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Episode 9-Nominations and App Store

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Level Six alliance of Tyler, Angela, Winston, Brent, Kaycee, and Rachel have secretly been controlling the house. First, they orchestrated Steve getting voted out over Sam. Then Tyler convinced Kaitlyn to backdoor Swaggy C. Swaggy C thought he had five guaranteed votes to stay, but Scottie secretly stabbed him in the back and when the votes were revealed it was Swaggy C-ya later!


With the HOH back up for grabs, the geek was on fleek. Tonight, which side of the house will Scottie choose? And who will suffer the consequences? And it’s the final app store! Who did you get trending America?


We pick up on Day 23 after the HOH competition. Scottie tells us he voted out Swaggy to create paranoia. He wants to work with Faysal, Bayleigh, Haleigh, and Rockstar. Winston tells us he feels good because he’s here for another week. He doesn’t understand why Scottie voted out Swaggy, he’s wearing his shirt, but it’s good for him.


Rachel tells us she feels bad she couldn’t pull this out for Level 6. Scottie is a floater and he’s playing the middle and she doesn’t know where his head is. Haleigh and Rockstar are talking in the SR and they are discussing the votes. They think Scottie is the one who flipped.


Bayleigh says when she came in here she didn’t expect to meet Swaggy and she wasn’t expecting to fall head over heels for him. As long as he was there, she was going to ride it until the wheels fell off, but now that he’s gone it’s time for her to get her head back in the game.


Winston and Brett are discussing what Scottie might do. Brett thinks it will be him and Winston because they are in a bromance. Brett tells us it’s absolutely pivotal they don’t have two people from Level Six on the block and he thinks the bromance has put a target on his back.


Rockstar goes to talk to Faysal and they are discussing the votes. Faysal tells us he was blindsided when Swaggy went on the block, and now he’s been blindsided by the vote because someone is lying straight to his face. Rockstar is saying her and Haleigh think Scottie is the one who flipped and Faysal thinks it might have been Haleigh. Rockstar tells us she doesn’t think it was Haleigh, but someone is this house is an evil genius mastermind. Rockstar and Haleigh both talk to Faysal and Faysal questions Haleigh and she assures him she voted to keep Scottie. Rockstar says it must have been Scottie and he’s probably not even a virgin.


Faysal is talking to Kaitlyn in the have-not room and she says Scottie flipped and Faysal asks how she knows. Kaitlyn then says she doesn’t know she just thinks Scottie is the one who flipped. Faysal says for the second week in a row the numbers aren’t adding up and now it looks like Scottie flipped. Scottie is now HOH and if he flipped, then things aren’t looking good for their side of the house.


Brett is sitting on Winston’s back and giving him a massage. Angela tells us everyone knows Winston and Brett are the “bros”. They go everywhere together, the cook together, they shower together, and they layout together. Brett says they are like two beers in a case and Winston thinks they’d be best friends in the house. Winston says as much as they like each other, it’s all strategy and they are trying to look like bro idiots and fly under the radar. He’s hoping it doesn’t put a target on their back. #Brosforlife.


Scottie is in the HOH room. He tells us he’s HOH now and it’s time to take a shot at the Bros and level the playing field. He wants to ask everyone what happened the week Steve went home and who is everyone afraid of. Then he’s going to tell everyone they all answered the bros and that’s going to be his nominations.


Scottie begins with Kaycee and Angela. Angela says it made sense for her to not vote Steve out and then we see Rachel saying she voted for Sam to stay. Kaitlyn says it wasn’t her. Scottie asks the second question and Rachel doesn’t want to tell him. Angela doesn’t see anyone as a big threat in the house. Rockstar says Brett is always with Winston and one of them is the head of the snake, but he doesn’t know which one.


Scottie is talking to Tyler and Scottie is laying out his plan and listing who’s in an alliance. Tyler tells us Scottie just listed everyone Level Six and he needs to divert the plan. He tells Scottie Rockstar is telling people that Scottie flipped and Tyler says that didn’t work. He says he doesn’t want it to look like he’s working with Winston and Brett so he might have to take an “L” on this one.


Sam comes up to talk to Scottie and she tells him she trusts him and she thinks it’s start. Sam says the reason she voted out Swaggy is because he didn’t vote for her and Winston did. Scottie asks if she knows for a fact that Winston voted for her and Swaggy didn’t and she confirms. Scottie tells her that Winston lied straight to his face then because he says he voted to keep Steve. Scottie tells us this confirms Winston is a liar, because he either lied to Sam or he lied to Scottie, and he needs to get him out of the game.


Angela tells Winston that he needs to convince Scottie that he voted to keep Steve because that’s what he’s basing his nominations on. Sam comes in and Winston tells Sam she can’t let out that he voted to keep her and Sam says she didn’t know that and she already told Scottie Winston voted to keep Sam. Winston tells us Sam just blew his cover. Angela advises Winston to tell Scottie he lied to get Sam’s vote. Winston says now that Scottie know he lied he has to go talk to him.


Winston leaves and goes to find Brett and tells Brett Sam told Scottie everything. Brett says listen bro, you got to calm down and stay focused, and sell the dream. Brett tells Winston they just need to keep their cool when they talk to Scottie and not make things worse.


