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Saturday, July 28 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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BB Time 12:14 pm


Baleigh and JC


Sitting in the kitchen talking. JC says Faysal did not tell him he was using the veto, and Sam had no real plan for veto.


Baleigh leaves the room and the cameras move to the sleeping house guests, and we see Baleigh wake Faysal up and tell him she needs to talk to him. BB tells him to put on his microphone. JC watches Baleigh go to the HOH room and wait for Faysal to follow. JC watches Faysal go up the stairs a few minutes later.


Baleigh: sorry I woke you up out of your sleep

We are going to have a very interesting talk right now.


Baleigh tells him she is glad she is happy for her, but she is upset over the little things that are coming back to her. JC told her Faysal told him he was safe because of Faysal. She didn't want JC to know he was possibly going up. Faysal taking credit for it, and that makes it look like he is taking over her HOH. Haleigh told her that Faysal said the game move Baleigh made was stupid. Rock Star told her it was a bad idea, and it made it look like he questioning her decisions. Things she said are leaving the room. Faysal denies, Baleigh says he was the only one she told. Baleigh wants him to stop talking because of things he has said. She says it looks like Faysal is ordering her around. She said the DR asked who's HOH it was, hers or Faysal's. Faysal says he told JC he could go up as a pawn, but only because he wanted JC to slow down. Baleigh says it makes her look like she's lying, and he comes to her to talk about Faysal. She repeats it makes her look bad. She is playing a different angle. Now JC is questioning her decision for nominees. We never should have had a conversation like that. Faysal is trying to explain that he was trying to let him know he was safe. Baleigh is adamant that Faysal not tell anyone in the house anything not approved by her. Faysal says again he thought he was doing good. Baleigh says this is our HOH, but I don't want to come out less than you. JC, Tyler and Baleigh are mentioned. Baleigh tells him nobody likes JC but Faysal (not true). Faysal is telling Baleigh that he only told Haleigh that he does not want JC to go up. He says he never said that it was a bad idea. She continues to question him, interrogating him about his exact words. When he denies, she moves on to his relationship with Haleigh. She says the boundaries between them are messing up the game. Baleigh doesn't think he is getting the opportunity to vent to her, and she told Baleigh that Faysal needed more attention from her. Baleigh says Haleigh should be his ride or die, but she is not giving it to him. She wants to know if they will move forward as friends, and Faysal seems to be confused. When he tells Baleigh it is not a huge thing for him, she tells him he is wrong (several times). She questions him about using the veto on Haleigh, saying he was expecting something from Haleigh in return. Faysal says they don't talk a lot, she socializes with other guys, and he has proven himself to her, so ….. Baleigh says Haleigh pops off and says things, (still insisting they are a pair). (in my opinion, this is the most invasive conversation I have ever heard on Big Brother)

She is telling him to swallow his pride, he is six years older, and....He needs to be mature in his relationship, and she gives him manipulation instructions (stroke her, compliment her, give her attention, then tell her what you want). Baleigh thinks Faysal should teach Haleigh how to have a relationship. Faysal says these circumstances aren't real in the house. Baleigh insists he has feelings for Haleigh outside the game, no matter what his worries are. Faysal is sitting on the bed, arms crossed, staring towards his feet, and Baleigh has leaned over into his sight line. Baleigh says if you find someone young, coach them.


Faysal says a relationship with Haleigh will interfere with the game and he doesn't want to do that. If it would work out later I can think about that. He wants to express his opinions in the house he used the veto on Haleigh because it was a game move. Baleigh instructs him not to tell Haleigh that Baleigh asked about Haleigh repeating that Faysal called nominating JC a bad move. He should not tell her and communicate with her better.


On camera 3


Tyler and JC winding up a conversation.

Tyler: You're in the jury.

JC: Yep.


Brett comes into the kitchen, he says he is making steak at midnight.

JC: How do you feel?

Brett: I don't understand it but...

JC: I don't think she is looking for us to go home, she is up there with Fessy.

Brett: I am not tired, I am hungry so...

JC: They said I have to drink more water

Brett: I was going to crush this, I didn't drink enough today How hot are the heat waves>

JC: I don't know, but last year in September it was 102 103, but not a heat wave


JC :if nominations stay the same you will stay..

Brett: I have no idea where the girls in the house's heads are.

JC:only worry about Kaycee, Sam and Angela. Rachel. Haleigh will vote how Faysal tells them. Worst case is if Rachel wins, I will be up there beside you.


JC: They told me I am the perfect pawn.


Talk turns to steaks, Brett says cast iron is a better way to make it. He offers to make one for JC, but JC says he has had a full container of ice cream.

Brett: I cant sleep when I am this hungry and I worked out.

He cooked that steak for less than 5 minutes, and decides it is perfect because it is thin.

JC: it is barely cooked, just don't die

Brett: I will cook it a little longer, I usually have good steak, I don;t know how fresh these are.

JC mentions air fryers his grandma uses. Brett loves them, he throws his meal in the air fryer while he showers and it cooks without being watched.

JC: you are going to die, you eat your food like that.

JC: you are going to die

Brett laughs, then puts it back on the stove.

Brett: I would normally eat it but you are freaking me out.


There is some quiet game talk, but I can only hear he/she/votes.

JC says Faysal might have been the vote, because Kaitlyn asked him for it. Now Haleigh is mad at him because he is saying Baleigh does whatever he wants.

Brett goes back for the steak.

Brett: I told her not to do someone else's dirty work

JC: did you promise loyalty

Brett: I just told her if you want me to work with you I will work with you. I made the sale.

