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Saturday, July 21 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:05am BBT Haleigh tells Fessy she is tired and needs to go to bed. He tries to get her to stay, but she says she needs to go sleep with Bayleigh because she is close to the other side and I need  her to like me. Besides, JC loves you and he sleeps with you. He loves you as a person, really.



12:10am BBT Brett in the HN room telling Tyler and Angela he will probably keep sleeping in there. Brett says, you know what is going to be weird? Having a wallet again. Tyler says he will probably lose his phone because he’s not used to having it. Brett says he pulled out his mic transmitter and tried to use it like a phone a few times. They discuss Bluetooth and the fact that the mics last for 24 hours and how amazing it is.


12:15am BBT the have-nots decide to call it a day and hope that BB makes it cold in there. Brett says if it is hot, he can’t sleep. That’s what David says, Tyler says. Go to bed David, you freak! Angela is not into you yet. I have to meet him, she says. His first name isn’t really David, it’s Davidson. (Fish)


12:25am BBT All feeds show people relaxing for sleep or sleeping already. Brett grabs a towel and heads to the shower. He says he’s going to meet Rockstar. They all giggle.

Bayleigh and Fessy in the SR. She finds a great apple and says she needs to hide it. She starts dancing and says she is hyper. Pizza or Chicken nuggets, he asks. Pizza, she says. I want to eat the chicken nuggets before I go on slop. He asks her if she is going to eat them all? She says, go ahead, eat all my food.


12:30am BBT Fessy tells Bayleigh that both Haliegh and Kaitlyn will pick him as HG choice. He says, what if he saves Kaitlyn and then gets home and see the shows and find out that Haleigh was telling him the truth. Bayleigh says, she is telling you the truth!

Bayleigh feels like she would be OK sitting with him in the end. She feels like people would be able to choose without it being a popularity contest.

Bayleigh says she doesn’t know the game, neither does Fessy. Swaggy was her source of info.

Three more weeks to jury, she says. Bayleigh says she’s ok because she has her power. She wants to use it as a shock factor. She wants the HOH to want the noms to stay the same.


12:40am BBT Kaitlyn and Rockstar in the PBR. Kaitlyn tells her let me tell you something. I was sitting right there, (points to bed) it was yesterday roughly around 5:15pm Pacific Standard Time. I hear Sam get called to the DR. Interesting time she thinks. Sam comes out of the DR and is like. Ohhhmygod. ahhhhhhargh. Scottie and I look at each other like WTF was that? She’s used the power, I say! Then about 5 minutes later, I overhear she and Brett in the HN room. She says the power is getting used, I don’t know what the power was exactly, but I think…. She used it because she knew they didn’t have the votes for Brett to stay, and the power allowed her to flip two of the votes in his favor. She says, Sam took longer to vote than any of us. She was all smiles when she came out and was giving numbers to Tyler across the room. Kaitlyn says that’s why he gave that speech (Brett) and it was all to get us all mad at either and none of us lied. We all voted the way we said we did. That’s what happened. I will stand to the death with that truth, Kaitlyn says.

12:50am BBT Kaitlyn says her family is at home, going, Oh Kaitlyn you are such a cute little spy! And my dad, he probably saw the spoiler last night, and knows I didn’t win HOH and that I’m on the block.

Kaitlyn leaves and JC looks at Rockstar and says, what do you think? Who you going to keep? She points to Haleigh. Then he says, what was the point of that? To stir the pot? The cameras show all three (Rockstar/Haleigh/JC) in separate beds looking around in what looks like deep thought about what Kaitlyn just told them. They ask for the lights to go off. Please?


12:55am BBT JC tells Rockstar that he wants her to win HOH next week. It’s going to be fun.


1:00am BBT Rachel and Kaycee in the BBR, whispering. They are talking about Brett and it appears that Rachel likes him. She says she doesn’t think he looks at her like a strong woman, but more like a child. She says he just comes off… he’s from a rich family, he’s privileged. She laughs and says she needs to get to know him better. Kaycee tells her to be straightforward with him. Tell him that you're not trying to flirt with him, but try to have a serious conversation. Rachel says when she came in there and first saw him she thought, this guy is really cute and hot but he would be too much work. And now I see that he likes the perfect girls. Kaycee says you are letting this guy affect you too much. JC opens the barn door and scares them and then Brett walks in. Ooops! They start throwing the pillows between the two rooms.


1:05am BBT Rockstar and Fessy… She asks him, why is Sam working with such as a**hole? (Brett)


1:15am BBT Fessy/Bayleigh/Kaitlyn on the WA performing ADLs getting ready for bed. Fessy says, Can I tell you something? Can you keep a secret? Part of the power is that you accept the least trending crap app as a disguise. Bayleigh says that goes against everything the house stands for. Kaitlyn says there is a chance that we can make this work out for us. We do know that JC has a power… Fessy says, he doesn’t. Kaitlyn says he does! So, how can we, by we, I mean Fessy… convince him to use it on us. Bayleigh says he won’t use it for ya’ll, he won’t have it for him and if one of you comes off the block, who do you think is going up?? Kaitlyn says well, I don’t know what the details of the power are, what if he gets to pick who goes up?

Bayleigh, who almost had her hair wrapped up and ready for bed is called to the DR. Really, she says, you guys are savage. She unwraps and takes down her hair and begins fluffing it to perfection.


1:30am BBT Rockstar and Fessy in the WA talking about who to send home. Rockstar says, out of the two, Kaitlyn is easier to convince things to, on the wrong side. Fessy says he needs RS to win HOH. She says she would love to and put up Brett and Sam. She knows Sam wouldn’t go home. She thinks if Sam knew about the attack on her in Brett’s speech before hand, that it’s disturbing.

Fessy says we need to won two HOH’s back to back. Then we would be ok, if no one flipped. Rockstar has been trying to get Kaitlyn not to trust Brett. Brett was telling her how great she did nominating Swaggy. They feel bad for Swaggy, that he went home week 2. Rockstar says all of their problems stem from Brett and they have to figure out how to get rid of him. She thinks JC has a power but he wants to use it for himself. She thinks Kaitlyn might have a power. Fessy says we will see this week. Fessy says why would she tell anyone of she had one? If you have a power you need to keep it a secret, so you can keep it as long as possible.




1:45am BBT Bayleigh returns from the DR. Rockstar says, so how you feeling about this, girlfriend? They agree that they need to save Haleigh and they need 6 votes. Rockstar begins telling Bayleigh how Kaitlyn causes trouble because of Brett. Fessy goes to pray and the two continue to plot and plan. Bayleigh says she’s not really friends with Kaitlyn and Rockstar is. They don’t think Fessy will vote Kaitlyn out, but JC will. Rockstar says she can’t figure out why Sam supports Brett and why she would use the power on him.


2:00am BBT Kaitlyn bashing continues in the WA with Bay and Rockstar. Bayleigh says she showed herself to them early on, before the whole Swaggy thing.

