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Sunday, July 22 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:05 AM BBT The feeds are frequently on WBRB as the house is very celebratory. HNs are over. Lots of singing and talking about things they are not supposed to talk about. 


12:10 AM BBT Not much talking anymore because there is a whole bunch of feasting going on. 


12:15 AM BBT Most of the HGs are eating. Rockstar, Kaitlyn and Scottie are in the PBR. Rockstar still can't believe that Brett "lied on her like that. He is such a d*ck." 


12:20 AM BBT Rockstar and Kaitlyn are talking about how the others are holding a grudge against Kaitlyn over Swaggy. Rockstar tells her that she needs to move forward and that she needs to be more inclusive.  Kaitlyn tells her that it was a one time thing. Rockstar "You being HOH is not necessarily a one time thing." Kaitlyn says that she is tired of people holding a grudge. Rockstar says they can't determine what to do next without reflecting what has gone wrong.


12:22 AM BBT Kaitlyn tells Rockstar that she stood up for herself and everyone is holding grudges. She never intended to hurt anyone or leave her group. Kaitlyn says that she needs to know where she stands with them. Rockstar says that she is only one person.


12:25 AM BBT Kaitlyn is still trying to convince Rockstar that in the long run, she saved the team. 


12:29 AM BBT Rockstar and Kaitlyn are talking about loyalty. Rockstar tells Kaitlyn that in loyalty is also trust. Kaitlyn didn't trust them enough to tell them what was really going on. If you didn't feel trust and loyalty to me, it is very hard to reciprocate that. 


12:35 AM BBT Kaitlyn says that she doesn't feel like they have this lack of trust or that they are not on the same page. Rockstar said that she would love it if both Kaitlyn and Haleigh can stay. However, from her perspective, Kaitlyn put more of her trust in the males in the game than her. 


12:40 AM BBT Kaitlyn is now in the lounge with Fessy. She is recanting her conversation with Rockstar. Kaitlyn misrepresents the conversation and tells him that they are coming after him. At the end of the day, she will prove her loyalty. She wants her squad to be safe, but if they don't have her back, she could have easily gone to the other side.


12:45 AM BBT Kaitlyn tells Fessy that she is a huge threat. Her staying on the block seals her fate. He tells her that she has never kept him in the loop. She didn't tell him about Swaggy. She went after Brett and he told her not to do it. Fessy says that he is real in this game and Haleigh has never done anything to him in this game. Kaitlyn defends herself that she won HOH and did it for her friends. She raises her voice and when Fessy raises his volume to match her she tells him to stop yelling at her. 


12:48 AM BBT Kaitlyn tells Fessy that Haleigh hasn't done anything in this game and she has done things but not to him. He tells her that when she does things to their group, it effects him. She sent one of their own home. 


12:55 AM BBT Fessy asks Kaitlyn if she has a final 2 with Tyler. She says no. Loyalty to the end, to get far together, but not a final 2. She tells Fessy that she loves him and that she knows that he loves her too, whether he wants to admit it or not. He still can't understand why she didn't tell him about Swaggy ahead of time. She said it was fear. She was afraid. Fessy "It wasn't fear." 

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1:00 AM BBT Kaitlyn tells Fessy that she would understand all of this if Haleigh was his girlfriend. She would never ask him to use the veto if Haleigh was his girlfriend. But, she's not. So, I am family. 


1:05 AM BBT Kaitlyn says that even if Fessy doesn't use the veto on her, he has to use it. She would never suggest that he not use it. Fessy stresses that Kaitlyn is her best friend, but she is very emotional and lets her emotions control her. 


1:10 AM BBT While Kaitlyn still has Fessy cornered in the lounge, Rockstar and Sam are enjoying the freedom of the BY that has now been opened up to the house. At the end of the day, Sam wants to go home and know that she was true to herself. Sam "This is not a game. There is no game where 16 people play and only one person wins." 


1:15 AM BBT In the BY, Sam and Rockstar are talking about how girls alliances never work in BB. Several guy alliances have worked. They work together and have friends and also hang out with other people. Women alliances have not been able to be open and adaptive to something like that. And now, Rockstar has no plan at all. And she is just trying to not beat herself up because she hasn't won anything. Sam "Don't go down that rabbit hole. Don't do that." 


1:25 AM BBT Bayleigh and JC are alone in the PBR. She tells him that she feels like she is an island, alone with herself, just floating around. She and JC both feel like there are 2 sides to this house and the two of them are not part of either side. 


1:35 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Bayleigh and JC in the PBR. They are talking about how loyalty is everything in this game.


1:40 AM BBT Kaitlyn, Sam, Haleigh, Scottie,  and Rockstar are all sitting around in the BY. They are talking about first impressions and what happened when they first walked into the house. 


1:45 AM BBT Most of the HG are in the BY chatting. Kaitlyn wonders what is wrong with the pool. Rachel says that it is just dirty. She says that it looks jaundiced pee in there.


1:50 AM BBT Kaycee and Bayleigh are celebrating in the SR. It appears that BB has restocked Bayleigh's vegan protein powder. Bayleigh says she is going to hide some food in a drawer because she is limited on what she can eat and they are eating all her stuff. 


1:55 AM BBT Rachel, Kaycee, and JC are in the PBR. The girls are joking that the 3 of them are in the same room, yet the cameras follow JC but not the 2 of them. JC sits up in bed, the camera follows. JC lays back down, the camera follows. Rachel and Kaycee move around and the camera stays still. Rachel and Kaycee act like they are jealous that the camera is following JC.

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2:05 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Scottie, Rockstar and Haleigh in the BY sharing the hammock. Feeds 3 and 4 show Kaitlyn and Tyler in the lounge. She is updating him on her conversations with Fessy and that the house is holding grudges against her for the decisions to made to stand up for herself. 


2:10 AM BBT Kaitlyn tells Tyler that she can't deal with this anymore. She asks him if there is anything that he can do to help her situation at all. He says that he can try to talk to Fessy. 


2:16 AM BBT Kaitlyn tells Tyler that Fessy asked her if they had a final 2. She told him that she said no and that she keeps having to tell Fessy that she would not choose Tyler over him. Tyler smiles at her and tells her to keep telling him that. 