JC told her not to get blood on her hands, to put up someone everyone hates.

Brett: so she put me up?

JC: I told her Rock Star. Rachel wasn't coming for her, that wasn't necessary.

Brett: Rachel is upset.

JC: have you talked to Rachel

Brett: no not much

JC you know Rachel...


JC is leaving the room while Brett finishes his steak and rice.


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12:00 AM BBT JC and Bayleigh are in the KT talking. JC says Faysal has been talking about Bayleigh and he doesn’t think Faysal is very smart at the game. Bayleigh says it doesn’t look good when one of her best friends in the game is going around talking crap, how does that look? JC wants to know why did Bayleigh put up Rachel and Brett? He doesn’t understand why those two. Bayleigh says because everyone else promised her loyalty and they said they weren’t going to come after her, but those two wouldn’t. JC wants to share something with Bayleigh, but he doesn’t want to get Faysal in trouble. JC says Faysal told him Bayleigh wants Brett out over Rachel. Bayleigh says Rachel has been nicer and what good does it do for her to keep Brett. JC thinks Rachel would come after Bayleigh before Brett would. Bayleigh says she wasn’t going to put up two physical threats who would come right after her. Bayleigh says she didn’t have any options and JC didn’t want to go up. JC says he doesn’t think he should be an option because that wouldn’t be her best game move. Bayleigh says when you break it down and certain people are promising you loyalty, what do you do? JC says everyone promising you loyalty may be lying. Bayleigh says yes, but if some people are promising you something and others are promising you nothing, then which would you choose? FotH.


12:05 AM BBT Bayleigh says she has treated everyone in the house with respect and she’s hoping no one takes things personally. JC asks how she is going to deal with Faysal and Bayleigh says she wishes he were awake. Bayleigh asks if she should wake him up? Bayleigh says he didn’t sleep much last night and we get FotH. JC says he’s also upset about Faysal using veto. Faysal did not tell JC he was going to use and it was his fault that JC almost go put on the block. Bayleigh asks who is sleeping in the pink room and JC says Faysal, Rockstar, and Haleigh in the corner bed. Bayleigh goes to wake Faysal up. Faysal gets up and forget his microphone and he’s told to put his mic on.


12:10 AM BBT Bayleigh and Faysal are in the HOH room talking. Bayleigh says Faysal is always on the same team, but some of the people he confides in, she does not. She says the little things they are running back and telling her are upsetting because she knows he doesn’t mean them the way they are coming off. She says JC told her the only reason he didn’t get put up was because Faysal saved his ass. Bayleigh says that throws her under the bus because JC knows he was an option to go up and Faysal is taking credit for him not getting nominated. Bayleigh says JC also told her the house is saying it looks like Faysal is running her HOH. Bayleigh then says Haleigh was talking to her and was venting and told her that Faysal said to Haleigh that the nominations are a stupid idea and if Bayleigh goes through with it that’s dumb. Faysal says are you kidding me? Bayleigh says she doesn’t go around and tells things Faysal tells her. Bayleigh says Tyler came in and talked to her about building trust with her because Faysal advised him to talk to her. Bayleigh says she wanted to have that conversation with Tyler, she didn’t need Faysal to tell Tyler that because it makes it look like he’s telling Bayleigh how to do things.


12:15 AM BBT Faysal says he told JC that because he wanted him to know that he could have gone up and he should be relieved and want to work with them. Bayleigh then recaps the conversation she and JC just had in the KT. Faysal says he told JC that because he wanted JC to know he was sticking his neck out for him. Faysal says he can see her perspective on how she would think he’s making her look bad. Faysal says he did have that conversation with JC because he wanted him to be grateful and ride with their team and stop floating. Bayleigh says Faysal is being too hard on Haleigh. Bayleigh says its frustrating because no one likes JC but Faysal. Faysal says Haleigh didn’t say anything though.


12:20 AM BBT Faysal says he told Haleigh he didn’t want JC to go up and Haleigh didn’t respond at all and that frustrated him. Faysal says Haleigh and Bayleigh will always be over JC. Bayleigh says Faysal and Haleigh need to have a conversation about their relationship because it’s getting messed up and it’s starting to be awkward. Bayleigh says she told Haleigh that Faysal stuck his neck out to save her and he expected a thank you, a pat on the back, and Haleigh didn’t really do that because she’s afraid people are watching. Bayleigh says Faysal needs to make it clear to Haleigh what he needs from her and he says he has. She says then if she’s not giving him what he needs, then they need to talk it out. Faysal says it was the right game move to use the veto on her. Bayleigh asks Faysal if he expected something from Haleigh for using the veto on her. Faysal says no he didn’t want to use the veto as leverage to get anything. Bayleigh says but you do expect something and you told her you didn’t and that’s where she’s confused.


12:25 AM BBT Faysal says he understands she doesn’t want to be seen as a showmance. Bayleigh says Faysal is like her brother and Haleigh is her sister, but when it comes to their relationship they are miscommunicating and it’s making things awkward for an alliance.


12:30 AM BBT Faysal says all he has in this game is Haleigh and Bayleigh so maybe it’s best if he lets the relationship aspect go and figure it out after the game. That way the three of them can just work together game wise. Faysal says he’s never had a conversation like this with Haleigh and he wants to be able to tell her things and not have to worry about their reaction.

