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Wednesday, July 25 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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11:56PM BBT: Tyler and Bayleigh are in the BY on the hammock. Tyler tells Bayleigh that he thinks Kaitlyn will stay, Bayleigh agrees. Tyler says Haliegh has been campaigning for Rockstar.

11:58PM BBT: Haliegh and Kaitlyn are in the BBR. They're talking about their relationship. Haliegh says she feels insecure and she doesn't feel like she's on Kaitlyn's "team" all the time.

11:59PM BBT: Tyler and Bayleigh talk about a battle back competition and the potential for Swaggy to come back. They both agree that Swaggy would "turn the house upside down."

11:59PM BBT: Kaitlyn tells Haliegh in the BBR that she [Kaitlyn] is "actually doing well." Kaitlyn says it hurts her heart that people think she's a "bed hopper."

12:00AM BBT: Kaitlyn says she's not an idiot, she knows where the cameras are. She says she has a boyfriend of five years and a family watching and they know her and nothing she's doing surprises them. 

12:00AM BBT: Tyler tells Bayleigh that at first he didn't want to take a side and that he just wanted to be a floater the first week. Bayleigh tells him he's a competition beast.

12:02AM BBT: Haliegh tells Kaitlyn that there's a rumor going around that Katilyn's boyfriend is actually her brother. Kaitlyn laughs and wants to know who said that. Haliegh says it was JC.

12:04AM BBT: Bayleigh tells Tyler in the BY that "things are going to have to be done" and "people are going to have to be split up." Bayleigh tells Tyler that she doesn't like the way Faysal has been talking to her lately. 

12:06AM BBT: Tyler says he doesn't know how Faysal is going to vote on Thursday. Tyler says he told Kaitlyn that Faysal will vote for her to stay, but he [Tyler] really doesn't know how Faysal will vote.

12:11AM BBT: Kaitlyn and Haliegh are talking about the Swaggy eviction and how Haliegh didn't want to vote for Swaggy to leave like Kaitlyn asked her to because Haliegh didn't think Winston deserved to be here. 

12:15AM BBT: Haliegh wants to know if Sam put them up because she didn't have a "person connection" with them, or if she's actually working with the other side of the house and couldn't put up anyone else. 

12:17AM BBT: Tyler thinks that Brett will vote to keep Kaitlyn. Bayleigh agrees, they tally the votes and think they have six votes to keep Kaitlyn. 

12:18AM BBT: Bayleigh tells Tyler to just tell people that he doesn't know how he'll be voting. Tyler wants to know how Scottie is voting, Bayleigh says he'll vote with the house. 

12:20AM BBT: Haliegh says that Rockstar has come in last on every single competition, but she trusts that their relationship is solid and strong. 

12:21AM BBT: Haliegh says that Faysal is being weird about the "girl alliance," again. Haliegh says that Faysal thinks it would be stupid to start an all girl alliance. 

12:25AM BBT: Bayleigh and Tyler talk about the vote for a few more minutes before they get off the hammock. 

12:26AM BBT: Sam tells JC that her head is still hurting even after Kaycee's deep tissue massage. Sam says she's going to bed. 

12:27AM BBT: Rachel and Faysal are in the hammock now. Rachel asks Faysal to give her the pros and cons of keeping Kaitlyn or Rockstar. Rachel says she knows where everyone currently stands.

12:28AM BBT: Rachel feels like there's a target on her back and she thinks Kaitlyn should stay because Kaitlyn is also good at competitions and would also have a target on her back. 

12:29AM BBT: Faysal says he's not that close with Rockstar, but that he is close with Kaitlyn. Faysal also says that he keeps hearing things about Kailtyn. He seems confused. 

12:30AM BBT: Cameras cut to Tyler and JC in the WA. JC tells Tyler he's being stubborn. JC wants to get Kaitlyn out on Thursday. Tyler says JC will have to get her out next week when he [JC] is HOH. JC says the only reason Tyler wants to get Rockstar out is because she threw his name around week one. 

12:36AM BBT: Tyler tells JC to trust him, that they're fine either way. JC says he wants Kaitlyn out on Thursday. 

12:40AM BBT: JC keeps talking about Plan A and Plan B. Tyler seems a little confused. Eventually JC tells Tyler he just wants to know how he [Tyler] is voting. Tyler tells JC to trust him. 

12:43AM BBT: JC says next week they should get a "great competitor" out. They leave the WA. JC goes into the lounge with Brett. 