2:24 AM BBT Fessy joins Rockstar and Scottie out by the hammock. He asks them if anyone has spoken to Sam at all about what she would do. No one has talked to Sam about game. 


2:30 AM BBT Fessy, Rockstar and Scottie are at the hammock and trying to figure out what Sam will do if he uses the veto. Rockstar says that Sam is a straight shooter and she may tell him if he asks. He doesn't think so. He said that Sam won't want what she says to impact any decisions that he makes. 


2:35 AM BBT Rockstar tells Scottie and Fessy that if she won HOH, she would put up Brett and Angela or Brett and Rachel. With either Angela or Rachel up with him, Brett definitely goes. Scottie tells her that she has 2, maybe 3 weeks, to get it down while she still has the numbers. Rockstar says that Brett has to go next. She tells Fessy that if he wins HOH, he has to get Brett out. 


2:43 AM BBT Tyler and Kaitlyn are still alone in the lounge. He asks her if Fessy knows everything. She asks about what. He says, about who you are aligned with. She responds that Fessy only knows about him because there is no one but the two of them that she is aligned with or working with. 


2:50 AM BBT Fessy and Scottie are playing pool. Haleigh and Rockstar are on the hammock. Haleigh tells Rockstar that Fessy isn't going to use the veto. Kaitlyn is convinced that he is going to use it on her (Kaitlyn) but he isn't. She just wants Kaitlyn to go home this week because of the stuff she has been building, saying and acting.


2:54 AM BBT Fessy and Kaitlyn are in the WA. He tells her that she has a final 2 with Tyler. Kaitlyn tells him no, that she has a final 2 with him, not Tyler.

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3:00am BBT Kaitlyn in the in the HN room alone. Haleigh and Rockstar in the hammock discussing the replacement nominee. Rockstar says what we think should happen might not. Look at Trump. She (Sam) is a mountain mama… and I respect that, but when she is not HOH, we are going to have a talk and I am going to tell her why I didn’t vote for her. It is the elephant in the room and I want to explain it to her.  Steve promised loyalty and Sam said she didn’t want to talk game and come up with a strategy, and so I said, well, ok. 
Rockstar says he hates the fact that they can’t figure out the numbers because we thought we had them every time. Kaitlyn is the flipper, she thinks, but this time she can’t vote. 
They rehash the Brett/Winston vote and Rockstar brings up the Brett thing again. Maybe she just trusts men more than women. Kaitlyn says she isn’t talking game with the men, she just hangs out with them. Rockstar says she talks about game the majority of the time, that’s what she is here hor. To strategize and win this game. 


3:10am BBT Scottie and Fessy in the WA. Scottie says he thinks Fessy was a possibility to go up had he not won the veto. Scottie tells him that Kaitlyn said Sam asked her today why she was sleeping with Scottie? Scottie goes to the KT where he finds Sam washing dishes. They briefly discuss the Veto comp. Sam says it was an entertaining challenge for sure. Scottie says he was making signals and got called out for it. Sam heads to the SP to get a container for her Spider. She wants to make a big habitat for it. She washes out a large canister to place the spider in. Kaycee found it in the house. 


3:15am BBT Scottie says breakfast is his last meal. Sam asks him if he is sure he wants to be a have-not again. He says yeah, this time will be easier. He thinks of all the worse things. Eating oats and sleeping in an uncomfortable bed isn’t that bad. 

Scottie heads to bed. While changing in the PBR, he wakes Bayleigh and she asks him if she is ok. He misunderstands her and says, yeah. 


3:30am BBT Fessy and Haleigh in the WA. They go over the sleeping arrangements. Haleigh thinks Kaitlyn and Rockstar are sleeping together. He has given her a jacket, she throws it at him and says it’s not a hoodie, it’s a jacket. She lives in a hoodie at home. 
When we return we find Haleigh draped somewhat on top of Fessy’s chest. She says, got to get up, it’s not respectful. (referring to what Sam told her after the noms.)
They head outside to the hammock. 
She begins by telling him that she doesn’t want him to feel like he has to use it. He says he told her if she was ever on the block he would save her. She says if he doesn’t use it she will still be ok with him. 


3:40am BBT Fessy says if he used it on Kaitlyn, Haleigh is safe. If he uses it on Haleigh, Kaitlyn will go home. He wants to keep them BOTH safe. He’s going to use it on Haleigh, but he doesn’t want her to tell anyone. 


4:00am BBT Who flipped is the topic AGAIN… Fessy goes over all the possibilities AGAIN. 
He regurgitates the Kaitlyn/Swaggy thing AGAIN. 

Kaitlyn told Fessy she would go home for sure because she has played the game, made moves and made people mad at her. She says Haleigh has done nothing. 


4:15am BBT Haleigh is yawning as Fessy goes over the comp again. He says he had no idea about some of them, but he was lucky. 
He says this is the toughest thing he has had to do in this game and if she goes home it will be bad on her. Haleigh says it was tough on Swaggy, and he was your friend. 
He says Kaitlyn is a good person, but in this game she felt like she needed to do something. You have conversations with people, you don’t just send them home, he says. She is too emotional. He doesn’t know what to expect from her. 

Sam comes out to take clothes from the washer and transfer to the dryer. The dryer is already full of stuff. A big load, she says. She asks Fessy to fold the clothes, it is he and Kaitlyn’s stuff. She is headed back to the DR. 


4:20am BBT Fessy tells Haleigh that his family is probably watching and was shocked when the news came out about the nominations last week. He says his sister probably texted him mom with a BIG smiley face. They will be thrilled that he won the veto. 

Haleigh says she should be embarrassed at how bad she did in the comp. She has a high GPA, is smart as f***… She just works poorly under pressure. 



4:50am BBT Haleigh asks Fessy if he thinks it is a good idea to use the veto, because she might be a target because she was saved this week. He tells her they will win next week.


Sam comes back out to do more laundry. Haleigh says, you think she has a secret stash of drugs? Fessy says, you think she is ex-military? Haleigh says, why is she always doing stuff? Chill the f*** out and sit down!

Fessy says, you know she is from VA? I was up there telling her I was in VA Beach for my uncles wedding, and she said that’s where the naval base is, but if you live in VA you probably know that anyway. Haleigh says she could see her being military, but that doesn’t change her opinion of her.


