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Thursday, July 12 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:00am BBT JC/RS/Fessie/Haleigh are all piled up in the big Have Not cup. Rockstar is telling them a fairy tale about the land of BB. Fessie is a big green muppet bird who happens to be a squire for a local knight. Prince JC and Princess Haleigh are seeming to enjoy the story. It is complete with Orwella, the pet owl.


12:05am BBT  Swaggy to the DR, Bayleigh and Scottie in the kitchen. She has no idea why there is so much snot in her nose and blames the air filters in the BB house. Bayleigh complains that the frig smells like fish.

[how she smells anything with a nose full of snot is beyond me – monadyan]


12:10am BBT Scottie heads to bed.


12:22am BBT Hayleigh sees smoke in the Have-Not room. They all 4 sit up to see what it is. No one else can see it but they can all smell it. They send JC to the DR to tell them that they need a whole house LD in the HOH room. Take your mic!! Go shirtless!!


12:24am BBT Swaggy and Bayleigh are moving a bit under the covers, he more than she. He looks like he is about to push her off the side of the bed. They are spooning and his hands are busy… she looks asleep. He is still wearing his ball cap with the hair pick sticking out of the side. How romantic!


12:25am BBT Hayleigh, Fessie and Rockstar take their pillows and blankies and head to the lounge. They wonder of BB will allow them to sleep in the geometry room.

Fessie reads the wall and it says JC is a Yatus! Fessie asks what a yatus is and RS says she doesn’t know. Fessie asks if JC will be able to find them in there. Haleigh says he will come scurrying in soon.


12:28am BBT Swaggy and Bayleigh are, well… well… moving LOTS more. The feeds cut to Hayleigh in the WA. We are watching her wash her hands while things are going on in the other room! [stark contrast to the early seasons]


12:30am BBT we see peaceful houseguests slumbering in the PBR when all at once they jump up! Rampant giggles. It smells SOOOO bad, Rachel! Who did it? Who did it? Winston and Brett hop out of their bed. Winston is wearing his ball cap and glasses, but appeared asleep moments ago. Kaysee and Sam evacuate as well as Angela, which leaves poor Rachel amidst the stench. I don’t know what happened, I’m sorry, she pleads as they leave the room. OMG, this is so embarrassing, she whines. DON’T FOLLOW ME! she yells at the moving camera. She hops up, wraps a scarf around her waist (she’s wearing a thong) and heads out and returns with a spray can, which she sprays all over the room. Winston, who is standing off camera says, we got smoke and farts!

Rachel tells them she just sprayed Febreeze, they can come back now. They all seem to be taking it well, giggles abound. Rachel says, I don’t ever fart. Winston says, that’s why I’m smell blind as he hops back in bed.


12:35am BBT JC returns from the DR and checks the HN room. Dat guy is crazy if he tinks I’m sleeping in dere, he says.


Rachel says, it literally, I didn’t know it was happening and all of the sudden I start smelling it, Angela says, how did you not know it was happening? Rachel says I didn’t feel any sensation. You didn’t feel anything like coming out of your a**? It didn’t burn? Nothing, absolutely nothing, she says. Not a thing, didn’t know it was happening. How did you know it was you?  Rachel says, and then the cameras started following me. Winston says, you’re lucky I’m a real man and it doesn’t bother me. That, and I’m smell blind. (FISH)


12:40am BBT Most of the house returns to peaceful slumbers… all except the have-nots who have moved into the lounge. Haleigh complains that her head hurts, and JC says that stuff is toxic! Last time I… (FISH) Fessie begins telling a story about a gal he met in a gym. (FISH – he must have said her name)


12:50 am BBT all 4 feeds show sleeping HG. Swaggy is kissing Bayleigh, who appears to be asleep, but she looked like that pretty much through the earlier activity as well. They are whispering and between the whispering and the rustling sheets… she is telling him what to say to who tomorrow. He says this will be the biggest upset ever! Tomorrow isn’t an endurance competition, he says, I saw it. Isn’t? she asks. I saw it, he says, it’s an A/B true/false. He says he saw something near the pool with their names on it, so it is some kind of memory comp. He says everyone is stressing about it being endurance, but I literally saw it, it’s true/false.

The smooching ensues. She hops up, puts on a shirt and reattaches her mic, he sits on the side of the bed and gulps from his jug and then heads out as well. He stops and wakes Sam and asks her where the bible is. She says, on the dresser.