12:45AM BBT: Brett tells JC that Kaitlyn has to go. JC tells Brett that he's so smart. Brett says Kaitlyn has to go, there's no question about it. Brett says there's no telling what Kaitlyn will do and that she has to go. JC says he wants to vote her out. 

12:47AM BBT: Brett says that Sam only cried when she put Rockstar up, so he knows that Sam wants to keep Rockstar. 

12:48AM BBT: JC says he's here to play the game. 

12:54AM BBT: JC says he doesn't want to vote against the team. Brett says Rachel has "latched onto" Faysal and Faysal wants Kaitlyn to stay. JC says he wants the house to unanimously vote for Kaitlyn to leave. 

12:59AM BBT: JC and Brett leave the lounge, JC goes to the BY. Kaitlyn and Haliegh are still talking in the BBR. They're going over the vote for Thursday, trying to figure out how the house is going to vote.

1:00AM BBT: Kaitlyn and Haliegh talk about the power apps, Kaitlyn says she doesn't think Scottie has one. They think JC and Kaycee might have an app. Kaitlyn says she doesn't think Tyler has an app. 

1:00AM BBT: JC joins Rachel on the hammock. They talk about potentially voting Kaitlyn out on Thursday. 

1:01AM BBT: Haliegh says the last time she talked to Tyler, he just wanted to know what she was thinking. Haliegh says she tried to get him to tell her what he was thinking, but he just said, "I don't know." 

1:02AM BBT: Faysal walks into the BBR and asks them why they're crying. Kaitlyn and Haliegh say they're not. Faysal wants to know if they need a minute, they say yes. Faysal says he wants to talk to people, Haliegh says there's thirteen people in the house. Faysal is irritated and leaves. 

1:05AM BBT: Rachel wants to know why JC thinks Kaitlyn is controlling Tyler's brain. JC says she's doing the same thing to Tyler that she did with Faysal. Rachel says she knows what Kaitlyn is doing and she doesn't agree with her game. 

1:07AM BBT: Tyler, ANgela, and Brett are talking in the lounge. Kaycee joins them. Brett says he knows he's both Kaitlyn and Rockstar's targets. Brett says Rockstar's social and physical game is bad and that she just sits in the corner and does nothing. 

1:10AM BBT: Brett tells Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler that he doesn't want them to look back three weeks from now and wish they had taken Kaitlyn out when they had the chance. 

1:10AM BBT: Angela is concerned that if Kaitlyn wins HOH, she could put one of their numbers up. 

1:14AM BBT: The group in the lounge talk about a potential power app, they don't think Rockstar has it because she's freaking out. Tyler says he'll vote however they are, he just wants to be on the same page. Rachels walks in and Angela walks out so it doesn't look suspicious.

1:15AM BBT: Kaycee suggests that they keep Kaitlyn for a few more weeks to help with their numbers. Brett doesn't seem to like that and eventually Kaycee leaves. Bretty says that if Kaitlyn wins HOH, he's going on the block. 

1:17AM BBT: Faysal and Kaitlyn are outside talking about the vote. 

1:18AM BBT: Faysal says he's the man because he saved both Kaitlyn and Haliegh this week.

1:19AM BBT: Brett says Kaitlyn is a "f*****g ticking time bomb" and that she's "actually good at the game." He says Rockstar sucks at the game. 

1:20AM BBT: Brett says Kaitlyn said she threw the veto so Faysal could take her off. 

1:21AM BBT: Faysal thinks that it will be a unanimous vote to keep Kaitlyn. 

1:22AM BBT: Faysal says this game is shady. He says "all these people are fake as f***."

1:27AM BBT: Faysal doesn't understand why Kaitlyn and Haliegh had to have a two hour conversation. 

1:30AM BBT: Katilyn and Faysal talk about person things. Kaitlyn says the same thing she told Haliegh about her family and boyfriend watching the live feeds and how they know how she is.

1:38AM BBT: Brett, Rachel, and Tyler are still talking in the lounge. Kaitlyn walks in.  

1:40AM BBT: Angela and JC are talking on the hammock. JC is having the same conversation with her that he had with Tyler, Brett, and Rachel.

1:46AM BBT: Kaitlyn and Brett are now alone in the lounge. Scottie, Kaycee, Bayleigh and Haliegh are in the havenot room talking about a double eviction and battle back for Thursday. 

