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Week 4 Winners and Losers


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It’s week 4 eviction day which means that someone will be evicted. Tonight’s eviction almost means Sam power app will finally be put out of its misery. As we head into week 5 tonight (most likely with the same number of players in the game that we started week 4 for with it’s a great time to breakdown which players benefited the most and which the least in a week that basically has zero value with regards to getting anyone one HG closer to making it to jury. 


What’s most absurd to me is Foute doesn’t grasp the fact that Kaitlin will come right back into the game. They heard ‘chance’ to return from Sam and that’s code for there will be a battle back and Soggy can beat Kaitlin. They joke what if Steve comes back?


WHAT!? So they do understand someone will be coming back in but absolutely dismissive of any possibility it’s going to be Kaitlin! I could overlook to deep ignorance if they weren’t stacked with fans of the game! Bayleigh, Haleigh, Angie, Scottie all know this game! It should make sense that this app replaces the usual pre jury battle back comp. It doesn’t and that’s the greatest deficit for them in all of this. 


Haleigh actually played some game beyond Faysal be more loyal to me than Kaitlin. Well not really because ultimately she’s lying to get Kaitlin out so Faysal can be most loyal to her but this was a little more self preservation at least. Remember when I explained that Tyler told Kaitlin that Faysal and Haleigh were planning to vote her out? I also shared that Tyler told her not to say anything to Haleigh. After the incident Tuesday when Kaitlin brow beats Tyler about campaigning for her to stay and he told her not to talk to people about their votes, because it’s counterproductive. Well of course Kaitlin doesn’t listen. 


Kaitlin does go to Haleigh and Haleigh feeds her ginormous ego by saying she thinks people are trying to fool her and working to get her out? Well technically Haleigh is telling the truth, she and Faysal are trying to get her out but Kaitlin runs with the idea it’s L6 side working against her (they weren’t). Kaitlin gets confrontational with Angela about trying to flip the vote against her which doesn’t go over well with Angela and Angela goes to work now saying Kaitlin needs to go. Haleigh and Faysal are the blind spots in her game at the same level that Haleigh is Faysal’s blind spot. 


I seriously cannot convey the level of stupidity that both nominees have demonstrated. Each of them literally manages to talk people out of voting for the to stay every time they open their mouths which is how Wednesday plays out all day. L6 had been unified in their desire to send Angie out and keep Kaitlin this week thanks in most to Tyler’s leg work but Kaitlin manages to annoy people enough to unravel her own chances of not being evicted. 


I have whiplash from how much back and forth L6 were with send Kaitlin out wait no we need to keep Kaitlin we don’t want a unanimous vote because we want it to be clear that Haleigh and Faysal CHOSE to vote her out. This all happens of course after Haleigh has done some work on Brett the day before which compounded JC’s arguments all day and has Brett Tuesday wavering on who to evict. 


Haleigh played some great game here. Listen when you remember that L6 agrees to tell everyone that they are evicting Kaitlin so Foute doesn’t sniff out their real game plan which they predicted would prevent Foute from campaigning. Haleigh shows us that she’s a player we’ve all thought she would be. When she has a clearly defined goal in her mind she has the ability to manipulate people to achieve her goal. 


Haleigh does understand that she needs Kaitlin to believe she’s still riding for her in the event she does go out and come right back in the game. For me Haleigh’s position at the end of this week solely lies on whether Kaitlin does go out regardless of whether she returns or not. I’m happy to see her follow her instincts and have a smart enough read on the temperature of the game to not sit back and let the runaway train come to a stop on its own. Haleigh is over Kaitlin. That’s certain this week. 


If Kaitlin goes out and doesn’t return Haleigh’s standing rises significantly. If Angie goes then there’s really no gain for Haleigh this week there’s actually a loss because Angie will remain loyal to the ladies in the house. If Kaitlin goes out and doesn’t realize Haleigh and Faysal we’re voting against her and continues her irrational loyalty to F/H then again I think Haleigh rises slightly but not of any real significance because she ends the week where she began. However, if Kaitlin uses the revolving door this week and finally realizes Haleigh was playing her I think Haleigh’s position makes some significant drops on the ladder in the game.


