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America's Got Talent Episode 8-Judge Cuts 2

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We meet our guest judge for the night, Olivia Munn! She says she’s so excited. This is the only show she watches religiously and she is excited she has a golden buzzer.


We begin the show with Human Fountains. They perform this time to Time to Say Good-bye by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. They use orange juice this time as well. They also crack an egg in one of the guy’s mouths and he spits that into another guy’s mouth and it’s repeated one more time. Olivia looks grossed out. Heidi is laughing.  


Human Fountains get a standing ovation from Howie, Mel B, and Heidi and the audience. Olivia says they’ve been spitting in each other’s mouths since they were children? Simon wants to know how he’s supposed to judge this? There was an egg. Howie says they added protein. Mel B likes the fact they told a story about a morning routine. Howie says they are his personal nightmare and they did what they were asked to do by stepping it up.


Next we have Shin Lim who does close-up magic. Simon greets him as he comes to the stage. He requests a spectator and he asks for Olivia to join him. He starts with Olivia placing her hand over a card and tells her to make sure she doesn’t move. He starts by turning some queens into aces. He then pulls queens and kings from the aces that are the same suit and then he makes the aces disappear. He is using clubs, diamonds, and hearts, and Olivia has her hand over the Ace of Spades. When Olivia lifts her hand, she has all four aces.


Shin then takes the kings and queens of the three suits and make them disappear as well. The audience is amazed and he gets an ovation from them and all of the judges. Simon says that was spooky and says Olivia was inches away, what happened? She says she doesn’t have a clue, it was truly amazing. Heidi says out of all the magicians out there, Shin is the only one who makes her believe magic is possible. Howie says this time was even more magical than his audition and if he keeps delivering like that, then he is going a long way.


Taking the stage next a group of young brothers and Simon said they were pretty good. We then have Macey Mac who is another young singer and Mel B says she stepped it up from her last audition.


We then see Sophie and she’s 5 and she’s a singer. Sophie takes the stage and is greeted by Simon. Simon says his son has a bit of a crush on her and he’s shaking his head. Simon asks what she’d do with the money and Sophie says she doesn’t care about the money she just wants to sing and make people happy. Simon says so if you win, we don’t have to give you the money? Sophie says yes. Sophie sings New York, New York by Frank Sinatra.


The crowd is on their feet for Sophie before she even finishes. She gets an ovation from all four judges and the crowd. Simon says Sophie is officially the youngest AGT contestant. He says amazing. Olivia asks who taught her to sing like that and Sophie answers Frank Sinatra. Howie asks if she’s been told that she’s crazy cute and she says thank you.


Time for some dance groups. Reyes Del Swing is the first group up and they impress the judges and the crowd. Olivia says they didn’t just dance, they put on a show. Simon says they are so professional and so much fun and he thinks they need them in the live shows.


The next dance group has watched and say they have to give it everything they got to match that. They are called The Future Kingz and they know they can’t just be good this time around, they have to be great. They dance to Poison by Bel Biv Devoe and Olivia says she loves this song and Mel B agrees. The song switches to MC Hammer and their youngest dancer takes front stage. The crowd and 4 of the 5 judges, minus Howie are on their feet.


Howie reminds people that Future Kingz are not professional dancers but they are about hope. Olivia thought they were amazing and they were so in sync. She says they were so great. Simon says it was a real step up from what they saw before. Simon thinks other groups they saw were technically better, but it’s not always about technicality.


Next is Lioz from Israel and he’s a mentalist. He says he’s going to do something amazing, something they’ve never seen before…magic. Howie turns it over to Lioz. The audience seems to be enjoying the act. He gets an ovation from 3 of the judges and the crowd.


Olivia says it’s not magic but it’s something awesome. Simon says normally he doesn’t find this stuff funny, but his sense of humor is hilarious. Heidi says it’s silly and a little stupid. It’s not her cup of tea. Howie thinks what he does is amazing. Lioz is cleaning up some of his props while Howie is talking and Lioz leaves the stage right as he finishes.


The Angel City Chorale is ready to take the stage. Sue, the director, steps up and is greeted by Simon. 145 people here today and they represent diversity from all walks of life. Simon wishes them the best of luck. They perform and Simon and the audience claps along.


Howie says he’s not only listening but watching and he loves that the Angel City Chorale took him on a journey. Mel B feels the same and she loves it. Simon says he likes it because they care so much and what they do is very inspiring. Olivia says looking around and seeing the diversity but they all sing from the same voice and it’s so inspirational. She hits her golden buzzer.


The next act out is Shannon and Reckon, a dog act. The dog is more interested in playing than performing. We then see Exisdance, a robot that took over a human body, but the audience is receptive and the judges are bored.


Next is International Superstar Hans. Hans says tonight’s performance is going to be bigger and better than before. Simon greets Hans and Simon asks how he’s going to change things up tonight. Hans says he’s just a lonely German before standing before a music mogul asking him to love him. Simon turns the stage over to Hans.


