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Soggy Says ‘F*#%€ You America”


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Friday was the first full day of Kaitlin’s HOH and while the morning began very slowly with a lot of tears...there was no shortage of entertaining LF’s! This week as we know is all about Kaitlin and what she can do to help her improve her own game. Or so she thinks. 


If I had to convey the day in simple terms? Kaitlin wants Soggy’s head on a platter because he said he runs her game (a.k.a Foutte) and no one runs her! Except then she pleas with Tyler to tell her what to do. 


Angie starts the morning with a meltdown. She was upset last night she didn’t shout out her BF and kids. Now she’s missing her kids and says she didn’t know it would be this hard being away from them.


Angie/Bay/Faysal/Haleigh in HOH and Kaitlin in the shower in HOH. Bay/Angie talking. 9:35 am


Angie needs to be careful. If it’s perceived she’s missing them too much it can become an excuse to send her home. You know when the season began and it was revealed she was not only leaving her 3 kids for the summer but a 6 month old baby many had concerns after what happened with Keisha on CBBUS. 


This isn’t resolving those concerns. I will tell you that there are always meltdowns, their human, but this is BB and you always ha s to be aware of what you say. Anything can be made into a reason to send you home. Just ask Vanessa Russo! 


Kaitlin says they (Level 6) seem way too comfortable. She wants to know why? The power is her goal. Bay says she will be able to get a good read on people during her 1-1’s. Kaitlin says she’s gonna have people come to her. It’s up to them to come to her. JC says he wants to chat but there’s always people in the HOH room. Kaitlin says she can tell people to leave for chats. Good job JC! 


10:05 Tyler lets Kaitlin know nominations are today so now she is summoning people. Bayleigh sprays oils to cleanse the aura. Kaitlin is shocked nominations are happening so quickly. She has her 1-1’s before hand. Eventually she gets the dirt she digging for but...as usual these convos give us plenty of insights into how people choose to play their individual games. 


Kaitlin and Brett convo next up and it’s awful! Both directions these two managed their talking points horribly! 

10:26 am 


It’s clear that Kaitlin is expecting Sam and Level 6 to be bowing at her feet for tossing that vote to save Sam. The first half of these that’s not what she gets because Brett goes up before Tyler communicates the strategy Level 6 should be using. 


After some tense back and forth between Kaitlin searching for gratitude and demanding it be reciprocated with details from Brett on his power (that he doesn’t have). Brett tries to dance around but a few back and forths and all he really gives her is, “I need to talk to Tyler.” 


This surprised me to some degree. Brett has shown to be pretty level headed. He also demonstrates through behavior management of Winston that he has a clear understanding that how you act and what you say is everything. 


Thank goodness for Level 6 just before Winston is about to head up Tyler grabs him and gives him directions. In the meantime Tyler goes to Sam and tells her he wants to tell Kaitlin that Sam has the power. His idea is to claim Sam just told him and she is planning on telling Kaitlin. Sam seems ok with that. 


Good work Tyler because this looked like it may blow up in your face. Tyler meets with Kaitlin and calms her down. He tells her about Sam and they discuss nominations. 

Kaitlin runs through a few options and Tyler manages to affirm her greatness and make her question her own ideas until she finally lands on nominating Winston and Scottie. 


I was listening to a podcast and heard a comparison that nails Tyler’s current relationship with Kaitlin. It’s very Dan Gheesling and Danielle. That nails it! Later in the day this comparison proves to be even more accurate when Faysal comes into play. Then it really reminds me of Dan/Danielle/Shane triangle! 


Kaycee does an excellent job with Kaitlin. This is really important because one of Kaitlin’s suggestions to Tyler was putting Kaycee up with Winston. We see her tell Tyler that Kaycee has never talked game with her so it would make sense for her to put her OTB.


