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Wednesday, July 18 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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Another N-bomb in the Big Brother house...the whole thing happened in 2 minutes of pretty dense conversation of height that morphed into JC explaining little people slurs.


Scottie, Faysal, JC, and Bayleigh are in the HoH discussing height and weight in the house.


12:38PM BBT

Scottie: Depending on who measures me, it's 5'9" or 5'10.

Bayleigh: I would say probably 5'9", 5'10"

Faysal:...pegged me for like 5'11"...what? You're how tall? (to JC)

Bayleigh: He said 5'7"

Faysal: No, you're like 5'3"

JC: Shaddup, I'm not even 5'3"

Bayleigh: He's not even 5'.

JC: I'm 5 (foot).

Bayleigh: You're 5 foot exactly? I thought in order to be considered short you had to be 4'11" or smaller?

JC: You mean to be considered dwarf?

Bayleigh: Not dwarf...

JC:What do you mean short?

Bayleigh: ...like a little person.

JC:Like a dwarf...

Bayleigh:You wouldn't be considered a little person?

JC: That's what I'm trying to ask you...dwarf?

Bayleigh:I don't know...what a dwarf even means.

JC: Ahhh...the thing is like the people who are little person, a dwarf is the people who have a genetic condition.

Bayleigh: Got it. So you're not a dwarf.

JC: No, I'm just a short guy, like literally like I even went to a doctor to tell me like...


12:39AM BBT

Bayleigh:Okay, let me ask you this: Is there a difference between a midget and a dwarf?

JC: Midget is like saying, like...between like, I dunno, like gay and faggot...or...

Bayleigh: So midget is just a name for it...

JC:...or like N-word (only he didn't say that, he said THE word, the big one. The queen mother of racist slurs. The N-dash-dash-dash-er word. ) and black...um, midget is like...

Bayleigh: you're not allowed to say that, don't do that again.bayleigh-n-word-surprise.jpg

JC:What? Uh...the...

Bayleigh: That was like outta control. Don't do that again.

JC: Really?

Bayleigh: Yeah.

JC: I think if I'm trying to explain something, it doesn't...

Bayleigh:No, you can't do that...

JC: Like I say I faggot all the time, and that's disrespectful, but it's just <unintelligible>


[Cuts to FotH for almost an hour here. Cue new TMZ story tomorrow... - BBLurkerPlus]


1:27AM BBT When the feed comes back, you can kind of hear some shouting in the lounge, but all cameras are on the WA.


1:32AM BBT Once the water is off and the WA activity calms down, you can hear that it sounds like Bayleigh and JC are in the Lounge arguing loudly about what happened before the feeds cut - and who said what to who?  Camera is on Faysal, Scottie, and Haleigh in the WA looking glum listening to the shouting in the other room.


1:51AM BBT Argument over, Bay goes to WA, JC goes to Kitchen to rehydrate.


1:52AM BBT Brett comes out of the WC and heads to kitchen.


1:54AM BBT JC is bummed. Brett is at the kitchen bar and says, "You all right?" then says "Have some slop, it'll make you feel better" and laughs. He then says he can't sleep so he's going to have some slop as JC says he's taking a shower.  Brett asks if he's going to bed right after. JC sighs and says he just needs 5 seconds to relax. Brett replies warmly with a smile, "Relax brother...you want a slop brownie?" and JC says shaddup.


1:55AM BBT Brett continues...you want some with ice cream? JC says he ate some with ice cream before and it was really good, but not before bed. He tells Brett to calm his titties down.  Brett grouses that he wishes he could have ice cream...then revises that to say he wishes he could have anything except "this fuckin' shit." (slop)


1:58AM BBT Brett has no idea what JC is talking about and keeps laughing at JC's depressed state after the blowup in the HoH Brett wasn't party to. [Seriously, watch this part of the feeds for the last 10 minutes or so, Brett is quite charming to JC. It's like My Late-Night Snack with Andre dialogue. - BBLurkerPlus]


2:01AMBBT JC starts talking about how he hates playing the little person character and it goes to FotH in and out a number of times.


