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The results are in! Aren’t you dying to know which HG won today’s POV competition? I was too! This house is about to get even hotter and considering it was 105 while they played that says something! 


Feeds return and Rachel and Tyler are talking about if Scottie were the one to come down maybe they can swing him to their side. I think that’s a lofty goal. Why do they need Scottie if they take out Soggy? This seems like one of those power has gone to your head moves!


Take a breath. I really hope after the excitement of post Veto wears off Tyler sees that is great if Scottie wants to lean their way...he is a floater but they can’t try and make the Level 6 side of the house 9 strong that’s just too many people and he’s a BB superfan! This freaks me out! 


I’m not the only one freaking out! Oh wait you are dying to know who won and what happened aren’t you? Well...Tyler won the veto and Kaitlin is panicked! Cody was the host of the competition and Kaitlin is definitely feeling some type of way about her interactions with JOdy. Really production?! They’ve already worn out their presence as much as Mr. Pectacular! Stop that! 


So from what the HG are saying the comp involved putting past HG in order. Eek! That’s terrible that Tyler won! He’s done a superb job hiding the fact that he is a BB superfan and now he has to put former HG in order according to questions/statements? Wow! It doesn’t go unmissed by Soggy from the sound of things! 


Soggy tells Faysal when he saw the comp he thought there was no way Tyler would win this! From the way it sounds we should all get another epic gut punch shock and awe reaction from Soggy! Now that I’m looking forward to! LOL


Tyler’s story is he didn’t think he would win that because he had to guess. Oh boy! I really don’t like this. We’ve seen so many amazing players really work hard and accomplish so much only to push the envelope centimeters too far and lose control of a fast moving train. I really hope that’s not what happens here. This also makes me wonder even more if he got the advantage because he pushes really hard really fast post Veto. 


When we see Tyler and Kaitlin he also floats the idea of maybe taking Scottie down over Winston if he’s sure they have the votes in Winston’s favor. Again explaining then Scottie owes them and floats in their direction. Problem is Kaitlin is having a complete panic attack at the idea of pissing off all of her friends if she put Soggy up. 


This is is where I will give her some credit. She should be thinking about how any move she makes will effect her game. As much as I am thrilled she’s drooling over Tyler’s support and encouragement she has to be ready for whatever blow back comes from her HOH.


This is exactly why Level 6 was leery of bringing her into the fold too much. She’s now hovering between the two

sides and could easily choose to side with Foutte. Plus we now have 2 powers in the game. I think if she has ANY desire to stay loyal to ANYONE in Foutte she really needs to think about how to manage things ahead of the Veto ceremony should she decide to follow through.


Look it’s easy to say I’m gonna do this,

I want to make a big move, etc...it takes a whole other type of player to actually do it. I’m not confident she has it in her and right now she’s all in her feelings. Kaitlin is convinced Jody didn’t like her and says they both just stared at her. She’s concerned about how people (fans) are

feeling about this and is sure Jody’s interactions with her during the comp showed they did not want her to win. 


We will have to see what the edit looks like. This is Kaitlin. She’s sketched out pretty easily. Unfortunately for all the talking she’s doing about that we may never know. The only positive comes from JC of all people! 


Bay/Faysal/Soggy all keep discussing that Tyler isn’t with them. Soggy has said numerous times the last couple days of he wins the next HOH he’s putting Kaitlin and Tyler up. Soggy seems a little scared that Tyler is a competitor and has won 2 comps now. 


According to what JC told Kaitlin, Soggy was talking trash about Tyler all during the competition. JC also tells her that Soggy said he will put up Kaitlin and Tyler but not to worry because they (Level 6 side) has her back! JC couldn’t have had better timing. These are the types of RealiTea Bitez she’s needs to follow through with the plan and replace one of the nominees with Soggy. 


That’s it for now! Feeds should be lively tonight. Come back tomorrow so we can sip the RealiTea of how everything goes down. I’m happy Tyler won because even if all hell breaks loose, he’s safe this week. 

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