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Episode 6-App store and Noms

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Previously on Big Brother: Steve and Sam were on the block and the house was split down the middle. Kaitlyn and Fessi were getting close but Fessi had his sights on Hayleigh. Tyler pulled Kaitlyn to his side of the house and she voted for Sam to stay. Steve was evicted. Kaitlyn won HOH. Who will she nom? Who will gets a power app or a crap app? Find out right now on Big Brother.


 Kaitlyn is excited she won HOH. Swaggy is PO'd some body from his alliance flipped and voted Steve out. Tyler is happy Steve is out and Kaitlyn is HOH. Sam is grateful to still  be there and didn't have to use her power app. Tyler asks Swaggy who flipped? He suggests maybe a power was used to send Steve home. Winston tells us those guys are fools for having a meeting 5 min after the show is over. 


Swaggy is mad, he tells the girls Winston got upset they were talking in the SR. Scottie tells "Steve" what happened after he was evicted. Fessi asks Swaggy who flipped. Fessi says Kaitlyn wouldn't do that...in WA Kaitlyn and Fessi do a bit of a dance. flashback to 9hrs before showtime we see Kaitlyn and Tyler in HOH, Tyler tells her her group doesn't trust her. After show: Kaitlyn tells a group she doesn't know what she is doing for noms, she says lets just do the darn thing.


Bayleigh and Swaggy in hammock, she is frustrated that she likes him. He says interesting she has more power then he thought. He says he loves her. The power is there, they are a power couple its going to be dope. Swaleigh is about to be trending. Later in HOH Kailyn doesn't know who to put up Bayleigh, Rockstar, Fessi and Haleigh say they will vote for whom she says. 


We see Rachel using the hair clippers on JC's back, she says these things must be dull. JC tells us it hurt. The boys come and and tell her she is doing it wrong, she says she doesn't know she never used them before. In SR Tyler and Sam talk...he is telling her how Kaitlyn is now against the other side and that she doesn't know that Sam has a power. Tyler is happy Sam is there. 


Tyler goes to HOH to talk to Kaitlyn to talk her into getting Swaggy out w/o her knowing he is influencing. Tyler tells her that Sam has the power. She asks if she can put up Winston and Angela up? Tyler convinces her that Swaggy has to go, she will put him up as replacement nom.


JC asks Tyler if he knows what Yatus is? JC says its means like stand by. Tyler says JC makes up these words. In HOH, Kaitlyn is doing makeup and says it would be not nice if she ignored her spirit guide. Sam talks to her in HOH, Sam tells her she has a power app. Kaitlyn says she doesn't want Sam to use it now. Kaitlyn's plan is to put up two pawns then Back Door Swaggy. Winston is all on board with that plan. Kaitlyn tells us she has to keep her lies aligned so she doesn't blow it.


Kaitlyn tells Scottie she wants Winston to go, she tells Swaggy that she will Back Door Winston. Kaitlyn tells us Winston is her target but a few weeks down the road. Watch out Swaggy.


BB announces a Hamazon Delivery. Fessi gets up to get it...oh man not another one...too much ham. Its a letter telling him his Hamazon subscription has ended, but feel free to renew it at any time. BB App store is open for business...Winston gets denied. JC gets denied. Haliegh denied, Kaycee denied, Bayleigh denied. Rachel access granted for least trending--she picks Yell "For the next 24 hrs, an Angry Review will be unleashed into the house at random times to loudly give you feedback on you and your game."


 Rachel is not happy getting least trending, she scared she is being perceived in a bad way. She cares about what ppl think of her. Kaitlyn denied. Brett is denied, Sam is not eligible but she goes in anyway. Rockstar is denied. Swaggy is denied. He says what more do I have to do? Tyler gets access granted for top trending, he picks The Cloud. Keep yourself from going on the block at any one Nom Ceremony or POV meeting. You have a 2 month subscript, he can use it anytime in the next 8 weeks.


Of course the rest HG are denied. Swaggy is upset and telling Scottie and Fessi. Scottie tells them Kaitlyn is going to put him up as a pawn. Scottie's had is shaking. Swaggy says they need to let Kaitlyn its a dumb plan. Fessi will try to talk  to her for Scottie. 


Fessi needs Kaitlyn to not put up Scottie as a pawn. They wonder if there is 2 powers in play or if they expire after one week. Tyler is deflecting the power, he wont tell anyone. He and Sam are working together. Kaitlyn and Scottie talk, he doesn't understand why she is putting him up. She tells him he is NOT going home, NOT going home. She doesn't not want him to know Swaggy is going home. Kaitlyn tells Fessi she has her way to know who has the power. He tries to convince her Scottie is a number to get Winston out. Fessi is second guessing what Kaitlyn has up her sleeve. 


Time for noms: Kaitlyn has chosen Scottie and Winston for noms. Scottie she loves him to death but last week he said if he had won the POV he would have used it. Winston, she thinks is not playing an offensive game at all. Scottie says this doesn't make sense, he doesn't trust Kaitlyn right now. Winston says..week 2 and he is on the block, there is no way its comfortable being on the block, he needs to win Veto and take himself off. Swaggy says idiot, idiot. Kaitlyn says Swaggy has got to go.


BB announcer says "Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save Scottie or Winston from Eviction? Find out Wednesday night at a special time 8/7c on Big Brother.

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