Winston goes to talk to Scottie. Winston tells us Sam told Scottie that he voted out Steve and he needs to tell Scottie he lied to Sam all week and voted to keep Steve. Winston doesn’t want Scottie to tell Sam because it could hurt him down the road. Scottie says he’s so dumb because he’s admitting to lying and thinks he’ll keep him.


Brett goes to talk to Scottie next. Brett tells us Winston is in trouble which means the bros are in trouble so he needs to do what he has to in order to help Winston. Brett says in the beginning it was Scottie, Steve, Winston and himself and he wanted to keep Steve. Brett says who was in Kaitlyn’s ear the entire week and Scottie says Tyler. Brett says no it was Haleigh and Rockstar trying to get you put up. Brett starts making his pitch with music in the background.


Scottie is listening to Brett and as Brett finishes his pitch he says he promises safety. Scottie says if he’s being honest Brett has charisma and he’s buying it. He says BB Mist is real. After Brett leaves, Scottie talks to himself and says he’s good. That has to be BB Mist. That has to be what BB Mist is.


The HG are in the BY and Faysal has noticed JC is left-handed. They start talking about the percentage of people who are left-handed. JC think it’s 0.2% and Faysal says maybe 2%, but not 0.2. JC is arguing and says what if he’s the one who’s right. Faysal says JC is an idiot.


The HG are relaxing and the BB App store is open for the final time and it’s their last chance to receive a power app or a crap app. Brett is called first and he enters and he approaches the screen and is denied access. Brett says this power app would have been huge because Winston’s cover has been blown. He thought the mustache would do it for America, but apparently not. Rockstar enters next and access is denied. Kaycee is next and access id denied. Angela is also denied.


Scottie is called to the app store next and he says getting a power app would be fantastic for his game. He’s about to make a really big move and the more protection he has the better. He enters and is denied access. Haleigh enters next and she tells us she wants to be in the middle of the pack. She says she’d be appreciative of the power app, but she really doesn’t want to crap app. Haleigh has access granted and she is the least trending HG. She can choose from Fake News, Read It, and Spammed. She selects Read It and everytime she hears To Read, she will put on her costume and stand on her soap box and read until she hears Not to Read until she completes the entire book. Haleigh tells us she’s not very familiar with Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


Tyler is next and he says there’s really nothing to do because he got the Cloud last week. Sam tells us this is the final week she’ll be able to use her Bonus life and if she doesn’t use it, then she’ll lose it and whoever is evicted next week will automatically get it. Winston enters and he says he’d have loved to have a power app because Scottie is a wildcard. Winston has access denied.


Bayleigh enters next and she is praying she is the one to get it. Access Granted for Bayleigh. She’s told she is the top trending and she jumps up and is excited. She gets to choose from Re-draw, Upgrade, and Identity Theft. She selects Identity Theft and at any point in the first half of the game she can steal the identity of one of the HOH’s. The HOH is still in control of the nominations and once used the Identity Theft is no longer in play. Bayleigh thanks America for turning her attitude around and picking her up when she was down.


JC enters and he has access denied. Kaitlyn enters and says she made the biggest move and got rid of Swaggy and she knows she is going to get the power app. Access is denied and she can’t believe it. Scottie says no one is admitting they have the powers. They just know three powers are in play and none of them have been used.


The HG are all in the Kitchen and they are asking who got the crap app and Haleigh stands on the table and says she got the crap app. Haleigh says she was not planning on taking English Literature this summer in the BB house. She tells them what she has to do and Faysal asks how long is the book? No one seems to know.


Tyler, Kaycee, and Sam are upstairs talking and Sam is explaining what her power is. She tells them if she doesn’t use it this week, then it automatically gets offered to whoever is evicted next week. She says she’s telling Tyler and Kaycee because she needs advice. Kaycee says with Scottie being HOH, who knows what he’s going to do. Kaycee says if Level Six is in danger, maybe they can convince Sam to use their power.


Winston says he knows he and Brett are in trouble, but anything is possible. Angela is telling Kaitlyn Scottie says he was going to find out who lied to him and when he finds out that will be it. Winston is still upset and Brett says he needs to stay calm. He hacked into Scottie’s brain and it’s part of the plan. Brett is going to take care of them. Brett tells Winston he threw Rockstar and Haleigh under the bus and we’ll see in a few hours.


Bayleigh talks to Scottie. Bayleigh tells us about her power app and she wants to check-in with Scottie to see if she might have to use the power. She doesn’t want to use it unless she is in danger. Bayleigh is saying she was part of the other group because of Swaggy C and now she doesn’t know if they like her. Scottie tells Bayleigh about Brett misting him and Bayleigh says it looks like Brett might have gotten into Scottie’s head and she might have to use her power.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Scottie has nominated Brett and Winston. Scottie has nominated them because they are the strongest relationship in the house and he will not be able to beat them later in the game.


Scottie says they are the biggest threats in the house and he needs to make sure one of them goes home sooner than later. Tyler is rolling his eyes so hard at these nominations and it’s not ideal. He says this is the first time nominations aren’t in his hands at all. He tried to talk to Scottie but it didn’t work.


Brett says Scottie is an idiot because he drew a line because one of them will go home, but one will stay. Winston says if he wins POV he will come down and make it known Scottie is next. One of the bros has to win veto!

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