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12:32 AM BBT  Fessy and Bayleigh are laying around in the HoH room. He tells her that he is glad that he can express his opinions to her. He can't even express his opinions to Haleigh even though he used the veto on her. Bayleigh tells him that Haleigh doesn't vent to him but she does to me. I will keep you in the loop. But don't tell her that or she will shut me out. 


12:37 AM BBT Bayleigh tells Fessy that he has to learn how to turn the game off and just talk to people. He can take one hat off and put on another. Fessy thinks this new open communication between the two of them is a good thing. Bayleigh says that have taken loss after loss and moving forward they need to solidify safety for weeks, not just this one week. That's why one of them needs to go out the door. That's why Brett is her target.


12:45 AM BBT On Feeds 1 and 2 in the HoH, Bayleigh tells Fessy that Angela seems really nice and she would like to spend time with her alone, but Rockstar and Haleigh won't let her.


12:52 AM BBT Bayleigh tells Fessy that dirt rises to the top. Her game is softer with more kindness because that is jury management. Her goal is that no one looks back at her with a sour taste in their mouth. 


12:57 AM BBT Fessy tells Bayleigh that she and Swaggy are going to have opportunities after the show because she is going far in the game and Swaggy is such a big personality. Bayleigh tells Fessy that she has been very patient with him. This is such a learning experience for him. He is not as mature as he thinks he is and he does not communicate as well as he thinks he does. Fessy admits that is probably true.

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1:05 AM BBT Bayleigh and Fessy are still alone in the HoH. She tells him that JC seems to think she hasn't spoken to ANYONE since Swaggy left. He keeps trying to direct her targets. Scottie is not bothering her, she she isn't going after him. She is not going after Tyler. She is aligned with Fessy, Haleigh, and Rockstar. She did a pinky promise with Sam just yesterday. So, she would never put her up. Angela is no one to go after. I am good with Kaycee. That leaves him, Brett and Rachel. Fessy "and if Brett goes home, you are covered." JC walks in.


1:09 AM BBT JC has joined Fessy and Bayleigh in the HoH. JC tells Fessy that Bayleigh knows that he they have been working together. It is beneficial for the 3 of them to work together. JC tells them that the others have tried to recruit him., but they only talk to him in order to get information. He says communication is very important. With him being sort of in the middle, he is an easy one to put on the block. JC will work with them. He just asks for communication. 


1:14 AM BBT JC tells Bayleigh and Fessy that he is willing to be a source of information for them. He doesn't want them to make assumptions of who he is aligned with based on who he talks to. He plans to talk to everyone. 


1:17 AM BBT Fessy informs JC that the tone in the house is that whoever wins the veto is probably not going to use it. The tone in the house is that they want the noms to stay the stay. Bayleigh states that if she gets HG choice, she is going to pick Tyler to play. JC tells them that if he plays, he will agree not to use the veto. 


1:23 AM BBT Bayleigh, Fessy and JC understand that they are associated with different people. They only real way to work together is to agree that if they win HoH, they don't nominate each other but respect who the nominations are. As long as it isn't one of them. Bayleigh asks him if he told Rachel he had a power. He said no. She said "are you sure?" JC "I do not have a power, did she say that I have a power?" Bayleigh tells him that Rachel suspects he does.


1:29 AM BBT In the HoH, JC explains to Fessy and Bayleigh that Rockstar made some big assumptions about him. All he said was that Kaycee and Rachel vote the same way. She then went and told them that I said that they were working together. 


1:31 AM BBT JC, Fessy and Bayleigh continue to talk in the HoH room. She tells JC that they are down to 12. Next week 11. They can't continue to be aligned with half the house anymore or they will not have anyone that they can put up. They all think that Scottie is the one that switched their vote. The fact that he was so upset about it just makes them think it that much more. His reaction was too strong. Bayleigh said that whoever switched the vote was doing it to frame Tyler. They wanted him to take the blame for it. At least, that's what Tyler thinks. 


1:37 AM BBT Bayleigh has gone back downstairs. JC asks Fessy what they were talking about earlier. Fessy says that Bayleigh was getting on to him for being too excited when she won HoH and that it was too obvious that he threw the comp. She told him that it is great for them to work together but that they have to at least try to keep it on the down low. Meanwhile, Sam and Haleigh have created an ant trump made with a gummy bear on a piece of tin foil. Sam says "they are coming in here either way, at least we can direct them away from their s**t." 


1:40 AM BBT JC is asking Fessy who the replacement nom will be if the veto is used. Fessy says that he does know of anyone that will use it. JC "She can put up Rockstar?" Fessy "Why would she put up Rockstar, Rockstar is on her side." JC "I keep saying, Is she?" Fessy "So you want to waste an HoH on Rockstar, is that what you are saying?" 


1:48 AM BBT JC and Fessy are talking about Scottie being the one to switch his vote. Fessy says they can't be doing that. What if several people decide to give a pity vote? Then all of a sudden instead of 9-1 it is 7-3 all kinds of conspiracy theories will begin. 


1:51 AM BBT Fessy to JC "Scottie knows the house thinks he switched the votes. He won't do it again because he knows the house will suspect him again. JC asks Fessy if he gave Kaitlyn a pity vote. Fessy "No way. Especially after I found out that she told Tyler that I had a thing for her. I will look like a soft a** b**ch." What  Fessy is really wondering is who flipped the other week for Brett. 2 votes were flipped. JC "Was it Scottie?" Fessy "No, Scottie was the HoH." Fessy "We had to get rid of that girl (Kaitlyn). That girl was crazy. She was so manipulative." 