2:03AM BBT JC tells Brett after "it" happened he went to DR and...[big brother interrupts reminding not to talk about DRs]





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12:00AM BBT: Tyler and Brett want Sam to tell them a bedtime story. Angela wants it to be a scary story. 

12:00AM BBT: Bayleigh, Winston, Rachel, and Kaycee are in the BBR talking. Rachel says production is nicer to Sam. Bayleigh says that Sam is making them a lot of money and that she would be nice to Sam too. 

12:05AM BBT: General talking in the house. 

12:11AM BBT: Scottie and Haliegh are in WA talking about dreams. Scottie says that he doesn't dream in the BB house. Rockstar walks in. Rockstar says she talked politics with JC. 

12:18AM BBT: In the HOHR, Faysal says that Brett is a social and a physical threat and that's why they need to get him out of the game now. JC says he agrees. Faysal is also worried that if they do get Brett out, that he'll be the next target. JC says that Winston is sassy. 

12:21AM BBT: JC says he trusts Faysal and that Faysal is someone who has a lot of loyalty and trust. JC says he's been straight forward with Faysal. 

12:24AM BBT: JC says that if Winston stays, he's going to come for Faysal or Rockstar. Faysal doesn't understand why and JC says he thinks it's because Faysal and Rockstar are in Scottie's ear. 

12:28AM BBT: Sam, Tyler, Brett, and Angela are talking in the havenot room. Just general chatting there. 

12:29AM BBT: JC thinks they can get Tyler to do "whatever the f**k" they want him to do." JC says he had conversation with Rachel without microphones about how Rachel wants Brett, "she really likes him," JC says. JC says Brett doesn't like Rachel, but he likes Angela.  

12:33AM BBT: Scottie and Bayleigh walk into the HOHR where Faysal and JC are. Faysal wants Scottie to give him the pros/cons for both Brett and Winston staying or leaving. Scottie says they both need to leave. 

12:38AM BBT: Scottie, JC, Faysal, and Bayleigh are talking about their height. JC says he's five feet tall. Bayleigh doesn't know which term to use when it comes to labeling shorter people. JC goes into different examples of different words. 

12:39AM BBT: JC says the full "N Word" to compare words for shorter people. "You're not allowed to say that," Bayleigh tells JC, "Don't do that again." JC says he was just trying to explain something and that's it's ok. Bayleigh says it's not OK and to not do it again. 

12:39AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds. We get FOTH for a long time. 

1:27AM BBT: Feeds are back after being down for almost an hour. Faysal and Haliegh are in the WA brushing their teeth while Scottie watches. They're talking about embarrassing school moments. 

1:30AM BBT: There is arguing going on in the background. All four cameras are in the WA, it sounds like JC and Bayleigh are yelling at one another. Haliegh and Scottie give each other a look when the argument gets louder. Someone in the WA says, "JC just needs to f*****g apologize."

1:30AM BBT: The atmosphere in the WA is tense and awkward. Everyone is uncomfortable while they listen to Bayleigh and JC argue. 

1:39AM BBT: Haliegh hugs Scottie and Faysal and tells them good night. Scottie asks Faysal if he thinks it's their place to be sitting here listening to Bayleigh and JC argue. They get up and go to bed. 

1:45AM BBT: Everyone appears to be sleeping in the BB house. JC and Bayleigh are still arguing off camera. 

1:51AM BBT: Brett is up and using the restroom. JC and Bayleigh's argument is over, Bayleigh goes into the WA and JC walks to the kitchen.  

1:53AM BBT: JC wants to know why Brett is awake in the KT. JC says he's going to shower and try to go to bed. JC says it's been a really long day. Bayleigh tells them good night.

1:54AM BBT: JC says he's losing his voice. Brett starts to make food. JC talks about how the night went down hill.

2:03AM BBT: JC and Brett are talking the KT. JC tells Brett about a DR session, BB tells them not to talk about DR sessions. JC keeps on and BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 

2:06AM BBT: JC and Brett talk about several different things from food to the house. They talk about the possible powers in play and JC says he's really stressed out.

