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Tuesday, July 24 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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8:08 am BBT  JC is in the WC.  He comes out, doesn't wash his hands, goes to the KT.  Appears to be looking for something, can't find it, goes to the SR to get a new battery.  He goes into the PBR, closes the partition between the two rooms, and climbs back into bed.  All feeds are on sleeping HGs.

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10:12 am BBt  Feeds are back, lights are on in the HN room and the PBR.  BB says wakey wakey house guests.  Time to rise and shine.  There are fresh batteries in the SR.  Bayleigh is up and making her bed.  Rachel is sitting up, yawning and chatting with Bayleigh. Kaycee is awake as well.  Feed 1&2 are on Sam in the HOH rm.


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10:16 am BBT  Sam goes downstairs.  Rockstar said she just made some coffee.  Angela walks by and asks how Sam slept.  She says okay.  She looks in the mirror and says her hair looks scary.  Angela and RS headed to WA for morning ADLs  Sam tells Rockstar she is sore today, maybe from doing yoga with Bayleigh.  Sam thanks Rockstar for making the coffee.  RS says she didn't see any reason to be moping around today.  Sam agrees.  Angela brings in some milk.  They joke about having 10 different kinds of milk, all the different percents, plus almond, soy, chocolate, etc.  Sam said they need a milk fridge.  People making food and getting batteries.

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10:20 am BBT  Brett is in the BBR, still in bed, telling Rachel about JC getting in bed with him, he kept getting closer, and then started snoring in his ear. Tyler is listening, with Haleigh lying on top of the covers next to him.  Rachel goes to PBR to wake up JC, who moved to Haleigh's bed. She keeps trying to wake him up, he tells her to go away.  Kaitlyn gets called to the DR.  She wakes up, wraps a towel around her head and goes off.  Haleigh said she doesn't want to get up.  Tyler is lightly rubbing her back.  They say something about a big move, then quiet. Sam comes back and goes back to bed. (must have been DR for meds)  Tyler gets up, Haleigh complains that it is impossible to go to bed before 2 in the house.  Tyler just moans.  Haleigh is still in his bed.  BB yells Rise and Shine.  Brett opens his eyes, Haleigh gets up.  Feeds switch to WA, as Kaitlyn says I hate you. 

Now back to BBR, Kaitlyn asks Brett if she can pop a zit.  He says yes, and she is excited.  He tells her he knows she likes popping pimples, but he doesn't think she is very good at it.   After a little while, he tells her to stop.  She said she can't look at him with that on his face.  He gets up and finishes popping it himself.   He lays down again, asks how his hair feels since he put olive oil in it.  She starts stroking his hair.  She asks if he had any dreams last night.  He said no, he just had to get up and get water several times, his mouth was like a desert.  She then starts talking about a dream she had.

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10:34 am BBT  Feeds switch outside.  Rachel, Angela and Sam are on the couches, Kaycee and Rockstar are on the hammock.  She said she applied this year, due to he mother's urging.  Kaycee asked why this year, Rockstar said because she didn't have a job.  She is a loyal and dedicated employee, enjoys her work, and never wanted to take off.  Since she didn't have a job, (because of the baby)  she sent in a tape and interviewed.  She planned on playing a shady game, lying to everyone.  Then she got in the house and decided to play it loyal.  BB asks for the awnings to go up.  Kaycee and Rockstar talk while putting the awnings up.  There is one they can't reach. Rachel and Angela put the others up.

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10:39 am BBT  Feeds on Kaitlyn in the WA curling her hair, talking to Fessy in the shower about a dream she had (a different one!!)  Talking about California weather, she thinks it is warm all the time, he disagrees.  She said because he is from Florida, she is from NY.  Feeds switch to Sam and Rachel talking on the couches in the BY.  Talking about their dogs. Rockstar and Kaycee are still talking.  Rockstar talking about her game, Kaycee just agreeing with her.

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 10:10am BBT: Bayleigh up moving around in the HNR. JC Haleigh and Faysal still sleeping in the PBR BB yells rise and shine wakey wakey HG there are fresh batteries in the STR.

10:15am BBT: sam doing dishes in the KT and making coffee.

 10:24am BBT: Most HG still laying in bed talking general talk. Sam, Rockstar and Angela in the KT drinking coffee.

