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Friday, July 13 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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2:35pm BBT  Feeds are back.  Tyler, Fessy and JC still in lounge, feeds switch to Kaycee and Rachel upstairs on the couch. Rachel said she is sorry if she is weird to day, she feels she made a big mistake yesterday.  She didn't come in to win comps, and she almost did yesterday.  She should have talked to people first. She hopes she didn't just mess up her game.


Scottie is in HOH room with Bayleigh.  He is saying Rockstar's name has been thrown out by everyone.  Bayleigh said who, and why.  He wouldn't give names, but that they feel she is sketchy, and was the flip vote.  He said she had been throwing his name out.  Bayleigh said she already told him how RockStar called him and evil genius.  He said he feels if he put up the Bros, he can count on Rockstar's vote, because she hates them.  Bayleigh said Fessy is definitely trustworthy, and has his back.  Bayleigh said she talked with Rachel this morning, and she told Rachel nobody is coming after her.  Rachel said it is her birthday week, she doesn't want to be on the block.  Bayleigh said now Rachel should talk game with her, since she was so nice to Rachel.  Talking about Brett and Winston, and how everyone loves Brett.  She said to watch and see who comforts Brett, so you know who to watch.  She said not to worry about that right now.  Scottie said neither one has come close to winning any comp, so he isn't concerned.  If Scottie gets HG choice in Veto, he is picking Fessy.  If Bayleigh gets it, she will pick Angela.  They think Brett is dangerous.  Bayleigh says after Swaggy got put up, Tyler JC and Brett were in HOH room consoling Kaitlyn.  She said she knows Kaitlyn is close to Brett, because of things being said. Both decide Brett is dangerous.   FoTH 

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2:50 pm BBT  Scottie said he isn't going to worry about the speculation.  Bayleigh said he is Vicious.   She loves it.  Bayleigh said that Rockstar approached Swaggy first week about flipping the vote. He said hell no, and she didn't approach him again.  But she is thinking about maybe she did flip.  They are discussing his HOH room reveal.  She said she put on the headphones and watched people, she saw some uncomfortable people.  He said the first person to come up and ask about the pictures was Brett.  She said really?  She said she and Scottie talk, she knew about his family and the cowboy thing.  Now Brett is talking about not knowing all of that about Scottie.  She said she knew, because they talk. 

Bayleigh asks about him and Tyler.  Scottie says he and Tyler are close, but he doesn't feel like Tyler tells him everything.  They think Tyler has Kaitlyn as #1 and Scottie might be #2.  They start talking about an internet poll, and Tyler told Scottie it was about Joe.  Feeds switch to Kaitlyn on all 4 feeds.  She is in the middle of yet another story.

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3:01 pm BBT  Feeds switch to  KT, where Sam is fixing BB style of muddie Buddies.  They say that is delicious.  They wonder where Tyler is, such it is for him.  JC said he is really hungry (still on slop)  Fessy is in HOH room with Scottie.  Fessy says Brett/Winston said the girls are getting close and too powerful.  Scottie said he needs to know for sure who said it, if he uses that in his speech, the girls might turn on them.  Fessy said he can't be sure which one said it, cause it was day 2.  Fessy said he doesn't want Scottie to use it, because he was the only one there, and it will F8 his game up.  Scottie says he has a laundry list of things to use. Fessy asks what.  Fessy says Scottie can use, in his own terms, that he came into the house looking for a showmance, but they have all the girls.  Also that if he puts up both, then the one staying will come after the 4 or 5 of them.  Fessy says he and JC are close, he said JC trusts him 100%.  Fessy said JC was a little nervous after his talk with Scottie.  Scottie said did he think I am going to put him up.  Fessy said no, he was afraid Scottie is making a big move that might hurt him.  Fessy said JC tells him what he is going to do, and who he is voting for.  They think JC is a straight shooter. 



(Sorry gotta go fir a while)

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3:02 pm BBT. Scottie and Faysal in the HOHR.  Scottie asks him what exactly did the bros tell you and Swaggy?  He says they said the girls are getting too strong and they need to get them out.  They pitched they wouldn’t go after us if we didn’t go after them.  He said Winston said the girls were too flirty.  Scottie is saying he needs the facts right to put it in his speech.  Faysal says it was Winston and Brett was involved too.  Faysal says it screws him though bcuz he was there.  Scottie says he won’t do it then. He says he had a laundry lost of reasons to put them (Winston and Brett) up.  