Rockstar says she has to get all the votes she needs so when she gets HOH she can get him out. (Brett)

Bayleigh sprays her Swaggy cologne on before she goes to bed. She has daytime and nighttime Swaggy cologne.

Fessy has been called to the DR, so he comes in to fix his hair. Bayleigh says, America, whoever gets this fine specimen needs to know he spends more time in front of the mirror than I do. She is trying to fix his hair for his DR session.

Bayleigh is practicing for childbirth by leaning on the sink and rocking back and forth. Rockstar says, that’s how I did it. Bay asks Fessy if he is going to come to her baby shower. He says, yeah.


2:10am BBT Rockstar is sitting silently, alone at the memory wall. The kitchen is a disaster. The counter and the bar are crowded with stuff and a towel is on the floor by the sink.


2:15am BBT Rockstar heads to bed… and the lights dim in the BB house. Fessy is in the DR, so JC is alone in the big bed. Sam can be seen on the floor in the HOH bathroom area laying on a blanket listening to music with a lot of enthusiasm. She looks like she is conducting a great orchestra.


2:50am BBT Fessy crawls in the bed with JC and wipes his hand on JC’s face. JC starts spitting and says, stop it! Now I taste like shaving cream. Fessie starts hugging him. Fessy yells, take your hand out of my pants, JC. But your d*** is so dry, it is like leather, JC says. Lotion it up then, says Fessy. They two engage in sex banter complete with hugs and giggles. JC tells him to stop it, he is full of cottage cheese and bananas. Fessy says, Great! You will be farting all night. I hope I fart all night on your face, Fessy! Haleigh is laying in the bed next to them, and she gets involved after a bit of silence. JC, stop touching my boob, she says. I can’t stop, he says. Brief silence is broken by JC. My whole f***ing mouth smells like your shaving cream. Fessy giggles, Shut up, JC says.



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8:00 AM BBT BB wakes up the HG early this morning. They got an 8 AM wake up call followed by several reminders that there are fresh batteries in the S


8:20 AM BBT Rachel has had a shower. Haleigh, Angela, and Fessy are up doing ADLs. Most of the HGs remain in bed with the lights on. 


8:30 AM BBT Sam and Kaycee are also up now doing ADLs. Rachel tells Sam that they are going to pick for the veto soon and then play the POV today. Rachel tells her that BB will probably call her to the DR in about an hour or do. 


8:40 AM BBT BB continually calls Tyler, Scottie, Rock Star and Kaitlyn to the SR to get new batteries. Kaitlyn are laying down in the HN room. Kaitlyn tells Tyler that he looks so cute in the mornings. 


8:46 AM BBT Rachel says JC spouted off last night because she woke him up. Scottie spent the night talking about jaundice. And someone punted Orwell hard enough that he hit a wall. 


8:54 AM BBT JC is shown still in bed in the PBR. BB tells him to put on his microphone. JC "Shut the f**k up, what the f**k is wrong with you?" JC rolls over in bed. 


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9:04 AM BBT Kaitlyn and the HGs are poking fun at Kaitlyn that if she is evicted she is going to be in denial. She is going to find safety in anything and everything. Rachel picks up a napkin and calls out "The golden napkin of truth.....now I will know all". 


Golden Napkin of Truth..jpg


9:09 PM BBT Rock Star drags herself out of bed and walks slowly in the KT, dragging her feet. She looks at Rachel "What did the disinfectant wipes of truth tell you this morning?" 


9:20 AM BBT Rachel is in rare form this morning. "This week on Big Brother, Kaitlyn finds the apple of excellence." "This week on Big Brother, Rachel eats a piece of bacon."


9:28 AM BBT Sam is racing her way down from the HOHR. She says that BB told her that they are behind schedule and she needs to come now. She heads to the DR and we get reruns from BB All Stars. They are picking players for the veto competition. 

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10:03 AM BBT Feeds return. Rachel "JC, you better kick Fessy's a**" It is possible that JC and Fessy are playing veto. 


10:05 AM BBT In the KT, Fessy tells Sam that this had better be a vacation veto or he is going to be pi**ed. Sam says she has no control over it. She just hopes it is something that he enjoys. 


10:07 AM BBT Kaitlyn asks JC if he is excited to play. JC says yes, he is excited and that it is his first veto. 


10:09 AM BBT In the KT Bayleigh tells Sam "I wish I had known if I was going to be picked, I would have straightened my hair yesterday." It is possible Bayleigh is also playing.


10:13 AM In the WA, Rachel thanks Sam for picking her. "Not that I didn't pressure you or anything." Fessy tells Rachel that she will be a really good host.


10:17 AM BBT In the WA, Rachel and Fessy are discussing what he should do if he wins the veto. Rachel is telling him that it might be better for him if he doesn't win it. 


10:17 AM 10:16 AM BBT Haleigh yells out to Bayleigh "Bayleigh, I didn't know you wanted to play." Bayleigh "Yeah, I've never played." Haleigh "Well, F, too late now. Can I go back and pick again?" 


10:24 AM BBT Brett "I don't even care if is Rockstar. Whatever. NO headache in my book." Angela "Just as long as Rockstar doesn't win veto, which is highly unlikely." Rockstar is playing veto. 


10:25 AM BBT Veto players are Sam, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Rockstar, Fessy and JC. Rachel is hosting. 


10:30 AM The house is kind of quiet again. Veto players are picked. Now they are just doing their ADLs getting ready to play. 

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10:40 AM BBT Kaitlyn and Bayleigh are talking in the Pink BR while Haleigh braids Rockstar's hair for the veto. Bayleigh says that no one is mad at Sam for who and why she picked her noms but that she didn't appreciate her speech. That's all she is upset about. Haleigh says she chose Fessy because she thought he would use it one of them. 


10:50 AM BBT All 4 feeds switch to Fessy and Tyler playing Foosball. 


11:00 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Fessy and Tyler on the loft. They are saying that they just need to get past Monday. Right now there are 2 girls on the block and it needs to stay that way. 


11:08 AM BBT Fessy and Haleigh are whispering in the pink BR. Haleigh says she was told that she is safe this week. Meanwhile Sam is drying Rachel's hair. She is explaining to Rachel the stress of putting 2 people up for nomination when she really doesn't know why she would want to nominate anyone. But, you have to come up with something just so that you can have the courage to do it.


11:12 AM BBT Haleigh admits to Rockstar that she is having extreme anxiety. Haleigh thinks that if Kaitlyn is taken off the block then she is screwed. She doesn't want anyone else sitting next to her on the block. 


11:13 AM BBT Rachel tells Kaitlyn that there are rumors that Sam has a power. Kaitlyn tells her that Sam absolutely has the power and didn't realize that Rachel didn't know that. 