Once Kaitlin is confrontational with Angela accusing her of trying to flip the vote to evict her, Angela then goes to Kaycee and says she has to go. The most surprising part of the day is we find out Angela actually has a voice! Kaycee who has been steadfast in her loyalty to Tyler over anyone else and Angela manages to eventually flip Kaycee! 


It’s the worst possible game move for Angela but the furniture comes to life like Belle has entered the BB house. For this reason regardless of the outcome I think Angela lost any commodity she did have going into week 4 by infuriating Rachel. Also if Kaitlin stays and still holds onto this belief that Angela was campaigning against her she’s as much of a target for Kaitlin as Sam is next week.


Angela and Kaycee then talk to Rachel who is not falling for any of these shenanigans and firmly plants her flag on sending Angie out this week! Rachel is adamant that Angie needs to go, Kaitlin needs to stay she’s a shield and rightfully so. So of course Kaitlin walks in to the middle of this convo and again behaves counterproductively! 


What’s most ironic is Kaitlin started the morning saying she’s not talking game today. She wants to have a fun day and just kick back. Which is exactly the opposite of what she ends up doing!


Kaitlin is EVERYWHERE all day like a gnat vigorously buzzing around you at sunset. You swat her away only for her to be right back in your face again. This only reaffirmed Angela and Kaycee’s latest position that Angie needs to stay. 


The one point of argument I will give Angela in her justification is that Angie will stay loyal to the idea of an all girls alliance . Angie will target guys before them. The biggest blind spot for Kaitlin is despite the fact Faysal swore he would save Kaitlin and then he used the veto on Haleigh Kaitlin still wants to believe that Faysal and Haleigh would never go against her. 


This makes zero sense! Faysal basically peed all over Kaitlin and told her it’s raining and Kaitlin believes him! What’s not so surprising is this entire game Foute has been slapped in the face with truths and every time they manage to twist the truth into a fantasy and does exactly the opposite of what they should.


Kaitlin is no exception to this counterintuitive game play. Faysal’s position at the end of week 4 despite being the main character this week has slipped down in my rankings even lower than he was for his insanely terrible game play surrounding his handling of the veto. 


Faysal saving Haleigh didn’t deliver any gains where Haleigh is concerned. In her mind even if she had stayed OTB Kaitlin would have left over her. Faysal may appear to be ok with Kaitlin despite flagrantly planting his flag on Haleigh’s pillow. I’m confident he’s not.


If Kaitlin stays she’s a spiteful little nugget of craziness and the mood will strike her to teach him a lesson. Let us not forget Tyler did manage to convince Kaitlin to evict Soggy week 2 and what happened that week isn’t any were near the betrayal Faysal has delivered to her.


Of all of the flip flopping I was most surprised by Kaycee. Once this all happens she goes to Bayleigh (who has actually been on board with voting to keep Kaitlin with L6) and tells her that they are now considering voting Kaitlin out.


Kaycee is the most disappointing to me in all of this nonsense. This is the first time I’ve seen her counteract a plan she and Tyler have agreed on and while you have to play in your own best interest at a certain point in BB this is not one of those moments. 


BB is an individual game in the long run. If Kaycee had broken from the alliance to make a move in her own best interest I would co-sign her initiative. Kaycee not only has nothing to benefit from flipping on the original plan she actually has a lot to lose.


It wasn’t a well planned conscious move to propel her game. Kaycee goes to Bayleigh who was in fact on board with voting against Foute this week until Kaycee prematurely tells her hey I think we are going to go ahead and vote Kaitlin out. 


This was a premature move on Kaycee’s behalf and ultimately has Bayleigh coming out better. Bayleigh now doesn’t have to draw a line in the sand with Foute by voting with L6. She’s managing to infiltrate L6 in the process. Bayleigh is now freely invited to participate in L6 strategizing even after the decision to flip happens.


At one point Wednesday Bay’s lounging in the HN while Kaycee, Angela, Rachel, and Brett debate the vote. You can see on Brett’s face he’s uncomfortable with how freely the ladies are talking about it in front of Bayleigh but does nothing to stop it. Bayleigh is by far the winner this week overall and her standing in the hierarchy of the house rocketed up the ladder.