3:09 pm BBT.  Faysal says as long as those 2 (Brett and Winston) are together, they’re not going anywhere.  Scottie says it’s basically a showmance.  Scottie says Winston knows he’s going up bcuz I told him to his face I was voting him out.  He says after the vote, Winston asked after the vote did u vote for me to stay?  Scottie told him no (he did vote for him, he voted Swaggy out).  Faysal says u gotta make sure u get 1 of them out!  Scottie says then I’m counting on 1 of u to get the next HOH.  Faysal says oh yeah.  Scottie asks if Faysal is close to JC.  He says yeah.  Scottie says u should get closer cuz he could win an endurance comp.  Faysal he trusts me.  


3:12 pm BBT.  Scottie says JC is a trustworthy guy, I totally trust him.  Faysal is sure JC will want to be with them.  Scottie says if they can get 1 of those 2 out, then that side will (makes a bomb motion).  Faysal doesn’t think Brett or Winston got a power.  Faysal even if 1 does, the other goes home. Faysal asks if Scottie is sure about this move.  Scottie says what other move would I make?  He says I have the backing to do it.  He says if they’re both still here when we get to 9 or 10, with as charismatic as he is, none of is will be able to do anything.  Scottie says Brett talks just like Paul did last year.

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3:22 pm BBT.  JC and Rachel talking in lounge.  JC says he’s gonna hide a banana for when they are locked in the rooms.  Rachel wants to stay in there bcuz it’s quiet.  Kaitlyn has joined the HOHR.  JC says no matter what happens they can get out of this.  If they freak out, that’s when stuff goes down.  In HOHR Haleigh says he (Scottie ?) isn’t being honest.  She says she sidn’t flip on Swaggy.  In SR Angela and Kaycee saying the broa are probably going up.  They’re upset and don’t understand it.  Tyler comes in.  Tyler says he tried so hard to get that out of his head.  He said Scottie shot down every talk about Rockstar bcuz she’s a vote against the other side. 


3:26 pm BBT.  Haleigh and Kaitlyn whispering in the HOHR.  Haleigh says she’s upset with Brett bcuz he said she flipped on Steve.  Kaitlyn says no he’s not saying that.  She says they don’t talk game with Scottie.  Haleigh wants to know the exact details of Sam’s power.  Kaitlyn says she’s not totally sure.  She thinks this is her last week to use it (it’s not, next week is).  


3:31 pm BBT.  Angela, Rachel and Faysal in lounge, general chat about food and protein shakes. 

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3:33 pm BBT.  Angela leaves the lounge to go lay down, Rachel follows.  Kaycee and Faysal in lounge.  Kaycee says hi Fes.  She says I was calling u Fez.  He says no Z.   She asks if he’s having fun in here.  He says he watched 2 seasons.  He says now I’m confused.  Kaycee says normally the 1st 2 weeks aren’t this crazy.  In HOHR, Scottie is down showering and talking to Kaitlyn and Haleigh.  He says he’s terrified but u gotta do what u gotta do.  Bayleigh joins Faysal and Kaycee in the lounge...general talk.  


3:35 pm BBT.  Kaitlyn tells Scottie u gotta do what is best for u even if it’s not popular.  He says if he does what he wants he thinks it’s actually good for a lot of people and would be popular.  


3:39 pm BBT.  Rockstar is in the HOHR now.  General chit chat about black holes, the milky way...


Brett, Tyler and winston in the KT.  


3:43 pm BBT.  JC and Scottie talking in HOHR.  JC says he did what Scottie wanted and went around to see where people’s heads were at.  JC says Rockstar thought he would be her minion to find out if the bros were voting for Steve or Sam.  He says why would she need to know that if she was working with your group and had her votes locked.  He tells Scottie he heard that Rockstar didn’t vote for Steve to stay.  Scottie says he heatd she blamed him.  JC says her game is weak.  JC says I’m telling u if u are gonna make

a big move, do u wanna do it against people who haven’t talked about u?   JC says he can try to do damage control with the bros but it’ll be hard.   JC says he’s heard Scottie’s name even from his side.  JC says he was scared ahe was gonna get HOH, so it's risky guessing about next week.  JC says the bros aren’t going to target u.  He says if u het rockstar out, there are 6 people who could get HOH that aren’t coming after u.  JC says if u wanna go with the bros, go with them.  Scottie says if Winston and Brett get to final 10, they can’t touch them.  Scottie says Brett has a showmance with every girl and they won’t get rid of him.  JC says u gotta break up the 4.  JC says Winston isn’t a physical threat.  Scottie says if he takes Rockstar out now, there’s no votes to get them out.  JC says yeah they’ll be too powerful.  JC says he’ll tell the bros that Rockstar got in his head so they target her next week.  JC says if there is a battle back Swaggy will win.  Scottie says he’s gonna put them up.  He’ll put Kaitlyn up as a pawn if one of them takes themselves off.  Scottie says Brett is the bigger fish.   JC says u gotta get players for the veto that’ll keep noms the same.  JC says he would keep them the same.  JC says he came up there to change his mind but Scottie made him wake up.  Scottie says he wants him in his loop, he’s a straight shooter like Steve was.  JC says do your move and next week I’ll make sure they get Rockstar out next week.  He says if Winston goes home it’ll be hard to stop Brett from taking revenge.  Scottie says he knows.  He says if there is a power and they both stay then he is f***ed!  Scottie says Brett is very convincing.  Scottie says Brett either sucks at comps or is good at hiding how good he is.  JC says he thinks Brett is the one hiding something about his job (he is). 