4:55am BBT Haleigh says Kaitlyn is going to freak out after the veto meeting. She will turn to Brett because she thinks we are against her.

Haleigh says she really loves Rockstar, she just got f***ed by Brett.


Haleigh wants to go to bed, she is tired and her head hurts. He tells her to take a nap out there. He complains that he has to sleep with JC. Fessy says he is going to stay out there and Haleigh says she is heading to bed. Give me a hug, she hugs him and he says, what is it with these fake-ass hugs? She says she can’t hug him, he’s in a hammock. He gets up and goes with her and remembers the laundry he was supposed to fold. Sam is matching up the tennis shoes they used for the comp. She says she is going to leave them there and tell whoever wants them to come get them and the ones that don’t get taken she is going to bag up, put on the DR and tell them to give them to Goodwill. [BB auction, Sam…] Sam says she’s cleaning them with the water hose but they will sour and begin to stink.

There is a mountain of laundry on the pool table.

Sam debates what to do with the goggles.


5:00am BBT Fessy starts folding laundry and Haleigh says, you’re going to do this now?

Haleigh says Kaitlyn is waiting for you. She is in the WA washing her face. (we see this activity on another feed)

Kaitlyn finishes and exits the WA, runs into Sam and tells her that she just came out of the DR.


Sam is in the kitchen preparing the spider habitat. She can’t figure out what to use for the top.


Haleigh is folding laundry and complaining about the fact that all of Fessy’s shirts have no sleeves. She wants to wear his clothes but they are all ruined. She doesn’t want to go to bed because she doesn’t want Kaitlyn to talk to Fessy. She trusts him but she doesn’t want Kaitlyn to get in his head.


5:08am BBT Kaitlyn tires of waiting for Fessy and heads outside. She tells Fessy that he doesn’t have to fold her stuff. Laundry talk, she gathers her things and heads inside after BB tells her to put on her mic.

Fessy says, you think she knows? She looks like she knows.

Haleigh says, if she doesn’t she’s not very smart. She looks bad, she thought yesterday she was going to lose it.

Fessy begins telling Haleigh about their conversation earlier and Kaitlyn telling him she was going to the DR and ask to go home. It’s just drama. Just like Rockstar. She said she was going to go home. She just wanted someone to say, no, don’t go, it’s ok… drama.


Rent talk. Haleigh just signed a one year lease right before coming in the house. Fessy says he’s going to break his lease and move to College Station, TX. Haleigh says he would not like it there.


5:15am BBT Haleigh says she is going to bed again and she and Fessy hug. He says, I got you. She says, if you change your mind just tell me. I probably won’t talk to you for the rest of the summer though.


5:17am BBT Haleigh and Sam discuss the spider while Fessy sets up a solo pool game. Haleigh says, it’s a big one. Sam says yeah, it will be able to eat lots of ants. Sam says we need to name it. Charlotte? Let’s call her Charlene. Whose mom’s name is Charlene? Lets get a cotton ball for water. Sam has two other spiders in her room, but now that she has this one she might let those two go. It’s nice to have a pet, Haleigh says. 


5:20am BBT Haleigh heads to bed, again. Sam goes back to the laundry and Fessy is singing about the world spinning in a crazy world. He is admonished by BB for singing. He says I am just talking. Sam says is that Jeezy? Damn, Sam… how do you know these things? I know everything, she says.  


5:21am BBT Suddenly a sound is heard… it is a tiny bird… Sam turns to the sound, now more of a tiny cry. It’s stuck! she says as she walks towards the little bird. She begins to tweet at the bird and the little bird tweets back. Sam says it’s up there on that wire. She moves closer and tweets more. The light isn’t hurting your eyes? Oh please, says Sam. 
Fessy says the world keeps spinning in this crazy world and BB tells him again to stop singing.
Whatcha looking at Sam, Fessy asks. 
This little bird… she is in between the walls right there somewhere.  


5:30am BBT Fessy and Sam on the patio discussing alcoholic beverage preferences. Sam only drinks whisky. She says she can’t believe he is one of the ones that stays up and stays up. She says I do too though. He says he just gets excited about all this and he can’t sleep. He wants to enjoy it all every minute you never know when your last day will be.  
Sam hears a train and says shhhh… I love the sound of a train. Sam starts telling a story about she and her brother racing to the top of the hill to see the train go by. She says they did it just this summer as adults and she recorded it on her phone. She says there is a place near the tracks that is her thinking place. She goes there to think. You can see the fields and the Blue Ridge mountains. Then she tells a 911 story and mentions a teachers name and we get FISH.


When the feeds return they are discussing the veto. She tells him to do what he wants to do. She says being the HOH and making decisions sucks. You need practice Fessy. It might be you next week and you might have to make a bigger decision, so you need to do what you feel is the best thing to do. 
Sam begins to give Fessy the Sam version of the Knute Rockne speech. She says she gave it to Swaggy before he left. She says she knows he is a great team player and that is a wonderful attribute, but when we are playing in a competition, we are not a team anymore. We are playing for ourselves and no one else. Play for yourself and only yourself. And always know this, your team is your family at home. 


She catches a moth and puts it in a zip lock bag. 


She says she can’t wait to meet his mom, mama Michelle. He says the two of them are alike, she will talk your head off. Sam says, I can’t wait to go 10 rounds with Mama Michelle. Sam looks at the camera and says, I’m coming for you!


5:45am BBT Sam heads to the HOH and Fessy racks the balls for another game of pool. He may have found his “thinking spot”.


Sam begins brushing her teeth and walks to the HOH door with toothbrush in hand, turns and waves at the camera and hits the light. She finishes brushing, rinses and loads the brush again with toothpaste and begins again. While she is brushing with her right hand, she removes her shirt with her left hand. She places the toothbrush gently on the counter, rinses several times, and then picks up the toothbrush and places it in a baggie. She stands in the mirror for a few moments looking at her tattoos. She finally crawls into the big HOH bed and removes her shorts under the covers. She places them by her pillow and adjusts her pillows and covers for several minutes. She asks BB to please turn off the light savers, someone stole her eye mask. She says she will win another HOH for her brother’s birthday and get another mask. 


