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Hinky Votes and Tears a Plenty +week 4 HOH


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You know what’s great about this season? EVERYTHING! For years we’ve endured knowing exactly what was gonna happen, never ending ‘house votes’, and predictable power houses dominating the game. This season really should take any long time BB fan back to the days when 16 people went in the house wanting to win the game! Not make it to jury. Not just begging for followers. This season, this cast, is full of ‘sleeves rolled up, ready to battle’ players week after week and I love it! 


Tonight’s live eviction episode was packed! When the feeds went down it did look like there would be a likely 7-5 vote to evict Winston. As I mentioned yesterday Tyler had conceived some plan to pin his and JC’s votes on two people from Foute (one being Kaitlin). Remember I said I couldn’t begin to guess how he thought he was going to pull that off?


Well if you saw Brett’s eviction speech alleging Angie tried to strike a deal and plans to vote Winston out and pin it on Kaitlin, that is exactly how these two plan to divide Foute and keep them all feeling like they can’t trust anyone in their own group. 


When feeds return we have the HOH, which I really expected to be a battle of wills between Foute and people like Brett, Rachel, Angela. Imagine my shock when 35-40 min in we are suddenly down to Kaitlin, Kaycee, JC, Sam, and Tyler! What? Really? Foute you just got screwed in the voting for the 3rd week in a row and Haleigh and Bayleigh couldn’t cling to those trees like wolves were chomping at their feet! 


JC falls, hard to tell in that moment if he threw it or slipped. Now I’m ready for a long night. Kaitlin is many many things and stubborn is at that top of that long list. She’s built for comps like this and since not one other Foute was still in the running it’s easy to assume it would be a while. Then Kaitlin falls within minutes of JC and Kaycee practically jumps on top of her for as fast as she bailed once Kaitlin is out.


Remember the last 4 from the Level 5 side all know about the power. They know this week it is automatically played. Any reasonable BB player wouldn’t want to put people up and make waves in the house when it will all be for nothing! 


The problem is now Tyler once again dominates another competition and you have to think he’s running scenarios. Winning this comp is bad for his game. Letting Sam of all people win could be equally as bad considering how unpredictable she can be. Sam can be volatile and she doesn’t like the part of playing where people have to go home. 


I know for Sam she’s thinking I was a robot and now I am gonna win this HOH. She’s also likely thinking if she wins this week, knowing the power is going to be used she doesn’t want to have her power screw up anyone else’s HOH. If I’m Tyler here I am seriously running through everything in these moments as Sam as screaming at him to let her have it. She points out he’s already had the room. 


I think Tyler ultimately does the best thing. He doesn’t need any more attention on him or Kaitlin in the HOH under him all week betting to play hide to cucumber. He hung in long enough to look like he was trying and possibly worried after the vote. He always gives Sam what she wants. As long as he can work with Sam to make this week as beneficial as possible he should be fine. Sam wins the HOH! The scene the ladies from Foute made was a little embarrassing you would think one of them won. But again that’s a great sign that the work Brett. JC, Kaycee, and Tyler put in to inspiring fear and dissension is working. 


When HG re-enter the house we see Angie is still reeling from Brett’s attack on her character. She’s sobbing for a good long while and eventually mid sob she is summoned to the DR. Meanwhile is anyone surprised to see Kaitlin acting like a junk yard dog trying to nail down who flipped. We see her sucking up to Brett the second she gets the opportunity. It’s nauseating to watch her tell him that she’s so glad he stayed. She didn’t want to vote against him but just so he knows she apologized to his family when she did it (no she didn’t). She gushes with gratitude for apologizing to her on national TV (like she demanded he do). 


Eventually Tyler joins the HN room where Kaitlin has been holding court with Brett in front of JC, Rachel. Angela. Haleigh has come in and Kaitlin demands for Haleigh to confess who she really voted for which doesn’t go over well with Haleigh at all. She’s doesn’t appreciate being grilled or called out about her vote in front of people and Kaitlin is basically insisting she knows Haleigh was the one that flipped there’s no way Angie did that. 


Tyler finally coasts into the room and the others quickly scatter when Kaitlin starts attacking Tyler. I was happy to see Tyler swat (figuratively) at the annoying little gnat telling her she can’t be putting him on the spot in a room full of people either. She rightfully interrogates Tyler. I mean he is doing all the things she’s worried about but Brett and Tyler tag team the Angie approached Brett story. Brett told Kaitlin that Tyler saw Angie approach him. Tyler confirms this and he takes it a step further saying why do you think I kept acting so worried!? 