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4:58 pm BBt  Bayleigh and Fessy talking in the have not room.  She tells him about her Power app.  She said that she has the power to make the noms.  This week they are safe, so she won't use it.  If he gets HOH next week, and she gets it the next week, then they are good to jury.  She said if "they" get HOH and it she feels like she or Fessy are going up, then she can make the noms.  She explained that the HOH will get the keys and call the ceremony, then before they can make their nominations known, a voice will come over saying a power has been used, and then her nominations will be revealed.  She still remains unknown.  She said the only thing that stinks is the HOH can still make the replacement nom.  She said they will just have to make sure the Veto isn't used when she uses her power.  She makes him swear not to tell anyone, especially don't let Kaitlyn get it out of him.  He promises, and they high five and leave.

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6:20 pm Feeds return JC is talking to Winston in lounge. Telling him to cool off for 30 mins. Winston says Scottie is a snake in the grass, he voted to keep him. JC leaves and Winston says he wants to break Scottie's face. Scottie takes Brett into the HoH. At this point, I can confirm Scottie put up the bros. 

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6:23 pm Scottie to Brett in HoH. Tells him he is giving them a chance to fight but he knows they would be voting together. Brett says he didn't see it coming. He thinks there are others that are abusing their personal relationships with Scottie that he could have gone after instead. He says Scottie clearly drew his line. In the SR Winston is expressing his frustration to Kait and Tyler. Tyler tells Winston to be careful. Brett enters and they wish each other good luck in the veto before leaving to go talk in private. 



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6:27 pm In HNR Brett and WInston tell each other they need to win veto and then they have the votes to stay. Winston says he is trying to calm down because right now he just wants to take Scottie by the throat. They will come for him next week. 


6:30 pm In HOH, Scottie tells WInston the same thing he told Brett. Winston calls out Scottie saying he knows Scottie voted to keep him on Thursday, then he just threatens Scottie and tells him he wrote his own eviction next week and leaves the room. Winston shortly after pulls Brett into the HNR and relays the conversation with Scottie. Brett stays very calm and just nods and agrees with Winston. Winston called to DR. 


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6:40 Scottie and Fessy in the HoH. Scottie tells Fessy about Winston's threat and also says that WInston plans to spread the "rumor" that Scottie voted Swaggy out. Fessy asks if most vetos are physical and if so they got it. Worst case the other bro will come after Scottie next week but they still have the numbers. Scottie says we are off the deep end now. Fessy says you made the move, now rock with it. 



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07:01PM BBT In the HOHR, Rockstar, Scottie, Tyler and Fessy discuss the history of the season and study the powers.


07:02PM BBT Rachel and Winston talk in the washroom lounge.  He tells her that Kaitlyn will go up if he or Brett come down.


07:04PM BBT In the kitchen, Haleigh is talking with an English accent that sounds more Australian.  


07:05PM BBT Winston tells Angela that he was blindsided, especially since Scottie voted for him to stay.  He said that he is done with Scottie, that they are no longer friends.


07:07PM BBT Sam cooks dinner in the kitchen.  Sam and Rachel have cornrows.  Winston, Kaycee, JC, Kaitlyn and Bayleigh are also in the kitchen.  Rachel joins them as well.


07:09PM BBT Fessy tells Scottie that being HOH is tough.  He, Rockstar, Scottie and Tyler talk about the HOH comps.


07:12PM BBT Rockstar is looking forward to the veto that has the luxury items in it, but that's usually when there are about 10 HG left.


07:13PM BBT Rockstar explains luxury veto comp to Fessy.  Kaitlyn comes into the HOH and says she made garlic bread.


07:14PM BBT Fessy tells Kaitlyn that it's so weird that this was just her HOH room and now she's knocking before coming in.


07:15PM BBT In the BBR, Angela, Rachel and Winston are in their workout gear.  Winston goes into the WR area and stretches a bit.


07:17PM BBT Sam asks the other HG the doneness they want their meat prepared.


07:18PM BBT Brett leads Haleigh, Angela and Winston in jumping jacks.


07:19PM BBT JC goes up to join Kaitlyn, Scottie, Rockstar, Tyler in the HOHR.  They are discussing the nomination ceremony and how Kaitlyn almost laughed when he turned the key.  Apparently his nom speech wasn't planned.