6:00am BBT Fessy comes in to use the WC. He forgets to turn off his mic. He sits on the sofa and takes off his slippers and socks. He wets his hair and puts it up in his little man bunette, and begins splashing water on his face. He rinses his face with water in an almost ritualistic style, several times, face to fingers in ears, face to fingers in ears, face to fingers in ears… he towels off his face and then rinses off his feet in the sink, retrieves a towel from the dining table, and goes to the geo room for his nightly prayers. 

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6:00 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Fessy doing his prayers in the lounge. Feeds 3 and 4 are on sleeping HGs.


6:08 AM BBT Fessy has finished his prayers and heads to bed. All HGs are in bed. All lights are off.


7:00 AM BBT All 4 feeds on sleeping HGs with all the lights out. 


8:00 AM BBT Still sleeping


9:00 AM BBT No wake up call yet.


9:50 AM BBT JC is out of bed and heads into the KT. He makes himself a drink, visits the WC, and goes back to bed.


10:01 AM BBT BB Wake Up Call

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9:52 am BBT  JC is up and in the KT, appears to be making something in his glass. Takes it with him to the WA, uses the WC.  Comes out, washes his hands, grabs his glass and crawls back in bed with Fessy.  He covers his face with the blanket.  All other HG's are sleeping.

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10:14 AM BBT Feeds return but nobody's moving. Feeds 1 and 2 show the PBR. Feeds 3 and 4 show the HoHR with the lights still off. Everyone in these rooms has remained in bed. BB "The BR lights must remain on during the day." 


10:18 AM BBT Bayleigh is sitting outside alone in the hammock. Haleigh gets up and changes her battery. BB tells Sam to turn the lights on the HoHR. She says ok. 


10:25 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show JC in the PBR, taking his battery out and examining it closely. Feeds 3 and 4 show Sam in the HoH clipping her fingernails and then brushing her teeth. BB makes another plea for the HGs to exchange their batteries and put on their microphones.

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10:15 am BBT  Feeds are back, lights are on in the PBR, but no one up.  In HOH rm, lights are still off.  BB announces the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.  Still no movement.


Bayleigh is outside in the hammock, Haleigh is in the SR getting a new battery.  When Haleigh left, Kaitlyn sat up and stretched.  BB told Sam the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.  Haleigh goes back to bed.

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10:22 am BBT  BB calls out most of the HGs by name and tells them to put on their mics, and new batteries are in the SR.  JC is playing with his mic, still in bed, Sam is up brushing her teeth. No other movement being shown.

10:29 am BBT  BB calls out most of the HGs again to put on their mics, and get new batteries from the SR.   It seemed like Brett, Bayleigh and Haleigh were the only ones not called.

10:32 am BBT  BB calls out the same people, again, by name to put on their microphones.  There are new batteries on the SR

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10:30 AM BBT Kaycee is now up brushing her teeth. Bayleigh has come in from the BY to use the WC. Most of the HGs remain in bed. 


10:37 AM BBT Most of the HGs are awake now and up doing ADL's. There is talk about breakfast because they expect HN's will be taking place sooner than later. BB calls Sam to the DR. 


10:41 AM BBT BB has tried twice to get Sam to go to the DR. She acknowledges BB but continues to clean out the coffee maker and make coffee. 


10:48 AM BBT BB has called Sam to the DR for a 3rd time. She finally goes in. When she comes out she says that they have Wet Jet fluid and she has asked for toilet paper. Scottie was afraid she had been called for HNs. She said he is fine and to keep eating. 


10:52 AM BBT BB calls Kaitlyn to the DR. Sam is sitting outside having a cigarette. She plans to work out with Kaycee later after she flat irons Bayleigh's hair. BB asks that the outside awnings be lowered. 

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10:33 am BBT  Kaycee is up plucking her eybrows in the WA, Sam is doing ADL's alone in the HOH room.  In BBR Angela and Rachel are getting up.  In PBR most of the HGs cover their faces and roll over.  Bayleigh gets her laundry and takes it outside.

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11:05 AM BBT Those in the PBR (Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Fessy) are still trying to catch a few more moments of sleep. Rachel has prepared her bed in the HN room. Scottie is eating his scrambled eggs and singing "Who You Callin A Liar" to the tune of "This Girl is on Fire". BB doesn't seem to notice.


11:15 AM BBT Scottie to Rachel "Want to move in  with me tonight?" She replies that she would love to. (It is their turn for HN's.)


11:17 AM BBT Sam and Angela are talking in the BY. Sam asks her some advice about replacement noms. Angela says she only has one person that she wants on the block. This person is a bully and I can't have a bully in the jury house. She says she is referring to Kaitlyn and wants Kaitlyn out. Sam says that she does too. Angela doesn't care who the replacement nom is as long as it's Kaitlyn that leaves.


11:28 AM BBT In the BY, Sam is telling Rachel and Angela about where she was and what she was doing on 9/11. She was in 5th grade. Her brother was in kindergarten and a huge lover of trains. While being sad and afraid after the attack, her mom pointed out that the terrorist: "they didn't stop the train". So thoughts of trains give her comfort now. 

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11:30 AM BBT Tyler is inside washing dishes. Sam is talking to Scottie, Kaycee, Rachel, and Angela about how good she slept in the HOH room because it’s dark in there. She likes the dark. Sam made some bread but it didn’t turn out well. Bayleigh comes into the kitchen with Tyler and she says another minute and a half and she’s going to do it again. Sam is asking if anyone wants anything to eat and offers to make Scottie French Toast and he declines.


11:35 AM BBT Sam loves cold showers. She says being a have-not was bad. She says the worst part is what the slop does to your guts. Sam says slop does what dog food does and her farts will smell like dog farts. Faysal is told to put on his microphone. Sam says she will help fix whatever slop things they need. She’ll make slop patties for them that is like “meat”. Rachel says she’ll be good with the protein shakes and Sam says they’ll make her feel weird too. She says the slop is hard on your tummy so eat lots of tums. Sam is going to teach them the butt cheek trick. All you do is pull one of your butt cheeks apart and then run away. She says it works. She says it’s your butt cheeks that make the fart sound.


