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Week 3 Highs and Lows Which HG rose and which will Fall


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This week had some unexpected highs and lows. Heading into tonight’s week 3 live eviction there are some key shifts to understand why Brett is more likely to stay than Winston. Even more important is to understand why Foute was actually in power and still can’t manage to send out their own target. 


Scottie headed into this HOH with a couple of goals. First he tells us that he knows he’s on the bottom of the Foute pecking order and his hope was throwing the vote onto Chris would allow him to pin it in someone else in Foute ultimately helping Scottie rise from the bottom of the totem. This was a terrible plan. Don’t forget it took minutes for Foute and Level 6 to deduce Scottie was the rogue vote. 


While we did see some positive moments in Scottie’s reign as HOH he lost more equity than he gained in the house. Level 6 still saw him as a potential ally until this week so he’s blown any chance to keep playing both sides when necessary.


From what I saw all week the only thing Scottie gained was knowledge that Tyler is far more Level 6 side of the house than the middle of the house like he originally believed. Considering all of Foute had already come to this conclusion that wasn’t much of a gain. 


Becoming HOH after voting Chris out while wearing his T-shirt helped Scottie redirect attention. That was lucky for him because had he not I think it would have played out very differently. With his HOH he wanted to have conversations with each HG to set up his preconceived plan to nominate the bro’s. He tells people he wants to know 2 things. Who voted to send Steve home. Which he does eventually find out from Kaitlin it was her. The other question (more relevant) who are the biggest threats according to others. 


The RealiTea is Scottie didn’t give two cents about those details. He was using that as a cover to nominate the bro’s and push the narrative that players on both sides said the Bro’s needed to go. At the beginning of the week I saw Scottie doing a decent job of trying to create some paranoia in the bro’s.


Scottie was also trying to create some rifts. Like Foute when the week began Scottie vastly underestimated his opponents. By the end of the week his perceptions do change and he does start to see some HG as greater threats than he began but his original goals failed miserably. 


Scottie’s problem was that the first few days he only saw the opposing team made up of Bro’s/Rachel/Angela/and perhaps Kaycee. Scottie saw Tyler and Kaycee to a lesser degree as free agents and shares way too much information with them. Also, to Scottie’s deficit is that he subscribes far too easily to some of the absurd assumptions people like Angela, JC, Faysal believe.


By the time Scottie starts to wonder if Tyler is with the other side he’s already shown his hand. He’s so excited to now be one step above Kaitlin in the pecking order he misses some key details. Foute’s side now knows that Sam has a power. I know

It’s shocking that they all didn’t already suspect that but again Kaitlin rats out Sam’s power. The bad news is Tyler, Kaycee, JC, and Sam saw that and were effective in making them all believe this week her power expires and therefore no one needs to worry about that power after this week.


Once we hit the halfway point of week 3  his efforts became too shady to be effective. Most significantly was his attempt to start a war over Bro’s trying to strike a F3 deal. Scottie has shown he is a potential threat that many in the game were not aware of. Winning both the HOH and the Veto didn’t help.


Those wins are a huge deficit to his game. Scottie will be really worried once Brett stays. Listen this early in the game you don’t want to win back to back comps like this. I understand what Scottie was thinking but as far as playing this game that’s not something you should ever find yourself doing until you get down to F8 or F6. Perceptions are everything in this game! 


Kaitlin and Scottie will be the two who come out the worst at the end of week 3. I saw Scottie easily making it to the halfway point on the game with a real chance to have staying power before his HOH now he’s gone from a 7 to a 3 this week in my rankings of HG games.


Yes Level 6 will finally lose a player. Winston leaving isn’t perceived as a hard hit. Winston is terrible at this game. He is terrible at comps. He does nothing but spend time with Brett. Winston really truly should have been on the Foute team based on his terrible reads and ridiculous strategies. 


To Level 6’s credit the outsiders still haven’t realized that Level 6 is much larger than they want to believe. They can afford to lose Winston. Winston blowing up on Scottie did make it easier for people on his own side to choose to keep Brett over him but it wasn’t the main reason. Brett will be a shield, a bigger target than Rachel, JC, Kaycee, and right now even Tyler believe it or not. 


I think Brett will also be very thirsty for this next HOH and while he’s muscular he’s also smaller and that’s the body type that tends to win wall comps. Not the Faysal, Angie’s and Tyler’s of the game. I have zero doubt Tyler could but unless it’s him and a Angie I don’t see that happening.


The one disadvantage heading into this type of endurance comp is HN’s like Kaycee, Angela, JC especially are tired and hungry. That really effects stamina. On the flip side JC knows he can eat if he gets HOH. Lol.


Brett brings some competition strength in numbers where Winston would not. Brett also has Kaitlin’s venom leaking out of every orifice so that’s great for Tyler. Foute fears Brett. They still have the misguided notion that Brett is the brains behind Level 6 and he’s a master at manipulating people so they will target him before Tyler at this point. 


