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Savage Sam Unleashes Pure Chaos


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It feels like we’ve had an entire season of BB in one weekend this week! This Sam HOH and nominations has delivered by far the most dramatic and exciting feeds and LF could hope for! Kaitlin is at defcon 5! Sam is harsh, tight lipped, and in her mind telling everyone exactly what they need to know to make this a calm chill representation of good sportsmanship and an honest clean game. 


The outcome of Sam’s extreme case of HOH-itus is exactly the opposite of what her intentions were. So much has happened this RealiTea has been brewed in a Friday post nominations edition and Saturday veto’s edition. Sit back relax and let me take you on a ride through the series of events from Friday late afternoon through about 2 a.m.. 



5:10 pm Rachel/Angela have officially made a F2 and named their alliance the ‘Vixens’. Why do these people have to name everything?! Drives me batty. Ok back to this conversation.  They decide they are going to stage a fight between the two of them to make people believe Rachel is open to Girls alliance or Foute. They agree they could do it now and fight over Brett. Rachel goes to work on trying to connect more with Kaycee and weaves in some grievances about Angela/Brett as pre planned. 


Rachel/Angela make fun of Sam. Angela spills tea that before or during live show Sam looked at Brett/Winston and said you both are going to be ok. So they thought Sam was gonna save them both. 


I am finally going to wave the white flag where Angela is concerned. It’s week 4 and not only can’t she remember what her own alliance is doing but she’s managing to share information she shouldn’t without any thought. I concede she’s just a little gnat buzzing around doing absolutely nothing but annoying us LF’s. Angela you have been evicted from my rankings because Orwella contributes more game than you do! 


7:45 pm Kaitlin/Faysal 

Kaitlin noticeably uses a completely different tone and voice in conversation with Faysal. How she speaks to him is worlds different than with Tyler. Granted Faysal is a beta so he’s the kind of player that needs tough love. The other side of this is while Tyler has the patience of a Saint with Kaitlin and seems very passive in the house he is not a beta and he does put his foot down with her in a way that’s makes it clear she can’t talk to him the way she does with so many others. 


As I watch her you see Kaitlin kisses Faysal on the cheek today numerous times. I say this because Faysal has kissed Haleigh on the cheek several times post nom’s. Kaitlin wants everyone to use the veto if they compete and she’s stepping up her worship of Faysal to massage his ego enough to persuade him to promise to use the veto on her even if Haleigh was the one to draw Faysal’s name. 


At this point we all know Faysal’s entire residence in the BB house revolves around concurring Haleigh. I mean while the rest of the house was reeling from the live eviction and blindside or Brett’s speech re: Angie...Faysal is desperately trying to get confirmation that Haleigh likes him. Bayleigh is the only one who says straight up-she never talks to me about you like ‘I like him’ she’s never said that. My point here is Faysal does little else besides pine for Haleigh. So there is no chance in BB hell that he would EVER choose to save Kaitlin over Haleigh in this veto. 


When Kaitlin is asking if he would use it to save her he pauses and fumbles his words. If I’m the HG asking this question in this situation his knee jerk response and hesitation tells me everything I need to know. Conversely, Tyler handles this 


Kaitlin says she thinks she would stay. I am dead serious here. She tells Faysal, “All these people know what I did for them week 2.” Kaitlin has pretty much gone to everyone trying to secure their allegiance for Veto. She’s made Faysal swear he

Would use it on her if he won even if Haleigh pulled his name in the veto draw. Faysal actually swears! Now I know he won’t keep that promise but I think like us he’s so tired of listening to her he would rather ask for forgiveness than permission. 


7:52 pm K/F BA

Faysal wants to know what the other alliance she was in was? He’s dangling his

Loyalty for some truth bombs and she swears she never had another alliance outside of Foute. When he points out that her and Tyler are a pair she’s like “No,

we are just there for each other I mean it’s not even that serious. For me I go in chronological order. So I may have an agreement with someone but if it was made after the one with you then that’s the order I will be loyal.


WHAT?! Listen I know Faysal is absolutely clueless in this game. I don’t care how much of a buffoon you are there is zero chance you can’t clearly hear that her loyalties blow where the wind does and Faysal has dealt with her enough to know if he or Tyler or Haleigh ever said this same thing to her she would go full Tasmanian devil on them. 


8pm Tyler/Sam HOHBA

Sam says she talked to Haleigh/Kaitlin so now there’s nothing else to talk about until Veto is played. Then she will talk to them but nothing else until nominations are locked. At some point Tues/Wed I will tell them both ‘hey no matter who it is that is evicted has a chance to come back because my power gives you that chance’. 


Sam tells Tyler she’s interested to see how the ‘campaigning’ will change between veto ceremony and when I tell them.


