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America's Got Talent Episode 6-Auditions 6

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We are ready for our final round of auditions. Tyra is standing in front of an apparatus of some sort and it’s time for the first act. We meet Hamster Wheel, Bryce, Christian, and Jason. The apparatus is a Rube Goldberg Machine. To start the machine, they ask Simon to call Tyra on the cell phone and they have Tyra’s cell phone on a platform that vibrates and falls and kicks off the Rube Goldberg machine. The machine is a success.


Simon says he was on the edge of his seat hoping it works. He kicks the voting off with a yes. Howie loves they gave themselves a golden buzzer. He loves these devices and he feels like he’s at a science convention. He gives a yes. Heidi found it boring and she gives it a no. Mel B says she respects the amount of hours they put into it to make it work. She’s on the fence and the audience cheers loudly. Mel B says ok! Yes, yes, yes!


Maddoc Johnson is in 7th grade and he’s in chess club, electronics club, fencing, judo, wrestling, sailing, and he was in a musical. He is called Patches and he wrote his first song when he was 7. Howie greets him and he is going to perform an original. Howie asks what he would do with the money if he won and he says he’d buy tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway.


Patches begins his performance and he is a rapper. The audience seems to like it and Mel B is excited. Howie is clapping along and smiling. Patches finishes and he gets an ovation from the audience. Heidi says she wasn’t expecting that and it was a lot of fun. Simon says he is hilarious and he likes him. Mel B is still trying to wrap her head around what just happened, she liked it! Howie says it was fascinating.


Howie starts with the first yes. Mel B has to say yes. Heidi wants to hear the next song, it’s a definite yes from her. Simon doesn’t know where this is going to go, but the audience wants to see him in the next round so he has four yesses.


Next we have a danger act and he blind folds his assistant and has her throw knives at him. Simon gives an ovation. The next act is speaking and what they do is very dangerous. They are on a see-saw type apparatus and they are jumping and flipping. Simon says he’s never seen anything that good.


Then we have a father daughter act. The father, Sergey is 52 and the daughter, Sasha is 15. They’ve been doing the act since she was 6 years old. Simon asks if the act is dangerous and they say yes. Mel B wishes them luck. Sergey has a platform on his head and Sasha climbs on it and does a head stand. Sergey then spins her. The audience is on their feet. Sasha does different tricks balancing on Sergey’s head and/or hands. They do another trick where she has a bar on her feet that she’s spinning while on Sergey’s head and he climbs and descends a ladder while balancing Sasha.


The audience is on their feet as Sergey and Sasha finish. Mel B says she was traumatized, but in a really, really good way because she made it out alive. She was blown away. Howie says that was so scary and so dangerous and he means that in a positive way. Heidi says they are amazing entertainers. It was amazing. Simon agrees with what Heidi just said. Simon wants to know if it gets more dangerous and Sasha says yes and more props. No fire though because she doesn’t want to lose her hair like Howie.


Heidi gives Sergey and Sasha a yes. Simon says yes. Howie says even though he doesn’t know that was a compliment, they still get a yes. Mel B says they get their fourth yes from her and they’ll see them in the next round.


The next act to perform is a choir comprised of 116 individuals. Sue Fink is the director and the choir is called the Angel City Chorale. Simon greets them and says a choir hasn’t won AGT yet. Sue says they weren’t us. Simon turns the stage over to them. They begin rubbing their hands and snapping their fingers and it sounds like rain. Sue gets the audience involved. There are thunder effects and they begin to sing Africa by Toto. Simon and the audience are clapping along. Heidi is dancing in her seat. They get an ovation from the audience and Simon as they finish.  


Howie says Angel City Chorale took the audition by storm. Literally. It’s amazing. Mel B says it was uplifting and fantastic. Heidi says she loved where they were interactive with the audience and she really loved it. Simon says there was something magical with the way they were singing together. He says it was a great audition and they are going to remember it for a long time.


Howie gives Angel City Chorale s a yes. Mel B says a definite yes from her. Heidi gives a yes. Simon says the best choir they’ve had and it’s a yes from him.


Next we have a clean comic, his mama would come out of heaven and be like pow! Howie says he was the life of tonight’s party. We have another stand-up comedian, a female. Mel B says she was confident, witty, and hilarious. We have a trio of comedians and they get laughs and move on.


Next, we have Oliver and he’s 32 and he’s pursuing stand-up comedy. He says doing comedy isn’t what he thought because he gets very different reactions. He says there will be some people who will want to see his humor. He takes the stage and is greeted by Mel B. The interview is very dry and Mel B tells Oliver to go for it.


Oliver begins his act and his first joke gets a lukewarm response. Howie is amused by the other judges are laughing but not a lot. The audience warmed up as he continued and he gets a standing ovation from the audience and Mel B and Howie. Mel B says Oliver is so different and absolutely everything she loves. Howie says everything about him was good and he’s very smart and bright. Oliver is emotional and he says he doesn’t get booked at a lot of shows and Howie says enjoy your free time for now because you’re going to be a busy man. Simon says when he looks back at comedians they all blur together, except him.


Mel B kicks things off with a yes. Howie gives a second yes. Heidi gives a third yes. Simon gives the fourth and says congratulations.


Angel Garcia is next and he’s 12-years old and he’s a singer. His dad is his best friend. If he won, he would buy his parents a home. Howie greets Angel as he comes on stage and Angel is inspired to sing by his dad and he’s going to sings El Triste by Jose Jose, a Spanish hit. The audience enjoys it and they give an ovation along with Heidi and Mel B.