If a Foute member wins this next HOH I can certainly see them nominating Brett/Tyler or Brett/Angela now that the ladies of Foute think they have an all girls alliance. What they don’t know is if Sam’s power isn’t used this week, Brett or Tyler would come right back into the game. The plus for this scenario is Bay would not burn her power if a Foute wins HOH week 4. Bayleigh needs to really be hoping one of them does win for this aspect alone.



Tonight’s Veto will be a Wall comp. We have confirmation of that and the comp can be viewed on the live feeds. I could see Bayleigh or Haleigh giving everyone else a run for the their money but I’m not sure Haleigh feels threatened enough to stay in if it’s a long night. Conversely JC has the best odds of winning a comp like this. Angela could do very well she has the upper body strength. 


I don’t know that JC will gun for it knowing Sam’s power is in play. Bayleigh’s greatest disadvantage is that all of Level 6 is pretty definite in their belief she got the 3rd power app. Players like Tyler and Kaycee are very conscious of having as many players in week 5 HOH as possible. It will be interesting to see if they try to prevent an L6 win because Rachel has been running around insisting they MUST win this next HOH.


Tyler, Sam, JC, and Kaycee all know it automatically gets activated so I think they are savvy enough to not stress over winning it. Angela, Rachel, and Brett like Foute do not. If another level 6 were to win they will certainly be told at that point but again I think having one less competing week 5 would be a needless mistake. 


Bayleigh did of course tell Faysal she won the app. Brett asked Bayleigh directly and she denies it but he isn’t convinced. Brett knows that Jessica won last year after Cody went home so he’s certain she has it. So is Tyler. Knowing that what would be bad for Bayleigh is if she fears Faysal will be nom’d she’s said she will use her power. She’s said she wants to save her power for DE or once they make it to jury unless she suspected herself or Faysal were going to be nominated. Tyler, Brett, Rachel, and JC are all strong enough players and strategic enough to try and flush her power out. 


That could mean that Bay could potentially burn her power on a week that makes no difference because after the eviction of the player she would put on the block (if they could even pull off the votes) that player comes right back in! Imagine Bayleigh hijacks the nominations with her power. The possibility of finally evening the numbers in the house is within reach and Sam’s power is revealed eviction night and that target comes right back into the game! Now Bayleigh has no more power app. Tyler would then be the only one left with a power. I mean with 3 powers in play


Foute is in for a 3rd week in a row blindside vote where the person they were sure was going stays. Foute really wants to keep Winston for all the same reasons Level 6 doesn’t. Foute also wants him to become the BB20 resident pawn if he stayed this week. That’s terrible for players like Scottie, Faysal, and Tyler because no one views him as a threat and with Brett gone those three move up the ranks as strongest competitors. Imagine Winston coasting to the end because everyone thinks they can beat him. No thank you! 


Scottie earned some general respect from Foute because he showed he’s head to play. Problem is like Foute his perceptions are only 20% accurate. As a fan it’s good to see he isn’t counting on playing the innocent harmless nerd like Steve or Ian. That’s terrible for his game though. He was not on anyone’s radar prior to this week beyond Level 6 knowing he was Chris’ snitch. Now, his willingness to make big moves puts him under a microscope. 


Scottie also helps Kaitlin plunge down the longevity ladder in the game. Not that she really needs much help. Listen there is not one things anyone in this house has told Kaitlin that she has not immediately turned around and told someone else. It’s universally known by every player she is untrustworthy and in this game that’s enough to make you expendable. So when Scottie reveals the private pitch the bro’s made and confirms that they wanted her to go up she starts spiraling.


Look, Foute already didn’t trust her after she sent Chris home. She had been clinging to Tyler which also left a salty taste in the members of Foute’s mouths (except Faysal). When she confronts Brett in front of everyone the incident was disappointing for LF’s who just appreciate messy excitement on the feeds. More to the point Kaitlin spends the week playing victim and exhaustively shoving her sense of self righteousness down everyone’s throats. 


When it came to the whole ‘Brett was rude to me and insulting my gifts’ people are sick of listening to her. This week nearly every single HG has a conversation daily about Kaitlin needs to go and she needs to go before jury. Kaitlin’s entire game revolves around betraying those she’s aligned with (Chris/Foute/Tyler). Add to that she’s emotionally unstable and sucks the life out of the house with her drama.

On top of the fact she can’t keep one word to herself. 


This is BB. It’s week 4 after tonight’s eviction and Kaitlin has pretty much done everything you shouldn’t do in this game. Both sides see her as more of a liability than an asset. Yes, once Brett stays Foute will want to hold onto her this week but next week (#5) I see Kaitlin going out by possibly the first unanimous house vote of the season. Even Faysal won’t want to spend social capital to try saving her moody unpredictable self. Kaitlin went from middle of the road ranking to bottom of the pile this week and the only thing better than that to me as a LF is she has zero ‘hits’ showing her that. Kaitlin will go out pre-jury with a 98.9999% odd. I mean Tyler volunteered to be a HN just to have some peace from her! 


