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Monday, July 23 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:58 pm BBT  JC is in the HN room with Rachel and Kaycee.  JC says he can't look at Fessy.  He said the last time he talked to him, he told Fessy not to use the veto, that it was fine.  Now that it was used, and JC is up, he is not sure if he can talk with Fessy for a while.  He is upset.  Feeds switch to Tyler and Haleigh in the lounge.   They are discussing the power, and don't know what the CHANCE of coming back means.  They don't know what the power is.  Haleigh says he feels terrible, doesn't know what to say to Kaitlyn.  Tyler tells her that at least she is safe, they can't blame her for that.  She says she has to make a decision who to keep.  Sounds like Rockstar is up, but JC said he is up.  Not sure who the replacement is!!


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12:41 pm BBT.  Meanwhile while Kaitlyn and Faysal are in the lounge, Sam is in the KT telling the other HGs about her power and how it works.  Rockstar is in the BY with Brett saying she’s not an angry person and she didn’t want that to be all he knew of her.  She says maybe after the finale they can go to a piano bar.  He says maybe. Sam comes out and tells Rockstar the exact wording of her power.  She tells Rockstat she almost used it on Winston but she didn’t.  And now if Rockstar gets evicted she geys a chance to come back.  Sam said it was a stupid power and didn’t make sense and causes more problems and conspiracy theories.  She says I had to pick someone and I did.  Sam seems upset.  Rockstar says it’s ok it’s a game on a tv show.  Rockstar says she’s gonna smoke 1 more cigarette even though it’s not good for her and then maybe take a shower.   Sam goes over to brett and asks if he’s mad?  He says no & they hug.  She says she almost used it last week.  She says if there was a battle back she has faith in Winston.  She says I didn’t use it and now they’re gonna use it anyway!  It’s a stupid power, not even a good one.   She walks away.   Brett on hammock.  Rockstar says “she” (Kaitlyn) said that u used your power last week and that’s how the votes flipped for Brett last week.  Same goes inside and asks Faysal if he’s mad?  He says no.  She is glad he is safe.  

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12:46 pm BBT.  JC and Tyler whispering in HNR.  JC says Kaitlyn has to go bcuz she’s a fierce competitor and a good liar and has to go.  Tyler says there is no battle back!  This person gets a chance but the other people are gone.  JC says he’s not going to talk to Faysal.  Tyler says they have to do what “they” want this week.  Tyler says they can’t go against “them” this week.  JC says brett knows Kaitlyn needs to go bcuz she would come after him.  Tyler says Jc needs to shut up cuz Kaitlyn could stay.  JC says him and Tyler are voting Kaitlyn out.  Kaycee comes in.   

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1:07 pm BBT  Bayleigh is in the PBR explaining the power to Kaitlyn. She said since it wasn't used, that someone gets to come back.  She said one of the 4 already evicted will battle back into the house.  She said if Sam had used it, then Sam would get the extra week.  (I don't think the other 3 are included)   Tyler and Fessy are in the SR, talking about the veto. Fessy said he doesn't know what is going to happen.  He wanted to be chosen, but didn't think she would wn.  He wants to know what will happen if Kaitlyn goes home.  Tyler said for him, he doesn't know.  That is his closest person in the house.  Fessy said he knows Kaitlyn would take him to the end, but it comes back to Kaitlyn not keeping him in the loop.  Tyler keeps saying he doesn't know what will happen.  Fessy thinking out loud that if Kaitlyn leaves, what do they do.  Tyler says they will just have each other.  Fessy said Tyler is cool with a lot of people, maybe they can work together with Scottie, and the guys that are left.

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12:52 pm BBT.  Rachel comes into the HNR.  Rachel asks if Sam is confused about her power app bcuz if she would’ve used it then there would be no battle back. Tyler is explaining there is no battle back, there is a chance dor this 1 person to stay.  The others are confused tand thinking there is a battle back.  Tyler saying no then all 4 would have gotten the power and if she used this week 2 that makes no sense.  He says I believe Steve, Swaggy and Winston are gone!  Rachel said she thought she was going up.  They all say they didn’t know who Sam was looking at.  Tyler leaves.  JC is saying he won’t talk to Faysal (bcuz JC told him not to use the veto).  He says he doesn’t hate him but doesn’t want to talk to him.  

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1:16 pm BBT  Fessy says he couldn't leave both of them up on the block. Tyler said he will talk to Kaitlyn to make sure she doesn't hold this against Fessy.  Fessy said she he isn't worried, she will get over it.   Haileigh comes in, they ask if she found Kaitlyn.  (she is sunning in the BY)  she said she hasn't seen her.  She said she will go to look for her, and  the guys to re-hash the same thing.  Tyler leaves, Fessy and Haleigh hug.  He said she looked so hot up there.  She said stop it!  He said she kinda called her out.  Kaitlyn said she was nervous.  She had to say something so it would look like she didn't know what was coming.  He said good idea.  Scottie comes in, they ask if he knows where Kaitlyn is.  They say all of the places that she isn't.  Scottie is getting something for Sam, she is taking things tough. 

Tyler is in the PBR  with Kaitlyn.  She is crying/whining again and whispering.  Tyler is telling her they have the votes to keep her.  He starts naming names. She said that Swaggy is going to bite her in the butt.  Lots of whispering, hard to hear.  Tyler says something about now 2 powers will be gone.  He is reinforcing that someone used a power last week.

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12:56 pm BBT.  Tyler and Haleigh in the lounge.  Tyler says how is Kaitlyn?  Haleigh says she won’t talk to me.  Tyler says what is this “chance” to come back?  Haleigh says based off previous seasons maybe u compete against the ones who left or America gets to vote?  Haleigh says they’ll have a hard time with votes this week.  Tyler says she didn’t use it last week, Haleigh says so 2 people flipped!  Tyler says people can’t blame Haleigh for what has happened today.  They both agree this sucks bcuz whoever gets voted out if the come back they’ll go after whoever voted for them to go.  Tyler leaves to go find Kaitlyn.  In the PBR, Bayleigh and Rockstar talking.  Bayleigh asks why Rockstar is thinking?  She says if I go home then I go home to my family and find out what happened the last 3 weeks.  Bayleigh says there is a chance to come back.  Rockstar says if that chance is battling Swaggy them there is no chance.  Bayleigh asks if Rockstar has talked to Kaitlyn?  She says no, what is there to talk about?  Rockstar thinks Tyler and Kaitlyn flipped.  Faysal comes in.  