1:05am BBT Swaggy in the SR opening all the cabinets looking for something. Literally digging in the back of the cabinets. He has pulled out a small package of wipes? He leaves with another package of something which he throws onto the counter in the kitchen where Fessie is, but it falls on the floor. He continues to the WC, knocks and hands Bayleigh the small package of wipes. (or whatever it is) He returns to the kitchen and begins whispering with Fessie. She’s bleeding, he says. 
He tells Fessie, tomorrow isn’t endurance, I saw…. (FISH) 


1:10am BBT Bayleigh comes back by, picks up the jug and heads to bed. Later, Swaggy says. Swaggy begins telling Fessie about he and Bayleigh. Fessie says, wait! She says she loves you? The sound of a camera clicking as it turns towards the guys is clearly heard. Swaggy flips the camera the middle finger. We had this conversation in the geometry room, he says, in the event that I do get evicted, let’s just share our feelings right now. She gave me her Instagram password just in case, so I can run her account, we talked about how we feel and then love came up. The love is developing, we didn’t say we love each other. We just talked. So, we get in the room… 


(caution – this gets graphic) and I’m about to, and I say, where do you want me to come? She says it doesn’t matter, He says, it does matter!  You want me to pull out? Come on the floor? On your butt? Or do you want me to stay inside? She literally looks at me, kisses me and says, I’m not saying anything, you can do what you want, and I knew what that meant at that point, I knew what it meant. Fessie says, that don’t mean do it! It does! Says Swaggy. (inaudible, excited talk) But the Plan B, I can go ask for it, he says. That’s going to be a weird conversation, Fessie says.

Swaggy says, hey, if I stay it’s for better TV, but if I go I want you to protect her, but if I stay, let’s ride this shit out and get HOH. 


Fessie changes the subject. Damn, you’re sure it’s not endurance? 100%?  Swaggy says, 100%, I literally opened the door and I saw 15 booths lined up with our names on it. He says, they are gonna stop me and sure enough, (FISH)


1:20am BBT Fessie and Swaggy talk about possible comps and battle back, which Swaggy says he will smoke if he gets to play. 

Fessie revisits the previous conversation and says, so… what’d she say? After?
Swaggy says After? She said she loved me, no matter if I stay or go she is going to be with me.


1:25am BBT Swaggy says, do you know what whats-her-name told me to do? Bayleigh? She told me she wanted to hide JCs gay flag inside Brett or Winston’s bag so JC can spaz out all day about it and when he sees it in their bag, he won’t vote for them.  They are asleep right now so I can’t put it in their bag. Fessie says take the flag and wrap it in bacon. You know they have been putting meat in their pockets. Wrap it and leave it on the table, says Fessie. What if Sam gets up and cleans it up? I’ve got to put it somewhere he will know Brett and Winston did it so he won’t vote for them.  Swaggy wants to put it in JCs locker so he opens it, sees it and knows it’s them. They’ve been pranking each other all summer, why would they think it was anybody else?  


1:30am BBT Conversation turns to Haleigh. Swaggy says she’s young, in college, she hasn’t lived yet. Not like Bayleigh, she already went through the college phase with multiple boyfriends, she’s 25.  Haleigh has just started living, but the good news is, a lot of girls her age from her city get married at like 23, 24, and have kids, they’re in a big town, but white people usually get married early because they marry their high school sweetheart, or think they love easy, but that’s a good thing about Haleigh. Her parents got together young. Swaggy tells Fessie Haleigh could be good for his game for a while, she would go to war for you over other people. Fessie told her she needs to get serious about the game because they will have to go to war soon and he wants to go to war with her. He talks about how much older he is than her, 5.5 years. 


1:45am BBT Swaggy is talking about CBS not being able to hear them right now but the live feeders can. He wonder’s if the live feeders heard what he just said… CBS can add subtitles, he says, but live feeders can’t do anything to hear them if they are whispering and talking low. They (us) can hear this cause I’m talking really loud. Yeah, says, Fessie and my mic is down here, so… Swaggy says, only CBS can hear us right now, live feeders can see us right now but not hear us, but I’m scared they heard us earlier, and I need to find out. I’m actually going to go ask right now, just a random question.  How are you going to ask? Just random question, do you guys have Plan B? Fessie laughs. Shutttup! What have I got to lose?
[I can answer that for ya… we heard it! –monadyan]


Swaggy returns from the DR, after going in the SR and retrieving a packet from the med box. He’s going to bandaid his thumb. 
Fessie asks, what did they say? She’s got to come ask for herself.  (FISH)