2:11AM BBT: Sam joins JC and Brett in the kitchen.

2:18AM BBT: JC wants a sleeping aid, the three in the KT talk about the different things that help them fall asleep. JC wants alcohol. 

2:22AM BBT: Faysal joins the other three in the KT. JC goes to the WA. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. Faysal walks with JC into the WA.


2:45AM BBT: Sam is cooking and Brett is helping. 


3:00AM BBT: JC finally gets in the shower. 

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3:05am BBT JC heads to bed


3:21am BBT Sam makes homemade slop ice cream. She worries its a bit loud. She says it will be good or people will hate it and vote her out. She cleans up the kitchen while rolling the ice cream inside a bag inside a protein powder container. Winston heads to bed.


4:03am BBT Sam in WA crying.


4:15am BBT all HG are in bed.

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9:46 am BBT  BB  Good morning HG's. It is time to get up for the morning, there are fresh batteries in the SR.  All bedroom lights must remain on during the day.  Someone, sounded like Sam said ok.  Then we get the beginning of the music.  Now FoTH for wake up music.

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10:06 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Sam, Angela, Bayleigh, Rockstar and Winston are in the KT  Fessy in PBR, getting up, someone is still in the saucer, with blanket over their head.  Sam gets called to the DR.  Winston talks about how JC was in the middle of the bed, with lots of room on the other side, then Fessy was on the very edge.  They joke that JC doesn't weigh much, just move him out of the way.  Just general chatter about rock climbing, and if Rockstar was sore today.

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10:28 am BBT  Rockstar and Bayleigh stretching in the LR, Sam, Winston, Kaycee and Angela in the KT, no game talk.  Everyone is yawning.  Sam asks what they want to do today, not getting much response.


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10:31 am BBt  Talk in the KT about this morning's songs.  No FoTH while they talk about them.  Winston has "Here come's the Sun stuck in his head now.  He asks if that is the one written by John Lennon or Paul McCartney on a small square napkin in a bar waiting on a friend.  Sam said she never heard that.  He explains the story. ( It was actually written by George Harrison at Eric Clapton's house) They talk about the Over the Rainbow song that was played, can't think of the guy who sang it, but they love it. (heard part of it  It was Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwoʻole)


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10:36 am BBT  Talking in the KT about games.  Winston explains how to play Taboo.  Then they talk about Cards against Humanity. They love that one.  Sam misses Whose Line is it Anyway.    Kaycee said she isn't a breakfast person, utr she drinks a lot in the morning.  She has gone 2 days without coffee, she felt like she was drinking too much.  She is having some today.  Rockstar is trying to find her water bottle.  Tyler comes in and they ask how his Petri dish sleep was.  Brett is still in the HN room, talking with Angela who is still in bed as well.  Angela asks how he slept, he said there was a lot of noise.  Said JC was loud, and very flustered, very rattled.  (probably from getting into trouble by production for using the N word last night while trying to explain something to Bayleigh).

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10:45 am BBT  Brett said he can't imagine using the computers that are in the HN room.  He said at one point in history, they were the leading technology!  In the KT, Rockstar said feeding bats is the only good thing she can think of for mosquitoes.  Talking over each other.  No game talk


(Will be back later)

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9:00am BBT: All HG still in bed sleeping with lights out through the house.

10:05am BBT: BB has waken the HG, Rockstar,Bayleigh, Sam, Winston and Angela in the KT getting coffee. In the PBR Faysal is getting dressed.

10:15am BBT: Most HG in the KT drinking coffee and making breakfast. Rockstar says she has a 10 year old child now. Just general talk going on. All other Hg still in bed sleeping. BB says HG must be awake between 9am and 10pm.

 10:24am BBT: Bayleigh working out in the LVR. Winston and Kaycee talking about having a bagel today. sam offers to make him an omelette and he says no thats ok he can make it.

10:39am BBT: HG just sitting around the KT or laying in bed talking general talk.

10:58am BBT: Sam and  Tyler in the KT making slop. Brett laying in the HNR in bed rubbing his head.

