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Week 1 Recap


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Hello, fellow Big Brother fans!  I'll be posting here this summer about my thoughts of the goings on in the house and why people left, why veto was or wasn't used and other details of the incidents and daily lives of the people inside the house. 


Without further ado, here's the Recap for the Week of June 27th-July 5th. 


When the show opened we got to meet our first HGs. Just like previous seasons we got some cutesy and often obviously fake intro packages. We find out later on feeds that Haleighs intro packe actually is fake and her whole farm life intro wasn't even real and totally played up for the viewers and the show. This is nothing new in past seasons other houseguests have been told to use different hometowns depending on where they've lived to give the cast more of a diversity. They also don't want the viewers to know that they recruit and often a large number of the finalists come from the same area of Los Angeles. 


When we finally get glimpses of the first actual weeks of the house, we see that there is already a division of players. On one side we have Level 6 and the other Side has Foutte which stands for ( Five of Us Til The End).  In Level 6 we have Winston, Brett, Angela, Rachel, Tyler, and Kaycee. Foutte is comprised of Swaggy C, Faysal, Kaitlyn, Rockstar, and Haleigh. In the fringes we have JC, Steve, Scottie, Sam, and Bayleigh. 


The two main alliances are already in cliques, don't spend time with the other side, and basically just sit around and talk amongst themselves.   The outsiders don't really remain on the fringes for long as Tyler nominates two of them for eviction. Sam, who is in her Robot punishment that entire first few weeks and  Steve.  Steve is adopted as a member of Foutte and with him comes his ally Scottie. Bayleigh easily switches from being in Tyler's back pocket to Swaggy's side, because they start a showmance. It should also be noted that Tyler got irritather. ed by Bayleigh being upset when Tyler made it clear he wasn't actually working with her in the HoH comp and got her out. He made comments like she was too aggressive and scary in the competition and he just couldn't work with her. 


Foutte had the clear upper hand at this point. They had 8 people in their alliance who had come together to take out who they were calling the "popular" kids. They were labeling themselves as the misfits and the weirdos. 


JC and Sam were still outliers.


Tyler, who is in Level 6 alliance, was the HoH. He was able to get Swaggy to trust him and believe him to the point where Swaggy was telling him everything their alliance was doing. He was giving him information about who had joined, who their target was, and what their long term goals were. Tyler would march himself back over to his side and let them know what the opposition was planning. This led to them determined to save Sam.


Sam's punishment, which is easily one of the worst and most cruel punishments Big Brother has ever had, would go days in the robot form and couldn't go the hoh room, had to rely on other people to help her everywhere, and often was just stuck in a room by herself for hours with no one even willing to acknowledge she was there. This was a small benefit however. She heard a lot of valuable information from both sides when they would forget she was there. 


Tyler spent a lot of time with her after he put her up mainly because he felt guilty. This solidified a very strong and early connection with her. He decided that he wanted to keep Sam and he went to work to get his side to keep her. His side, primarily Brett and Winston, weren't too sure. They didn't really like Sam or trust her, but the girls in his alliance, especially Rachel really liked her. There was quite a lot of debating going on even up until eviction Thursday about if Sam was really the best option.

The other problem with Tyler's plan is that they even with J.C.'s vote, they were a vote short. They had to convince someone from the other side to flip to keep Sam. Tyler knew that if he was able to save her, she'd flip to Level 6 and they'd have the votes and upper hand moving forward.


This led to a week of nonstop, chaotic, insane game playing from both sides. Both sides were confident they had the votes. Both sides were convinced that the other side was stupid, gullible, naive. It was a LOT of Winston yelling at his people, Swaggy being over confident, and their minions running around trying to secure the votes for Sam and Steve.  