1:50AM BBT: Kaitlyn says she has two questions for Brett. She wants to know if he used his power. Brett says he didn't use a power. Kaitlyn's second question is if what he said last Thursday about Rockstar was true. Brett says yes.

1:52AM BBT: Kaitlyn says the vote from last Thursday isn't adding up., that seven people said they voted to send Brett home but two of them are lying. 

1:57AM BBT: Kaitlyn tells Brett that Sam thought she had a power. Kaitlyn says she doesn't have a power. 

2:00AM BBT: JC and Faysal are playing pool in the BY. Faysal says not to put Haliegh up on the block if he wins HOH.

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11:14 am BBT.  Angela and Kaycee in SR.  Kaycee says we’re still on the same page as yesterday then?  Angela says yeah but we’re going to stay ambiguous though about how we’re voting.  She says we’re all voting to keep Kaitlyn but JC is freaking out bcuz he’s on bad terms with a lot of people bcuz he’s been campaigning so hard against Kaitlyn.  She says we have to make JC think we’re voting out Rockstar so he votes the same and when Kaitlyn stays she’ll go after the people who voted against her.  JC thinks the vote will be 7-3 to get Kaitlyn out.  Angela says JC thinks he’s been running the show.  Rockstar comes in to look for milk and leaves.  

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10:25 am BBT.  In the BBR, Faysal and Kaitlyn lying in bed and Tyler is in a different bed.   Faysal is singing/rapping and gets yelled at by BB.  Kaitlyn whispering to Faysal but it’s too low to hear what she says.  Kaitlyn says she had a dream last night that Faysal won HOH.  

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10:27 am BBT.  Rockstar comes into the HOH to talk to Sam.  Rockstar says nevermind on my nomination speech, she says it more work for Sam and that’s not cool.  She says I came out here on a chance, got nominated by a chance and if she geys evicted she might still have a chance and maybe that’s enough.  She says maybe having Sam do a speech is too much.  Sam says she doesn’t want to do a speech, she didn’t wanna nominate anyone or have anyone go.  Sam says she’ll be sad if Rockstar leaves.  Rockstar says she wanted to at least make it to jury and be able to be part of the decision.  Sam asks if she’s thoight about that if she makes it to jury she has to be away from her kids the whole time but not win?  Rockstar takes off her mic and hides in down her shirt and whispers I’m ok with the 13K u can come out of here with, I can’t make that much, I have a lot of debt...she says she added it up.  U get paid for jury.  Sam says hse hadn’t thought about that.  She says if it doesn’t work out she’ll go and get 2 or 3 jobs like she normally would.  Sam says she hopes it’s not a tie.  Sam says if it’s a tie, I’m doing dots out of a cup.  Rockstar says that’s not taking it seriously.  Sam says u said this was all a chance.  Rockstar says that’s sad to hear.  Sam says what else would I do?  Rockstar says facts!  Rockstar says she would’ve kept Sam if she would’ve said they were ride or die.  Sam says I never spoke to Kaitlyn and she still saved me.  Rockstar says u know why right?  She said u had a power and it would her people if they went against u.  Sam says I don’t wanna do this today.  They get up to leave.  Rockstar says she’s making dinner.  Sam says that would be great!  I would love that!

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10:36 am BBT.  Rockstar and Kaitlyn in the BBR.  Rockstar says if it’s a tie then Sam will pick dots out of a hat.  Kaitlyn says yeah, she’s out of control.  Rockstar says she can’t believe I didn’t get a nomination speech and she’s getting eenie meenie mighty moed out of here.  Kaitlyn says it’s annoying.  Rockstar says at least u got a lersonal nomination speech.  Kaitlyn says I would’ve rather not had one bcuz I’m disprespectful to men and the opposite of women’s empowerment.  Rockstar says I got you’re my best friend and u light up the house...da da da da da...

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10:40 am BBT.  Rockstar talking to Haleigh in the PBR.  Rockstar says Sam told me if it's a tie she’s doing eenie meenie mighty moe to pick who goes home...she says it’s nice that my leaving here is so thought out.  Now there is just silence for a while, nobody says anything.  BB says wakey wakey houseguests.  Still silence... Rockstar leaves.  