07:24PM BBT If someone wins veto, Scottie tells the others in HOH that they can decide who comes down, that he doesn't care.  Kaitlyn and Kaycee come in with garlic bread to try.


07:26PM BBT Bayleigh and Fessy talk in the WR area. Bayleigh wants Fessy safe because he's her only protection in the house.


07:30PM BBT  In the HOHR, it's down to Scottie, Bayleigh and Kaycee. He explains Winston tells him that there's now a line in the sand after he put him up.  

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7:00 pm In the HoH, RS,  Tyler, Fessy and Scottie are trying to go through who potentially has the power apps and what those powers could be. Scottie tells the group that Winston told him that he will win veto and HoH and take out Scottie all while spreading the rumor that Scottie voted for him on Thursday. Tyler says that will be two straight weeks on the block for Winston, he is pissed. Scottie says Victoria from BB16 spent almost the whole season on the block. Rockstar says Rachel Reilly was on the block over and over in BB12. She imitates Rachel saying no one comes between me and my man. Tyler coyly asks so there are two Rachels from Vegas? Wow! Cam cuts back to the majority of HG preparing dinner in the kitchen. 

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07:32PM BBT Scottie said that Winston really blew up and said that he was going to take himself off the block, put Scottie up next, make sure that everyone knows that he flipped both previous evictions and then send him home.


07:33PM BBT Scottie, Haleigh and Rockstar are in the WR area brushing hair, teeth, etc.


07:39PM BBT Rockstar tells Haleigh about the conversation she just had with Scottie about Winston's rage and Brett's coolness.  They agree that Brett should be the one to go because he's so smooth and a threat.


07:41PM BBT Bayleigh leaves the HOHR and Scottie says to JC and Kaycee that it's awkward and has to separate the game.


07:43PM BBT JC tells Scottie that when he's not a HN, that he's going to come upstairs and snuggle him.


07:47PM BBT Kaycee tells JC that she's confident about their side.


07:49PM BBT JC believes that Brett and Angela will get in a showmance after Winston leaves.  "You don't have to go to school to see that", he says.


07:52PM BBT After spending 20 minute braiding her hair, Haleigh takes it all out and changes her clothes.  Brett and Winston shower.



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08:05PM BBT Rachel puts a mudd mask on her face and walks around.   They seem to all be doing their daily grooming activities.


08:08PM BBT Kaycee, Angela, Tyler and Scottie are eating dinner while Sam continues to cook in the kitchen.


08:09PM BBT Kaitlyn, Haleigh and Fessy talk about wrinkles in the BBR.  Fessy says that he's moving to LA, so thinks he needs to worry about them. 


08:10PM BBT Haleigh says that she's getting her veneers put on as soon as she's out. They're made and ready to go.


08:13PM BBT Kaitlyn talks to Joe on camera to get it together and says she told him that when she gets out of the house that she want to....and the feeds cut back to the kitchen.


08:18PM BBT Kaitlyn and Haleigh start whispering in the PBR that Winston made a huge mistake.


08:19PM BBT Bayleigh reads her bible back in her corner bed 


08:21PM BBT Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Sam and Rockstar sing "What Does the Fox Say"


08:22PM BBT The conversation in the kitchen is primarily the guys talking about how they like their steaks.


08:23PM BBT Rockstar tells the girls that she thinks that Dr. Phil is hot.


08:24PM BBT Rockstar moves back to Bayleigh's bed.  Haleigh turns in their direction and they start talking about names for the different alliances.


08:26PM BBT Haleigh, Rockstar and Bayleigh are now in a F3 deal, but talk about including Kaitlyn.


08:27PM BBT Haleigh said she wants to go up and continue to bond, and that she also loves Nirvana (his HOH music?), so it's a win win.

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BB Time 7:54 PM

Scottie is at the counter while Sam cleans up, Rachel is wandering in the area.

Rachel is asking Scottie about his music in the HOH. Rachel sees something like a scratch on her neck.

Several people now wandering in and out of the kitchen, Sam is giving pep talks while Scottie eats and

watches them.

Kaitlyn sits down with Scottie, tells Tyler she found a new “mate”.

Kaitlyn: I don't need a show mance, I need a kind man (looks at her new man Scottie)

Rock Star starts a discussion about laughing. She falls on the ground laughing, Scottie says he never has. Scottie is enjoying his steak, Kaitlyn right beside him, mouth full, asking “what would you order at a restaurant” questions. RS stays involved in the conversation.

Kaitlyn: Where's Haleigh”

Scottie: shower

Scottie: it would be a short shower if it were cold

They start talking about cold showers after being overheated.

Rock Star seems to be pulling Scottie into conversation, Kaitlyn is quiet.

Scottie: they were washing hair in hot water in the sink I didn't know it was an option.

