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Just When We Thought It Couldn’t Get Crazier! Week 5 HOH


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The drama didn’t stop at Thursday’s eviction! With Kaitlin’s shocking exit we thought we would be able to exhale along with the remaining 12 HG’s. The bad energy is gone! People can chill and play the game without so much tension. Think again! 


 The HOH competition was another chance comp. Bayleigh went first. We quickly learn no one that followed her was able to bump her from the winner’s circle. This is one the benefit of the doubt I will toss her.


As you read in my week 4 analysis of the winners and losers at the end of the week Bayleigh was in a phenomenal position in the game!  From that stand point alone winning was the last thing she should have wanted to do. Bayleigh is now HOH and NO ONE could have predicted just how bad this would be for her game! 


Feeds return and the first thing I see is Tyler with Bayleigh in the geo room. He’s  working his misty magic! Tyler understands that the house sees him as Kaitlin’s victim.  As a result that means Foute all see him as a free agent prime for the picking. 


They’re wrong. As usual.  However,  this is fantastic for Tyler! Bayleigh doesn’t trust Tyler. In this situation she sees him as vulnerable. She’s projecting here because  how she felt when Soggy left and he knows this. 


Tyler has invested in pre-eviction post eviction work on Bayleigh. Prior to eviction Tyler went to Bayleigh crying. He made himself appear vulnerable and elicits empathy from her when her showmance went home. 


Then as soon as feeds return we find Tyler alone with Bayleigh in geo room. He’s again working on Bayleigh and she is definitely subscribing to his edition of how he’s lost now without Kaitlin. He’s lying next to her as she is now playing with his hair! 


Tyler has done some GREAT work here with Bayleigh. I’ve said over and over these two ‘see each other’ when they talk. They also see where the other is a possible asset down the road.


I do think she’s fallen for the emotional manipulation he uses capitalizing on her own experience when Soggy left week 2 and says as much! She says it’s his chance to reset this week. With Kaitlin gone they can now actually talk and develop their own relationship. 


While Bay/Tyler exchange sympathies for all the carnage Kaitlin left behind others are speculating about the hinky vote that JC cast. This is getting a lot of attention despite the excessive drama surrounding tonight’s live show. Again the universe is working for the higher Good (LOL) where Tyler is concerned. I expect this to continue to be discussed as the week plays out.


Some HG’s are throwing around names of people like Rachel. Most suspect Scottie. Everyone is certain that vote was done to try and pin it on Tyler. That’s perceived as trying to kick him while he’s down. Which is exactly why most suspect Scottie. 


Scottie throwing that vote onto Soggy wasn’t the shocking part of his decision week 3. What is following him from that is the assumption that he’s sneaky and evil in his game play and that makes him the prime candidate regardless of what he says. 


In this game you must analyze every move. You have to evaluate gains and losses. Players should never do something just because in that moment it has a purpose.  This game requires you consider moving forward what are the potential pitfalls and is that short gain worth chancing long term losses. This is where the average player typically fails. 


Bay gets her HOH room just after midnight. Now Bayleigh gives a HOH speech once the excitement settled down? She tells everyone she will be having 1-1’s but she won’t have people disrespecting her room the way people (Foute actually) did week 1.


Bay goes on to say people  are welcome to visit her. Just understand they won’t be using it as their hang out spot. Seems Sam’s approach has had some residual effects. I’m already seeing signs that the new found power is going to her head. 


I am NOT exaggerating with what I am about to share. Bayleigh took possession of the HOH room and as soon as she crosses the threshold all decorum and common sense is essentially excommunicated from her game!


It starts with her HOH speech. As you see it is parallel to Sam’s. This mistake keeps building steam late into Friday evening. Go ahead and get comfortable because this is going to be a bumpy ride. 


Bayleigh opens her organic bottle of wine and downs most of the bottle while preparing to hold court. She did share a few sips but that left her most of the bottle and the LAST thing any HOH should do is have 1-1’s when they’re tipsy. 


