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HOH-itus Claims Another HG


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Thursday night went until about 6am for Bayleigh and Faysal. Last we left off time Bayleigh had fumbled through her 1-1’s and started to create some concerns for her longevity in the game. That train didn’t stop at the station on Friday. 


Sam didn’t have a 1-1 with Bayleigh Thursday night. We start the day with these two In the HOH finally having some alone time. Nothing too important comes from this except Bayleigh was considering nominating JC. This is when she calls him a munchkin to Sam, asserting she doesn’t need that little munchkin running around with her name in his mouth. 


After that Bayleigh has a conversation with Rachel. Bayleigh reveals she’s considering using Rachel as a pawn next to Brett. Rachel responds by throwing out everyone else’s name both in her own alliance and Foute’s.


Bayleigh’s like nah you’re the best choice. It’s clear Rachel isn’t happy to hear and this. We watch Rachel unravel and be very dramatic the rest of the day. Later you’ll  never guess what Bayleigh does later to soften the blow? 


Friday has me grappling with mixed emotions all day long. Bayleigh makes these horrible mistakes just one after another. As a fan of the game watching someone who has the tools to be a great player it’s crushing to watch her devolve. Conversely as a Tyler fan I’m over the moon because more often than not her mistakes benefit his game. 


Bayleigh says don’t worry it’s ok because guess what? I have the 3rd power app! Not only that but proceeds to explain exactly what it is and how it works. She even tells her when it expires! 


I’m floored! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Why? Why? 


Admittedly Rachel plays out Friday horribly after realizing she’s likely going to be a pawn. However despite promising Bayleigh she won’t tell anyone...Rachel goes the the HN room and tells Angela.


Yeah Tyler! Angela will tell Kaycee and or Brett who will tell Tyler and that’s a huge advantage. If Tyler gets a hold of this information Bayleigh is dead in the water. 


What was Bayleigh’s motive for telling Rachel she has a power app? It seems to console and reassure her that when she uses it she won’t put Rachel up then because she’s using her now.


While Rachel is reeling at the fact she now knows Bayleigh’s secret and can plot how to use it to her advantage looking ahead she’s still not dealing well with being a pawn. 


I blame being nominated on Rachel. She did tell Bayleigh at one point if she needed to use her as a pawn she could. You never volunteer to go OTB! Never! Ever! Never! Rachel tries to walk it back but she’s already started the ball rolling down hill. Nothing will prevent Bayleigh from doing it now. 


Rachel tells Angela about the new information about Bay’s app. They decide they can use it to trick Bayleigh into burning her app. If they get HOH they will feed her imaginary nominations so Bayleigh is compelled to use her power to change them. Then they need a veto to be used and Bayleigh will be prime pickings for a BD exit. 


Did you think that was bad? Bayleigh takes her reveal a step further. She says it’s anonymous! She lays out the fact that no one will know it’s me. I plan to put up Scottie and Tyler. It’s perfect because no one will know it’s me! Even spilling she plans to use it to protect Faysal. If neither Rachel nor Faysal win HOH she plans to use it. 


Sure Bayleigh. It would be a great plan if you hadn’t just shown ALL of your cards to Rachel! You know the Rachel who is in an alliance with Tyler and Brett! There is absolutely no logical or justifiable reason for Bay to have shared this. 


It’s mind blowing! Later she clarifies she’s not able to name the replacement nominees, the actual HOH will have control over those. There is some debate whether she fibbed on the expiration timeline but Bay’s app is good up UNTIL F8. Bay explains when Rachel tries to confirm her understanding that it will be valid another 3 evictions which for me, lines up. 


Week 5 will be the 5th evictee and she’s not including this week of course because she’s HOH. So by Bayleigh’s estimation in this situation then 6th, 7th, 8th evictions it’s valid which lines up with the actual timeline. At that point we’re at F8.


The one thing about Bay’s app-that was most dangerous Tyler is it really renders his ability to maneuver his way around her app with his. Tyler has to believe he’s in danger. Tyler’s app is really only most useful during a Veto ceremony. If he used in during an HOH nomination he wouldn’t then also he safe from being a re-nom. 