Bayleigh has successfully layered herself into the L6 social dynamic. She also has nurtured her game relationship with Scottie and made herself a path defecting from Foute without them suspecting anything. Bayleigh has spent a lot of time casually bonding with Sam. She’s done an excellent job this week! After L6 gifts her the ability to stay good with both sides she slyly returns to Faysal to address her annoyance with him yelling at her. Faysal is so dumb that he was oblivious to the fact he’d even angered her. 


The only potential deficit I see for Bayleigh now that everyone is voting out Kaitlin is her consideration of using her power app next week. This is insane! Bayleigh is in a great position. She says of one of L6 wins next week, like Brett she’s thinking about using her incredibly valuable powerful app to nominate Angela and Rachel!? REALLY?! 


Ok, listen girl you have been standing too close to Kaitlin this week because you’ve lost your damn mind! Save that for jury! Save that for when you NEED a power move to shift the house in your favor. This benefits everyone else on Foute but not yourself. No one is coming for you! Let them continue to take out each other on the sides sit on the fence between to the sides with your edamame and jug of Gatorade and chill! This is where we see a tiny little glimpse of possible power separate the minor league players from the all stars.


With all the chaos of the vote ping ponging back and forth all day Tyler has made the best move he could in this position. From my point of view Tyler has not moved in the position he has in the game. The dissension he and JC have had is a wash in the loss column because both he and JC have equal losses here. I will say there’s great irony this week in Kaitlin likely being saved by the bonus life tonight is mind blowing! 


Tyler created this paradox by his own hands! LMAO! Remember week 1 Tyler flipped Kaitlin to vote Steve out. That flip saved Sam. Saving Sam meant Tyler could preserve the availability of her bonus life app. So now it’s Sam’s HOH and Sam desperately wants Kaitlin out! As does Tyler. So how crazy is it that Sam’s app will be what prevents Kaitlin from actually being evicted and sent home? I mean if that’s not karma I don’t know what is.  


Tyler was more likely to vote to keep Kaitlin regardless and that will keep him in her good graces. His eventual waving of the white flag within L6 prevents him from pushing too hard and leaving a bad taste in their mouths. If by some miracle Angie goes out and doesn’t return he could make some gain because she’s gunning for him and Brett. That’s a long shot at best.


If Kaitlin goes that appeases Sam. All the way around Tyler has exhausted his tolerance of Kaitlin and will work to get her out before Jury. This morning Faysal pulled Tyler aside to presumably leak the facts that Kaitlin told him the same things she told Tyler. This is terrible timing by Faysal at Haleigh’s urging. This would actually give Tyler a viable scenario to confront Kaitlin and justify voting her out with the rest of the house if it’s actually unanimous. 


Kaitlin has plummeted in the game this week. You know it’s bad when the only real ally you have left is the one who has been using your for selfish purposes and has zero true allegiance to you. Kaitlin has eliminated any real motivation for L6 to continue pretending they want her on their side.


Haleigh and Faysal want her out as much if not more than Tyler. Kaitlin campaigning for herself is riddled with quick blasts of people who are actually planning to keep her and she’s the greatest detriment to her own game this week. 


Kaitlin even manages to infuriate Tyler last night with her egregious claims that she’s getting hits and she’s hearing from Tyler’s deceased father again. I do not know how he manages to keep himself from unleashing the wrath of God on her when she does this.


This is the most deplorable action I’ve seen to date in the BB house. Tyler mentioned Thursday is her father’s birthday and she pounces! She goes on to say his dad is talking to her and he’s telling HER that he wants KAITLIN to stay. You can watch the clip here. 




Listen we’ve all admired Tyler’s unwavering ability to tolerate her. It’s seriously been a miracle to watch because anyone else even Dan Gheesling would have thrown in the towel and just leveled her with his slithering tongue. Tyler demonstrates why he should be petitioned for Saint hood in this scene. I would have chewed her up spit her out and lit the remains on fire. 


By last night Faysal shares with Haleigh that Kaitlin told him she has feelings for him and she wants to be with him. Haleigh is dumbfounded. Faysal also shares that he learned Kaitlin has told Tyler the same things she’s told him. 


Now the majority of the house is aware that Kaitlin has been running the game emotionally manipulative game on the guys and this will not fare well for her a f she’s evicted and then returns. This is basically the locker room talk of the house at this point. 


