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Week 2 Eviction/Week 3 HOH


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Well in case you missed all the glorious drama of this week’s eviction episode I have all the RealiTea right here! Tonight Winston and Chris were able to give their speeches and the insanity began there! 


Soggy C gets up starts rambling on about why everyone else isn’t here to play like him. He points out the HG wearing his signature T-shirts and refers to them as his ‘goons’ talking about he was running things. I won’t go into the whole ‘epic’ speech he planned because there wasn’t anything epic except how clueless he really was about the status of the game. 


What was exciting? The voting! We’ve been listening and watching all week Before feeds went down Haleigh had implied to Chris she was going to vote what’s best for her game. So as the voting happens and Haleigh has her turn and she votes for him to stay and the broadcast had made such a point of focusing on Sam’s power...we had to wonder? 


Scottie enters wearing the Soggy C T-shirt he suggested everyone voting for him to wear we are sure he’s going to say Winston when Julie asks for his vote to evict. Scottie looks at the camera wearing the T-shirt and says I’m nobody’s GOON! I vote to evict Chris. 


WHAT? Julie is even a little puzzled so she asks to confirm, you said Chris? Does that mean you are voting to evict Soggy? Scottie confirms yes, Chris! BOOM! Scottie, of all people makes the most SAVAGE move and fans everywhere are shocked! 


Chris is evicted by a vote of 8-4. On his way out he pushes Haleigh away refusing to hug her so imagine his surprise when Julie asks him who he thinks didn’t vote for him of the 5 votes he’s been certain all week he had? He says Haleigh. Julie says Haleigh voted for you to stay. His face was awestruck! He quickly says oh I didn’t hug her goodbye?! 


If you haven't watched Julie’s exit interview it is a must see! She trolls him over ‘running the house and calling all the shots’ when she plays back his preseason strategy. It’s AMAZING! Then she asks him what do you think happened? His answer only drives home how little he knew about what was happening still!


Adding insult to injury Tyler takes a much more direct approach than Paul and tells him he’s been in Level 6 alliance this entire time. That he flipped Kaitlin to vote out Steve. Then he was responsible for flipping Kaitlin’s target to BD Chris. He owns his game! It’s glorious. But wait it can’t get any better? 


It gets better! After Tyler’s goodbye message Chris goes all in on a losing hand! He says Bayleigh and Angie are going to take him down! He’s in a showmance with someone who has a BF at home, and on and on! HE STILL DOESN’T get it! Most of us  know Kaitlin is thirsty for Tyler we watch the FEEDS! Tyler wants NOTHING to do with her and her BF has already dumped her and pulled his release. Omg! I

couldn't have asked for anything better! 


We have a new HOH by the end of the episode. It’s a question comp so not a random chance comp. The new HOH is...Scottie! It got down to Angie, Scottie, Faysal, and Rachel. Angie was eliminated next. Then Faysal in the next round. Rachel and Scottie eventually move to a tie breaker and Scottie wins! 


Let me just say there is no better outcome. Scottie is so unpredictable. He may want to avenge Steve. He voted against Chris but also makes it clear he’s playing his own game. The HG are just as unsure. When feeds returned small groups of 2-3 people are scattered in all corners of the house having the same conversation. “Who

will he put up?” Followed by either I HAVE NO IDEA, or who the he’ll knows what HE will do?” That’s the shakeup we needed!


There you have it! Week 2 was anything but boring. We’ve now had 2 weeks in a row with rogue votes that will have everyone on their toes. That’s already causing drama between Faysal and  Haleigh.


The one note I will make it Angie is on some radars and Scottie has said she and Haleigh are the only two he won’t put up. However, remember earlier this week the bro’s told Scottie that Angie was in fact the rogue vote that sent Steve home. Since they said it last week when he wasn’t in power this info will seem more reliable if the narrative is Angie is the squeeky wheel.


Great luck for the bro’s. They put in time and effort with Scottie last week. But...I also heard him mention that at 8-4 is a clear indication that the other side needs to take a hit because ‘8’ is a significant voting power at this point. Check back tomorrow to get all the overnight RealiTea Bitez! 

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