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Week 4 Veto Sends JC Spiraling


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Sunday was relatively low key day after 48 hours of some of the best feeds we’ve seen in years! I was grateful honestly I think LF deserved a break as much as the HG’s. Kaitlin did lay off her emotional terrorist attacks for a large portion of the day. Don’t worry the feeds turn up Monday once the explosive veto ceremony plays out. 


Before I share the juicy details of Monday’s post veto ceremony juicy RealiTea Bitez there are only a couple of interesting things happen on this Zen Sunday. The first being Scottie taking credit for convincing Faysal to secure his safety in veto during a convo between he and Kaycee in the BY. 


Scottie has spent the last two days going from player to player asking how they are voting. He’s desperately trying to gain intel and no one is really talking to him. While he has been very lucky, like Tyler, following week 3’s explosive ending, Scottie has attempted to transform himself into the submissive character but I don’t see any gains beyond the side effects of the house imploding with another unexpected outcome by Foute and Angie’s overly dramatic reactions to Brett’s imaginary back room deal with her. 


This should be a danger sign to sign to Scottie. Prior to his HOH despite knowing he was a Foute snitch people saw value in talking with him. This week he’s trying to sell he wants to vote with the house but so far I haven’t seen anyone bite. I suspect that will shift after the veto ceremony but you won’t believe why!


Before I get to that here are the other two things Sunday brought us.  While Kaitlin is a bit calmer Sunday morning I’ve already seen her working on Faysal in the bed while JC tries to sleep. Faysal has created his own drama this weekend winning the veto.


Not only did he win but before Veto is player he promised Kaitlin he would use the veto on her. After he wins the veto he promised Haleigh he would save her. Kaitlin’s early morning whining continues until Sam calls everyone for the HN picks. This week’s HN-Rachel, Kaycee, Bayleigh, and Scottie. I think Bayleigh volunteering to be a HN with Rachel, Kaycee, and Brett was a very smart strategic move. 


Making herself a HN allows her a forced opportunity to weave herself into the good graces of Rachel and Kaycee. I’m so impressed with the majority of what Bayleigh has done to pad her social resume since Chris was sent home.


Outside Sunday morning just when we think Kaitlin is going to pause her dramatics we find Kaycee is enjoying her morning beverage while Sam smokes and Rachel applies sunscreen. Kaitlin is off to the other side of the yard tanning and the second Rachel heads to the pool and Sam inside Kaitlin makes a bee line over to disrupt her solitude and start running her game on her. Complaining about Faysal.


Kaitlin’s painting Faysal as a liar and someone not to be trusted and trying to elicit sympathy from Kaycee in hopes of luring her vote for Kaitlin to stay. Kaitlin points out that if he doesn’t use it on her everyone will know he’s a liar. 


12:12 pm


Angie apologized to Brett for the way she reacted. Yeah so that happens. Sam spoke with Angie and encouraged her to make peace with Brett for her own sanity. Angie approaches Brett initially and he shuts her down! Then Sam talks to Brett and tells him Angie just wanted to apologize and he should let her so if she goes home she’s made amends. 


The apology took as long as it took for you to read that paragraph. It was awkward and swift. Had Savage Sam not been HOH and Veto ceremony had already occurred I don’t think this would have happened. Angie and Brett following their HOH dictator’s commands it seems to me for no other reason than I don’t want Sam to nominate me if I don’t do this so...


The most interesting thing that happened all day happened in the early morning hours Monday. Haleigh and Faysal have a convo on the BY after 3 a.m. at the pool table. Faysal’s goal was clearly to save himself from being the renom but now it becomes crystal clear his intentions are to use this as a bargaining chip to lock down Haleigh and force her to stop having a social game.


Faysal tells Haleigh he needs to know it’s worth it to him if he saves her from the block. Haleigh is like ok...what does shag mean? Faysal says if he uses it then that means Haleigh is his ride or die.


He repeatedly says she KNOWS what he wants. He can save her but...Haleigh gets straight to the point and asks him flat out to describe what being his ride or die means to him. 


Faysal has the audacity to tell her from then on and he doesn’t want to use it on her and he ends up looking like an idiot so she has to stop playing with other guys’ hair, and flirty behaviors in general with anyone but him.


I STAN for Haleigh in this moment because she’s livid he would even think about trying to control her with this veto! She makes it clear she’s having none of this b.s. and basically says fine then don’t use it on me. It was both nauseating (Faysal’s manipulation) and glorious (Haleigh absolute fury). If you have the feeds you want to FB and watch it. 


That’s it for Sunday. Nothing else of any real consequence happens, lots of tanning, eating, and a very long bubble session filled the day with the relaxing vibe Sam had hoped her entire HOH week would create. 