 10:33am BBT: Rockstar and kaycee talk on the hammock about applying for BB , Rockstar says she applied because of her mom and she was not working because she had a baby so she  went for the interview.

 10:45am BBT: Sam and Rachel in the BY drinking coffee and talking general talk. Haleigh  walking the BY drinking coffee while Rockstar and kaycee still on the hammock talking about Rockstar possibly leaving this week, Rockstar says if it is her time to go then it is her time to go.

10:51am BBT: sam telling Rachel about her power and that  she was keeping it to use on herself but she says she almost used it on Winston. She says what the power is , Is that when someone gets voted out then they would have a chance to  come back in the game so since i didn't use it it goes to the person this week. Rachel ask why she didn't use it on Winston and sam says i dont know i really liked Winston and after the vote i looked at everyone and i was scared i do not know why but i was.

10:56am BBT: Sam gets up and says she is going to go get ready then will be back outside. Rachel then says she is going to get ready too and heads inside. Tyler in the KT making food.

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11:00 am BBT  Rockstar is campaigning to Bayleigh, saying people need to tell Angela that she was never Rockstar's target.  She said people need to send little droplets of info for her, rather than it all come from herself.  She said she is going to go outside and get some color.  She is working, she is back.  Bayleigh tells her good.  Meanwhile, by the pool, Angela said Rockstar can talk with her, but it won't do any good.  Angela said she hasn't talked with her the entire game, she notices that she wants to talk now that she is on the block.  Angela is telling Haleigh she doesn't understand why she is grouped together with Brett.  She said she was a Have Not with Brett, and she wasn't targeting him, but she doesn't hae anything going with him.  They discuss Kaitlyn being scary, that she told Haleigh that she has Tyler, he will vote any way she tells him to, so don't worry about that.  Angela said good to know.  Haleigh wants the girls to vote together.  They don't know where Fessy is.  He might vote a pity vote for her.  They aren't sure what he will do.  They said Scottie is scary, you forget about him.  He is quiet and doesn't talk game.  Now talking about how stupid Kaitlyn is, making statements to too many people.  They think it will be a close vote.  It is in everyone's hands, Haleigh wants to know how Brett will vote.  Angela said he said yesterday that both are gunning for him, so he doesn't care which one goes. Angela asked if he wants to vote unanimously, he said sure.  Haleigh said good to know. 

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11:15 am BBT  Rockstar comes outside, Kaitlyn is not far behind.  Game talk stops, complaints about how hot it is, people going into the pool.  BB tells Scottie to Shut It Down.  They don't know what he was doing. 

Brett is in the KT washing his dishes, Kaycee is making coffee.  He said he is going to lay out later, she said she is going to give the sun a rest this week.  Both talk about working out later, and that everyone is outside. Brett goes outside, Kaycee stays in the KT.  Scottie comes in, aks if she had some slop, she said no, just coffee.  Talking about breakfast slop, versus dinner slop.  Scottie asks where the syrup is, she said right there, just move something a little bit, Kaycee moves something, and Scottie said he still doesn't see it (right in front of him).  Kaycee said she can have some syrup.  She asks how he slept, he said not too bad, the bed is so bad.  She said this is his second time around.  They complain that people leave the sugar open, and they have ants.  Now the cereal is open, too.  Scottie decides to put both syrup and brown sugar in his slop.  FoTH  Hear BB say  "Because I asked nicely"


(no game talk, will be back later)

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11:15am BBT The HG are making breakfast/drinking coffee/sunning. Kaitlyn says Brett told her she was grinding and talking last night in my sleep.


11:22am BBT Kaitlyn is telling about her full moon ritual. She writes down all the things she wants to release and then she flushes it down the toilet. She doesn’t burn it because she doesn’t want any of it to remain.

11:30am BBT RS and Tyler in the bathroom area. She is telling him as a fan of the show she really wants to make it to jury so she can vote for the best player. She hasn’t won any thing and she is loyal. She will go on the block as a pawn anytime. He tells her he is in a weird spot. She tells him that her family is all fans of the show so she wants to compete the process. He tells her that he sees how bad she wants to be there, but he says in the house, Kaitlyn is like his #1, but his vote is not locked in. She gets weepy when she talks about how getting to jury is helpful to her family. She tells him that she is like a bishop on a chess board. She is an advisor and she is good at it. She feels things.