1:55am BBT Fessie and Swaggy continue to chat at the kitchen counter. Swaggy says that he didn’t come in to leave at week 2, he came to win and if he stays he’s going to cause Hell and be a legend while he’s there. Swaggy says if they say Winston you’re evicted from the BB house, I’m going to bang him in the head, WHOP, loud as hell! 
Swaggy starts talking about his speech, he thinks Winston will throw him under the bus during his, he only has 60 seconds, so he’s going to say, Winston you’re a bitch! I don’t think you deserve to be here. He thinks his family is mad because they know they are trying to backdoor him. The show was last night and they are probably all waking up upset, my mom and all. 


2:00am BBT Fessie thinks he won’t win HOH tonight because it’s not endurance, he doesn’t have a chance. 


2:10am BBT Fessie asks if there has ever been anyone who got put on the block, didn’t get evicted, went back on the block and didn’t get evicted and again? Swaggy says, yeah, Season 9, Crazy James. This dude went on the block 4 weeks  in a row and he’s the only guy ever to win 4 vetos in a row!!! Week, 7, 8, 9, 10. He made final 5 then finally got evicted! Swaggy  was 12 years old at the time and hated James, wondered why they couldn’t get him out. 


2:15am BBT Fessie is making savory slop with lots of herbs and spices. He adds a ton of red pepper and black pepper. He has to keep lifting the pot up to prevent it from boiling over.
Swaggy at the memory wall.  He is finger shooting the HG photos. Winston, Tyler, Kaitlyn, Angela. The cameras follow his every move. He touches the pics again. Scottie, Haleigh, Fes, Rockstar, Bayleigh, Swaggy, JC, Rachel. He’s counting votes. 


2:25am BBT Fessie goes to the HN room and gets his gallon jug of dark liquid, finishes up cooking the slop, pours it into a blue bowl, opens the frig, gets out the BBQ sauce and the hot sauce, adds a generous portion and starts slurping and smacking away… he gathers his meal and heads for the WA and takes a seat on the sofa while Swaggy stands at the mirror. 


2:35am BBT Fessie lounging in the WA, now stretched out with the emoji pillows. What’s up, America? Crazy week, huh? My best friend Kaitlyn blindsided my other best friend Swaggy. What else happened? (whispers) Sam had the power. Sam has the power. Kaitlyn flipped. WTF is going on? He keeps looking around like someone is going to discover him whispering to the camera. These people go to bed so early, he says. Last week I got least trending and I got to eat vegan ham all week. I’m on slop the 2nd week. I won the first veto though. I’ll probably win the HOH tomorrow if it’s endurance. Who should I put on the block?


2:50am BBT Swaggy has returned to bed, Kaysee can be seen cracking her fingers, and other assorted joints in the PBR. Snaps and cracks invade the silence. Swaggy has crawled back in the bed with Bayleigh. 


3:00am BBT Fessie begins his prayers in the lounge. 

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9:02 am BBT  Winston and Kaycee seem to be the only 2 HG's up.  He has his coffee and is rehashing convo from last night.  He has whispering down to an art form!

Kaycee just nodding and listening.

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9:05 am BBT  Winston and Kaycee are in the WA.  They hear a noise, so Kaycee jumps up to wash her face.  Winston in his normal voice complains there are no eggs, and he just wanted an egg for breakfast.. Kaycee sits back down and it is back to the silent whispers.  Winston wants to wait until later to talk with someone, and they are both concerned about who will get the next HoH.


(sorry I can't understand anything they are saying!)


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9:22 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Lights are still off in the bedrooms, Winston is alone in the KT stirring his coffee.  Kaycee comes in, they are talking about Swaggy.  Kaycee said he pulled people into his group that he felt he could control to have the numbers.  Talking about how arrogant Swaggy was, especially the first 2 weeks, and that they were all jumping around when Tyler won the veto, no clue what was about to happen.

Winston and Kaycee are talking about watching BB.  She points to the wall of pictures, and said that is the cast of BB20.  They say on TV the house looks really large, but once there, it is really tiny.  Each room look big on TV, but everything is together.  Discussing their first impressions.  Kaycee said she was so excited to come in, jumping around, and the lights were so bright!  More discussion about first day or two.



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9:31 am BBT  Kaycee said she really has to watch what she eats today, she ate the funnel cakes last night.  They were really good, and she isn't going to beat herself up about it, but she needs to watch what she eats.  Winston agrees.  He said he watches what he eats, but he isn't too strict about it.  He said he knows guys that prep everything they eat, and weigh and measure everything.  He isn't like that.  Kaycee said they are intense.