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1:27 pm BBT  Fessy and Haleigh are still hugging and talking in the SR.  Goes to old BB shows.  Then comes back to Tyler and Kaitlyn whispering.  She is trying to figure out what the chancc might be.  Fessy comes in, Tyler asks if they want to talk, Kaitlyn says yes.  Fessy asks if she understands at least a little.  She says uh-huh.  Fessy said it comes back to the Swaggy thing.  She said "I heard that".  He explains more about his decision.  Feeds switch to BY.  Sam is out there with Brett and Rachel.  She tells Sam that no one knows what it is like to have to make a decision in 30 seconds.  Don't worry about it, we are all good. Feeds switch to JC and Haleigh in the geometry room.  JC said Kaitlyn is a competitor. Haleigh asks if everyone sees that, he said yes.  JC said no matter what she says, Kaitlyn will be gunning for Fessy.  JC said he told Fessy that Haleigh is safe in the house.  Don't use it and you won't be a target.  JC said he doesn't know how he is going to help Fessy now.  He said Sam plays with her heart, she is predictable.  Haleigh said when she brought up the power, Haleigh was afraid she was going back up.  JC said he isn't on the block, and he is still not ok.  Haleigh said they have to win the HOH.

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1:36 pm BBT  Haleigh said she is going to throw every competition from here on.  JC laughs at her and said she is saying that so when she doesn't win, it won't look like she was really bad, but that she through it.  She laughs.  They go over the comps they have been in and how they did.

Kaitlyn and Fessy are still in the PBR.  She is accusing him of not trusting her ever since Swaggy.  He said no, she said you question her every day.  She said something about the final 2 deal they have, but evidently they don't have it, since he left her on the block.  She said you must have a final 2 with Haleigh.  He said he doesn't have a final 2 with anyone.  Kaitlyn said she thought they did, but I guess not.  He said she keeps leaving him in the dark 3-4 times. She said 2 times.  He brings up her popping off to Brett.  He said he told her not to do that.  He explains about Swaggy, and she cuts him off, says she gets it, you don't trust me.  He said no, then he explains what happens.  She keeps trying to guilt him, then asks for his vote to keep her.

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1:05 pm BBT.  JC and Haleigh in the lounge.  Haleigh says Rockstar won’t talk to her.  JC says it isn’t her fault.  They think maybe this person gets to join the battle back.  Haleigh asks him if he flipped.  He says no.  He says there are 2 other powers.  She says they would’ve been announced.  She asks what he is thinking?  JC says it’s pretty obvious who will go.  She says it’s not obvious to me.  Haleigh asks if they have the votes.  JC says he doesn’t want to talk to Faysal (he is mad he used the veto bcuz JC could’ve been the replacement).  He says u don’t do that if you’re my friend.  Haleigh says she probably would’ve been ok sitting next to Kaitlyn.  JC says I told him not to use the veto bcuz I could’ve gone up.  Haleigh thinks they can Kaitlyn out but what if she comes back?  JC says she’ll go again the next week.  Haleigh says Rockstar apologized to Brett yesterday.   In the PBR, Rockstar is crying and Bayleigh is trying to console her and give her a pep talk.  Kaitlyn comes in.  Kaitlyn is crying saying who flipped then?  Bayleigh says maybe Brett got a power.  Bayleigh thinks after this eviction, all 4 evictees have a chance to come back (they don’t, just this week’s evictee).   

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1:44 pm BBT  JC and Haleigh still talking in the geometry lounge.  JC said he wants her gone.  Haleigh says she wants Kaitlyn gone.  She said Rockstar is loyal to a fault, Kaitlyn isn't loyal to anyone.  JC said he talks to Fessy, and gives him his strategy, then Fessy does this.  He said he can't talk with Fessy this week.  Haleigh said don't, she just wants her out.  JC  says he is hungry, what to eat?  He said he doesn't care who is HOH next week, he isn't going to be a have not next week.  He hasn't gotten over it from the last time. They leave.

Feeds switch to BY.  Sam is still crying.  Tyler, Bayleigh, Kaycee and Rachel are outside with her.  She is upset that people will be mad at her.  Sam says she is there to make people forget they are in the house, even if it is for 5 minutes.    Rachel said we all have bad times in the house, she had one yesterday.  Bayleigh said she holds no ill will towards her.  They will have bubbles, make some snacks, enjoy the rest of the day.  Sam is going over her choices.  She is very upset.

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1:16 pm BBT.  In the BY Brett and Kaitlyn talking.  Kaitlyn asks if she has his vote.  He says considering who u are up against yeah, u have my vote.  She says Faysal said he would save her.  She says she threw the comp to save them both and he didn’t save her.  She says she’s not mad that she’s on the block, she’s mad cuz she could’ve won that comp.  she says she can’t trust Faysal moving forward and that sucks.  Sam comes out and says she had no option.  Kaitln says she knows.  She says Faysal shook my hand 5 min before the veto comp and said he’d save me.   

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1:55 pm BBT.  Rockstar comes out to the BY and asks sam of they can talk.  The others leave them alone.  Rockstar asks why was she the next best choice.  Sams says bciz your the biggest target and if they vote u out next week then you’re gone for good.  Sam says if u were gonna be evicted wouldn’t u want the chance to come back.  Sam says she has meant everything she has ever said to her.  Rockstar says they will be friends after this.  Sam says she could’ve swore Faysal would take Kaitlyn down.  Rockstar says Faysal wanted to know who was going up bcuz he wouldn’t jave ised it if he thought one of is would go up.  Rockstar tells Sam about the foutte alliance, that they were ride or die til the end and that it’s now defunct.  She says Kaitlyn went against their alliance.   She says she wanted Sam to know this and was going to tell her this after her HOH was over.  She says she voted to keep Steve bcuz he promised loyalty to her.  She says she doesn’t know how Brett stayed.  Sam says after this week evictions are final.  Sam says she values her loyalty and honesty.  Sam says if the chance is a vote, she is sure Rockstar will get voted back in.  Rockstar says u could’ve pit up Kaycee or Rachel.  Sam says u have a chance.  Sam says she chose bcuz she was hoping Rockstar had a power and if u didn’t then America loves u!  Rockstar says she has watched the show and if u find 5 loyal people u go far, but that hasn’t happened.  

