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Evil Genius Takes Power


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Week 3 of BB20 has started off with a bang! Scottie voting to evict Chris while wearing a Swaggy t-shirt has rocked the BB nation! All in all it’s perfect timing for Scottie to win the week 3 HOH because those who accurately suspect him can’t touch him if they were so inclined. He’s actually able to use it to his advantage more than anything.


Feeds returned quickly post live show and as I said last night people were in all

Corners discussing potential nominations from the “evil genius” that Angie has now dubbed him. It’s key to realize for now it’s good for his game that Level 6 side of the house believe he’s the rogue vote because that means he leaned their way and creates a false sense of security heading into HOH 1-1’s that begin just after midnight of you care to FB. 


What’s most important to note is how horrifically Foutte responds to Chris having one less vote than they all expected. Faysal is fuming and certain it was Haleigh. She denies it then turns it around on him saying she’s annoyed he doesn’t believe her. This goes round and round for about 90 min. Eventually Kaitlin joins the convo and flat out asks Haleigh who she voted to evict. 


Haleigh asserts that she voted to evict Winston throwing a sympathy vote to Chris. Now Kaitlin is annoyed because Haleigh told Kaitlin she would vote for Chris to go. All while this is going on Angie has her finger on the pulse of what really happened.


Angie tells Haleigh that Scottie wore that t-shirt and then went in there with it on voting to evict Chris! This prompts her to refer to him as an “evil genius” to damn near anybody that will listen. Eventually she runs to Kaitlin reveals Scottie is an evil genius and that she just found out something about Tyler from Bay. 


Angie is clinging to Chris having told Bay that he had an alliance called the COR with himself, Scottie, and Tyler they made day 3. Angie is so hyped with her brilliant assessments and is giddy for the evening pretty much. 


First of all, Angie why are you still talking to Kaitlin and asking her to promise not to tell Tyler and believing her? Kaitlin is NOT loyal to you over Tyler. She’s proven it over and over. It’s parallel with Chris always talking to Tyler! Stop that! As we all know Kaitlin did run this right back to Tyler. Only giving him more motive to target her. I’m sorry but I need Angie to take a seat this week or she’s never going to make it to jury. 


This week is where Tyler could have enough threats of exposure that he will have to earn his stripes! He’s been amazing without any real resistance. Now that he is likely to feel his back against the wall how will he manage to stay off the block until Monday post veto meeting? The greatest players in this game that have so much control around the house and survive the first half of the game are the ones that can step up and still maintain the events or direction when their feet are over the fire. I’m anxious to see how he potentially performs under pressure. 


If Tyler does manage to extinguish wild fires in his game along then we really do have to credit him with greater admiration for his abilities. If not he ends up being a target. The only advantage here is Sam has her power and this is the last week before it’s forced to be used on next week’s evictee who may not be someone they want to return to the game. 


Tyler also has his power in play so we shouldn’t have to worry about him remaining this week but his chances of longevity in the game decreases significantly. This is the time in the game that the player who’s had the most control typically gets got. 


My greatest concern is none of these apps so far have been too powerful. This in my mind, based on productions habits, leaves me worrying one of the remaining apps still to be chosen could be a co-HOH, name a third nominee, something that actually can change the trajectory of the game. If something that significant is released today and the person who wins it actually uses it this week could get crazy really quickly. 


For now based on last night Tyler hasn’t been exposed. Angie is still a Tyler hater but the efforts to redirect her main focus into the bro’s may have been too effective.

In fact by the end of the 1-1’s Scottie is CERTAIN he knows which player has been calling the shots. 


One by one HG make their way upstairs. Everything is pretty hum drum as far as 1-1’s for a while. Scottie has told Tyler he intends to reduce the numbers on ‘the other side’ of the house and hints that the bro’s are his targets. You can watch Tyler with Scottie at 2:30 am after the 1-1’s are over attempting to still push for Angie. Scottie is adamant that Angie will not see the block. He’s also unwavering in his plan to Target Tyler’s side of the house.  


