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Episode 10-Veto

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Previously on Big Brother, a new twist called the BB App Store released powers and punishments, and Sam got a power that could save someone's game, while Haleigh got the final Crap App.  With Scottie running the house, he wanted to target the Bros.  Knowing they were in trouble, Brett went to work and it seemed Scottie was under the hacker's spell.  But at the nomination ceremony, it was the revenge of the nerd.  Tonight, will the PoV become the power of V-Bro, saving Winston or Brett?  


Plus, with tensions high, the dog lover bares his fangs and the clairvoyant Kaitlyn goes sixth sense-less on the Bros.  All this right now on Big Brother!

Day 24: Nominations.  Brett and Winston are on the block.  Brett calls him an idiot for putting his ride-or-die up next to him.  The two of them vs. Scottie in a competition?  Plus, he says, if either of them comes down, they have the Level 6 numbers to stay.  Scottie says the two are a power couple and he needs nominations to stay the same on eviction night. Bayleigh says last week was miserable, but this week will be an up week.  

In the lounge, Winston is fuming, wants to break Scottie's ___.  Freaking dweeb, he says.  He better hope I go home, Winston says in DR, or I'll make his life and this house torture.  Dork.  In the storage room. Rockstar. Faysal and Haleigh celebrate.  That kid's got cajones, Rockstar says of Scottie.  She says they have to play in Veto and not use it.

Rockstar is thrilled Winston and Brett are on the block. She tells us hopefully someone from her side gets drawn to play veto and they win and they can say good-bye to the bros.



The HG are in the kitchen and Scottie says if anyone wants to talk he’s here. Winston is in the lounge room and is calling for Brett and Brett is heading upstairs with Scottie. Brett says he understands where Scottie is coming from. Scottie says he’s not about the backdoor and wants to give everyone a chance. Brett says he’s not going to play the bull crap game and act like he likes him. Scottie says normally Brett is charismatic when they talk, but this time there is no mist.



Tyler is in the SR and he says this really sucks. He says at the same time it’s not him and they have to lose one, then they have to lose one. Kaitlyn and Winston are in the SR with Tyler and they are talking they have to win the veto. Winston tells us that Kaitlyn is telling him he needs to separate himself from Brett and he’s not listening to that at all. One of them just has to win veto.



Winston tells us he’s trying to calm down but Scottie wants to talk one on one and his blood is boiling and he’s afraid he’ll say something he regrets. Winston says Scottie says he just drew a line in the sand and if he’s there next week Scottie signed his own eviction, no questions asked and if he wins HOH, Scottie is gone. Period. Winston then walks out of the HOH room.



Rachel is talking to Winston and she says if one of them comes down, then she thinks herself or Angela will be the replacement. She tells Winston he needs to start throwing Kaitlyn into the fire. Winston says she’d be a great replacement nominee because she orchestrated the backdoor plan on Swaggy C.



Time to play veto. Scottie picks first and he draws Tyler. Tyler tells us getting picked to play in the veto is annoying because if he wins he has to show his cards. Brett picks Rachel. Rachel is super excited about this and if she can secure her safety and save one of her bros that would be awesome. Winston draws Rockstar.



Faysal is talking in the KT with some HG and Faysal says to Winston they were trying to guess his wait. JC is also trying to guess. Faysal says when he came into the house he weighed around 230. Faysal then picks JC up. Faysal tries to do a trust fall with JC but JC moves out of the way.



Bayleigh calls everyone into the LR for the veto competition. She reads about the movie Mamma Mia that will be opening and the HG get a preview. Rockstar says Cher looks incredible and if she could turn back time she’d watch the preview all over again. The winner of this HOH will win a trip for two to the Greek Islands from Mamma Mia.



Brett and Winston promise to take each other. Winston says a trip to the Greek Islands is fantastic but keeping the bros safe in the game sounds a whole lot better.



The backyard is Greece themed and there is a Mamma Mia poster. Bayleigh loves the decorations. On go they will have to grab a disco ball and spin around 15 times. After they spin, they start a 30 second timer and they have to run down and stack champagne glasses. If their timer runs out, then they are eliminated. But if they agree to be a have-not for the week they can re-enter and start a new tower.



Scottie says he needs to win veto because the bros are mad at him. Winston says the stakes could not be higher and he needs that veto in his hands. The HG make their first run and they all look very wobbly. Rockstar recaps the object of the game and she says she wants to win, not just to keep noms the same, but to win that trip.



Brett says he needs to win and he wants to stack as fast as he can. Tyler says it would be stupid to win this competition. Winston’s strategy is to go a little slower and stack the glasses neater. Rachel considers herself a dancing queen and she also recaps the object again. Rockstar says competition is harder than it looks. Bayleigh says Rockstar is looking rough. She’s looking different shades of green.



Winston decided to pick up speed and he feels like he’s plastered drunk and he drops some of his stack. Tyler says he was trying not to laugh because Winston was coming at the glasses like he’s in a bowling alley. Scottie’s strategy is to pace himself. He notices Brett is ahead so he decides to pick up his speed. Brett says he’s stacking the cups like a chance and he can feel the veto around his neck. Who knew it would be this easy? He then runs out of time. He feels like an idiot. He’s going to be have-not for a week so he has to start over.



