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America's Got Talent Episode 7-Judge Cuts 1

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Tonight, AGT begins judge cuts and they have a special guest judge, Ken Joeung! 18 acts will perform and battle for 7 spots. Who will survive?


Tyra welcomes the judges and the introduces Ken Joeung. Tyra tells Ken he gets a golden buzzer too and he can send someone straight through to the live shows.


The first act to perform is a dance act called Junior New System. Mel B greets them and they say they are nervous because it’s the middle round. Mel B wishes them luck. Mel B is into the performance. They get an ovation from 4 of the 5 judges and the audience.


Mel B says Junior New System are incredible and amazing. Heidi thinks their dancing is explosive and they create so many moments. Howie says they stepped it up and made it better. They can only allow 7 acts to go through and he will fight for them. Simon says this is one of those acts that shouldn’t work on paper, but the audience says otherwise. Ken says he is so rooting for them. He loved every second of it and it’s going to be a very hard evening.


Next is Harold and Regan. The perform their dance with some tricks and the audience liked it. Mel B says Regan is a really good actress and they really stepped up their game.


Then we have Us the Duo and they are a married couple. She reveals she is pregnant. They take the stage where there is a piano and Heidi greets them. They are going to perform another original song.


Us the Duo begin their performance and he’s playing the piano while they both sing. Towards the end of the song he stops playing the piano and they get the audience to clap along. They get an ovation from the audience, Heidi, Mel B, and Ken.


Simon says Us the Duo are good song writers, but he didn’t like this audition as much as the first. But he does love them. Ken says they harmonized well together and they were beautiful. Howie thinks they are a beautiful couple who are amazing talented, but he’s not a fan of the song writing. Simon disagrees.


Taking the stage next is Kevin Blake and he’s a magician. He brings a gift bag to the judges table and asks Mel to come with him outside. He has her take a ring off and he puts in a ring box and he attaches the ring box to some balloons and then he lets it go. The judges inside watch it on a screen.


Kevin gives a badly wrapped gift to Simon and it’s a box with a lock on it. Kevin gives Simon a key and inside is another box and inside of that box is Mel B’s ring. Howie says he loves that he’s original. Simon says he was better than he was the first time.


Now taking the stage is Mochi and he does diabolo, which is a type of juggling. Howie greets him and says his family didn’t support him before and Mochi says they support him now. He performs in front of a screen and the crowd seems to immediately enjoy it. Midway through his performance he adds a second object to juggle. He gets an ovation from all five judges and the audience.


Ken says he tried to do Diabolo himself the other day. He salutes Mochi. Simon says Mochi made something which could be boring, fantastic. Heidi says she loves his personality because he’s so excited about everything.


Lily Wilker is next and she does animal sounds. She does jungle animals this time. We then see Oscar and Pam. Oscar is a singing dog. They begin their performance and Mel B gives them an X. Mel B says it hurt her ears and she couldn’t take it anymore. Simon says he is going to fight for those two.


Daniel Emmet steps up and he reviews his original performance and Simon asking him to perform a second song. He says Simon impressed the performance of song choice and he hopes he picked the right song. Simon wishes him luck and he performs. He gets an ovation from the audience and 4 of the 5 judges.


Mel B says Daniel’s singing is out of this world, it was brilliant. Heidi says belissima! He looks amazing and he has an amazing voice and she’ll be fighting for him. Ken says he was thrilled to watch him and there will be a lot of hard choices to be made. Simon thinks he worked this out and every time he sings it’s like they haven’t heard enough of him.


Voice of Hope is next to perform. They are a children’s choir and the children talk about how appreciative they are of the direct, Sarah. They take the stage and Simon greets them. They are going to perform How Far I’ll Go by Auli'i Cravalho from Moana.


Voice of Hope begins their performance and Ken has a smile on his face. The audience seems to love the performance and they are on their feet before the performance Is over. They get an ovation from all 5 judges.


The director of Voice of Hope returns to the stage and the children crowd around. Mel B says that made her emotional and she could see that each one of them really wants it. Heidi thinks they all sounded great and it’s great what they do with their spare time instead of sitting at home playing video games. Simon thinks of all the acts they’ve seen so far and they are the most improved and he felt an unbelievable energy and he’s proud of all of them. Ken says from all of us to all of you…he hits his golden buzzer.


Next we have the danger act of Aaron Crow. He is greeted by Ken and Howie tells Ken Aaron doesn’t speak. He begins his performance and he has a laser and it points to Ken and Aaron would like Ken to join him on stage. Ken looks less than thrilled. Heidi gets up to go and Ken reluctantly follows. Heidi says she doesn’t feel good about this.


Aaron motions for Heidi to take off her ring and Aaron cores an apple and Ken immediately claps. He puts the ring in the apple and puts the core back in and hands Ken a wheel with a nail in it. He has Heidi sit down and hands Heidi the wheel and he slides the apple onto the nail. Aaron then has a target and a bow and arrow and he puts the apple on Heidi’s head and Ken is holding it steady.


Aaron comes out with an arrow with a laser on it and we get a warning to not do this at home. Aaron steps onto a rotating platform with the bow and arrow and shoots it through the apple and it hits the target. Heidi’s ring is on the arrow and Ken is standing there shaking. Aaron slides the ring into Ken’s hand and Ken is still shaking and gets down on one knee and slides the ring on Heidi’s finger.