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2:00am BBT Brett and Kaitlyn in the geo room discussing power apps and flip votes and total votes. She is questioning him and he is getting upset that she is questioning his motives. She is talking about “what if” possibilities. He says she just likes to make stuff up and she needs to separate her reality form fantasy. She says she is going to tell the DR her one on one with Brett went fine. They hug it out and say they will see each other later since they are sleeping together. 


2:05am BBT Fessy and JC playing pool discussing apps and flip votes and total votes and who is going home Thursday. JC assures him that there are enough votes to get Kaitlyn out. JC says people will tell you one thing and then do what their friends want them to do. Fessy tells him that they wouldn’t even be in that situation if he hadn’t f’ing fallen off that f’ing tree! We wouldn’t be in this situation if you hadn’t f’ing won the f’ing veto. Shut up! Don’t get me started, JC says. 
JC says Haleigh was safe and Kaitlyn would have went home and I would be in bed sleeping in stead of out here trying to get votes. Fessy says, should I go talk to him? NO! says JC, don’t say anything. Tomorrow, do your thing, run around the house, play with your balls, and do not talk to anyone. The votes are locked, you need to chill out. You have done enough this week. 


Rockstar walks out and announces that Rachel is talking about Kaitlyn being a have not next week. JC says she is being paranoid, she says it’s easy when you are on the block. 


2:10am BBT Brett/Tyler/Rachel in the BBR. Brett says Kaitlyn asked him if he used a power app and that’s why he is here this week. He says she is after JC now. She says she heard that he was spreading a rumor that she doesn’t really have a boyfriend. Angela walks in and Brett walks out. 
Angela in the WA with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is painting white dots on her face with a q-tip. Kaitlyn says she thinks she has the votes to stay but there were 7 votes to keep Winston last week and he only got 5 votes. Yeah, Angela says, someone isn’t telling the truth.  


Rockstar comes in and says (in her new Eeyore voice) that she waaaas asleep… and there was a looottttt of noise and she could’t sleep so she got up and went and smoked a cigarette. She says she woke up to Rachel talking about you being a have not next week, meaning you are going to be here and… Kaitlyn interrupts and says, wait… why am I going to be a have not next week? I don’t know, ask Rachel about it, RS says. Kaitlyn says she’s not talking to anyone tomorrow but Rockstar. I want to be around someone fun if it my last day. RS said she just wanted a cigarette and Sam must be the keeper of the lighter. [aren’t they Sam’s cigarettes? – monadyan]
Meanwhile back at the pool table JC and Fessy are discussing the DR and being admonished for it. Nonetheless they continue. So, says Fessy, they asked you about ME again in the DR today? Yeah, (FISH) They continue… (more FISH) 


When the camera returns, JC says, you are not allowed to talk about your diary sessions with other houseguests and BB responds with… you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other house guests. So they discuss comps and JC says they have a variety of them. JC goes to make a shot and starts saying boom, bam, be, bop, boom, de de… and BB says… YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! They all laugh. STOP SINGING. HUMMING IS THE SAME AS SINGING. STOP IT! JC says OK, Bob. …I’m about to go to bed and make your life easier. JC sings a line and BB booms, SHUT IT DOWN! JC starts singing again. PLEASE STOP SINGING. JC cannot stop singing, and BB says, THAT’S REALLY ANNOYING! STOP IT! (FISH) 


2:25am BBT Kaitlyn/Haleigh/Brett/JC at the counter eating sweets. Kaitlyn is dipping her used spoon into the ice cream container and says is it OK to double dip? JC is eating a bowl of something and goes to the frig looking for whipped cream, there is none and he heads off to get some in the storage room. When he returns Kaitlyn and Brett have eaten what was in his bowl. 

RS talks about pregnancy cravings. With Aradia she wanted to eat raw garlic. With Avalon she dumped hot sauce on everything. And with Isaac she wanted cotton candy ice cream. 


In the have not room everyone is on their little bowls. They are trying to get BB to turn off the lights. They have emoji pillows covering their faces. Jaycee is particularly animated with hers. [Worth a look at 2:25am camera 3.] Finally BB turns off the lights after a brief period of silence and no activity. Thanks, thank you. YOU’RE WELCOME! They laugh. They all start giggling and talking again. 