1:58 AM BBT Bayleigh and Haleigh are whispering in the lounge. Bayleigh tells her that JC is actively campaigning for Brett and talking about how Brett is not a threat to anyone. Haleigh "It is scary how they don't see it." Bayleigh and Haleigh agree that they need to try to pull Tyler over to their side. Meanwhile Bayleigh tells her that she needs to talk to Fessy. He wants to talk to her and Bayleigh says to listen to him and let him just talk to her. 

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12:30am BBT  (CAMERAS 3/4) JC and Tyler at the kitchen counter plotting. JC says we need to keep Brett in this house. He says the worst case was if RS would have won HOH or Bayleigh, but he thinks they are going to be ok. Tyler heads to bed and JC puts the grapes they were munching in the frig. Out walks Brett with a hunk of meat. JC asks if he’s making steak at 12:00? Brett tells him that he feels like he needs to won the veto. JC says Bay is up there with Fessy and they are watching us right now. 
They begin to talk weather and heat waves. JC says in September its 102-103. JC says Fessie told her to put you up and Brett says he doesn’t know why Fessy is after him. 
Brett places a huge piece of meat in the skillet. JC says worst case for you is if Rachel wins veto. JC is encouraging him telling him hes ok. Brett cooks the steak about 3 minutes and plops it onto a plate. JC asks him if it is semi-rare? Brett looks at it and says, it’s pretty rare. JC says it is barely cooked, you are insane, just don’t die. Brett throws it back in the pan and the two laugh. 
Steak and air fryer discussion ensues. 
Brett takes off the steak again and JC says it is raw, you are going to die. They are both giggling. JC says what if there is bacteria? 


12:50am BBT JC says he tried to get Bay to put up someone everyone hates in the house, like RS. That way she would not get blood on her hands, but she insisted on you. JC tells him goodnight and not to die, and heads to bed. Brett continues eating his bloody piece of meat and gulping water. He finishes it up and does his dishes. 


1:00am BBT Sam walks by and heads to the wash room. Brett goes to the WA and JC is brushing his teeth. Sam comes out of the bathroom and says Goodnight, Brett goes in. 
JC goes to the kitchen and sees Sam rummaging through the frig. He tells her he was asleep fot an hour and got called to the DR, now he is awake! 
Sam gets a coffee cup of mint chocolate ice cream. Brett joins her at the counter. Sam is told to put on her mic but she doesn’t. Sam is telling Brett she put a pile of sugar by the coffee maker as an offering to the ants which have invaded the coffee pot. 
Sam gets her mic and sits back down. Brett begins cleaning the counter and stove top. 
Sam says tomorrow is going to be a long day. Brett agrees. She’s looking forward to having the backyard back and cooking for the have-nots. 


1:15am BBT Sam asks Brett if he thinks Kaitlyn hates her. He says, not even close. She is worried about her coming after her at the finale. Brett assures her that there are people she might come after, but not Sam. Didn’t you hear the stories, he asks. Go on… she says… he says she said a few things that were questionable to Fessy and Tyler. Sam says, I meant what I said. I think it is cheap and not necessary. You’re right, he says. She says, there’s a whole sea of people in here. Doesnt’ mean because we are locked up in here we need to pick one. She didn’t pick just one, he replies, and they both snicker. True, Sam giggles. Sam begins her empowered women speech again. Flirting with guys is a double standard. It’s cheap and unnecessary. Be smart enough to come up with someone else. She says, you come in here talking about being an empowered woman? I’ll turn you over my knee and spank you, get outta my face. 
She says there are two people in here that don’t have pairing up options, JC and RS. Be more considerate, will ya? 


1:30am BBT Sam at the coffee pot area, alone with the ants. She motions for the camera to come closer.. we’re about to get em. She points and picks up a little folded piece of foil which is her

homemade ant trap. She puts it into a container and pops on the lid. Round two she says as she begins to make another trap.

Haleigh enters and says hey! Sam shows her the ant trap and says she declared war on the ants. She says they all eat this and they stay out of our shit. Haleigh points and says is that a queen ant? Do they all die if we kill her? Haleigh squishes her and they both scream in excitement. They are looking at all the captured ants in the canister. Sam is looking forward to hitting the sucker with Raid.



1:40am BBT Haleigh makes a bowl of cereal while Sam stares at the ants. Sam has a theory that the astroturf in the backyard is covering ants. There isn’t any dirt under there, just ants. BB stirs them up and they come after us. She looks at the gummy bear bag and says we need to evict in gummy bear a week and feed it to the ants.


1:55am BBT Haleigh and Bay in the geo room. The Swaggy eviction is the topic. Haleigh says she was doing what she thought best and Bay thanks her for coming clean about voting him out. Bay says that they might have been able to freak out on Kaitlyn and changed her mind. Swaggy will forgive you when he comes back. Haleigh says well, he will probably be back (still Battle back talk) and Bay says I really wish he would come through the door right now, there is lots to talk about. 

The two discuss Fessy and agree he needs to keep his mouth shut. Bay says she told him he needs to be the muscle and let her be the brains.


2:30am BBT JC and Rachel at the kitchen counter. She’s drinking water and he asks her of she is tired of drinking water. Rachel is coming from the DR. JC tells her to go to sleep because of the comp tomorrow. She asks him if he has the 2nd power. She says you told me you had it. He says I was probably f***ing with you. She keeps drilling him about the power and she thinks he has it. He keeps telling her that he doesn’t have it. He tells her that she will see it on TV, he doesn’t have it. 
By walks Brett who says he chugged a whole jug of water and not he has to piss every 5 minutes. 
Evidently the DR is telling them to drink water. JC says it is going to be a heatwave tomorrow. 
Brett and Rachel in the WA. They can’t sleep. Brett complains about his dry skin driving him nuts. Brett joins JC in the kitchen again. JC misses Kaitlyn. She left a bunch of stuff here. He asks Brett if he misses her? Do you miss her touching you? Her massages? Brett denies it all. On that note the three head to bed. 