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1:57 pm BBT.  Kaitlyn and Faysal in the PBR.  Kaitlyn asks why he can’t say he’s saving her in front of Haleigh?  She says u just saved her and she’ll do what u say.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat!  (Ooophhhhh!).  He says who flipped?  She says Brett may have had a power.  Faysal says how awesome would it be if I save u both this week?  Kaitln says I intend for u to.


2:06 pm BBT.  In the BY, Rockstar says she thinks Brett and Tyler have worked together since the beginning.  She says Tyler got in Kaitlyn’s ear and that’s how Swaggy went up.  She says Brett has manipulated people.  


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2:10pm BBT Kaitlyn and Fessy in the PBR. Of course she is crying. I don’t see tears, but it sounds like tears. [she has perfected the cry/whine voice – monadyan]
Kaitlyn says Fessy would have been with Swaggy, not her, if he has stayed. She says she is sorry that she took someone away from him. She is being sarcastic. She says, he was a huge threat to my game and yours. 
2:15pm BBT Kaitlyn says she will talk to him later if he is tired. He says… do you trust me? If you trust me, do not worry about me and Haleighs vote, get the other two. He says he doesn’t want Rockstar to know he will vote for her, do not tell Tyler, ok? 
2:15pm BBT Rockstar walks in, and Kaitlyn asks her how she is and she says, fine. Kaitlyn leaves and Fessy tells Rockstar that she only needs 5 votes, not six and he starts helping her count her votes. She tells him she is in her self-defeated phase right now. They begin talking about the power Sam has and all they know is that she will have a chance to come back into the game. Fessy rolls over and Rockstar says, you’re good people, Fessy, don’t let it get to you and don’t sleep all day. 

2:25pm BBT The pool scene includes, Brett, Haleigh and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that  she knew the the moment Fessy won the veto that things shifted and even though he looked in her eyes the night before and told her he’d save her, she knew she had trusted a man to save her and she could have saved herself.  

2:30pm BBT RS/Kaycee/Bay/Rachel in the HN room. Rockstar says Sam says she did it because this is the only week the evictee has a chance to come back. Good luck to me competing against Swaggy in a physical comp. Rachel says she can come to them and get support from them this week if she needs it. She says if she goes home she gets to see her kids and watch the feeds and figure out wtf is going on and really happening in the house. 


2:45pm BBT RS/Scottie/Haleigh on the patio discussing Sam’s power. They think it will be a battle-back or an Americas vote. 
Brett brings out freeze pops. They all take one. RS says she isn’t going to campaign and Haleigh says don’t worry, I am doing it for you, and don’t think I’m not including the fact that you haven’t won a comp and she has. 

2:55pm BBT. JC and Fessy in the HOH w/o Sam. They discuss Tyler and how he has no one telling him things like they do. 

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3:00pm BBT Rockstar goes to HOH, Fessy and JC tell her she is going to be alright, stay cool, stay under the radar, less is more. JC says she isn't going home. She says she isn't running around asking ppl for their vote, they will vote for her or not. She says this will be the first week she wont be disappointed by the vote. JC says be cool with Sam, if there is a tie she'll be cool. 


3:34pm BBT Kaitlyn talks with JC. She understands it will be hard for him to choose between her and Rockstar. Kaitlyn doesn't want to battle back. She worries that her thing with Swaggy might be the deciding thing. JC says she will have a big chance to come in, look who she will be battling against. 


3:44pm BBT Rockstar and Bayleigh in lounge. Rockstar says she isn't complaining. Bayleigh says she better. Bayleigh says she hopes she doesn't say anything bad about Kaitlyn. Bayleigh is upset and needs time for herself. She is upset about everybody lying about Swaggy. Bayleigh is confused about Fessy. Is she supposed to put her neck out for him when he wont tell her anything. Bayleigh wont freak out cuz she isn't on the block. Bayleigh says if she had some time of power Fessy would be pissed if she didn't tell him.


3:47pm BBT Bayleigh hopes Swaggy comes back so he can see all this stuff. Rockstar says she hopes she is here to see it. Bayleigh says no she doesn't, it wont be a good thing. Bayleigh asks if the vote was Rockstar and she says no it was not her. She didn't want to wear a shirt cuz she didn't want to blatant. 


4:00pm BBT Bayleigh leaves and Rockstar says she wishes she could feel better about that convo but she can't.


4:18pm BBT Kaycee and Bayleigh in HNR: Bayleigh tells Kaycee the convo she had with Rockstar, and that when she just walked thru the other room Rockstar and Fessy were whispering and then stopped. Bayleigh says some people are lying. Bayleigh says don't jack me.


4:22pm BBT Haleigh and Angela talk in BY. Haleigh says that thing with Rockstar and Brett was said in the open but the thing with Kaitlyn and Brett was over something said in private. Angela says Haleigh would have stayed. 


4:34pm BBT Bayleigh comforts Rockstar in lounge. Rockstar is crying. Rockstar just wants Bayleigh to know what she did. Meanwhile in BY Hayleigh gets a blood blister. Brett, Angela, Kaycee in HNR, Brett says there is no way they will ever change Rockstars mind. Brett says Rockstar is already gunning for him. They count votes to get Rockstar out.


4:47pm BBT Brett leaves and the girls sneak behind one of the beds in the corner. They say no one will see them here. They talk votes, wash, rinse, repeat.


***For the next hour it was just wash, rinse, repeat or general chat.

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6:00pm BBT Scottie and JC in the yard discussing the veto meeting. Sam told the HG that she was putting her best friend in the house on the block. Scottie thinks none of the powers have been used and everyone is overplaying in fear of them.

6:10pm BBT Sam and Scottie putting down the shades on the patio. She is trying to catch critters for the spider. She honed in on a cricket last night and wanted it for her room. It would remind her of home. Scottie has a city train near him that he hears all the time. Sam has a country train near her. She tells him about her love for trains. She tells him, you know that saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer? I love you Scottie. They both laugh. She tells him she hasn’t seen him much these past two weeks and she hopes he is OK in all this. He says, yeah, oh yeah, and they hug. Scottie returns to jogging around the backyard with Rachel.