Kaycee asks what Winston does for fun when he isn't working.  He said not much.  He said some weeks he works 35 hours, others he works 60 hours.  He is on call 24/7.  He sells to orthopedic surgeons, and there are only 4 major players.  He has been doing this for 4 years.  He is about 1 hour from Nashville.  Kaycee has been there, it is really nice.  Winston said it is booming now, new restaurants, etc.  Winston quit his job to come on the show.  He said he hopes someone will hire him when he gets out. He doesn't know how he is being perceived, but he has a lot of experience.    His town was small, didn't date much, not many to date.  He dated a recently divorced woman, but that wasn't for him.  Kaycee tells him when he gets out he can spread his wings and date.


Winston says the guy outside has been sawing for over an hour.  Kaycee asked if it was sawing or vacuuming. (it is loud)    FoTH

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9:42 am BBT  Winston goes into more detail about his job, and knee replacement surgery. They use a robot to tell what is going on, it guide the saw blade.  The robtic arm is smoother than a surgeons hand.  Robotics is changing the whole medical world.   More FoTH

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 9:05am BBT: Winston is up drinking coffee in the WA as kaycee is doing ADL's they are whispering very low to each other.

 9:23am BBT: Winston in the KT alone making himself another cup of coffee.

9:27am BBT: Kaycee joins Winston in the KT and they talk about how Swaggy pulled people into his group that he thought he could control to have the numbers. they then talk about the house and how small it really is and how exciting it is to be on BB.

9:39am BBT: Kaycee and Winston talking about dating and how different it is being in the BB house than outside. Winston then says that he has been sawing for like an hour now. Kaycee says you sure it isn't a vacuum and Winston says no it sounds like a saw.(we can hear  the saw going) then we get WBRB

 9:45am BBT: we have FOTH as BB wakes the HG for the day.

9:56am BBT: lights are on in the house as HG are getting up and moving around. Kaycee getting more coffee and joins Angie who has a cup of coffee.

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10:00 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Kaycee is called to the DR.  People are in the KT just chatting, getting coffee. etc  Kaitlyn says they got them up because her reign is over, and she has to get out of the HOH rm.  She says she is going to the SR, does Tyler want to come with her.  Rachel and Angie discussing how they are out of everything, no fruits, veggies, etc.  FoTH


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10:03AM BBT Swaggy is awake but still in bed.  Kaycee gets called to the DR.  Most HGs are in the kitchen.  No game talk.  Winston's brushing his teeth in the WA next to Brett.  Bayleigh's getting ready to take a shower.

10:06AM BBT Kaitlyn says she's going to check the storage room for food and asks someone if they want to come but we get fish.

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7/12 8:48am Bathroom

Winston/Kaycee going over days, comps, who said what etc.

They all seem to know it is not an endurance comp since door opened briefly last night and most got to see backyard

Kaycee telling Winston what Swaggy had to say to her yesterday

Winston tells Kaycee that people will be surprised when they go out and watch feeds; JC tells him all the time he needs to talk to Tyler

Winston talking about Swaggy’s side wearing his t-shirts, says that will make it easy for him to know who he should put up first

Winston says it will be interesting to see who Scottie votes out

Speculating on Swaggy’s speech

Winston says no matter what happens today don’t let it stick

Winston plans on having some Sam time today, Baleigh will be all over the place when Swaggy is gone

Winston said he had a good talk with Baleigh could tell she was torn, she broke down and was crying tried to give her the positives of situation, said she was in a better mood, he gave her a hug and then like she flipped a switch and she told him he had been playing the game way too intense and telling lies about her (appears to be the conversation they had the other day) So he tried to calm her down, he asked her who was in power Kaitlyn, said he didn’t have any power, she didn’t have any power asked so why are we having this conversation now; he said it was like the switch flipped again and she gave him another hug and it was all good.

Winston talking about HoH talk with Bayleigh  told Kaitlyn everyone in the house hates her, she did a terrible thing, Brett was there too Winston says Brett told him he had to choose his words very carefully with Bayleigh in the room, wanted to say f that we have the numbers

Now back to normal voices, Winston wants breakfast, just a normal breakfast.