All the while this was going on, it turns out it didn't even matter what Level 6 was doing, because FOUTTE had huge cracks form in it when Fessy who was supposed to be Kaitlyn's #1 ride or die, developed a crush on Haleigh, who was flirting with Brett and Tyler from the other side. Kaitlyn, who has a boyfriend at home, claimed she was "FINE" with this budding showmance, wasn't fine at all. Wasn't fine to the point of running to Tyler, who was on the other side, and trashing her entire alliance to him, but particularly Haleigh and Fessy. Swaggy and Bayleigh figured out that Kaitlyn was going to flip if Fessy didn't smooth things over with her. They told Fessy to talk to Kaitlyn and fix things. They talked to Kaitlyn to see if she was okay. They told Haleigh that maybe she should back off for a bit. This conversation turned into Kaitlyn thinking her entire alliance hated her, thought she was easy, and didn't want her in the alliance anymore. She was especially hurt when Haleigh went to her and told her she'd back off since she didn't know Kaitlyn liked Fessy like that. This coincided almost perfectly with Brett telling her that she was awfully clingy and jealous for a girl with a boyfriend. She flipped out on Haleigh and Fessy. She said she was fine with whatever they wanted to do. This propelled FOUTTE into at least three days of infighting with Kaitlyn being the center of it. She rightfully figured out that Haleigh/Bayleigh must have had a conversation. She confronted Haleigh who she had a F2 deal with, and Haleigh put all the blame on Swaggy and Bayleigh.


She later made up with Fessy before Thursday, but Kaitlyn at this point was pretty much done with Swaggy/Bayleigh. When Tyler worked on her vote in the hoh room by inviting her to sleep with him, by giving her his undivided attention for days, and for just letting her cry on him, oh and by telling her a straight up lie about the power that Sam has. Kaitlyn was easily swayed on keeping Sam over Steve. She didn't have any allegiance to FOUTTE after that. Even when Foutte tried to clear the air with her the night before eviction and Swaggy/Bayleigh apologized, she still didn't care.  


The day of eviction she went to Haleigh and spills that she's going to vote Steve out. Haleigh in a panic doesn't know what to do. Kaitlyn starts in on her by telling her Brett has a power and he's gets two votes, so it doesn't matter what FOUTTE does, because Steve is going home regardless and she doesn't want vote with that side anyways. Haleigh starts to buy it. Rockstar walks in just as Kaitlyn is about to get her to vote with her and quickly shuts down this nonsense at least on Haleigh's end. 


Kaitlyn ends up voting  Steve to go, leading to a blind side for FOUTTE, who thought they were solid and good.  She then went out and won a luck hoh competition.  This has led and will continue to lead into a crazy week of hohitis and drama.


Now that that's out of the way, here's the truth.


1. Kaitlyn was never going to be fine with Fessy even breathing the same air as another girl. She told him early on like night one of the feeds, that she liked him and she got jealous when he flirted with the other girls. Fessy should've known better than to try and get with another girl, especially Kaitlyn's best girl friend in their alliance. 

2. Tyler NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER gave Foutte any information, never gave them advice on strategizing and would literally just sit and nod whenever anyone talked to him about game. That should've been their clue that Tyler wasn't with them. He, in fact, told them he wasn't close to the other side and never had any conversations with anyone but Sam. But had they paid attention the other side was up in his HOH room as much if not more than they were. Yet, he never gave them attention. Please.  

3. FOUTTE is easily one of the worst alliance names in history.

4. Unless FOUTTE continue to win comps like veto, their side will be picked off one by one as they have no real power and no one on their side is actually good at strategy, which is sad, because the most likeable people in the house are in FOUTTE. 

5. Level 6 unfortunately has the majority of the problematic houseguests and it is hard to watch conversations they have while being scared they are going to say something that will get another TMZ article. (They're at 3 in two weeks already and Angela made more homophobic comments last night on feeds). 

6. Steve leaving really wasn't that big of a blow to FOUTTE, since he probably wasn't going to win any competitions. 

7. Week 1 was amazing and is already better than the entire season of BB18 or BB19. 

8. All new casts is what needs to happen from here on out. I never want to see another returning player unless it's an entire cast of returnees. 

9. The Trending Power is stupid, the voting system is confusing and always broken and frustrating to use when it does work.

10. The Sam Robot was super cute and while I didn't like the punishment, I wouldn't mind a robot interacting with the hgs. I'm sure they get bored with each other. 


I'll be back next week with another run down!




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