11:45am BBT Haleigh and Tyler discuss the vote. She is promoting RS. She is saying that she had heard that Kaitlyn is targeting Fessy. She says that people talk a lot about the relationship between he and Kaitlyn. A lot. [She is really pouring it on – monadyan]


Tyler is going to talk to Fessy and see what he’s thinking.


Rachel and Kaitlyn in the pool rehearsing a Little Fartletts song and dance.


Tyler goes in the BBR to change and the cameras click his way. Get off me!


11:50am BBT Scottie and Kaycee at the counter side by side. She is showing him how she talks out of the side of her mouth. She is pretty good at it. She says her family and friends hate it when she does it. He can’t imagine situations where she would be sitting next to anyone. She’s like, watching TV, in a waiting room, at a counter.


11:55am BBT RS and Tyler at the bathroom sink. She is brushing her teeth and tells him she is living on the edge. Not going to use sunblock, just go in and out for brief periods of intense tanning.

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07:02PM BBT Kait goes into the PBR with Scottie and tells him that she isn't going to campaign against Rockstar, but goes on to campaign telling him that he should do what's best for his game.


07:07PM BBT Haleigh tells Tyler that he shouldn't be going on the block anytime soon because there are bigger targets.  Rockstar hasn't done anything to either of them, so are they to play emotionally or for the game.


07:09PM BBT Kait is talking to Scottie about how Fessy let her down and should've just let her win the POV instead of not keeping his promise to save her.


07:11PM BBT After Kait's done non-campaigning with Scottie, she says she's trying to "Let go, Let God", and if it's her time to go, she just wants to have fun with her friends.


07:13PM BBT Kaitlyn was born at 2:44 on 4/24/94, so her lucky number is 24. 


07:16PM BBT Angela made veggies and rice for dinner, Kaycee eats slop, while Brett and Kait rummage around the kitchen.


07:18PM BBT Rachel and Bay whisper in the HN room about Tyler detaching himself from Kaitlyn.  They then head out to the kitchen with the others.  Rockstar and Haleigh are swinging out in the hammock.


07:19PM BBT Brett tells Kaycee, Kait and Angela that JC would snuggle up against him with his face in his ear and start snoring.  


07:21PM BBT Bay joins RS and Haleigh in the hammock.  She tells them that people in the house are asking how she's voting and it's making her nervous. 


07:23PM BBT Haleigh tells RS that she isn't going to tell people who she is voting for because she doesn't want it getting back to Kait.  They agree that the house is afraid to voice their vote.


07:25PM BBT Rockstar wonders what Kaitlyn told Scottie during their long talk.  Haleigh says that Scottie's telling Fessy right now, whatever it is.


07:26PM BBT Brett finished cooking up the rest of the fish.  Haleigh joins them in the kitchen, where Angela and JC are eating dinner.


07:40PM BBT Rachel asks his humor style and he said he is mostly subtle.  She said that she doesn't get Brett's humor.  Scottie said that Brett uses a lot of Chris Farley references.


07:42PM BBT Angela is in the WA getting ready to take a shower.  In the BY, Rachel told Fessy that she was absolutely terrified of him in the beginning of the season, that he was just staring at her in line. 


07:44PM BBT Fessy, Rachel, Scottie and Rockstar talk about their first impressions of each other.  Fessy thought that Steve looked very shady to him, and that he didn't think he would have anything in common with him - but then he got to know him.


07:47PM BBT Kait and Angela whisper in the WA (with Angela in the shower), something about houseguests voting with their alliances.




07:49PM BBT Scottie and Rachel start running sprints in the BY.  Sam and Bay are laying on a towel and Bay says she is irritated with Fessy because he talks down to her.


07:52PM BBT Bay tells Sam that Kaitlyn believes that if there's a tie, that she'll be going home.  Sam asks who she's voting for, and Bay doesn't answer.


07:56PM BBT Bay is going down the list of HG and saying that each person is on the fence, except for Rachel.


07:57PM BBT Bay says that the game is going to change on Thursday and that Sam's HOH will be forgotten, and no target on her back.


07:59PM BBT Bay and Sam both said that they turned down BB twice and then God stapped in and got their attention.    They were both making good money and comfortable, but were miserable.   She called production from the Starbucks parking lot and they brought her in that weekend.

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08:01PM BBT Bay starts to tell Sam a story of when she was assaulted at age 17, and then the cameras go to the kitchen.