11:40 AM BBT Sam tells Rachel she’ll make her slop things and cheer her on emotionally, but it sucks. Sam goes inside to the KT followed by Scottie and Kaycee. Scottie goes back out to the BY with Rachel and Angela. Sam explains to Kaycee why she sometimes calls her Rachel. She has a friend outside of the house who Kaycee resembles and her name is Rachel. Angela comes inside and asks why Sam calls Kaycee the wrong name and Sam fills her in. She’s a native America and she works for the Green Bay Packers.


11:45 AM BBT Rachel outside with Scottie says she doesn’t fart a lot. Scottie says he’s a belcher. Rachel says her bed sank down a little bit, but it should be good. Rachel says she stacked her bed with pillows. Angela rejoins Scottie and Rachel. Sam is still talking about her friend to Kaycee and she says the resemblance is uncanny. Rachel, Angela, and Scottie have started talking about The Bachelor and Bachelorette. They talk about Jef Holm and all four cameras go to the KT. Talk in the KT has turned to religion. Sam says there isn’t a lot of literature on Native American religions and her friend gave her a baggie of blessed tobacco.


11:50 AM BBT All cameras have switched to Tyler and Kaitlyn. She’s hugging him and Tyler is telling her to stop saying she’s going home. Kaitlyn is told to put on her microphone. Tyler is telling Kaitlyn to smile and she says she just wants to hang out with him. He says he’ll see her out there. Kaitlyn is going through her closet. Rachel, Angela, and Scottie are on the BY couches silently. Rachel thinks she might get a bowl of cereal. Haleigh has just woken up and Kaitlyn is whispering to her. Angela is eating out of a jar of peanut butter. Sam is not allowed to talk about her DR sessions with other HG. Tyler comes outside and Scottie asks if Tyler washed his plate and he says yes. Scottie says he went back to do it and it was done and Tyler says that’s alright.


11:55 AM BBT Angela leaves Tyler and Scottie alone to take her jar inside. Haleigh is laying in bed. Kaitlyn has her robe on and is dressed and she leaves the BR. Tyler and Scottie are talking about videos of people shipping themselves to other countries. Angela heads back outside with another jar. Rachel is eating cereal and Kaycee is sitting there with coffee. Kaitlyn stops to chat and says she tried to sleep in the HNR in Brett’s bed, but she got called to DR. Rachel takes a bit of cereal then sets the bowl down and lets her hair down, then shakes it over her bowl and then proceeds to eat.

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12:00 PM BBT Angela, Tyler, and Scottie are still on the couches in the BY and Scottie says he’s going to vote with the house this week and Angela says the same. Kaitlyn is talking about her trying to stay awake from the DR and she gets the warning about not talking about production. Kaitlyn then says she didn’t even do veto. Kaitlyn asks Rachel if she worked out and they head outside together. Kaitlyn is told to put on her microphone. Kaitlyn and Rachel are laying out on the lawn chairs next to the pool.


12:05 PM BBT Kaitlyn and Rachel move a table between the lawn chairs and Kaitlyn scoots her chair closer to Rachel. Kaitlyn is telling Rachel she is very connected intuitive and most people don’t want to know when they are being talked about, but people like her she always knows. Kaitlyn compares it to an amber alert, like she gets an intuitive moment when someone in another room is talking about her. Rachel asks Kaitlyn if Fessy is still confused on what he wants to do and Kaitlyn says yes. Kaitlyn says when she was done with her DR at 5 in the morning she seen Faysal and Haleigh talking. Kaitlyn says Faysal is holding Swaggy against her. She understands what she did caused a lack of trust between them. Kailtyn says Sam is holding a grudge against her but it’s weird to bring up stuff to try and influence others who will be voting for her. Rachel asks if Kaitlyn is still talking to Faysal to ask him to use it. Kaitlyn says she’s not going to ask anymore but she’s going to manifest that he’ll do the right thing. Rachel says maybe Kaitlyn needs to put it out to him that she’s ok. Kaitlyn says she’ll do that but she’s afraid that will make him think it’s ok for him not to use it on her. Rachel asks if she thinks she’d stay over Haleigh and Kaitlyn doesn’t know.


12:05 PM BBT Angela and Scottie are talking about food network but Scottie says he can’t hear her because there’s a plane flying over. Tyler and Kaycee are talking in the corner by the laundry and they are talking about Sam is going to put someone on the block to guarantee Kaitlyn will go. Tyler says Sam needs to know what will happen before she does it, but she’s going to do her own thing. Kaycee asks if Tyler told her that and he says no because he doesn’t want to foist things on her. Tyler says they have to remember Sam will do what she wants to do going forward. Tyler says he’s not good at playing victim to people and Kaycee says it’s so fake. Kaycee is folding clothes and Tyler is putting on suntan lotion. Tyler is telling Kaycee that Bayleigh came crying to him yesterday because he thinks she’s feeling the heat and Kaycee says hopefully not. Kaycee says even if it’s a pawn she’s putting up someone from their side and that’s not good. Tyler says there are just certain things you can’t say to Sammy. Kaycee says they’ll just cross their fingers.  


12:10 PM BBT Kaitlyn says she just needs to explain to Faysal that Rockstar and Scottie are not guaranteed votes for her. Kaitlyn says Faysal tells her he wants both of them to stay. Kaitlyn says the only way for both of them to stay is for him to save her. Kaitlyn doesn’t want to lay on her kimono anymore and she wants to go in the pool. Rachel says the pool is dirty. Kaitlyn and Rachel walk along the wall in the shade. Rachel and Kaitlyn go over to the couches where Angela, Scottie, and Tyler are. Sam is in the HOH room listening to music and doing ADL’s.


12:15 PM BBT Sam is changing her sheets. Brett and Kaycee are up in the KT. General chatter in the BY. Tyler starts singing and we get FOTH. Brett is in the WA doing ADL’s.


12:20 PM BBT Tyler goes to a lounge chair and Kaitlyn runs to follow. Angela opens the refrigerator inside and Rachel and Scottie come inside. FOTH. Kaitlyn tells Tyler she has so much faith in herself and she doesn’t need a man to save her. Kaitlyn just wants to make sure Faysal knows the facts. Rachel and Brett are coming out of the WA talking about what time he went to bed. Kaitlyn is having the same conversation with Tyler that she did with Rachel about votes. Tyler tells Kaitlyn it wasn’t smart for her to jump right back over to them. Kaitlyn says she didn’t. Rachel is inside washing out her breakfast dishes and Angela is eating and Brett is looking for something to eat. Tyler tells Kaitlyn she hung out with Rockstar last week and Kaitlyn says she’s still going to spend time with them. She says where did he expect her to go and Tyler says not to the people who you just backdoored their leader.