Scottie doesn’t waiver on this all night regardless of what he hears. All of the non-Foutte players push Angie as a threat in varying ways and she’s their suggestion for a target. 


Scottie wants to know who flipped on Steve. He wants to break up that 8 strong voting block and blow some sh*t up! I’m not surprised at all. It’s been difficult these last few days to nail down where Scottie lands post Chris eviction and he’s clearly drawing a line in the sand between Foute and the alliance he sees on the other side of the house. What’s interesting is neither Tyler or JC are included in his perceptions. That’s not so good for Scottie’s game but amazing for Tyler’s since he and Scottie have the COR alliance in Scottie’s mind. 


Look there were 12 different 1-1’s most resulting in nothing shocking or implicitly valuable. I will focus on the few that did have a wow factor and contribute to where the nominations are likely to land today. 


Here’s where my mind started spinning last night. We saw Kaitlin and Tyler talking prior to HOH reveal.  Kaitlin later volunteered to be a replacement nom after debate with Tyler. 


Prior to this Kaitlin told Tyler she expects to be a nom. She nom’d Scottie so it makes sense. Tyler’s like no. She’s pushing that it’s a valid reason for me to be nom. Tyler still pushes they don’t want her on the block. If it does they have the votes but we don’t want that. He tries to propose Angie needs to go. 


In her 1-1 Kaitlin volunteered to be a replacement nominee, if Scottie needs to use her. Now, from watching Kaitlin I almost feel like she did it so Tyler will have to rescue her and she retains his attention. Let my knight rescue me. 


I swear to you she has this narrative in her head that she was an easy choice anyways and this way if she purposefully goes up she’s guaranteed Tyler will gallantly ride in and rescue her from the tallest tower.  Whether Tyler plants the seed or not I’m reading how she thinks and considering you NEVER volunteer to go up and she consciously does? I absolutely think this is where Kaitlin’s Head is at. She’s done everything else under the moon to force him to pronounce his love for her and get physical.


Despite being nauseating to ponder, Kaitlin sacrificing herself to Scottie can potentially work in Tyler’s favor. If nom’s can’t be altered by Tyler veto could be potentially used to persuade a replacement nominee pushing Tyler to sacrifice Kaitlin, or Sam (because she has the power she’s safe). So Kaitlin voluntarily sacrificing herself to Scottie sets up a worst case scenario for Tyler if he’s confident he wouldn’t be the BD target. 


Based on all of last nights 1-1 Tyler is not on Scottie’s radar as brains of level 6, which by the way Scottie whole heartedly believes is only 5. Scottie reveals he sees ‘the other side’ as Bros, Angela, Rachel, and Kaycee. Let’s not forget Scottie still believes the COR (Chris. Tyler, Scottie) is a real deal. He’s convinced after all the chats that Brett is the mastermind behind all the evictions and running them. 


When it really gets good is when Sam has her chat with the HOH. She does her normal you do what’s best for your game yada yada. Eventually she admits to voting Chris out because she owed the people who saved her the week before.  This is EXACTLY the information Scottie was searching for. Winston was up there and Sam is certain he kept her. 


Now remember last blog I mentioned the Bro’s told Scottie they voted for Steve to stay and pinned the rogue vote on Angie? Scottie was already suspicious that they lied to him so when Sam confirms his suspicions he now has all the rationale he thinks he needs to justify targeting them. They are liars! Shady boots! This was an unnecessary move by the bro’s but it could have worked to their favor if Sam hadn’t unknowingly exposed the ruse. 


Winston attempts to cover his tracks. Sam does let the boys know that the gig is up! Oops! Winston tries to explain they told Sam that for her vote this week. That was the actual lie, not what they told Scottie. 


