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Baileys comment on the word black

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She does not get it. Has a knee jerk reaction to nigger when she said midget and learned that midget is offensive to short people...by the way, faggot is really nasty for gays since it refers to when they were burned like sticks that were called faggots...and Italians being without papers do not like being called wops nor do the French who eat frogs like to be called frogs and Germans hate that they are called krauts even though they eat sauerkraut. The Japanese feel insulted by a shortening of their name to Jap because it was used so negatively during WW2. Mexicans eat beans and dislike being called beaners and since their food is sometimes fatty also hate being called greasers. I don't know how Jews got to be called kikes, but they really don't like that but hebe and yid also get them het up. Columbus thought he was in India, so Native or aboriginal Americans got called Indians and they also don't like being called redskins although for some reason pale people and dark people are happy to be inaccurately called white or black when NOT one human is that color. I never thought Native Americans looked red, but then, I can see no one is white or black, so I guess my visual acuity is greater than the majority.

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