Monday morning is very low key prior to the veto ceremony. We see Kaitlin crying to Faysal still. Pleading for him to use it on her. But leading up to the ceremony it almost feels like everyone is hung over (they’re not). 


12:24 pm

Bay still attempts to massage Faysal’s decision about which to use the power on. 


Sam wanders over and asks if he knows

If he will use it? She says he doesn’t have to tell her who or anything she’s just asking if he’s decided whether he will or won’t so she can focus on what her re-nom will be. Faysal doesn’t give her anything and pretends he still hasn’t decided. 


Feeds go down for the ceremony and LF are all anticipating their return because we are relatively certain Faysal will use the veto on Haleigh. We also are hunkered down awaiting hurricane Kaitlin’s torrential downpour of tears making landfall again in the BB house.  What we got NONE of us could have predicted! 


Feeds return and Angie’s crying. Ok we were pretty confident that she would be the re-nom so no surprise here. Kaitlin’s unleashing her gale force winds on Faysal which confirms that Faysal did in fact use the veto on Haleigh. However we are not prepared for Sam talking about not wanting for her best friend JC to go home and JC is indignant saying he has the votes to stay? Huh? Wait! What? Did Sam nominate JC?! 


It seems like time stood still here for me for a little while. I’m in the car when feeds returned and thinking ok I must have missed something. Why is JC so pissed off? Sam’s an emotional mess and I hear her say she had to nominate 5 people this week? WHAT!? Did she try to nominate Tyler and he used his cloud app? All I can think is I need to get home and focus because this is insanity! 


Eventually things start to come out in bits and pieces. Apparently once Faysal uses the Veto Sam stood up and was looking directly at JC saying I was thinking about nominating my BF. How and why this happens is still unclear from the retells but Sam began sounding like she was about to put JC OTB and JC flips out on Sam and is like NO! You can’t put me OTB! What’s wrong with you? Eventually Sam does in fact end up nominating Angie but from what we are hearing this veto ceremony went off the rails! 


It’s impossible to completely understand what happened with JC and the veto ceremony until we see it air on Wednesday but it’s shaping up to be as explosive and shocking as the rest of Sam’s reign as HOH has turned out to be in a week we expected to be pretty meh. 


Sam also reveals the details of her power app. She explains she didn’t use it so now whoever leaves this week will automatically receive the advantage and have a ‘chance’ to return after the live eviction. 


Kaitlin starts some very interesting conversations when it is discovered that she’s been telling both Faysal and Tyler she has ‘feelings’ for them separately. This spreads quickly and will play into some of the shifts that are likely to find roots this week. Faysal is aware of this and he’s not feeling too sympathetic for her at this point. 


JC has been explosive today! He goes all in on Faysal for using the veto and not telling him. Really it’s Faysal used the veto and JC told him not to. Look what happens when you don’t listen to me! I’ve been loyal and honest with you and you’re not showing me you appreciate it. In fact your showing me you aren’t a good ally to have. This transpires in the HOH room after Sam says they can go up and talk privately. 


For me the only effective arguments JC makes with Faysal in this exchange is when JC tells Faysal what Kaitlin has told Tyler she has feelings for him. This gives Faysal justification for wanting Kaitlin out but that’s not what really drives the nail in Kaitlin’s coffin. When JC tells Faysal that Kaitlin told Tyler that Faysal said he has feelings for her and she just doesn’t want to hurt his feelings...that’s when you literally see Faysal’s poker face break!


This blows Faysal’s mind. As the day wears on we see conversations throughout the house about this truth bomb re: how Kaitlin has been playing all sides. There’s tangible evidence now. 


This all comes about because there is some serious jockeying happening for this weeks vote. We find JC and Tyler in the geometry room strongly disagreeing about whether Kaitlin is the one that should be voted out. We know JC has been working all week to ensure Kaitlin is voted out. Tyler has a better sense of the likelihood of how this power may work, although no one knows for sure. This is the first time we’ve seen them really disagree. 


JC is absolute in his desire to evict Kaitlin. Tyler says hmmm hold on I’m not sure that’s really a good plan. Kaitlin’s easier to manipulate of the two. Tyler understands that Kaitlin is more likely to just come right back into the game and knows it’s not in anyone’s best interest to vote her out and have her using the revolving door to come right back in. 


They don’t finish this conversation but it seriously sets up the rest of the day. JC rallying to get Kaitlin out while Tyler works his angle. JC goes to Haleigh and she is 100% on board with evicting Kaitlin. That’s no surprise considering the swelling issues Foute has worn Kaitlin’s disloyalty and the Faysal triangle between she and Kaitlin.


Neither can really be his ride or die (on the surface) so long as they both remain in the game. 