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2:04 AM BBT Bayleigh and Haleigh head up to the HoH room alone. Haleigh says that if she wins HoH she is locking her, Bayleigh, and Rockstar in this room and we are drinking all the wine. They change the subject to Kaitlyn. They can't believe that she gave up on that puzzle. Haleigh tells her that Brett thinks BB is going to give the first 5 a Battle Back chance. No way they give Kaitlyn a second chance again. Bayleigh says she doesn't think that's going to happen. However Bayleigh continues "America, Swaggy has to come back in this house. If you don't vote for him to come back, I will take that as a personal attack." Haleigh "No way Kaitlyn is that good for their ratings. I mean, they couldn't show half her game play." Bayleigh "Whoop whoop....dig." 


2:10 AM BBT Bayleigh and Haleigh are still talking in the HoH. Their next goal, keep the noms the same, send home Brett, and make sure they win the next HoH. They also need to spend more time talking to Scottie. Make sure he is with them. Haleigh tells Bayleigh that she can always trust her. Bayleigh "Reassurance is always welcome but I know that I can trust you....." Bayleigh feels like if she can just get through this week then she is good.


2:15 AM BBT Haleigh tells Bayleigh that conversations are going to have to be had if the veto is used. Bayleigh says she has zero options if it is used. She can't put up Haleigh, Fessy or Rockstar. Kaycee and Angela are not options for her.  Tyler is not an option and neither is Sam. Therefore it's just JC or Scottie. Do we risk putting Scottie up and he end up staying? Whoever the replacement nom is will be the one going home. Bayleigh tells Haleigh that Kaycee would have had a crush on her if Swaggy hadn't claimed her right off. Her marked her right away like a little dog. 


2:20 AM BBT Haleigh and Fessy are now alone in the lounge. She apologizes for her reaction to JC possibly going up. And she tells him that she is grateful he used the veto on her. The fact that she wants to take a shot at JC despite how much he is with JC hurts his feelings. He can't believe he jeopardized his own game and then she went and did that.


2:25 AM BBT Haleigh tells Fessy that JC is only good for his game. JC is not good for her game or Bayleigh's game. He continues to say that he has tried so hard to prove to her and he can't even talk to her about how he feels. She shuts him down if he tries to be real. Haleigh tells him that he does not care that JC doesn't have Haleigh's and Bayleigh's back. Fessy says he did all this for her and now he questions what he is doing in this game if his opinions mean so little. "I felt strongly about it and you stormed out. That was perfect." 


2:30 AM BBT Fessy tells Haleigh that she is questioning if he cares about her game when being picked to play the veto and then using that veto was not good for his game. It was good for her game. If she doesn't see that, then okay. He tells her that they then put words in his mouth which makes him look like a bad friend. It wasn't that I wanted to save JC. I wanted to tell you my thoughts and tell you how I feel and you don't even respond. 


2:37 AM BBT Fessy tells Haleigh that JC has been an asset. But nobody ever cares what he thinks. Haleigh tells him that she and Bayleigh are both closer to Rachel than JC. 


2:45 AM BBT Haleigh tells Fessy that at this point, she wished he hadn't used the veto on her because she has used it 4 times in this conversation already. She is not questioning his loyalty. But he just won't hear any conversations about JC, even though it jeopardizes Bayleigh's game. 


2:48 AM BBT Haleigh "I am grateful, but if you don't like the way that I react then bring it to me, not to other people." She says he is probably expressing all this in the DR which makes her look like an idiot. 


2:51 AM BBT Haleigh to Fessy "I was very mad at you and you made today a very bad day." Fessy "Sorry". They change the subject back to Battle Back. Haleigh is worried Kaitlyn will come back over Swaggy. Fessy "No way she beats Swaggy." They can't believe she failed the puzzle. At the end, it was sad to watch. They both felt bad for her, but not enough to cheer her on. 


2:57 AM BBT Fessy and Haleigh have now agreed to communicate better and to fight less. She places her head on his lap. She says she is tired of the cameras on her face all the time. Fessy "And you sign up for a TV show that has 380 thousand followers." 


3:00 AM BBT All 4 cameras switch to HGs sleeping in the HN Room. 


3:05 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are back to Fessy and Haleigh. He tells her that during the day she doesn't have much to do with him. He wants her to go and play with other people, but to talk to him at least some during the day. She tells him that he sleeps too much during the day. She can't talk to him when he is always sleeping. 


3:08 AM BBT Haleigh are Fessy are talking about their messed up love triangle. Fessy says he wants to know if Kaitlyn told Tyler that he had feelings for her was her strategy or did she really think that. Haleigh says that she doesn't want to talk about her anymore and doesn't want her back in this house. 


3:12 AM BBT Fessy is telling Haleigh how he loves her stomach.  Haleigh disagrees "I am so fat. I have to weight 130 right now. I have never weighed this much in my life." 