Kaitlin isn’t the only one undermining her own game. Angie has also created the losses she experienced this week. Her reaction to Brett’s eviction speech definitely hurt her value in the game. While the women will see her as a short term asset because she wants to get guys out no one wants to play with her. Brett now has laser focus on Angie.


Angela has laser focus on Angie and I would not be surprised at all if this HOH is the first one that Angela actively tries to win. Faysal, Haleigh, Bayleigh, Scottie are not enough numbers to help keep her safe if anyone on L6 wins week 5 HOH, especially if she’s sitting next to another Foute member. 


Rachel lost some standing with me. Under pressure she just threw up her hands and surrendered for the most part when L6 shifts their target. While she has a strategic mindset this shows me she can’t go into action on the fly when her feet are over the fire like Haleigh did.


Kaitlin going out and returning is horrible for Rachel since Kaitlin perceives Angela as one of the people turning on her. Rachel will now be in the line of fire because of her association with Angela. This is the time she needs to stage a fight and visibly cut ties with Angela or Rachel could be an innocent bystander falling victim to Kaitlin’s fury. 


Once Haleigh gets her claws into Rachel last night I don’t see any scenario where Rachel wants to flip the vote back. She realizes that the entire motivation for voting opposite of Foute was so Kaitlin would flip on them and she knows with certainty now Kaitlin will NEVER see the votes as L6 saving her because she wants nothing more than to believe Haleigh and Faysal votes to keep her. 


JC’s overly dramatic behavior may result in some gains on the Foute side. I’m not absolute in my belief that will absolutely happen but it’s possible after his vigorous efforts to secure an outcome that Haleigh and Faysal want. Tyler does eventually go to JC and uses L6 stupidity to flip against Kaitlin to feed JC’s ego and concede that ok you’re right we need to vote Kaitlin out. I like that he takes lemons and makes lemonade with both JC and Sam after the others seems unmovable.


The problem is JC’s plummeting in his value with Tyler. If JC doesn’t redeem himself quickly with Tyler week 5 I feel like he’s lost major power in the game. Tyler has to see the potential for JC to use his worthiness for evil and will more likely than not invest far less in him after this week perhaps even coordinating JC untimely exit as soon as we reach jury. 


Kaitlin will discover that JC was the one working the hardest against her when next week rolls around. This only lengthens Kaitlin’s list of people she must avenge herself against. Faysal suddenly had some cojones this week with JC and I think he also lost a lot of influence over him that he’d worked so hard to have. 


Scottie hasn’t hardly been visible this week. Bayleigh’s desire to join forces with him is a HUGE gain coming off his HOH last week. There are so many other targets exposed this week I think he’s dodged a bullet mostly thanks to Sam who managed to make her HOH even more explosive than his. Scottie is good with Sam. He has Bayleigh and moving into next week could be right back to landing in the middle depending on who wins the HOH and be the swing vote once again.


Brett and Tyler are in the most vulnerable positions if a Foute member (other than Kaitlin) wins this next HOH. That means Brett is the most vulnerable because Tyler has the cloud power app. If Tyler suspects he will be BD’d he will be able to save himself and Brett could be the casualty. Tyler kept Brett for this exact reason. Just like Kaitlin, Brett is a shield for him and if all else fails Tyler can save himself by choosing to sit on his cloud of safety. 


I fully expect the vote to make a few more full revolutions before tonight’s live eviction. Best case scenario either one leaves and fails the task. #Teamgoodfeeds should be rallying for Kaitlin to be evicted and lose the challenge so we can all revel in some savage GB message from Tyler to Kaitlin. If he did in fact destroy her in his message to her I almost feel like even production would be ok with her failing just so they can air it! 


The RealiTea is if Kaitlin is evicted the best case scenario for L6 is its a unanimous vote so she returns without question that Haleigh and Faysal voted against her. I haven’t seen them discussing throwing any kind of sympathy votes by this time to cover themselves just in case. Again, I think that’s because they’ve subscribed to a ridiculous edition of the game where someone else battles their way back not Kaitlin. 


Regardless of what happens tonight we are all guaranteed an explosive eviction episode! #teamgoodfeeds for the win!  The competition from from everyone except maybe Scottie and Kaycee to win this next HOH should be fierce. I will be back tomorrow with all of the escalating motivations to be the ones determining who the last two HG leaving before they make it to jury! 



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