6:15pm BBT Brett and Tyler play pool while JC watches on, munching on a wedge of watermelon. Brett hugs JC and tells him he is really happy that he didn’t go on the block today. JC says, me too.

Rockstar is wandering aimlessly with Orwell. She runs into Scottie in the WA and tells him she doesn’t know what to do with herself. They discuss how dry it is there and both of them say they have never gone 30 days w/o rain.

Rockstar says, maybe I will go swing in the hammock.


6:25pm BBT Camera switches to Fessy and Haleigh in the PBR. They are silent. They begin to discuss the vote. Haleigh says she thinks Rockstar would be more loyal than Kaitlyn. She says it is bothersome to her that he is close to Kaitlyn because she doesn’t know what she is telling him. Her relationship with Tyler and Brett is scary.


6:30pm BBT Brett comes in and tells Fessy and Haleigh not to nap or they won’t sleep tonight. They agree to go out and workout in a bit. Haleigh has to let her watermelon settle.

Fessy asks what everyone is doing. Brett says, Rockstar is in the hammock, Scottie is making slop in the kitchen, Rachel is being weird outside, Tyler is walking in and out, JC and I played some pool, Kaycee is taking a nap in the have not room, Angela just showered. Brett leaves, Fessy says to give him 10 minutes and he will come out.

Fessy says no one thinks I like them in this house. Haleigh tells Fessy he should become friends with Brett since they both lost their best friends.


6:45pm BBT JC and Angela in the geo room discussing who to vote out. JC wants Rockstar out because she is too unpredictable.


7:50pm BBT Haleigh, Rockstar and Bayleigh in the have not room plotting against Kaitlyn. Haleigh says earlier on the patio, Tyler was sitting there and Kaitlyn pushed up against him and said, hold me, hold me. He stood up, pushed her away and went to the bathroom. If she keeps doing things like that, we might be able to convince him to vote her out because it could become a problem for his game and we all see it going on. They girls head out to work out. Bayleigh says she feels like she is neglecting the world. 


8:05pm BBT Kaitlyn in the hammock while the fellas all work out around her. Brett asks Fessy if he is a grower or a shower? A grower, Fessy says. ED, RBS, HDS, all sorts of sexual maladies are briefly discussed. Kaitlyn is trying to get Brett to hang out with her because she’s on the block. She wants Brett to tell her a story to make her laugh. He says when he was in high school he was in an all boy talent show and he came in dead last. It was a dance to MJ’s Thriller. He totally bombed it. 

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08:08PM BBT Angela does dishes in the kitchen.  Brett works out in a funny manner beside the hammock to entertain Kaitlyn. Bay and JC talk in the Jenga lounge.  JC tells her to lay low and that Rachel will vote how he tells her, but that Rachel's afraid that RS will put her up - so they need to tell RS to tell Rachel she's safe.


08:12PM BBT Rachel is out of the shower with cold cream all over her face.  Angela is putting on individual lashes in the WA.






08:19PM BBT Scottie and Bay are playing pool in the BY while Haleigh runs laps.  Sam goes into the storage room and sits up on the counter.




08:20PM BBT RS and Kait talk about votes in the hammock, both saying that they will go home.  RS says "but you have all of the Brett's people votes".  Kait goes back into how disappointed she is in Fessy and that they had something special and genuine.


08:24PM BBT Sam invites JC into the storage room.  JC said he needs to know where her head is so he can help her.  She said she's flipping back and forth between proud of what she did, and then not.  She's worried about the other powers.


08:26PM BBT Sam tells JC that she had to pretend to put him up as a replacement so that his reaction would be real, and that she would never put him in a bad position.  She's explaining how the evicted one has a chance to come back - and they think that it's a battle back.


08:30PM BBT Sam thought that Fessy was going to take Kaitlyn down.  When he didn't, she thought that Kait will have a larger target on her because she was lying about Sam's power.  It just hit Sam that it could be a tie and she'll have to break it.

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08:33PM BBT Sam asks who JC wants to go, and then promises him that if there's a tie, she'll go with his choice - which is Kait.


08:34PM BBT JC tells Sam that he'll help do damage control. While they're talking in the SR, Scottie and Tyler come in and out getting the wall climbing gear.


08:36PM BBT Kaitlyn said that she asked for just one star in the sky tonight and there it is.  Just for her.  Her request was fulfilled.  Her very own.  Just one.  Why ask for just one?  She's not sure, but it's there and it's just for her.




08:38PM BBT Scott climbs the back wall while Bay and Tyler sit on the couch watching.  Fessy and Haleigh sit quietly together in the back yard.  Fessy tells Haleigh that Angela told him she's had a crush on him since day one and that he did the right thing.  Haleigh answers "I don't care".


08:43PM BBT Haleigh goes inside to shower, Fessy follows.  Brett is making dinner.  Haleigh decides that she'll climb the rock wall as well and puts on the gear.


08:53PM BBT Kaitlyn is talking to the camera man asking why they're following JC through the house when she's needy after being on the block.


08:55PM BBT Bayleigh and Scottie are in the HN room where she's asking if he flipped on Swaggy.  He said no comment.  Bay said that going forward, they need to have trust and lean on each other.  Bay and Scottie said they'll both vote with the house to keep RS.


08:56PM BBT Scottie tells Bay that he was the one that flipped on Swaggy.  She says that if Swaggy comes back, that he needs to be the one to tell him.  They said that JC looked too panicked today to have a power that takes him off the block.


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BB Time 9:21pm

Camera 1


JC, Rachel and Angela

in the back yard


They are talking about future HOH possibilities. They agree that America will vote to return someone to the house, and if that is so Winston will return. They assume the people who have been evicted could return. Rachel says if Scottie had not won the the HOH he would have been gone, she wants to know if JC talks game to him. JC says he has not talked game with him much.


Earlier Rachel said she thinks Baleigh has a power, no one picked up on it so the subject dropped.