There is a 99% chance Tyler will get this new info. Angela has proven she cannot ever keep anything to herself. If he does and he knows he’s going to be nominated by Bayleigh’s power when one of his closest allies is HOH he can actually avoid hitting the block all together against her power. This was absolutely a disastrous move for Bayleigh. On the other hand it is likely to be a colossal benefit for him.!


Now imagine Bayleigh once Rachel leaves the room. She immediately says to herself why can’t I shut my own mouth! As much as she kicks herself in the butt for a moment. That doesn’t last too long because she does not demonstrate she really grasps magnitude of concern she should in admitting it was something she shouldn’t have done. 


I wish I could tell you now that’s the end of astronomically preposterous moves by Bayleigh on Friday. It’s not. Despite the fact she’s solid in her decision to put Brett/Rachel OTB she has another conversation with JC. 


She’s been dissuaded by Faysal from doing so but she wants to squeeze JC a bit. Because it’s always a good idea to go ahead tell someone you’re not nominating them that you planned to do so.


This was not a negotiation situation as I described yesterday. Hey if I don’t put you up I need you to xyz. Nope. Not what this is. I mean it is on the surface but her motives here were more to make sure he knows he was a consideration. 


In this convo Bayleigh plays like she’s not locked yet. Once JC hears Rachel is at the top of the list he’s ecstatic. He HATES Rachel the way Bayleigh hates him. Bayleigh says to him if she does nominate her (over him) she has JC’s word he will vote Brett out. 


JC doesn’t lie well here, we know immediately he will vote out Rachel over Brett but I don’t think his circular answer gives her pause here. Bayleigh goes on to say this also means JC won’t come after her and he says, don’t worry there’s other people I’m targeting BEFORE you. 


Oh JC. His responses and how he walks people around his actual motives is always amusing to watch. I don’t know how someone who has been as insightful and watchful as Bayleigh doesn’t know this. The only rational explanation is she’s clinging to what she wants to hear over what he’s actually saying both verbally and non-verbally. 


The Rachel convo where Bayleigh leaks her app intel happens when she goes and finds Rachel crying about being nominated. She’s left the HOH because there’s been a blow out between Bayleigh, Faysal, and Haleigh. Bayleigh and Haleigh go all in on Faysal! 


Bayleigh was in the HOH. She now summons Faysal to come upstairs. She’s asserting that Faysal needs to trust her. Neither likes the fact that Faysal is being so loyal to JC! How dare he! Bayleigh is again mirroring Sam’s approach to HOH. 


She tells Faysal to stop freaking out about JC! He’s not going OTB. She clearly is unhappy with how hard Faysal has been riding for JC. She tells him he needs to be more loyal to Haleigh (and herself) over JC! She again tells Haleigh she needs to spend more time with Faysal. 


This loyalty that Faysal and JC have to each other is what leads Bayleigh to say, “If  I don’t nominate JC that little thing better be loyal!” 


Wow! There we go again with the little people slurs. Yet another slip that gets fans crashing the stock market in their rush to dump Bayleigh stock. 


Someone needs to check Bayleigh’s ego the way she used to do to Soggy. Although  she’s HOH right now these comments will come out. Sam is likely to eventually tell JC that Bayleigh called him a munchkin. Faysal is not high on being able to keep information to himself.


With the exception of Bay’s power there’s nothing he doesn’t run to someone else. If these controversial comments are revealed in the house it won’t be good for Bayleigh.


It’s already not good for her outside the house. Fans do not like this. Even fans who have been STAN’ing for her are aghast at some of her comments as well as her treacherous game play as HOH. They aren’t sympathetic to her turning around and making these types of comments after dismissing her reaction to what JC said last week on the Sunday episode anymore. 


This tide is turning and the more she does it all day Friday (calling Scottie and albino and then the support of Sam’s comments and shaming Haleigh) the less chance she has to redeem herself. I knew that winning HOH was bad for her game but no one could have imagined her sharp tongue would make her the week’s villain. 


Like Sam Bay’s telling everyone how she thinks they need to be playing the game. We’ve already heard Bayleigh l. last night, tell Haleigh to be more grateful to Faysal for saving her. This is all a growing tumbleweed of angst among the three! Its not even 3 pm!