3:14 AM BBT Haleigh tells Fessy that Kaitlyn took some shots at her before she left the house. Kaitlyn told Bayleigh that she knew about Swaggy leaving the night before and that she was also a flip vote for Brett. Meanwhile Haleigh says that she is going to talk to Scottie but flipping his vote was a stupid move. Fessy "He never admitted it to me." Haleigh "He will to me. He admitted the Swaggy thing to me. He will this too." Haleigh says she is going off to bed. 


3:20 AM BBT Haleigh and Fessy are standing at the sink in the WA. They wonder how Kaitlyn came across on the show. Haleigh says that BB probably wanted to portray her in a good light so they aren't going to show all the things that she did.


3:25 AM BBT Fessy and Haleigh are talking about gigs that they may get after the show. Fessy "The only reason you and I might not get gigs after the show is because of you playing hard to get all season." Haleigh "I am not playing hard to get, get over it."  


3:30 AM BBT The only shown up on the feeds is Fessy. He rummages through the cabinets in the SR, says "Hi Mom", and then goes to the KT and makes a bowl of cereal. 


3:45 AM BBT Fessy gets in the shower. He appears to be the only one up.


3:58 AM BBT Fessy goes to the lounge for his prayers.By 4:03 AM BBT he is done and goes to bed.


4:05 AM BBT Everyone is finally in bed.


5:20 AM BBT Scottie is up. He grabs something to drink from the KT. He goes to the WA, rearranges the rug on the floor, and then goes back to the KT to get some more of his drink. He seems to be restless. He takes his drink to the LR couch and the house lights come on. He then goes to the dining room table and seems to be looking around the room and studying the memory wall while sipping on his drink. 


5:30 AM BBT Scottie has roamed the WA, KT, the dining room, LR and the lounge. He is just looking around like he is trying to take in what is in each room.


5:34 AM BBT Scottie heads back to bed in the HN room. 


5:45  AM BBT Everyone is in bed and all the lights are out.

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8:16 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Sam has made coffee in the KT, and is pouring herself a cup.  Rachel is in the shower. Sam is called to the DR.  No other HG's are visible.  In the PBR Rockstar is up, and looking for clothes and putting in her contacts.  Rachel is out of the shower, and Tyler is out of the WC.  Sam is back from the DR, in the KT, starting breakfast.  Tyler walks by and asks how she slept.  She said not very well, but good enough.  BB calls out everyone except Tyler and Sam to put on their mics and get fresh batteries in the SR.  Sam tells BB to just play another song, that will help.  She said she is serious.

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8:24 am BBT  Sam is putting turkey bacon on the cookie sheet lines with foil, getting ready to bake it.  Rachel is putting on moisturizer.  No one else on the feeds.


Bayleigh comes down the stairs, Sam said good morning, Princess. Sam asks Bayleigh how she slept, Bayleigh's mic isn't on, didn't hear answer.  She asks Sam the same, Sam gave same answer as she gave Tyler.  Bayleigh complaining about the ants upstairs, Sam said they should get the yard tonight, she will get rid of them.  Sam said today is a big day, it is going to be glorious.  Sam said she is making 2 pans of turkey bacon, vanilla pancakes and breakfast potatoes.  She asks if Bayleigh has any special request.  Bayleigh is going back upstairs, she will watch from her room to see when the food is ready. 

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8:30 am BBT  Rockstar walks through on her way to the WA, tells Bayleigh she has something in the SR.  Bayleigh said she was just there.  She comes back with a package.  She thinks it is her dry cleaning.  Sam asks if she wants cereal and milk, Bayleigh said she read her mind.  Bayleigh waits in the KT while Sam goes and gets more milk for her. (is Sam the house cook and maid now??)  Bayleigh takes her food upstairs to eat, and said she will be back down to eat the potatoes when they are ready.  Sam is saying good morning to people as they walk by, BB keeps calling people to get their fresh batteries. Rachel comes in to get coffee.

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8:35 am BBT  Rachel goes upstairs to talk with Bayleigh.  Rachel said she feels like she signed Brett's eviction notice, and she is morally not okay with that.  Bayleigh said Brett can take himself off. Also, she feels like Rachel won't come after her, but Brett and Scottie or Brett and JC wil.  Rachel says Kaycee and Angela haven't done many comps, they could have gone up.  Rachel also says she is worried about someone having the second power, and if Brett takes himself down, then she is up next to someone with a power (she knows about Bayleigh's) then Rachel is going home. Rachel said she asked in the DR ...then FoTH.  Back saying JC has told numerous people about having a power.  Bayleigh doesn't want to throw JC up just to expose whether he has a power or not.  Rachel said she thinks it is down to JC or Scottie.  Rachel said JC won't tell Bayleigh if he has a power, because he doesn't want to go up.  Rachel is letting Bayleigh know she wouldn't have agreed to be a pawn if she had thought through the powers.  Bayleigh just keeps eating, and doesn't seem worried about it.  Now they are discussing the power, and who might have it. 

