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STUNNING ending to Insane Week 4! YOU won’t believe Last night’s live show results!


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Last night’s live show absolutely shook everyone! From the HG’s to the fandom and even production we were all shocked at the turn of events! This had to be one of the most epic live shows in BB history! It was sensational! I am not exaggerating when I say that every week we think this season can’t get any better and BAM! It does! 


When the episode begins I’m confident Kaitlin must know she’s about to be evicted which is the first surprise for me. Angie isn’t dressed for an exit interview but Kaitlin is. Angie is wearing athletic gear like everyone else ready for week 5’s HOH comp. When feeds went down she did not have confirmation she was about to be voted out. 


I am skipping everything else aired prior to voting because it’s irrelevant to the marvelous real time story line that’s unfolding right before our eyes! The first voter is JC. You know the Napoleon Dynamite that spend all week feverishly conspiring to get Kaitlin out. This should be a no brainer no one loathes Kaitlin more than JC. 


So imagine my reaction when JC votes to evict Angie! WHAT!?! What just happened? OMG! Wait did the vote flip while feeds are down? Why would JC vote out Angie?! JC’s vote is only the 2nd surprise of the night. 


One by one everyone else enters the DR casts their vote to evict Kaitlin! Julie announces by a vote of 9-1 KAITLIN you are evicted from the BB house. Kaitlin is seriously stunned. Even if she suspected she was going to be voted out she clearly didn’t anticipate a 9-1 vote.


BB fans everywhere should really appreciate thy week after week the vote has been a question mark to some degree right up until votes are cast on eviction night. This is the first vote all season where the house votes together.


I’m possibly too thrilled about this outcome but the ego shattering near unanimous vote stuns Kaitlin. As people are hugging her the monitor in the LR sounds off and as Julie reveals Kaitlin has a chance to solve a puzzle and prevent herself from leaving the house tonight.


Everyone else is standing around eagerly listening to Julie as she explains the power app. Kaitlin however is huddled in a ball at the center of everyone sobbing. She’s literally not listening to Julie.


Kaitlin is sent upstairs to the App Store room where she will be given the chance to remain in the game. The other HG’s are able to watch her on the monitors in the LR so We are ALL glued to the screens.


She enters to find a 6 piece puzzle (emoji version of Kaitlin). She’s told she has

2 1/2 minutes to take the pieces apart, move them less than 5 feet and reattach it then hit the button and she can stay in the game. If she fails she will have to say goodbye to the HG and exit the house immediately.


Now listen, we’ve speculated all week that the odds of someone NOT completely whatever task is given is less than .00001%. The HG debated among themselves whether sending Kaitlin out with a chance to win her way back was the right move. 


They all agreed Kaitlin is a much bigger comp threat than Angie. I agreed that if they wanted the best odds of someone not being able to complete the task Angie was a sure bet! One, because she’s performed horribly in every comp so far. Two, one compounded by the stress and pressure of having to perform on live TV after just being evicted would likely make her crumble. 


So now. Kaitlin’s literally facing herself (puzzle) with 2.5 minutes on the clock and she begins! Kaitlin takes each piece and moves it through a piece of plexiglass in seconds with ease. I thought to myself she didn’t really study how they were assembled she just grabbed and slid them to the other side. But hey it’s 6 pieces so...how hard can it be. 


We get down to 90 sec she’s been trying to assemble this mannican of sorts standing up right. The legs keeps falling she’s getting frustrated but keeps working. She gets down to 60 sec before she lays the pieces out on the ground in order and then returns to assembling it but this is where she’s cracking. She sits down and CRIES!!! She wastes a good 20 sec crying before she jumps back into action. 


I myself and perched up watching now thinking OMG, is she going to tank this? Is she seriously so panicked that she won’t be able to stack these SIX 3-D puzzle pieces on top of each other?! No way! There’s NO way she fails this! I am not exaggerating when I say BB NATION is flipping out! Twitter is afire with exclamations about what we’re witnessing here. There’s no way she can fail this! 


She gets her 30 sec warning and is feverishly struggling with this one smaller middle piece that she cannot figure out what she’s doing wrong! All while fumbling with the two legs she needs to attach it to and EVERYONE watching realizes SHE’S NOT GOING TO MAKE IT! OMG! Kaitlin is going to and actually GO HOME! What did we do to be so lucky that this chick is going to blow the easiest task ever given to a player in the history of BB! 


10, 9, 8....she’s almost figure it out put can’t get the pieces to lock! 7, 6, she’s holding them all up in the right order but they aren’t fully attached! 5, 4, IM SCREAMING, LAUGHING, and CLAPPING all saying KAITLIN IS OUT! She’s gone! OMG! I never have to listen to her on the feeds again! They almost saved her she screwed up her own votes with her big a$& mouth and NOW she’s failing a GIMME puzzle! This is unbelievable. Times up! Kaitlin is out of the game!!! 


Watch Kaitlin’s ‘chance’ slip through her fingers here: 




Julie is heard telling her she failed. She’s evicted head downstairs say goodbye and exit! She walks over to a corner sits down and proceeds to sob uncontrollably again! All the while all

Of the HG are downstairs clapping for her (or maybe for themselves because she’s out). Kaitlin practically sprinting out of the house. No hugs, no goodbyes she bolts! 


Word on the street is that CBS production informed the live studio audience before the live show began that NO one will be exiting the house tonight. There won’t be any interviews with Julie, that the evicted HG tonight will simply go do a quick puzzle and head right back downstairs staying in the game! THEY NEVER anticipated someone wouldn’t complete the puzzle. 


Alison Grodner (Executive Producer) is seen backstage shaking her head in disbelief. Julie gives a brief goodbye announcing we can view her complete exit interview on CBS.com later tonight. This is because they NEVER planned for a live exit interview. There was zero chance anyone would actually leave the game! The irony here is that BB producers failed to #expecttheunexpected!!! 


Shock waves were felt across America with one of the MOST shocking eviction episode Big Brother has ever had! The HG’s are in shock! Julie is floored!


Production is scrambling! While I am throwing a solo dance party because I never have to listen to her on the live feeds again this season! We are ALL WINNERS this week! 


Check out the exit interview posted later last night: 




That’s it! It’s a wrap! Kaitlin was evicted and no one was prepared for this except Foute because they absurdly speculated this ‘chance’ would be a battle back and Soggy was more likely to be the HG returning! Wow! This season exceeds the last 5 seasons combined! Week 4 ends with as big of a bang (pots and pans) as it began and all the week after Angie’s DAUGHTER’S BIRTHDAY!!!! Lol 


That’s the RealiTea of this wild and crazy game we all love! Anything can happen. You never know what will be your demise and you can rise and fall all in the same week! Whew! I hope my recount at least gives you some small measure of the same exhilaration that watching it unfolding delivered. 


Come back later to get the full scoop on how the house reacted to that climax and where week 5 is headed with the new HOH that’s finally reveal when feeds return HOURS later just after 9:30 pm..


Yet again we have an HOH winner. who was in one of the best positions in the game at the end of the week, wins when they had no businesss doing so! 


This is the 3rd week in a row where someone sitting pretty with ZERO reason to win takes the key to the HOH room when they didn’t need to! Bayleigh is the new HOH after winning a chance comp! No need to put the popcorn away this week will bring plenty of good feeds I’m sure.






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