What is happening! ? This sermon from Bayleigh is trenchant! I mean nominations have not even happened at this point in the day Friday. On top of the fact that these 3 are the power in the HOH this week and fighting again within their own alliance! Definitely something you may want to flashback to shortly after 2 pm Friday when it all begins. 


Faysal’s doesn’t allow him to be told what to do by women so you know he doesn’t take this lying down! He bites back with clarifying he doesn’t take orders from them. You don’t tell me what to do! This escalated into a fight with Haleigh which is what sends Bayleigh back into the actual game emerging from her HOH in a rare sighting downstairs. This is when she finds Rachel and all of that unfolds. 


Faysal also doesn’t heed any of the warnings the ladies bestowed on him. Not long after his talk with Haleigh and Bayleigh he goes to JC. Faysal tells JC in no uncertain terms that HE is solely responsible for keeping JC off the block. No one else just him. He tells him everyone else said nominate him. Everyone! Bayleigh wanted to and he alone prevented it and JC better recognize it. 


Now for us much as Faysal’s bravado here is a bit over the top. The one 1-1 that influences Bayleigh the most the night before was Kaycee. She really reinforces why JC needs to go in between others from L6 suggestions of either Scottie or JC being the biggest targets right now.

So I will give Faysal all of the credit for taking the heat off of JC.


But listen at this point Level 5/6 could actually let Foute have the power every week! Foute just persistently implode on each other. They are the most maladjusted team we’ve seen on BB. Faysal and B/H’s argument about his loyalty did also do some damage. 


They are in fact their own worst enemies.  Left to their own devices Foute would probably just pick each other off while Tyler and L5 sit on the balcony snacking on puppy chow mix Sam makes. I mean seriously! I mean Bayleigh was the only one we all saw with any sense! 


Faysal comes off his tussle with Bayleigh and Haleigh and has a quick chat with Tyler. I am actually pleasantly surprised to see Faysal making some of his own moves. This new found confidence after last weeks veto has him branching out more and more which is why the ladies are annoyed but it’s good for him. 


Faysal confirms to Tyler that he is safe this week. Don’t worry you aren’t going up. This is music to Tyler’s ears. Faysal and Tyler reaffirmed that they have to stick together, these guys, because the women are going to take shots at them to get to the end with all females. 


Yet another example where Tyler playing 3-5 steps ahead of everyone really positions him well week after week. Tyler brought this up to Faysal last week. Bayleigh actually inadvertently reinforces Tyler’s theory when she told Faysal about the all girls alliance that Kaitlin didn’t. 


Tyler has also branded the connection they have both being victims of Kaitlin’s ways. Faysal is putty in Tyler’s hand. It’s literally a talk about how it’s crazy Kaitlin was trying to pit them against each other and now jokes on her she’s gone and they’re actually going to work together. 


It’s true Tyler controlled much of the actions in the game the first two weeks. The marks of an exceptional player really are made when they can overcome obstacles when things aren’t in their control when they have someone like Scottie or Sam that they can’t convince to make a specific move. 


Tyler even when he’s not writing the story line of events he finds a way to make lemon drops out of those lemons. He’s quick on his feet. Pivots unnoticed and has created so many paths for himself over the first weeks he really can change his direction up and turn a roadblock into a private road that leads to a bridge where he can now work the global view of the game. 


I’m so dazzled by his game play! He has almost the same amount of macro control over the game as Paul did but has endeared himself week after week with whoever he needed to. This is the type of game play I admire the most! 


You can play this game and lie and manipulate without being a jackass. You can macro manage and stay on top. I expect Tyler to be there at F6. I still see a clear path to F 3. Especially if he continues to shape the direction of the game week after week so magnificently despite being seen as a threat by people. No one hates him and with only one more HG leaving pre-jury that is huge considering the ones left will be the jury picking the winner.


This is the polar opposite of how Rachel is playing. All day she’s emotionally unraveling. While Rachel does have some strengths through her knowledge of the game she has just as many weaknesses. Rachel does not perform under pressure. She can plot ahead. She can make some moves to set herself and Angela up when she sees a potential problem. Rachel cannot pivot. 