There is a BD plan in play and while Kaitlin wasn’t too concerned with who to put up as pawns, Tyler was. Especially when she made it clear she wasn’t nominating Haleigh, Angie, or Faysal. Oh yeah not Bayleigh either. And she really doesn’t want to nominate any of the girls. 


12:15 pm Rachel/Kaitlin 

Kaitlin tells Rachel she’s not going to touch the block. Kaitlin brings up her VOTE went against everything 

Rachel plays the “I can FEEL something” happening when that vote question was going on. 


Kaitlin gives up what made her flip. But she’s staying tight with them. She tells Rachel they (Foute) think the power was used.  No girls are going up and I’m going to do a ridiculous BD. Rachel did an excellent job of feeding Kaitlin’s ego. She lathers her in gratitude for saving Sam. She tells her that she was the saving grace and none of this was possible without her and that’s exactly what Kaitlin wants to here. 


Scottie’s doesn’t go quite as smoothly. He’s definitely willing to spill the most tea of anyone she talks to but very little of that is new information. Even worse is none of it was persuasive enough to keep her from telling him that she’s putting him on the block with Winston as a pawn. 


Once Kaitlin tells Winston the plan and that he has to go OTB to create the best opportunity to BD Soggy Winston spends the rest of the day running around like a paranoid crazy person. Stick around I will come back to this. 


From what I see Tyler’s looking like he could easily wind up in the same position this week that Kaitlin felt she was in last week. Kaitlin’s dilemmas began w/concerns that if Haleigh/Faysal get into showmance then she’s neither’s number 1 and that’s not good for her game. 


Faysal is working Kaitlin hard! He has his 1-1 and uses all his prowess to make her believe he is 100% down for whatever she wants to do. His goal really is to make her feel like she is all good with Foutte and they all trust her implicitly. There’s one comment she evenly makes, “just trust in the universe that what’s going to happen is for the common good.” 


You can see immediately on his face he doesn’t like the way that sounds. He asks her what does that mean. Fortunately, she starts in on the whole ‘universe gives us what we need’ Mumbo jumbo and by the time she finishes he clearly decides oh that’s just her Hippey talk. 


What’s more important is what happens later in the day after the BB App Store and before nominations. Now that she’s HOH Faysal is capitalizing on her obsession with him that started all the drama last week in the first place. Now that she’s HOH we find them under the covers by dinner time. 


This was so juicy at one point in the day that fans everywhere were trying to translate the conversation! Faysal and Kaitlin’s whispering under the covers was stealth and despite being called out by production several times makes it very difficult to hear. There is one point in the undercover convo you can clearly hear and it doesn’t look any better for Tyler than it does for Kaitlin’s boyfriend. You can decide for yourself. 


*this link includes explicit language 




Faysal can be heard mentioning they can’t get away with that in here. Going on to be heard saying he’d have to rip the cameras off the wall. 


After some muffled ruffling you can clearly hear Kaitlin tell Faysal she “wants to f*$# so bad!” You can listen to the clip below and decide for yourself.


But from my perspective this could seriously blow up the plan’s Tyler had secures with Kaitlin for the week. I mean kudos I guess do Faysal because he clearly knows how to manipulate Miss Namaneedychick. 


Tyler cannot allow Faysal to be alone with Faysal too much and that’s not going to be an easy mission. Kaitlin does tell Tyler about some of Faysal and her’s conversation. She tells him enough for him to see Faysal is going to be an issue.  


Kaitlin share that Faysal told her how much he cares about her which is a plus to his game management (that everyone pretty much tells him everything). On the flip side this also concerns Tyler and his association with Kaitlin and that drawing Faysal’s attention to Tyler. 


The fact that players like Tyler. Winston, Scottie’s lives in the game are dependent on coo coo for Cocoa Puffs is terrifying! This has quickly turned into a Dan/Daniel+Shane situation. Tyler has been marvelous as steering things directly in an indirect manner but I’ve already seen a couple situations where it could go really badly for him and he just barely manages to escape complete catastrophe with Winston. 