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8:52 am BBT  Rachel and Bayleigh are he-hashing options for veto, Bayleigh tells her to go for it, don't worry about Brett.  Now they are discussing when Bayleigh would use her power.  Bayleigh is not committing to use it, she said Rachel and/or Fessy need to win HOH net week.  Bayleigh is saying it is her power, and she has to be careful how she uses it, but not to save friends.  Rachel apologizes for freaking out, Bayleigh said to put herself first, put her game first.  She said Rachel is still freaking out, and people are asking who to vote out.  She wants Rachel to stay.  Bayleigh said she is frustrated knowing she might have to nominate someone else.  Complaining that she was good with everyone in the house last week, now she had to put 2 people up, and possibly a third.  That is blood on her hands.  Rachel says she will wait until after the veto.  She said she is done freaking out.  Bayleigh said yes, all the negative energy that Rachel brought into the room is now on Bayleigh.  She is complaining now, frustrated to have to plan 3 steps ahead over something that might not happen.  It is all because of the 3rd power out there, and they don't know what it is or who has it. Bayleigh said her power isn't one that she can give away, she has to nominate 2 people.  She said she had to nominate 2 people this week,and look what it did to her game.  She said people will be looking at her sideways, and figure out that it was her.  Bayleigh feels she is screwed if she has to put up another person after veto.  She said she is trying to make sure everyone is okay, but nobody is asking if she is okay.  (She is HOH, she knew what that entailed). Bayleigh said if people start pushing her in a corner, then she is going to snap.  Rachel said she wasn't putting her in a corner, Bayleigh said she is in a corner.  She is upset with Rachel about not worrying about Bayleigh, then says she is not against Rachel  She keeps raising her voice, and saying telling Rachel about her power was a waste, since Rachel is still freaking out. 

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9:10 am BBT  Bayleigh is saying before this HOH, she was friends with everyone in the house, and most of them have come to her over the last few weeks, saying they aren't coming after her.  She said they did it before Rachel, so she can't put them up over someone that comes later.  Rachel said she always thought they got along well, and Bayleigh said they spoke it  and Rachel didn't.  She wants Brett to go home, because he is the only person she isn't aligned with.  She didn't want to put JC up because he runs his mouth.  She said Brett might be good for Rachel's game, but not for anyone else's.  Bayleigh said if Rachel comes down, then Rachel will be happy, but that puts more pressure on Bayleigh.  Re-hashing what might happen.....poor Bayleigh.....Rachel saying it is hard to be on the block.  Bayleigh said she knows (how??)  Bayleigh said no more apologizing.  It is out of their control.  Just try to move forward.  Bayleigh gets called to the DR.  Possible drawing for veto. Bayleigh asked if she should change clothes.  She is still in her robe. She goes to DR in her HOH robe, Rachel goes back to bed.  BB calls again for people to get fresh batteries.  Again, BB calls for fresh batteries, then says "Change your batteries".  Sam still the only person in the KT, still cooking breakfast.

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9:00 AM BBT Bayleigh and Rachel are in the HoH room. Bayleigh is frustrated about the other power. It could be a vote power. It could be a comp power. It could be anything. She has to keep that in mind with that power out there. 


9:06 AM BBT Bayleigh tells Rachel that she wants Brett to go home. Rachel asks her what she wants her to do. Rachel tells her to play her own game and just know that Bayleigh never wanted her to go home. She needs to stop panicking.  Rachel "I am not panicked. I am only panicked if Brett does take himself off and I am left up there with somebody that has a power. 


9:10 AM BBT Rachel and Bayleigh are still talking in the HoH. Bayleigh tells Rachel that they are connected now and she feels good about it moving forward, but she waited too long. That's why she found herself on the block. Rachel didn't come up to her until way late in the game. 


 9:13 AM BBT Rachel tells Bayleigh that she had too much time to think and is sorry that she brought her negativity upstairs. Bayleigh tells her that her feelings of being overwhelmed are contagious. Bayleigh says that her game is also in jeopardy too and she has too much to do. Rachel "No one is going to play the veto for me. No one is going to go out there and win for me. But I have to not throw the competition." Bayleigh "Of course. You know Brett isn't going to throw it."


9:15 AM BBT Bayleigh tells Rachel that she (Rachel) is in a good position with a lot of things that can go her way. If the veto is used then she (Bayleigh) is screwed. Rachel's in a great place and she will be in a terrible place. So Rachel needs to concentrate on the positive. 


9:26 AM BBT Feeds switch to reruns. I believe it is time to pick the players for veto. 


9:49 AM BBT the feeds return. They have picked players for the veto. 


9:51 AM BBT In the PBR, JC says that this one veto that he didn't want to play in, and he gets picked for it.


9:53 AM BBT Rockstar and Tyler head into the SR. Rockstar says that she really wishes she was playing in this one. Tyler says he wish he was too. Rockstar says they should be okay as long as Sam or Brett doesn't win. Tyler agrees. 


9:55 AM BBT Rachel tells Sam "You got picked". Sam "Yeah, I didn't expect that." We know that JC and Sam are playing. Possibly Haleigh. Kaycee, Rockstar and Tyler have stated that they are not playing and wish they were. 

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10:15 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Bayleigh stretching in the HoH while listening to her music. Sam and Tyler are talking about how they slept last night. 


10:22 AM BBT Angela and Fessy are talking in the BBR. At the end of the day, they want to make it jury and hopefully get put there with people that they at least like to be around.


10:29 AM BBT Angela and Fessy are talking about former HGs. Angela thinks BB actively tried to minimize the showmances this year since last year was so excessive. 


10:32 AM BBT Sam, Tyler, Scottie, Brett and Rockstar are talking in the KT. They all like VANS shoes. Roofers were them because they are so grippy. Sam's brother burns through them because he skateboard


10:37 AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler are in the SR. Tyler tells her that she doesn't think that Bayleigh wants the veto used or Kaycee to go up. Tyler tells her that Bayleigh wants to break up the Brett, Rachel, Angela and Sam foursome. 


10:38 AM BBT Tyler tells Kaycee that if he wins the veto, he is going to exaggerate his friendship with Scottie. Bayleigh might get mad at that and put Scottie up. 