Rock Star slop is the worst part, I love vegetables.

When Kaitlyn walks away, Rock Star gets up and leaves the table.

(I am no expert, but I think she did that purposely)





8:11 Camera 1

Rock Star I think Tyler works one side and Scottie works our side.

She is room with Haleigh, Baleigh, and Kaitlyn

Haleigh: I don't think she (Kaitlyn) wants to believe it, he is her best friend

She is upset but not at us.

Baleigh: it's core, then they lost Swaggy and they are just co now

Haleigh: We need a name,

Rock Star we need an alliance first

Haleigh: I think it is us three

Rock Star: I agree

Haleigh: I was just kidding.

Rock Star I said 4 when there were four of here

Baleigh: she hasn't said anything game to me since Swaggy left.

Rock Star he needs us to provide us safety (Scottie)

Haleigh: I want to build that relationship

Rock Star I went up there to but JC was there so.

Baleigh: Kaycee is really close to Scottie too

game talk pauses


Rock Star: I think we need to...you aren't gonna like this, I think Brett needs t go. Winston doesn't have a good personality.

Baleigh: we have three

Rock Star JC goes with the house

Baleigh: Brett is a salesman

Haleigh: after a five minute conversation with Brett, Scottie was convinced not to put him up

Baleigh: we need to put Winston up again next week

Haleigh says something about being too aggressive, and they (Brett and Winston) need to separate. And leaves to remove her facial mask.

Rock Star thinks Scottie told Tyler what she said, not Kaitlyn (assuming CORE story, and Kaitlyn did tell him)

8:33 camera switches

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08:29PM BBT Fessy is talking to the bros about someone famous at his college where they'd have to move his dorm room over and over because people would ask for autographs.


08:30PM BBT Rockstar tells Bayleigh and Haleigh that she feels Brett needs to go because he has charisma.


08:31PM BBT The girls in the PBR decide to put Winston up every week until he goes home.


08:32PM BBT Sam comes into the PBR whistling and snapping her fingers.


08:34PM BBT Bayleigh reads passages from the bible out loud while Rockstar listens.  Kaitlyn comes in with her face mask on and Tyler picks up his clothes in the adjoining room. (the sliding wall is open)


08:41PM BBT Rockstar tells Sam that she had made up a story for JC and Haleigh where Sam was a beautiful girl in the forest with Swaggy fairies that flew around her saying POP POP POP, and they had to cross the village of the brokers (bros), and Racquel, a siren under a bridge that she'd have to cross.  That's as far as she got before JC fell asleep.


08:42PM BBT Rachel, Kaitlyn, Kaycee and Angela all have face masks in the WR area while WInston and JC chat with them.


08:44PM BBT Haleigh goes upstairs to talk with Scottie in the HOHR.  He tells her about Winston's outburst.


08:47PM BBT Haleigh says that Winston has quite an agenda for this week and that he's going to be really busy. "What an idiot he is", she says.


08:48PM BBT Rockstar joins them in the HOHR and Haleigh says that they shouldn't be up there together because it's getting noticed.  The bros told them that they're floaters kissing up to Scottie.


08:49PM BBT Scottie compared last year's HG Paul to Brett, and that they're similar in their smoothness.


08:51PM BBT Rockstar says that she really doesn't like Angela.


08:52PM BBT Haleigh tells JC, WInston, Kaycee, Tyler and Rachel about her task.  She will be reading a play on a soapbox for a certain number of time a day until the book is finished.  


08:56PM BBT Haleigh predicts that there may be a test based on the book readings.


08:59PM BBT Rockstar says that no matter how many burpees Winston does, he still can't win a comp, and that he has no social game.


09:00PM BBT Rockstar says that Brett got into Kaitlyn's ear that there were no sides, and that he's a mastermind that worked every lady in the house except her.

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Scottie and Angela



Scottie: he said you drew a line in the sand (Brett) and I said yeah, I know

Winston on the other hand, didn't run right up here. He (Winston) was in an aggressive position. He said

that I wrote my own eviction check, he would win HOH, tell everyone I flipped, and send me out next week.

Angela: that's quite a list. KC brought it up to me, she wanted to know if I knew what Winston did. Now everyone will know what he did.


Rock Star comes into the room

Angela; I don't think we should be up here together.

Rock Star why?

Angela: they noticed us, said we are the floaters that keep coming up

Scottie: Brett says you and Angela flipped, and Winston is going to tell everyone I flipped

Rock Star: half the house doesn't care, the other half wont believe that

Scottie: last two weeks the nominees didn't leave the game with agendas against the HOH.

Rock Star so Brett pitched we flipped, and Winston...

Scottie: he said those are just the facts, I will let you make the decision.