They are worried that Swaggy will come back and if so, who would be his target in the house. Rachel says she has built a relationship with Baleigh,so she can avoid being a target for Swaggy. Rachel thinks Kaitlyn staying is the best thing because Swaggy would go after Kaitlyn because she back doored him.


Rachel says in week four Fessy is still in the house.


Angela says we don't know there is a battle back. JC says there is definitely something where someone will come back. They are unhappy with Sam's nominations and her replacement (Rock Star). Angela has stopped talking to Sam, and Rachel says she would not give Sam advice yesterday, but she did say Rock Star was a mother and it was unfair for her to sit in jury and miss her kids. JC says she could use the money, Rachel says she is not here to give anyone money.


Rachel didn't come here to hand over money to people who ask for pity money for bills. Rachel says Rock Star gave her reasons for staying in the house, most of the ideas Rachel had just given her earlier. She tells the others that Rock Star is not a good competitor.


Talk continues about how they want the game to go.


Tyler comes into the back yard and joins them.


Tyler says JC takes up the whole bed, and he had very little room, Rachel says JC sleeps with her like that too. She tells JC that he needs to stop it because he is ridiculous. JC laughs and tells her he cant control it.


Tyler asked Rachel how she is voting, and Rachel said I told Haleigh how she is voting, Haleigh doesn't want to be out of the loop again. Rachel says she will decide at the last minute. (earlier she said she thought Kaitlyn should stay) Rachel thinks Fessy will vote for Kaitlyn to leave. Angela says Rock Star says what she will do and sticks to it, but they can flip Kaitlyn because she is easy. Tyler things Rock Star and Baleigh will go up if “she” (??) wins HOH. Rachel calls Kaitlyn a shield, and she can go home at a later time, probably within the next two weeks. Amanda wants to make sure they move out the strong competitors. Angela says the strong competitors are on “our side” Rachel says she wants Fessy and Brett will be going out the door.


Rachel thinks Swaggy will come back. Tyler disagrees, he thinks none of the evicted house guests will come back. He wonders if it will be an HOH competition where the evicted person competes and stays if they win. Rachel thinks Kaitlyn is an easy target to throw up. Tyler says he can't talk to Rock Star and manipulate her, but he can do that to Kaitlyn. Rachel knows Rock Star will go after Brett and she doesn't want that to happen because it will be her (Rachel) too.


(I just went to camera 2 and Brett has been laying on the ground beside them the whole time.)



camera 4




Rock Star and Kaitlyn


Rock Star is upset about how the whole thing went down. Kaitlyn is curling her hair in the mirror while they talk. Kaitlyn calls Sam the opposite of the female model. Rock Star says she is upset on multiple levels and leaves the room.


Camera moves to have not bed room


Brett, Baleigh and Kaycee


Baleigh says they knew what would happen when they came in the house, and Brett says you have to move forward. He says Rock Star tried to talk to him today, she told him she was sorry, and Brett says he told her it's okay. (you can tell he didn't mean it). Brett says he asked her if her family would be proud of her when she was stalking him around the house with the pans. Baleigh wonders how America looked at that (Brett and Winston being separated last week, I think). Brett is torn on who to vote out, Baleigh doesn't care either, but thinks they should all vote together.


Scottie comes into the room, he is thinking of a shower. Brett says he wants to but everyone else is in the bathroom, Scottie says Kaitlyn and Fessy are in there. Baleigh wonders why the comfortable couch was put in the bathroom. They says it is the hangout room. Brett says he might use the outside shower, Baleigh teases him about his posterior end. Baleigh says hers is a very special one, she also says that white people don't really have good posteriors (ahem, Grannysue says, BB is really allowing that to go in that direction with no call to DR??) Baleigh continues to brag about her hair being soft and Brett comes over to touch it. They are making fun of Rachel's litter in the room. They say Sam is crafty (as in a handy DIY person).


Camera moves to bathroom


Faysal is in shower and Scottie leaves to find his scratchy thing.

Faysal sings a little rub a dub dub ditty. BB lets it go, then says to Scottie; PLEASE STOP SINGING!

Scottie finds his net scrubber and comes back into the room, He is getting ready to take a shower, chooses a towel, looks at it, says it looks crusty, shrugs and tosses it on the sofa with his net scrubber.


Faysal starts to talk to Scottie about the vote, but Rock Star comes down the hallway, and Scottie says “Hey Hey!” and Faysal stops. Rock Star says Sam told her she was gonna pick JC but she just couldn't. Sam told Rock Star that it was better to go home when she had a chance to come back. She is feeling sad and bitter, and her productive emotions have not kicked in yet. Scottie makes appropriate tsk tsk noises.





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10:00PM BBT: Haliegh, JC, Angela, and Tyler are in the BY talking about accents. Kaitlyn joins them. Scottie and Faysal are in the WA, Faysal is showering. 

10:04PM BBT: Scottie aks Faysal how he's going to vote. They both agree they're going to wait it out. Rockstar walks into the WA. "I'm so f****d up, yo," she says, "I just can't get right with this." Faysal asks her what Sam said to her, Rockstar says she didn't say anything, just that she was going to put JC up, but she just "couldn't."

10:06PM BBT: "I don't know," Rockstar tells Faysal and Scottie, "I'm starting to get real bitter." Scottie can't figure out why his hands smell. "Anger is phase two," Rockstar says.

10:08PM BBT: Scottie and Rockstar are still on last Thursday, neither of them know who flipped and why. Scottie says that Faysal is going to get the next HOH. 

10:10PM BBT: Kaycee, Bayleigh, Brett, and Rockstar are in the havenot room. Just general talking. 

10:14PM BBT: Rockstar leaves, Faysal calls Scottie over and asks a question about the veto comp. 

10:18PM BBT: Faysal gets out of the shower, Scottie is just staring at the mirror while he replays the veto comp in his head. JC walks in.

10:22PM BBT: Brett tells Bayleigh, Kaycee, and Rachel that Rockstar wants to go home. Bayleigh says the only two people in the house with outside attachments are the two people currently on the bock. 

10:24PM BBT: JC is eating in the WA while Faysal finshes getting dressed. Tyler walks in to use the toilet, but Scottie is already using it. 

10:28PM BBT: Tyler is in the storage roome with Kaycee. Kaycee says that Bayleigh will vote however they want her to and then leaves the room.