11:26 AM BBT Kaitlyn has Fessy pinned down in the loft. She asks him point blank if he wins the vet, is he going to use it on her or not. Or is he going to use it on Haleigh? He dodges the question by talking about everyone's paranoia. She tells him to answer the question. She says he promised her and he had better not use it on Haleigh over her. 

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10:50 AM BBT

Fessy and Tyler are playing foosball upstairs.

Tyler says that if a guy goes up next to a girl, the guy will go home.  He says he wanted to talk to Fessy and JC about this supposed girl's alliance.  He's not sure where Sam stands with it but doesn't think she's in on it.  He says he's going to try to talk to her.

Fessy says that if JC finds out about the girls, he'll go nuts.  They think they should wait to tell the other guys.

Tyler says he's trying to build a good relationship with the other side of the house to keep Kaitlyn safe.

Fessy says that if Kaitlyn stays, she has to be on board with him and Tyler.  He says that Kaitlyn hasn't told them anything about the girls alliance, even though he tried to bring it up to her.

Tyler is surprised Kaitlyn or Haleigh didn't tell Fessy about it.  He doesn't understand why Kaitlyn would keep it from them if they are her number ones.

Fessy says that they just have to get past Monday.  He says they have to put up 2 girls again next week, because the girls are comfortable watching the guys pick each other off.


11:10 AM BBT

WA.  Rachel asks Kaitlyn what she thinks about the theory that a power was used in the last vote.

Kaitlyn says it's not a theory, it's accurate.  She says they all compared stories and the only thing that made sense was that a power was used for an extra vote.

Kaitlyn says Sam has the ability to redeem herself, if Kaitlyn or Haleigh is taken off the block.  She says Sam had a laundry list of personal attacks against her.

Rachel says she's heard murmurs of Sam having a power.  Kaitlyn tells Rachel the whole story about flipping the first week to vote out Steve, then winning HOH right after.  She's basically giving Rachel a recap of the last few weeks from her own perspective.  She says that at the last eviction night, Sam was looking at Tyler the whole time and Tyler was shaking his head 'no.'  She says she knows that Sam used her power that night to cast 2 votes and send Winston home.

Rachel says she had no idea about any of this.

Kaitlyn lists out all of the things she's done in this game for female empowerment and is mad that Sam feels Kaitlyn has done the opposite.

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11:34 AM BBT 11:35 AM BBT Kaitlyn and Fessy are having a disagreement in the loft. Kaitlyn is upset that Fessy will not commit to using the veto to save her if he wins it. He tries to explain why he is cornered and in trouble either way.

Kailtyn Attacks.jpg

Fessy's Dilemma.jpg

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11:49 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Haleigh and Rockstar in the PBR. Haleigh says she is going to be mad if she doesn't make it to jury. She is going to have to take a full load of classes to catch up. 


12:08 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Kaitlyn alone in the lounge. She has been expressing her frustration that Fessy will not commit to using the veto on her. Feeds 3 and 4 show Haleigh, Fessy, Rockstar and Bayleigh in the PBR. Bayleigh is reading the Bible to them and pointing out passages that she likes. 

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11:23 AM BBT

Kaitlyn comes up to the foosball table where Fessy is.  She’s angry.

Kaitlyn asks Fessy what’s wrong with him – why did he tell Haleigh to pick him for HG choice?  “You told her the same thing you told me!”

Fessy looks caught off-guard.  He says, “So we're not playing foosball?”

Kaitlyn is pretty upset because Fessy told both her and Haleigh to pick him for HG choice.  Fessy says he’s in a stupid-ass position and asks what he’s supposed to do.

Kaitlyn wants to know why he would do that to her.  She’s mad that Fessy told Bayleigh that Kaitlyn planned on picking him.  She says they had that conversation privately.  She’s upset that Fessy won’t come sit next to her and says he’s being weird.   She says he’s deflecting.  She says that if noms stay with her and Haleigh on the block, Rockstar will vote to keep Haleigh.

Fessy is quiet and Kaitlyn asks if he will use the veto to save Haleigh if he wins.  Fessy says everyone is so paranoid.  Kaitlyn tells him to stop deflecting.  He says that the house wants him to keep nominations the same.

Kaitlyn can’t believe he wouldn’t save her after he promised he would.

Fessy says that before she starts freaking out demanding answers, he wants answers.  He says Kaitlyn knows about things she’s not sharing with him.

Kaitlyn denies that she’s keeping things from Fessy and she swears on her life and her brother’s life that she doesn’t know anything.

Fessy insists there’s something she’s not telling him [he’s hinting about the girls alliance, but Kaitlyn isn’t budging].

Fessy says that Kaitlyn was shaking her head ‘no’ at the veto picking meeting, and he thought that meant she wouldn’t pick him.  Kaitlyn is annoyed by this and says she was just scared, didn’t realize she was shaking her head.  He says now she’s deflecting.  He says he knows Rockstar and Bayleigh won’t want him to use the veto, because they could go up as replacement noms.

Kaitlyn says it will look stupid if he doesn’t take her off the block, why wouldn’t he save his number one alliance?  She says that if wins veto and either doesn’t use it, or uses it to save Haleigh, Kaitlyn will not trust him in this game if she ends up staying.

Fessy says, “That’s what you wanna say to me right now?  'How can I trust you after that?'”  He says he managed to get past all of the things Kaitlyn hid from him.

Kaitlyn says she’s never gone back on her word.  She says she sent his friend home, who was an ass to her (Swaggy).

Fessy says Swaggy said one comment, that’s it.  He says, “Oh, in a game of strategy, he called you shady?  Kaitlyn.  Come on.”  He says, look where it’s gotten them -- Swaggy’s gone, now Haleigh and Kaitlyn are on the block, and Brett is still here.

Kaitlyn says defensively, “It’s all my fault, sorry.”  She says that if he didn’t want to win the veto and save her, he shouldn’t have asked to be picked.

Fessy asks Kaitlyn if she has a power.  He says someone close to him must have the power, there are 2 more unused.

Kaitlyn can’t believe that’s what Fessy is thinking about right now.

[The conversation goes on like this for a while]

Kaitlyn tells Fessy to let her have her moment, and tells him not to make “that face” at her.  She says she can do whatever she puts her mind to.

Fessy says he can feel how he wants to feel, and he feels he’s in a tough position.

Eventually, Kaitlyn says she will support whatever he decides to do.

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12:15 PM BBT JC and Kaitlyn are talking about whether or not it is better to be in an alliance or in the middle. Kaitlyn says if you in an alliance, then you are more likely to be a target if the other side wins. JC says that if you are middle, you can be the target of both sides. 


12:16 PM BBT Kaitlyn is telling JC that both Rockstar and Bayleigh are going to vote for her to leave. Fessy and Tyler will keep her. That's all she knows. JC says to wait until after the veto to start her campaigns. 


12:30 PM BBT Not much going on. The HGs are just laying around or sitting around the KT waiting for the POV to start. Sam is trying to figure out when she will lose the HOH room. 