When things don’t go as planned she comes unglued. She frequently curls up in a ball and cries. She’s not happy about being nominated. She’s been on slop. She’s worked this female alliance angle but not which guys to target enough. Bayleigh then wavers in her original agreement that if veto is used Scottie will be the replacement and now she’s going to melt back into a mess. 


Bayleigh walks back her original assertion. Telling Rachel that if Rachel wins the veto Scottie will be the likely renom. However if Brett comes down then someone else would need to go up because she doesn’t actually want Scottie to go home. This of course freaks Rachel out she’s OTB! 


Level 5’s hope has been to get Scottie or JC OTB to potentially prevent losing another number. Rachel also hears that both Scottie and JC suggested she go on the block so she’s even more motivated now. She’s absolutely incensed when she learns this. It’s these moments where we see she can’t act in the moment or when under pressure. Pressure on Rachel doesn’t produce a diamond it’s fat more reflective of a smash cake. 


4:44 pm SR Tyler/Brett confirming Brett isgoing to go up. Both discussing how absurd it is that Rachel has told Bay she can put her OTB next to Brett. Brett is puzzled why he’s her target. What did he do to her? Tyler says he already lost Winston. 


Really? Hey best friend Brett you were always a target! The eviction speech gas lighting Angie didn’t shrink the target on you! Why wouldn’t you be her target? Did you seriously think because you spent a few days in the HN room with Bay she’s gonna ride for you? I can see being upset she’s coming for you but to act indignant about her reasons is foolish. 


Rachel does eventually persuade Bayleigh to agree to put Scottie up as a replacement nominee. Only in the event veto is used. We actually get a full day of events with a very late nomination ceremony. Bayleigh does in fact nominate Brett and Rachel.


Haleigh/Rachel chat in HN room post nominations 7pm Ish. Haleigh clearly doing damage control. Rachel says they need to know who has the other power app. She says they know it’s either Scottie/JC (it’s not). She’s fuming after hearing both JC/Scottie threw her UTB to Bayleigh via Bayleigh. 


Haleigh says well we need to know who has the last 2 (Sam’s is out). This is key for Rachel to file away. Haleigh doesn’t know about Bay’s power. Rachel does. That’s a great advantage. She needs some confirmation that Haleigh isn’t pretending she doesn’t know but I expect this to have some recourse. 


I should also briefly mention that Faysal has a conversation with Tyler about the apps. It’s very surface at first. Remember to our surprise he has managed not to leak he knows Bay’s power. Let’s also realize who he is talking to! Tyler!


Tyler already suspects Bayleigh has one and Faysal gets a tad more specific in a non-committal way. Faysal says what if a power is where someone can change the HOH’s nominations? 


Tyler is savvy. He may not know right away but...it’s Faysal who doesn’t know the game. Saying it to Tyler who does know the game. Who does know 100% Faysal is with Bayleigh. It may not take Rachel/Angela spilling for him to put these pieces together at some point. 


Rachel does make one smart move Friday. She pulls Sam aside as inquires about what the other apps were because she got hers the first week. Ironically Sam specifically remembered the Identity Theft and the You Cloud or something app. That’s funny because those are the only other two selected. These results in them trying to determine how the powers work. 


The ‘girls alliance’ makes a quick pit stop with Bayleigh. Angela uses this opportunity to push the getting Scottie or JC agenda but it doesn’t seem to stick here.  JC doesn’t do himself or Faysal any favors when he goes to Bay after Faysal credits himself with saving JC. 


JC tells Bayleigh what Faysal says. He is so wrapped up in his own agendas he has no idea that Bayleigh hates him as much as she does. This bomb dropping that Faysal just told him he was the sole reason Bay doesn’t target him won’t have the desired effect. In fact it only infuriated Bay with Faysal more. 


JC is another one that has suddenly lost his advantage in this game. JC is immovable. We know that. But since last week we’ve seen him like a dog with a bone in his own head. He’s completely failing to see that what he wants and what’s actually happening don’t align. 