12:25 PM BBT Tyler asks Kaitlyn who has been supporting her and Kaitlyn says no one. Kaitlyn asks Tyler who he wants to see go home next and he says not you. She says so who and he says he doesn’t care, one of them. Tyler says whoever is up against Kaitlyn will campaign against her. Tyler says if it’s somebody she was tight with it will show how tight she was with them if they campaign against her. Kaitlyn says Tyler has to tell Faysal to use it on her. Kaitlyn says he has to tell Faysal that Haleigh has JC, Scottie, and Rockstar and Faysal. Tyler says if Faysal isn’t receptive to it then he’s not going to push it because he has five people in his ear on the other side. Tyler says if he doesn’t use it on her then she’ll know and if that happens they’ll cross that bridge when they get there. Tyler is going to go under the shower. Kaitlyn says it’s hot. Brett and Angela in the KT eating and Faysal is up and walks by. Brett asks if they still can’t go in the pool and Angela says Kaitlyn might have gone to ask. Brett mumbles something and then says that makes me want to kiss you right now. Then Brett says what am I talking about, I always want to kiss you. Kaitlyn comes in and Brett says hello moppet. Kaitlyn says it’s hot outside and Brett says it’s pretty hot in here too. Brett says they should have JC teach them Spanish so they can stimulate their brains.

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12:30 PM BBT Brett says JC’s father is French so maybe he knows French too. Brett is saying random phrases in Spanish. He says last night he chugged a bunch of water and he thought he was going to explode. He thought he was tummy was going to rip. We get FOTH. Kaitlyn and Brett are talking in the KT. Brett is telling them they can use olive oil to suntan. Brett heads to the BR area.


12:35 PM BBT Angela heads outside and sits on a lawn chair next to Tyler. Angela says her and Sam talked and that Sam asked her opinion. Tyler asks if she’ll take Angela’s advice and Angela says probably not. Kaitlyn pours some oil in a bowl and heads outside. Kaitlyn likes the way the oil feels. Tyler is told to put on his microphone and he says he doesn’t want to get it wet. Tyler asks Kaitlyn what she’d normally be doing today and she says it depends on where she lives. She got olive oil on her bathing suit and she hopes it will come out. She says she doesn’t take clients on Sundays, but she does on Saturdays. She says she usually just goes to the beach, but it depends on how stressful her week was and if she has to re-center herself. Kaitlyn asks Tyler what he does, but we can’t really hear because he doesn’t have his microphone on. Angela doesn’t have hers on either so she’s hard to hear. Scottie is in the background playing pool. Kaitlyn says it’s actually too hot and now she just wants to go shower. Brett and Rachel are flirting in the BR. Rachel is laying down and Brett is making a bed.


12:40 PM BBT Kaitlyn wonders why they only have one float in the pool. Kaitlyn dips her toe in the pool and says it’s hot. She then goes back to lay down. Brett’s back is dry. Scottie comes in and grabs something. Brett was going to change in there but he doesn’t trust Rachel not to peek. Rachel has her owl mask on and is laying down. Brett goes to change. Kaycee, Scottie, and Rachel are in the BR now. Rachel asks what layman’s terms mean and Scottie says he thinks it’s latin and it means to speak in a way commoners can understand. Someone starts humming and we get FotH. Brett returns and starts humming and FOTH.


12:45 PM BBT Kaitlyn, Angela, and Tyler are in the lounge chairs by the pool. Scottie, Kaycee, and Rachel are in the BR. Kaitlyn is still saying it’s too hot. Scottie and Kaycee leave Rachel alone. Brett heads outside from the KT and Scottie heads upstairs by the Foosball table. Kaitlyn and Tyler are under the shower. Tyler starts singing and we get FOTH.


12:50 PM BBT Scottie is making coffee in the KT. Angela, Brett, Tyler, and Kaitlyn are outside by the pool general chit chat. Brett always wanted to party. It’s the first thought he can remember. Kaycee and Scottie are outside talking. Bayleigh comes out and gets her laundry.


12:55 PM BBT Kaycee and Scottie talking outside about how there are still people still asleep. General chit chat by the pool with Tyler, Kaitlyn, Angela, and Brett. Brett is talking about how he used to eat coffee grounds. Kaitlyn wonders how Brett is on Adderall. Brett says he’s more focused but cranky towards the end. He doesn’t know if he has something or not though. He thinks everyone has a minor case of ADD and Kaitlyn says 100%. Scottie and Kaycee are talking about Faysal about the veto and Kaycee says he shot himself in the foot.

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6:00 PM BBT JC is in the hammock with Haleigh and Brett is outside. They are talking about working out. Scottie is cooking in the KT. Brett goes around the hammock and lays next to Haleigh. FotH. All feeds are on the KT where Scottie is. Scottie is mumbling about slop. Rockstar and Sam are on towels in the BY, Bayleigh is stretching, and Angela is running. Haleigh, JC, and Brett are talking about girls who soak their tampons in vodka. Brett says he knew some guys who butt chugged grain alcohol. Brett explains how you get messed up faster and why it’s dangerous. Sam is using her hands as a bubble blower and blowing some bubbles.


6:05 PM BBT JC says his college life was American Pie and Brett says his still is. All four cameras are on the hammock. Brett says the BY looks like a park with people doing different activities. Rockstar and Sam are both blowing bubbles with their hands. Bayleigh is doing yoga poses.


6:10 PM BBT Sam says Sunday is her favorite day. Sam is singing various songs and we get FotH. General chatter in the hammock. Rachel was laying on a couch and she gets up and goes inside. Rockstar is complaining about Brett to Sam saying she doesn’t understand why he would not treat her as a person. Rockstar can’t wait to get out and watch the season and Sam can’t wait either.


6:15 PM BBT JC yells across the yard and asks if Rachel put his clothes in and she says no. He tells her she needs to come back outside and put his clothes in. JC, Brett, and Haleigh are talking about Sam saying she cried for like three days when she got her robot punishment. FotH. JC asks if Haleigh and Brett have cried yet. They talk about Josh crying last season.