12:33 PM BBT Kaitlyn approaches Rockstar in the PBR. Kaitlyn asks her "Did you tell JC this morning that you don't believe me?" Rockstar says it makes no difference. They are still in the same situation. Rockstar defends herself and Kaitlyn asks her why she is yelling at her right now. Rockstar "I was asleep and you come in here asking me."


12:40 PM BBT Kaitlyn tells Rockstar that she no longer knows who to believe. Rockstar says that Kaitlyn stopped talking game to her. Kaitlyn says that she stopped talking game to everyone, not just Rockstar. Rockstar points out that friends trust each other and listen to what other's say. 


12:43 PM BBT Rockstar and Kaitlyn are discussing how Rockstar knew Brett was trouble. Rockstar to Kaitlyn "I am apologizing to you...I put an expectation on you that I shouldn't have, that you would understand this faster." Kaitlyn says that no one else understood her either. Rockstar "No one else reads orbs either." 

Kaitlyn Rockstar 1.jpg

Kaitlyn Rockstar.jpg

Rockstar Bayleigh.jpg

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1:00 PM BBT Bayleigh and Rockstar are venting about Kaitlyn in the PBR. Bayleigh says that Kaitlyn never asks her advice. Didn't apologize to her. I don't know why she acts so surprised. Bayleigh says Kaitlyn threw them under the bus twice now and is asking them to bail her out now. "And everybody is considering it? Please."


1:05 PM BBT In the PBR, Bayleigh is talking to Rockstar. "At the end of the day, you have to have respect, loyalty and character. And Kaitlyn doesn't have any."


1:09 PM BBT Bayleigh grabs Tyler. Bayleigh tells him that she and Rockstar were talking about how Swaggy shouldn't have left to begin with. Kaitlyn walks in and gets upset they are talking about it. Tyler "Why would she be upset?" Bayleigh "That's the point. How can she expect me not to be upset about that?" Bayleigh says that Kaitlyn is going to spin this to look like she is the disloyal one. 


1:15 PM BBT Tyler, Rockstar and Bayleigh are questioning whether their fight with Brett after Winston's eviction was shown live on the show. They think so because it happened before Winston's picture ever turned gray. 


1:24 PM BBT JC and Fessy are talking in the SR. JC tells her that Rockstar cannot win the POV. If the POV is memory, she remembers everything. JC asks Fessy if he believes Kaitlyn when she said that JC is the one that flipped. Fessy doesn't answer. JC tells him that he gains nothing by flipping. 

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12:33 PM BBT

Kaitlyn confronts Rockstar in the PBR.  “Did you tell JC this morning that you don’t believe my theory?” (her theory about Sam’s power being 2 votes, used at the last eviction)

Rockstar denies it and says she didn’t know.  She asks if it even matters, because they’re still in the position they’re in.

Kaitlyn says it’s not a theory, it’s the truth, and she told people about it to defend Rockstar.  Rockstar says she didn’t need defending.

Kaitlyn tells Rockstar that she overheard Rockstar and Bayleigh talking about her (Kaitlyn) backdooring Swaggy a few minutes ago.  She says she heard every word and is hurt.

Rockstar asks what she’s hurt about.  She says Kaitlyn changed the trajectory of the game and called her out in front of the whole house.  Kaitlyn says she’s not proud of that part, but she’s proud of what she did.  She says she didn’t try to change the trajectory of the game, she was just standing up for herself.  Rockstar argues, “Your words were, ‘I’m changing the trajectory of the game!’”  Rockstar says she’s glad Kaitlyn stood up for herself, but it was stupid and she told Kaitlyn that to her face when it happened.

Kaitlyn says that’s the only thing she’s done against them.  Rockstar argues that Kaitlyn also believed Brett over her.  Kaitlyn says she’s not the only one who believed Brett, and that Rockstar can’t just throw that out as another reason to vote against her.  She says she never said she didn’t believe Rockstar, she just wasn’t sure who to believe.

[They go back and forth about Brett for a minute, and how Kaitlyn took his side when Rockstar tried to tell her he was a liar]

Rockstar says it’s not a game of ‘I told you so.’  Kaitlyn says that it is, apparently.

Kaitlyn says that if she stays, she’s not sure of where to go moving forward, she thought they were still cool.  Rockstar says, “Are we cool, or are you cool with Tyler?”  She says she’s never been Kaitlyn’s confidant.  Kaitlyn says no one is her confidant.

Rockstar says that maybe Kaitlyn works better with guys.  She says Kaitlyn never has one-on-one conversations with her.  Kaitlyn counters and says that she doesn’t have one-on-one conversations with anyone.

Rockstar says she doesn’t know how Kaitlyn’s friendships work, but for Rockstar, it means they trust her and she trusts them and they listen to each other.

Kaitlyn again says she wasn’t the only one who didn’t listen to Rockstar about Brett and it’s not fair to pin it on her.

Rockstar says she’s sorry that she had a higher expectation of Kaitlyn, as an intuitive person.  She expected Kaitlyn would catch on faster.

Rockstar says that she still hasn’t forgotten that Tyler was going to target Bayleigh in the first week.

[They go on for a while arguing about trust and believing each other about things]


12:56 PM BBT

Kaitlyn left, Rockstar tells Bayleigh about the whole conversation she just had with Kaitlyn.  Fessy comes in briefly and they talk to him about it too.  Bayleigh is annoyed that Kaitlyn will confront Rockstar about what she overheard, but she won’t approach Bayleigh about it.

Tyler comes in after a while and Rockstar retells the whole thing to him too.


1:13 PM BBT

Rockstar is in the middle of telling Tyler about the confrontation with Kaitlyn.

Suddenly Kaitlyn comes in and asks what they’re talking about.  Rockstar quickly switches topic and says they were talking about Brett.


1:23 PM BBT

JC and Fessy are talking in the SR.

JC says he knows Fessy won’t use the veto if he wins because it would be stupid to do so.  He asks what Fessy is thinking of doing with the votes.  JC says Kaitlyn told him Fessy promised her his vote, but JC wanted to hear it from Fessy.  Fessy says, “That’s what I told her…”  He implies he would actually vote out Kaitlyn.


1:28 PM BBT

Brett and Angela in the HNR.  Brett is saying how funny it is that everyone thinks he’s lying about the votes, and they all think Sam used her power to cast 2 votes.  He says everyone hates him now because they think he’s a liar, but they’ll see.

Angela tells him that Sam’s power is going to be used automatically this week.  They’re confused about the details (what it is and how it will work “automatically”), but their timing is correct, at least.


1:33 PM BBT

Rockstar and JC are talking in the PBR about her talk with Kaitlyn.  JC goes to retrieve Kaitlyn from the kitchen for a little meeting.  Haleigh joins to watch.