JC is convinced Tyler was Kaitlin’s b*#%$. He’s convinced his F5 goals with making it there with JC/Faysal/Haleigh/Tyler/Bay is an actual guarantee and he’s not working on other paths. He swears it was his own words that convinced Bayleigh and doesn’t credit Faysal at all. Yet another player, like Kaitlin that’s shaping up to be the driving factor in his own demise. 


Bayleigh has another convo with Tyler. This is where Bayleigh asks him to play Veto if she gets HG choice she Wants to pick him. She tells him she suspects either JC/Scottie/Tyler has a power. Which Tyler hilariously responds to by casually saying ha ha that’s funny because I think either YOU/Scottie/JC have the other powers. So we see them getting a bit more comfortable in their exchanges. 


I think Bayleigh wants to test Tyler. I think she wants him to win and not use it to prove to her he’s with her now. Or at least not with ‘them’. Unfortunately this will become an issue later on Saturday. 


In case your not aware people still don’t identify Tyler as being part of the team on the other side of the house. Tyler does not need to be in this veto. Especially now that Bayleigh is getting annoyed with Rachel’s dramatics. This is playing into JC’s desires. JC will be working to get Rachel voted out if Brett/Rachel nominations don’t change. 


From what I see Angela and Rachel are a duo. They’re next next loyalty lies with L6. Then the girls alliance if that fails. From what we know by the end of Friday is Bayleigh wants Brett/Rachel to stay OTB. She doesn’t want Veto used but if Rachel wins she’s likely to consider using Scottie as a pawn. I know she’s mentioned Sam/Angela but I think her desire to guarantee a guy goes out will win.  The real mystery is will she go ahead and throw JC OTB if Brett comes down. For now that’s the most likely scenario. 


Before I wrap up Friday there’s one more pressing controversy to share. Bayleigh’s diarrhea of the mouth stirred up some trouble in conversations with both Faysal and Haleigh. 


Bayleigh has a conversation with Haleigh where she insists Haleigh needs to be nicer to Faysal for saving her.  Haleigh’s noticeably taken aback saying I feel like I’ve been nice to him. 


Bayleigh basically says she needs to be nicer to him because he saved her. Haleigh replies she feels like she’s been nice to him...the conversation gets more and more awkward from there but essentially Haleigh better pay more attention to him. Remember Faysal said things of a similar nature before using it alluding to the fact Haleigh needed to pay more attention to him and only him if he saved her. Bayleigh’s comments here are very reminiscent of that. 


Bayleigh spoke to Faysal late last night after a DR session where she was asked who’s HOH is this? She wakes him up after midnight. 


Bayleigh rips him for saying anything to JC. She tells him that he’s making her look stupid and like he’s running her HOH and she’s not having that! She demands Faysal not tell anyone anything in the house if it’s not been approved by her first. She’s accusing him of very comments which he repeatedly denies. Eventually she tells him nobody likes JC but him which we all know isn’t true. 


When she doesn’t get any more from that interrogation she pivots to his relationship with Haleigh. This is where things now get disturbing to me.  Bayleigh tells him that the issues between them are messing up her game up the game. Remember she already stirred the pot with them earlier and goes in on him then. Problem is after that JC throws Faysal UTB . 


She says she doesn't think he is getting the opportunity to rely on Haleigh. She goes on to say that Haleigh said that Faysal needed more attention from her. Baleigh says Haleigh should be his ride or die, but she is not giving it to him. Actually Haleigh asked Bayleigh because of things she was saying that if she thinks she needs to give him more attention. 


Really Bayleigh? Who are you to again tell people how they should be playing the game when you had a hissy fit because how dare Rachel he concerned about her own safety! How dare Rachel want to come off the block because you then have to nom another person! 


Who are you to tell Haleigh she needs to fall on a sword for Faysal for using the veto on her. The way Bayleigh words that sounds an awful like how Faysal worded it at 3 am when he said she ‘owes’ him and should only be paying attention to him. It’s gross! Now I’m getting annoyed. 


Faysal’s Head is spinning. He’s like a deer caught in the head lights. It’s clear whatever was talked about in the DR just twisted her little power trip into a category 5 tornado now! Faysal keeps telling Bay she’s wrong. Over and over and she tells barreling down on him telling him he’s wrong? 


