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Veto heard around the World


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It’s doom’s day in the BB house. The veto ceremony came and went today.

Tyler did use the veto on Scottie. Scottie was especially appreciative as Tyler had hoped. To my surprise Kaitlin actually replaces Scottie with SOGGY! Wow! I had doubts all week. She’s such a swamp of emotions I just couldn’t see her following through. My confidence that had started to grow by Monday was shattered when Kaitlin spilled the beans to Haleigh.


Saying that Soggy was blindsided is an understatement. Haleigh and Angie knew and didn’t leak the info which is very telling. So going into the ceremony today the only players in the house who didn’t know the plan to BD Soggy were: Soggy, Bayleigh (suspected), Faysal, and Scottie. Ouch! Soggy is really going to be PISSED when he watches back.


I can say he is attacking this the right way with Bayleigh’s help. He’s appealing to Kaitlin’s heart strings. As Bayleigh asked in her DR in Sunday’s episode, Soggy is humbling himself and that is the right play here. He needs 7 to stay or 6 so Kaitlin can be the tie breaker. He does go to the HOH room later but that conversation with Kaitlin (alone at first) and then Kaitlin and Tyler was futile at best. I will say he did a lot of the right things between the wrong things. 


Soggy admits he said some of the things he said he said which made Kaitlin feel some type of way and lead to his nomination. However he denies some things. He doesn’t attack Tyler but he does throw Angie and Haleigh under the bus.

Once tonight plays out I will be back tomorrow with complete details of Soggy’s pleas for votes.


What we do know is one of the plans is to feed into Winston’s paranoia. The idea is to keep adding to Winston’s fears in hopes he blows up and shift the target from Soggy to Winston. That’s the smartest and best move in this scenario. That’s IF he can manage to do it. 


The fallout was disappointing. We do see Soggy fires up initially but Bayleigh smothers the flames. What wasn’t shocking was finding Kaitlin in a puddle crying her eyes out in the HOH after the ceremony was over and feeds return. Most of Level 6 is found in the HOH equally consoling and stroking her. All in all it was a bold move week 2. She abandoned her Day 2 alliance and effectively pulled off a major BD and blindside. 


The first couple hours that followed were eerily solemn. It’s no surprise Bayleigh handles Soggy. Not to say she 

didn’t do her share of crying. But Bayleigh and Soggy go into damage control mode by mid afternoon. 


Most surprising is that of everyone Angie is the one who reacts the worst! This is the same chick who has been plotting her’s and Haleigh’s exits from Foutte for 1 1/2 weeks. She completely blames Tyler and tells anyone that will listen that this was ALL him and he must die a miserable BB death. It’s both shocking and disappointing. She has some marvelous qualities as a player but her emotions and social isolation is going to end her game if she doesn’t tread much more lightly. 


Around 3:20 pm we start to see the fallout. Angie speaks with Kaitlin privately in the HOH. She’s placing all the blame on Tyler telling Kaitlin that she sees where Kaitlin got caught up in Tyler’s web. She says he plays dumb and Kaitlin fell victim to his good looks. Kaitlin does not appreciate the implications of Angie’s accusations. 


I was was pleasantly surprised to witness Kaitlin put her foot on Angie’s throat (figuratively) in response to Angie’s allegations. She admittedly denies Tyler having any hand in Kaitlin’s decision. Kaitlin lays out how her supposed alliance (Soggy specifically) turned on her.


Kaitlin rattles off the long list of reasons Kaitlin felt both threatened by Soggy and his propensity to go after her saying she’s a loose cannon, she’s dispensable, he doesn’t trust her. She goes all the way back to the talk show incident which also includes spilling to Angie that The Bros. Faysal, and Soggy made some deal and no one told her about it. She follows up with the comments made by Bay/Soggy during the love triangle drama. I was actually kind of proud of her! She was insulted Angie would imply Kaitlin could be manipulated by a guy because he has a pretty face, she’s her own woman. 


Angie continues to lob accusations at Tyler. At one point they discuss when Kaitlin told Haleigh and Angie “just so you know anything you say to Tyler comes back to me.” Kaitlin again reiterated this is true and she tells Tyler everything as well and he’s been there to listen to her when her own team turned against her. It’s a must watch if you have the feeds! 


Angie throws up all of her viceral hate for Tyler she goes on to say she will target Tyler. She doesn’t like the kid, she sees him, and she’s not having any of his shenanigans. Kaitlin and Angie kind of finally make peace. As if she hadn’t made enough mistakes she waits until after they are done talking and Kaitlin is in the shower to say oh by the way don’t tell Tyler any of this. Kaitlin says oh don’t worry. 


Of course rhe second Tyler comes upstairs and they are alone Kaitlin tells Tyler everything Angie said. Here’s what BLOWS my mind! Angie has one of the best reads on the house. She’s not loud or all out in front but she is observant and generally saves her game talk and observations for Haleigh.


Angie goes into this chat KNOWING Kaitlin is more loyal to Tyler than Foutte. She goes in fully aware that Kaitlin is under Tyler’s control. Knowing all she does she still cannot withhold her disdain for him? Why would she say all of this to Kaitlin knowing what she knows? Angie is the most vocal and visibly agitated by the BD and for now seems to be the only one that is creating a huge target on her back! Tyler already knew she wasn’t a fan of his but now he has confirmation that Angie is gunning for him. 


There are conversations unfolding after Angie has her chat she suggests Kaitlin talk to Soggy and Faysal. It’s been a slow boil today. There is lots going on but hard to point in a direction until all

of these convos happen all around the house.


My sleeves are rolled up and I’m prepared to be elbow deep in conversations happening all around the house. Come back tomorrow for the full breakdown of where all the balls land! The RealiTea is until everyone in the house runs to their corners and has chats with everyone else we won’t know how big of an upset it’s really going to be. So far Kaitlin is sticking to her guns (with Tyler’s help) and Tyler doesn’t seem to be in as much trouble as I feared he may be and Soggy is sitting next to Winston come Thursday. 



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