JC confronts Kaitlyn to clear things up.  He says he never told Kaitlyn that Rockstar didn’t believe her about the power.  Kaitlyn says she didn’t claim that’s what he said.

[Reminder that one hour ago, Kaitlyn started her conversation with Rockstar by saying, “Did you tell JC you didn’t believe me?”]

Kaitlyn says she just wanted to make sure Rockstar believed her, and doesn’t know why she wouldn’t.  She asks Rockstar how she’s feeling.

Rockstar says she wants to nap so she can win this thing, then she’ll talk to Sam.

Kaitlyn asks JC if he’d keep noms the same.  JC says that he believes everyone should respect the HOH’s wishes, so that’s what he’ll do if he wins.

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1:40 PM BBT In the lounge Kaycee tells Bayleigh that Kaitlyn is suggesting an all girls alliance. Bayleigh "Who do you think came up with it? When she is gone, I am all for it." 


1:47 PM BBT Kaycee and Bayleigh are still talking about Kaitlyn in the lounge. They are talking about how she is dictating who they can and cannot talk to yet she can talk to anyone at anytime. Kaitlyn demands Bayleigh's loyalty but at end of the day, Kaitlyn's loyalty only goes as far as what is best for her own game. 


1:53 PM BBT Not much is going on. The house is waiting on the veto. Kaycee and Bayleigh are complaining about Kaitlyn in the lounge and all the drama that she is causing. 


1:58 PM BBT Kaitlyn talks to Tyler in the lounge. She tells him that she is afraid that she is going home. He tells her that she asked him to swear on "his dad". He will never agree to do that. And he never will agree to do that. And don't read anything into that. She says she understands. 

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2:03 PM BBT In the WA, Kaitlyn tells Tyler that she is going home. Bayleigh and Rockstar are going to pick Haleigh over her. And Fessy promised her and he may pick her too. She is heartbroken over that. Tyler tells her to win the veto and that's all she can do. Kaitlyn "I don't want to go home." Tyler "Then don't." 


2:11 PM BBT Kaitlyn is crying to Tyler in the WA. She wants to do this for her dad. And he wants to do it for his dad. Tyler tells her to focus on the future and not on what went wrong leading up to this. 


2:14 PM BBT Kaitlyn to Tyler "I am so ugly right now." Tyler "Shut up."

Kaitlyn Cries.jpg


2:27 PM BBT In the WA, Kaitlyn tells Tyler that everyone is rushing around trying to save Haleigh. Again, Tyler tells her to win the veto. 


2:32 PM BBT In the WA Fessy has approached Kaitlyn. He asks her what is wrong. She says that she went up to him earlier and he made her scared. Kaitlyn tells him that if he wins and uses the veto then he saves himself and her. "Why wouldn't you want to do that for me. I just want to go home." 


2:35 PM BBT in the WA, Kaitlyn tells Fessy that since he found out he was playing, he hasn't looked her in the face and told her he would save her. She asks him why he won't do it. He says that he isn't saying he won't do it, but he has never lied to her and isn't going to start now. She walks away from him. 




Meltdown 1.jpg

Meltdown 3.jpg

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2:32 PM BBT

Kaitlyn is curled up on the couch in the WA.  Fessy comes in and sits on the other end of the couch.  They sit in silence for a minute.

Fessy: “Talk to me.”

Kaitlyn: “I don’t know what to say.”

Fessy: “This is the position we’re in.”

Kaitlyn: “We?!  I’m the one on the block.  I’m the one that might have to go home.”

Fessy: “We’re all gonna have to ‘might go home’ sometime.”

Kaitlyn says Fessy is being insensitive.  Fessy says he just wants her to be strong.  Kaitlyn says she was strong, but he scared her.  Fessy says he’s scared too, that he might go on the block.  Kaitlyn rolls her eyes.

Kaitlyn starts to get upset and asks why he wouldn’t want to save her.  She says she just wants to go home, she’s sick of this.

Fessy tells her not to give up.

Kaitlyn says that Fessy can’t look at her in the face and tell her what he’d do with the veto.  “How is that supposed to make me feel?”  Fessy says he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel either.

Kaitlyn keeps pushing him, asking him to say that he’ll use it on her if he wins.  She says he could tell her that yesterday, as she was in his arms crying, and now he can’t even look at her.  She says again that she just really wants to go home.  She leans against the WR door crying.  Fessy gets up to hug her.

They hug for a long time, then Kaitlyn breaks away and says, “Why?  Like, why?  What changed?”

Fessy says he’s not saying either way if he’s saving her.  He doesn’t know.  He says he’s been real since he walked into this house and he’s not going to be fake now.  He has so many thoughts in his mind and he won’t lie to anyone’s face.

In the middle of Fessy talking, Kaitlyn’s had enough and walks out of the WA.


2:48 PM BBT

Kitchen.  JC says Kaitlyn wants to talk to Fessy in the geometry room.

Fessy peeks his head in there, where Kaitlyn is now curled up.  He says he'll be in there in 2 minutes, he's making food.  She doesn't respond.  As he leaves, the camera operator pans over to a lone hand print on the pin wall.




[I'm out for a little bit, but you look like you've got it covered Goldylucks! -NotFornia]


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2:49 PM BBT Brett and Haleigh are chatting in the LR. They are talking about the kind of relationship they have with their exes. Meanwhile the rest of the house is getting ready for the veto. Tyler and Fessy are getting something to eat. Bayleigh is braiding Sam's hair at the DR table. 


2:53 PM BBT Fessy has joined Kaitlyn in the lounge. She wants to know who replaced her as his ride or die. He asks why she feels that way. She says that if he spoke to someone that changed his mind on whether or not he wants to save her then that means she is not his #1 anymore. She says if it were her, she would definitely use a veto to save herself and him. Fessy "What if it left Tyler on the block?" 


2:56 PM BBT In the lounge, Kaitlyn tells Fessy that 24 hours ago he told her he would save her. She keeps insisting that he has spoken to someone or something has happened that changed his mind. She insists that he look her in the eye and tell her that he is going to try to win the veto for her. "There is only one way to make sure we are both safe, and you won't do it."  

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3:04 PM BBT Fessy tells Kaitlyn that he is tired of being in the dark. First week, she flips her vote on Steve for some power or to save some girl. Then you deny flipping when you did. Then you are on the block by the same person that you saved. Fessy is hinting that she didn't flip her vote for Sam but for Tyler. 


3:07 PM BBT Fessy tells Kaitlyn that he thinks he is going to find something out about her. She lashes back that he knows everything about her and she would never betray him like that. "I had you. I had you." 


3:11 PM BBT Kaitlyn is crying to Fessy in the lounge. She has to win for her dad. She needs to win for her dad. Rockstar joins them and Kaitlyn changes the subject.  


3:17 Brett and Sam are in the HOH. She tells him that she feels terrible about the decision that she made about Haleigh and Kaitlyn. And that he may be a little more aware of what they were doing than the others. She said that she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. She just had to nominate two people. There were no intentions other than that. 