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11:00 am BBT.  Tyler and Sam in the KT.  Brett and Angela are laying in the HNR.  Not much talk going on.  Rockstar, Bayleigh and Haleigh outside of HOHR, they have found a spider.  They say the spider is doing yoga.  Brett says he had weird dreams last night.  Says Winston told her she was in his dream last night but doesn’t remember it.  Brett says Rachel says I was in her dream the other night.  He says she said something about not being able to talk about it.  The 3 girls upstairs are yelling for Sam to hurry bcuz the spider is escaping.  Scottie is now with them, him and Bayleigh are watching the fish.  Brett tells Angela he can’t believe he’ll be on slop for the live show.  


11:07 am BBT.  In the HNR Brett says the wallpaper is interesting and wonders who buys it.  Angela says she thinks they print it and the set designers are responsible.  Brett says that’s a job?  It says it’s interesting how specific a job title can be.  Angela says she loves interior design.  Brett says he has a nice 60 inch tv.  Brett says he has protein everywhere all over his house.  Kaitlyn and Tyler in the PBR under covers in seperate beds.  Kaitlyn leans over to his bed & whispers something.  Her voice is kind of “cracky”.   


11:11 am BBT.  Angela tells Brett it’s a weird time when your larents home doesn’t feel like your home any more.  Brett says it’s crazy to think that when he gets out of the house his little sister may have started high school.  Kaycee, Winston and in the LR.  Kaycee is stretching on the floor.  Winston is massaging Rachel’s back.  Kaitlyn leaves the PBR.  Bayleigh and Rockstar whispering outside the HOHR.  Bayleigh says “she” Kaitlyn is trying to work her way up with Scottie.  Bayleigh says she can’t wait to meet Joe (Kaitlyn’s boufriend).  Rockstar says I don’t want to meet Joe.  WBRB.  Scottie is now with Rockstar and Bayleigh.  Rockstar asks if Scottie did his blog.  He said yeah & hated it and may have screamed at some people who asked dumb questions.  She says so people do ask u questions and u answer, that is so cool, u get contact with the outside world.  He says well the questions were asked a while ago. 