Mel B says she was not expecting that at all, that was brilliant. Angel’s voice filled up the whole auditorium. Heidi says she doesn’t speak Spanish so she doesn’t know what he was singing about, but it must have been love because she could feel it. Simon says sometimes with younger contestants they don’t know who they are yet. Howie says he was talented and he expected something much younger.


Time to vote. Mel B gives Angel his first yes. Heidi says of course I’m saying yes. Howie says there is a disconnect and he has to be honest, he didn’t get it. He’s a no. Now it’s up to Simon. Simon says this a tricky one. Song choices define who you are, but it’s very easy to choose a song and he’s one of the best singers they’ve had so far. Simon gives a third yes and he’s on his way.


We’re back and it says something AGT Data Control Center and Tyra says something is going on onstage that looks hi-tech. It’s a gentleman with a visual performance. Howie says it seems like every year the technology goes up. We then have a guy come out with “robot” arms and Howie greets him. The guys struggles with the microphone. He talks to Howie with a robot voice. Howie asks what he’s going to do and the robot says a product promotion if you wheel.


The robot guy asks for an orange and he goes to pick it up. Simon quickly buzzes and the audience boos. The robot is going to peel an orange and Heidi X’s, followed by Mel B and Howie. Simon says it wasn’t act and Heidi didn’t think she could roll her eyes into her head far enough. All four judges give a no.


Next they have Box of Clowns. They are like a puppet act and they are quickly buzzed by all four judges. Then we see a “band” come out and they the “Spice Girls”. They are guys and they sing Wannabe in a rock style. Simon presses all the X’s. Mel B says they were great and Simon says they DID sound better than the original.


Next, we have a guy blowing up balloons. Howie X’s him. Simon goes and pops the balloons the other judges are blowing up. Then all judges are X’s and Simon wants to vote. He slowly lets the air out of his balloon and says that was his way of saying no.


Oscar and Pam are ready to perform and Pam tells us she plays piano and Oscar sings. Simon greets them as they come out to the stage. Simon wishes them luck. Pam plays and Oscar howls as she plays. They get an ovation from the audience and Simon.


Simon couldn’t understand the words Oscar sang, but he was singing with the song. Simon says we may have found our first singing dog. Heidi says she has to think about that one. Mel B is kind of on the same page as Heidi. Howie says the dog was on-key. He loved it.


Howie gives a yes. Simon gives a yes because Pam’s dog can sing. Heidi gives a no. The audience is chanting and Mel B says yes. Yes, yes, yes.


The next act is Hunter and he is a singer. He will be singing Everything I Do by Bryan Adams. His mom was a big fan. The judges are listening intently and the audience is quiet. Simon stops the performance. He says what he was doing was very generic, but he has a good voice. Simon wants to hear one of Hunter’s songs. The audience immediately seems more into it.


Simon says it was like two auditions and Heidi thinks Hunter just saved himself. Simon asks what’s been inspiring him over the years to be a singer and he says making people forget about the negativity going on in their life. Simon says there is something about him, he’s a good song writer. He wants to know what Hunter’s low and high moment to get to where he is. Hunter says the low is he’s been on his own since 18 and he’s had moments he didn’t have enough money to eat and the high was this moment.


Heidi says she would have given Hunter a no on the first song, but she’s going to give him a yes. Howie gives him some advice. He says he’s too closed and it’s not just about his song, but about him. Howie says he no, he needs to open up and come back. Mel B says this stage can be intimidating and he sang a song that meant something so she’s saying yes. Simon says he kind of agrees with Howie, but he doesn’t. Simon thinks he overthought the audition and he’s probably better than he thinks he is and he’s going to take a leap of faith and give the third yes.


We now have a group of young ladies who are dancers and they are called Pancakes. Heidi says sweet little pancakes, and not so sweet at all. Mel B says they did every current move and they were fire. Then we see Resident Swing from Colombia and they are dancers. Simon says it was explosive and made him feel good.  Next is a high school dance team dressed in Wizard of Oz costumes. They’ve had some videos go viral. Heidi loved the theme and the energy. Simon says they light up the stage and they were amazing.


We then have yet another group, one of whom is on crutches. He will not be performing but he’s there to support his group. They are called Blue Tokyo. They begin their performance and the audience loves it. The judges look interested. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Heidi says Blue Tokyo made their long flight worthwhile. She says they were like super heroes, she absolutely loved it. Mel B says what just happened?!? It was flawless and their athleticism was brilliant. Howie says they see a lot of dancers and they see acrobats but they don’t see people do it all in one act, that’s amazing. Simon says it was technically brilliant and he hasn’t seen anything like it before. He says it was classy and brilliant.


Time to vote for Blue Tokyo. Howie says yes! Heidi says yes. Simon says yes. And Mel B gives the fourth yes and they are on to the next round.


Next is Makayla Phillips and she’s 15-years old and she’s a singer. She’s watched AGT since she was 3 and she’s always wanted to be on the show. She wants to perform for everyone. She takes the stage and she’s greeted by Mel B. Mel B wishes her good luck.


Makayla sings Warrior by Demi Lovato. The audience loves it and Heidi has a smile on her face. Howie and Mel B are also smiling. Heidi is listening intently. Makayla gets an ovation from the audience and Heidi. Mel B says she’s amazing. Heidi says so fun and good. She loves her and she thinks she’s absolutely incredible. She loves her smile and her voice is incredible and she’s going to do something for Makayla…she hits the golden buzzer.

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