says it’s insane. JC explains what they do in conversion therapy. Bayleigh starts talking about a Will & Grace episode that dealt with conversion therapy and we get FotH. JC and Bayleigh are talking about “prejudices”, but it’s more about how people can’t get along for various reasons, not just race or sexual orientation, but for liking different things and how silly it is. Brett talks about a show called Shameless and about a character who is gay.


10:20 PM BBT Sam and Tyler are in the HNR. Kaycee and Brett are in the KT. Angela just got out of the shower and Rachel is getting ready to take one. Rockstar, Faysal, and Haleigh are still studying. Scottie heads into the HNR where Tyler is laying down. Scottie and Tyler are now talking about the pictures. Scottie and Tyler are now studying.

10:25 PM BBT Sam is called to the DR. JC is told to put on his microphone. Brett is giving Angela a backrub and Kayce and Rachel are watching. Brett is popping her back. Scottie and Tyler are sharing information. The pictures each had titles with punctuation and they had words in the picture with previous HG.

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10:30 PM BBT Scottie says they have to win tomorrow. Tyler says if one of those girls wins…Scottie shakes his head. They are discussing whether Brett will really call Rachel out or not. Kaycee is showering and Faysal and Haleigh are brushing their teeth. Faysal says I have 99 problems and they’re all b*tches. Haleigh asks about a Wiz Khalifa song. They are quoting song lyrics and we get FotH. Scottie and Tyler are talking about Brett and Rachel. Scottie is worried Brett would call him out and Tyler asks why he would do that. Scottie says he just wants Rachel gone. Scottie tells Tyler than Rachel has been throwing Kaycee and Angela under the bus saying she doesn’t know why they’re in the game, they don’t do anything. FotH. Scottie is talking to Tyler about not letting anything out until after the HOH in case Rachel wins.


10:35 PM BBT Tyler wants to talk to Rachel one more time tomorrow to clear things up with her because he knows she’s been talking about him. Scottie is going to rinse his cup out and change into his pajama pants. JC, Faysal, Haleigh, and Rachel are all in the WA and Kaycee is showering. Kaycee is out of the shower and Rachel is getting ready to go in and she starts singing and we get FotH. Scottie gives Rockstar a hug good night and Brett is still giving Angela a backrub. Scottie starts singing and FotH. Feeds are back for ten seconds and we hear Rachel singing and FotH. Feeds come back for another ten seconds and JC starts singing and FotH. Feeds are back and HG are still in the WA and JC starts humming a Christmas song and we get FotH. We hear “Hey, I said stop that!” and JC says well play music and make us happy.


10:40 PM BBT Tyler just settles into his bed again and he is called to the DR. Scottie says weren’t you just there and Tyler says he’s been there like 10 times already. Kaycee is giving good night hugs. We get FotH again. Rachel is now in the shower and Faysal is in the WA. Angela is told to put on her microphone. JC gives Scottie a hug in the HNR. JC is told to put on his microphone and Angela has gotten hers from the WA. Brett is now rubbing Kaycee’s back. Sam is asking if JC wants to dress to match tomorrow, maybe their overalls.


10:45 PM BBT Faysal is talking to Rachel in the shower and we can’t hear her because no microphone. Brett is telling Kaycee her shoulders are very tight. Sam is now in the WA and she’s going to take a shower.


10:50 PM BBT Brett has finished Kaycee’s backrub and she hugs him and thanks him. Brett says just remember…there’s plenty more where that came from. It’s all part of his pitch. Brett is talking about how he gave Kaitlyn, Angela, Haleigh, Tyler, and JC a backrub all on the same day. Angela and Kaycee thank him and Kaycee says that was amazing. She feels like a new woman. They start saying good night to each other. Haleigh has come in to tell Angela and Brett good night and she gives hugs. Rockstar, JC, and Kaycee are all in bed in the pink room. Brett is telling Angela about a conversation with JC where they talked about a guys alliance and JC trying to figure out who he would target if he stayed. Brett says he’s just trying to stay right now and then he’ll figure things out if he even wins an HOH.


10:55 PM BBT Angela tells Brett she wants to talk to Sam again and he tells her Sam told him he was safe but he thinks Rockstar has been in her ear. Brett says he’s made an offer to Bayleigh too. Brett says he also threw Rachel under the bus and thinks she has JC wrapped around her finger. Angela is repeating her rounds to Brett about throwing Rachel under the bus. Angela says Rachel told her that Bayleigh told her not to tell Angela that Tyler threw her name out as a replacement nominee. Angela says Bayleigh confronted Rachel about telling Angela what Tyler said. Then Rachel went to Angela and asked if she told and she says she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone and now Bayleigh is mad at her again and Angela laughs.

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11:15 PM BBT Bayleigh, Haleigh, and Faysal are in the HOH studying. Tyler is pacing in the KT.


11:20 PM BBT Scottie is in the WC, Tyler and Sam are in the KT. Faysal, Haleigh, and Bayleigh are still studying. Sam is told to put her microphone on and she makes Tyler go get it because Scottie is in the WC. Sam is talking to a camera and asking how their day was? She asks if they had a good day? Tyler and Sam are talking about how they play with the cameras. Tyler says all the funny stuff does will probably be on YouTube and he can’t wait to see it. Sam says it didn’t hit her until today that people are really watching. Sam says she thought it was weird that Tyler was talking to live feeders and he says people are really there. Sam says she guesses she didn’t realize how big the viewers were. Sam says she doesn’t think about it and Tyler says he doesn’t really either unless he’s by himself.


11:25 PM BBT Sam is setting up the coffee pot for the morning. She explains to Tyler she always has one ready so all she has to do is walk by and start the first and then she has a second ready to go right afterwards. Faysal, Haleigh, and Bayleigh still in the HOH room. Faysal is saying if they can win the next three HOH’s they can knock the girls out. (Sam, Angela, and Kaycee). Faysal counts himself, Haleigh, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Tyler, or Scottie as their side. Tyler is brushing his teeth. Tyler is talking to Scottie while brushing his teeth, but nothing is coherent.


11:30 PM BBT Angela is back up and in the WA and she’s washing her face. Scottie is putting deodorant on. Sam starts quizzing Scottie and Tyler on the gifs they saw. Sam asks how many gifs they could see Kaitlyn in. Tyler says she is in one where Steve falls and one she’s in a pool. Angela comes through and says good night. Things are winding down as HG settle in bed and are doing last minute studying.

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