Bayleigh says she wants to let others come to her. She says she plans to let other people do most of the talking.  That’s not what we see happen.

Bayleigh dominates most of the convos that follow and talks right over and through everyone saying way too much! 


Haleigh has the first 1-1. While they begin talking Faysal wanders in. This doesn’t sit well with Haleigh. She is like get out it’s my 1-1!


Haleigh and Bayleigh both point out they are having their 1-1. They tell him he should leave to not make it look like they’re conspiring as a group. Faysal lingers clearly annoyed at Haleigh’s responses. He VERY slowly putting on socks to the point they stop talking and watch him. It worked he was uncomfortable enough he does exit.


Haleigh starts to talk about Sam and Bayleigh stops her w/I LOVE Sam! You can see the shock on Haleigh’s face. Haleigh shares her surprise after what Sam did to her. Then Bay very directly say,

Well she wasn’t wrong...from here Bay feels emboldened to ‘school’ Haleigh why Sam said what she said. 


Bayleigh roasts Haleigh here with some not so subtle shade. Bayleigh does say it slightly more politely although very directly. She conveysn that what Sam meant wasn’t wrong.


Hmm! I didn’t see that coming. From Haleigh’s reaction neither did she! Haleigh although shocked asks why Bayleigh thinks that? 


Bayleigh explains how Sam said it, no that wasn’t right. But...you are a flirty girl. All the guys are in love with you. I mean Sam wasn’t wrong. This sets up her approach to most of the 1-1’s that follow and I’m growing more and more concerned as the time passes. 


Bayleigh lays out week 1 Tyler liked you until Kaitlin got her claws into him. Faysal is clearly in love with you. Brett has a thing for you. Scottie low key likes you. Sam’s not wrong in her perception that you being 21, beautiful, flirty is an unfair advantage to her because she can’t play that way. 


Haleigh is clearly panicking at Bayleigh’s assessments. She start questioning if she should just not look at any of the guys?  Should she distance herself? She points out she doesn’t want her and Faysal being perceived as a pair and even though she’s refusing his desire to be in a showmance people are still unfairly lumping them together. 


Haleigh is talking very strategically before Bay says this. Bayleigh is talking just as much! Bayleigh essentially tells her no you’re 21, pretty, and single unlike Kaitlin!


In the end Bayleigh tells her “You keep using that girl. I’m just saying Sam’s old fashioned I get why she sees it that way.” So now Haleigh has her marching orders from the new HOH. This conversation becomes even more relevant Friday night. 


While Bayleigh and Haleigh chat, Bay also tells us that she’s very suspicious of Scottie. I was a bit taken aback by this. She tells Haleigh she’s thinking Brett/JC as nominees with Scottie as a BD if Veto comes into play.


Last week we watched Bayleigh buddy up with Scottie. They had legitimate strategy talks. It appeared she was positioning herself to pair up with him. Clearly Bayleigh was imitating some of Tyler’s acting skills. 


Bayleigh says Scottie isn’t trustworthy. He threw that vote savagely while wearing Chris’ T-shirt. Someone who throws rogue votes independently is dangerous.


Scottie’s not someone she can work with long term. I think this shocks Haleigh again.


Bay affirms he’s evil but for now she can use him as a pawn (not target him) because in this moment he’s using his evil for our benefit. Later when she and Scottie have their 1-1 Bayleigh grills Scottie.


Everything she says with Scottie solidified what she told Haleigh. Bayleigh suspects he has a power. She even makes his swear on the Bible. If I’m Scottie it’s now clear to me that Bay is NOT in my corner. 


Bayleigh talking SO MUCH in 1-1 with Haleigh is an omen for how her HOH will play out. 

I laughed hysterically when Bayleigh talks about Tyler being passive. She tells Haleigh Kaitlin was the  dominant one and running him!