6:20 PM BBT Haleigh, JC, and Brett are still in the hammock. Brett asks if Angela has cried and she says no. They talk about the HG who have cried. Sam goes to switch laundry around and Angela comes over to put something in.


6:25 PM BBT JC gets up to do laundry and Haleigh and Brett are talking. Haleigh says Kaitlyn is annoying because she’s putting so much pressure on Faysal and sitting in his lap every couple of hours. Haleigh says she chose Faysal to play in veto because he told her to. Haleigh says Kaitlyn is already trying to campaign. Haleigh says Kaitlyn thinks if Haleigh gets taken off and Brett goes up in her place, then she’ll be fine. Haleigh says she’s over the top and she’s definitely making good television.

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6:30 PM BBT Haleigh tells Brett she doesn’t understand why Kaitlyn is so confident that Haleigh would be safe if she didn’t come off the block. Brett says she’s just being selfish. Haleigh says Kaitlyn’s campaign to Faysal is she’s a closer friend and she would have picked him to play but she didn’t get a chance to. Sam and Bayleigh are both doing yoga now. Angela is running laps. Kaycee is sitting against the wall blending in. Haleigh asks Brett what his take is, does he think Faysal should use it? Brett says it depends on where Faysal’s head is. He says Faysal has relationships with both of them, but he lost trust with Kaitlyn and he hasn’t with Haleigh. Brett says it just depends on who Faysal thinks the replacement nominee will be because almost anyone next to Kaitlyn and she goes home. Haleigh says if Faysal uses it, at least he has some control over which one he keeps vs which one he’s willing to lose.


6:35 PM BBT Tyler is in the pool. Kaycee is against the wall. Sam and Bayleigh are doing yoga. Haleigh and Brett are still talking about veto and Kaitlyn. We hear the BB announcer say you are the reason we can’t have nice things. Those outside are trying to figure out who the announcement was for. Haleigh tells Brett they don’t like her talking to him, but she’s not going to stop because he made a game move. Haleigh says Rockstar doesn’t grasp that it wasn’t a personal attack. Haleigh says she made everyone feel uncomfortable and she advised Rockstar to apologize.


6:40 PM BBT Haleigh and Brett are still talking and Haleigh says Faysal asked her to pick him because he wanted to be able to play. Haleigh says there is a lot of drama around Kaitlyn and it’s not even game drama, it’s just drama. Brett says Haleigh seems to have a better relationship with Angela and Rachel, where Kaitlyn does not. Haleigh says Kaitlyn doesn’t care about female relationships. Brett says that’s why he thinks Haleigh is good with the girls and he thinks she’d have Sam’s vote as well. Brett says Haleigh’s relationship with Sam will be better after this week. Brett says the worst thing you can do in this game is personal. Haleigh says Bayleigh is trying to get close to Sam so she’s not the replacement and she’s doing a good job.


6:45 PM BBT Haleigh says she’s not going to stress out anymore because her body doesn’t deal with stress very well. Brett says no body does. Bayleigh is leading Sam in yoga. Tyler and Angela are by the pool and Kaycee has left the wall to join them for a moment. Kaycee is doing push-ups with weights. Haleigh says she doesn’t know where Faysal’s head is but she’ll know tomorrow. Haleigh wants to know who would go home between Rockstar and Kaitlyn because she thinks Rockstar can be calmed down and reasoned with. Brett wants to know why Haleigh thinks Rockstar will be the replacement.


6:50 PM BBT Brett and Haleigh are still talking about Kaitlyn and Rockstar. Rockstar is in the WA with Tyler and Kaycee comes in. Rockstar comes out to the hammock and Brett leaves Haleigh with her.


6:55 PM BBT JC and Tyler are in the HOH talking. JC and Tyler are talking about Kaitlyn and he asks Tyler if Kaitlyn said she had feelings for him and Tyler nods. JC starts talking and says she said the same thing to Fessy too. Brett comes in and asks JC if he’s ready to work out. Tyler heads back downstairs. JC is telling Brett that Kaitlyn has feelings for Faysal. JC says he’s close with Faysal and he’s been trying to talk to him all day. JC says Kaitlyn interrupted him and Faysal earlier after getting 5 minutes with him.

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07:00PM BBT JC and Tyler were talking in the HOHR and someone was coming in, so he hid in the BR.  Brett comes in and asks JC if he thinks that Fessy will use the POV.


07:03PM BBT Brett thinks that Kaitlyn is a liability and will snap after being a HN, and that she had a regular breakfast.  Tyler comes out of the BR and Brett leaves.


07:05PM BBT Haleigh and Rockstar are swinging in the hammock, saying that Kaitlyn is a threat to her game.  They can't rely on the votes because they've been wrong the past evictions.'


07:08PM BBT Haleigh tells RS thinks she has Rockstar, Bayleigh, JC, Kaycee, Scotty and Angela's vote.  Rockstar tells her that Sam told her that she wants Kaitlyn gone, and Haleigh says that Sam told her that as well.


07:10PM BBT Haleigh said that there's a rumor going around that Kaitlyn has a power, and then tries to guess at what it might be.


07:14PM BBT JC and Tyler are laying on the upstairs hall couch, whispering that each week they've changed the votes mid-week.  They are also speculating the what-ifs if Kaitlyn has a power.


07:17PM BBT Tyler believes that Fessy should use the POV on Haleigh, in case Kaitlyn has a power.


07:18PM BBT Bayleigh sits in the hammock with RS and Haleigh after her yoga show.  Sam is called to the DR.


07:20PM BBT Haleigh asks Bay if Kait is getting in Fessy's ear, and Bay tells her that Kait says Fessy "if you use it on Haleigh, I'm going home. If you use it on me, Haleigh will stay", because everyone likes Haleigh.


07:30PM BBT JC and Tyler decide to go work out.  Scottie is cleaning dishes in the kitchen while Kaycee makes coffee.


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07:31PM BBT Tyler, Fessye and Brett are in the BY working out.  Fessie is lifting weight doing squats.













07:41PM BBT The feeds come off of the boys lifting weights, and we can now see the hammock where Kaitlyn has joined Haleigh, RS and Bay. Kaitlyn tries to convince them that she has no power.