Winston sees Brett’s glasses fell and Rachel is their best chance to win so he’s pulling for her. Scottie says he needs to win this veto so he picks up the pace. Rachel says she notices the other two struggling and she has to win this for her bros. Scottie is spinning very quickly and he is neck and neck with Rachel, though slightly ahead. Scottie finishes as Rachel is putting her glass on and Scottie races back to his buzzer and wins veto.



Scottie says Greece sounds pretty cool and he has the veto. Now he just needs to make the right choice with it. Brett says odds were in their favor and he dropped the ball and he feels like an idiot. Winston says he’s mad and the dork, Scottie won. He needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat.



Scottie says even though his vacation is far, he’s feeling really good now. He’s HOH and has veto and has control. Brett goes into the bedroom and does some push-ups. He says he loses the comp to Scottie and he’s disappointed in his performance. He is confused what to do…does he campaign against Winston or try and convince Scottie to backdoor someone? Sam comes in and says he did so good.



Sam seeing Brett so tore up is breaking her heart. But she has the app and she can use it for herself or someone else. She says if she doesn’t use it this week, then it automatically goes to the evicted person next week. She doesn’t know if she should use it this week or not. Brett says this should have been his game, he comes home dizzy from bars all the time.



The Bros are talking in the SR. They decide to let things calm down and Winston says we go up in the middle of the night and wake him up and promise him a final three. Scottie comes in and they congratulate him. Brett tells Scottie he feels like a total idiot and Winston apologizes for blowing up on Scottie. We then get an awkward silence and Scottie finally leaves. Brett thinks they should have just done it right there.



To Read or Not to Read: To read…in the kitchen. Haleigh gets in costume and stands on her soap box and begins reading Hamlet. Haleigh says she has to read until she hears not to read. The HG listen intently as Haleigh reads. She reads and JC says that was just the first page? Haleigh says there are 499 pages. The HG start to scatter. Tyler says he can’t sit and listen he has things to do. He has a meeting at 4 and he has to take the kids to soccer. We hear not to read.



Haleigh’s punishment continues in the SR, then the shower, then in the bathroom stall, in the middle of the night in the Living Room, then in the Have-not room and she wakes up the have-nots. She is then sitting outside and telling the HG what the story is about. JC says Haleigh is doing really well, but no one wants to see her anymore. Haleigh is reading in the HOH bathroom and Kaitlyn asks if she can be done now. Haleigh says no one wants to hear her perform anymore and hopefully she can get some sleep. We hear to read or not to read…



Scottie is in the KT with Winston and he wants to meet upstairs in five minutes. Brett joins them in the HOH. Brett brings up that no one has forgotten Kaitlyn backdoored Swaggy and they could return the favor to Kaitlyn. Brett says it wouldn’t make sense to take Winston off because of what happened, so he could take Brett down and put Kaitlyn up. Brett says no one would see this coming. Winston pitches a secret alliance that no one will suspect and he pitches the final three. Brett wants to wrap the meeting up to keep this a secret.



Scottie says he’ll think about it, but the bro’s names came up from a lot of people. Brett says because they are loud and boisterous. Winston says this would be a huge move and could benefit us all. Scottie says using the veto is a huge deal and he’s going to do what is best for his game. He’s going to sleep on it and consider his options.



Kaitlyn tells us there is this really weird energy in the house and she’s trying to calm down. She closes her eyes and she’s having a clairvoyant moment and she sees Winston and Brett are gunning for her. These thoughts are not her own, it’s a sign. She goes up to talk to Scottie and he’s in the HOH with Rockstar, Faysal, and Haleigh. Scottie confirms and tells them about the secret meeting.



Scottie recaps the meeting and explains what the plan would be for their secret alliance. Kaitlyn says she’s sick of guys like them thinking they can say that crap about them or anyone. Kaitlyn leaves the HOH and calls out Brett and Winston and wants to know what’s up. Brett says let’s chat, let’s get Scottie out here. Scottie comes out.



Kaitlyn doesn’t understand what she did to deserve this treatment she thought they were friends. Scottie says she knows about the secret plan. Brett and Winston say they are friends. Brett says he tried to promote Scottie to the big leagues, but he acted like a spineless worm. Brett and Winston confirm the plan and Kaitlyn says ok. Brett says he’s owning what he’s saying. Kaitlyn is sick of people thinking they can control others and lying to people’s faces.  



It’s time for the veto meeting. Scottie says there are so many big targets in this house and he just needs to make sure he does what’s right for his game. He calls the HG inside. Scottie gives both nominees a chance to speak. Winston wishes he’d use the veto on him so he wouldn’t have to campaign against one of his good friends. Brett says oh Scottie, sweet sweet Scottie, he recites a little poem and then he shakes and says I just had a vision! It’s time to take me off Scottie, take me off.



Scottie has decided NOT to use the POV. He says he gave them a chance to win veto and they both failed. They’ve been knocking on the devil’s door for awhile and now they have to answer to him. Winston says in the end he came here to win and he’s not giving up now. Brett says Scottie didn’t use veto, shocker. But either him or Winston are staying and wouldn’t you not want to make an enemy?



Kaitlyn says she is insulted. Brett made it personal and she’s ready for him to go. Sam says she’s been blessed with the power app and they are both good guys, but does she use it or save it?

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