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Dead Man Walking: Foutte Falls


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Foutte really has all the facts they need to know something is going on. It’s mind blowing to me that while they are finally catching up to things that happened last week. They are completely ignoring details right under their nose. It’s mind blowing really. 


Here are just a few of the details they are privy to and still haven’t realized are all signs that there’s some shady business going down and Kaitlin will fire the first shot that every single one has said the last few days they will be taking at her. 




-discuss the fact none of them have been told by Kaitlin what’s going on

-discuss that Kaitlin is only loyal to Tyler 

-discuss that Tyler is likely on the other side (now)

-Faysal in his 1-1 was asking if Angela was going to be the replacement nomination if the veto were used and she told him ‘probably’!


If I’m with you, you should be telling me yes! Absolutely! There’s no other possibility. He finally tells Bayleigh this today when she asks him if Angela is going up. 


The ladies in this group are the smarter players even if they miss half of what’s important that’s 25% more than what the guys sniff out. 


Last night she told Soggy they need to be worried about Tyler getting in Kaitlin’s eat and Soggy going OTB. She’s got the better instincts. 


-Soggy feels the disconnect but because he suspects she was the swing vote he’s focusing more on how he feels about Kaitlin than asking how does Kaitlin seem to be feeling about me. He also is stubborn like Faysal and feels like if people have a problem they need to come to him or there is no problem. That’s an attitude that gets you sent home early. 


I do see various brief conversations where they casually say, “you don’t think she’d put one of us up do you?” But it’s glossed over quickly by people like Haleigh and Faysal.


Faysal said today there’s NO way she would do that because basically she’s so Ga Ga for him she would never do that to him. That’s enough for Bay. She’s like-yeah that’s the truth!” I’m like COME ON! How many more road signs do you need to see that all paths lead to Kaitlin/Tyler flipping on you? 


Listen, I’m living for all of the back and forth. I’m 100% On board for this move for various reasons. I mean if Kaitlin takes this  swing and no one on Foutte has a power this house is going to EXPLODE!


People are going to get in some face to face showdowns. Secrets are going to fly! The drama makes feeds fun to watch and I’ve cleared by afternoon tomorrow and have my popcorn ready! Scratch that! Veto ceremony is going down tonight! 


The other reason I love this idea is that the shakeup always moves around some positions in the house. Let’s be honest, Foutte especially, was never going to last and Soggy playing the way he is and the others investing so much in him has gone way past having a shield. It’s hurting their games the longer they linger. Angie sees it. Kaitlin sees it, thanks to Tyler but he couldn’t show her what wasn’t already there. 


Remember this didn’t start with Tyler using the Soggy comments. That was the last straw. For Kaitlin it began with the talk show incident. Unlike others in her group she got slapped in the face with the RealiTea that her ‘team’ was keeping things from her and then blew up and came at her when she called Soggy our. 


Soggy and Bayleigh handled that horrifically and this is the result. Soggy really was the catalyst to this. I told ya’ll when that happened it was something Kaitlin was not going to forget. Then the confrontations with Faysal/Haleigh. Foutte pretty much served Kaitlin up to Tyler on a silver platter. Tyler’s just smart enough to know how to use it all to his advantage.


Good for him! Some players do actually take notes and create opportunities. Just not Foutte one’s. 


I think Bayleigh will benefit most from a Soggy exit. She has great instincts but she can’t pick up on things she doesn’t see because she’s so wrapped up in him. The girls can easily band together! I wouldn’t be mad at a Angie/Bay/Haleigh/Kaycee all female alliance would you? 


I’m also confident the blow up will shake up the Level 6 side just as much. People vomit intel in the heat of the moment and players like Winston and Brett could easily fall into a foursome with Bro’s/Rachel/Angela. This big teams were never going to last and as a fan and the dynamics of this refreshing cast, the sooner the better! 


I do worry Tyler has pushed the envelope too much this week. The whole save Scottie thing is a terrible plan. It’s one of those I am going to do this because I think I can and I want to prove myself right moves. I’m concerned he doesn’t see the potential explosion as something he can’t control. He’s clearly not sat back and considered what can happen or he would absolutely be taking Winston off and leaving Scottie next to Soggy. That if he got the power app and is so safe he’s going all out! 


Well, turns out Tyler did get the most trending and chose the cloud app. He can use it any one time over the next 2 months. The cloud app provides one time immunity at any nomination or veto ceremony. This is perfectly timed America!


This power allows him to take a swing and feel he is safer any time he were to go up in damn near 60 days! 

Definitely not the most exciting or powerful advantage but considering that Tyler gets info from nearly every player in the house through a myriad of channels if anyone has the potential to capitalize on it, Tyler would be the one. 


Back to the game. Regardless of what happens Winston will always want Soggy out! He’s a guaranteed vote for Soggy to go. They need 7. Hmmmm sounds a lot like week 1 doesn’t it? I would never be happy with exactly the votes I needed. I don’t feel like the possible allie in Scottie is worth the risk Soggy doesn’t go home. 


Level 6 has the votes for now. Problem is, if something is said that doesn’t sit well with an Angela, Sam, JC that could quickly change. If it changes better to have Scottie fall victim and go home than Winston because Tyler is going to need all the protection he can get.


Scottie has not shown ANY indication he feels some kind of Buddy Buddy connection with anyone but Soggy and Sam. Level 6 doesn’t need Scottie their group is big enough. I like Scottie, but this whole ‘let’s pull him to our side’ BS is a pointless risk. 