Kaitlyn and Tyler at the bathroom sink. She tells him she did something very cool without his help. She had Bayleighs vote. Tyler tells her not to ask Brett about using the damn power again. She says she didn’t (she did) says she only asked him if he had a power. He says tell Brett that you will not come for him forever if he will vote to keep you. She says, Angela just came to me and said that JC was trying to change her vote. I know I have Haleighs vote, we talked today. He says ok, just come to me Thursday and I will tell you who voted for you, cause I know. He says, people are lying to you, Kaitlyn. Still, she asks? Still, he says. 
Tyler heads down the hallway and runs JC and high 5’s him. His shorts get caught on the locker handle and pulls it open and JC says, you just tore your shorts. BB says, SAFETY FIRST! NO HORSING AROUND! JC says well, Bob, you should have thought about that before you put it there. That’s very dangerous, Bob. 
JC points at all the water/toothpaste spots on the mirror. You think the live feeders see all of these on the camera????   


2:40am BBT Haleigh is at the counter making goo-goo eyes at Brett and eating a few spoons of the apple dumpling Sam prepared earlier. It’s not that good, she says, I wish the apples were applier. JC comes in and suggests that she put it on the frig. She says no, someone can eat it if they want. He tells her it needs to be refrigerated, it will go bad. He puts it in the frig. 
Kaitlyn and Brett head to bed and she assures him that he is not her target. She is doing what Tyler told her to do. She begins feeling his arm muscles and says her face is smaller than his arm muscle. JC comes in and she and Brett start dancing. JC says, that is very sexy of you. 


2:45am BBT Meanwhile in the hammock we discover, Fessy, Rockstar and Haleigh. The topic is votes… Haleigh says we have Bayleigh, Scottie, JC. We don’t have Tyler. We don’t have Rachel or Kaycee. Haleigh also Angela says that Fessy should be Kaitlyns #1 target. They want Kaitlyn in stay in the game and break up all of us and then make Kaitlyn go after she and Fessy, so we just attack each other till we are gone. Haleigh says Brett is in limbo and he is getting tired of that side so this is a good time to talk to him. She says Sam, Angela, Kaycee and Rachel are working together. RS says if one of ya’ll MF’ers win, I’d better get a nice birthday card. A NICE birthday card. 


3:10am BBT Kaitlyn who was with Brett in the BBR has relocated to the PBR. RS and Haleigh enter the room to go to bed. Bed 1 is empty. Kaitlyn is in bed 2, JC is in bed 3, formerly Bayleigh’s bed. RS crawls into empty bed 1 with Orwell. Haleigh crawls into the bed with JC, and Kaitlyn pops up and says JC won’t let me sleep with him. Haleigh says, he’s not sleeping with me, who is in this bed? As she reaches over to her old bed, Kaitlyn says, me. She gets up and announces she is going to go sleep in the queen size bed by herself. Haleigh says that she wants to sleep alone too and begins tickling JC. JC says he does not want to sleep by his self. Well I do! Haleigh says, and you smell like lemons. It is the oils, he says, you want to sleep with Fessy? No she says. Then that is your only option, he says. My stomach hurts, she says. It’s what you eat, cookies and ice cream, he says.


Tell me a story, he says. Once upon a time, there was this little boy…. (He cuddles closer) and his dad was the king and he grew up in a beautiful kingdom, and his dad ruled the world. But then, his dad suddenly died. There was no rhyme or reason for why his dad died, he just died. So, his uncle decided to take over the land. So now his uncle is the king and he decided he wants to move away and not be a part of this. Then these two guys start seeing this ghost and the ghost looks a lot like the little boys dad. He decided to go see for himself. When he gets there it is his dead dad as a ghost. The ghost tells the little boy that his uncle killed him. The boy is pissed and wants to kill the uncle, naturally. The little boys mom is now married to the uncle. So he designs a play and puts in a few lines about the brother killing the other brother, because he wants to see his uncles reaction. The uncle does not react well… he freaks out so the little boy knows it is true. So… long story short, there is this girl Ophelia, she’s just a random girl, not really a part of the story. He gets into a sword fight and the uncle says winner has to drink this wine. But his mom ends up drinking the wine and it’s poison. So the mom dies, and the little boy is pissed because the uncle has killed his mom and his dad, so the little boy stabs the uncle with the sword and kills him, still full of grief, grabs a glass of the wine and kills himself. The End… JC asks for clarification and after a brief recap, he says, so Hamlet killed himself, in the end??? Why is always Shakespeare stuff like that? he just has a weird thing with that, she says. You think he was gay, JC asks. I dunno… she has never read any stories about his personal life. There are stories that Shakespeare isn’t even a real person.