08:05PM BBT RS apologized to Scottie in the PBR, but we don't hear what for. She asks Scottie if he talked to Kait.  He explains that she asked where his head was and that he told Kait he didn't know. He said that Kait told him that 4 people don't know (or haven't said) who they're voting for.


08:08PM BBT RS tells Scottie she really wants to stay here.  Scottie tells her that Kait is not doing her dirty and that she is not campaigning against her.


08:10PM BBT Scottie goes to shower, leaving RS alone staring off in the PBR.


08:12PM BBT Kait and Rockstar commiserate in the PBR, and that it's lonely, awkward, and that they trust the higher god.


08:14PM BBT Kaitlyn references the Paulie and Zakiyah showmance from Season 18, and that she took the relationship seriously, whereas it was just a hookup for Paulie - which devastated Z.


08:17PM BBT Brett is in the hammock goofing around with Haleigh and JC.  Brett is bringing back up the story of JC snoring in his ear.


08:24PM BBT RS and Kait are trying to figure out what "going with the house" means.  Bay and Kaycee are in the Jenga room where she recants how Fessy told her to keep her mouth shut.


08:29PM BBT Bay believes that there will be at least 6 votes to evict Kait.


08:31PM BBT Bay says that she really doesn't care which person goes home this week.  Back in the PBR, Kait and RS joke around about what they'll take with them when they go.  Production focuses on the owl.  





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08:39PM BBT JC said that it's easy for people to judge him on social media, and started to get a little political - the feeds went to fish.


08:46PM BBT Kaitlyn is called to the DR and tells RS to make sure she's there when she gets back.


08:47PM BBT Angela curls her hair in the WA, while Rachel is out of the shower and Kaycee is lounging.  Fessy walks in to get his tea.  Angela asks the girls who Scottie seems to be "running to" so they can get a feel for his vote.  No answer.


08:49PM BBT Rachel speculates who has the apps.  She believes that Brett has one because he told her he did.  Bay and Tyler play pool in the BY.


08:54PM BBT They start to bring in items that they want in the house before the lockdown.


08:57PM BBT All of the feeds are on Tyler and Bay playing pool.  He says he needs to stop cussing so much.

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BB Time


geometry room

JC and Tyler and Angela


JC is telling them that he knows Kaitlyn has been voting against the group. Angela says if Rock Star gets HOH she will put up Brett and (?). Tyler says Rock Star will not be swayed. Angela tells JC that Rock Star has never talked to her until this week, but JC tells her Kaitlyn was tossing out Angela's name. Tyler tries to say “she stopped, because of me.” But JC doesn't go for it. Tyler continues to push to keep Kaitlyn. JC says Rock Star will go home and if Fessy's side get HOH he will go for Brett, Kaitlyn or Scott. He tells Tyler his association with Kaitlyn is causing his (Tyler's) name around. Tyler says Rock Star wants him (Tyler) out.


Angela says Kaitlyn is a physical competitor and Rock Star is not, but the men on her (Angela's) side will crush her (Kaitlyn) in a competition. Tyler is worried that people are looking at him as a big player, and Angela says she hears people call Tyler “sneaky”. JC says the only reason people are talking about you is Kaitlyn. Tyler is working hard to get them to keep Kaitlyn, but JC is not swaying, he just repeats his opinions. Angela tries to tell JC that a bigger target in the house is better for their game.


JC: that was Frankie's plan, and look how far it took him

Angela: If your were on the block, who would you want to sit next to, Rock Star or Kaitlyn

JC: With Rock Star I don't know, but with Kaitlyn, and a competition,....I don't want Kaitlyn in jury. I can't....emotional game she is playing.

Tyler: I don't listen to a f*****ng think Kaitlyn says

Angela: I am not gonna let her get in my ear


JC says Faysal has asked several times how JC is voting, but JC has not answered. JC says Faysal used the veto, and she (Kaitlyn) was crying, then said to him (JC) I want him out (indicated Faysal). Faysal tends not to believe it, Tyler jumps on this, calling Faysal weak, and denies Kaitlyn is not strong. (JC is not buying this, he continues to stand his ground, continues to state solid reasons he wants Kaitlyn out of the house (Tyler's expression is much like one a baby has when you give them their first taste of lemon). Tyler continues to look distressed, then Rachel comes into the room.