10:32PM BBT: Faysal is in the havenot room with Bayleigh and Rachel, he doensn't understand how you're supposed to sleep in the havenot beds. Bayleigh leaves, Faysal and Rachel talk about Faysal's decision to use the veto. Kaycee and Bayleigh both eventually walk back in. 

10:41PM BBT: Tyler, JC, and Scottie are in the kitchen. Tyler is cleaning, JC and Scottie are talking. 

10:43PM BBT: Bayeligh, Faysal, and Kaycee are in the havenot room talking about a battle back competition for all of the evicted houseguests. 

10:46PM BBT: Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Angela, and Rachel are outside near the hammock, just talking. 

11:02PM BBT: Tyler, Angela, Rachel, Haliegh, Kaitlyn, Faysal, and JC are in the kitchen, it's very loud. 

11:08PM BBT: Kaycee tells Bayleigh that Tyler is starting to get tired of Kaitlyn. 

11:15PM BBT: HGs are in the Kitchen and BY, just general conversation. 

11:18PM BBT: HGs clear out of the KT, leaving Bayleigh and Haliegh alone. They talk about the upcoming vote. They move to the lounge to talk and Scottie comes running in to tell them there is a bat in the BY. She goes back to the lounge with Bayleigh. 

11:23PM BBT: Bayleigh and Haliegh talk about how their side keeps taking "hit after hit," they keep trying to talk game, but keep getting interrupted.

11:32PM BBT: Faysal and Kaitlyn are on the hammock, Kaitlyn tells him that Rockstar was prepping her to go home because she [Rockstar] has the vote. Kaitlyn is worried that their side has talked to Rockstar and decided. Faysal doesn't know how to respond. 

11:37PM BBT: Kaitlyn tells Faysal that he can still save her, even though he didn't save her the way she wanted him to, with the veto. Kaitlyn says she's misinterpreted all of this. Kaitlyn is upset that Faysal isn't comforting her as her best friend. They argue about trust.

11:40PM BBT: Faysal and Kaitlyn argue about the alliance and trust. Faysal doesn't understand why Kaitlyn is trusting people outside of their alliance. Kaitlyn says the only person she trusts outside of their alliance is Tyler. Faysal implies that Kaitlyn tells everyone that she trusts everyone, Kaitly says she doesn't. 

11:41PM BBT: Kaitlyn says that Faysal will be embarrassed when he watches this all back and she can't wait for the day he apologizes to her. 

11:42PM BBT: Kaitlyn says Tyler has been there for her since day one and she trusts him until he gives her a reason not to. 

11:44PM BBT: Kaitlyn asks Faysal what he thinks she's hiding from him. Faysal says he doesn't want to do this right now. Kaitlyn gets out of the hammock and leaves, Faysal sighs. "Is that the way you want this conversation to end?" Kaitlyn asks, Faysal says "No."

11:45PM BBT: Kaitlyn tells Faysal to trust her and be with her, or not. Faysal tells her that he knows Kaitlyn is keeping something from her. Kaitlyn says she's not. They argue a little more. Faysal thinks if she's his ride or die, she should tell him things. Kaitlyn just keeps saying, "I don't understand."

11:47PM BBT: Kaitlyn and Faysal's arguement keeps circling around, Kaitlyn says the way Faysal is acting is "not good." Kaitlyn asks him, "Why he's doing this," over and over again. Faysal is getting frustrated and Kaitlyn tells him he's going to regret everything he's saying to her. 

11:48PM BBT: Kaitlyn is concerned that if Faysal thinks she's keeping things from him, he won't vote for her. Faysal doesn't say anything for several seconds, Kaitlyn says, "...hello?" She wants him to answer her and he just stares at her. Faysal wants to know if she wins HOH who she will put up. Kaitlyn says, "Brett and Sam."

11:50PM BBT: Kaitlyn says that she's the lesser of two evils, and that's why Brett will keep her. They move on to talking about last Thursday's vote. Kaitlyn says a power must've been used because no one flipped the vote. She says she believes everyone when they say they didn't flip. 

11:52PM BBT: Faysal gets upset after Kaitlyn calls him sketchy. He asks her if she's going to put him on the block like she put Swaggy up. Faysal wants to talk tomorrow, because he's "stressed out."

11:54PM BBT: Faysal wants to have this conversation tomorrow, but Kaitlyn keeps trying to have it now. Kaitlyn says he has the power to decide if she stays or leaves. 

11:55PM BBT: Kaitlyn says she needs an apology before she can move on. 

11:56PM BBT: Kaitlyn says she's starting to feel like their relationship is tainted. Kaitlyn starts to get emotional and she doesn't understand why Faysal is acting the way he's acting. 

11:57PM BBT: Faysal tells Kaitlyn that she has his vote and to stop with that.

11:58PM BBT: "Why did you have to do the Swaggy thing," Faysal aks her. "You know why," Kaitlyn replies. Fays says, "You shouldn't have done that. You f****d everyting up." Kaitlyn gets up off the hammock and goes inside upset. Faysal sighs heavily. 

11:59PM BBT: Kaitlyn walks into the lounge, where Rachel, Haliegh, and Angela are. Haliegh says she needs to go to sleep because they keep getting upset with her naps. BB tells them not to talk about their DR sessions. 

12:04AM BBT: Scottie and Tyler are in the KT, talking about a battle back competition. 

12:06AM BBT: JC and Faysal are talking in the BY. JC tells Faysal that Kaitlyn wants him out. Jc says Kaitlyn wants to be the worst player in the history of BB. "Just common sense," JC says. 

12:07AM BBT: Haliegh joins JC and Faysal. Faysal says he's with JC and Haliegh and that Rockstar will feel fine when she stays.

12:10AM BBT: Faysal tells Haliegh about his conversation with Kaitlyn and JC.

12:15AM BBT: Faysal asks Haliegh if she's happy, she says yes, but she feels bad for Rockstar. Faysal tells her that's the game. He also tells her that he'll always save her.

12:19AM BBT: Faysal wonders what will happen with the power and if Kaitlyn will get to come back after Thursday. 

12:22AM BBT: Faysal says it's going to come down to him and Haliegh on if Kaitlyn stays or not. Haliegh tells Faysal to fix things with Kaitlyn because she's heard rumors that Kaitlyn will put up Faysal if she wins HOH. 

