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It’s finally here! Eviction day has arrived and that marks the end of the most annoying HOH in years! Thank goodness. I need decompression therapy at this point. As I think back on the last 2 weeks and the conversations happening all around the house.


I see some points that may help understand why Chris is going home. As you know I surf what fans are talking about across numerous platforms. I will do my best to explain why this all came to be and why the cards have landed where they have. This at least gives me a 360

degree view of how others perceive what’s happening. 


I will give Chris full credit for his vigorous efforts this week. The last 3 days he has been more active and present in the game than we’ve seen him since the feeds went live. Getting into a showmance had the greatest role in his demise. He a BB historian with facts but that never translated into actions. 


He believed he was such a powerful player he didn’t need to do anything but sit back, let snitches and rats bring him intel and give marching orders to the troops. Since the feeds went live 85% of what we see of him is being laid up alone with Bayleigh. He took the Nicole approach. This is exactly why he thought he could tell Tyler that she’s expendable. Kaitlin’s at the bottom of the ranks, he doesn’t trust her and he’s the HBIC and his people do what he tells them to.

That was his third mistake. Did he not watch Paulie BB18? 


When you aren’t socializing or present around the house with everyone throughout the day you miss a lot! It’s not about which players you like or dislike. Watching and observing people interacting gives a lot of valuable information. You learn how they roll. You see how they behave when they are lying and telling the truth. You see who talks to which HG’s how they interact with each other.


In a social experiment like this how people behave and react is paramount to navigating this game. Chris relied on Scottie to bring him details and made his assessments mostly from what others told him. Tyler does the same except Tyler knows what to say to whom, which piece needs to be moved where because he pays attention to every detail! Trust me he’s not playing a perfect game, it’s week 3, he’s got some predators circling him but HE KNOWS where they are. 


The difference is Tyler cultivates those connections to people. Tyler spends time with them, Interacts, is not only present but an active observer. He then takes those connections to identify what each person needs to hear for them to be moved in a certain direction. I mean if you are watching feeds whether you like Level 6 or not you have to give him some major props so far. There’s a lot of game left though. 


He’s brilliant at it. People just want to tell him things because he seems genuinely invested in their well being and knows what to say and do to encourage them to see what he wants them to. It takes a lot of effort as we’ve all seen on the feeds. The Bros need to head something different than Scottie does. Scottie needs to hear something different than Haleigh or Kaitlin do. We ALL have likes and dislikes. We all have ‘tells’. This is one of the reasons I have been as successful as I have been in jobs that require dealing with lots of people. 


Chris thinks because he can compete and has Faysal he doesn’t need anything else. Look he wasn’t wrong about Kaitlin. He was wrong

for sharing his thoughts with anyone but Bayleigh! He was wrong to trust Tyler. He was wrong to focus on how he feels about Kaitlin and NEVER considered how she’s feeling about him. So when he does get his game on and start hustling there is no where for him to turn except FOUTTE and that’s not enough. This is the only area where Winston is better off than Chris. He has Brett to go to. He can unleash all his wild thoughts and feelings on Brett who talks him down. Then he goes back out and keeps those things to himself most the time. 


There are plenty of players making the same mistakes to varying degrees. Angela, Winston,

Angie, Faysal. All seclude themselves and have concrete perceptions they don’t see as blind spots. Faysal and Winston think they can ride with their bro’s (Chris/Brett) and that will keep them safe. Angie, Winston, and Angela are all guilty of not interacting with anyone but their small group or pair. You cannot last in this game if you have no idea what’s going on and have zero life lines in case of emergency. Not being visible hurts you with the players in the house as much as the audience outside. 


Chris was committed to staying visible this week. Having conversation after conversation with Sam, JC. Tyler, Kaitlin, even Rachel. He gave it a lot of effort but what he was saying was wrong 99% of the time. That’s not what that person needed to hear to be persuaded. Most of the time it was the same lines over and over, I’m a superfan. I didn’t get to play Veto. I want to stay to jury to be with Bayleigh. I will never target you. I’m loyal to people who do I what I want. I’m a bigger target. Winston can’t win anything I can and can protect you. And on and on and on with few exceptions. 


