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Episode 12-HOH and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, the house has been divided from the jump. The Level 6 alliance along with JC and Sam on one side, and FOUTTE on the other side. But Level 6 was poised to take their first casualty. With a bro guaranteed to go, Level 6 wanted to cut Winston while the other side wanted to bounce Brett. With Tyler playing everyone, his game was in danger of being exposed.


At the live eviction, Brett made a shocking speech and it WAS 6-5 sending Winston packing. Soon after, Rockstar went off her rocker, but that was just the opening act because tonight all hell breaks loose. Plus, who will endure the epic battle for power and become the new HOH? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 30 as we start the HOH competition. Faysal doesn’t know what’s going on right now and it’s the third straight week they’ve been blindsided and his side has been going out bad. He just needs to win this HOH and hope he can get some answers. Brett says he’s on an emotional rollercoaster, his broster just got voted out of the house and then he just made a speech about Rockstar. He says he targeted her because he can’t stand her and he can’t influence or game play. So why not target her and make her a target.


Rockstar says she’s just chanting her kids names and win this HOH because Brett just made up a lie about her. We then see the aftermath of the live eviction with Rockstar yelling at Brett. Kaitlyn is in the background mouthing what is going on. She is beside herself and doesn’t know what just happened. She needs to talk Tyler about this because she’s freaking out. She tells him to look her in the eye and swear on his father’s grave that he kept his word and Tyler says he would never do that. He says that immediately infuriates him because he would never swear on his dad’s grave.


Kaycee says even though Winston left this week, Level 6 is as solid as those tree trunks and they need to win HOH so they can keep running the house. Rachel says it’s disgusting, it’s all in her hair and her face and it’s nasty. Haleigh has no idea what’s going on in this house and once again she is on the wrong side of the eviction. Going into the HOH the only people she can trust are her, herself, and she. Tyler says if any of the other side finds out he voted out Winston he is screwed.


Sam says she wants to win this HOH competition because she has now lost the authority to offer her bonus life to someone. If she wins HOH at least she gets a chance to decide who gets the chance to get in the house. Rockstar says the sap is falling on her head and she’s thinking she can do this and then she falls. She heads over to Scottie and she is crying and apologizing and says she tried really hard. Faysal says he needs to win the HOH, but this tree is impossible to hold onto. His grip is giving out and his forearms are shivering and then we see him fall.


Brett says he feels like someone lit a match under his forearms and calves and we see him fall. Kaycee says this HOH is harder than it looks, you have cold rain, feathers flying at them, sap sliding their arms, bird poop and the tree tilting. She says people are falling left and right. Boom, Bayleigh falls down, Angela falls down, and Rachel falls down. Then Haleigh falls off. Kaycee says it’s getting real. JC feels like this competition was made for him. He has good endurance and then he falls.


We still have Tyler, Sam, Kaitlyn, and Kaycee. Kaycee says her fellow housemates don’t know what she’s capable of and she cannot fall before Kaitlyn. She doesn’t trust her and she doesn’t know what she’d do if she were HOH. Sam says she takes cold showers every day even when she’s not a have-not because she’s an animal. Sam says she wants this HOH, she is not coming out of this tree until she is the last one coming out of the tree.


The trees tip forward and Sam says she can see Kaitlyn’s arms shaking from there. Faysal cheers her on and Kaitlyn falls with Kaycee right behind. The HG all start screaming and cheering. Sam tells Tyler to jump down for her. Tyler looks at her and asks if she’s going to put him up. She says no. Tyler says he’s just trying to “make a deal” or “negotiate” his safety so these people don’t know he’s working with Sam. Sam is yelling at him to jump down and Tyler says Sam is making it hard to do by screaming at him. Tyler finally jumps and Sam has won HOH.


Sam says she has nothing to worry about this week. She’s safe and she could not be happier right now. Tyler says he loses but he feels good because Sam has all the power this week. Rockstar is upset. She is upset how the whole day went. She’s upset because she wanted to make her family proud. It’s a hard day.


We head inside from the HOH competition. Sam says ladies and gentleman may I present to you the new HOH. She’s already decided who she’s going to nominate and once she’s decided she won’t be moved. Rockstar is crying to Bayleigh in the BR and Bayleigh is trying to calm her down. Bayleigh tells Rockstar to talk to Sam and tell her the truth. Rockstar says she just wants to go home to her family and Bayleigh says she needs Rockstar to pull herself together. Rockstar is crying in the DR and says guys like that always win.


Faysal and JC are talking in the SR and he says he has loyalty to no one right now. JC says he has Faysal’s back. JC says he’s been working with Tyler this whole week and they came up with a plan to flip the vote and blame Kaitlyn for it. JC tells Tyler Faysal will be in JC’s hands and he will totally believe Kaitlyn was the flip vote and Faysal will trust him more. JC says Fessy is a competitor but he’s not brainy. JC says Faysal is going crazy and blaming it on one of the little girls. Faysal says he’s going to blow up on someone and JC says he’s not going to blow up on anyone. Faysal says he just wants to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying to his face.


Kaitlyn wants to talk to Faysal but he doesn’t want to talk. He’s sitting in the WA with Rockstar and Rachel. Kaitlyn says she wants to talk to him in private and she calls him in the lounge and says he’s hurting her feelings. Faysal says something isn’t adding up and Kaitlyn says she’s physically ill and freaking out right now. Faysal says people are lying to his face and Kaitlyn says and mine. We see Level 6 celebrating in the have-not room. Kaitlyn asks Faysal if he trusts her and he says he doesn’t trust anyone. Kaitlyn is so upset with Faysal right now and she cries and Faysal says it’s not like you got the best track record. He says numbers don’t add up. Kaitlyn says her heart is broken because she can’t believe he’d think that of her.


