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America's Got Talent Episode 5-Auditions 5

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We start with Troy James and he is a creature of habit. He has a chicken sandwich for lunch every day. He’s a reliable employee except one time and his boss put out a missing person’s report on him. It’s not known he’s auditioning for AGT and hopefully the judges like him. Heidi greets Troy and asks what he will be doing and he responds you’ll see.


Troy is a contortionist. The audience and judges are freaked out. Troy then climbs down the stairs to go to the judges table while he’s walking backwards in a backbend position on his hands and feet. He does a couple moves next to Simon and then “runs” up the stairs the same way he came down them. As he finishes he gets an ovation from Howie and Simon and the audience.


Simon says he has a lot of explaining to do on Monday morning. He says it was like the exorcist, but he loved it. Howie would love to see him star in a horror film. Howie asks how he found out he could do that and Troy says he was born flexible and thought everyone could do it. Mel says he’s different and she loved the way he presented himself. Heidi says it was weird, it was absolutely disturbing, and she loved it.


Time to vote! Howie says yes! Mel says yes! Simon says don’t try this at home, yes. Heidi gives the fourth yes and Troy is moving on.


Next, we see clips of acts beginning with Fratatat, a group of 5 dancers who include tap and Heidi says she was board and they got a no. We then get a shadow act of performers and Howie says what came to mind was almost and he gives a no and they do not move on.


The next act comes out with a jump rope and her name is Vivien and she was born and raised in Hungary. She wants to show people her passion for jump rope and Howie asks if she can win and she says of course. Howie wishes her the best of luck.


Vivien begins her act doing a few easy tricks with her jump rope then she does a back flip while swinging the rope around her. She does some fast jumping that include some splits. She then does a few more flips and the crowd loves it and is on their feet. She does some more quick jumps and another flip then jumps while in a sitting position. She does another flip as she finished and ends with a couple handstands and one more flip. She gets an ovation from Mel B and the audience.


Mel B says that was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. She considers herself a pretty good jump roper, but the tricks she did were so complicated and she is incredible. Heidi says she originally thought how interesting it could be but then she saw she was very talented. Simon says Vivien reminds him of why he loves the show and he loves the variety on AGT. Howie agrees with everyone and he notices she is emotional. She says she’s just very, very happy because she was bullied when she was younger. Howie says being on this stage, she didn’t only show them, she showed the world.


Howie starts Vivien off with her first yes. Mel B says definite, definite yes from her. Heidi says definite yes from her as well. Simon says he’s giving her the fourth yes. Vivien is moving on.


Next, we have Joseph O’Brien and he’s from a small town in Tennessee and he’s an indoor trampoline monitor. He’s 20 and he’s never had a girlfriend. His dream is to be a full-time musician and he hopes the judges like him. Heidi greets him as he comes to the stage. Joseph has never kissed anyone either and Heidi says it’s going to happen. Howie notes he’s nervous. Heidi turns the stage over to him and tells him good luck.


Joseph sits at a keyboard and he sings Hello by Lionel Richie. The crowd seemed to enjoy it and gets an ovation from them. Simon asks why he chose that song and Joseph says he relates the lyrics on a personal level. Simon says it wasn’t a perfect audition, but he’s got a good energy and he’s very relatable and he could and should have a moment. Mel B says there is so much potential and she absolutely adores him.


Howie thought the nerves got in the way of Joseph and he senses there is talent. Heidi didn’t expect that voice to come out of him, she loved it. Mel B has to give him a yes. Howie gives him a second yes. Heidi gives the third yes. Simon says he really likes him and he give him the fourth yes. Joseph is moving on.


Next, we have Christy Joy and her dream is to perform for a beautiful crowd. We hear the music for Funky Town by Lipps, Inc and she starts doing this high pitched humming and she is quickly booed and X’d by all four judges. All four judges give a no and she asks the audience if they like it and they start to boo.


Next, we have Jim and he’s a world record maker and he’s going to try and set a world record. He has a bowl of hot dogs and he begins to put all of the hot dogs (16) in his mouth and the audience begins booing and yelling that he is disgusting. Simon X’s him and allows the audience to vote for him and it’s a no.


We now have a guy with an eye patch and an accordion take the stage. Simon asks his name and he gives a long name with the initial spelling French Accent. Simon asks where he’s from and he says Wyoming. French begins and says he’s doing one-liners and puns. His first joke is promptly booed by the audience. Mel B hits the first X. The audience is warming up a bit and Simon hits his X quickly followed by Heidi. The audience is now laughing at his one-liners and Howie loves it. Mel B starts to warm up as well and she is now laughing. The crowd is getting behind French and he gets an ovation from the audience and Howie.