As if that development isn’t concerning enough for a player like Tyler, I’m VERY concerned with Winston as a ‘pawn’ in the scheme to BD Soggy. Winston is as irrational as Soggy. 


It’s mind blowing how similar these two players are on opposite ends of the house. Winston is told the plan is to nominate him to appease the other side (Foutte). She wants to keep them feeling like Kaitlin is still on their side. The end goal being wait until Veto is over, hope Soggy doesn’t win it, then BD Soggy. 


The problem is Winston is the crazy uncle in the house! This guy is unstable and relying on him to keep his cool and not muck up the plan is a HUGE risk I think isn’t worth the reward. They should have chosen someone else. Use Brett! Throw Angela up there. Put Kaycee up with Scottie!!! 


Sadly the rest of the day we see Winston spiraling. He’s flipping out all day and what concerns me is I don’t think even Brett can stop this runaway train. We’ve watched Winston repeatedly talk about things they group has agreed not to. Last week as soon as he found out Sam had the power he immediately started doing and saying things in front of others that if paying attention were obvious indicators Sam was staying in the game. 


Winston tells Angela that Sam is a wild card. She’s volatile, doesn’t know the game, isn’t that smart, doesn’t understand strategy and he knew they shouldn’t have kept her. He’s going to tell her to shut up and then convince her to use her power on him. 


Look, this made for such an entertaining day of feeds. He rambles on and on all day. He’s at a 10 about being nominated week 2 and between his crazy eyes and aggressive whispering LF’s had to be laughing and glued to the feeds to see just how extreme his outburst would become. 


I hope we see Winston working out 24/7 with Brett all week. I think that may be the only chance antics won’t lead to a complete meltdown. This also increases the odds of Winston actually ending up making himself the real target amongst his own team. I know I wouldn’t want someone as volatile and irrational as he is on my squad. That being said there should be no shortage of entertaining feeds. 


After the Level 6 workout crew uses the LR to get their fitness on Bayleigh has her own meltdown. She’s feeling very insecure and allowing her own body issues to ruffle her feathers.


For all of Winston’s faults and OTT perceptions of things in the house Winston is really trying to be sincere and encouraging to Bay last night. However it starts she is having an emotional day (all players have them) and he tries to encourage and empathize on a human level with her and it’s actually nice to see him extend the olive branch to his known enemy. 


Click here to view Winston attempting to console Bayleigh






After all of that Bayleigh decides that for Winston’s kindness he deserves a good old fashion read! Bay handles this terribly! I understand she’s upset but her reaction is absolutely the exact opposite from what any player in this game should do


She suddenly starts waiving her finger and telling him that she doesn’t like him. He’s not nice. Blah blah blah. We see this upset him enough because he runs back to Brett and later Angela and replays how she twisted a genuine moment into an attack on Winston. 


In this game we always see certain stages where HG’s begin to unravel. They were in sequester prior to entering the house. Then they were there for a week before feeds went live. Now we are two weeks into the broadcast season. A month in is typically when we see the first signs of players feeling emotions very strongly. They miss their families. They’ve been locked inside for 4 days straight again. 


The first person has been evicted and the reality of what this game involves hits them. My point is I understand why some are have meltdowns. However, a great player knows when, where, and how to have a meltdown. That’s alone in the DR or secluded with that one person that has their back and they can vent to without worrying too much about being vulnerable. 


Players should never let the whole house see them meltdown it’s a quick way to become the target. Rachel does mildly better after be BB App Store reveals she’s the least trending HG. Rachel chose the “Yell” app. We find out during ‘family dinner’ when someone decides everyone should share their highs and lows for the day. 


Rachel’s response? “My low was finding out I’m the least trending HG. I don’t have a high. When the feeds had returned from the filming of this segment Rachel can be seen crying. She suspects she got it because of last week’s incidents that led to her and Angela being reminded they are being filmed 24 hours a day. 