Rock Star what a d**k

Scottie goes on to repeat what was said, comparing it to the way Paul talked during his game They

told him the reset button was hit when Swaggy left, and that Swaggy was the one that drew the line

Rock Star that's bull s**T,

Rock Star calls Winston and Brett a** holes, says Angela just bothers me.

Rock Star This Is big brother, right here, sorry for cussing CBS.

Scottie: I am telling you smooth operators. That's why I sat here during their meetings, saying u huh.

Rock Star: one comes up to throw xxx under the bus, the other is gonna throw you under the bus, it is obvious they are the bus.

Rock Star they pretty much blew up their game

Scottie: that's why I did this. Brett didn't have time to tell Winston what was happening.

Rock Star they just blew up the whole...

Scottie: they are very confident and I was like, Okay. He says he knows where they are getting their

information. They are counting votes

Rock Star: I think Brett is the one that needs to go.

Scottie: yeah,

Scottie says they don't talk game with anyone, now all of a sudden they go around and tell people that

Scottie and Rock Star cant be trusted, He believes they had ideas of going to jury.

Scottie also says it only took him (Brett) five minutes to “almost talk me out of it, but I paced it off and realized he's good. He gives you a frame but he gives you the frame that fits him. He is a very good

salesman. He just happened to befriend the HOH that doesn't give a f word.” If they go to the final three with me, I would never make it.

Rock Star: they thought what we thought, that they would run us off.

Scottie: they put my best friend up and your best friend up, and voted them off.

Scottie. I want to see how he plays this veto, if he steps it up, I will know he wasn't trying.

Rock Star. Winston didn't even come up to me.

Scottie: all he has to offer is that they have one vote.

Rock Star: they had Kaitlyn convinced there were not two sides

Rock Star: mimic Kaitlyn's voice (pretty good at it), giving the excuses Kaitlyn gave for believing Winston and Brett.

Rock Star says that they worked every female in this house, and Scottie says after that he tries to run every girl. Rock Star wonders why Kaycee went to that side, Scottie says her friends are there. Rock Star likes her a lot,


Kaitlyn comes to the room, they pretend not to know how the lock works, then open it for her

Kaitlyn: there are rumors all over downstairs about what Winston said to Scottie

Rock Star: Winston says Tyler, Kaitlyn and Scottie were in the HOH room all week

They talk about being vote flippers, making jokes about it.

Kaitlyn says they (Winston and Brett) threw their game out the window, and the game is reset.

Scottie: not anymore, we re-drew it.

Kaitlyn promises loyalty to Scottie and RS

They are rehashing the conversations with Winston, Brett and Scottie, and wondering who won the

power app. Scottie really wanted it, but they are all glad they didn't get the crap app. They don't think

Winston has an app.(they are right). Kaitlyn thinks Winston knows he messed up and now he is acting

all happy and laughing downstairs..

RS how big brother should we get?

S; I'd just leave it sit.


FISH 9:07pm

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9:22 pm camera 2

Winston and Sam in the living room


Sam: I don't know how it's gonna work. I told you what I thought about what he was doing, otherwise

it makes no sense to me.

Winston: I told him he made me uncomfortable, and drew a line in the sand, I am very blindsided.


Camera goes to pink bedroom


camera 3 Winston and Sam in the living room


Sam: who would you pick to play

Winston: Angela or you.

Sam; It would be good to know if it is physical or mental

Winston: I just wanna hang out tonight.

Sam: I sit by myself more often than not, so it wouldn't affect me like that. Because I am so far removed

from the game. The funny thing is that I am not playing at all. I would seriously like to know when

I am going home so I would be looking forward to going home. I am supposed to be here, and I will

do everything I can for people while I am here. Anyway that I can help people or be here some how

is what I am doing. I am in the big brother house, and I lead by example. I hope people can see my

kindness and girls that see me see that's what I am focusing on. I am here 12 hours at at time.

Winston: like fifty first dates.

Sam: every day is a new day, a new opportunity. I forgive people, that hasn't happened yet, but I am

hoping when that happens I go to sleep and it is forgotten. A brand new day. Are you on your


Winston: yeah

Sam's talk with Winston continues, it is a very good, uplifting conversation for him, and you can

see he appreciates it. She advises him to be humble and kind. She tells him you bring who you are

in here.

Winston agrees that people are being themselves and true characters show.

Sam: I still have not told one lie. I am not going to tell a lie.

Winston admits he has lied, and when Sam asks him if he can make it right, he says it is too late now for

that. Winston tells her he has no home to go to, his stuff is in a storage unit so he will be going home to

Kentucky, hoping for a job in Lexington, and he has a lot to figure out. He says Brett had just quit his

job. Sam seems concerned the two boys don't have jobs.


Camera moves to kitchen.