12:26AM BBT: Scottie joins Faysal and Haliegh, the conversation turns to Scottie's hat. Brett, Kaitlyn, Angela, and Tyler are in the BBR just general conversation.

12:37AM BBT: Faysal, Scottie, Bayleigh, Haliegh, and Rockstar are in the BY talking about birth control. 

12:43AM BBT: Faysal, Scottie, Haliegh, and Bayleigh are still near the hammock, talking about Kaitlyn. Rockstar walks back over. 

12:50AM BBT: Faysal is still going over the last few weeks in the house. He's still upset about the Swaggy vote. 

12:53AM BBT: The group outside talks about the vote coming up and how people are voting with the majority. They tell Rockstar that her pitch is that she's only going after one person and that Kaitlyn will probably go after everyone. 

12:57AM BBT: Haliegh says that Kaitlyn is campaigning, she's trying to make jokes and get along with everyone. Bayleigh tells Rockstar that she doesn't have to make people laugh. 

12:59AM BBT: Sam is making food in the KT. THe group outside is still talking about the upcoming vote on Thursday.

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1:00am BBT  Haleigh/Rockstar/Bayleigh/Scottie/Fessie at the hammock. They are talking votes. Bayleigh tells Rockstar to stop saying that she will go home to your family. People will not vote for you to stay if they think you want to go home. RS says she needs to realign. She says the words that come to mind are bitter and hurtful. Rockstar goes on a Brett rant.  She says you’re going to keep this trust fund yappy brat here over someone who needs to be here? But they will, she goes on, cause they are all that way, they have summer homes and St Croix houses, 500K in their checking account. Bay stops her and says that those people are in here to play, and you gave up today. They are playing the game, but you need it so you need to play harder than they are. This is another summer at band camp for them and it is life or death for you. She tells RS that she is letting them beat her. 
Meanwhile Sam is in the kitchen preparing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. JC is in the bathroom area shaving, Rachel is primping and applying night cream. 
Bayleigh says this is an interesting house, Haleigh says it is an interesting season. It is week 3 and we have already had two out bursts, one pot and pan song, 150 cries, one personal attack, 4 flips. Fessie says there have been three votes and 4 flips. They begin counting flip votes and how America perceives the flippers. [I’d rather watch Sam methodically making the pb&j – monadyan]


1:05am BBT At the bathroom sink, JC is shaving and seems to be upset about something. Rachel heads out and says good night, my love… I love you. He mouthes that he loves her. 
BB tells JC to put on his mic. He goes off and says he is shaving and he is not going to put on his mic, and to f-off and to tell the producers and to give him a penalty nomination if they want to. Then the cameras start adjusting on him and he tells them to stop pointing the damn cameras at me, look at something else, he is doing something private here.


1:10am BBT The camera pans out and we see Rockstar at the kitchen counter standing and watching as Sam eats a beautifully browned grilled cheese sandwich and what looks like scrambled eggs. It’s an awkward moment. Sam asks RS if she ate. RS says in her newly discovered Eeyore voice, no, I’m probably going to eat something tomorrow. Sam retrieves a bottle of steak sauce from the door of the frig, pours out a generous portion onto her plate and begins dipping her sandwich into it. RS asks Sam if she is going to go back outside and Sam says, I might. RS leaves. Sam finishes up her sandwich and picks up the pb&j she prepared earlier. It’s one slice of toasted white bread folded over like a cocoon around the contents. She uses her knife to scoop up the remaining steak sauce and wipes it on the sandwich. She looks off towards a camera and says, I wish you were a little bit cuter, and furry, and you had 4 legs and you could cuddle with me right now. Did you hear what I said? I said, I wish you were a little bit cuter and furry and had 4 legs and a tail and could cuddle with me right now and make me feel better. 
She tells the camera that her dogs watch her the whole time she eats at home, so… it makes perfect sense. They just sit there staring and waiting patiently. I always give them a little something, but I ate all of that and you don’t have a mouth or a belly, so…


1:15am BBT Back outside at the hammock, RS says Kaitlyn told her earlier that Fessy came to her and begged her to pick him for the veto so they would both be safe. They all agree that she’s a liar and they need to show the house that side of her because they are not going to see her that way until she gets them out. RS says it is lonely to be on the block, everyone is laughing and having fun and it’s hard. Haleigh reminds her that Kaitlyn is the one laughing and having fun. 


RS says shes going to put on makeup tomorrow and do things that make her happy. She needs to try and make the people she is worried about seem interested. Maybe farts? No, Bayleigh says, you are not Kaitlyn. RS says that she doesn’t think that farts are funny.




1:30am BBT Sam pulls an apple dumpling out of the oven, and Bayleigh says that’s what I want you to make for me when I’m off slop. It can even have the butter in it, I need that. Sam is tearing foil to put on top and notices that there is a Froot Loop in it and says, Froot Loop Dingus! 
She asks Brett if he was thinking about hos mom today? He says yeah. She says she started thinking about her dad really hard to day and it kinda made her nervous. Brett says funny you say that, me too. He tells her he will go outside with her. 


The two discuss glittery flip flops and Steve, the salt of the earth. Crickets and the sound of the a/c. She asks him if he is going to marry Angela and have little fit babies. He says if they had them, they would be. Rockstar is swinging in the hammock, but watching closely the goings on on the patio. 


Rockstar heads over and has a seat with them. While Sam and brett discuss soccer/football/rugby, RS stares off in the other direction. JC comes out and asks Brett if he can sleep with him. Sam says, the little spoon? JC says no the big spoon, that’s the only way it will work. BB says, Brett! Are you wearing someone else’s microphone? Sam says, shit! That’s never happened before. Brett checks, yeah I am, Tylers. He leaves to return the mic to Tyler. Rockstar says, Sam… (Eeyore voice) I wanted to ask you… if there was a tie… if you’d vote in my favor… Sam says that she hadn’t really thought about it. She didn’t think about there being 12 votes this week. She asks her, what if you stay and you get on the block next week and you are gone forever? RS says, well then that’s the game. Her intention is to won the HOH and not be gone forever.