There are definitely some small tells here but Kaitlin is so involved in herself and believing she is the BB police and the case of the rogue vote is her only one to solve at the moment I don’t think she catches things we may have. 


Listen this house is in chaos tonight! Bayleigh is heated! She hates this team of Girls! She tells Faysal that she’s sick and tired of being out of the loop every week and it’s Chris’ fault she’s stuck with these losers. I’m paraphrasing but that’s pretty close to what she said and absolutely what she meant. Faysal is mad he keeps getting kicked out of rooms. Angie is livid this self righteous entitled rich white kid got his way and not only stayed but comes for her game on her daughter’s bday of all days! 


Look I get she’s mad. She has every right to be mad. However this is a game! Every word. Every action. Every moment has consequences in this game and she’s already not on the winning side of things she has to real this in. JC and Sam are two people who really give her the affirmation and the kick in the pants she needs telling her that it’s one competition that doesn’t define her and that her kids are watching and she doesn’t want them to see her this upset. I appreciate the humanity here especially after BB19 where the running theme was to stomp on people when they were down. 


Scottie is prancing around like a crazy uncle. Angela and Rachel are pretty quiet but stand by their votes. Kaycee is literally flying under the radar during all of this scrambling. JC is JC. He’s either cheering someone up making them laugh or whispering in the corner planting seeds like it’s the first sunny day after the ground isn’t frozen. Haleigh and Faysal are certain they will be the targets. Bayleigh is ready to kick some a%$ and take names later. 


This is going to be a wonderful magical exciting night of feeds! Sam has decided she will sleep in the room and drink alcohol of they give it to her (she requested Whiskey) but she is not going to eat until her fellow HN can. Tyler pushes that she needs to enjoy her win and go ahead and eat but she is insisting she finish the HN run with those she’s been with on slop all week. This is seriously where some of these people should be very concerned with Sam’s

Social game. She’s proven she’s a force to be reckoned with when she wants and

is kind and sincere with everyone pretty equally.


Sam has also announced she will not be holding 1-1’s when she gets her room. She goes so far to say when the HOH reveal happens everyone can come up and then she is just going to tell the people she plans to put on the block right there and then and that will be the end of it she’s locking her HOH door after that! 


The fan in me so wants to see this! I’m with Scottie at this point his mind is blown and he just keeps saying wow! That’s thug! She’s Thug! That’s a thug move! 

Imagine how glorious a moment like this would be on the feeds?! Sadly we are realists and we rarely get what we want so I won’t hold my breath. Besides I am hopeful that Tyler reels her in and explains why that isn’t a good idea or that production gives her the run down and she’s a rule follower so she wouldn’t dare discuss her nominations prior to tomorrow.


Bay has said that she will use her power this week if she HAS to. Her Faysal

Went round and round and he’s 100% certain Sam will put him up. If Tyler is as good as we hope he is he will talk to Sam and realize with the +1 life app in play this week strategically the smartest thing to do is target the people they think have the other apps (app since Tyler has the 2nd one but no one knows that). I mean I love Bayleigh but her power has to go. Tyler and Brett are totally convinced Bay won last week and drawing that out in a week where whoever walks out comes back is the best possible scenario. 


There you have it! I was elated to see that Brett and Tyler managed to keep Brett. While I felt a little bad for Winston who genuinely believed he was staying. That is until he stormed out of the house like a 2 year old and acted a fool in his exit interview. 


Don’t get me wrong I love the entertainment of it all but his logic is so absurd right down to his final moments. His rage is so ridiculous when you consider he said all week he wouldn’t campaign against Brett and his own alliance had to vote to keep one of them so why is he so dang salty it wasn’t him? He should be angry at himself for believing Foute was going to help save him when they haven’t controlled one vote yet this season. 


I will return with the overnight scoop and serve you a piping hot cup RealITea on how this rogue vote plays out and what Sam will actually do tomorrow for nominations. Until then channel your best self and keep insisting the spirit guides remove the negative air by sending Kaitlin out next week! If we all put that in the universe we can make it happen! She will be so proud of us. 



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