3:19 PM BBT Brett tells Sam that the reason everyone is acting so crazy around them is that they are saying that Sam and Brett are a thing. They used Sam's power. That is why the vote was the way it was. This was all engineered by Rockstar and Kaitlyn. Brett "There is no secret power that was used and no one was aware of it. It makes no sense but people believe what they want to believe." 


3:25 PM BBT In the HOH Brett and Sam are talking. She says the girls are using flirting as forms of manipulation. However, she tells him that he is not as susceptible as the others in that. She just wants the girls to play a classy game. 


3:27 PM BBT Sam tells Brett that she chose her noms because of her old fashion sentiments and not because of what anyone has said to her. It was her decision alone and if anyone has issue with that then they can come to her directly. 


3:28 PM BBT Sam to Brett in the HOH "I don't ask for back rubs. Get away from me. I get respect because I demand respect." Reruns. It may be time for the veto competition.


3:30 PM BBT We have reruns. The HGs are playing the veto competition. 

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5:47 PM BBT Fessy, Kaitlyn, Rockstar, JC and Haleigh are all sitting around in the WA. They are dressed up like crash dummies, blue shirts and shorts with caution stripes on their clothes. Fessy is wearing the veto. "How the F did I win a memory comp? I am the dumbest one in here." He tells them that Sam probably won't tell him who the replacement nom will be if he uses it. 


5:52 PM BBT Rockstar and Fessy are talking in the WA. Fessy is going to talk to Sam to see if she can give him a hint who the replacement nom will be if he uses it. He thinks that if he didn't win it, the replacement nom would probably be him. 


5:55 PM BBT Fessy says he can't believe he won that comp. Rockstar says it is muscle memory. How many plays has he memorized for football? She tells him that even if Sam won't tell him who the replacement nom will be, he should at least get a feeling at who it might be. And if he doesn't, he better not use it. 


5:57 PM BBT In the PBR, JC is telling Bayleigh that there is no way that Sam is going to put up Brett. Meanwhile in the WA, Fessy is again being hounded by Kaitlyn. He tells her that she is stressing him out. She says that she is happy that he won. He tells her that it's B.S. He asks her if she has a power. She says no, and that she would have told him if she did at this point. 

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 BBT Fessy has won the veto and the house is abuzz with ideas. Kaitlyn says she was right there, he could have thrown it to her.

Haleigh and Kaitlyn discuss the replacement nominee. Rockstar was told she would not go up. Kaitlyn says she is going to let Fessie be alone for a while.


6:00pm BBT JC and Bayligh in the PBR. Bayleigh says Fessy thinks Kaitlyn can do no wrong. JC says he really wanted the veto. He would have used it. Bay says, Rockstar is going to try to convince Fessy to use it and convince Sam to put up Brett. JC tells Bay that he sannot use the veto. Bayleigh says if he doesn’t use it, they will keep Haleigh. They do not want Kaitlyn here.


6:05pm BBT Rockstar enters the PBR. Fessy is in the HOH. Sam told him he could use the room to process. Fessy doesn’t think Sam can tell him who the replacement nominee is. Kaitlyn enters and takes over the conversation and explains the rules. Sam is not allowed to tell them who the replacement could be.

Kaitlyn says she is so happy they wont both be on the block. He will use it. He must use it. Bay says, Brett has been acting real nervous today. Rockstar says she and Sam and Angela were talking before she was HOH about how much Sam dislikes bullies. There is one bully in the house right now. Brett, Rockstar says. Rockstar says if she goes up on the block against Kaitlyn she will go home. If there is a tie, she will send Rockstar home, JC says. She would have to send the replacement home, that way there is less blood.

Bay says, Fessy said he had to win because he might have gone up. Haleigh comes in and overhears the conversation and says he doesn’t have to use it. She doesn’t want him eo be upset about it, so she would sit on the block with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn enters and asks if she should go check on Fessy. Sam walks by and says no one is allowed to go to the HOH. She promised fessy that she would not let anyone go up there.



6:15pm BBT Bay tells Rockstar that Brett will go home next week, certainly before Jury. And next week will be the Battle back and Swaggy can come back in the house. [sorry, bout that… monadyan]


Bay and Rockstar both agree that Fessy should leave it the same.


Kaitlyn and Kaycee on the balcony with Tyler and Rachel. She says Fessy shook her hand and promised to use it on her. Kaitlyn says he has to use it and if he uses it on her and not me after we shook and he has been my #1 since day 1, it would be weird. She says she is scared that Fessy said the same thing to Haleigh, because she is acting all happy. Kaitlyn says she wants to cry. Rachel says we want you here.

Kaitlyn says she doesn’t know who Sam would put up. She says bay and Rockstar are going to try to get him not to use it because they fear they will go up.

She keeps saying that last night he said if he won it he would use it to save her. Then this morning he said he wasn’t sure what he would do. He told her he would throw it to her if it was close and between the two of them.


6:25pm BBT Fessy comes out of the HOH, says he was called to the DR. Kaitlyn says, I love you… he says I know. I love you too. He also says that he is stressed.


6:30pm BBT Haleigh/RS/Bay in the PBR. They are talking numbers and flippers. We thought we knew we had it each vote and we have been wrong every time. Haleigh relays an hour and a half convo she had with Fessy where he told her he wanted the two of them to ride it to the end. Bay says he wanted to win it. He fought for it. Now he is struggling with what to do with it, because now we are all in danger.

Rockstar keeps throwing up the Brett eviction speech. They think he knew he was going home. Haleigh says he can’t tell the truth about it, he has to maintain the lie or he knows he will be branded a liar.


6:40pm BBT Haleigh wants to know who Sam will put up. She says we have all day tomorrow to have conversation about it. On a personal level he promised Haleigh, but on a game level, is that his best option? Scottie comes in with the banana bread bowl and asks them to lick it with him. They all put their fingers in the bowl and give it a swirl. They lick their fingers and swirl again. EEEK!

Meanwhile Kaitlyn and Tyler are having a conversation about the veto. She says he promised her that he would pull her off. Tyler says he will talk to him. She wants to know why Fessy is so upset about it? Tyler says he is in a bad position. She wants to know why Haleigh is walking around all happy. He tells her that they are different and they handle things differently. Kaitlyn is emotional.



6:50pm BBT A crowd in the kitchen, Sam is telling a story about two piglets she had. Pickle and Biscuit. Her ex wanted her to get rid of one, but she wanted to wait and choose which one after their personalities came out. She had no idea piglets reach sexual maturity at 30 days of age. [The cameras switched! Evidently Pickle or Biscuit failed to sign a waiver - monadyan]


Fessy returns from the DR. He flops down across the beds in the PBR. Scottie/Bay/RS are in the room with Fessy and the elephant. Surprise! Kaitlyn wanders in and plops down next to Fessy.