She wants to show her kids that she did something. Sam says she thinks having a chance to come back is better than not having a chance. RS says as my friend in this house I hope you would vote for me to stay. Sam is noncommittal. She has a headache and has reached a new low, this is not the time to talk. She says being HOH is worse than being on the block. She is talking about nominating 4 people. She didn’t nominate just two, she nominated four. She says, the shit is gonna hit the fan and it fit’n to get ugly.


1:50am BBT Most of the house is asleep or saying they wish they were asleep. Haleigh and Scottie in the WA. He says the votes were always going to be 7-5. He did it to be trending. He just admitted to her that he voted Swaggy out, he thought she knew. She says she is glad to know that because she was very confused. 


1:55am BBT JC passes by Scottie and Haleigh at the sink, goes into the bathroom and emerges quickly. They both laugh, that quick? He says he had to fart. He doesn’t need to wash his hands because he didn’t touch his d***. Whatever. He doesn’t know why we have to wash out hands when we touch our d***s. He says, it is society making us miserable. The d*** is just like any other part of your body, it is skin. 


Haleigh has now completed her make up and headed to the DR. JC headed to bed and Eeyore/Rockstar comes in and sits down on the sofa. She goes over her conversation with Sam to Scottie. She seems upset that Sam has to even think about it because they are friends.
Scottie says she needs to tell Sam that Kaitlyn went around for weeks making people think she had a power. RS says for him to tell her.  She says Kaitlyn says she is gunning for Sam because she is supposed to be all Woman Power, but she put up 3 women. He tells her to tell folks that she is a fan and she will vote for the best player not the best friend. She appreciates good strategy. She will tell Brett she won’t vote bitter. 


2:00am BBT Scottie goes to bed, leaving Rockstar alone at the sink. She gets body wash from the shower and washes her face and then wipes her face on the hanging hand towel. She applies a cat face mask and goes outside. She passes by a camera and says it’s her otter mask. It might make her feel better, she got it for her birthday from the lovely Rachel. 


Haleigh comes out and she details her pitch to the others. She’s going to tell Brett that she doesn’t know how he pulled off what he did last Thursday, but that she loves an evil genius.  She tells her that her talk with Sam did not go well. 


Haleigh feels bad about the way things turned out. RS tells her to tell Sam what Kaitlyn said about gunning for Sam. She will also tell Brett that Kaitlyn says if she is ever HOH he will go on the block. Haleigh tells her that tomorrow is a new day and Kaitlyn will say something stupid that I can go tell the others. Haleigh says she doesn’t even think Joe is real, she made him up so she can flirt and snuggle and be cutsie and they won’t ask for more because of Joe. 


2:20am BBT Fessy and Rockstar in the bathroom area. She tells him her plans and how things with Sam did not go well. She’s going to tell people she really just wants to finish up the show. She says she will come out ahead if she does. He tells her to tell him what to do because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He says JC has a plan too but he’s not going to do it till Wednesday night. She tells him that they can trust each other. 

Haleigh comes in and goes into the shower to change out of her DR outfit. Fessy opens up a cabinet and gets out some hair product. Haleigh says he’s using too much because that little tub costs $80. 


2:30am BBT Haleigh puts on a pair of booty shorts and complains about her cellulite. See it, don’t say you don’t. RS says that’s what you smack. Guys love that. If they don’t want something to hold onto then they have little d***s. They laugh. RS says the other day she put on her bathing suit for the first time around Fessy. and I said, look at all this shit, and he said, well, I think we are all men her and we know what a real body looks like. And I said, thank you. Haleigh says, I love that. RS says she’s feeling better and says she wants Haleigh to sleep with her. Haleigh says I want to sleep alone but I will sleep with you. 

2:45am BBT Haleigh asks Fessy for a big shirt to sleep in. He gets her one and the two snuggle and he begins rubbing her back. Things appear to get a little steamy. She says, unnecessary, unnecessary, don’t be a weirdo, what is this? What’s happening? I’ve got to get away from you. She gets out of bed and he grins like a sad puppy. She says, you bother me. He asks, in a good way? Lay back down. No, she says. She gets in her (Bayleigh’s) bed alone. 


2:50am BBT Brett is in the BY doing laundry. He wanders around the BY asking where the f did he put his cup? He starts picking up loose weights and putting them on the rack. He picks up the free weights and the kettle balls and places them by the rack as well. BB calls him to the DR. 


3:00am BBT RS alone in the geo room doing a monologue. She says she just had a talk with Brett. She thinks it went well. She appealed to his strategic nature with her love of the game and expressed her loyalties and how they are unfaltering, so maybe she might be able to pull off a surprise ally in our enemy which would be both thrilling and exciting. They may just keep me here. She hasn’t pulled out all her cards yet, but that was the first move she feels really solid bout. If she can go to sleep, she will and get up in the morning, put on make up and have a new attitude. She went through her Rockstar phases of self pity, anger, more self pity, into action mode and here she is… who knows what else she can pull off. We are gonna see America, we are gonna see. Evil genius appreciates evil genius. 

3:05am BBT Sam and RS on the patio. (do these folks ever sleep?) RS tells Sam she had a good talk with Brett. Sam says she was laughing in the DR and now she feels like a crazy person. She feels like Mr. Potato Head. Put the smile on, click. Put the frown on, click. She’s just like Mr. Potato Head, only not as cute.


RS tells Sam what she just told us in the geo room. Word. For. Word. Sam makes a hasty “I’m done talking to you” exit.  

Fessy and Sam meet in the hallway and do a few side-stepping football drills and Sam tells him she is going to make him some tap shoes. He heads to the BY and does his nightly prayers in the corner obscured by the hammock. 


Rockstar finally goes to bed and the lights go out… then she is called to the DR. 


Fessy and Sam are outside. They smell something. Sam says it is grease. Might be chicken and waffles. How sick would it be if we were next to a Waffle House? Sam says now it smells like Chinese food. 


Haleigh jumps up and walks across all the empty beds in the PBR. She goes into the BY. Sam says, don’t forget your water bottle, and she tells Sam that she left her ring on the sill. That’s worse, says Sam. She finds it and picks up her water bottle. She says she woke up out of a sound sleep thinking about her ring. 


Fessy asks Sam to explain the power again and she does. Again. 


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