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sorry posted same twice, this is one I meant to post



7/12   9:06am 1-2 Winston Kaycee

Winston speculates that they will be waking everybody up soon, that they wait until 2 or 3 are awake to wake the others

Anxious for HoH, Winston says who knows what it will be

Winston listing who he would be afraid to have Hoh, he’s speaking so soft I can’t catch much of what he’s saying

Winston says as long as it’s not a one ball/one shot

comp could be quick, all live

talk turns to Kaycee’s football team and how she thinks they are doing

Winston says he is definitely coming to see her play, wishes he could get everybody to come to Kentucky

Winston says towards the end It’s going to be awesome to just hang out, but have to get there first, people will be surprised that they were close

Winston says for some reason he is not worried about JC, then says JC told him Faysal is voting to evict Swaggy, Winston can’t see that happening

Winston has liked Scottie this whole time but now he’s have doubt

Kaycee says no one is perfect

Ants all over couch in bathroom


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10:02am BBT: Most Hg in the KT getting breakfast and coffee just general talk going on.

10:44am BBT: HG just sitting around eating and drinking coffee or doing ADL's.

10:52am BBT: HG are just talking general talk and laughing and talking all at the same time.

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11:00am BBT: HG getting things ready to go to the HOHR for a lockdown. Some are wanting to take a shower up there.

11:19am BBT: BB tells the HG to please report to the HOHR for a lock down, They all get up and grab their things and head that was as Sam keeps working on Bayleighs hair and Rachel blow dries her hair.

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2:48 PM BBT All four feeds are on JC, Haleigh and Scottie in the PBR. JC is complaining that he BB didn't give him hardly any of his clothes back so he is not sure what he is going to wear. BB then calls JC to the DR. 


2:54 PM BBT Rockstar, Scottie and Haleigh are whispering in the PBR. Rockstar tells them that she has no idea how so many boring people got into this house. She points out Amanda and Winston specifically saying that they have no personality at all. 


2:57 PM BBT Rockstar is putting on makeup. She tells Haleigh and Scottie that she would be comfortable with any of them getting HOH and JC or Kaycee too. She still can't understand why they deviated from a "flawless plan". 

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3:00 PM BBT In the PBR, Rockstar tells Haleigh and Scottie that she goes to straight bars and gay bars to get as much attention as she can get. She needs attention sometimes. She then says she needs to change her shirt because America will be able to see her nipples. 


3:13 PM BBT We keep getting WBRB as the HGs talk about people outside the house. One of the girls (Rachel I think-this is off camera) is fussing at JC for wearing her shoes. She said he already stretched out her other pair the first week. 


3:15 PM BBT Feeds switch to reruns

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7:10PM Rockstar and Haleigh in the pink room
Hayleigh is telling Rockstar she can’t believe Scottie is wearing the Swaggy shirt and headband and he voted Swaggy out. She’s worried he was trying to frame her and wants her out this week. She said he either didn’t feel safe, was trying to frame her or has a whole other agenda. She jokes that at least the other side of the house thinks she voted Swaggy out. She swears she voted Winston out and Rockstar says she believes her. She says Sam is over the moon excited and she wouldn’t be shocked if Scottie has the power from last week. She asks if she should try to convince people she didn’t flip. Angela says she would talk to Bayleigh but Haleigh doesn’t think Bayleigh will believe her. She doesn’t think she’ll ever think Scottie flipped. Rockstar says it was a genius move. She speculates for 2 seconds that Fessy flipped but then dismisses it and is now wondering “Why me”.

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7:11PM Haleigh walks into blue room where Brett thanks her and says it won’t go unnoticed. [He’s assuming she flipped and voted Swaggy out -SCRTsqrl]

7:16PM Brett and Winston in the have not room
Winston: “I made the mistake of saying Scottie was my target in front of Kaitlyn, I hope I can trust Kaitlyn”

Brett says he saw Fessy wink and Bayleigh and says the other side believes they have the votes, and to be honest he doesn’t know where he stands with Scottie. Winston says if anything he will be going up again. Brett says the only person Scottie could use as a pawn is Kaitlyn. Brett says he thinks Winston is good but if he isn’t at least he’ll get to fight for veto. Brett says they need to convince Scottie that Bayleigh is coming after him because of the swaggy vote. Winston says, no it was Haleigh. They recount the votes and Brett sees only one person flipped and Winston tells him not to get it twisted, Scottie voted for Swaggy to stay then added “Haleigh just admitted it to me, I asked her was that 8th one you and she said yes.” Brett says “Well then we’re fucked”

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7:30PM Taylor & Kaitlyn in the storage room
Trying to figure out how to leverage that they saved him last week. Kaitlyn saying, yeah you used the veto, but tell him I wanted you to do that. They are both figuring out what they are going to say to him so they stay safe.