Bay keeps telling Haleigh that Tyler deserves a reset week. I got one when Soggy went out. He deserves that. He was crying to me already this is tough for him and I don’t want to kick him when he’s down. No one should. 


Oh Bayleigh you’re so pretty...that’s what I tell my daughter when she says something overtly absurd. Thank you though. I’m thrilled she’s made up her mind to leave Tyler alone. She’s read him completely wrong for the most part. 


We have to give Tyler all the credit for that!  Later Bayleigh actually gets to a place of comfort where she says she may just choose him to play in Veto? Yeah, so that happens. 


The week Kaitlin was HOH Tyler was the wizard behind the curtain. He with JC’s leg work that week made everyone believe it was all Kaitlin’s mastermind idea. Don't forget that. Don’t forget JC told everyone that week that Kaitlin was using Tyler and manipulating him. In fact JC has said it so often last week he believes his own lies.


Now it’s week 5 and this narrative continues to be the belief. This week of safety will really let him pivot this week! I don’t want to hear anyone say Tyler doesn’t have a role in Bayleigh and other’s perceptions of his relationship with Kaitlin. That is entirely because he and JC have worked hard since week 2 to create this narrative. 


I know many of you are wondering what is Bayleigh thinking?! Why isn’t she planning to at least BD him? Why is Bayleigh not pouncing on Tyler? I was seriously wondering if she was trying to make him comfortable so he wouldn’t want to play or win Veto. Is she really planning to BD him? 


I mean disarming him so she can then BD him would be a great move! Then I remember this is a Foute HOH! LOL! Only Tyler could actually come up with and execute a plan this diabolical. 


Eventually by Friday Bayleigh gets to a place where she’s actually considering picking Tyler for HG choice. I see two reasons why Bayleigh has suddenly been yet another HG miraculously misted by Tyler based on last night’s 1-1’s so let’s just address the elephant in the room.


Thankfully Kaitlin helped Tyler’s game with her inability to see the forest through the trees! Kaitlin did nothing but the exact opposite of what she should do this last week. That included going directly to the people he said don’t say anything to. Kaitlin’s inabilities to just sit down and shut up the last few days may be what saves him this week. 


Kaitlin was running around confronting people. This played a huge role in solidifying L6 flipping their votes against her. Kaitlin and Tyler had a conversation where Tyler told her that she shouldn’t trust Haleigh and Faysal. He pleas with her to see that they’re against her. He also tells her that Bayleigh was the only one on her side she can trust! Kaitlin can trust Bayleigh because she wants to vote to keep her. 


As per usual Kaitlin ran this right back to Bayleigh trying to throw Tyler UTB. In RealiTea this ends up in fact doing him a HUGE favor. She essentially is telling Bayleigh that Tyler says to trust Bayleigh. 


This didn’t seem like anything to me when it happens.  For weeks he’s told Kaitlin things and said don’t say anything.  To which she runs right back and spills all the tea. That and the fact the vote has already flipped and Bayleigh was now voting to evict her. 


In the current situation, Kaitlin is now gone. Tyler is seen as vulnerable now, and Bayleigh BELIEVES she can trust Tyler because he told Kaitlin she can trust Bayleigh! Everything happens for the higher good in this situation that’s for sure! Sorry I can’t resist! 


The second reason Bayleigh is not focusing on Tyler we hear her explain later to Angie. Remember Bayleigh’s app is VERY powerful. She suspects Tyler has the 2nd power app. She says that vote happened coming off his HOH it’s most likely he was the most trending that week coming off his HOH. 


This is great that she’s thinking logically. Of course as is everyone else assuming Bay got the 3rd app because Chris went home. What’s bad for Bayleigh is there seems to be a part of her afraid that his is just as powerful as hers because HER’S is SO POWERFUL. 


This is a huge advantage for Tyler. She will be afraid his power will tank her HOH. The other advantage is Tyler is the only app winner that hasn’t told one person he has a power. Remember Bayleigh told Faysal and as her arrogance grows over the next 18 hours she makes a tactical error that is an undeniable horrible game play. 