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9:39 pm camera 1


Baleigh tells Faysal she has a power that is good until there are 8 people left in the game. She says

BB will not tell about the power until she uses it. It seems they are teaming up to use the power.


They are talking about who will win HOH next week, and whether or not the power will go into play, it

seems their concern is Brett. Faysal says be careful what you say to JC he does a lot of talking. Let

people talk to you and soak it in.and have no opinion. They wonder where Kaitlyn and Tyler fall into

their scheme, and Kaitlyn comes into the room. Talk stops.



camera 2 9:45pm

Kayce is telling Brett about Scottie telling house guests about their conversation, and she thinks he

could be “making it worse” (assume making it sound worse). Brett says putting both of them on the

block is stupide. Kaycee says to act calm and relaxed and the others will wonder if they have the

votes locked up and worry. Winston joins in at the sink and Sam passes by to the loo. Winston says

he lost it with Scottie, there was stuff he needed to say. And if he wins veto Scottie is done, that the

lines are drawn. Baleigh and Rock Star enter and all we hear is three toothbrushes scrubbing at the sink.


Camera moves to bedrooms.

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10:00pm BBT Winston, Brett, Kaycee in the lounge. Sam comes in for a second. Winston tells her he loves her and couldn’t have been more wrong about her before. Veto tomorrow, Winston is excited about it!


10:04pm BBT Winston is about to change the yellow peg board to #savethebros. He doesn’t want to piss off JC by removing his name, but hey, it’s a game, we need to lighten it up.

Kaycee says people will see this and love it.


10:08pm BBT Sam has constructed a rope type device to hold onto while you are using the wash closet that will allow you to prevent the door from being flung open. Genius! Kaycee says she is always making crafts.


10:15pm BBT Sam in the HOH with Scottie. Sam thinks Winston is trying to pull on her heart strings and she’s smarter than that. Her gut tells her to save Brett because she has felt a certain way about Winston from the beginning. He cut himself off when he became a bro. She says people underestimate her in this game.



10:20pm BBT Sam is playing with the TV flipper. She says Rachel is nervous. She says the bros are an integral part of her plan and she’s sweating it. The camera rotates to view Sam standing on the sofa so she can spy better and Scottie says the cameras are creepy. Sam says, I love them… she blows a kiss to it.


10:25pm BBT Sam tells Scottie that she pretends that she is a whale with a hole in top of her head. Everything that makes her mad, she just blows out the top of her head. (genius) Sam tells a story about Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel Maryanne. They dug a hole for the new Town Hall despite the town mayor telling them that it was impossible to do it in one day. They started in the early morning and the whole town came to watch. When they got finished they realize that they dug this enormous hole but did not leave themselves an exit route. Maryanne was stuck! The whole town cried because they couldn’t get her out. Then this little boy whispered something to the mayor. So they made Maryanne the furnace for the Town Hall, and Mike Mulligan stayed at the town hall and became the maintenance man for Maryanne, his steam shovel.


10:30pm BBT Haleigh brushing her teeth while Fessie takes a cold shower. She used a cup (who knew they had them?) to get her mouthwash from the communal mouthwash bottle.

“Damn I got soap in my peepee hole” exclaims Fessie. [TMI – monadyan] cameras switch to Sam and Scottie in the HOH and dreams and stories abound. Cameras switch again to the bros in the Kitchen. Winston wants Cap’n Crunch, but there isn’t any. He says BB is controlling their carbs tonight.


10:45pm BBT The Have-Nots are in their cups discussing cocoa butter for men. Hayleigh says it is the same as cocoa butter for women. It smells the same.


10:45pm BBT Tyler enters the HOH and says that Sam is the weirdest person she has ever met. She is over behind the HOH bed on the floor. Tyler says you could hide under there and listen to the HOH conversations and Sam said it was the first thing she thought.


10:50pm BBT Bro girls in the BBR. Bro boys in the kitchen. Angela is mouthing that one of them will go up if one of the bros comes down. The sliding panels are open between the two bedrooms. Angela is sliding the panela and they are watching them smoothly glide by. Picking their favorite panel. [this stuff is riveting – monadyan]


11:00pm BBT Sam makes Scottie pinkie promise that if one of the bros win the Veto tomorrow and he has to put up a replacement that he will put her up. Tyler is the witness and he says he does not like this. Scottie says we have to make sure they don’t win. She says for him to remember that she is the only other mental memory threat in the house, so if she goes home there is less competition for him. She says no one will vote her out. The toilets will never be clean again! She tells him to trust her and to cry when he puts her on the block and say that it is strictly strategic for his game because she is a memory comp threat. He says he will do it because he pinkie promised. (listening to him, I can’t help but think he is lying to her)


11:05pm BBT Angela and the bros in the SR talking scenarios. They tell Angela to win the Veto so she can be safe. If she plays and if they can, they will throw it to her.