6:55pm BBT It is day 32 in the house and in 5 days, Rockstar’s baby Isaac will be 7 months. Kaitlyn asks Fessy to tell her about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Now she asks him to tell her funny stories about his sister.


7:00pm BBT Goat Yoga conversation in the kitchen. Haleigh says the goats use the bathroom all over you while you are going yoga. The jump on and off of you and do flips while you are trying to do yoga.

Bayleigh and Haleigh and Rachel in the WA. Bay says she has never been this big, she is gaining weight like crazy. JC comes in and says he has been eating all day. He sits down and asks Haleigh if she was ok. She says, yeah.

We have learned that Haleigh drew the HG choice chip and she picked Fessy. Rachel asks if she thinks that will give her a better chance to have it used on her and she says that she doesn’t know.

Brett comes in and joins the conversation. Haleigh is talking about when you can and can’t get pregnant. Ovulation and birth control discussion ensues. She is explaining the Calendar Method and JC and Brett seem extremely interested. Haleigh took Human Sexuality last semester and she’s an expert.


7:20pm BBT Kaitlyn and Fessy talking about powers. Kaitlyn is convinced JC has one. Fessy thinks the crap app people have the powers, because Sam has one. She tells him that she walks around all day talking to people trying to figure out who has the powers so he will believe her when she tells him these things. She is trying to get him to use the veto on her by promising to take him to the end. She knows the game and she can help him. She told him he should have thrown the comp if he didn’t want to have to make this decision. It was an easy comp to throw.


They begin to argue about the comp. Fessy got all the questions right, he didn’t miss any. Kaitlyn got one wrong.


7:22pm BBT Kaitlyn says, if I come off the block, and that is what should happen… Kaitlyn is trying to get him to tell her that he promised to use the veto on Haleigh. He nods and says he told her yes. She is not happy. He says he didn’t think he would win. She begs him to tell her the truth and not to do this to her. Look at me, she says. Be honest with me, did you also tell her that you’d save her?


He won’t tell her yes or no in words. He says if the best option is to remove her, he will do that. If the better choice is to remove Haleigh, he will do that.

He tells her that he doesn’t even want to play this game anymore. He says he is close to her, but when she got close to Tyler, that he got close to Haleigh. She tells him that she threw the comp. Fessy says, not you didn’t! She argues that she did. She says look at me and tell me right now if you are going to use it on me or not. He says

he will not do that right now. She says you shouldn’t have shaken my hand! He keeps telling her that she sent Swaggy home and that was his best friend in the house. She has other people in the house, he has no one. Just her and Haleigh.


Kaitlyn says if he doesn’t save her Rockstar and Bayleigh will send her home because they are pissed about Swaggy. He says he doesn’t know that to be the truth but he is going to find out the truth and make his decision.


7:30pm BBT Kaitlyn tells Fessy she is going to ask to go home. She heads to the DR. they let her in! Stay tuned, folks!

Fessie goes into the kitchen where most of the HG are assembled getting ready for the Have Not feast. They are making banana bread, regular bread, donuts, steaks, chicken. It’s the last night the new have nots get to eat and the first night for the old have-nots to eat. Sam made more puppy chow. JC wants brown rice. They are making fried rice and stir fry. 
Fessie is wandering around like a sick puppy. He returns to the HOH room, but stops and has a seat on the balcony and talks to Bayleigh. 


7:40pm BBT Fessy says he didn’t think he could win that comp, because it was a memory comp. Bay tells him that Kaitlyn was pissed that he didn’t throw it to her. He is surprised to hear this. Bayleigh told her not to pressure him. She wants to know what he needs them to do, because they want him to be OK. He says all he wants in for the outside to open up because he is going crazy in the house. She asks him how he feels about it and he tells her he doesn’t want to feel right now. 

He asks her of she talked to Haleigh? She says yes, and she says she knows you might not use it on her but she is confused because you told her that you would use it on her, and she chose you to play. If she knew you might not use it on her she would have chosen Scottie because he would have used it to save her. Fessy acts like this is all news to him. 


7:50pm BBT Bay doesn’t think she can wait for Swaggy to come back to use her power. But if she goes up and goes home she won’t get to use it at all. She wants it to benefit their game. She says he needs to think about the long term game and if he can get confirmation that Sam isn’t going to put her up, then use it on Haleigh. She asks him if he wants her to talk to Sam or not? He says he will. 
He questions Bayleigh as to whether Kaitlyn got the last question right. Bayleigh says, she got it right. She told Bay she can’t understand why he didn’t give it to her, because she was right behind him. 


7:55pm BBT Fessy asks Bayleigh who she thinks flipped on Swaggy. She says, Scottie. You sure? No, I’m not sure, to be honest, it could have been Rockstar or Haleigh. Then Bayleigh says, are you not upset about her flipping on the Steve vote? Fessy says she had a reason to do that. Bayleigh says, but the reason you think she did it is a lie. He argues with her about it and tells her that he will make his decision. She says she does not know why he trusts her so much, why he believes everything she says… Sam has no reason to lie about it.  

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08:06PM BBT Kaitlyn is in the PBR folding some clothes.  Fessy asked what she's doing "just packing up some stuff".  Haleigh is laying in one of the PBR beds.


08:14PM BBT Fessy confirms with the other HG (Bay and Haleigh) that Kait did NOT in fact throw the comp to him, like she's told him.  He's being told not to trust her.


08:17PM BBT Fessy tells Haleigh "I'm going to take you off the block, so be happy.  Just don't ACT happy".


08:18PM BBT Haleigh tells Fessy that Rockstar is going to try to convince Fessy not to use the POV.  She feels safe going into the eviction because people have told her that she is, but she is using the previous evictions feeling of safety as proof that she shouldn't.


08:21PM BBT Haleigh Fessy and RS are recanting the comp, which apparently lasted about 10 minutes.  Fessy said he was counting on his fingers to keep track of something during the comp.


08:24PM BBT Kaitlyn is taking a shower while Rachel and JC are lounging on the couch.  Rachel is asking JC questions about the house events as she appears to be quietly studying.


08:27PM BBT Kaycee comes into the WA, tripping along the way almost falling on Rachel.  Angela comes in eating chocolate, saying "home stretch, guys".


08:39PM BBT Kaitlyn is joking with JC about how to say Yin and Yang, and he is saying Jing and Jang.  


08:42PM BBT In the PBR, Rockstar said that she regrets popping off like that.  Haleigh tries to ensure that it's the way she felt, so ok.  Scottie tells her that at some point, they'll all do that.


08:50PM BBT In the HN room, Brett and Amanda talk about which past HG they'd like to meet, while Kait makes up her face.


08:52PM BBT JC asks Rachel if she wants a cookie, and she has to ask him 3x what he said and then gives up.  Bayleigh is chopping something in the kitchen.