I am conflicted with Haleigh in her 1-1. The fan in me is LOVING hearing the accurate reads Haleigh has. She’s sharing her mindset moving forward telling Bayleigh they need to think about who THEY want to sit next to final 3, by considering the same for F4, F5, F6 and make moves to set those positions up. 


This is wonderful to see from her. It’s also good Bayleigh initially assert things that lets us know Bayleigh is looking out for Bayleigh. As she analyzes who to put up this week she reveals more and more how she see’s everyone relative to her own game. 


More importantly the people Bayleigh won’t touch helps get a clear view of her game. She wont put certain people OTB because doesn’t think they will come for her. Bayleigh lays out these are people that wouldn’t vote against her moving forward. She misses the mark on Tyler more often than not but the rest of the players she’s actually pretty spot on. 


It’s now close to 1:30 a.m. and Angela is up next! We quickly learn from general chit chat that this HOH came down to Bay/Rachel. Bayleigh is the HOH and she’s having these 1-1’s but she’s doing to majority of the talking.


OMG! Bay needs to reel in her excitement and her sushi/wine high. Come on! The advantage of being HOH you gain intel, make some deals, position yourself for the next week! It is not to throw up everything you haven’t been able to say for 4 weeks.


Angela and Bay (like others throughout the house tonight) discuss how everyone breathing finally with Kaitlin gone. They point out they don’t have to stay so divided socially or be afraid of Kaitlin interrupting convos or being fearful of how she’s twisting things or targeting people when they talk to Tyler. 


Angela and Bayleigh reaffirm their day one bonds. She’s geeking out over being able to be BFF’s with her again. They agree they need to target the guys which means a guy HAS to go this week. They want to get to the end with all women. Which is exactly what Haleigh said as well.


Bayleigh told Angela, ‘I just want to keep my mouth shut’ and let others come and do all the talking tonight. The RealiTea she’s doing exactly the opposite of that. It’s not just because it’s Angela and they had to be opposed to the other’s sides because of the situation.


Bayleigh says to Angela “can you imagine if we came in here and acted like these other girls in the house?” I don’t think Haleigh cared for her perspective on that but Angela certainly does. 


The majority of this convo they are bonding over similar experience. Both having been through dealing with other women in competitive environments (pageants/modeling). Some more Kaitlin bashing. Angela doesn’t stay more than 15-20 min and Bayleigh says she can send up whoever she wants next. 


Faysal enters. She immediately jumps around and says I won HOH before you! Hahahaha! I LOVE this moment because Faysal came in assuming he was going to be Victor and beast his way through the game.


He comments that it was again a chance comp and he will win when it’s a physical one. The strike to his ego is enjoyable to watch. Especially when you consider that 3/5 HOH’s have been won by women! LOL! 


Bayleigh tries to ask Faysal what he thinks?  What does he want to say? Yet again she talks 95% of the time. Scottie is finally trending in the game. Unfortunately, it is because of that savage vote against Chris that he tried for a power app but not the way he’d hoped for. 


Faysal asks who she’s thinking? She says Brett/JC with Scottie as a replacement nominee. Faysal says, not Tyler? She says no, maybe if replacement nom happens.  Tyler needs the week off and he’s a free agent now. This is one of the moments that aligns with my initial suspicions she may try to BD Tyler.


Faysal tries to deflect from JC saying he and JC are really close. Bayleigh says she doesn’t trust him. She says JC has never said Bayleigh ‘I’m good with you’ or ‘I wouldn’t put you up’. In this moment she says it’s  not because of the fight we had.  Its just he has never once come to me like we’re good. Bayleigh says this time the only people she has in mind is Brett/JC/Rachel. 


Bayleigh makes a very strong argument re: JC. She says JC would pick you over me. JC would pick Tyler over me, Sam over me, but Rachel would pick me! 