Who wants to see my HOH room?!? Kaitlyn doesn’t want to go and Faysal yells at her to come on. She tells him to shut up. Sam opens the door and we see pictures of Sam with her grandmother, mother, and dog. Sam says while she has everyone in here she says when this time of the week rolls around people start freaking out. She doesn’t want that. So there will be no one-on-ones and she knows who she is going to nominate and she’s not going to tell anyone. She’s going to be up there because this is her room and no one is allowed in there unless she permits it and is in there with her. She doesn’t want anyone to campaign because no one is going to know until the last minute and they can hash it out in the veto competition.


Haleigh says her and Sam hadn’t really bonded on anything and she had hoped to talk to her but that’s down the drain. Rockstar says this is crazy because Brett lied on her and now she can’t even talk to Sam to defend herself. JC says Sam means business and she is taking her HOH seriously.


Kaitlyn is talking to Haleigh and she asks do you think it was Tyler and JC. Kaitlyn thinks Sam used her power and it was to switch two votes. Kaitlyn tells us in the DR that Sam told her she had a power but didn’t explain it to her. Kaitlyn thinks Sam could switch two votes and she did it turn people against each other. She says if she’s wrong it’d be embarrassing, but she thinks she’s right. We hear a buzz sound. Kaitlyn talks to Tyler and explains her theory to him. Tyler asks how she figured it out and says she’s a mastermind. Tyler tells us he wishes he could take credit for Kaitlyn’s theory, but even he isn’t that good.


Rockstar talks to Brett and says best friend so glad I kept you here. Brett says everyone knows now and she says yeah. Rockstar says Brett called her out in front of the house and she’s going to show the whole house how ridiculous this is by being as ridiculous as she can be. She grabs a pot and pan and starts banging it. Tyler is in the DR and listens and then asks if he can go outside. JC holds the door open for Rockstar. She’s chanting Brett is her best friend and they have a secret showmance. She jumps on him and lays between his legs. Brett says she’s doing good and she says I bet your mom is proud and he says I bet your kids are. Brett tells us this is working beautifully. Rockstar has the mind of child and even though she’s annoying him, she’s also annoying everyone in the house and that’s usually the person who goes home.


We see Scottie, Faysal, JC, and Bayleigh in the HOH. They are talking about height. JC says he’s just a short guy, a dwarf is someone with a genetic disorder. Bayleigh asks if there is a difference between a midget and dwarf and JC says that’s derogatory. JC says it’s like calling a black person an N word. Bayleigh tells him not to say that word again. JC says he’s just trying to explain it.


Bayleigh says that word is really hurtful to the African American community because it was used to degrade a person solely based on their skin color. JC says he wasn’t saying it to offend anyone, he was just trying to make a point. Bayleigh says that word is very derogatory and he shouldn’t use that word. JC says certain words can be used in certain context to explain to something. Bayleigh says when she hears the word it hurt her feelings because he said it as a statement and she asked JC a question about the word midget so she could become educated. JC says he respects her opinion and he was giving her examples of how he feels about that word and how she feels about the other word. He says he can’t explain it well. Bayleigh walks out and JC says he wasn’t trying to make it a big deal.


JC says he’s very short, he’s gay, and he’s also Hispanic and people can often to be cruel. He says people would give him dirty looks but sometimes you have to be strong and it’s his chance to speak up. JC goes to talk to Tyler, Brett, Sam, and Angela and he recaps his conversation with them. Tyler tells him it’s something they should try and discuss before they go to bed. Tyler says it’s just unfortunate. Bayleigh says growing up it was difficult for her because she was a black girl growing up in a white community and she lived with it every day that people pointed out she was different and she will never let anyone make her feel that way again.


She’s in the lounge with Faysal and Haleigh and says she doesn’t understand why JC was yelling at her like she shouldn’t be offended. JC comes in and Haleigh and Faysal leave the room. JC says he would have preferred she call him out in the HOH room in front of people. She says when she tried he held his hand out like she should stop and that frustrated her. She says if there was a word that offended him she would never call him that or say it. She says she’s also been discriminated against because people would spray paint things on her locker about going back to where she came from.


JC says when he asked her a question like she asked and he says she asked him if he was a midget and she says that’s not what she said. JC says that word is so derogatory like the F word for gay people and the N word for black people. JC says he didn’t get offended by the question but she did when he was trying to explain. Bayleigh says she’s going to stand up for herself and JC can explain his point of view instead of just saying she’s wrong. JC says he’s sure when she was in her class she always wondered why she wasn’t like them and he can relate because he hated himself so much. She says she understand because she worked her whole life to be comfortable with who she was and hearing that word triggers her. She’s comfortable in her skin and she’s not going to let anyone take that away. JC says he has no hard feelings and he wanted to clear everything before they went to sleep. They hug it out.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony. The first HG Sam has nominated for eviction is Haleigh. The second HG she has nominated is Kaitlyn. Sam says purely because she thinks they take the most from the house and contribute the least. She doesn’t care for the way they treat the young men in the house and she thinks they deserve more respect. It’s the opposite of female empowerment and they should respect themselves more.


Sam says she thinks they are trying to manipulate the men in the house and she thinks it’s cheap and the easy way. Haleigh says does she flirt? Yes, but so does every other female in this house and her family is watching this. She cries. Kaitlyn says she’s not upset because she’s on the block, she’s upset because Sam nominated her on a personal level and it’s the opposite of women supporting women.


Faysal says Sam’s comments rubbed him the wrong way. She swung at his two friends and Sam had better watch out. Brett laughs and says it’s great. The house is in chaos and maybe after the veto they can swing a backdoor at Rockstar.

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