07:43PM BBT Bay says that she wants a black person to win, but she's the only one left.  Kait tells her how great that would be, and that she wants a Black Girl Magic shirt.


07:57PM BBT Bay and Haleigh are in the kitchen and Haleigh asks if they can talk later, for advice.



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07:58PM BBT Sam is walking around the BY using the snapchat glasses.  


08:02PM BBT Scottie and Kaycee play pool in the BY.  Angela is doing laundry and Kait goes back inside.


08:04PM BBT Kait and Haleigh agree in the kitchen that it's annoying to be called into the DR at night instead of during the day.


08:06PM BBT Angela and Haleigh talk pilates in the hammock.  Scottie walks around the BY using the snapchat glasses.


08:12PM BBT Haleigh tells Angela that everyone is telling Fessy not to use the POV because she was the only one Kaitlyn would go home against.  Angela said he is a coward if he doesn't use it.


08:14PM BBT Bay and Rachel are talking in the HN room.  Rachel says that she needs to "detox" away by herself.  Bay said that she takes Tuesdays off.


08:16PM BBT Bay said that she was sensitive because yesterday she was joking around and be goofy, and Fessy told her to stop because it wasn't her.


08:20PM BBT Bay tells Kaycee and Rachel in the HN room that she's going to get a tattoo when she gets out of the house.  Kaycee has already decided that she is going to get a remote controller (like in the house) with BB20 on it.


08:21PM BBT Bay wonders what her family thinks of Swaggy.


08:24PM BBT Fessy bench presses JC in the BY.




08:27PM BBT Bay talks about how she doesn't understand why she can get so many "likes" on one Instagram pic, but not on others.


08:28PM BBT The girls in the HN room talk about how when someone goes home, that they feel like something is missing.  They then talk about Fessy and will he won't he use the veto.



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BB Time 8:35pm

camera 3

Have not room



Kaycee, Baleigh, Rachel


Baleigh is complaining about someone who has been eating all her food. She is saying that he (Faysal, I think) only likes her because he liked Swaggy. She says he treats her differently than other people in the house and if she says anything it will make her look bad. She doesn't want to be the “angry black woman.” The other girls are understanding, and say they are happy to be able to lock themselves into the have not room. Baleigh has made a drink with several fruit flavors, and filled a bottle. They plan to eat Popsicle made from electrolytes. Baleigh is planning her have not diet with vegan proteins and wants to limit her slop this week.


Baleigh: Even if the boy uses the damn thing Sam won't put me up.


Rachel: I feel like he wanted to play the veto


Baleigh: he did, he told both of them to pick him


Rachel understands that he would want to go for it for safety, but he should not have used the girls. If they both end up staying....Baleigh adds that the one who doesn't go home will go after him if he didn't use it on her. The girls have noticed that Haleigh and Kaitlyn have not spoken to one another this week. Baleigh wants Rachel to use some time to recharge, but Rachel says she is not out of her comfort zone, her weakness is paying attention.


Camera moved to back yard



Angela and Haleigh


Talking about Kaitlyn, Haleigh thought she was really cool at first, but now she sees her as crazy. Haleigh says that when when she was laying talking to Faysal, Kaitlyn would come and insert herself between them, touching Faysal. She gets in bed with Tyler and Faysal and covers her head so you can't hear her. They wonder if she has crossed the line, the say if she had a five year boyfriend at home they would never cuddle with any of these men. Angela comments on Kaitlyn's behavior when she was HOH, “stomping around the house like a queen bee”...”i wanted to throw her down the circular staircase”

They believe everyone but Faysal sees Kaitlyn's crazy. Angela says maybe neither of you will go home, they think if Rock Star is put up as a replacement there is a chance they will both be here next week.


Camera moved to have not room



camera 2 backyard


Angela and Haleigh


They are trying to figure out who will go up as a replacement if Faysal uses the veto. Haleigh is worried about Faysal not taking her down, making her feel like an idiot. She says if he does not take her down, she will “show my a**” even though she promised her mom she will not. She thinks she can trust Brett, but week two she heard she was suggested by Brett as being put on the block, but he denied it. Angela says Brett has never said her (Haleigh''s) name. The topic moves to Rock Star, who did not give a real apology to Brett.


JC comes up to the hammock


He teases Angela about taking a shower together, when she says yes, he says he is just joking.




JC puts on the microphone as requested, and rocks the hammock for Angela




Angela: This week is going to be hell

JC: I am worried because I am a possible candidate. It is too early, not right now.

Angela; have you ever been around someone that makes your energy withdraw? That's whats I have been doing with Rachel lately

JC: she wants to keep Kaitlyn

Angela; no!


They go on talking more after JC hops into the hammock. He has been trying to talk to Faysal, finally he got the time and Kaitlyn walked in, and she said she was a have not so she was staying. JC was angry about that. He has tried to talk to Brett also. He expects Kaitlyn to act up after the veto meeting.


Angela: this is gonna be a bad week for her

JC: she is so paranoia

Angela: I just tell her to shut the f up


JC has a secret ha cant tell her now, but he says she will be shocked later. It will be the highlight of the summer.


Haleigh comes back, and JC leaves the area.



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08:37PM BBT Bay said that Fessy is eating all of her vegetarian food, and that she is only given so much per week.  She's afraid to say anything because he'll attack her.


08:39PM BBT Bay tells Kaycee and Rachel that she has to be careful so she's not seen as the stereotypical angry black woman.


08:40PM BBT Angela tells Haleigh that she'd never go after her.  Brett is making them laugh by making funny motions with his body.


08:42PM BBT Sam and TYler are in the kitchen where he's cooking and she's cleaning.  Sam tells Tyler to give Rachel space and time to herself, because she is so "on" all the time as a performer.


08:44PM BBT In the HN room, Rachel and Bay talk about Kait and Haleigh campaigning against each.  They don't want to be pulled into the middle of them.


08:46PM BBT Haleigh and Angela agree that Kait is batsh*t crazy.  Up, down, over here, over there, tears, laughing, all over the place.  They agree that it's uncomfortable to be around Kait and men because she's physically flirty.


08:49PM BBT Angela said that she doesn't think that Kait will have a boyfriend when she gets home.  Haleigh said that everyone sees Kait's crazy except for Fessy.



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