Faysal warns her to be prepared for JC to be a maniac. Bayleigh makes it clear she does not like JC! Her comments are accurate about his behaviors but she also comments about him ‘saying things he shouldn’t’ so she is still harboring some feelings about what he said. This claim that it’s not about that is foreshadowing the rest of Thursday and Friday’s series of events. 


Faysal continues to ride hard for JC in this convo. Bayleigh is being direct and honest but still talking way too much!


Note to all future HG’s if you win HOH don’t drink almost an entire bottle of wine in 90 min and hold your 1-1’s. By the end Faysal seems to make a little headway with Bay here. Eventually she says maybe it’s better to do Brett/Rachel. 


JC is in some danger here. She doesn’t trust him at all but like Scottie she sees where his sneaky ways can be a short term benefit. When JC talks to her later he is a bit too extra for her but he also assured her he wants his F5 to be Bay, Haleigh, Faysal, Tyler, and himself. He manages to affirm Faysal’s talking points. 


I know it’s A LOT! This is still only Thursday night! Let’s lighten the mood for a moment while you digest all of that. Bay was holding court in the HOH with Haleigh we have a group in the BA talking about how nice it is with Kaitlin gone. 


They are all discussing her antics with the men. Eventually this moves to the geo room when Suddenly Brett reveals in BA that Kaitlin also took her mic off hid behind the pillow with him. He explains day 2  and she told him if she didn’t have a BF she would totally ‘F’ him! The theme of the night is a weight as been lifted with Kaitlin gone and let’s all put out Kaitlin cards out for all to see. 


The crowd (Rachel/Angela/JC/Faysal erupt in shock! NO WAY! Faysal asks if she actually tried something with him too? Brett says she didn’t touch him (not what we saw) but she kept trying to back up into him to the point he had to keep backing away. 


Faysal shares during her HOH she wanted to ‘lock the door’ and he wouldn’t. The whole house finally united on something (evicting Kaitlin) and this also leads to everyone bashing Kaitlin openly to each other and unanimously celebrating the clean energy in the house upon her exit. That energy doesn’t last long though. 


After these new revelations they are all commenting how there is no Joe. Where’s Joe in all this femme fatale behavior she used? Eventually the camera breaks away when it’s clear they are going to chew on that bone for a while. 


Ok, back to the Thursday night 1-1’s. Angie has a quick and dirty chat for her 1-1. Bayleigh tells her she has no intention to put Tyler OTB.


Angie says she’s glad to hear that. She doesn’t think he should go up. Bayleigh also shares her plans to target Brett and you know that’s music to Angie’s ears! That’s about the gist of their entire 1-1. 


JC’s 1-1 is a train wreck. JC’s bull in a china shop doesn’t work with Bayleigh. This exchange and some conversations that happen Friday really leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.


It’s obvious  to me that Bayleigh is still harboring some serious anger towards JC re: the controversial conversation that happened between the two. I hadn’t seen any signs this level of animosity was brewing until she gets a little power. I knew she didn’t care for him but her HOH is revealing more about her game in her 1-1’s than anyone else’s. 


As HOH, or anyone with a power over the game, you use your position to gain intel and make deals. I won’t put you up if you promise me safety next week. I will not put you up if you promise when you win HOH I won’t hit the block. If I use this veto to save you then you have to vote this way. 


Forget the basket of goodies! Forget the room to sleep alone! An HOH is always your best opportunity to propel yourself. Sadly as the night transitions into Friday  Bayleigh’s reign only worsens. 


There are a million reasons for Bayleigh not to like or trust JC. We’ve heard some throughout these 1-1’s with people like Faysal, Haleigh, even Scottie. He’s loud. His personality is over bearing. She sees that he’s everywhere all the time. He’s in everyone’s ears constantly. 


Bayleigh recognizes JC is good with basically everyone. Plenty of people if they had to pick between Bayleigh or JC down the road in this game would pick JC over her because they have relationships with him. JC is a bull in a china shop 85% of his time in the house. 