Howie says French is really funny and really unique. He says the signs of a good comic is someone who can play to the moment and that’s what he did. Howie loved it. Mel B agrees with Howie and she takes her X back. Mel B says he’s way funnier in the moment and that’s what made her laugh. Heidi says he’s a great entertainer, he’s witty and goofy. Heidi also takes her X back. The audience cheers and gets on their feet.


Simon is not going to take his X back for French. Simon kicks it off with a no. Mel B says yes. Heidi says definite yes from her. Howie says three yesses. French is moving on and he moon walks off the stage.


Next, we have Glennis Grace and she’s a singer. She wants to give her son a better life than she had. She believes there’s a time and place for everything and this is her time. Howie greets her as she takes the stage. Simon asks what’s her ambition and her dream. Glennis says she’s always thought since she was a kid she was meant to perform. Howie wishes her luck.


Glennis sings Run to You by Whitney Houston. The crowd seems to enjoy it. Simon has a smile on his face and as she’s close to finishing the audience gets on their feet and clap and cheer. She gets a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Simon says he’s sitting here thinking she looks amazing and sounds amazing and he feels like he’s looking like a star. He says she’s amazing. Heidi says she is absolutely incredible and she sounds so much like Whitney Houston. Mel B says she is hands down a beautiful singer, but it’s almost like she sounded exactly like her but she wants to see more of Glennis. Howie says the only reason she isn’t a star is because they haven’t seen or heard her and they are lucky they get to see her explode.


Howie starts the voting for Glennis with her first yes. Mel B gives her a second yes. Heidi gives a yes, of course. Simon gets to give her the fourth yes. Glennis is moving on.


We see clips of contestant’s reactions to the judges. We hear one set of contestants say Howie is open to weird things. We see a magician/comedian call Howie up and he successfully completed his trick.


We then see another couple of contestants call for Howie to volunteer. One gives Howie a massage that seems to be painful. Mel B asks why it is always Howie. We then meet Kenny from France and he’s a daredevil. He requests Howie to join him on stage and has him lay down on a large black mat. He lays on his back with his limbs spread wide and Tyra brings him a helmet. Kenny tells him not to move and Simon asks if this is dangerous and Kenny says yes, so dangerous.


Kenny comes out on a motor bike and makes it hop around Howie’s body while Howie screams. Kenny then rides around Howie on one wheel. He does a trick on a ramp and then jumps his bike over Howie. Kenny finishes with a ramp trick in which he does a backflip with the motorbike. He gets an ovation from the audience and Mel B and Heidi. Howie is told he can get up and return to the judge’s table.


Simon teases they need to see that again and Howie says no! Howie says it seemed amazing and he’s an idiot for not asking what his trick was. Mel B says Kenny is a daredevil and she liked that. Heidi says that was so exciting. Simon says after that act, he’s glad to say Howie still has balls. Simon asks if he’s put through if there will be more dangerous things with Howie.


Simon kicks things off with his first yes. Heidi says it’s a definite yes from her. Mel B says it’s a definite yes, she loved it. Howie says Kenny can come back so he can see what he did from the judge’s table.


We see a recap of this season’s golden buzzers. We then meet Steven Eisenberg who is a doctor. He started writing songs to make his patient’s feel better. His mother is there with him tonight. His mom says he’s always been an extremely special human being. Simon greets him and Steven is going to sing a song about his #1 fan, his mother.


Steven begins his performance and the audience starts to boo. Mel B hits her X. Heidi then hits her X a few moment’s later. Simon hits his X and Howie finishes it out with an X as Steven finishes. Simon says it was catchy. Mel B thinks it’s great what he does for his patient’s and she thanks him for his skill and dedication for that, but maybe don’t sing anymore and put the radio on. Mel B suggests just singing to his mom at home.


Steven’s mom comes on stage and says wait a minute. She says he’s not here because he’s a singer, he’s here because he’s a compassionate human being. It’s not about his voice, it’s about his heart and that’s what his patient’s love. Heidi says she loves that about him too. He just can’t sing.


Time to vote, but Steven’s mom interrupts and says Howie understands because he was a doctor on St. Elsewhere and Howie says it was pretend. Howie says no. Mom says he is so amazing. Mel B says no. Mom says can you imagine a mother having a son write a song for her. Heidi says no and mom says it’s amazing. Simon also gives a no.


Next we meet two contestants, one a comedian and one a magician. Ryan Kelly, the comedian, is first and is greeted by Mel B. He begins his routine and he gets a lukewarm reception. The audience seem ok with it but the judges don’t look impressed and Simon hits his X. Simon says he just found Ryan’s act painful. Howie says he’s been rejected 1000s of times and he should keep trying.