I was happy to see by last night she decides not to let it affect her too much and just roll with the punches. She plans to be a good sport about it, but you know this brought back that same level of emotions the warning had. 


We still don’t have confirmation on who got the power app. Based on what I saw...Soggy’s likely not the recipient. He had plenty of private moments with Bayleigh and it’s more likely than not he would have told her. Same goes for Bay. 


What do I think? Based on last week and the show’s edits I would be surprised if Tyler didn’t get it! He had a very good 1st HOH. He’s very likable on the show and he did save Sam who got last weeks power. Also, with Kaitlin flipping and then getting HOH fans (especially the casuals) are likely to have been worried that Tyler

could be in trouble if she goes back with Foutte. 


This morning we had the veto drawing. The veto players are: Kaitlin-HOH, Winston/Scottie-nominees, then Tyler, Rachel, and Faysal. That’s not a bad draw. We will have 5 players playing to help Kaitlin make her plan come to fruition versus Faysal. 


Faysal of course gets himself all pumped up sure he’s going to win. Haleigh tries to tell him that winning POV two weeks in a row may not be the best look.


Angie tries to back up Haleigh and tell Faysal that if he wins again it makes him a bigger threat. Haleigh tells him that if he wins again he will be seen as a bigger threat than Soggy and that’s not good for his game. 


Faysal’s response? Oh no, when I win again I am going to be seen as a POV beast and no one will want to target me! They will be terrified and never dare put me up. 


HAHAHAHAHAHA! This guy! He’s all over the place and one of the worst strategic minds in the house. His social game isn’t all that strong either so he’s relying on his physical presence to carry him. He’s in for a rude awakening. 


Why? Let’s talk about Kaitlin’s strategy right now. Foutte is overlooking the swing vote for now because she’s HOH. Kaitlin wants them to believe she is still 100% Team Foutte for now.


She wants Soggy’s butt gone because of the things he’s been saying about her being on the bottom of the totem pole. She also wants to stick it to him because he said he runs things on that team and they all do what he tells them to do. 


Tyler certainly performs like a GPS for her. She doesn’t know exactly how to get where she wants so he’s happy to give her some indirect directions. He does is subtly enough that it’s her saying it and not him but we can all see that like Dan used Danielle’s worship, Tyler is using her vulnerability to manage her. 


Soggy is finally pretty sure that Tyler is with Level 6. Took him long enough! Really the only reason he finally clings to this is because he overheard Angela talking about Foutte wants to face off with US we are ready bring it on. Then she goes on to list the people on her side and Tyler’s name was included. 


Let’s fast forward to later today. Soggy is unraveling after veto draw. He’s pissed he’s neither playing or hosting. He has various rants which eventually lead to him (while with Bayleigh) telling us (America): 


“ if they give me a power next week I don’t even want it. ‘F’ you America!”


Yep! That’s a direct quote ladies and gentlemen. (sigh). I swear this is going to be such a long wait to the veto ceremony. Winston is going bananas threatening to blow the house up if he’s still OTB come eviction night. Soggy is giving the finger to fans because it’s the first time he realizes that HE’S NOT running the house. Kaitlin is such an emotional spaz! 


I need Jesus this week to endure all these whiny self absorbed unaware characters that are at the center of it all this week. The one consolation is that because of all the insanity the feeds have been non stop entertainment! I mean I just crack up at Winston’s crazy eyes and empty threats. Soggy’s delusions are a little less comical but entertaining just the same. 


There you have it! That’s the RealiTea from yesterday and this morning. It’s early in the week and if you know anything it’s that how the weeks begins and how the week ends is rarely the same. Just ask Steve? Feeds have been down a while so watch for an update once we know who won! That’s going to have the biggest push in what direction we are headed into the Veto ceremony. If Kaitlin is able and willing to do what she says the latter half of the week should be EXPLOSIVE! Either way the ball bounces. 


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