Tyler: we are voting you out this week, we have decided (to Rachel)


He leaves the room,


Tyler: I am not leaving because you are here Rachel.


JC says Kaitlyn is completely in his head.

Rachel: I know what is going on.She is not manipulating him.

JC says he is trying to prove he is right about what he thinks. He says Kaitlyn tells the boys they are special and manipulates them.

Angela: I think it is better that Kaitlyn stays.

JC: you people are crazy.


He says you keep pushing and she will throw back at him, because she is so f****ng good at what she does.

Rachel: I see right through her


JC disagrees, he thinks they are all not seeing they are being manipulated. JC is adamant,


Angela: If Rock Star gets out this week who do they have. Baleigh has had enough of her

JC: She has the boys on their heads.

Rachel: no she doesn't.

Angela: Tyler was gunning for Kaitlyn this morning


JC what do you want me to do, I have to do something. I need to have Faysal...


Rachel wants to know if it is a good idea for the girls to know how the votes lie. She does not want Faysal to know what the votes are. She wants to know if Rock Star will go home next, and he is in agreement. Angela and Rachel say they want to keep Kaitlyn to mess up Faysal's game. They now try to convince him that if Swaggy comes back there would be a group of three (Rock Star, Faysal and Swaggy) in the house. Rachel says she can get in Faysal's head now too, she has been working him. Angela says she understands why JC wants Kaitlyn out, since she works against him and he loses ground. Rachel wants Faysal and Haleigh to vote Kaitlyn out so they can use that if they stay.

JC says Baleigh will go with him.


Haleigh comes into the room.


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BB Time 10:46pm

camera 3


Kaycee and Tyler in storage room


Kaycee is telling Tyler that someone does not like the pressure being put on her (assuming Baleigh). She wants to know if she should tell Scottie what she is doing. Tyler says Faysal is telling Kaitlyn he is voting to keep her, and he says JC wants Rock Star to stay to keep the sides even.


Tyler: We need him for now, but he literally will not change his mind.

Kaycee: (shrugs) F word him, we have Baleigh . That's on him


Tyler goes over the earlier conversation with JC, and they laugh that Haleigh will vote to send Kaitlyn home, but Kaitlyn will still be in the house.


Kaycee leaves the room



camera 3


have not room


Kaitlyn is holding court with Baleigh,


Kaitlyn is telling her that she loves/hates Haleigh.


Baleigh: you will be surprised at things about me when you get out of the house

Kaitlyn: can I guess>

Baleigh: yes, one guess.



Well phooey, the camera moved to the back yard



Rachel and Angela in the back yard


Rachel doing yoga stretches (I am 78 years old, I am only thinking so, it looks unappealing to me!)


Rachel is talking about the five of us, but doesn't say names. The girls are plotting to get Haleigh and Faysal to vote for Kaitlyn to leave, hoping she stays and will be mad at them. Rachel continues with the yoga while Angela squeaks away in the hammock. Angela thought the vegan cookies were weird, and Rachel says if you add syrup they aren't bad.


Camera 3 moves to geometry room


JC and Tyler


JC is still trying to reason with Tyler.


Camera 3 moves to back yard sofa


Rock Star and Scottie


No game talk, they are just talking about family and how they irritate their parents.

Rock Star: I talk to everyone and I don't make promises I can't keep

She says she talked to Kaycee, but she thinks Kaycee will vote with Rachel.

Rock Star: According to Kaitlyn everyone is voting with the house, but what is the house

Scottie, every single season people say the same thing, it doesn't mean anything.

Rock Star: who is the house? Me or Kaitlyn?

Scottie: Seriously I have no idea.

Rock Star: if it is going to be a house decision, we need to find out who is the house?

Rock Star: Is it Brett”

Scottie, I hope not I took a shot at the house last week then.

Rock Star: I had a long talk with him last night.

She said she mentioned times she tried to talk to him (Brett) and Winston and they would just walk out. Brett told her that Swaggy drew lines and said that others were not his people. Scottie is wondering when Swaggy said that, he is interested in that. He adds that Swaggy could not keep his cool.


Rock Star: Did Swaggy ever tell him that or is it bulls**t.

Scottie: That's a fifty fifty

Rock Star says she told Brett she didn't know why or how he pulled off that s**t, but she accepted the move. She says Brett gave her a “gotcha” laugh. Scottie wants to know if it is a truck driver laugh.