Now Bayleigh questions him about using the veto on Haleigh. She’s saying he WAS (he was) expecting something from Haleigh in return. Faysal talks about the fact that he and Haleigh don’t talk much. He again says she’s busy hanging out with other guys and he’s done what he can do prove himself to Haleigh so ….. 


Bayleigh says Haleigh pops off and says things, (still insisting they are a pair). Now this is all also after she rips Haleigh earlier in the evening saying she does owe Faysal. She should be at his feet begging to be his ride or die. Bay needs her to go ahead and do what she’s supposed to and keep Faysal on a leash while she’s at it. It literally sounds like she’s pumping Haleigh out for her own benefit with no regard for how Haleigh feels or what Haleigh wants. 


Now Miss all knowing is laying out how exactly he should manipulate (handle) Haleigh. Since he’s older he needs to ‘teach’ her. His orders are to be the mature one in this relationship. Actually telling him stroke her, compliment her, give her attention, then tell her what you want. 


What is happening with her? Did Kaitlin leaves some crystals and oils that have transformed her into the new all knowing all seeing player in the house? I’m seriously shocked. 


Bayleigh thinks Faysal should ‘teach’ Haleigh how to have a relationship. Faysal says these circumstances aren't real in the house. Bayleigh insists he has feelings for Haleigh outside the game, no matter what his worries are.


Faysal is sitting on the bed, arms crossed, staring towards his feet, and Bayleigh has leaned over into his sight line. Bayleigh says if you find someone young, coach them.


Ew! This is toxic.  Faysal tries repeat what Haleigh has been saying since day one that a relationship with Haleigh will interfere with the game. It’s almost as if he hears how ridiculous he sounded talking to Haleigh and doesn't want to do that. If it would work out later after the game fine. 


Faysal explains he wanted to express his opinions in the house by showing her when he uses the veto on Haleigh.  He has also asserted that regardless using the veto was a good game move. At the end of the day for him it was a game move. Bayleigh instructs him not to tell Haleigh that Bayleigh asked about Haleigh. 


This is one of the sharpest turns I’ve seen a player make in the game after winning HOH. She’s all over the place. Bayleigh is showing way too many cards. She is running her mouth like there are no secrets in this house. She is being way too pushy and demanding over things she really has no business talking about nevertheless making demands about. She’s acting and speaking in vile ways that will 100% hurt her game even more than they have. 


This is a player that was sitting pretty the end of week 4. Perfectly situated between the two sides. She really essentially had a free pass for a couple weeks and then her power in her back pocket a couple weeks into Jury to easily glide into F5 or F6. I just don’t understand how she’s now acting like a day one player who comes in too hard too fast and blows up their own game! 


Imagine she does all of this and doesn’t end up sending out one of her own targets? Imagine Brett stays a renom she thinks is the perfect pawn like her pal Angela ends up going home? At this point she’s made jury but she went from the top plunging to the bottom in many ways so far and it’s only day 2 of her HOH. 


After the last 36 hours I’m kinda thankful we are five hours into Veto comp. I needed a respite from the insanity of it all. Clearly it’s likely an individual comp with everyone separated based on how long this is taking? Southern California is experiencing a heat wave and they were warned and told to stay hydrated. 


The veto players were drawn this morning. I will be back tomorrow with all of Saturday’s events but for now I will leave you with the veto players since it is currently under way! 



Nominees: Brett/Rachel 





The only one I see here as an issue is Tyler . He would have to either use it as Brett/Rachel want which means some heavy lifting on Bayleigh. Or he upsets someone on his own side not using it to earn more trust from Bayleigh. I hope he just throws it. At one point Bayleigh did say she wanted the veto winner to use it in Rachel but that’s not what she really wants. I think she may have a coronary if JC wins though. LOL. 


The RealiTea is this season of BB there’s no shortage of drama, excitement, and shocking twists and turns most organically created by the players. This isn’t forced by production! I’m here for that! 


**Feeds return around 6:30pm and of course Tyler won Veto. LOL! 





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