Hans starts playing the piano and then he immediately gets up and he’s performing to It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls. He then gets his accordion and starts playing and singing. It seems he’s getting mixed reactions from the judges. The audience seems to love it.


Hans gets an ovation from the audience. Heidi says it doesn’t even bother her that Hans vocals aren’t the best. Mel B says he’s the gift that keeps on giving and he’s just trying to entertain them. Olivia says she isn’t sure what she was watching but she loved it. Simon says he has to be honest he managed to make it worse than the first audition, but there is something compelling about him.


Next out is Vivien who is a jump rope artist and she has sprained both of her ankles since her audition. She performs with two others even with sprained ankles. Olivia says she’s such a warrior and Mel B just amazed her. She is carried off by the two men she performed with.


Then we have Rob Lake who is an illusionist and Shin is his competition, but they have a different style of magic. Olivia went to the same college Rob did. Howie wishes him luck. Rob has a box on a pedestal with a ladder up to it and a woman appears in it. Rob limbs up with the woman and she chains him to the booth and raises a curtain and ties it. She then lifts it from the bottom and you can see Rob and she walks away to a table. The curtain drops on Rob and he is now on the table and the woman is chained to the booth.


Rob gets an ovation from the audience and 4 of the 5 judges, minus Simon. Simon says that was incredible and he was watching closely and it’s not just what he did, but how he did it and it’s a bit corny. Mel B says she loved the cheesiness and she thinks he’s great. Olivia says it was truly incredible. Howie says it was an amazing illusion.


Then we have Leah Mathies and she performs an original song. Simon says they’ll be discussing her tonight. Hunter takes the stage and he also performs an original song. Howie buzzes Hunter and he thinks Hunter is gambling on his original music.


Joseph O’Brien is the next to the stage and he is greeted by Simon. He’s going to sing I Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon. He also plays piano while he performs. Simon stops the performance and Joseph looks disappointed. Simon thinks Joseph is overthinking and he’s frustrated. Joseph asks if it’d be ok if he did an original and Heidi tells him to do one that he loves.


Joseph sits at the piano and tries again with his original. The crowd seems much more receptive. Mel B says there’s no doubt he has a great sounding voice. Olivia says he is clearly very talented. Simon likes his voice and he thinks he has a fighting spirit in him.


Our final act is Vicki and she’s a comedian. Simon greets her and he says of all the comedians they had, she is the one he remembered. Simon asks what she’d do with the money and she says buy a trailer in Malibu so she could be closer to Simon. The crowd seems to love her and the judges are laughing.


Vicki gets an ovation from the crowd and all five judges. Olivia loves Vicki so much, she wishes she had 2 golden buzzers. Heidi says Vicki is her favorite comedian this year. Heidi says she’s so brash and unapologetic, yet so likeable. Howie says he thinks America loves her and she’s relatable. He thinks she’s beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a sense of humor. Simon says the minute she walks on she’s got great energy and she is naturally funny and she is exactly what the show needs.


We see the judges deliberating and discussing the acts. The judges thank Olivia and it’s time to learn the decisions.


Human Fountains and Lioz are up on stage first. Simon says this is difficult and only 6 can go through and they are not going through to the live shows.


Next out are the three singers Leah, Hunter, and Joseph, and Simon says only one will go through to the live shows. The person who is moving on is Joseph O’Brien.


Sophie, the brothers dance act, and Macey are up and they are not going through.


Rob Lake and Shin Lim are up and Heidi reveals Shin made it to the live show, and Rob is also going through to the live show.


Next we have Exisdance, Vivien, and Shannon and Reckon and Howie says they have not made it.


The Future Kingz and Reyes Del Swing are up next and Mel B says they can only take one act forward, and that act is The Future Kingz.


Hans is up next and Heidi informs him in German that he is on to the live show.


Vicki is the final act to see what her fate is and Howie says comedy is so subjective and they needed a unanimous verdict and she’s dealt with rejection and there’s always rejection, but there isn’t any tonight. Vicki is on to the live shows and Mel B gives her a hug.

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The acts that are through to the lives and the golden buzzers:


Singers: (9)

Michael-Simon's Golden Buzzer

Courtney-Howie's Golden Buzzer

Amanda-Mel B's Golden Buzzer

Makayla-Heidi's Golden Buzzer

Voices of Hope-Ken's Golden Buzzer

Angel City Chorale-Olivia's Golden Buzzer

Us the Duo

Christina Wells

Joseph O'Brien


Danger: (2)

Aaron Crow

Duo Transcend


Dance: (3)

Zucaroh-Tyra's Golden Buzzer

Junior New System

The Future Kingz


Variety: (2)




Magicians: (2)

Shin Lim

Rob Lake


Comedians: (1)

Vicki Barbolak

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