3:45am BBT All 4 cameras show sleeping houseguests. 

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10:58 am BBT.  Now Rockstar is in the WA telling Bayleigh that Sam will eenie meenie miney moe it if there’s a tie.  Bayleigh says well that could go your way.  Rockstar says she thought it would be facts and stuff.  Rockstar complains JC got a whole speech and then it was “fine Rockstar it’s u”.  Rockstar gets called to the DR.  Rockstar says I give FLAWLESS pitches.  

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11:10 am BBT.  Bayleigh and Haleigh in HNR.  Bayleigh thinks the HOH is landing in their favor.  Haleigh says that Kaitlyn told her that she would go after anyone who votes against her if she stays, including Faysal.  Haleigh says how am I supposed to trust her when she makes no effort.  Kaitlyn says she assumed her and her girls were fine.  Haleigh says Kaitlyn said she would put up Brett and Sam.  Haleigh says a snake could be a snake and telling u what u want to hear.  Bayleigh is terrified either way.  Bayleigh asks what Brett said.  Haleigh says he got in depth with it and said both are coming after him but only 1 can win a comp.  Brett’s aftaid of taking the shot and she stays.  Bayleigh thinks the 5 they have are pretty locked in but it would be good if they had a 6th.  They are worried if JC gets any wind of anything going wrong.  Haleigh doesn’t want to vote her out and she comes back.  Bayleigh says she won’t, if it’s a vote she’s not beating Swaggy...u jave no idea how mich splash that kid has made, and if it’s a comp she’s definitely not beating him.  She says and even if she does get left in this house, if he comes back he’ll take her out.  

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11:18 am BBT.  Haleigh saying they still don’t know who the 2 flip votes were and what if those people are supposed to vote with them this week?  Haleigh says u don’t think it was JC?  Bayleigh says no.  Rockstar comes into the HNR.  She asks if she can vent?  She hates how flippant Sam os being bcuz it means something to her and her family.  We get WBRB.  

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11:23 am BBT.  In the HNR Faysal is now there.  Rockstar is making fun of Sam “I don’t have a stategy, I’m just gonna be myself”.  She says I came in here with a plan wanting to stay here  and you’re just gonna eenie meenie miney moe my opportunity and I didn’t even get a nomination speech.  She says JC got a beautiful “your my best friend and he said please Sam no!  (Sam has previously said that she had to not tell JC she was doing that so his reaction would be real).  Rockstar says she was feeling good and she woke up to Rachel saying Kaitlyn will have to be a have not next week and she thought cool u already made your decision, f**k u!   Rockstar says it’s lonely and a lot of different things.  

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11:25 am BBT.  Rockstar says she really when out there talking to everyone not making empty promises and about real s**t, real real s**t.  She says she told Angela she wanted an all female jury and she wouldn't put up a female even it it meant she had to put up someone she didn't want to.  She’s upset people say they’re voting with the house, who is the house!  She says I thought we were the house at 1 point.  Bayleigh says we were when Swaggy was here.  WBRB.  

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11:58 am BBT.  Kaitlyn and Faysal in the PBR.  She gives him a bottle of essential oil and days don’t lose it, it’s the only way you’ll ever remember me.  Faysal asks if she did leave could she tell him a secret?  She says he knows everyrhing about her.  She says it’s gonna suck if she has to say goodbye to him.  Faysal says it feels like he’s known her his whole life.  He doesn’t talk to everybody the way he talks to her.  He said he shouldn’t have played in the veto. She asks of he knows who is voting to keep her?  He says me, Rachel, Angela, Tyler, Haleigh, Kaycee, Brett.   She says she wants to be here so bad.  She says people are thinking about who they wanna hang out with more.  She says Rockstar is older and complains a lot and she thinks people really like her.  

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12:00 pm BBT.  Rockstar and Kaycee in the lounge.  Rockstar says she has 5 people and Sam said she would eenie meenie miney moe it.  Kaycee says it’s a crappy situation bcuz she loves her and knows that she wants to be there.  Rockstar says Angela is voting for Kaitln to stay.  Kaycee says she votes with the house.  Rockstar says she has no alliance with any men.   Rockstar says she jas been true to her word, she says she was the first person to mention an all female alliance.  Rockstar says she has 5 and if Kaycee votes for her then she can stay, she only needs 1 person.   Rockstar says she has Faysal, Haleigh, Scottie, JC and Bayleigh (but she can’t tell people about Bayleigh).  She knows her 5 will ride for her.  She says if it’s a tie Sam will eenie meenie miney moe it.  Lather, rinse , repeat with her campaigning, round and round we go.  She wants an all female jury.   