Those listed above are all valid, clear, genuine reasons to fear his placement in the game. This is true from both a personal and a game perspective.


So I’m really disappointed with her as she continues to harp on the argument they had. She mentions it numerous times. She’s holding onto to that as if drinking poison means her enemy will die!


When the show aired the convo I knew she wasn’t satisfied with her 1-1 they had to resolve the issue when it happened. I think regardless of your stance on who was right and who was wrong when that happened we all saw that Bayleigh talked way more than she listened. As an outside observer that’s what I saw. That’s true now as HOH as well.


I’m as shocked as anyone by this unexpected development. This is why it leaves me at a loss for any justification for what happens Friday morning. Bayleigh is having her 1-1 with Sam finally.


Bay made it clear to Sam she wants to put JC OTB. She tells Sam that she’s probably going to put up Brett but she’s unsure who exactly to put OTB next to him. As far as nominating JC is concerned her only hesitation, “I don’t want that little munchkin running around the house with my name in his mouth!” 


Whoa! Wow! Did she really just say that? Well thanks for showing us how you really feel! JC has never talked about getting Bayleigh out! 


JC wants Bayleigh at the end with him!!! That’s been the case for a while. His plan was always to stoke the fires between the two sides so they take each other out leaving him in the middle waiting to go to the end with Tyler, Faysal, Haleigh, and Bayleigh. 


Bayleigh makes numerous controversial comments throughout Friday. We will get to in the next blog as Bayleigh’s standings in the game spiral. I will say that Bayleigh’s alter ego’s emergence from HOH-itis has fans dumping Bayleigh stock.


I want to be VERY clear. If Bayleigh was targeting JC purely for the myriad of personality traits or shady game play I’d be 100% supportive of her choice.


She has plenty of ammo. He is brash. He is over bearing. He is aggressive and people do let him get away with way too much. Now it’s crystal clear that annoys her! I said this with Sam’s decision making, how people perceive you in the game matters! 


Before Bay’s HOH I didn’t think she was holding on to her anger about the incident between herself and JC. Now I realize that’s not the only reason she loathes him. I think the fact he gets away with all he does infuriates her because she feels she can’t behave the way she normally would.


She says ALL THE TIME she’s not allowed to react to things because she doesn’t want to be portrayed as the ‘angry black woman.’ Is it possible she’s secretly mad because she feels he’s able to play aggressively and she can’t? 


In other circumstances with people like Rachel I’ve seen this as an irrational fear. At times she perceives Rachel as reacting in a way that makes Bayleigh feel like Rachel is waiting for her to explode. We saw Bay’s meltdown in the HOH last week with Tyler and Sam.


I’ve skipped over it because it wasn’t effecting her actual game moves. Now Bayleigh’s internal dialogue is actually sabotaging her own game.


I’ve always understood that’s Bay’s perception. We can all experience the exact same moment in time and have completely different views on what happened. Our experiences shape what it’s important and not important. What each individual remembers is influenced by internal points of view. 


In this game how people perceive things is everything. Bayleigh’s language and actions throughout the night reveals  her sudden power has made her drop all common sense. 


As you will soon learn Friday she goes on to refer to Scottie as an albino. She tells Faysal, if I don’t nominate JC “that little thing better be loyal to me.” 


WHAT?! If all of these highly inappropriate comments weren’t bad enough what she tells Haleigh late Friday makes Bayleigh’s stock crash in the eyes of many fans. Bayleigh talks more than anyone during the 1-1’s she has with people and nothing she’s saying is helping her game. Quite the contrary in fact. 


Sadly sleeping in a room alone overnight doesn’t hit Bay’s reset button. This unraveling continues to be the case on Friday. I said it before and I will say it again she was in a great spot. She shouldn’t have won this HOH. However, I don’t think any of us could have speculated just how bad this becomes. Come back later to sip the RealiTea of how Friday escalates. You won’t want to miss this! 









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