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11:21 am BBT.  Bayleigh and Scottie go into the HOHR.  Bayleigh wants him to describe everyone (as a game player).  Haleigh:  everywhere.  Sam:  sneaky.  Winston:  he says nothing and she says irrelevant.  Faysal:  he says he’s like me, a junk yard dog.  She asks what that means.  He says they do what needs to be done.  Rockstar:  strategic.  Angela:  biding her time (Bayleigh saus good job).  Kaycee:  he says she’s either really good at pretending she doesn’t know what’s going on or I think she’s out of the loop so I’d say ignorant. Tyler:  enigma.  She asks what that is.  He says he doesn’t know if he actually know everybody and has deals with them or if he acts like he doesn’t or if he doesn’t.  She asks if he thinks he has a final 2 with Sam?  He says it’s possible.  She asks if he has a final 2 with him, he says not a final 2.  She says she knows he has one with Kaitlyn.  She asks if he has a final 3  with him outside of “the Core”.  He says the core is a joke.  He said him, Sam and Tyler made a promise they would take each other as far as we could go but the words final 3 were never said.  She says interesting.  JC:  he says JC was trying to keep the heat off of him and he’s trying to skate by, so a floater.  She asks if he thinks JC’s power lasts 5 weeks?  He says he doesn’t think any powers last past jury.  Bayleigh:  he says right now you’re a free agent.  She says fair, very fair.  Rachel:  she’s in a very good place to pivot, so she’s positioned well.  Brett:  she says also irrelevant.  He says yeah unless he has a power, I think he’s going.  She says he doesn’t have a power, she can literally confirm that.  She says Sam won’t use her power on him and JC won’t and she doesn’t know who has the 3rd (she does).   He says the rumor is that it’s Kaitlyn. She says I’ve heard that.  She won’t use it on him. He says she’ll save it for herself, that’s why she wants to win the next HOH so she can be safe for 2 weeks.  Kaitlyn:  she’s just loaded with secrets.  Bayleigh asks if that worries him. He says not yet.  Bayleigh asks if he thinks she’s trying to get closer to him.  He says yeah especially since the blow up.  He says she was originally positioned herself very well with Faysal, Tyler and Brett cuz she thought they were comp beasts and I surprised her by winning 2 comps and put 1 of her 3 up and she wasn’t ready for that and that’s why she was so paranoid. Bayleigh says do u think she’s still aligned with Brett or do u think she’ll go thru with getting him out.  He says he thinks she’ll go thru with it, he doesn’t see why she wouldn’t.  Bayleigh asks what he thinks of her bcuz she has heard that some people want her gone bcuz she is too sneaky and some people want her to stay bcuz she’s a target.  He says he hates that philosophy bcuz he would never keep a target bcuz if u keep them around they’ll wait til the end and they have a chance to win so why keep them around. Bayleigh asks if he was the final 2 with Sam does he think he would win.  He says as of right now yes.  She asks u think people would vote for u over her?  He says yes bcuz besides getting a power she hasn’t done anything and he has 2 comp wins.  She says assuming it’s not a bitter jury.  He says if it’s a bitter jury then I’ll lose.  Bayleigh says as of now only boys have been eliminated.  What do u think will happen?  All boy alliance or all girl alliance?  He says he thinks there won’t be an all boy alliance bcuz Winston won’t come near him.  She asks if he thinks Winston will come after him. He says it would be easy for him to do that.  She asks if him and Kaitlyn were on the block who would Tyler choose?  He says right now he would lean towards Kaitlyn.  He says no matter what happens Tyler is there to console her.  She asks who he thinks is the hardest to beat.  He says the quickest to lose to in the final 2?  He says depends on the jury.  She asks if he thinks there will be a battle back?  He’s operating under the assumption there is.  She asks who would come back?  He says if it’s physical then Swaggy but it could be anyone if it wasn’t physical.  He thinks the hardest to beat are Tyler, Kaycee, Haleigh and maybe Faysal.  


11:32 am BBT.  Bayleigh thinks whoever wins the next HOH will change the trajectory of the game depending on who they put up.  They say it’ll re-ignite the fact that there are sides or it’s gonna blow up whT they thought were sides.  She asks what he thinks Rachel’s next move is?  She thinks if Rachel went on the block she would meltdown and couldn’t handle it.  Scottie says she could win an HOH.  Bayleigh asks who he thinks Rachel would put up?  He says if she was close with Brett, then she’s put him(Scottie) up.  He says Kaitlyn and Rockstar are options.  Bayleigh doesn’t know if she’s bold enough to put Faysal up bcuz she’s be scared he’d take himself down.  Bayleigh asks if he thinks Rachel is scared?  He says they’re goinna feel like they’re backed into a corner once 1 of the bros is gone.  Scottie asks how Bayleighs’s relationships are going with those 3?  She says good.  She says Angela is a hit or miss.  Scottie says of those 3 he may be closest to Angela.  Bayleigh says Rachel talks to her a lot.  Bayleigh says Kaycee is her baby.  Scottie says Kaycee is the 1 person that if she won he knows he would be safe, I wouldn’t even be a thought.  Bayleigh says she is cordial with Winston.  Bayleigh says bcuz the girls love Faysal she doesn’t get much alone time with him.  She asks after this week who does he think will go home next, his perfect next 2 weeks?  He says after this week, Winston and Kaitlyn.  Bayleigh says that was her exact thought, then the jury would be pretty even.  In the HNR Sam, Tyler, Angela and Brett are talking. 