My biggest concern heading into this week is for Tyler. Kaitlin ended up being the train wreck we all saw coming for his game. Fortunately, what I see of Foute he has a pretty strong chance of making it to jury and I think at that point he will be most vulnerable during the second eviction. I’ve seen a lot of fans discussing why Tyler wants to show his hand to save Brett. He isn’t. Everyone at this point knows Tyler is with Level 6 at least from a voting stand point. 


From Tyler and L6 point of view Scottie and Foute think Brett is pulling the strings even if Tyler is better than they realized. If Brett were to go attention turns to Tyler. However this whole idea he has about telling Foute and Kaitlin he is voting with them against Brett seems like a pointless lie. Tyler keeps saying he plans to pin the two votes (expecting 7-4) onto girls in Foute like Kaitlin and another. He’s been saying all week he will vote how Kaitlin tells him to. 


I’m sure he has a goal in mind but from my perspective this isn’t his best strategic move. He could have easily said IDK then explain after the fact why Brett is better to keep. Everyone but Kaitlin could accept that. Why thinks he and JC can pin 2 votes on Foute is a mystery to me? Even if he could do it (don’t think he can) what is there to gain? I don’t see his risk v. reward here but we will see. Once eviction happens and HOH plays out there’s no telling where attention turns to. 


Before we head into eviction there is only one other bite to leave you to nibble on. Angie and Haleigh have talked since week 2 about branching out and making an all girls alliance. With the 3rd guy leaving the house this week it would be stupid of the ladies not to looks around and consider they could unite against the remaining guys. 


Unfortunately it’s Angie who takes the lead. Her approach reminds me of a guy in a nightclub at last call desperately stalking any woman unattached trying to find one that is DTF. It’s not a good look.

She talks to Bay about it and they agreed Rachel and Kaycee would be good to pull into this. Rachel then inquired if they’ve approached Angela? This was smart on Rachel’s behalf. I know if I were Haleigh and she didn’t ask about Angela (knowing how close they are) I would be suspicious. 

However by the end of the week Sam’s been told they have an all girls alliance. Angela is awkwardly invited into the fold, Kaitlin is begrudgingly a walk on. 


Bayleigh especially should have vetted who to try and work with in this scenario. She’s really the only one on Foute with any sense and she’s still about 1/2 wk behind in her knowledge of the players in the game. I mean what in the last 3 weeks would make Angie/Haleigh believe all the women in the house would abandon their team (which is dominant) to join Angie who talks way too much, Haleigh who snuggles up to whoever is in power, and Bayleigh who they finally had their first conversations with since they entered the house? It’s so absurd. 


Listen this is not a thing. Kaycee and Rachel agree to lead them to believe it is for now in case they win HOH next or at the very least to infiltrate secrets from the enemy. Angela only agrees because Rachel tells her to play along. Kaycee goes right to Tyler and tells him. Not that she needed to because Brett and Faysal are already aware. This secret girls alliance is anything but a secret. What I did find valuable in all the craziness this week is Kaycee and Tyler are definitely a F2. She brings him info and most of the time he shares just as much with her. 


Kaycee is the most underestimated player in the game at this point. While Tyler being exposed by Kaitlin dropped him slightly in my rankings from an 8 to a 7, Kaycee remains the highest for me. She’s got everything she needs to succeed. No one sees her. She’s very strategic as we see in her convos with Tyler and JC. She’s incredibly adaptive in her social game, and physical she’s hiding her abilities. 


As of now I don’t see a scenario where she doesn’t make to final 6 whether Tyler does or not. They are a great Duo, and T/JC/KC make an incredible trio but she’s managed to develop her own game where it’s not reliant on Tyler. That’s the player I love to watch morph into a credible threat to win the game! 


This week could be an opportunity for some real strategic placement of players in the house by the right kind of mindful game play. Line them up to take them out or use them to make moves you need to eliminate others just one or two steps ahead of them. 


JC and Tyler are definitely more visible but all they need to do is create a distraction moving the target from them to someone else and they will outlast Kaitlin, Angie, Scottie, Brett, and maybe even Rachel. Either way tonight should be filled with twists and turns and I’m always here for comps having live on the feeds. 


You can watch the HOH endurance Comp live post live show EST. I’m really curious to see how Level 6 plays this one if Sam doesn’t use her power (which is unlikely she would). I’m always here to see Foute’s shock when once again things don’t go as planned. I will be back tomorrow with all the night’s RealiTea including eviction results, HOH results, and the length of Kaitlin’s emotional meltdown once Brett stays. 





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