Then Rob Lake steps out and he’s greeted by Howie. Rob calls up some adults from the audience and he tosses out some frisbees and whoever catches them can come up. He also asks Heidi and Tyra to join him on stage. In the center of the stage there is a platform. He has a cell phone with a video camera that is live and the audience can see him on the screen. He’s going to leave the theater and he takes a selfie with Simon. He talks the entire time as he is leaving.


Rob is now outside the main theater in the atrium and he has all the volunteers, including Heidi and Tyra inspect the platform. He has Heidi and Tyra go on top of the platform and then places a person behind the back of the platform and one watching underneath the platform. His assistants bring out a curtain and hand it to Heidi and Tyra and have them hold it up and Rob appears in the curtain next to Heidi and Tyra.  


The judges are all stunned. Heidi says she loved it. Mel B says Rob is very good and if she had to give a criticism it would be presentation. Simon says he has magic powers and this is what he should be doing. It was unique and a great audition. Howie says no one can do what he did and he deserves his first yes. Mel B also says yes. Simon says yes and Heidi gives the fourth yes.


Next to take the stage is Brian and he plays violin. He has a serious nerve disease that takes away the feeling from his hands and his feet that will eventually spread throughout his body. Heidi wishes him luck. He begins to play Lean On by Major Lazer & DJ Snake. The audience seems to be enjoying the performance. Heidi is dancing in her seat and Mel B seems to be enjoying it as well. The audience is clapping along as Brian plays and as he finishes they give an ovation and cheer. Howie, Heidi, Simon, and Mel B also give a standing ovation and Heidi goes up to give Brian a hug.


Heidi says wow! She felt Brian’s music and his smile. He just has it. Mel B says that amount of talent and charisma and he lit the entire stage up. Amazing! Simon says he has an incredible energy and a fantastic attitude. His smile was infection and this was his favorite audition today. Howie says he’s not only a lesson in great talent and great spirit, but a lesson for each person watching the show they should be living life right now!


Heidi is going to start the voting for Brian with a big fat yes. Simon gives a yes. Mel B says yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Howie gives the fourth yes. Brian is moving on.


Next we have Andy and he’s going to perform stand-up comedy. Comedy didn’t pay enough to live on so he worked a variety of jobs, but they were just jobs. He walks every day and sometimes he gets crazy and walks a different path. Howie sees and chats with him backstage. Andy takes the stage and is greeted by Mel B.


Andy begins his routine and the audience laughs. Mel B doesn’t get it. Heidi is laughing. The audience is enjoying it and Howie is laughing and explaining the jokes to Mel B. He finishes his act and the audience loved it and they are on their feet. Heidi thought he was funny and adorable. Simon says he’s very naughty and he’s very funny and someone they will remember. Mel B says she was confused by the jokes. She didn’t understand them and she is booed. Howie says when he walked by Andy backstage he didn’t recognize him. But then he remembered that 40 years ago, Andy was a 28-year old kid and they were starting out together. Mel B says that is crazy. Howie says he’s funny and he’s memorable. Welcome to show business!


Simon wants to kick this off because he loves people who still have that determination and he gives a yes. Heidi thinks this is Andy’s time and she gives a second yes. Mel B didn’t get the jokes and she says no. Howie says Andy has been waiting for 40 years and he’s like a fine wine and worth the wait and he’s honored to give him his third yes.


Mel B is still talking about Andy and that she didn’t understand it. We then see Tyra bring out a shopping cart with a dancer folded up inside and Mel B thought it was a chicken. She was confused. We then see a comedian who tells a joke about Kardashians and Mel B didn’t get that either. She doesn’t understand anything that’s going on. We see four more acts and she’s still confused. We then see an older gentleman dressed as Michael Jackson with a hula hoop. Simon X’s him. Simon and Heidi don’t get it and Mel B understands. She gives him a yes, while the other judges give no’s.


We have one more act and he’s a singer. His name is Brody Ray and he’s transgender. He’s going to sing Stand in the Light by Jordan Smith and Howie asks why he chose that song. Brody says it applies to his life and talks about struggles that people overcome. Howie wishes him the best.


Brody begins his performance and the audience listens intently. Heidi has a smile on her face. As Brody gets to the chorus the crowd cheers and claps and some get on their feet. As he finishes, he gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says it’s an amazing story and it’s inspirational and he’s a great singer and he performed with his heart. Mel B says his soul comes out when he sings and she could feel his passion. She likes him a lot. Heidi thinks he is absolutely incredible. Simon says he has an amazing voice and he really likes him. Simon thinks he’s inspirational and he thinks he needs to start singing his own material.


Howie wants to give Brody his first yes. Mel B gives the second yes. Heidi says you get your third yes from me. Simon says you have four yesses. Brody moves on.

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