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Episode 8-Live Eviction and HOH

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The showmance or the bromance…one will survive the night and the other will be torn apart. Welcome to Big Brother! Previously, on Big Brother, a new trending app was unleashed and Sam won the bonus life power. Kaitlyn was part of the FOUTTE alliance, but her loyalty waivered after Tyler told her Swaggy C was trash talking. So when Kaitlyn took power, she and Tyler planned to backdoor Swaggy. With two pawns on the block FOUTTE was clueless about the target on Swaggy’s back.


At a dating app battle for power, Tyler matched with a golden beauty. Knowing she was going to make a big move, Kaitlyn gave Faysal an ominous warning. At the veto meeting, Swaggy C did not “C” it coming. Tonight, either Winston or Swaggy C will be sent home, but could Sam use her bonus life to give the evictee a chance to return. Plus the power is back up for grabs. All this live…on Big Brother!


It’s day 23 and Tyler is pulling the strings and pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. Can Swaggy find the numbers to keep his game alive, or will Winston remain in the game? But first, Swaggy is down but not out and it’s the power he doesn’t know about that could change his fate. Tyler tells us this is big and the backdoor plan has officially commenced. He’s an alpha dog and he’ll do what he needs to do to make it to the end.


Kaitlyn says now that she’s made this move, FOUTTE is over. She just hopes Faysal can see it was best for her game. Winston was wanting to party when it went down, but you can never be too comfortable. Scottie has no idea what is going on, but Tyler kept his word. However, Swaggy is up and he may be out. Swaggy says he’s on the block but he isn’t out yet and he’s going to try and swing some votes.


Kaitlyn heads to the HOH with Tyler, JC, and Brett and is crying. She says she followed her intuition and her heart and her gut and she made herself proud. Bayleigh comes in to give her a hug and Kaitlyn cries and says she can’t look at her right now. Bayleigh tells us her worst fear come true, and she’s going to have to kiss up and do some campaigning. Kaitlyn says he was coming after and said she was a liability and she felt she had to.


Bayleigh says she doesn’t understand why Kaitlyn didn’t talk to him and Kaitlyn is sobbing and saying he was going to come after her and she did what she had to do. Bayleigh decides to leave and go check on Swaggy. Faysal, Rockstar, Swaggy, and Scottie are in the have-not room counting votes. Faysal says they need 6 votes and Rockstar says no 7 because Kaitlyn isn’t going to break the tie. Swaggy tells them spend all week in Tyler’s ear because he is the one who did this. Swaggy says he needs six votes to tie and seven to stay. Kaitlyn betrayed him but he can’t flip out on her and keep his emotions in control and game.


Swaggy is talking to Bayleigh and he says he’s trying to calculate the best move to get seven votes. Bayleigh wants a hug because she is mad. Winston is talking to Kaycee and Angela and he’s starting to freak out in case something goes wrong. He whispers to Kaycee to figure out votes. Kaycee says obviously Level Six wants to keep Winston in the house but they need two more votes to keep him safe.


Faysal goes up to the HOH room to talk to Kaitlyn and she wants to know how mad he is. He says he’s not mad at her for taking the shot but being blindsided by your best friend who put your other best friend on the block is tough. Kaitlyn starts to cry and asks if he blames her. He asks her if that’s a good game move. He tells us the two people he’s closest to turned on each other and he feels exposed. Faysal says she took away his safe place and she says she’s still with him. Faysal says it’s a bold move. Faysal says what do we do now and Kaitlyn believes in individual relationships and FOUTTE no longer exists. Faysal says he doesn’t know what to do and he doesn’t think he can trust Kaitlyn anymore.


Swaggy C heads up to the HOH to talk to Kaitlyn and Tyler comes in as well. Swaggy says he wants to clear the air because he’s hearing things. Swaggy C says Kaitlyn putting him on the block was the dumbest move this season. Swaggy C says Kaitlyn was fed a miscommunication and Tyler tells us he was the one who fed her the information. He’s glad he’s there to steer the conversation. Swaggy tells them he genuinely likes Bayleigh and if he leaves he can’t spend the summer with her. Swaggy tells us what’s going to work with Kaitlyn is pulling on her heart. Swaggy lists his votes and says he needs one more and Kaitlyn to vote for him to stay. Kaitlyn says part of her does feel guilty for taking him away from someone he loves.


Swaggy C is talking to himself and saying he’s the best actor on the planet. Kaitlyn is talking to Tyler and he tells us Kaitlyn needs to stay in focus because the stars have aligned and they just need to follow through. Swaggy meanwhile, says it’s all an act. It’s got to work. We then see Swaggy talking to Sam. Swaggy C says he just maybe never got a chance to open himself up and let people see the real him. He tells Sam a personal story and she tells us her heart is breaking. She can see there is a person under that persona. Swaggy C says Sam likes authentic, caring people and opening up to Sam is 100% strategy. Sam is thankful she got to talk to him and she hugs it out. Sam knows in the back of her mind she has the power app and does she use it for Swaggy? Sam says she got a second chance in the house. Maybe Swaggy deserves one too.