She goes on to explain her thinking on how to reveal the power and chance. She does tell him unless that messes up your or Kaycee’s games because everyone has been told the power expires or whatever. I don’t want to mess up anyone’s game or someone else’s power. 


Sam also reveals she’s smarter than anyone has given her credit for. Sadly after she’s said enough consecrated and wildly narrow minded comments to have all of BB Twitterdom unleash full out war on Sam. Sam eventually explains to Tyler the reason she chose Kaitlin and Haleigh is because she sees them as the weakest players with the least chance to actually win the ‘chance’ to return after this week’s eviction.


This is the one thing Tyler hears that I think gives him enough information where he doesn’t feel like exerting any further pressure at this point will be of value to him. 


For me, I wish she had led with this. I’ve said before, the LF in me LOVES all the drama and chaos Sam’s renegade HOH has manifested. As a gamer, she would have been much better served to withhold her holier than though moral police speeches and simply say, Kaitlin you’re a threat to my game. Haleigh you are her BF and in this game duos are a liability. That’s it! Nothing else! 


My only real comments on what Sam did this week will relate to how I see this from a game play perspective. I have NO desire to debate either side of what specifically was said. It’s not relevant in this context beyond a game standpoint. 


Sam has made a lot of HG’s distrustful of her now and caused quite a rumble within the BB fandom. When she takes personal issue with how they are playing the game and points out in her speech that she doesn’t care for the way these ladies use flirting as a strategy it’s an unnecessary attack. Sam clearly made a point specifically about Kaitlin laying all over several men when she has a BF at home (or did before this season began).


Is Sam wrong? Well not in her analysis of how both are playing their games. We’ve all talked about the fact Kaitlin has portrayed herself as thirsty with the sexual proclivities with both Faysal and Tyler. It’s been like a tsunami of disgust by the majority of BB fans who take great pleasure in joking about the fact she’s now been excommunicated by her fiancé. We’ve all seen Haleigh deny Faysal’s advances and assert her right to flirt with Brett, Tyler, Scottie. Is it how I would play? Nope! Have plenty of previous HG used these same tactics as strategy? Yep! Plenty of times. 


How I see the problem is...Sam has every right to perceive their games as shady and hurtful. This is a social game let’s not forget this. A huge part of staying power in this game is how people perceive you. 

Sam’s acting on how she personally sees things and that’s ultimately what every player is meant to do in this game. It’s how they do or don’t do it that matters most. 


The smallest joke, comments, glances, Over celebrations, excessive snoring, grating laughter can make you a target in this house.


You do always have to be aware of how you are being perceived. Kaitlin and Haleigh know that they were annoying Sam, whether that was a rational feeling in Sam’s part of not they were both very well aware she had a stick in her craw prior to her winning this HOH and neither bothered to do one damn thing to troubleshoot the potential problem.


Kaitlin and Haleigh both have a lot of knowledge about BB. Sam is a recruit found on Instagram by casting. She’s country, she’s demonstrated she has a very narrow point of view when it comes to how people should treat each other. Whether you agree with her or not she’s a player in the game. They diminished the knowledge they had, just like they both have many many times in this game so far and like every other time or came back to bite them in the butts. 


You remember Jerry? Renny? Monte? Cody? Danielle R? Jen? Dick? Natalie? Frank? Ragan? Donnie? I mean we’ve had no shortage of players in 20 seasons that judged or were harshly judged on a plethora of small and large personality traits that didn’t run people the right way based on their personal moral compasses. 


What frustrates me the most about Sam’s HOH this week is she’s completely steered her game into a ravine. No one was talking about Sam! She could have kept cooking and cleaning and telling everyone she loved them, only won if she really needed to and coasted her way to the last 30 days of this game with ease. Now people are looking at her like I don’t want her rogue type of play to lambaste my game. 


Moving on. While Sam’s explaining her thought processes and logic behind these moves JC has been leaning on the doorbell for 5 min! You can see it’s driving Tyler insane but Sam just keeps insisting they need to ignore him. Once she’s done and Tyler wants to say something she says you can let him in now. You can see Tyler’s annoyance when he tries to politely shew JC away so he can finally plant the seeds he wants but this is JC. He’s always a bull in a China shop. 


Fortunately for us, this trio alone in the HOH BA now  is really funny. The banter between Tyler who’s trying to get things organized with Sam, JC, and Sam. 


Sam says Angie tried to sell something about votes for Brett and people flipping. Tyler asks if she knows who were the 6 that voted for Sam to stay. She doesn’t. She says she thinks some people said they were voting for Winston to stay and didn’t do what they said. Sam goes on to say she thinks JC/Rachel flipped. 