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12:20 pm BBT.  In the PBR Kaitlyn and Faysal still talking.  Kaycee and JC in the lounge.  JC says Rockstar is paranoid.  JC wants both of them gone.  He says Kaitlyn is a liability though.  He says Kaitlyn leaving is better strategically.  He says the boys just believe her.  Lather, rinse repeat with this conversation also.  

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1:05 pm BBT  Kaycee and Angela whispering in the geometry lounge.  They are trying to decide how people are voting, who is the best to keep, who would be put up depending on who wins HOH.  They are going to keep their votes secret.  Upstairs, outside the HOH room, Scottie, Brett and Tyler are chatting.  Brett is telling stories about partying.  Once was with Woody Harrelson. 

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1:24PM BBT:  Kaycee and Angela have been talking in the geometry room. They decided for sure that because of a comment Kaitlyn made, they're definitely voting to keep Rockstar.  Kaycee says it's crazy they were going back in forth on trying to figure out who to keep when it's so obvious.  They say Rockstar will go for others, she'd be true to an all girl alliance, and Kaitlyn would be annoying in the jury house.  Rachel comes in, Kaycee leaves to go use the bathroom.  Angela tells Rachel that it's alarming that Kaitlyn would question who they're voting for.  Angela tells Rachel the  more she thinks about it, the more she wants to keep Rockstar.  Rachel says she still thinks they should keep Kaitlyn. 

1:28AM BBT Kaycee comes back from the bathroom. 

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1:25pm BBT  Rachel comes into the lounge, tells Kaycee and Angela that the toilet seat is broken.  It pinches.  Says if they need to pee, to squat.  Kaycee leaves.  Now Rachel and Angela discussing the same thing as her and Kaycee....who to vote for, who is voting how, who will put who up, etc.  In Have Not room, Rockstar is talking to Bayleigh, complaining about not getting a nomination speech.  Bayleigh told her not to talk about it, if it gets back to Sam it will piss her off.  Rockstar says okay.  Rockstar knew she wasn't going to be a competition beast, but felt she was a social beast.  She is most proud of her talk with Brett.  Bayleigh said her tummy hurts, she is going to stay in her saucer.  Rockstar leaves, goes to PBR.  Feeds switch to that room, where Haleigh and Kaitlyn are talking.  No game talk.

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1:29AM BBT:  Angela:  We know if Rockstar stays, she's going after the guys.

1:30AM BBT: Rachel:  i think it's way more important to have them (kaitlyn and the others) going at each other.

Kaycee and Angela try to explain to Rachel that Kaitlyn was pissed at Fessy for turning her back on her (not using the veto on her) but then less than 24 hours she was snuggling with him to make sure she gets his vote.  Kaycee and Angela how do we know Kaitlyn isn't just telling us stuff to get our vote? 

1:32PM BBT:  Angela:  Kaitlyn was giving me attitude even after I told her she had my vote.  It rubbed me the wrong way.

Angela:  And Rockstar is the only one coming to me telling me she's got me and she's all for the all girls alliance.  kaitlyn has promised me nothing.  why would i keep someone who isn't promising me anything?

Angela:  i get you, but she's told me who she's going for (fessy and i didn't catch who else)

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1:35PM BBT:  Kaitlyn: i think it's best for us to keep kaitlyn.

Angela:  ok Kaitlyn is working w/ the guys. she's in all of their beds. she's not with us.  Rockstar is 100% behind the girls.

Rachel: i understand that but we're not the girls she's behind. It's sam, bayleigh, haleigh. we're on the short list w/ rockstar.

Kaycee:  Kaitlyn is a good competitor and she's unpredictable. 

Rachel:  i see both sides but i still think it's better to keep Kaitlyn.

Kaycee:  (Referring to Kaitlyn) this girl is all over the place. Rockstar told us we can put her up as a pawn if we keep her.

1:38PM BBT:  Kaitlyn burst in the door and asks if Angela wants to do tush exercises.  she says no and kaitlyn says, "Well can i do it in here and you walk me through it?". Kaitlyn asks what they were talking about. they say not game stuff.  kaycee leaves.  no game talk, only exercise talk.

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