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7:31PM Taylor, Kaitlyn & Brett in pink room
Brett tells Taylor it was Haleigh who flipped. Taylor says, I know. Brett says he thought it was Scottie. Taylor says he talks to Scottie before the vote saying he didn’t want to be on the wrong side of the vote but Scottie told him he told Swaggy he would never vote against him. Brett asks what they think he will do. Taylor says he doesn’t know but Scottie trusts him so he just has to put it in Scottie’s head who not to trust. Brett asks who and Taylor says Rockstar. Brett thinks he’s going to be loyal to the other side because they all voted with him. They say they’ll figure it out.

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 7:00pm-7:30pm BBT:Feeds return with HG talking to each other loudly and talking about making food. JC, Tyler and Kaitlyn talking about Scottie and  and wonder if he voted Swaggy out? Tyler is sure he did. Haleigh thinks Scottie flipped his vote and thinks they are in trouble this week now. Haliegh thinks Scottie is trying to blame the flipped vote on her Rockstar is shaking her head. Rockstar and Faysal go to the lounge rm and talk, Rockstar ask him if he flipped his vote and he says no, She says she Didn't either she tells him she thinks it was Scottie that flipped and Faysal says why would he do that and wear one of Swaggy's shirts. Rockstar says she does not know.

7:30pm-7:45pm BBT: Faysal and kaitlyn in the HNR talking  Faysal wants to know who flipped the vote if she knows  she tells him she thinks he and Bayleigh and Scottie and rockstar voted to keep Swaggy so she thinks Haleigh voted Swaggy out. Faysal gets up to leave and kaitlyn calls him back He ask her if she told anyone through the comp that Scottie flipped and she says no she never said that.

7:49pm BBT: Scottie is walking around talking to himself looking for something to eat. Kaitlyn, Sam and Tyler talk about who is going on slop this week and sam says she will do it and Tyler tells her no she was a robot she is not doing slop.

7:54pm BBT: Rachel and kaitlyn talking about the power apps and how it is tomorrow. Most Hg in the KT making food for dinner.

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7:24PM Rachel in the bathroom with JC saying it is what it is and she’s not freaking out, she has no idea what Scottie is going to do.

7:25 Rockstar & Fessy in the lounge
Rockstar asks Fessy if he’s the one who flipped, he says NO! She said she just had to ask then says she wants to present something to him. He asks if she did it and she says hell no. Rockstar says Haleigh swears she didn’t flip and she believes her. She says what if Scottie flipped the vote on Steve last week and then this week and it’s all in his plan. Fessy says he 100% knows Scottie didn’t flip last week but he doesn’t know about this week. Fessy doesn’t think he flipped this week because he wore Swaggy’s T-shirt and he doesn’t know how voting him out benefits his game. He asks Rockstar who she thinks Scottie will put up and she says she doesn’t know but it would be easy to put up Haleigh because they would all be blaming her. Fessy doesn’t believe Rockstar, he thinks Haleigh flipped.

Rockstar asks Fessy if he knows who flipped last week and he says no. Then she says then how do you know it’s not Scottie. Fessy says he, Steve and Scottie spent hours talking about personal shit and there is no way he voted him out. Rockstar says “unless he’s playing everyone”.

7:33PM Rockstar goes to get Haleigh and brings her into the lounge. Haleigh says she just talked to Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn told her she knows Scottie flipped. Fessy gets frustrated and starts to walk out but Rockstar tells him to come back and explains that it makes sense. Haleigh said Kaitlyn was in on it but she wants to find out how long Kaitlyn knew Scottie was going to vote out Swaggy. Haleigh says she’s screwed on the other side because now they know she didn’t flip.

They all seem shocked, how he would wear the Swaggy shirt and vote him out. Rockstar says “I bet he’s not really a virgin”. Haleigh says he can’t know they are talking about him. Fessy walks out.

7:41PM Fessy goes into he Have Not Room with Kaitlyn
F: You knew Scottie was going to flip?
K: Scottie flipped??

Kaitlyn says she didn’t talk to Haleigh, she said she told Haleigh before the vote to vote out Swaggy because she was worried about a tie situation. She doesn’t think Scottie flipped. Kaitlyn says because she told Haleigh to vote out Swaggy she assumes she did because who else would vote him out?

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