Swaggy and Winston. One is the target and one is the pawn, but anything can happen on eviction night. Time for their chance to sway some votes. Swaggy C thanks God and his family. He says nothing has popped off yet and he wants to stay and shake things up. He asks them when they to make sure it’s their own vote. He tells them they are not there to lay out and tan, but to play a game so play the game.


Winston says it’s kind of hard to follow that and apologizes for not having a t-shirt with his name on it. He has enjoyed getting to know everyone and he hopes they keep in that mind while they vote.


Time to vote!

Bayleigh obviously votes to evict Winston.

Brett votes to evict Swaggy.

Kaycee votes to evict not so Swaggy Christopher.

Tyler sadly votes to evict Swaggy C.

The rest of the votes and the live eviction are coming up!


The vote is 3-1 to evict Swaggy. Time to get the rest of the HG votes.

Rockstar votes to evict Winston.

Haleigh votes to evict Winston.

Faysal votes to evict Winston.

Scottie appreciates the flattery but he’s nobodies goon. He votes to evict Chris.

JC votes to evict Swaggy C.

Angela votes to evict Swaggy.

Rachel says Level Six for life, she votes to evict Swaggy.

Sam votes to evict Swaggy.

By a vote of 8-4, Swaggy has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Swaggy hugs Bayleigh and makes his way to the door. He hugs Rockstar and does a handshake with Scottie and Faysal and quietly leaves. As he comes out he throws a couple of shirts into the audience. Swaggy will be in the hot seat when the show returns.


Julie says he’s a superfan and came in very confident and he thought he was running things and then he was blindsided by the vote last week and then this week at veto. What happened? Swaggy says everyone is soft and someone must have the gift of gab because they are getting people out from his side.


Julie asks who he thinks flipped. He says Kaitlyn and Haleigh and Julie wants to know why Haleigh. Swaggy says she was wishy-washy on her vote and he thought she was acting funny. Julie says Haleigh voted to keep him and he says wow, he didn’t hug her.


Julie shows a clip of Swaggy’s strategy in his audition video of him saying he wanted to play in the middle. He says wow that went out the window. He says once you’re in there your strategy is gone and that audition video meant nothing he guesses.


Faysal tells Swaggy he wishes he could have done more but he’s going to turn the house upside down. Kaitlyn says this week has been so difficult and everything is happening for the highest good. Tyler tells Swaggy about the Level Six alliance and their plans and he loves his like a brother. Bayleigh says if she is probably in shambles and she knows this summer will not be the same without him in the house. She loves him and it’s Swayleigh all the way.


Julie asks if he loves her and Swaggy says he does. He didn’t expect it but you’re around people for 600 hours and relationships happen. Julie asks if he has anything to say about Tyler. Swaggy says he’s messing with a girl who has a boyfriend outside of the house. He says good luck getting to the end because Faysal is going to take him out and he doesn’t want to talk after the game.


The app store will be open soon and it’s your chance to vote for the top and least trending houseguests.


It’s time for the HOH competition! The power is up for grabs! This competition is called Product Launch! They will watch 2 different videos and after each video they’ll answer questions to what they just saw and the answer will be true or false. The last HG standing after 7 questions will be HOH and in the event of a tie there will be a tie breaker.  


They see their first video. One of the color options for the cry-phone was strawberry. Everyone answers false except Kaycee who answered true. The answer is false and Kaycee has been eliminated.


The photo from 1979 was in black and white. The correct answer is false and only 5 people got it right. Rachel, Faysal, Rockstar, Scottie, and Sam.


The cry-phone is available starting at $699. Sam answers False and everyone else says true and the answer is true. Sam is eliminated.


Now they get the second video. The fear buds are available in French. Everyone answers false and that’s the answer.


The pineapple CEO was wearing a watch. Rockstar answers false and everyone else answer true. Faysal, Rachel, and Scottie are left.


The CEO claimed the Lie pad can quote warn you of backdoors. Faysal says true. Rachel and Scottie answer false. The answer is false. Faysal is eliminated.


The 99 gigabyte lie pad cost $1299. Both answer false and they are both correct.


Time for a tie breaker. The answer will be a number and the person closest without going over will be HOH.  In seconds, how long was the microchip mayhem competition from the start to the final deletion dot.


Scottie answer 1199. Rachel answers 12,500. The correct answer is 475 second so Scottie wins HOH.


Tune in Sunday to see who Scottie nominates for eviction and find out who get the LAST power app for the summer. Next Wednesday we’ll see the POV and another live eviction on Thursday.

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