Sam’s slip only furthers Scottie’s suspiciousness of Brett during their 1-1 because OMG he is a professional liar! Scottie knows the truth and Brett tries (very well) to be friendly with Scottie. Plays up the buddy routine and denies to his face that Bro’s weren’t votes against Steve! It doesn’t help that later in the night Angie shares she’s also convinced Brett is the mastermind and the bro’s are calling the shots. She accurately points out that Brett is a far greater threat than Winston is. Winston’s useless without Brett. 


I like that Scottie is taking aim at the other side. That’s not a horrible move for him and the game with last night’s vote being 8-4 (7-5 had Scottie not flipped). It may be better for his future game to actually keep picking off the remaining Foute and then just fade into the background when Level 6 takes shots at each other but...you can never really count on what next week will look like. 


I don’t believe at this point in the HOH Tyler can or should keep pushing for Angie. Back off. Plant some seeds. Let her walk into a web the next couple days and maybe try to change up nom’s with her after veto but pushing her is going no where right now. 


We also have new power app winner coming today and who knows what that does to the game? I would have thought Bayleigh or JC were a sure bet for the final power app. Now seeing the edit last night the casuals voting could easily have a major push for Kaitlin or even Scottie who just lost his 2nd ally in the game. If Foute fans split their votes between Bayleigh and Haleigh (favorites) there’s a higher likelihood someone else moves up to most trending. 


What Tyler could do, for his own benefit is push the males v females narrative. Emphasize to Scottie that hey the guys have been dropping like flies. Share that you know some of the girls are already talking about they have the majority vote and can pick off the guys one by one. He could push for Rachel/Angela over the Bros if he creates some paranoia in Scottie over those numbers. 


This is better for Tyler than the risk of having the Bro’s OTB. The bro’s gave far more valuable insights into Tyler’s game and could begin exposing him if they hit the block and freak out. Suggest the ladies and even hint post veto if there’s a need to target someone else there’s always that to fall back on. Enter Kaitlin. 


I haven’t seen him do this but from my point of view this is the best move without having to risk his own status in Scottie’s mind.  With Tyler unable to puppet Scottie this early in the week he needs to be very careful how he handles things. Don’t worry though because JC and Tyler are strategizing. JC has been very effective at steering conversations on all sides of the house. 


This morning Scottie was still sounding pretty secure in his plans to nominate the bro’s. Feeds went down before noon. It’s likely they are all visiting the BB App Store for the last time. This typically has been happening earlier on Fridays which allows for some gaming before nominations begin later in the afternoon! 


Feeds just returned and we see Rachel comforting Haleigh and welcoming her to the crap app club! Wow America was not talking about Haleigh after last night’s episode. We also see JC talking with Scottie in the HN room. 


JC is explaining to Scottie that NO one is targeting him. He’s not on anyone’s mind so making a power move this week may not be in the best interest of his game. Pointing out that taking a swing at big player with a strong alliance leaves Scottie vulnerable and front and center next week when he can’t complete in the HOH. JC is doing an excellent job of executing this that portrays it as hey I’m your friend and I just want you to think about next week.


That’s a great place to put a pin in this. Initially I was shocked Haleigh got the crap app, but once that wore off it makes sense. She was portrayed as a potential backstabber, she’s talking about Tyler with Angie, and she hasn’t done anything. 

This isn’t going to be a cookie cutter week. 


Bayleigh told Faysal she got the power app this week. She says she will wait and see what Scottie does this week and she will tell him more later. I would say this is a pretty definitive app winner. Bayleigh has the second most votes last week. She also is seen telling Faysal so doesn’t seem like a ploy or strategic move just saying she has it! Once we know more you will get that RealiTea right here! 


Even if Tyler does manage to set Angie up as a target it’s going to make for some excitement on the feeds. Both sides are kinda feeing safe pre-nominations so one side may be in for a big surprise compared to how they felt immediately following the live show. The RealiTea is there will be plenty to talk about as today progresses! 


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