Then he relied on JC/Scottie to tell someone who was thinking what. Problem is JC has been with Tyler since day 2! Here’s another point I want people to consider. We’ve just adopted the narrative that this house is split down the middle. It’s level 6 v. Foutte. As I’ve watched and time has passed people need to stop limping Tyler in with Level 6. He is not with Level 6 in the sense this is a final 6 we are going all the way. Not at all. 


Tyler is playing for Tyler. He walked the middle last week. He saw a path this week to take out one of the biggest competitors in the game because Kaitlin love triangle and Chris’ inability to see past the end of his nose and took advantage of it. Does this move benefit Level 6? Yeah. But that’s a side effect.


Tyler and JC are really the team here. They are layering themselves between Level 6 for possible safety (since the Bro’s and Angela have been all Foute talked about. But Tyler is playing for Tyler and that’s the best kind of player! These two work really well together. Each puts in constant work. Each lean in on weaknesses and potential segways into influencing outcomes. I would say JC is more level 6 than Tyler and he’s not even part of actual Level 6. 


Angie is playing for Angie. Haleigh is playing for Haleigh. Sam is playing for...ok well I’m not sure she actually intentionally ‘playing’ so to speak but she’s definitely focused on what’s best for her. 


Angie is my greatest disappointment this week. I thought I may have underestimated her preseason. Last week she showed us she’s a passive observer who has a pretty decent read in the house. She saves most of her game talk for Haleigh but she voices her thoughts diplomatically with Foutte. I was really starting to like her game. She saw some waves with Foutte coming and starts plotting with Haleigh on where to jump when they need to. Speculates about an all femal alliance with Kaycee, Haleigh, Bay and herself. She saw the problems ahead. 


This week between  being hangry and blindsided she just went off script. She’s gone from off the radar to being one of the biggest targets in the game! Why? Because she’s can’t keep her emotions and frustrations in check or her mouth closed! I hated watching her game devolving but again she’s her own undoing. 


What really irks me is she is really mad at herself! Everything she’s whining and complaining about is something that happened but what happened was the EXACT same things she was already plotting and someone else just beat her to it! How you say? 


Well, let’s start with Kaitlin deciding Foute was a team that was gonna last and offer enough and she blew it up Hoping to create some new lines in the house. Isn’t that all Angie talked about last week? 


Let’s also talk about a bigger one that becomes a serious thorn in her side the last couple days. Last week Angie and Haleigh had a discussion about voting and took it to Chris. They believed they had the votes for Steve to stay so her idea was those two vote for Sam to stay then they can blame the bro’s for voting for Steve to stay and Sam to go which was what their alliance did not want. It was talked about seriously until the last day when they started to wonder if the votes were possibly to close to play with fire. 


Guess what? She’s mad that The Bro’s told Scottie that Haleigh and Angie were one of the rogue votes last week to try and create more dissection within that team. I mean I get her being upset they are putting a target on her but really the Bros did exactly what Angie wanted to do and was to chicken to do it! That’s really what’s at the heart of her angst! 


Foute wanted to use Kaitlin for her vote. They wanted the numbers to be able to control the narrative in the game. Angie didn’t like her behaviors. It made her very Leary moving forward and she told Haleigh we will stick with Foute for now but we need to start planning our exit. She’s PISSED Kaitlin did exactly what she was planning to do! She’s pissed Tyler manages to get Kaitlin to lean his way because she needs Kaitlin to lean her way. 


Angie is the player coming off this week that is in the worst spot. Kaitlin may be a close second with all her drama once she expires her usefulness. Angie’s made no secret of her disdain for Tyler or Kaitlin or the Bro’s or for anyone this week actually.