The most annoying part of the entire day is the absurd speculations about the vote last week and how this ‘chance’ will work we listen to the better part of the day. Haleigh asks JC if he was the hunky vote and to my surprise JC says he absolutely wasn’t but maybe it was Kaitlin and Tyler! 


Sam does have a brief chat with Brett. As we know last weekend Brett was told by Angela that Sam had a power that could have saved Winston and he was not happy about this news. Clearly Sam has enough game instinct to realize she needs to do some damage control with Brett. 


Sam explains she really thought about it. What’s key for me here is that Brett appears to Sam like it’s ok, no biggie, don’t worry about it which is the smart move whether that’s the case or not. We will see as time in the game passes after this week whether he really has let it go or if he will target Sam later because she didn’t save his Bro. 


Sam’s explanation of the power being used by default this week has sparked some interest in uncovering the hinky vote now that they all know that Sam didn’t use her power to eliminate votes as Kaitlin you remember swears is the only explanation for it all. However, Foute has not magically metamorphosized into a team that has any sense whatsoever. 


We are reminded of this when the speculation now becomes, Brett must have been the other power and he saves himself by switching votes. That’s really my only reason for mentioning any of this ridiculous speculation. Foute is still one of the worst alliances we’ve seen in a very long time and will likely make history with how awful they are. They don’t trust each other. They’re always on the wrong side of the votes. They flip on each other like Denny’s kitchen making pancakes on Sunday morning. 


Look we’ve known since week 2 that people in the game do not want Kaitlin there. They all can agree on that. I don’t think there’s one person that wants Kaitlin here much longer. Tyler has said she’s horrible for his game and unlike JC I haven’t forgotten that Tyler has only remained attached to her for their own (L6) benefit. 


Haleigh has been done with Kaitlin initially since the love triangle soap opera drama that unfolded week 1 which only solidified the following week when Kaitlin’s responsible for Chris getting voted out. All of Foute mistrusts her and sees her erratic behavior as a liability but have allowed her to hover among them for the same reasons Tyler and JC have. 


Tyler has a conversation with Faysal where he says he thinks Kaitlin should stay this week. Faysal of course says yeah yeah yeah initially. What I’ve seen this week since Faysal won Veto is he’s had this little taste of power and he seems to be attempting to actually play the game.

Problem with Faysal is he has no idea how to really do so.


I’m not counting him out in a rare possibility he could actually turn this crazy week into some advantages for himself but as we saw with his demands of Haleigh even his best efforts are ridiculous. 


Faysal turns the conversation on Tyler and begins to speculate ‘hypothetically’ what would happen if Kaitlin was the one to go home this week? This is NOT what Tyler wants to hear at all and he’s quickly deducing he has a long few days ahead to try and guarantee Angie goes out and potentially fails the chance comp that would allow her to return. 


Listen Faysal is trying to pitch a final 3

to Tyler here. The best way I can describe this exchange is a 14 year old boy who has never has a girlfriend trying to tell some girl he likes her and wants to make it official. It’s so awkward, hesitant, and just a dash of I’m wanting to do something so bad because I think it would be so good. 

Eventually Tyler, who is clearly puzzled by what Faysal is about to do but he eventually basically tells him to spit it out.


Faysal asks Tyler what it would look like if Faysal, Tyler, and Scottie were work together. I mean how would it look if the 3 of us, IDK work together until like IDK maybe F3? Listen Faysal is terrible at this game, as JC has said in his DR and to Faysal’s Dave today he’s not a brainer. He thinks emotionally and plays that way and not a brainer player. I find it hella entertaining because he’s just so bad it’s good to watch! LOL. 


What is good about Faysal’s delivery is he reveals he’s concerned about the women turning on the guys. What’s bad is Faysal still, like most of Foute, believes 100% that Kaitlin is Tyler’s only ally, she’s his ride or die and she tells Tyler what to do. Tyler uses this to his advantage and while not solidifying an actual final 3 he plays into Faysal’s fears and perceptions and uses them to his own advantage as we’ve seen him do remarkably well week after week. Tyler does suggest the guys working to ensure the girls don’t pick them off is something he’s open to. 


Tyler goes to Kaitlin assuring her he thinks they can and almost do have the votes for her to stay. He explains they need one vote and he thinks she should go to JC. JC is pissed at Faysal. She needs to make the house believe she wants to target Faysal for betraying her. 


I’ve seen all of the myriad of fan conversations about who should stay and who should go. I can’t stand Kaitlin, the HG know unequivocally that she should not be on the jury. We can all agree on that. I am of the mindset that what we know is regardless of who they vote out they have a chance to return.


Like Tyler I believe Kaitlin would absolutely complete the puzzle task and 99.999% chance she comes right back in. On the other hand Angie is a hot mess in competitions. Of the two it is far greater odds that Angie may actually fail to complete the task. 