Rock Star: This voting with the house is funny because no one knows who the house is.

Scottie “they” know and the people at home know.


They are talking about a prior season, and agree that the game is just luck, because of the twists. Now it is harder to manipulate because there are giant question marks everywhere. Social maneuvers backfire and twists have ruined it a little bit. Scottie says Sam let her power expire and now it has to be used, then if other powers come up. Rock Star thinks JC might not have a power unless it could be veto ceremony related or competition related. Scottie says the powers are a bunch of malarkey.


They leave the sofa and separate.


Camera 3

Kaitlyn and Baleigh



Baleigh is talking about her struggles from an incident that happened to her when she was younger (I did hear a rumor that Baleigh was the victim of an attack of some sort, but keep in mind, it is a rumor) Kaitlyn starts talking about herself, and her struggles with friendships. She knows she is not serving herself by keeping quiet. Kaitlyn says she looks up to Baleigh because she shared her story.


Baleigh:“your story is valuable to someone.” (game play aside, my darlings this is such a truth for us all)


camera 3

changes to geometry room


11:12 pm

Haleigh, Tyler, JC and Rock Star are in the room


Rock Star seems to be an observer to the other three, who are talking about alcohol. Haleigh says if she gets alcohol for HOH she is drinking it all in her room. JC says he will do exactly like Sam did.


Camera 3

changes to back yard



Angela, Brett and Kaycee


The girls are telling him that Baleigh has agreed to keep Kaitlyn, and that Brett should vote for Kaitlyn to stay. They want it to be obvious that Haleigh and Faysal voted for Kaitlyn to leave.


Rachel: Do we pin the all girls alliance on Rock Star this week?

Brett: That's a good idea. Kaitlyn could win HOH next week, Rock Star could not.

Angela: The odds of Rock Star winning are very small

Brett: Right

Angela: But if Kaitlyn stays she won't go after us,

Brett: That's true

Angela: If we keep her, she will forgive and forget.

Brett: She was hugging me right before she voted to evict me, she keeps it separated.

Brett is questioning whether or not Kaitlyn is a target next week, and whether or not the others would go after Kaitlyn later. Scottie will go after Kaitlyn, but Brett says he gave Scottie a back door option for Kaitlyn and he didn't take it. He doesn't want to keep saying Kaitlyn is a target, but not getting her out. They are worried about Swaggy coming back into the house, and the possibility they would be targets.


Scottie comes into the yard.


Scottie: I have been banished out here to you guys.

Brett: So we are banishment.


He wonders if someone threw out the rice, but Angela tells him where it is. Kaycee says the vegan slop cookies were really good, Angela tells her to eat them all and she will make more.


Scottie: When you are on slop they are heaven


Angela made banana bread a couple of days ago, and they are disappointed it is all gone.

They are staring up at the planets and stars, Brett says he took astronomy but has no idea why it is different from astrology.

Angela: Isn't astronomy the study of planets and stars and astrology is that bulls**t about.....

Rachel is on a blanket, and toots. It is very loud and all of them giggle.

Rachel: Sorry



The others go inside leaving Rachel and Brett alone


Rachel is doing stretches while he watches, he nods at her tush area and says “Nice, come here often?”


Rachel: do you miss winston

Brett: yeah I do

Rachel: tell me about it


Brett makes a joke about being everyone being weird with that, and tells Rachel she has been a little hard to get along with. She tells him she thinks Angela was upset with her a few days ago (Angela and Rachel agreed to set up the “we don't like each other any more plan.”


Brett: you seem totally fine

Rachel: I will be better after Thursday

Brett: as much as I know Rock Star has targeted us, but what are the chances Rock Star will win anything, and Kaitlyn will be gunning it. We are her targets.

Rachel: I keep going over this but I have had a conversation with her, and she (Kaitlyn) “I don't even want to go after Brett”


Tyler tells them JC is not on board and will never be.


JC comes into the yard, and invites himself to join them.