Winston makes some VERY valid arguments as to why He shouldn’t be the one still on the block come eviction night. I see we have the votes but there are 2 powers floating around out there! Me sitting next to Soggy come eviction and someone has something like cancel 2-3 votes IM GOING HOME! Why are we using veto to save Scottie? I’ve done my duty there are too many uncertainties to leave me hanging out there. Brett can be seen Sunday floating some of the concerns for Winston but Tyler and Kaitlin seem hard and fast when it comes to Scottie needing to be saved. 


Winston is a loose cannon and not easily placated. Why would you want to risk him going off the rails and be down one vote against Soggy? This makes me suspicious of whether Tyler, did in fact get a power. Compared to methodical and purposeful moves last week, he’s playing a lot more

risky this week.


Tyler is staying on top of keeping Kaitlin feeling secure and on track with the plan. Good thing he has nothing but time because she’s up and down more than an elevator at a Las Vegas hotel.


That brings us to Faysal and Kaitlin. In Faysal’s mind he’s trying to do what Tyler. He bathing her in some flirty conversations. Being touchy feely with her.


Sunday the HN’s were chosen and she asked for volunteers, 2 guys, 2 girls. Well, as if Foutte doesn’t have enough problems Faysal, Bayleigh. This does cause some feathers to be ruffled. Faysal confronts Kaitlin as to why she ignored Tyler’s hand. Why isn’t he a HN? Again Faysal ignores all of the signs pointing to the fact Kaitlin is not playing for Foutte. 


Saturday 8:27 PM PST Faysal has one game right now and that’s flirting his way into Kaitlin’s mind. In other words. Faysal has NO GAME! Faysal/Kaitlyn. Faysal’s trying to step up his flirt game w/her and starts talking about amusement park rides(having sex with her) He says it’ll be so intense that she’ll have to stop. Kaitlyn doesn’t pick up on what he’s trying to imply. Hey Faysal if women don’t understand your line, it’s not a good line. 


Ok back to this gaggable convo. Clueless Kaitlin oblivious asks if they would really stop the ride? Faysal, just continued saying something about the roller coaster again and says she might be scared of it when she sees it up close.


This guy is insufferable. I swear he can’t see past his own nose. The best part about it is that everyone except he and Kaitlin and Soggy have him completely figured out.


Angie/Haleigh seem to get more and more disenfranchised with Foutte the more he talks. His tunnel vision and egocentricity makes him a liability. This type of player always is. Over the past few days we have heard Angie/Haleigh discussing forming an all female alliance. Angie understands that this Foutte thing will fall and wants to have a plan. Angie totally sees Soggy creating problems for Foutte although both say they need to ride it out for now but start preparing to abandon ship when necessary. This becomes more relevant Sunday afternoon.


What we know about BB is players like Faysal can’t rely on comp prowess to carry you through the game. That’s all he thinks he needs. Despite excessive attempts to get him to socialize and even just prevent him from making comments that imply he has zero interest in any kind of give and take with people in the game he still believes he sees things more clearly than anyone else and he can just beast his way through everything screw everybody else.

Sound familiar anyone? 



Saturday 9:25 PM PST– Faysal/Bayleigh/Soggy talk about Veto. They don’t think Tyler will use it because it’ll put a target on his back. Soggy wants Tyler to use it for that reason. Bayleigh says that even if Tyler does use it then they have the votes. Soggy points out that they thought that last week too. However, by Sunday night Soggy is so confident in himself and so oblivious to the game he’s heard talking about how he won’t have any problems evading eviction if someone tries to BD him like week 10. 



Fast forward to this afternoon. Bayleigh says that they need to stay on top of Kaitlin because she doesn’t want Tyler to convince her to put up Soggy. Soggy again is somewhat dismissive and back to he wants to take the swing at Tyler and Kaitlin. You have to be screaming at the monitor if you’re a Soggy/Foutte fan but the rest of us are thoroughly entertained by his oblivion considering he ‘runs’ the house. Lol. 


BB fans across the country gasped Sunday around 2:30 PM PST.  Kaitlin and her diarrhea of the mouth leaks the BD plan for Soggy to Haleigh!!! I know I was screaming NOOOOO! Why do these people always have to do something to destroy our opportunities for outrageous excitement! Don’t they know that’s was LF’s want! I mean I want great game play and all but watching feeds all day should give us some unexpected entertainment. The problem is that Haleigh isn’t team Kaitlin and Kaitlin is so wrapped up in her HOH robe and her power trip she’s missed all signs that Haleigh even wants her gone in convos with Foutte. 


To Haleigh’s credit she plays it relatively cool and promises not to tell anyone. Then of course she runs to Angie and tells her! You should have seen Angie’s face! Why did Kaitlin have to start screwing up the blindside! We’ve been anticipating an explosive Veto meeting and are LIVING for the feeds that will certainly follow. Angie can be seen trashing Tyler the rest of the night to Foutte but that’s not a big change so it really doesn’t send up flares with the group. 


The one thing that did happen is as soon as Kaitlin tells Haleigh about the plan she tells the Bros that Haleigh now knows and is on board with the BD plan to get Soggy out. She’s not all based on Angie’s and Haleigh’s moves that I saw the rest of the night they don’t appear eager to expose the plan. I wouldn’t be shocking to me if they ended up voting Soggy out. 


Let’s put a pin in this here! Tonight’s episode just ended.  For now, there’s nothing else I’m going to tell you that will be better than what’s about to happen post Veto ceremony. and everything could (will) change! The RealiTea is that 16 new houseguests are playing BB and each day brings something exciting to watch. I have afternoon cleared Monday and my snacks ready to enjoy watching all of the anticipated excitement! Come back here for the full scoop! 

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On 7/8/2018 at 6:25 PM, BigBrotherHBIC said:

I have afternoon cleared Monday and my snacks ready to enjoy watching all of the anticipated excitement! Come back here for the full scoop! 



It would have been nice if the feeds had been as good as anticipated, eh?

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