10:40 AM BBT Sam tells Angela that she has already decided not to use the veto if she wins it. Angela says that for her own game, Sam might be better off to appear like she is trying but not to actually win it. 


10:46 AM BBT Sam doesn't want to be bothered about the veto so she tells them that she is going to the HoH to use the bathroom. Bayleigh "Whatever you want little munchkin." Meanwhile, Angela has gone to Rachel to tell her that Sam is going to throw the comp. Sam asks Bayleigh to lock her in the HOH when she leaves. Bayleigh agrees.


10:49 AM BBT Bayleigh goes to the lounge to talk to Kaycee. Bayleigh tells her that Rachel is wearing her out. She keeps coming to the HoH to throw other people under the bus. Bayleigh tells Kaycee that Rachel asked why she is on the block and not Kaycee. 


10:51 AM BBT Angela tells Rachel that Bayleigh wants Brett to go home. If he comes down then Scottie goes up and he goes home. Rachel tells Angela that Bayleigh is getting angry at any idea of having to maybe come up with another nominee. Meanwhile Bayleigh continues to tell Kaycee about her conversations with Rachel. Rachel is freaking out about woulda coulda shouldas that are three steps ahead. 


10:54 AM BBT Rachel is telling Angela that the only people that Bayleigh is loyal to is Haleigh and Fessy. She wants everyone else to fight among themselves. Rachel says that she is the one on the block and Bayleigh is trying to make her feel guilty about being nervous about being on the block. 

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11:00 AM BBT Rachel and Angela are talking about JC. They think he has a power app because he has told 3 people that he is safe until jury. If he didn't have the app and claimed that he did then that is against the rules and BB would call him out on it. 


11:10 AM BBT Bayleigh and Angela are up in the HoH. Bayleigh tells her that Rachel's freak outs are wearing her nerves. Bayleigh tells Angela that Rachel has asked why Angela and Kaycee weren't considered as noms since they are laying low. 


11:13 AM BBT Angela tells Bayleigh that Rachel agreed to be a pawn. Now she is regretting it and is throwing other girls under the bus. Bayleigh says if she keeps panicking she is going to disconnect herself from what she needs to do which is to take herself off the block with the veto. Rachel needs to chill. 


11:16 AM BBT Bayleigh tells Angela that Rachel asked her to throw the veto to her. Bayleigh says that would only hurt her own game. Angela says that she is safe where she is sitting right now. 


11:19 AM BBT Kaycee is talking to Brett about the POV. She makes mention that BB said they would be out there a while and to hydrate. Kaycee "Get out there and win this s**t." Brett "Maybe they will make it easy. First person to 200 pushups." 


11:25 AM BBT The house is waiting for the POV to start. Feeds 1 and 2 show Bayleigh and Angela in the HoH room talking about how Bayleigh is playing so nice and respectful and not someone anyone wants to walk all over and pi** off. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Brett and Kaycee in the KT discussing the previous POVs that they have had had and what this next one might be. 


11:29 AM BBT Tyler and Sam are whispering at the BR sinks. He is shaving and she is putting on makeup. Tyler" Bayleigh is telling everyone to do what it takes. Sam " Fudge, so play. I have a couple people tell me to throw it. My brain says to play it." 

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11:34 AM BBT Bayleigh tells Angela that Kaitlyn told her that Haleigh knew Swaggy was leaving 3 days before left. Bayleigh says that Haleigh confirmed it but it wasn't her secret to tell. She no longer trusts her now. Angela is called to the DR. 


11:43 AM BBT In the WA Sam tells Tyler that if she wins the POV then she won't use it. Last week was Hell. She doesn't want anything like that again. Tyler tells her not to worry about that because he's got this locked up. Sam "You are the competition beast." 


11:46 AM BBT BB has called Bayleigh to the DR. Sam is whispering to Angela and Kaycee. They recommend that Sam throw it because that would be better for her own game. She says that she has no idea what kind of comp it is going to be so she should probably just go out and do her best.  


11:50 AM BBT Angela tells Sam "Don't win or lose, just go out there and have fun." 


11:57 AM BBT Sam is thinking the POV may be mid day because it is going to involve some kind of water challenge. "I can't go underwater without pinching my nose. But Tyler's a life guard so that is okay." 

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12:00 PM BBT Angela tells Tyler that she misses Hilton Head real bad today. Tyler says that is something they need to do as soon as BB is done. They need to go straight back there. 


12:04 PM BBT Tyler, Rockstar, Brett and Scottie are talking in the BBR about their favorite comedy movies. Meanwhile Angela, Sam and Kaycee are getting ready in the WA. 


12:10 PM BBT Sam to Kaycee "Are we playing to win this thing?" They agree yeah, they are going to play. Sam "I would rather play then go out there and look like some chump. If I win, then I will deal with it."


12:20 PM BBT Brett, Scottie, and Sam are talking about how they washed their clothes while they were in sequester. They were offered a fluff and fold service but they came back worse. Like they were hung up in some stinky restaurant for 15 minutes, taken down, and folded. 


12:30 PM BBT The HGs are getting ready for the competition and most of them are just laying around in wait. 


12:39 PM BBT Rockstar is called to the DR. Feeds switch to the reruns. It is time for the POV competition. 

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1:29 PM BBT We are almost one hour into the POV Competition. 


3:39 PM BBT We are now 2 hours into the POV competition.


Meanwhile, some pictures of Bayleigh's meetings with Rachel and Kaycee this morning before the veto.

B and R.jpg

Rachel.jpgK and B.jpg

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