Brett says Sam and Scottie are best friends and she has his ear because she is so honest. But Scottie doesn’t think she has any game. Angela tells them to go to Sam and tell her to go to Scottie and talk to them on their behalf.


11:15pm BBT Winston is saying Scottie was acting like his bud, and now he does this? I’m done with him. He says he’s going to snap. He’s been on the block 2 weeks now. They are trying to figure out who got the power this week. Angela says it is a bonus life. Brett was trying to get Sam to ask to be a pawn so they could find out about the power. Winston says she came to him last week and told him that he WAS SAFE and not to worry. Angela says, she’s smarter than we think, and she is the type of person to be noble and save someone else.


11:25pm BBT HOH scenario talk. Scottie/Tyler/Sam If Angela or Rachel win and use it, I will tell them I will put the other one up. Rockstar and Haleigh will leave the noms the same. Scottie and Tyler are saying they hate the thought of putting Sam up. Tyler says that she is breaking their hearts and Scottie says he will have to practice looking stern with her so he can put her up and folks will believe him.


11:40pm BBT Kaitlyn heading to bed in the PBR, while the bros and the bro gals + Kaycee lounge in the BBR. Haleigh and JC are piled up in the big HN cup.


11:58pm BBT Kaitlyn changed her mind about bed and is shaving her legs in the bathroom sink while Sam watches. 


12:00am BBT Sam and Kaycee alter the bros peg wall hashtags. They giggle and hug about it!

Tyler enters and for a half hour they discuss shaving and ingrown hairs. Finally Kaycee goes to bed…


12:25am BBT Sam tells Tyler that the power she holds, if unused by her automatically goes to the 4th evictee. It might work to her advantage if the evictee knew she was the one that gave it to them. Sam asks Tyler if she needs to tell Scottie about her power? (does he not know about it?) Sam says she would only use her power on herself, Tyler, Kaycee, Scottie or Kaitlyn.


12:30am BBT Sam in the shower. The cold side. Talking to Fessie and Tyler. She says Scottie is the most loyal person in the house. Period. He didn’t care of he was the ONLY person who voted for Steve or the ONLY person who voted for Swaggy… Scottie is loyal like that. [if she only knew – monadyan] Tyler heads off to bed.


12:35am BBT Fessie is washing his feet in the sink. He washed his hair earlier there as well. Sam asks him if she just saw him wash his feet in the sink? He whispers and tells her that he has to clean himself before he goes to pray. He says no one knows that. She says she won’t tell anyone. He says that he doesn’t care if they know, just no one has seen him do it yet. She tells him, you know what my word is for you, Fessie? Precious. He says he never met anybody like her. Why? You just are. You think? He tells her he never met anyone like her before. She says, well now you have and you love me and we live together.


12:40am BBT JC comes in the WA. He sees Sam taking a cold shower and tells her she’s going to get sick. She tells him that’s an old wives tale, you don’t get sick from being cold. She asks him if he has used the toilet since she installed the rope? She says, you like that, don’t you? She tells him she is so happy to be there, so happy they are here together.


12:50am BBT JC and Fessie eating slop cookies. Loudly smacking slop cookies. Sam is still in the shower. Fessie is now brushing his teeth. JC in the WC blowing his nose. The little green rope contraption on the inside door handle is visible. JC says goodnight. Fessie tells him he is going in the geometry room for 5-10 minutes to be by himself. Sam asks Fessie if he’s starting to feel better about his family and stuff. He says yeah.


12:55am BBT Fessie and Sam briefly discuss Bayleigh. They agree she will be OK. Sam is glad she is still there, she’s nice and she’s making friends.


1:03am BBT all cameras are on sleeping HG. We have 2 views of Scottie in the big HOH bed alone, wearing headphones. Whoa! He’s up! He’s walking quickly all over the HOH room as if he’s looking for something or possibly just making sure he is alone. He opened the shower, looked in, opened the WC, looked in, walked back to the door, turned off the lights and crawled back in the bed with the headphones.



1:25am BBT Tyler is up and headed to the WC. Quick trip, back to bed.


1:31am BBT Sam is up and in the WA.


2:00am BBT Scottie is not comfortable in the HOH bed. He changes positions constantly. Eyes open, eyes closed. Poor guy has lots on his mind.


2:30am BBT Kaitlyn, who is sleeping with Tyler in the PBR, gets out of bed, retrieves some oil, crawls back in bed and begins giving Tyler a face massage. She has him sit up and then gives him a drink from her cup, and continues the massage. She finishes up and lays back down on her side of the bed.

Angela, who sleeps with Sam in the BBR ,  is awake and looking around the room. She throws back the covers and pulls a blanket over her.



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