Angie still doesn’t realize she shouldn’t be saying things to people. She goes to JC of all people with the Bros trying to pin the vote on her story and now they are her targets. Of course we all know JC tells Tyler who already knows from multiple people she wants Tyler’s Head on a platter so now he’s got something to run back to the Bros. Then of course the Bros are like she’s got to go. I mean really she’s napping Tyler’s path to the end here, advantage or no advantage. 


All Tyler has to do is stoke the flames on both sides to get them to target each other and let him fall back once this week is over. 

Tyler still has some blind spots where Rachel and Haleigh are concerned because he’s had to invest so much time and energy to ensure this vote sends Chris home. On the bright side this young man is not afraid of hard work!  He has eyes and ears everywhere. If Angie were to get power and he smells a BD plan he has his power. Worst case he’s nurturing his Sam relationship as well as JC has done the same. 


Bayleigh has spent most of her time with Chris which is never good. I will say I see her being able to easily get herself back into the fold if she wants to. I mean her and Chris found BB love is all well and good but with him Home and her focused on the game she stands a much better chance of making it to jury. 


Sam has done a great job of befriending everyone but Chris who just had no interest. He makes some efforts  with her but he doesn’t hear her and he also doesn’t see how ingratiated she is with Tyler for saving her. Because he has no idea really that Tyler was the one that saved her. Had he known this he could have approached it very differently and maybe a better odd of swinging her vote. 


At the end of this week Tyler needs to go right to the courthouse after the season and request a TRO. Seriously! He may actually need a restraining order! She’s a fatal attraction. She went so far this week to try to manipulate him to giving her ‘physical attention’ in exchange for supporting Chris being voted out.


Kaitlin literally went on and on yesterday about how she needs physical contact as an affirmation and if she doesn’t get that from him how can she know he’s with her. It was really awful to watch. I don’t think I’ve even seen a male player in the game be this sexually aggressive with a female. 


I hope that at some point this week production is forced to reveal her boyfriend revoked his waiver. In the final Foute meeting last night Angie really ticked her off! I loved it! Angie flat out told Kaitlin if she were cuddled up with multiple dudes all over the house she (Angie) wouldn’t have a home to go home to. BOOM! Yeah she dropped that bomb on her and Kaitlin was fuming! That was the final nail in Chris’



Haleigh seems to have been persuaded not to vote for Chris over Winston. She pretty much said as much this morning explaining she can’t reveal herself in a detriment to her own game to save Chris when the votes just aren’t there. Good for you Haleigh. I appreciate she was upfront prior to eviction tonight. Bayleigh understands why Chris is being targeted even if she doesn’t like it. Haleigh being honest keeps Bay’s respect. Faysal is none to happy to hear it but he’s been hinting that line all week as well so he can’t be all that surprised. 


Which HG are in the best spots at the end of week 2? Well, Tyler and JC are pretty well insulated and do not plan to get HOH as long as the threats like Angie have already been eliminated they both agree to throw it. That’s smart on Tyler’s part. He doesn’t need any more visible threat moments right now. Bay is in a good place with Chris gone.


Haleigh is the female version of Tyler as far as social game and people are wildly underestimating her. Angela is a shadow in the house. So unless the Foute side wins and uses her in a pawn situation she’s sitting pretty today. Sam and Kaycee are the last two I don’t think have anything to worry about. Kaycee is well liked and excellent socially. People underestimate Sam for sure so I can easily see a path to jury for her. 


Angie is the most likely target this upcoming week should anyone else win. She and Scottie both are expendable as far as both sides are concerned. The other bad news for Angie is according to our production leak, while Rachel won the crap app last week by a landslide...Angie was the next least trending. I know

Foutte Stan’s ride hard for Bayleigh in voting. If you are one of the ones rooting on your Queen Angie you better throw some votes her way because it could be really bad if she ends up with the crap app.


That wraps up week 2! It’s almost time for the live show. I will be back later with results of the eviction and HOH. I hope you are getting your fill of RealiTea for all things BB20. Head over to Morty’s and check out the weekly draft where you can win prizes. Or capture your favorite moments by entering the Morty’s meme contest. It’s on to week 3. 









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