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11:41 am BBT.  Bayleigh and Scottie discussing who will win the next HOH.  They think Kaycee or Angela could if it’s physical.  They want Kaycee to win.  They think she’d put up Kaityn.  They say Faysal thinks he would go up.  Scottie says Tyler would save Kaitlyn in a heartbeat.  Bayleigh says what if Kaycee asked him not to.  Scottie thinks he still might save her.  Bayleigh wonders if Kaycee would save Winston.  Bayleigh asks if there are enough votes to send home Brett this week.  Scottie says based on what people are saying, yes.  She says it’s crucial.  They say JC is a wilcard.  Baylrigh says JC makes her nervous.  Bayleigh is happy the first power is dying.  Scottie says then next week 1 ends and 1 will get burned.   Then, they have a free week and he can play for HOH that week.  Scottie says his theory is that Sam and Tyler are close and they’re using him.  Bayleigh says she heard yeaterday that they have a final 2.  Scottie wants to know how Sam was trending?  Bayleigh says it’s her accent.  Bayleigh thinks maybe it’s not Sam’s brother who is a scientist, maybe Sam is the scientist.  They are convinced Sam, JC and Kaitlyn have the powers (of course Bayleigh knows she has 1).  They say Rockstar would put up Winston and Angela.  They think Faysal would put up Winston and 1 of the 3 girls.  They think Faysal is threatened by Kaycee.  They think Winston would put up Kaitlyn and Scottie and Tyler would have to choose who to save.  Bayleigh asks if Scottie got HG choice who would he choose Tyler or Faysal?  He says that’s a f***ing thought.  Bayleigh says maybe choose Kaycee.  He says would Kaycee go against Winston’s noms?  Bayleigh says she thinks so, definitely, she’d have more loyalty to scottie than Winston.  He says and u think Kaycee wants Kaitlyn gone?  She says yes, she doesn’t like drama. He says he would probably pick Kaycee then.  He says I’m going home if it’s me against her.  Bayleigh asks if he thinks Rockstar will slide by?  He says there may be potential of that happening.  Bayleigh doesn’t want sides of the house to continue, she doesn’t want to pick sides.  She asks if he hears her name at all?  He says u are 1 lerson that doesn’t get talked about.  Scottie asks if Bayleigh would take him off, she says yes.  Kaitlyn comes in and asks Bayleigh what happened last night and if she is ok?  We get WBRB.  

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12:03 pm BBT.  Kaitlyn, Scottie, Bayleigh and Rockstar in HOHR.  Kaitlyn says she talked to Brett yesterday and cleared the air.  She says she is in a state of forgiveness at all times.  She says she apologized for her delivery and never made to make a scene.  She understands it was a last ditch effort for him to stay but she felt dumb bcuz she was the 1 person wanting him to stay.  She asks him who told him the stuff he heard?  She says she knows it wasn’t Rockstar, Scottie, Bayleigh, Tyler, Faysal, Haleigh so who were the multiple people?  She says your only left with Angela, JC, Rachel and Kaycee.  She says he told her she should re-evaluate bcuz he doesn’t know for a fact that those other people didn’t do it.  She says he said he needed time to think if he should share that or not.   

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12:09 pm BBT.  Kaitlyn says she’s scared bcuz she loves Tyler to death but he’s not spending time with her.  She’s afraid he won’t vote out Brett.  She says it’s not affecting her that much (yeah right!).   Bayleigh says they’ll be aurprised how many people vote to evict Brett.  

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12:12 pm BBT.  Bayleigh tells the HOHR crew that after last night she soesn’t know where she and JC stand.  Rockstar asks what happened.  Kaitlyn says wait til u hear this.  We get WBRB.  When feeds come back they are no longer in the HOHR.  

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12:15 pm BBT.   Several HGs are in the KT eating.   General chat.  


12:26 pm BBT.  Angela and Haleigh putting on make-up in th WA.  They’re discussing who to vote out.  Angela says she’s leaning toward keeping Brett for selfish reasons.  

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1:00pm-2:00pm BBT: Sam and Rockstar talk about all the girls being willing to be in an alliance together.Sam says that makes her happy. Rockstar agrees they are all happy. Sam goes and lays under the stairs with something shooting things across the room, Faysal comes and joins her and they talk about storms and Birthdays. Faysal says he stopped telling people it was his birthday when he was 17 because he didn't want the attention. Bayleigh and Rachel talk about how they think JC has the second week power and that it expires  next week.