Tyler has done a remarkable job at hiding the fact he is a super fan. In fact Tyler is the only one in this house that can actually keep a secret! He still hasn’t revealed to a soul that he won a power app. If I’m Tyler, and I know the game as well as he does, if the chance doesn’t actually bring a HG back then it’s possible either one less DE (less likely) or it may set up the season where a battle back would have to happen in later weeks and that’s another potential safety ring in my game. 


That’s all in addition to the fact that Tyler can and will continue to map out Kaitlin’s moves the next week and then they can send her out with no chance to return before jury. There are technically only two more HG they have to eliminate to make it to jury. I don’t think it hurts Tyler at all if Kaitlin gets voted out and returns. She trusts him and would keep riding for him and provide a shield to some degree for others thinking like Faysal.


However if there’s even the slightest chance they can actually end the week with one number less because Angie is so bad at comps that’s a chance worth taking. 


By the time the night ends we are looking at a 5-5 split on the vote. Bayleigh does tell Rachel, Brett, and Kaycee she plans to vote with the house in the HN room. This is nothing more than a smoke screen because we then watch Bayleigh go to work to secure the votes to evict Kaitlin despite hesitantly agreeing to vote Angie out with L6. I want Bayleigh to slow her Roll here. 


Bayleigh has made tremendous strides slowly integrating herself into the hearts of some of the members of L6 like Rachel and Kaycee. Is it worth losing that momentum to try and control a vote that has the potential not to wash out clean in the end? I would hate to see her not do what she told them and burn her social capital over Kaitlin?! 


I don’t like the conversation later in the day with JC and Tyler. They’ve tag teamed this house brilliantly and for the most part have been transparent with each other. JC is well aware of the fact that Tyler has been manipulating Kaitlin. He’s been a part of doing so by reinforcing things Tyler does with her or to her all around the house. Until he was threatened with the block this morning. JC goes into a full spiral. 


It’s something we see nearly every season. When I person in a group is tasked with making it appear they are aligned with someone or some opposing team to benefit them as a group. What inevitably happens is at some point the player who was willingly doing the dirty work gets accused of being a double agent and working against the primary team. That’s what I see happening in this convo with JC. I expected this from Brett, Angela, Rachel at some point but not JC! 


JC is flat out telling Tyler he is being misted by Kaitlin. That Kaitlin is in fact the one pulling Tyler’s strings and he does whatever she tells him. Tyler’s reaction to this is exactly like mine! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Tyler’s the one who is five steps ahead of her he tells her to jump and she says how high! JC is like NO! She has to go. You’re blinded by her. 


Wow! The only value I see in this entire scenario is now Tyler is aware that JC is seriously believing what he’s saying and that will allow Tyler to hopefully get in front of JC’s insanity in the game. This is horrible for JC! He’s about to flip over to Foute and that will turn everyone else in the house against him. He’s been able to magnificently ride the line undetected and this could drastically diminish his position in the game. It’s also a little dangerous for Tyler but it could have been far more destructive if Tyler were not hearing this for himself. 


Fortunately for us JC goes to Angela on the L6 side and insists they need to vote Kaitlin out. He’s trash talking Rachel to Angela in this exchange which is another fatal error on his part. 


JC later runs to Bayleigh. Now this is where I’m thrilled! JC is insisting that Tyler is under Kaitlin’s spell. He has feelings for her and Kaitlin’s telling him she has feelings for him to manipulate Tyler and Kaitlin has to go! This is what leads to Bayleigh talking about the fact that Kaitlin has told Tyler the same things she told Faysal. Listen if I’m in this crazy house and something sounds to good to be true is be doing my own work to determine where the facts lie. JC tells Bayleigh what she wants to hear with regards to how she’s been trying to convince Faysal that Kaitlin is playing him. 


This rampant game of telephone continues all day and we’ve returned to exciting glorious feeds but not necessarily good game play in the big picture. Personally I think there is a higher chance that Kaitlin stays over Angie. This is despite the fact that right now the votes are a clear 5-5.


This can’t end up in a tie. Sam had apologized to JC, she said it was all a ruse she never planned to actually put him OTB. I’m not confident in that story but what does happen is she told JC if it does result in a tie she will vote however JC wants and that would be to evict Kaitlin as of Monday. I’m sure Sam will leak this to Tyler at some point this week.


Whether Kaitlin goes out and comes back honestly doesn’t harm Tyler because it will be L6 voting to keep her. I don’t think Foute has the tools to play that it was the other team that flipped on her. We will continue to see how things shift as the next few days play out. That’s the RealiTea of the game a couple days leaves the possibility for something to change. 











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