08:53PM BBT Kait goes into the Jenga lounge where Kaycee and Tyler are playing.  Tyler asks if she's still sad, and she tells him that Haleigh has her legs on Fessy, and how can she can compete with that.


08:56PM BBT Haleigh asks RS and Fessy if Kait has said anything.  Fessy said that she was packing earlier.   They are whispering, trying to figure out how Kait is feeling/thinking.





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BB Time 9:18pm



Faysal is in the shower, Sam is rolling up carpet and cleaning the room. They are talking about being on slop, and how miserable it is. Sam says it must have been hard to sleep in the speakers and he says they gave him the biggest one. Sam is sorting dirty towels, while they talk. Earlier someone filled the shower with shaving cream and Faysal has agreed to clean it up while he is in the shower. Tyler comes in and rinses his mouth with salt water, Sam says hydrogen peroxide is good too. (toothache?)


camera moves to kitchen 9:22pm

Sam is now in there with broom and dustpan, Tyler is in the kitchen saying he may have left some stuff that “numbs it” in his HOH drawer. Angela hugs Sam.


Camera moves to bathroom area 9:23

JC is in the bathroom area teasing Faysal about seeing him naked.


Camera moves to HOH 9:24

Tyler and Sam


Tyler tells Sam that Faysal is going to use the veto. Sam says she will not tell anyone who she is putting up


Tyler:is it Rock Star,

S: I am not going to tell you. It's not you.


She gives Tyler hints, but she does tell him she will put up the person most like Kaitlyn. She says she wants Kaitlyn gone.


T: it will be random vote if it is anyone with Kaitlyn.


He tells her he would put up Rock Star, he tells her that Rock Star is the easy choice. Sam says she will spit it out on the fly. Tyler says he will tell you,


S: I didn't ask him to. He doesn't have to


They both agree that Rock Star leaving is not beneficial, Sam wants to know who he would miss the least. He mumbles around with names. Sam said she will not tell anyone who she is putting up, and she will tell them about the power when she puts them up. Sam says Fessy can think for himself. Baleigh knocks on the door, but Sam just yells she will be out in a minute. Sam tells Tyler she is not worried, she is doing what is best for everyone. Sam continues to talk about her strategy, that she will continue to play her way. Sam asks Tyler who knew about Rock Star being the replacement, (she had mentioned it to Tyler and Rachel earlier) Now other people know about her statement, and she has busted Tyler for telling things she told him in confidentiality. (she doesn't call him out, she just repeats what he said).


Tyler continues to push her to put up Rock Star, then Baleigh brings in the basket for Sam.


Baleigh is frustrated and angry, no one understands her. She feels like she cannot be upset like the other girls, no one comfort her because they are afraid of her. She thinks people don't give her the opportunity to be funny or silly.

Sam tells her that is because of Swaggy, because she was pulled away from everyone by him. Sam leans on Baleigh while she continues to rant. Tyler says people think she has a vendetta over Swaggy, but Baleigh says that she is being punished.

Tyler says people make assumptions. The conversation continues, Baleigh goes on non-stop with her melt down.


Camera 3


Kaitlyn and Faysal in bedroom


Kaitlyn is crying, telling him she didn't mean to hurt him, she wondered where he went (she knew he was in HOH hiding from her). For the last few minutes she is just cry-talking, can't really understand the sentences. The topic is Haleigh I believe. Kaitlyn is giving him the reasons he should take her off the block, and she is tearing Haleigh's game play up to do it, claiming she is more likely to be voted out than Haleigh. Faysal, just laying there, responding with game sucks, hum mm. Kaitlyn is continuing to cry-talk to him, you really can't understand her, just random words.





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09:03PM BBT Sam is cooking up a feast for the HG, since some will be on slop tomorrow.  In the Jenga lounge, Kait is trying to do push ups while JC counts.


09:14PM BBT JC tells Kaitlyn and Kaycee are giggling at a story that he is making up as he goes.  


09:16PM BBT Fessy and Tyler talk in the WA about how to take one of the girls off the block and then campaign to keep the other.  He is having a hard time finding the positive side of his situation where he is stuck between the two.


09:26PM BBT Tyler goes up to HOHR and tells Sam that Fessy is going to use the POV.  Sam won't tell him who she's going to put up until that time, and that she's also going to tell them about her power.


09:34PM BBT Sam appears to be annoyed by Tyler's talk trying to get information out of her.


09:36PM BBT Fessy goes to join Kaitlyn in bed in the BBR.  She switches her voice to that of a 5 y/o girl and lays the guilt trip on him about his promise/giving his word.  


09:40PM BBT Kait tells Fessy that others have come to her saying that they don't understand why he didn't give the comp to her.  He gets upset and says "why would I?  I need to be safe too!"  She whispers through her tears.


09:42PM BBT Bayleigh is up in the HOHR crying that she is being misjudged.  She feels hurt that she was punished because the house decided that Swaggy was a threat.  Sam says that she can stay upstairs and relax.


09:45PM BBT Kait continues to talk to Fessy, but it is difficult to understand because she is whining and crying at the same time.


09:48PM BBT Sam gives Bay a pep talk in the HOHR, to just be herself and live her life in the house, and then just play the games/comps the best she can.


09:56PM BBT Kaitlyn continues her guilt trip talk with Fessy.  He says "I don't want to play this game anymore if this is how it's going to be every week.  I care about you both so much"  JC walked in to check on her and asks her if she's crying.  She turns off the tears like flipping a switch and says "no", and starts laughing.



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10:05 PM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 continue to show Kaitlyn trying to get JC to agree to use the veto on her. He explains that things have happened that makes him question her. She says that he is holding grudges. She says that she was cornered and was told by Swaggy that she was the next one that was going. He tells her that he doesn't think that is true and at the end of the day, she put him on the block and didn't tell him.


10:10 PM BBT Kaitlyn tells Fessy that when Swaggy was in the house, Fessy was a target. He and Swaggy were the other duo in the house. If he was still in this house, he would be up there.  In getting Swaggy out, she saved his a**.


10:20 PM BBT Fessy asks Kaitlyn that he wants to know where he will stand with her if he ends up using the veto on Haleigh and can get her to stay too. She said that of course, she would forgive him eventually. Fessy says that his fear is that she won't. 


10:25 PM BBT In the BBR, Kaitlyn is telling Fessy that the house knows that when they want to get Haleigh out, it will be an easy thing to do. If they want her out, she is winning stuff and it won't be easy so the house is going to jump on the chance now. 


10:35 PM BBT Sam and Bayleigh are on all 4 feeds. They are laying down in the HOHR. Bayleigh is talking about how sweet Swaggy is and that no one got to see it. She imagines a little baby with both his and her characteristics and she thinks that would be amazing. 


10:40 PM BBT JC did Haleigh's make up. The results are nothing short of breath taking. [No pun intended, the results literally made Sam screech-Goldylucks]




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