JC immediately defends himself saying he voted how he wanted to and didn’t lie, he never lies in this game. Now if people assume I was voting a certain way and I didn’t that’s on them. I’m always going to vote how I think is best for my game and who I like the best. Sam is so funny here because she’s says “that’s how you should vote. You need to work on your poker face though.”


I about died laughing when she says this. I’m telling you Sam has an excellent read and is very aware of what and how all of these playing move. The only thing that made me laugh harder was JC’s response. 


The term Poker Fave in translation for JC but Tyler and Sam have a good laugh. Then JC and Tyler share some witty banter. This gives some small Bitez into how all 3 are thinking but the real value is in the comedic relief they offer after far too many hours of Angie whining about Brett and Kaitlin holding everyone hostage to her excessively annoying game play.


Later at 8:40pm Bayleigh is talking to Rachel about how she’s over those people (her own team). She’s over it. This week she’s just voting with the house. Bayleigh is laying it on pretty thick. Ironically I think she’s doing to Rachel what Rachel and Angela just talked about doing to Foute. Pretend to be mad at your own alliance so we can gain inside information and make it appear we aren’t as tight as we are.


I see YOU Bayleigh! She’s been doing the same thing with Tyler. She finds moments to seem vulnerable seeking a well developed storyline that allows her to seem separate from Foute since she’s watching them go down like flies and fail to execute any plan week after week. 


They both feed each other some BS here. It’s interesting to me to watch Bayleigh. She’s done a phenomenal job of integrating herself into the house as a whole since Chris’ exit. The problem I see for her is she’s still missing some key information. She’s using old insights to gain some footing in game where things change so fast she has no idea she’s playing off back issues of newspapers not the current edition. We will see her use this tactic even more obviously on Saturday.


There was another conversation later in the night with Rachel/Angela. Listening to their conversations today was equally painful and insightful. Rachel is showing how she sees the game and what moves she and Angela need to make to keep themselves set up with some staying power. I enjoy seeing her mind work. Rachel is no slouch and for the most part she just relies heavily on her social abilities. 


There are people throughout the house who see that she is going to be a force to be reckoned with but in this current moment in the game she’s not an immediate threat. Underestimating Rachel is going to be something they will have to deal with. That’s if being attached to someone like Angela doesn’t blow up in her face. 


Angela is telling Rachel she thinks Angie did talk to Brett. Rachel’s face is everything during this convo. Rachel is like what are you talking about? We know that Brett made this up. “He’s on our team, It was the plan this never happened you know this right?” Of course Angela being the most boring HG in history continues to say that yeah but I think that Angie really did approach Brett. 


Rachel also talks about Brett being a threat to their games and that they need to keep him for now as a shield then they can cut him. Angela’s follow up is “yeah! Maybe Brett can take us all the way to the end? 


At this point I’m just dumbfounded. WHAT? Omg! Rachel really needs to consider her F2 with her! 


Later Kaycee/Rachel/Angela 

Have similar convo where Kaycee is asked if she thinks Angie did talk to Brett and she’s like ‘yeah I mean that’s what he said.’ I give Kaycee a little more credit. First of all, Brett pulled this out of his magic hat in the final minutes. This wasn’t planned ahead with all of Level 6. 


At this point I’ve watched Kaycee enough to think It’s possible Kaycee is covering because she doesn’t want to say anything to these two that she shouldn’t. Or she isn’t completely up to speed with why all that went down. This idea gets shot down Saturday when Kaycee tells Angela that Sam’s power doesn’t expire until this week. Then Angela runs right to Brett who is appalled to hear Sam could have saved Both the bro’s last week!


Kaycee is beginning to do more and we are at a point where she needs to remember that herself, Tyler, and JC are not part of the original four and act accordingly. 


I make no secret of the fact that I like Kaycee. I think she stays invisible on purpose. I love her social game and I think we will see the hard core competitor come out in her the last leg of the game if she’s there. I hope she is. 


The remainder of Friday night is Kaitlin running from person to person sniffing out whether she wants them to play in the Veto. Also already trying to secure votes. I had to laugh watching her asking Brett of all people after last week “you are going to vote for me to stay right?” 


We also have now endured a good 48 hours of Angie going on and on and on about Brett. Honey people stopped listening about 36 hours ago and stopped caring about 4 hours before that.


We get it! He hurt your pride. You’re furious this white kid got one over on you. It’s clear you have some past circumstances that have seriously skewed your perceptions and your projecting that onto Brett. What he did was strictly a game move and your excessively over dramatic response to it has done more harm to your game than his despite your best efforts. Let sleeping dogs lie already you sound petty and irrational. 


I made sure to stock up on all essential goods and be home Saturday after veto so I don’t miss a second of the highly anticipated results and after math of the veto. This dose of RealiTea should have you as excited about Saturday as the rest of the LF nation! Head over to Saturday’s break down to binge on all of the juicy Bitez from post veto.

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