Howie says that was amazing! Mel B tells Ken and Heidi that Aaron was on a platform spinning. Ken says that was intense, but everything about his essence creeps him out, but he salutes him. Heidi salutes him too. Simon wants to make something clear before they deliberate. He will not be a part of any of his acts. Howie says he did step it up and they are going to have a hard time picking just 6 acts to go through.


The next individual to take the stage is Carmen Lynch and she’s a comedian. Ken greets her and can’t wait to see her. Carmen begins her set and she immediately gets laughs. The audience seemed to enjoy her and she got an ovation from 4 of the 5 judges. Ken says she has a dry wit and he’ll be fighting for her. Heidi says she was very good but it’s going to be a little tough today.


Christina Wells is next and she’s a singer and her sons are in the audience to support her. At her audition, she felt like she was doing what she was put on this earth to do. She’s going to sing Never Enough from The Greatest Showman. Simon says this is one of the greatest songs he’s heard in years, no pressure and turns it over to her.


Christina begins her performance. It is quiet throughout her performance but as she finishes the audience stands and cheers and all 5 judges give an ovation. Mel B says it’s been a long day and she knows she’s on an emotional roller coaster. She’s going to be honest she was pitchy, but the performance was there.


Ken says when he gave up his career his wife told him he’s no longer a doctor, he’s a comedian. He tells Christina she is no longer a nurse, she’s a singer. Simon says Mel was right but she was amazing and she thinks there is better to come and they will be talking about her later.


Patches is up next. He’s a rapper and his real name is Maddoc Johnson and he’s 13. He heads out on stage and is greeted by Mel B. Simon wants to know where Patches would like to be in a couple of years and he says he’d love to be on Broadway. Patches is going to perform another original song about how fast everything has been happening since his audition.


Patches performs and the audience enjoys it. He got an ovation from 3 of the 5 judges. Ken says he burned that song to ashes. Howie says he’s unexpected and he loves surprises. Heidi says she’s honored she made it into his rap song and it was a step up from last time.


We see Andrew Johnston performing Imagine by John Lennon. Simon says something for him didn’t connect and he thinks he played it too safe.


Then Celina and Filliberto are ready to dance for the judges. Their daughter is Idanis and she is their translator. Idanis says tonight they are going to add a lot more passion and fire. Heidi greets them and Idanis believes they can step-up from their previous performance. Idanis says they’ll be surprised.


Celina and Filliberto perform to Turn Down for What by Lil John. They are dressed in a hip hop style this time. Ken immediately starts laughing. The audience is into it and cheering them on. They get an ovation from Howie and Heidi and the audience. Heidi says they did step it up. Simon thinks they’ve seen 100 shades of grey. Ken says as a former doctor he was a little nervous for their heart and knees but they are so loveable and they completely entertained him. Mel B says she DID say no last time but she didn’t X them this time because they had a routine and she actually enjoyed the performance. Simon says this is what the show is about, when the audience loves it and they have fun.     


We see clips of a couple of danger acts including an act of jumping on trampolines with various painful apparatuses.


Next we have Duo Transcend and they are married and they are a trapeze act. He has an eye disease and she has shattered her foot before. They begin on the trapeze in the air. The judges look terrified and audience seems to love the act. He then puts a blindfold on and the judges sit quietly looking terrified and as she slides we see her fall and a commercial.


We return and she stands behind the fire and he drops from the trapeze. The audience is clapping and the judges all stand. Mary asks to try the blindfold trick one more time and Ken says this is America’s got talent, not America’s got perfection. Simon says a singer can miss a note but it doesn’t make them any less amazing. Simon says it is incredible. Mel B says the suspense, the fire, just incredible. She says they stepped up their game higher than she ever expected. Howie says she almost got very badly and her first thought was let me try again. Only on AGT does that happen. Heidi says she see so much passion between the two of them and for their craft.


The judges are now deliberating and arguing over which six they will put through. They thank Ken and he says he had a marvelous time. They call the first four acts to the stage Kevin Blake, Celina and Filliberto, Andrew Johnston, and Harold and Regan and they are all out.


Junior New System and Us the Duo are greeted by Mel B and informed they both make it through.


Next is Oscar the singing dog, Lily Wilker, and Patches are up and none of them make it through.


Mochi is up next to get his results and Howie gives him the news that he is moving on.


Daniel Emmet is next up to get his news and Simon says it’s difficult for them and he’s going to cut to the chase and he hasn’t made it through. Howie tells him not to give up.


Aaron Crow and Duo Transcend are the next to the stage to get their results and Heidi tells them they are both going through to the live shows.


Christina Wells is now ready for her results and Simon says they had to make decisions based on who they think could do something special on the live show and they have decided to put her through to the live shows.

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The acts that are through to the lives and the golden buzzers:




Michael-Simon's Golden Buzzer

Courtney-Howie's Golden Buzzer

Amanda-Mel B's Golden Buzzer

Makayla-Heidi's Golden Buzzer

Voices of Hope-Ken's Golden Buzzer

Us the Duo

Christina Wells



Aaron Crow

Duo Transcend



Zucaroh-Tyra's Golden Buzzer

Junior New System







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