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2:00-3:00PM BBT: Bayleigh and Rachel continue to talk about the powers from the app store, they think Kaitlyn has a power and promised it to Sam. they think it is not a good power but they are worried about JC and thinks they can not touch him for a while.
 They then talk about this weeks eviction and agree that Brett should stay this week, Rachel asks who needs to go next week and her and Bayleigh agree that Tyler needs to go but they will have to backdoor him. Rachel leaves the HoH room and goes to the kitchen where Winston stares at her he tells her he is trying to make eye contact. she starts pacing the floor then goes to the bathroom where Angela is and then tells Angela all about her talk with Bayleigh and how they think JC has a power that lasts until jury. They then talk about what the power might be.

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07:02PM BBT Rachel is in the HN room with Brett, Angela, and Winston - mostly all are dozing.


07:03PM BBT Rockstar, Haleigh, Scottie, Baleigh, JC, Sam and Fessy are on the orange couch in the living room.  They just wrapped up playing Never Have I Ever.


07:07PM BBT The HG are playing Bad Poetry now.  (complete with finger snaps)


07:16PM BBT The HG play a game of Charades in the living room, while Rachel, Angela, WInston and Brett snooze in the HN room.


07:26PM BBT Bay says that she is going to make some coffee because it's going to be a long night.


07:30PM BBT Sam laughs in the HN room telling Brett and Angela that she called Kaitlyn a fat whore, and how she laughed but seemed offended - which Sam said felt good.



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07:31PM BBT Sam is laughing that Haleigh said that tomorrow is a cleaning day.  Sam said that everyday is a cleaning day, but that she's going to be wrecking the house to counter the cleaning.


07:34PM BBT Sam said she didn't take a nap today, so she's going to go to sleep in about 20 minutes.  She thinks that it's 8:45, so she's off by an hour.


07:38PM BBT Sam tells Brett that she's the nicest person in this house, and it takes a lot for her to get to the p'd off stage like now.  Her favorite movie is Law Abiding Citizen, which is how she feels about revenge tonight.


07:42PM BBT The HG in the living room are recreating their BB intros that are shown at the beginning of episodes.


07:48PM BBT Sam makes up her bed in the HN room.  Brett gets called to the DR.


07:52PM BBT The HG are now playing Categories, where they name off people/places/things in certain categories, without repeating.


07:53PM BBT In the HN room, Sam doesn't want to go out and play with the others because she doesn't have the energy, and wants to stay away from Kaitlyn and Haleigh.


07:56PM BBT Sam is back on the cleaning topic, and how Haleigh suggested a cleaning day tomorrow.  Angela said that they've never cleaned before, that it's a novelty for them.


07:59PM BBT Tyler and Fessy quickly whisper in the WA that they need to stick together since they're both physical.





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08:06PM BBT Scottie and Tyler chat in the storage room.  Tyler said that neither of the bros are going to target Scottie if they stay.


08:08PM BBT The HG are now playing a game where two people are acting out what is being narrated by the audience.


08:12PM BBT Tyler and Scottie had to act out being on a date and came close to a kiss.




08:14PM BBT Bayleigh and Sam are in the WA getting ready for bed. Bay tells her to sleep on it and come to her in the morning if she is still upset.  


08:15PM BBT Fessy and Rachel are in the storage room.  She's stretching while they tease to America that they're in a relationship.




08:15PM BBT JC and Rockstar are narrating a scene between Fessy and Rachel.  Rachel mouths what JC is saying, and goes on for about 5+ minutes. [VERY entertaining!]


08:48PM BBT The games broke up in the living room.  Rachel and Kaycee whisper upstairs on the bridge about how to get more information and to hide their alliance.  Angela, Brent and Winston are doing burpees next to them outside the HOHR.


08:51PM BBT Kaitlyn, Bay and Rockstar and in the WA, just quietly hanging out.  Bay said she hasn't been called to the DR in 3 days.


08:53PM BBT Rockstar says that they can't be overtly sexual all the time, that it gets old.  She said she'll vote for the person that talked to her.


08:56PM BBT Fessy is saying in bed in the PBR, next to Rockstar.  Kaitlyn changes into different clothes and dabs white lotion on her face.



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