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B Time 11:33pm


Scottie, Sam Kaycee Baleigh, Rachel, Kaitlyn , Angela


Sam says she is going to smoke a cigarette so she doesn't want to make donuts after. Rachel has a cut and Sam goes to get her a band aid. Kaitlyn to know where Faysal is, they tell her he is in the diary room. Sam tells them Rachel will live. Sam says maybe she will make the donuts, and she leaves to smoke. Baleigh and Scottie are saying being a have not isn't that bad. Kaitlyn passes through again and says goodnight. Scottie is talking about levels of something, they are on twelve, he is on six. He is going to a lot of trouble to do that math, counting fingers and repeating himself. Baleigh and Haleigh leave the kitchen and go to the storage room.


Baleigh: You don't hold your emotions well


Apparently Kaitlyn walked in on Haleigh and Faysal while they were talking and got angry. Haleigh says she is going to have to “deal with that.”


Haleigh wants Kaitlyn to go, and she thinks they have 5 votes. She says Tyler asked her about her vote and she gave him a non-committal answer.

They leave the storage room and Haleigh goes back into the kitchen. Scottie says he has not seen her much today. Scottie tells her he had a terrible day and made up a story about acid rain and an angry cat. Baleigh says she will be back.


11:43 camera 1


Haeigh and Kaitlyn in the bedroom


Kaitlyn questions Haleigh about their final two, and Haleigh says it is still on, but she wants to see what everyone is saying in the house. She is worried that if Rock Star comes back the vote count will be something to deal with. Kaitlyn says people are saying there are not as many pro's to keep her in the house, and Haleigh says the same is true for Rock Star. Kaitlyn says she is not concerned with the final five, but wants the final two with Haleigh. Haleigh calls her on the Swaggy nominations, and wants to know if she would turn on her (Haleigh). Haleigh also tells her four people are telling her that Kaitlyn is going after Faysal. Haleigh says Kaitlyn has a relationship with Tyler she does not have with Haleigh, Kaitlyn denies. She says she goes all over the house, and she likes Tyler because he saved her. Kaitlyn says Haleigh is her best friend in the house. Haleigh says she doesn't talk about winning options unless someone else brings it up. She just wants to make sure it ends well. Kaitlyn is upset that she was told they were both safe this week, and Haleigh was taken off, and she has legit reasons to be overwhelmed. Kaitlyn says she felt close to Faysal, and still to Tyler, but Faysal should not have told her he would take her down.


Kaitlyn:if he votes for me and I stay, Yes I will take a shot at him (Faysal) There would be no other reason for me to do anything...I have made it very clear who are my targets in the house if I come back.?” Neither of them move, although they say yes.


Haleigh says we don't talk for days at a time, but Kaitlyn says she tries. Haleigh says she remembers every time they talk and what they talk about, and Kaitlyn says that they should and will. Kaitlyn thinks they are both feeling a grudge and both are waiting for the other to make the first move. Haleigh says she has more trust in Tyler than she has in her (Haleigh). Kaitlyn offers to build their relationship but it needs to be both ways. The house sees them as best friends, and have told her (Kaitlyn) that she does not have Haleigh's vote. She believes it is true because she back doored Swaggy. Haleigh insists she is just trying to figure out who people are voting for, and Kaitlyn says she has four votes, and it would be awkward if Haleigh doesn't vote for her. Haleigh says it upsets her because she feels that Kaitlyn really doesn't have an interest in her. Kaitlyn denies, telling Haleigh she loves her.. Haleigh says Rock Star is her friend and she feels bad because she replaced her on the block. Haleigh is thinking about what she should do because she is emotional about it. Kaitlyn is telling Haleigh is safe if she (Kaitlyn) is HOH. She is complimenting Haleigh, and telling her everything Haleigh might want to hear. She adds that she sees color and auras, and she tries to be normal and she is not. Kaitlyn is upset because Rock Star told her if she (Rock Star) did the things Kaitlyn does she would not have a home to go home to. (she doesn't from gossip). Haleigh tells her rumor is that Joe is fake, he is an excuse to flirt around the house and not have a showmance. Kaitlyn is astounded. She asks more questions about the rumor, and wants to know who told Haleigh that. Haleigh says she will tell her later, but Kaitlyn is not giving up. Haleigh is giving her clues, saying he has said things about her before, and she finally gives up the name, JC. Kaitlyn is laughing, but Haleigh says it is because you are close to guys and not girls. Kaitlyn tells her about her life after moving and how she spends time with guys, that she did not want a show mance in the house but she gravitated toward Tyler. Sounds like she is used to the same friends, and doesn't know how to re-enforce that with new people.







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